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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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as native amazonian is increasingly struggle to survive in today's world. talk to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter where you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that match it to you al-jazeera.
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and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dead you know welcome to the news grid scenes of gunfire and tear gas and flaming barricades as opponents of kenya's president try to derail an election that overt kenyatta has no chance of losing his bitter rival right refused to run urging everyone friends and foes to join his boy part we're live to the opposition's heartland and the capital also on the grid rumors of a run wild in spain as barcelona and madrid try to stare its other down in their secession standoff there it is there had been talk that catalan president parness would call a snap election to break the deadlock but he's yet to confirm anything so until he does the national government is standing firm with its moves toward seizing catalonia powers and a day most thais have been dreading dressed in mourning bly and fighting back tears they've said a final farewell to their longtime king
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a national father figure we'll look at the devotion and mystique surrounding a man who sat on the throne for seven decades and test that turns the electricity back on at a children's hospital in puerto rico as a taxi fills gaps in the pain. from the start recovery from hurricane irene at home it was with much more on that story it said in your forty's if you. hear the news we're live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com as well thanks for joining us so voting may be largely finished but tension and uncertainty are far from over in kenya that's where a repeat presidential election has been marred by violence and low turnouts so things were especially bad in opposition areas where police fought with protesters who
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tried to block a vote that will deliver president kenyatta a defacto victory at least two people have died in the violence and voting in the worst trouble spots has now been delayed until october the twenty eighth the opposition leader a wry loading guy refused to run and urged all voters to boycott or won the initial election on august the eighth but that result was scrapped by the supreme court due to irregularities more on kenya in a moment but first let's take you live to barcelona that is where the crowd catalan leader carlists pujol is making a statement let's listen in in decent alice the flow of my post to election. of an expired because of the because of people can article one point five. conceded the photo and the option of calling elections. i have the power to the so that several people
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have asked me whether i was going to use those powers or not my duty as president as my responsibility and my responsibility is to use all the different options in order to find a solution with dialogue and agreement this is to sort of political conflicts. of democratic nature you know that i'm willing to call elections so long us there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees have not been provide it. and therefore elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions any impact of article one five five as has been approved by the
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spanish government coming out and will probably be approved by the senate these article goes against the law is abusive and aims at putting an end to supper and movement and an end to the cattle and to the asian that has led us to here i don't accept these measures because they are unfair. because they are hiding. the intentions of a state that's punished government that was defeated on october first there's no signs of putting an end to repression and an end to any possible action if. retaliate it if elections were to take place i think that i've been truthful to my responsibility is. borne in mind the views of many people despite my attempts. i have not proceeded. a response from the
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popular party they have made the advantage of taking advantage of the situation at a time when we need to lower tensions and to foster dialogue then since we haven't signed any decree to call elections it's up to the parliament. to the site what are the consequences of the king of article one five five five and got on yeah. no one can peddle. the gotten inside that we are not interesting in for storing dialogue no one can say. i have made no effort to foster dialogue no one can say i haven't tried just once again. we have seen regrettably that we are the ones to ask responsibly unpressurized to do so whilst others are allowed to
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act in a non for sponsor vote munna this is the logic of politics that claim things like go and get them and not go with. the gut on society has mobilized and led us to this point here with commitment and serenity and also asking from last person to responsibly i tried to defend this president. you know altered to reach the end of this path with the same serenity and respond to it it is my responsibility as president was to use all the different options in my hands to find dialogue with cotton and society has always acted the same way as this government peacefully and in a civil manner. now. we have to. retained
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a commitment to peace. talk to us. because i live by acting this way we can succeed thank you. leader of council on karla's puja along making a brief statement saying that he is not calling for a snap election as some people had been predicting that he might be doing and you're simmons joining us and barcelona and you're his speech was perspiring and then it was canceled and now he's finally come out and spoken and he said he's not calling for a snap election was this expected at all. that is pretty extraordinary really because it is the headline hearings knows we would be calling elections so he's really putting out the file that was started by the valuable service somebody and his policy a few hours by because there was a very bad reaction from the politicians in the coalition government to the
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coalition politics to the suggestion that there would be this nothing that can hold on a thursday and now we're. going to strike hero you know steam roll in the bank in the final session he was waiting for the next thing you know here certainly we see that so tell us what is known as the what he doesn't see any favors in the kind of the stakes taking the stunts he did emphasize that he's who no one could accuse of of trying to get donald on pushing very hard for it and he also said that. it was now up to parliament should decide on whether elections were necessary because a full one sixty five but really he's just pushing the decision to follow him which is going to start at session in less than an hour on my own but this is rather
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unusual. ok anderson men's we'll leave it there quite loud where you are with the protests with thank you for that update from barcelona itself let's cross over. there then how means that was it a case of kind of who blinks first we were also expecting apologies oh there we do have you back if you can hear me what i just tell us what the reaction from madrid's might be to what just had to say. well actually i think we will hear that in the coming hours or so as i'm talking to you now in another room here in the senate building where house is meeting to discuss the bill that would eventually trigger article one five five the vote should happen tomorrow now just in the past hour or so there were a lot of records in spanish media that in case the regional government in catalonia
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would call for snap elections then there was a social socialist party here in madrid which is the second largest bloc in the senate that would put pressure and would ask the government to then at that point stop short of triggering article one five firing throughout the day we've been hearing all sorts of rumors and counter rumors. every looks very close to barcelona barcelona looks very closely at madrid but in all of that we haven't heard from the prime minister himself now his deputy is due to speak shortly here and i think then we'll get a clearer idea what is the thinking at the moment within the government. ok hoda abdel-hamid thank you for that update from madrid and just to let you know a lot of viewers are interested in this story out of spain that we're covering on the newsgroup and we do have
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a what's our comment viewer telling us that the best strategy for a catalog is to do nothing more and force the hand of madrid so do keep your comments and questions coming to us you can send them to us using any one of our online platforms and also always use the hash tag a.j. news going to make sure that we see your questions before we broke into into barcelona and brought you that speech by carlists of puja mo we were telling you about what's going on in kenya so one of our top stories tonight and that's the election rerun that's taken place in kenya this thursday we have katherine sawyer joining us live from away. in kenya and that is the opposition leader while loading does stronghold and catherine what we're hearing is that it's been quite volatile in parts of western kenya and we do have reports of casualties as well as injuries what can you tell us. yes we do and i'm right now at
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a hospital where in the last hours we've been seeing a steady stream of ambulances bringing injured people here to this hospital we also saw a young man who has died he was shot on the thigh and was really bleeding profusely health workers could not control that bleeding so he died we also had that another person has also died in the last hour or so and just before i go to air during i saw. a picture that was showed to me by a rescue workers who said that they had just taken that body to the mortuary so i can confirm that three people at least three people have been killed of the situation here all day has been running battles in several areas between police and protesters police using live ammunition using tear gas and protesters retaliating or using slings to hurl stones at police but in other areas around the country
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particularly in strongholds of jubilee that's a governing party led by. people have been showing up to vote even if not as many as they as they did in in august in the last election. protesters lighting fires and throwing rocks leaving some polling stations empty and police responding with tear gas or what's characterized voting day in nairobi's opposition strongholds other polling stations have not opened to told officials too frightened to report for duty. explaining ourselves very clearly. there is no reason for anybody to take any violent action against i b c officials b.c. officials should be allowed to conduct their duties. as they conduct their duties it is a right of a kenyan. in any particular part of the country to either decide to vote or not.
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the opposition called for its supporters to boycott the polls after a lack of reforms at the electoral commission also withdrawing its presidential candidate raila odinga. at many polling stations voting did go on as normal even if in lower numbers compared to august election the indicators that we have so far that we are seeing people being intimidated in some parts of the country or it is not a very good thing in terms of transparency you see video of the process while incumbent president to work in yard is assured of victory there's concern that some of his jubilee party supporters may stay home guaranteeing a low voter turnout. by mid day at this polling station in kenya home county of. less than a hall of bridges to voters had cast their ballot in august this polling station had long queues this time the spike the area being a governing party stronghold far fewer voters have turned up.
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with potentially six million opposition supporters staying away analysts say a poor voter turnout and the conduct of the electoral commission could impact the legitimacy of the selection. for me to malaya al-jazeera nairobi. and here's the thing catherine we also know that voting has been suspended in some areas in the western part of the country like where you are in fact so ok is sending us a question on facebook and is wondering what will happen to areas where the voting has been suspended. well the electoral commission says that this election will now happen on saturday and people here are saying well it's not going to make a difference it's going to be the same situation same story we're going to make sure that voting doesn't happen in this region so these procedures easier talking about this areas these are for constituencies in this region called in all there
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are about one point three million voters and a lot of the people that we've been talking to today are saying that they are not going to allow voting to take place at all alia daryn we were at a polling station in fact it was a struggle just getting open polling stations when finally found one we spoke to the returning officer that you know one of the officials of the electoral commission who said that the challenge the biggest challenge they've been having is just getting materials to this polling stations roads had been blocked by groups of young men so that was a problem and not just because of security reasons but people they did not have people just to transport this material transporters service providers were just saying no we will not do it another problem he told us is that stuff members of the electoral commission had were also saying that they are not coming to work so a three hundred ninety nine from this area called central refused to come to work
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citing security reasons so this announcement by the electoral commission to postpone the elections really doesn't come as a surprise but people here are saying well saturday we're still going to do the same thing there is no election that's going to happen here ok catherine we thank you for that update from the western part of the country now let's take you to the capital. where there was standing by for us how much voting actually took place in nairobi. well in some parts of the coppertone some wilting took over queues will march. on the elections held. right now most polling stations in the couple of closed they close the hour and go election officials huddled together in the polling stations with agents of the different presidential candidates counting the votes that have been
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cast it's a fun easy process compared to past elections because only one ballot people's cars today compared to six in august for the different candidates of the elective positions now from here the process will go to the constituency tali in the center which is where all the polling stations from every of the two hundred m. mine to constituents in the country will be put together tallied and then taken to the national telling center the question is it telling center is a process that was bypassed mostly in the last election and something the supreme court fault of the electoral commission so we've been shorts accused we've seen fewer people returning and we just came back from where protesters. relentlessly tried to stop people from casting their vote and one of our viewers wants to know
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how much from you whether this election can do any good for the country you know kenya so well you've covered past elections so our viewers saying kenya is already in an unstable state can the reelection do any good what's your sense from speaking to people on the ground about how they feel about it. what a forefront for a well known of course is the supreme court or the result of the elections canada has been won on something ground on this and something to would continue even of the results of this election of course this is going to be a contested result and elections would not have happened as they have not already in some parts of the country and the protesters who came out today to stop people from voting would do likewise. when the. because the elections have been postponed at least four counties so. to give
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of material to bill moyers overall position come to be very loading who sources say is already contemplating going to the supreme court of the so this is going to be a contested result you look at it ok thank you for giving us that update from nairobi and i hope this answers the question of why nine-a as well who sent and who is wondering actually saying the election is legal but is it illegitimate so i think that we covered your question as well with the mohamed from nairobi so has been monitoring these developments online look i'm getting a lot of comments and questions i'm sure seeing a lot online as well when you see it's very mixed right now on the sort of different hashtags are in they'll share with you today trending right now such as election boycotts kate. kenya poll eve no election coverage action and last
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day of democracy i want to show you a tweet by david indeedy as if i can just reconnect i've just been told that we've disconnected an issue that i think our tech guys have been trying to address recently just bear with me one moment. able to actually have this back to daryn let's come back to me once we get this out all right now where is it we will come back to you and you can inform us about what you are seeing online and on social media when it comes to the kenya story generating a lot of interest forests well let's move on and you have no option but to die or surrender that is the blunt warning from the iraqi prime minister. i saw as he ordered his forces to stamp out the armed groups last strongholds near the syrian border markets here in light gray as you can see on the map so there are two key objectives right now recapture the towns of payment at ioa and secure the final international border crossing between iraq and syria that's still under isis
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control stephanie decker reports from erbil in northern iraq. ready for the final thing the iraqi prime minister has given the go ahead now the task of these men is to push out of the last areas of western anbar specifically which is the border town with syria the group still hope it's. been encountering some sporadic attacks but they are weak especially since the last of. the enemy is in a desperate situation right now and hopefully will take all the remaining areas from. iraq's army and police together with pro-government sunni tribal fighters and the hash shabbier shia militias are part of the offensive. we are now engaging in the offensive to retake. we have received full military support from the iraqi army to participate in this offensive the tribal fighters
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have now become a supporting force in this offensive we aim to help that and after we retake these areas we will take control of security with the help of the iraqi forces. the campaign will also be backed by coalition air support and ground advice the towns of. the last few territories isis still controls in iraq many here feel that it won't be a long protracted battle but ridding eisel of its territory in iraq does not mean the group's threat has been eliminated it is still capable of carrying out large scale attacks the announcement of the all crime offensive comes at a time when iraqi forces together with shia militia are involved on another front sporadic fighting with the kurdish peshmerga in the aftermath of that controversial secession referendum is putting huge pressure on air beale and the leadership many kurds believe that this offensive is an attempt to divert attention from sporadic fighting we're seeing northwest of there along the border with iraq and many
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believe ultimately is to reassert federal control over the border crossings that the kurdistan regional government currently controls stephanie decker al-jazeera. stephanie tucker reporting from erbil for us just a moment ago i was a regular mohamed is here with us she is our social media producer and she was going to tell us about the online reaction. i believe that you are seeing out of kenya can we try this once more that we have there we have a connection i hope so give me a few industry see if you can try and get this back up yes we do ok so let's start again there's a lot of strong reaction online with a range of trending hashtags like election boycott kenya a poll even know october election as well as last day of democracy but it was this tweet by economists david and d. who got a lot of traction he said without moderation or who kenyatta is on course to match rwanda's president paul kagame is a vote percentage
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a last even an over who do versus kenyata election may have to be rigged and it really just sets the scene surrounding the sentiment of how some kenyans a feeling about the situation and many have also decided to boycott the vote like john he said he won't be voting and says that he's chosen a path of civil disobedience and not war and everything said the only areas where people all voting essential kenya and rift valley these are who kenyatta jubilee strongholds and a victim of cherry raises an important point questioning how much taxpayers' money was spent on holding the selection that as you mentioned we did have our reporters talking about violence that erupted in nairobi's kibera slum and also in consumer that is a major city in the west of the country both of them opposition strongholds of riot but it really was this clip from journalist robert maginnis in kibera where voting
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was disrupted but as you can see some quite dramatic scenes of a standoff between police and protesters. and here's a video from the elim pic primary school originally it was reported that polling station gates were blocked by protesters but then later on police entered this area and as you can see give it a few minutes few seconds there are some very heavily armed police officers there now weather was voting the numbers were down this is compared to october eighth al-jazeera journalist hundreds of homemade films of this at the more a primary school polling station in central nairobi and it's mainly a cane stronghold and as you can see orderly queues of people. and a freak journalist danielle finnan was at another polling station where he described circles of voters this area holds supporters of both right now doing the
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and. but again here it's raids that back in august the turnout seemed much bigger. and meanwhile jem's same windy was near the supreme court where he filmed a group of women running for peaceful election. so are you in kenya and if you had to the polls or have you decided to boycott the vote we want to hear from you on twitter using the hash tag a.j. news grid or you can dismisses me directly i'm. really a frank you let such i came in with felicity barr who has more of the international news for us out of london. are the jury now we're going to start in indonesia that's where at least forty seven people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory blast happened at an industrial complex in the city of tongue garang twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta a local official says all the victims were factory workers the majority of whom were women the cause is being investigated sorry the t.v.
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has more from jakarta. a firecracker factory exploded in the city of tongue twenty five kilometers or west of. local residents reported hearing a loud explosions before seeing a cloud of smoke above the warehouse more than half of the factory workers were killed or injured many of the dead burned beyond recognition families have been asked to identify the bodies by dental records or by the jury victims all wearing according to police officers and rescuers many of the bodies were found trapped at the back of the warehouse possibly trying to find a way out management are being questioned by police investigating the cause of the blast the factory has only been operating the last two months employing around one hundred people ahead of the international red cross says he's overwhelmed by the scale and magnitude of the refugee crisis there are now more than eight hundred
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thousand refugees in camps in bangladesh following the military crackdown in neighboring. of visiting a field hospital in one of those camps the red cross chief says the people there are in desperate need of aid and shelter. the u.n. has rejected a claim made in miramar media that it has agreed to help build houses for people fleeing the violence in the northern rakhine state the state run global new life of nirvana newspaper says u.n. habitats had agreed to provide technical assistance and housing people displaced by an army operation their development underscores the tension between me and mark and the united nations. now after a year of mourning thailand's late king is being cremated king the pm upon a do new day who died last year aged eighty eight was the world's longest serving monarch his five day funeral ceremony began on wednesday during hundreds of thousands of mourners al-jazeera scott heidi reports from the capital bangkok.
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nominating a year of mourning and reflection the people of time. island have said goodbye to the king don't you dare. enduring late monsoon rains in searing heat hundreds of thousands of thais clad in black descended upon bangkok. bucket come. arrived in the pre-dawn hours have to continue with our lives but i will do good things for him so we. will not have to worry full of ceremony and tradition of perception caring and opulent turn left the royal palace for the two and a half a kilometer journey to the royal crematorium crafted over the last eight months the elaborate crematorium is designed to represent a mythical mountain sending the late king to heaven here and one applause thousands have gathered there laying sandalwood flowers on this replica of the royal crematorium dozens have been set up across bangkok and across thailand giving thais the opportunity to actively participate in their king's funeral get loose on
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decided that he was a young boy when he met. his father was the king's tutor for twenty six years in switzerland when some thai people. abandon this he said if the thai people have been. abandoned then and that was he's new and he's profound. he wanted to to be there for thai people in thailand has progressed greatly under king put me upon some field that's part of the grieving yes for the man but also for the period of transformation he led the nation through i think first and foremost people weeping because they're saying goodbye to a part of themselves a part of their collective identity that was form and shape during the king's time he was called father by many thais even viewed by some as a demigod they see. as released.
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traditional dances and performances will carry on throughout the night marking the end of the year of mourning it's got to either al-jazeera bangkok. and that is it for me here in london let's for two to three for the city thank you well one of her viewers is wandering the asking has the kurdish referendum been put on pause or is fighting eisel their first priority so earlier what we were talking about is the iraqi army's fight against the last eisel strongholds along the syrian border so iraq's government has been battling another problem in the north that's kurds pushing for their own country the prime minister headed not bad he says his government won't accept anything less than the cancellation of the kurds secession beds he's into her run for talks with iranian leaders having reaffirmed support from turkey's president on wednesday so iran and turkey like iraq have large kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separate kurdish states let's cross over
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to her on bring in zain bussard abi joining us from there it's so we know that the reiterated that the north is part of iraq he said that loud and clear into iran how was that received there. well just to give you a sense of sort of the level of support that the iraqi prime minister enjoys in iraq he met with every senior iranian leader on offer here in tech ron and they all echoed that same point he felt like this was a comfortable place politically speaking it's a safe haven for him it was a great thing as of course he spoke very openly about the referendum result the policy point is not surprising because exactly as you say nothing short of an inelegant will be acceptable and iran's leaders echo that point and even stronger terms the first vice president of iran john you're even going so far as to say that the referendum result was an act of sedition so very very strong support for iraq's
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government and for iraq's territorial integrity as a regional policy issue and very strong condemnation for the kurdish referendum and for iran itself one can assume that it must be watching the developments in iraq and with the kurds very closely zain. yes that's exactly right the d.v.d. issue of kurdish autonomy is an incredibly serious one and they'll be watching very closely the events in the north of their neighboring country iraq the iranians are really worried that any calls for kurdish autonomy will have a cascading effect and that its own population of. kurdish iranians will make similar demands and that is simply unacceptable to the iranian government and what we're likely to see going forward from iran is is this is iran urging its its counterparts in iraq to adopt a similar political model to the want to play here in iran kurds are able to enjoy
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a certain level of political autonomy they're able to maintain their culture their heritage their language their traditions and they have rights and representation in both provincial governments and representatives in parliament so. the idea is that . even though iran is no utopia those kurdish iranians and non kurdish writers tell us that you know it's not a perfect place politically by any means but any problems that exist within the country as long as the different groups are united they can solve these problems together through dialogue to that end we even heard from the supreme leader of iran ayatollah khomeini in his conversation with the iraqi prime minister he made the point that the only reason or one of the main reasons contributing factors to iraq being able to defeat i saw it on the battlefield was because the different ethnic groups of iraq were able to stick together and maintain a united front so certainly the message from iran will be to focus on the things
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that you know you've got the iraqi people know things that divide them ok is endless ravi thank you for that update from to her. now flying to the united states has just become more complicated and cumbersome that's as new security measures take confect so what's airlines and passengers are actually affected all of them it seems the procedure is applied to every single flight to the u.s. from other countries whether iran u.s. citizen or not well what's new travelers face more detailed inspections of their elektra devices and may even be subject to security interviews by airline employees some carriers are advising u.s. bound passengers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flights to allow time for the extra screening and these measures replace a ban on laptops in the cabins of planes coming from eight predominantly muslim countries that a popular policy was prompted by fears that attackers could hide bombs inside
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computers so we asked some of our correspondents to see how airports and passengers are coping firsts we get the view from hong kong with pollen then david schaper in paris. the new security measures are seen as a crucial test for pacific an airline which prides itself on efficiency and speed particularly when checking in but u.s. bound passengers will no longer be able to use the in-town second facilities which are in the city instead they will have to come here to the airport the been told to come three hours before their flight as they will have to face questions about their trip details of why in particular they want to go to the u.s. they asked me if i was here for business or pleasure. and they also asked me about my. four nights a copy of my generator which is a little shame because i. had my boarding pass i think it's unnecessary. because i think we have enough security measures already. the united states has
6:39 pm
a new system but i don't like it. you know we've got the number of people how they feel about the new security measures and most of told us it's annoying and frustrating not cathay pacific is the only airline that's banned u.s. bound passengers from using facilities in the city or their bags drop off the symmetry here at the airports cathay pacific say they've increased the number of staff but there are still under tremendous pressure about fourteen flights a day to the united states. the new security measures were introduced by passes all the airport adding to the delays that some passengers are facing on transatlantic flights to the united states also of course there's been a lot of fog but the american administration who are sponsible for safety say that as threats evolved so too must the counter measures to combat them security officials say these new measures should make it more easy to detect any explosives
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that might have been planted on any part of the electronic equipment on the passenger's curing for this flight to you all chris afternoon on air france so anyone particularly bothered by the list of questions they faced her raises some questions what you got to listen to what he said if it's questions about the destination and the story that he would say. about the luggage. the difference i think it's a good start but it's not. very efficient for the moment because there are just questions and everybody could lie about it. there's no checking so the white house say these steps are necessary for the country's national security and that only designed to increase the safety for passengers if that is the case and how long before these sort of cues i seen on short haul flights and domestic flights. well it's been
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a month since hurricane maria stormed through puerto rico devastating the islands and this week the number of confirmed deaths has risen to fifty one and survivors are struggling to recover but we're here is here with a positive story that's getting a lot of a lot of attention online and it's a good story makes less change story let's go back to the beginning that can put things into perspective for you now this is a great example of how online platforms have been used to generate help in the wake of a natural disaster now in october. if if right after hurricane rita hit puerto rico scott almost on twitter could you know must go in and rebuild the countries that trusted a system with independent solar and battery systems well tells the c.e.o. it on mosque replies and starts a conversation with puerto rico's governor and this was the results solar panels have restored full power to a children's hospital in the capital sun one and before this it was struggling to
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keep lifesaving equipment running as like the rest of the island it barely had enough fuel to run generators. governor and the hospital director say that this is helped syria rehabilitate services so more than three thousand children having the. bargain. is. something that not only the elite over here but everybody but the people should be. the other people over there either we thank you for your humanitarian efforts over here and i can tell you that it's already here it is for the children. and you know next to nothing we can imagine because from the hurricane some children here are dependent on life support in our generators are not enough so it was with great joy that we received these humanitarian gesture providing us with solar panels will keep our services going. tessa posted this tweet thanking the support from puerto rican
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authorities saying that this project is the first of many to come and the u.s. government has faced allegations of not doing enough to help puerto rico get back on its feet u.s. army engineers are working to restore power and seventy five percent of the island is still off the grid. we're here we're restoring power here rebuilding power lines in puerto rico. see behind us we have trucks and a number of cruise lines down all over the island. and working with with what supplies they. as well as with what we do with the keep our life back. so if you are currently in puerto rico you're helping out from abroad do that us know and get in touch with us using the hashtag aging is great or you can just simply message me directly i'm. well argentina's former president cristina kirchner
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is giving her testimony there she is to an investigation into the alleged cover up off a bomb attack more than two decades ago we'll go live to one of sorry reason just a moment but first there is a bow fills us in with the all the details. it was a death that shocked argentina i'll bet a county man was found with a shot in the head in january two thousand and fifteen he was a prosecutor investigating the bombing of a jewish community center in the capital one a scientist more than eighty five people were killed he was found a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against former president cristina fernandez de kirchner and her alleged ties with iran. while the world says that this is the right time to seek justice and. the previous administration controlled the justice system and had managed to block the investigation now there is an investigation that will hopefully let us know what happened christine acker
6:45 pm
has already attended this courthouse several five times this to be questioned about the accusations made by prosecutors. claimed her administration had a secret deal with iran that guaranteed iranian officials that were allegedly involved in the attack against the jewish community center in one thousand nine hundred forty. four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow argentina authorities to interrogate suspects nice man said that the administration's real motive was to do business with tehran. says that the investigation against kirschner is politically motivated. the riddle it's for men to pull when they were lifted says that we wanted the iranians to walk around freely we want to the solution because knowledge and tina you cannot be judged if you not present we want an argentine judge questioning the suspects last sunday christina kirshner was elected
6:46 pm
a senator or she has become a staunch critic of the current administration since leaving office businessmen and politicians close to her have been detained accused of corruption on wednesday former planning minister who west. taint and stripped from immunity i mean the. same justice used by the previous administration is being used by some sectors of this one the truth is most argentinians do not trust the justice system because the real structural problems are never discussed. the circumstances surrounding the murder of. remain a mystery in the meantime the families of the victims of the community center bombing continue to await answers and justice and will cross over. and speak to her now to tell us what the former president has said so far if anything at all. well pressing kirshner came here
6:47 pm
about two hours and a half ago when she was inside for about two hours where she presented a written statement saying that she denied any wrongdoing that the only objective and the only reason why the her administration signed a memorandum with iran was to allow argentinian judges to travel to tehran to interrogated those who allegedly took part in the bombing that happened here back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four after her presenting that paperwork she came outside and she told people here that she's being currently politically persecuted by the administration. she says that there is an alliance between the judiciary and the current administration to persecute those who are part of her government and she also said that the current administration is trying to keep people like her asylum while the government carries out the austerity measures that the current administration says are going to get the argentine economy out of the
6:48 pm
crisis it has been for the past two years so how likely is it that she has the taint. well it's a very very complicated situation that if cristina kirchner is detained she was elected senator or last sunday during local elections here in argentina and even though she came in second after the candidate of the ruling party three million people voted for her and also now she has immunity since she left office as several members of her government but also a businessman close to her are currently in prison and on wednesday her a crucial a very very important minister of her presidency who you know the real was stripped from immunity in congress and later on detained you know the just the justice system here in argentina has traditionally bended towards power so people who are not discarding that she could end up in prison in the near future there is
6:49 pm
a bo thank you for that update from one of. just a moment peter will join us with all the sports news and faster than a speeding bullet a british supersonic cars trying to break the world land speed record and they've been doing live test runs in the u.k. the stories coming up right after a look at the world weather. i
6:50 pm
provoked it all is it allison when our on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.p.a.
6:51 pm
has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member because but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join a club a conversation at this time on al-jazeera. or peter is joining us now to talk sport in a british experiments when i need for speed peter that's a really nice way of putting it there in we're talking about a speed not seen before at least not of the lens speed variety the current lens speed will record is one thousand two hundred twenty seven kilometers per hour but
6:52 pm
the supersonic all you see here is manufactured by a british team and known as the bloodhound see it's hoping to crack one thousand six hundred kilometers per hour and on thursday the car was tested on the runway at coole airport in the united kingdom and reached speeds of the tween three hundred twenty five and three hundred thirty seven kilometers per hour and the green who's the man holding the current will record is the cause driver check this out. bloodhound is a battle with physics a journey into the unknown object from a typhoon fighter a rocket hotter than a volcano huge battle wheel spinning a hundred seventy times a second. with the equivalent of one hundred thirty five thousand horsepower bloodhound will cover a mile in just three point six seconds faster than a bullet. the actual test on thursday was broadcast on facebook as well as you tube where around seven thousand people were watching the tasting live and this is
6:53 pm
a journey very much being documented through the various social media accounts regular updates getting posted on twitter and facebook the goal they get pictures like a verse of families watching and being inspired together. very cute that is now one of the top trends online earlier today hash tag history that's the hash tag of the used to astros who tied baseball's world series with the l.a. dodgers off to two extra innings eight home runs were scored in this game the most ever for a world series contest as it is home and reports. fifty four thousand fans in los angeles hard thing to see the dodgers double the world series lead and for most part of gang two it appeared they would do just that. was it was. cory sega had put the dodges three one up in the six inning was
6:54 pm
god and i had lost in ninety eight games this season after leading they sent their standards exceptionally high but the astros staged a comeback in the ninth inning to level the game at three three. k. this force the teams to an extra inning consecutive harm run for houston in front for the first time. but still things were far from martha yes the old quick helping the dodgers tie the game the game and send it to an eleventh inning the were the astros then struck two more harm runs taking the games tally to write breaking the all time record in the world series. was even more remarkable the eye harmless were hit by id from players all of her own had never hit one in
6:55 pm
a world series before. and this time the astros held on to their late for their first ever world series win was so. i mean that's incredible game on so many levels so many ranges of emotion. and if you like october baseball you know if you like any kind of baseball. you know that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be a part of the best of seven series is now tied at one one. of. the two teams had to houston with game three this saturday in late home an al jazeera i show you a tweet now that sums up a lot of the reaction it goes as follows tonight is why sports all the best reality show period but yes that is so you might remember if you were watching that we were asking fans outside of the u.s. to tell us why and how they got into baseball and we got
6:56 pm
a couple of tweets after the show including this one from will dick in perth he says he's an exchange student or at least an exchange student from st louis came to the school in one thousand nine hundred two and he's been a blue jays fan ever since and another viewer says simply that she turned on the world series once upon a time and she got hooked. and you can get in touch with us anytime using the hash tag jane used little tweet me directly at peta on the school statement most will from me in the eight hundred g.m.t. l but from el reno that's ok peter thank you so we'll see you in the eight hundred hours g.m.t. news hour just before we go a shout out take a look at this so it's a shout out for a paralyzed fundraiser claire lomas who's completed more than sixteen kilometers in twenty four hours at a fun run event in the u.k. and she did it with the aid of a buy on a couch called the re walk suits me came the first person in the world to complete a marathon wearing that suit in twenty minutes raise almost seven hundred thousand
6:57 pm
dollars for spinal injury research thanks for watching the news read remember keep in touch with us on social media all the ways to do so are right there we'll see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on fridays. as a writer. on experience that we try. to
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. meet. with the conducting business. someone in the training center it's. your signature in the school. system. can zone where it's going places together.
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right. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is part of life it's culture. that is different to have you have to have no i didn't. know.
7:00 pm
we wanted to for that's what our community values were going to give them not. just. jump on the drive to get over the one today. it's tough on al-jazeera. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and off thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera.


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