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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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aeration al jazeera explores the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist and offer a drone even they're not firing it's them frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drone. this time of al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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the. kenyans disputed presidential election gets the go ahead despite growing anger on the streets. what you know just your own life from a headquarters in doha i'm dating obligato also ahead china unveils its new leadership lineup for their cementing the power of president xi jinping. a new report accuses israel of the systematic abuse of young palestinians under arrest in occupied east jerusalem. downtown atlanta georgia i'm one of the greatest pleasure to be here today. we'll show you medical wizardry in london a virtual reality technology puts doctors from around the world in one operating room.
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hello we begin in kenya where the presidential election will go ahead on thursday despite an eleventh hour legal challenge so the election board says it's received assurances that every voter will be protected no matter who they support earlier a last minute legal challenge to the vote failed because the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear the case the opposition activists wanted the vote response saying it will be credible now it sparked protests as you can see in western kenya parts of it at least in the stronghold of the opposition candidates riaa loading go and kenyans there say they're angry about the election they say it won't be free nor fair or the poll itself is a rerun after the supreme court an old president a hurrican victory in the first election in august they decided to read. you're larrys in the vote. think of himself as boycotting thursday's poll and asking his supporters to stay away the poll chief raise concerns about the behavior of kenya's
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security forces though here's what he said. excessive use of force by the police is not an illusion is the reality that some people have one foot in the experience in recent times when the very people that we are expected to run. in terms of trouble taking the country. members of the police and getting hurt innocent. exercising their rights including the let's do this. well farmer the miller joining us now live from the kenyan capital of nairobi so even though the electoral commission chairman is saying yes this vote is going to go ahead we still question the position of rye lowden guy he said that he will be boycotting it but we do expect him to speak at any talk time when is that and what can we expect him to say. well the national super alliance and the leader being
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rainer think is expected to address a crowd that's gathered in nairobi for a rally supporting the opposition leadership so far has has used some of the statements made by the chairman of the ib the in the previous week we had at that time said that he couldn't guarantee a credible election that statement as well as the resignation of one of the commissioners who also fled to the united states saying he didn't believe there would be a credible election this so far has been used by the opposition to to back up the stance we've seen so far where they say they won't we need election and radio to get it has withdrawn and raila odinga is yet to address the crowd of people so far leadership seems to maintain it seems to be maintaining the line that the party has drawn the coalition at least has drawn over the last few weeks but also what's important to note coming from the electoral commission chairperson waffler cheaper
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carty is that he's also said that in areas where polling material hasn't arrived or polling stations don't open on election day then the returning offices the electoral offices at these polling stations can then perspire when the. election to a later date now this is also very confusing given that the chairperson has said elections will go ahead on thursday does this leave room then for elections not to take place in certain areas where we expected there to be opposition to the elections taking place yet that's exactly the next point is that what happens in parts of western kenya for example that are really a riot. strongholds are people they are going to go out and vote and if they don't do those who want to vote are they even able to do that. well in parts of the country where there's
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a lot of support for the opposition we've seen protesters sometimes turning violent happened over the past few weeks and including today once the supreme court had said that it wouldn't be hearing this petition to have the elections for spode there was of course that reaction from opposition supporters and it has been difficult for the electoral commission to get into some of these areas to train their staff to deliver electoral material to ensure the vote happened on thursday so there are a lot of questions around what exactly will happen and what a persona meant in those areas mean part of the constitutional guideline is that for an election to be valid elections need to take place in all two hundred ninety constituencies around the country so if that isn't the case do we see this election going back to court once again most likely from the opposition side saying that they hasn't been. the election that's taken place hasn't fulfilled the guidelines of the constitution and once again would they be legal grounds for this election to
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be contested in court as it was in september. ok. thank you for that update from nairobi i think we'll come back to you in a few minutes because well thanks to our viewers in fact now live to kenya. nairobi in fact and that is the opposition leader raila odinga so we've been saying that we do expect him to speak and i believe they're heroes right now and the world be speaking on where he stands on the election that is scheduled now to take place in kenya on thursday that is according to the electoral commission chairman who was speaking a few hours ago let's listen in. the over. the years.
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ok so that's a run from it are you still with us. if i mean if you can hear me right loading guy speaking right now in nairobi as i'm saying we've been expecting him to to come out and and say we're just just can you set the scene tell us what you know off where exactly he is and what's going on right now. well the radio dingo had promised to make a big announcement on wednesday the day before the election we know that the the opposition the national super lion has continually said that the he's a sham election that you need a railroad to go both participate because of the supreme court ruling we had in
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september where it's had a no the election based on a what if i mean i let me just jump in there before on moments because let's actually listen to what he has to say and see if he makes a big announcement as expected let's listen in the room. he would. write you will. not really. sure who it is. and you. will. lose. you. who will. the . was.
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i'm. ok the the. british. ok. so that is the kenyan opposition leader raul speaking in nairobi a day before the elections are due to take place in kenya and here's what he said just in the past a minute he said from today we are transforming the nasa coalition that is the
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opposition alliance to be a resistance movement so transforming it into a resistance movement he also did say that there is no justice for the people let there be no peace for the government if there is no justice for the people let there be no peace for the government and what he's also done is he's also urged his supporters to boycott the election that is due to take place on thursday and he said for his awesome brother to convince others not to participate in the election let's cross over to nairobi as well bring in miller you were listening in to all of this family the let's just stop at the at the point that he made just a moment ago where he said the opposition alliance is now transforming into a resistance movement what are we to make of that statement. well at this point is the national super alliance has
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a coalition of came together not long before the august election has used illegal means has used the previous election to attain power in kenya and it does point he's talking about electoral justice just based on the viewpoint of the alliance that the electoral commission can't be trusted isn't credible and wouldn't hold free and say election there's also suspicion and belief from some quarters that they isn't the independent in the condition that they should be in fact political party the electoral commission chairperson had said that there's a split within that body and looking at these comments from raila odinga he says the importance here is looking for electoral justice they're looking for reform within the electoral commission to make the necessary changes to have elections that they find credible so i'm surprisingly realizing the has again of his supporters to stay away from the polls but interesting enough he said stay at home
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previously had wanted them to protest to have a large demonstration on election day and it looks nice to be taking a step back in terms of these massive demonstrations that were expected so they are embracing this role of resistance movement it would seem in terms of making electoral changes especially after an amendment law that was expect to be brought into force that would then change the way elections are held and also the role of the judiciary in terms of intervening if there's an election that is disputed so it looks as if going forward the opposition is dealing with an electoral system it's not happy where rather than taking its fight to the street ok fine i will leave it there thank you for that from nairobi. now we'll bring you up to speed with other news an iraqi forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of the country's territory still in hand they've been dropping leaflets warning civilians of the imminent assault eisel has suffered two major defeats in iraq in recent
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months after fierce fighting in mosul and how we the group holds territory in the west near the border with syria meanwhile the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its a session a referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline stephanie decker has more from the iraqi turkey border it's coming down to the detail of the language but important language the k r g kurdistan regional government offering to freeze the results of that controversial referendum calling for an immediate cease fire and dialogue between baghdad and erbil now baghdad has made it very clear that there will be no dialogue until the results of that referendum are meaning making it void it's a complicated situation it all has to do with disputed territories land issues who
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controls what that stretches back years and years and years now one man who have been speaking to his family owns this land says that nothing none of this can be resolved through military means. those debility have been a good we want happiness we want brotherhood there's been enough killing among us war solves nothing this needs to be resolved through dialogue and killings need to stop all of the killings if kurdish turkish arabs it doesn't matter everyone just needs to be happy these are challenging times for the kurds of northern iraq anyone you speak to it will tell you that it would completely unexpected what's happened over the last week or so the iraqi forces together with shia militia taking areas of territory that had previously been held by the current disputed territory of course but certainly it's just one of the challenges this region also faces huge economic issues mounting debt at the moment and i think more specifically when it comes to the international community people here will tell you whether it's civilians whether it's special matter whether it's politicians that they feel
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abandoned by the international community that they were embraced when they were fighting iceland now they feel that they've been completely left in. the turkish president resupply burdwan has met iraq's prime minister to discuss the recent kurdish referendum earlier the autonomous region offered to freeze the result of september secession vote that's an order to open a dialogue with baghdad. and prime minister of the rejected the referendum results calling it's a legitimate. jittering our meeting we did jack to the unilateral measure taken by the cards with regards to the referendum we regret such a measure we share the same views on the measure from the outset we agreed iraq's territorial integrity must be maintained and we are still keen on that this is why we cannot accept this referendum or the union lateral measure taken by the kurds a new report accusing israel of systematically abusing young palestinians arrested in occupied east jerusalem it says teens are detained in the middle of the night
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accused of throwing stones at soldiers and questioned without a lawyer present paul charger john reports. five decades of israeli occupation and many scenes remain the same young palestinians throw stones at israeli soldiers who respond with tear gas but now a report from human rights organization beats salaam and how mckidd says israel is ignoring special laws to protect the rights of minors and teenagers when they are detained after a protest that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable and can actually be scarred for life and traumatized for life through such experiences and so you want to have special protections in place. the report's authors say the justice system in israel lacks any understanding of due process
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when handling palestinian teens specifically in occupied east jerusalem and the west bank we have a system in which on one side police officers prosecutors judges the jails will all and always be israeli and in this case you have you know that a student teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality sixty teenagers suspected of stone throwing were interviewed for the report some were arrested in the middle of the night which is forbidden under israeli law seventy percent of the boys arrested did not know they had the right to remain silent a third of the boys did not speak to a lawyer they said they feared being harmed and were pressured to sign involuntary and sometimes false confessions in ninety five percent of the cases the boys were questioned without a parent or relative being present most were threatened and interrogated and could be held in harsh conditions in a cell for days or weeks human rights groups don't see israel changing its abuse of
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palestinian teens any time soon sad and difficult conclusion is that we are unlikely to see any meaning. changes. in the documentation. is really police say the report is inaccurate and misleading. zero five major global airlines say they will hold new security interviews of all passengers traveling to the united states from thursday the carriers are air france cathay pacific egypt air emirates tons but they describe the new procedures differently ranging from filling another form to actually being questioned by an airline employee this comes at the end of one hundred twenty day deadline for airlines to meet new u.s. regulations cats are has imposed sanctions on eleven yemeni nationals and two
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yemeni entities in association with the us treasury department this is in line with us measures targeting leaders financier's and facilitators of ice so as well as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula actions taken by qatar include asset freezes and travel bans in july cats are signed and updated counterterrorism agreements with the united states well the russian cats are a defense ministers have signed an agreement here in doha to boost military ties. was at that meeting. look at that a defense minister assigned an agreement in principle with his russian counterpart which opens the door for not to start purchasing russian military equipment and even possibly start holding fuel ministry exercises and training programs between the troops countries now this agreement is significant because as i mentioned it opens the door for crop up to start diversifying its military and defense options it is something that russian law in the russian parliament stipulates that in order
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for foreign countries to do military business with moscow they must sign this agreement but also the significance in the context of the g.c.c. crisis and the siege imposed on got out of dodge as been able to demonstrate that this siege has had minimal impact on it in terms of isolating gets away from the international community that not only has not been able to continue in its dealings with its partners in other countries in the international community but also forge new relationships and that's something that's is a strong message that the companies once a notice the aside from this military deal the two defense ministers will be and have been discussing the main issue in the region as far as they're concerned which is syria and obviously their role in trying to find a solution to that war that has gone on for several years now this comes just ahead of the a stand out folks that are going to continue in the coming week but as far as this visit by the russian defense minister the ha's concerned it is significant in the
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times of opening a new broader horizons for qatar to diversify its military options but also to demonstrate that it is over that able to overcome the siege imposed on it by saudi arabia the united arab emirates and their allies afghan officials say the taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack that killed nine soldiers in the western province of farah an army base was the target so the government says its air force was called in for support and killed seventeen taliban fighters it's less than a week after forty three soldiers were killed in an attack on a military base in the southern kandahar province. a team of international doctors have helped virtual reality jump out of the gaming sphere and into modern medicine so the team conducted surgery on a woman in london but only one of the medics was physically in the room at the time that the above explains. now from end to the virtual space with my colleagues from around the world to discuss the case which is going on behind me in theaters some
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real time advice about the case preparing keyhole surgery on a patient in a london hospital and four surgeons are sharing their expertise but only one of them is actually here the others represented by blue avatars a colleagues in india in the us and us another london hospital they're all using the same type of virtual reality headset as the man leading the operation shafi ahmed joining for everybody i'm going to be patient record i'm going to just open up the file that's what's called mental reality we can see things in that space so for example we can see the patients x. ray of the feet and scans the kind of firings from endoscopy for example of that this is spend it in a bit of the yeah in front of you can actually pick them up and turn them around actually walk or they round things objects which actually kill your patient finding really adding to the interaction amongst those group individuals across the globe
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after the virtual consultation professor homage team successfully remove a tumor from the patient an elderly woman and i agree with this lady who needs a laparoscopic work him to collect me all the technology is clearly impressive and has major implications for the way surgery is carried out but this headset isn't cheap it costs around three thousand dollars the hope is that eventually it will be affordable around the world but it's going to come down and become cheaper and cheaper and accessible to everyone around the globe and that's the hope that we will have to make sure that we can share these technologies to make what a better place this head mounted next reality meeting and as the new prince here computing that over the next five or ten years is going to transform the world quite frankly in ways that the smartphone could never touch professor ahmed also hopes that this kind of technology will allow students in other countries to access birth. close training by a smartphone or computer this is right. here in.
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the headlines on al-jazeera the opposition leader has reiterated that he will not take part in thursday's presidential election. called on supporters to boycott the vote saying it's a sham election earlier the electoral commission said the vote would go ahead odinga says his opposition movement will be transformed into a resistance movement against the government. you know it. could be. the. that would. be. oh. there's really. no. the kurdish
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regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its a session referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want to ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league chang was the only one to retain the spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to she further strengthening his grip on power. five major global airlines say they will hold new security interviews of all passengers traveling to the united states from thursday the carriers are air france cafe pacific egypt air emirates tons of but they describe the new procedures differently ranging from filling another form to actually being questioned by an airline employee this comes at the end of one
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hundred twenty day deadline for airlines to meet new u.s. regulations brazil's lower house is due to vote on whether president michel tomorrow should be put on trial he's accused of leading a criminal organization and obstructing justice this is the second time to face corruption charges since he took office last year two thirds majority is needed for the case to go to the supreme court the stream is coming up next right here on al-jazeera stay with us. you this time the difference is. this in the marriages of. al-jazeera. i and let me out ok you know in a stream live on al-jazeera english and you choose me to campaign as you can.


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