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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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police force because a lot of people fear that they're going to be under cold awful pressure when article one five five goes into effect on friday. the terror alert level maybe only one below a maximum but that's not worrying these police officers as much as the political conflict aside from their orders not to give any opinions publicly and to conceal their faces from t.v. cameras they'll be facing as much pressure as cattle and politicians when direct rule is imposed from madrid. right now this patrol takes its orders from officers loyal to a government that's about to be signed they're not sure what will happen when madrid takes over. but a security source has told al-jazeera that it's likely the spanish government will deliberately choose the most use regional police force to deal with dissent it would be a turnaround for the seventeen thousand strong force on october the first they
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stood between their citizens and the national police forces making it possible for voters to cast their ballots in a session referendum. our security source says it's because of the antagonism caused by the civil guard and spanish police that most officers will be expected to take front line positions and that could include stopping demonstrations if necessary with groups and even physically removing the regional government if it refuses to stand down the union representing police is guarded but confirms that opinion is split in most loose despite its support for the referendum the end of it where part of what i can tell you is that inside the mosque who's body there is the same diversity of opinions that exist within catalan society but with a difference we always have to work within legal co-ordinates that's all i can say at this moment our security source and politicians from both sides of the divide
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expect the top brass of muscles to face the sack and pave the way for a commander in chief officers chosen from madrid another source says morale within the force is now at its lowest ever with a few officers suggesting they may with fuz orders and drew simmons out zero barcelona. female politicians in the e.u. have accused their own parliament of failing to protect stuff from sexual harassment it came during a debate on an emergency motion to improve european laws on workplace abuse gender equality sexual abuse has been in the spotlight since the allegations made earlier this month against us movie boss harvey weinstein several female european politicians came forward with their own stories of harassment workplace the two i have been sexually harassed just like millions of other people in the european just like millions of other women in the european union and i think it's about time that we very clearly say that we should not be ashamed but that the perpetrators should
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be ashamed because sexual harassment is such a widespread problem all over the european union and we will need legislative steps in order to combat this problem china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping the only other member that has kept his spot in the seven man lineup is premier league acquiring and his agent brian explains there seems to be no clear successor to cheat as he strengthens his quit power. the guessing game over who will be china's new top decision makers is finally over. the line up includes five new faces all over sixty the men they've replaced to reach retirement day as expected president xi jinping and premier league retain their post but once again no woman was selected for the past week president she has been stamping his authority on the
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party a party he still warns is threatened by the virus of corruption. you know you have a young a so world's largest political party the c.p.c. must behave in a way commensurate with the status. this is as close as foreign journalists get to chinese leaders the president said he welcomed objective reporting but not apparently from some of the world's biggest news organizations who were not invited to witness the leadership stab you in theory one of these new leaders will replace paying as president in five years time but the presidency is not the most powerful political position in chinese politics party secretary is xi jinping holds that title and is expected to keep it for many years to come analysts say that she can manage that because he's surrounded himself with yes men. so this is a dangerous phenomenon because. china is
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a closed system so if the officials now are being promoted as part of congress to not have a track record of efficient governance a track record of reform and everybody is just telling what he wants to hear than this becomes just one big echo chamber one small the president spoke of his dream to make china great again and for the party to align itself more with the people people like wang play why who until a few years ago was a farmer but now sells fruit and vegetables in a beijing market she earns around twelve hundred dollars a month much more than she did working the land and says she's already achieved one of her dreams. when i was a kid my dream was to be able to have a steam bun with every meal but today i can eat whatever i want. it has been a defining few days for chinese politics getting xi jinping the authority to push
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his vision of what china should look like by the middle of this century adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. and elaborate five days in bangkok for thailand slaking for me paul de put this funeral ceremony was held at the grand palace with king rama next lighting candles in front of his father's coffin more than one hundred monks chanting prayers and much loved type king died just over a year ago after reigning for seven decades. that cultivation of the cocoa leaves the base ingredient for to came as once again the columbia the government's trying to stamp out production by employing farmers to destroy the corpse by her. excess. coca
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fields extend for kilometers through this stretch of one splurge and jungle where flying with colombia's and pain are caught the police to look at the latest efforts to eradicate the country's biggest cash crop. farmers hired by the police are destroying the plains by hand in this region on the border with ecuador the grows more coca than the entire country of bolivia and. we have at the moment seven hundred policemen and three hundred twenty two civilians who are doing the eradication job here the themes moving at dawn splitting in pairs when they exist shovel deep underneath the bush roots the other pulls it out of the soil it's a laborious intensive effort but they move at a brisk pace most were coca farmers themselves attracted by the five hundred us dollars a month salary but there are many dangers. but gangs plant land mines underneath the bush they tie it up to a syringe so that when you pull it it explodes. that's why there are sniffer dogs
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first and then the mining personnel with metal detectors. but countless dominga is the group's coordinator says at least four farmers were injured in recent months so you don't know cement and you are in the wolf's mouth you never know if they missed a land mine and we also have to face the local population protest can start at any moment seven farmers were killed in one recent clash as local growers often backed by drug traffickers increasingly protest against the removals. on this day farmers looked out the windows of their shack as the police took over their coca base laboratory that there were a lot of talks about substitution programs but it's just a tale all they do is run over us we've never seen the government here offering any real projects or help there's no roads here we can't grow anything else but many observers believe that this remains a mostly futile exercise rather than this drawing the crop and just pushes it into
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new territory and the never ending game of cat and mouse this is a really silly policy in terms that create a lot of. damage a great a lot of humanitarian conditions we observed that more than ninety percent of the coal has been eradicated when really it's been replanted barely for a preview of time yet the country's under increasing pressure to show results fast however temporary they might be a voluntary substitution program is underway to provide alternatives for farmers but needs time and big investments in the meantime the eradication will continue even if it will not be enough to uproot the problem for good i listened. to michel . still to come on the pope welcome all pioneer fats domino has died in the u.s. at the age of eighty nine. and kind of bad why some of the world's top goal was acting like superheroes who explained that late today it's all.
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business update brought to you by a always going places together. business
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update brought to you by always going places together. let's get all the day's sports news night with peter and so. judy thank you so much the l.a. dodgers will be looking to make it two wins from two later on wednesday in their first world series baseball appearance in twenty nine years they beat the used to masters. in game one on pitch a place in commercial who and thirty three million dollars a season delivered when it mattered most home and reports that he's got is at thirty nine degrees celsius the world series began with the warmest on record
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clayton kushal was in hot form two. strokes his first perfect. series lifted in the air they were doing that in contrast the stoppages opposite dallas kind was hit for a hard run off his opening pitch had to. stop stewart's chris tyler the fourth player to hit a laid off karma in game one of the world series. well by spalls most expensive player continue to rack up the strikeouts only time she appears on here only to away games away and then the set kushal made a race slip in the fourth inning to allow the astros to level the game just like that it's one of the four. justin ton a put the doj is back in control in the six standing on board.
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a ship ready jersey. kushal struck out eleven bad as a seven innings and allowed just the rate hits as the dodgers went on for three want a victory. campbell. was to use a really good hitting team you know they had a lot of homers and all strikeout and so there's a lot of. there's a little room for error so you know it was important for me to establish pitches be able to throw multiple thanks for strikes and. thankful is able to do not tonight and the made a few mistakes obviously bregman got me in and threw one pretty much down the road a career that he popped up that could've gone a long way to so. you know for the most part though it was it was you know i'll take it the contents dropped in two hours and twenty eight minutes. shortest one series game since one thousand nine hundred ninety two now back up again on wednesday with game two of the best of seven series home in al-jazeera. a football
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boss has been jailed for eight months the first to be sentenced in the u.s. in the fifo world a corruption scandal sixty three year old former judge to order to your. football federation in another fee for probe the head of qatar t.v. in there to be in sports has emerged from a day of questioning on world cup broadcasting deal saying he has nothing to hide. fronted up to prosecutors in switzerland on accusations he bribed former fever secretary general jerome valcke and neither has been charged and both deny any wrongdoing is also president of french club paris st germain. to mourn they really are going through i was asked to come to switzerland to give my explanation i have nothing to hide i'm available for the supposed prosecutor if he wants to meet again i came and i leave thank you. i can confirm that mr afterlife he was cooperative if that is he was going to the questions now
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it needs to be analyzed and it needs to be seen if that's sufficient for the ongoing criminal proceeding. italian police say they've identified sixteen people one as young as thirteen suspected of posting anti semitic pictures of anne frank in a roma jersey during a football match the incident at lazzaro's game against kalyani has forced italian football to examine how it deals with anti semitic behavior by supporters this week's matches will begin with a reading from the diary of anne frank the jewish teenager murdered in an arctic concentration camp during the holocaust in world war two into bland signed copies of the diary ahead of the game with some thought on tuesday lot c.e.o. who's a fan sparked the outrage said they'll start taking young fans to visit the auschwitz nazi camp in poland every year and lots of players have worn t. shirts featuring the face of anne frank denouncing anti-semitism as they warmed up for they said match against belong here on wednesday first off goals from surrogate
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milinkevich savage. should a two one victory could've been bigger burchill immobile or missed a penalty nevertheless fourth in the italian league and in a champions league position. elsewhere in italy on the night local rivals roma had a narrow home victory league leaders napoli one three two away to genoa you ventus off food after a commanding win at home. now remember these scenes a little fancied leicester city being crowned english premier league champions well barely eighteen months on and they've just appointed a third different manager former south african head coach claude poor is the men charged with lifting them clear of the relegation zone the fifty six year old replacing sect boss craig shakespeare who took over from the winning manager claudio ranieri. the battle to finish the women's tennis season as world number one just got even more interesting there's been a shock defeat for top ranked samantha heller at the w.t.
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a season ending in singapore she was beaten in straight sets by caroline wozniacki you advance to the semifinals from a group. has ensured he is still in the loop for the world surf league title at the december decider in hawaii the brazilian has beaten fellow title rival julian wilson in portugal to move into second spot is behind the reigning champion hawaii's john john florence the last one the chairmanship three years ago. and now for a variation on hanging tame how about a verse a shot of some top golfers henrik stenson dustin johnson and lee how tong acting up a super hero is to promote the world championship tournament in shanghai and back on firmer ground johnson showing he's in the swing to keep the status as world number one. and that's all the sport for now more later peter thank you now welcome all piano pioneer fats domino has died in the u.s. at the age of eighty nine well was one of the biggest recording artists of the one
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nine hundred fifty s. signature song and gallagher looks back at his life. elvis presley called fats domino the real king of rock n roll and for decades the new orleans native dominated the charts with his distinctive boogie woogie sound the man born and swan domino jr had more than twenty five gold singles and sold in excess of sixty five million records during the fifty's he helped shape the sound of rock n roll with songs like ain't that a shame and blueberry hill he was among the first black musicians to not only heavily influence white artists but across racial lines with his music in one thousand nine hundred six fats domino was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame he later he was given a grammy lifetime achievement award in later years fats domino rarely left his beloved new orleans during hurricane katrina rumors of his death were proved false and he emerged as a campaigning voice for the city's recovery tributes from other musicians are now
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pouring in front domino will be remembered for his boyish smile mellow voice and distinctive sound a true pioneer of rock n roll may be gone but his music and influence remain i mean . that's it for me. back there in just a moment with much more of the day's news of course of the top twenty four seven everything we're covering and more al-jazeera.
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the sky why should be no borders up here one only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can one treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be apart. cats are always going places together it was an audacious bid to capture
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a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of myself. with ra we left a smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you.


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