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tv   The Battle of Misrata  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:59pm AST

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the work of music's ground maestros like mozart bark and walk in there involves a trip to massive concert halls and sixty four piece orchestras it's relaxing for some but for many it doesn't quite hit the right notes in the us the minimalist orchestra wants to change all that. explains. the flowing musical composition emanating from an orchestra but here they're taking classical music out of the concert halls to reach new audiences they're called pegasus and they play all the classics but differently instead of dozens of musicians in a philharmonic orchestra on this night they play with only six instead of long performances in front of a crowd in formal attire they play for only an hour in a more casual setting. the foundering composer of the group made his debut at carnegie hall when he was seventeen but now is trying to make music
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written hundreds of years ago relevant today. classical music i feel like it's you know really is timeless so if it's presented the right way it should be able to risk just about anyone no matter of their age their their ethnicity their background you know if they don't need to have education they just need to be exposed. it's not only how they play that's different it's where they play as well far away from their traditional venues for classical music instead here at a place called the mana contemporary it used to be an industrial warehouse it's been converted into a modern space for music art and culture. all of the musicians are accomplished in their own right and have played in famous menus in front of big crowds but most
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like japanese violinist aiko kano say they like the more intimate surroundings i absolutely love it because it's the concert like experience should be like. energy exchange between perform us an audience and then unfortunately in the big call it's like you were up there and they're up here so it's very much. big music lovers to classical were constructed you should. tradition say to people do you see the city. now it's open open the way for one british aventura tong has flown twenty five kilometers across south africa strapped to a camping chair and suspended from one hundred helium balloons reached heights of
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more than two thousand meters and seems reminiscent of the smash pixar movie. and if we get much more news on our web site just go to al-jazeera dot com. reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera the united nations secretary general antonio tyrus has arrived in central african republic for a four day visit in supervising efforts to keep the peace between rival factions that roughly split between christian and muslim populations egyptian president. and french president emmanuel macron have affirmed their economic and military cooperation during cc's is it to paris reporters without borders are against from signing agreements with sisi scientific evidence of torture and repression by his regime u.s.
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president donald trump has again come under attack from a republican senator bob corker of tennessee labeled trump a bully who is utterly untruthful it's a damaging row as the president tries to coordinate republicans in congress to pass tax reforms. i think people like i think there were many people i was one of those hope that you know he would rise to the occasion as prose aspired. to lead our nation instead of dividing it and you know it's obvious he has his political model and governing is to divide. and he is not risen occasion at. the u.s.s. it's considering sanctions against top military officials over their targeting of revenge on muslims washington also says it's withdrawing military aid from army units and offices involved in the violence and it won't allow senior security
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officials to attend the u.s. . the u.n. has accused me. of ethnic cleansing the military denies applying. a two day conference is underway in sicily focusing on what's described as the world's deadliest migrant crossing the organization for security and cooperation in europe says despite the risks people are still making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean to get to europe often overcrowded unstable it's estimated about one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed so far this year. those are the top stories stay with the strain is next.
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i am for me ok you're in the stream live on al-jazeera english and you choose the me to campaign has ignited conversations around the world about sexual harassment assault and rape over the past two weeks women have been sharing their experiences online in offices and in schools and while some have criticized the campaign as little more than activism it has encourage men to talk more about accountability and if they are oh he's really could pull out he's been following the online discussion for it i mean as you can see it is a global movement so women around the world have been opening up with their stories of sexual assault and harassment using the hash tag new to the hashtag a spurred conversations online among women and men calling for accountability that's prompted
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many men to respond with how i will change our fill of tweets men keep in mind women don't owe us their stories for us to become advocates for them in public and private spaces and women are also using the hash tag to talk back to men mother says men when the women in your life tell you what happened to them they need to hear i believe you know how i will change has prompted some men to even confess their role as aggressors with their own house tags like it was me i have i did that and i did it too and some are discussing ways to prevent sexual harassment we asked a few women how they would like to change the idea of masculinity here's what they told us. in all honesty masculinity as a construct has gone too far and done too much damage instead of keeping the focus on women the way they dress like cetera we should be focusing on how we view masculinity and how the fascism of masculinity leads as aggressive behavior men
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need to understand that it's ok to have feelings that emotions are all right or not . showing nobody does not make you weak it doesn't make you less or to ensure a truly equitable society i believe the ideals of masculinity should be abandoned altogether rather than the perception of it simply changed because to do so would be essentially rebranding which would be a bandaid solution. joining us now jackson katz he's the over of the macho power docs and co-founder of mentors in violence prevention and developing attack is an indian writer gensis good to have you here i feel my shortcomings today because i want to talk about men and i obviously using my female voice so i actually terrorize the many my office my friends my colleagues who are guys and i asked them about this topic and i said one of the hardest things to do is to actually say i've done that i think that it devalue the reason you on the show is because you
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actually just stepped up and said you know what there was this one time way. what happened divine so i got in touch with an acquaintance and we met she was talking about some of the things she was going through in her life and what happened then was i started feeling as intense ation i started feeling as if i had some. and that she was wild edible in some way. if you met again a few months late though and the feeling was back then i made it this time then let that impulse take control of me i actually needed to find but asked if i could stand on the cheeks he said no and i strangely fent relieved because all the while i was having that feeling i was feeling sick somewhere insane like no one had me
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what i was doing was wrong yes it was the make of guy stepping up and sang this is my story i would like to do better what do you make of that. well i mean i think we need a lot more from men than we've been then we've been getting i mean this this this to me to hash tag has given us the opportunity for men to both here and experience and be empathetic about women's experience and then figure out what they can do about it i don't think that it's for men i don't think that it's going to be the confessional piece i mean i appreciate the banks telling his story and other men who are willing to honestly talk about how they participate in. sexism i have everybody that i know has this but i think the question is really what are we going to do beyond confessing our sins if you will what are men going to do in a culture to try to transform the attitudes beliefs and behaviors of all of us and the institutional practices that contribute to this ongoing problem that's to me
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the question not not i don't think it's realistic that we're going to have a huge number of men confessing abusive behavior but acknowledging yes that we've been men in sexist and patriarchal societies therefore we've been acting out in ways that are perpetuating problems and then what's the next step so i hear what you're saying there jackson but i want to share a couple comments we got live on you tube one person says why is it always the men who are being held accountable another person this is connor who writes it on you tube i'm not going to apologize for the actions of a small minority of men so jackson not everyone in our community and i would venture not everyone in the world who is a man and a man thinks that they have a role to play in this conversation or in this campaign what do you say to them. i would say the same thing that i would say to a white person who's. talking about racism not all white people enact racist behaviors but but all white people benefit from certain structures that privilege white people i would say i would say in colonial context if you're
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a person who's from a you know global north country with lots of power and wealth and you say well i'm not really the one who's oppressing people in the global south so it's not really my issue i would say it's very similar to a man saying well because i personally don't enact specific behaviors of abuse that somehow i'm not either benefiting from it or it's not really my issue i think that's an evasion of responsibility and accountability and i think we need one men who are willing to say yeah maybe i'm myself i'm a good guy and maybe i haven't done these horrible behaviors but i am a man and i'm in a position as a man to challenge other men to create a new normal among men where this kind of behavior is unacceptable even if i myself don't see myself as having engaged in the most egregious football games of sexism or massage and. so michael i have to define gaff. i seem to agree with what jackson has said because in example from ever since whatever's happened in hollywood three weeks back our discussion down and work related in india we have
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a situation where there's a venue which was carted out two weeks back for an object defined within four allegation of sexual harassment against the owner and a majority of the reaction of the men see him to be similar as the government said i have been there it's never happened to me my friends have been there it's never happened to be there was a wasp a number of accusations about different women from different backgrounds got coming out against this one venue but there was still this denial and that it's a part of the male privilege that people just don't seem to accept it specially in india let me share this with you gents michael says men simply need to respect boundaries women need to understand biology and then i said what do you mean by biology michael michael clarified it is natural for mental look at evaluate balladry it's meant to keep my hands off approach polite speech as well jackson again me telling my male colleagues one of the things that they notice happens in
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the workplace is men looking at women sometimes it's a little flick sometimes it's a mauling going look what do you do about that. well i mean again i don't think i don't think the challenge here is men looking at women or henry sexually oriented men who find women attractive i think it's when men cross lines and sexualized environments that are not sexual treat women as a sexual object of their desire rather than as colleagues and as friends i mean it's situational it doesn't we're not saying that men can't be sexual beings or men can't be a heterosexual men can't be attracted to women it's when your behavior crosses a line from your you know you're not in a club you're not in a romantic interlude you're in the workplace you're in a place where people are acting as professionals and when you. treat women like you know in a nonprofessional way in a professional context then you're undermine their strength you're undermining their integrity and i think
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a lot of men and know that they're crossing the line i think some men maybe some men don't maybe there's some muddy territory once in a while but we're talking with sexual harassment we're talking about repeated unwelcome and unwanted behavior not just one time a glance that you know that somebody caught i think some men exaggerate and they say well i can't even talk to women in the workplace i can't even have a conversation because i'm afraid that i'm going to do is of sexual harassment i think that's really a dramatic overstatement i think women just want to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace when they're going about their job when they're going about their professional lives and i think smart men thoughtful men can adjust to that and treat them accordingly so jackson you mentioned muddy territory and i would say let's wade into that territory because we've got a couple of tweets about joking so this is danielle he's giving us an example of what happened to him and ivana i'll pass this over to you he tweets in how i will change i love my lover get harassed in my house by my roommate and i did nothing
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about it i'm sorry and it will never happen again he goes on to say honestly i thought it was harmless joking at the time but i didn't realize it was how she truly felt and that's what i should have realized and his last tweet here said. understanding every situation is different but if the victim feels a certain way it should be treated as such it's not about you it's about them so different have you been in a situation where people say they're just joking but the receiving end of that joe doesn't take it that way. i think it's always been about i think that's the excuse which everyone gives from online conversations to be offline once been lucky to be close to a so to a number of my female friends and think if they share with you it goes beyond jokes that it is bad it shocks you all the things that they have to go through when they're just when they're walking in a walk me and they don't how's they're going for work and the things that they have
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to face and the way they mend it mended and me immediately there's no part of me which goes no and that it's ok that cannot happen because i have to truly believe it because of big i can see it in their face if they're in front of me i can hear it in their why east that it truly did happen the other thing about you know that oh they're going to censor us we can flirt with them in anymore we have to be mindful about how we behave yes you have to be mindful of but how you behave because that's a very small course in front of in in terms of what we're talking about it's the boardin of discomfort which is being there and around this entire conversation which has been going of in terms of being please don't women single handedly now needs to be on men because it's on ice this is what prompted me to put up that post because someone pointed it out it cannot be just of what i've been coming in to do it has to be about because for every me too there is someone who did something
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somewhere why they could not something or he actually was an active participant in something so that is my point of view i have no i don't think these complaints which men have right now that we need to watch ourselves you have to watch a sense that's the least thing you can that's in as a quite a few hours that's been going around particularly in the wake of this mean to campaign it's a quote about another kind of wealth that we could possibly living and how we use language men actually posted this shared a hundred and forty thousand likes seventy seven thousand retreat and then some can you paraphrase this idea about the language because it really resonated with many people. sure femi i've been you know writing and speaking for a long time about the need for a paradigm shift a new conceptual framework about sexual assault and harassment abuse most people see it you see these issues as women's issues that good men help with and i'm
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trying to say that they're really men's issues one of the ways that we stay in the old paradigm is through our use of language so you'll hear people say things like you know they'll ask questions like how many women were raped last year rather than how many men raped women or how many girls were sexually harassed in the school district rather than how many boys sexually harassed girls or we'll say how many teenage girls in this country got pregnant last year rather than how many men and boys impregnated teenage girls in each case the use of passive language has a very powerful political effect in the effect is that it shift our focus off of the group with more power onto the group with lest and so we end up victim blaming or talking about what girls and women are doing because the very language that we use keeps our attention and pushes our attention off of men even the term violence against women is a term that's problematic because it's a passive there's no one's really doing it to them violence against women is a bad thing that happens to women but nobody is actually causing it to happen so if you say men's one ounce against women it's actually more accurate and it's more on
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this and then when you have subsequent discussions about it if you start naming men if you start saying using active language then when we talk about solutions the solutions won't be there doing solutions like what can women do how can they dress better how can they comport themselves better but rather how can we stop men from acting in these ways how can we socialize boys differently to treat women with respect and dignity it will turn the spotlight back on to men and boys and the cultures that to produce them so all the gentleman along boy watching also anyone who's come to size them sounds kind of myself as i used. to chant suggests that i'm just getting a little. for that part of the conversation says how i will challenge as a catalyst of conversations on the impact of harassment and sexual assault and inspiration to promote change at jackson i think i think you might want to say well
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i told you so because you've been doing this for a very long time and you're passing thought is what you want. i think we need more men to have the courage to not just be introspective especially it's important to think about how we've contributed to the to the problem in our own behavior and sometimes in our own attitudes and sexist attitudes but i think we need more men who are willing to to break our complicit saw allan's and challenge and interrupt other men when they act out in sexist ways i think that the through that the other sort of one of the dirty little secrets masculinities around the world is that men are afraid of each other men are afraid of losing up social approval from other men men are afraid of being seen as saw other men we need more men who have the courage the strength to stand with women as our partners and allies and say to other men look i'm not as a man i'm not going to be silent in the face of your sexism or my own i have the courage of my convictions i believe in justice and fairness and nonviolence i believe women should be treated with respect and i'm going to stand for that and
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i'm going to stand up for that and if you call me names like like pretend that somehow i'm not a real man i'm going to persist anyways because that it's the right thing to do that's an interim we're going to leave it there for dan thank you very much being part of the stream today i really can't do math. well the need to campaign has inspired dozens of smaller campaigns in different languages around the world take a look. at that last hash tag you just saw yotam b.n. has reignited a conversation that's been happening in mexico and latin america for more than two years now around the new and i'm you know scam pain not one woman last is an argentine feminist movement that spread across several latin american countries and campaigns against gender based violence and as you know ten b.n. gets louder when i mean us has also seen
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a bump so events writes the fact that these hashtags exist should be enough to understand that harassment when she's well and danger are real and prevailing jacqueline tweets i have also been harassed and i have also felt afraid helpless and angry every time i go out into the street adriana says the liberty to harass does not exist we have the right to be respected not for being a woman but for being a person and belinda torres expressed her disappointment and at least one woman's attitude. we have it all is what if it was the kind of. old now with that little snack they still believe it will you should national if you find out that that is. the number of people it is the book you got a book about us i did all the efforts and i know my. with us now from mexico city
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catalina ruiz and as editor in chief of county ca magazine kathleen it's good to have you here about a year ago you came up with a hashtag campaign the translation is my first harassment so where me to started to go global you must have thought. that i was doing that a year ago tell us about your campaign and how that took off. well i think that someone isn't religious it's we have conversation we can't be sustained is just used from other countries because into doesn't even. have been like this cult millbury made us and we missed it because it was imported police that it was quite a trend in the during that year and we didn't again after a long conversation we had in mexico city with a lot of cases that came into little media then went viral and then. manically at matt and march was organized and now facebook group and they do.
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this the same exercise. insanity you made a colossal and i told my first arrest in the us when i was seven your soul and came back from school and over will carry my books until the door of the apartment you need all that would open and you will greet me if i say it's like this this is i was told that if a man touched me that was her breast ment's and he was attached to me i never said anything but one of the problems we have had in language when we talk about her past it meant is that we never ever talk about what how women feel you can say no more to so what he and you will feel well. or you can say more and you can seal so disgusting by the way he's looking at you or that told you which he say's he says it's so it's not something what i do let him marry get. a stereotype very romantic and passionate al and yes you can do that and you can be creative a you can follow him but. i don't know where that's what you know the
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street great tits or art whispering filthy things and do. they you are somebody that works for you that is not flirting and that is not that is just plain harassment and violence but i mean that you mentioned how women feel is one of the things that people should take into account without this. comment via you tube where people are watching the show live right now don's fall says how can we discuss these issues without victims being rebuked or buys especially keeping in mind that many people are sharing their stories online with these hashtags but then they go out in there is to the internet and there's no real safe space once the stories are there what would you say to don's for well what we don't have so space does not in our house nor arthur says nor the streets are in the internet just now and everywhere but the fact that each of us is telling our stories are harassment makes it a little just a first case because we don't feel knowing we don't know like them or should we
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don't feel guilty we don't you know this is something that we brought upon us when we see that this happens to every single woman since like powerful and. meaningful you you understand and this is something that's structural and then something every moment you know and this bridge just to another truth is every woman has been her so use your kids since you're like seven years old and that means that very important number very huge priority of men have her and we're not talking about them so i'm glad we're stuck on this program so catalina you have a breakdown of men in this sort of sexual harassment sphere and who plays what role and your breakdown yes he's taken from a little clip of the united states president that was made available last year let me play a little a little sliver of that and you can do the breakdown of where men are in the role
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they play so to member loading toga when donald trump was a candidate for us president of the united states and this is what happened this was what became available and was released have a listen have a look and guarded moment he's recorded talking about women in vulgar terms. you know for the moment we could just sort of mode it was. the way they were sort of it like you do it you can do anything with it. to just to remind people catalina this was behind the scenes and this was a microphone that was still alive on a t.v. and detainment show so you have to t.v. host you have donald trump before he was president many years ago and you you do a breakdown of who the men are in this in this kind of conversation yet there's a there's a huge problem witnessed to the needy is that men by true objectifying women so
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they can't you get there and they are saying they find an income i mean this let's talk about that so you have there are many roles you have that don't drops that. are aggressive and brag about it you have to be the bushes of the world that we will be snickering in lessening and enabling decided to. the person that was statement is that was wrong yes i was listening to this doing nothing and many of that most of the time men who just or did nothing nothing to do with the other whereas you see there are only men and you know what they are there with lord why do they make you do not have to do this how can they make friends any other way that is not true or untrue or objectify women you know ways they can actually you know that's so prettily you know taking that into mind of course trump said that that was locker room talk this is about allen i said on twitter i believe the toughest challenges to overcome the assigned roles that women have and the macho
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culture so she's talking about lead and car culture that's of course other places but in just about fifteen seconds what can we do what's the first step to combating that. women in the gym or have a lot of top our in the household when did this our patron all of these mothers and have so much power and their families if they work with them and as i'm ready set they could use all the power they let the american. liberators we employ are in power. you know howard what we need is liberation and find our own goals and stop taking this bullshit we have to just come from to ride away the straight talking very kindly catalina ruiz navarro thank you so much for being part of our program also jackson katz to van patten we appreciate you we are live on you tube right now and you can see us and watches in the future and you just look for al-jazeera as you tube lifestream page and so watching everybody.
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across the globe breathtaking efforts to clean up the planet say around the way in milan companies are turning to a radical solution biodynamics a man that eats toxic pollution it's so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment earthrise visits the from tales of the battle for the environment trying to say here in iceland a pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions earthrise look for new ways of preventing air pollution at the start and how does era when the news breaks. and selection break.
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the street. and the story belts steve jobs much better marketers building trust when people need to be heard. they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live on air and online news has never been more available it's a constant barrage every day but the message is simplistic you have this strange good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative of this time on al-jazeera.
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and citizen in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the un secretary general antonio tyrus has arrived in central african republic in a bid to draw attention to the fragile security situation thousands of people have lost their lives and half a million have been displaced in violence between muslim and christian groups which the u.n. says has the potential to descend into genocide it's just a terrorist first visit to see since he took office in january. let's enter a legit phallus is not the only problem terrorists have to address human rights activists say the un is not doing enough to prosecute french soldiers who've been accused of rape and sexual abuse and for many victims the wait for justice and of
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nicholas haq reports. the day was thirteen years old when her family took refuge by french military camp to escape the violence in her neighborhood. one of the soldiers to ask her to fetch some water inside the tent thinking she was safe she did as he asked to play in soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth when they were done and they let me go human rights organizations believe several children both boys and girls were raped by french soldiers who were there to protect them some were forced to have sex with dogs and even took pictures of the act france opened an investigation but prosecutors dropped the cases saying there was not enough evidence to charge the soldiers involved the french troops left in late two thousand and sixty since the violence and the displacement of people has intensified and it's left to the
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united nations peacekeepers alone to bring back stability to this country with one mandate protecting the civilian population. but a un investigation revealed that some peacekeepers in central african republic are violating their mandate and sexually abusing girls. not her real name says she was gang raped by three congolese peacekeepers in june. i don't feel good i feel guilty i'm scared to talk about it i don't trust them anymore. human rights groups fear there are many cases of sexual abuse by soldiers that go unreported. the new secretary general says he has zero tolerance for abuse the u.n. is investigating cases and putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again but so far no one has been arrested or charged. if countries all organizations that claim to defend human rights and rights of women are unable to bring justice the miss will bring irreversible damage and may break the trust
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people have in these organizations. there's some comfort from the from her father it's not your fault you're not to blame he says we love you some day we will get justice because hawke. egypt's president has met his french counterpart in paris where the two have pledged to strengthen economic and military ties and the facts are l.c.c. and emanuel macro also discussed escalating violence in libya as well as security in the middle east reporters without borders are against front signing agreements with sisi citing evidence of torture and repression by his regime but the french president said the leaders have common goals the us president has been labeled a bully who is utterly untruthful republican senator bob corker in retaliation donald trump has called the tennessee politician incompetent adding that he
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couldn't get elected dog catcher in the state it's a damaging with the president tries to coordinate republicans in congress to pass tax reforms. the u.s. says it's considering sanctions against top military officials over their targeting of a henge of muslims or shinton also says it's withdrawing military aid from army units and officers involved in the violence and won't allow senior security officials to attend the u.s. sponsored events more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled to bangladesh to escape a military track down since august the twenty fifth the un's accused me on mars army of net the claim saying the military denies the claim those are the top stories stay with us next up it's al-jazeera world.


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