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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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tain been developed by the. people in a six part series. those yes rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individual. coming soon on a. short films of the hook and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around them. at this time.
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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news ally from my headquarters in doha with me and is the product coming out in the next sixty minutes the u.n. blames the syrian government for a chemical attack that killed more than mine people in april. violence miles kenya's disputed election at least three people were killed during clashes with police. they caught a long crisis deepens as the regional president while holding the snap election to break the deadlock. we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic we can do it. and present all i'm trying to claim is the other p.r. crisis a public health emergency involves to overcome addiction and the u.s. .
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a report by u.n. war crimes investigators has blamed the assad government in syria for a major chemical weapon attack in april more than ninety people including women and children were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of qana almost one hundred people were injured the images of the moments after the strike sparked international outrage well over the following days the u.s. bombed a syrian government airbase in response syria has repeatedly denied any responsibility for the attack well the united nations and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons set up a joint investigation commission to find out who conducted the attacks and today's report is the culmination of their work on can shake. we'll be speaking to our correspondent at the u.n. shortly but first this report from the and of warning you may find some images
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disturbing. this is one of the gasping for moments after government planes bombed. the it live neighborhood is a rebel stronghold within minutes hundreds of people were rushed to hospitals suffering asphyxiation and other agonizing symptoms after they were exposed to the nerve agent sarin gas. this is why more than a year later she survived but more than eighty people mostly children were killed. we are still traumatized by the attack we face the near death experience its impact remains what i get panic attacks from time to time and start banging your head on the way. the attack triggered an international outcry and growing calls for sanctions against the syrian government. denies using chemical
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weapons but u.n. war crimes investigators say they gathered evidence to confirm the attack was carried out by government forces those who survived and chose to stay in kind when never fully recover from the ordeal. i still try to make them to their will up long term complications patients still suffering from blurred vision neurological problems and the biggest challenge of course the psychological impact of the attack people lost their loved ones and we still treat. the use or began helping others in the immediate aftermath before becoming a victim himself he woke up in hospital days later to devastating news. started carrying fixings to ambulances but many died on the spot i saw rescuers rushing into the area but as soon as they started the rescue the victims collapsed
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and died i collapsed but when i woke up i was told my family was gone. lost his father mother and two brothers he's one of many people who feel they have been betrayed by the world and left to struggle on. syria days after the attack the u.s. launched his size into the air base that was used by syrian warplanes to drop sarin gas on her and she home but the american response fell short of the expectations of millions of syria's her father. should have been a turning point in the syrian conflict and a wake up call for the international community as well but i'll just. let my canister joining us live from the u.n. now what more can you tell us about the report mike. well as thirty three pages that the joint investigative mechanism has presented now to the security council it says said during the period of its research it found numerous
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allegations of the use of chemical weapons within syria however it focused on two particular incidents that one and harnish i couldn't that we've just seen the report about made very clear its belief that the syrian government must be held accountable for that attack now it looked at that attacked minute plea although it had knitted that its fact finding mission did not actually travel to the site of itself however it use satellite imagery it used interviews with witnesses cell phone footage and very importantly it also found that the precursor that was used in the explosive that disturbed her ceasar own was the exact same precursor that had been stockpiled by the syrian army that had been tested before the civil war began so it also approached the syrian argument that its planes bombs said hit
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a warehouse where rebel forces had stored the syrian it said it could not find the evidence of that and all the evidence it has is that that sarin gas attacked was carried out by the syrian defense force very probably by a bomb or bombs dropped from syrian aircraft now the other incident of looked at was in the village of harsh and in september last year and there it found that ice all forces had used mortars to fire the sulfur mustard into that particular village which had caused the death of at least two people so these are the findings the main findings of the joint investigative mechanism the syrian government must be held accountable for that attack in april last year that killed more than eighty and might that joint and the thicket of mechanism is up for renewal what effect will this have. well earlier this week the us broader resolution in the
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security council asking that the mandate of jim as as he has called it be renewed before its reporters released russia vetoed that particular resolution arguing that it first wanted to see the report to see whether it was unbiased fair honest what we're going to be hearing in the next few days is argument perhaps between russia and other members of the security council about the content of that report now the fact that jim has also looked at actions by i saw may be very important here in terms of the russian reaction to it but jim's mandate is up for renewal november so discussions over the next few days and weeks will determine whether russia will allow that mandate to go through without a veto mike thank you very much for that for now that's mike hanna joining us live from the united nations thank you let's move on to other news now and three people
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have been shot dead during the repaint presidential elections and kenya voting was postponed in at least four counties when violence erupted between demonstrators and police now mother the reports from nairobi. of the months of political uncertainty it's back to the ballot for the people of kenya falls days paul is out here on all the most contested elections and can just history they are promising to be the most likely long as they need to get does that we have survived that we have seen people being intimidated in some parts of the country already is not a very good thing and downs of transparency you can see video of the process for those groups because. i mean i'm a free atmosphere in which voters could be able to. and franchise themselves as far as wanting what is concerned. vaulting incubate or kenya sludge islam was interrupted when protesters but it catered droops to polling stations police used tear gas and fired live
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a mission and blanks into the air to dispose of the protesters water lentulus the grouping us fosters they dispersed the playground of the olympic primary school in kebede tells the story of this election adequately usually these filled will be full of files of enthusiastic vaulters with accused making into the alleys of the slum today they are none the protestors he has succeeded in ensuring as few people exercise their right to vote the police showed no mussy to those they are honest that the violence was however the most pronounced in the city of kisumu in western kenya almost all the fatalities in play here. i do believe that we are living in a fascist society where the government is essentially a fascist. for the world community and definitely determined to. punish the community but these kinds of killings yes because the media fused the
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vote in this. election while tensions simmered in some opposition strongholds the situation was called me. they were peaceful since the voting in campbell outside nairobi strongholds of president hu who took no voting took place in four counties in western kenya results are expected today after voters in those counties i expected to vote right. right odinga was criticized polling stuff in the run up to the vote is likely to argue that the boycott of the poll in some parts of the country shows that iran is bogus and that will do little to improve president kenyatta legitimacy if he is declared the winner. mohammed all just might well be can. well let's get more on this now with mark about to me he is the former u.s. ambassador to kenya joining us live from washington d.c. mr bellamy it's great to have you with us on. if can you how does one this does
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when this election what they have legitimacy do you think given opposition supporters boycotting the voyage saying that they don't recognize him as their leader. well i think it's going to be difficult to establish the credibility. of this round of elections giving everything that is occurred in the run up to today's vote you saw the reports there of some violence some scattered violence and protests. but you know i think by and large the stay away that rylan the opposition leader called for it's probably been successful today and the turnout has been light in many areas of kenya. but even even if this was a more peaceful day perhaps than many many feared it might be. i think it's going to be hard to hard if who are rooting out comes out ahead is of course he will to
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make the case that this was a credible election and that he has been reelected at the head of a government with full of shit i'm missing and it is this is not seen as a credible election it will be the second one in just a couple of months the last one of course was an old by the supreme court what effect is this election rerun having on kenya's institutions you know given election officials didn't even show up to work a lot of them citing security reasons you know even court judge who didn't show up to hear the petition to delay the vote because her body god was shot and she was one of many that didn't. yeah i mean this is this is one of the reasons that this election is going to have a little bit of trouble establishing his credibility keep in mind that the independent electoral commission has struggled and as recently as a few days ago the the chief commissioner of this of this commission said that he just he didn't believe that the commission could ensure a free and fair result in just
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a few days before that another key commissioner fled kenya fearing for her life and issuing a statement about partisan divisions within the electoral commission the supreme court was to hear a petition yesterday about the validity of these elections it could not muster a quorum to hear that petition and again that's because the supreme court has been broken down along partisan lines so there's been some clearly there has been some damage whether it's lasting damage we don't know but there's been some damage to the institutional infrastructure here of kenya's democracy is kenya facing a constitutional crisis would you say with what's been happening of the last few months and where to from here with both who do kenyatta and completely doubling down and their positions. right i you know i think many kenyans would argue that they're facing a constitutional crisis and many questions have arisen what's the way out of this crisis a dangerous strategy now seems to be to put together
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a nonviolent he says peaceful campaign of disobedience and resistance and protest against what he calls an illegitimate government it's not clear what who kenyatta if he is once he has been declared victor what it's not clear what his strategy will be but it seems to me the only way out of this crisis is to find some way to bring these two sides together to start to begin to heal their partisan divisions it may end unfortunately it may necessitate yet another round of elections particularly if the supreme court decides as it did back in september that this election too is not valid mr bellamy it's great to get your thoughts and your insights on this mark about i'm a former u.s. ambassador to kenya joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. my pleasure. now catalonia us president has refused to hold early elections deepening the crisis in spain's autonomous region the model
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says he wouldn't hold a new election unless the central government agreed to certain conditions but meanwhile the spanish senate has you should vote on friday on whether to travel on one five five which would allow madrid to directly administer cotton one year anderson reports from. demonstrators defiant towards the actions of the spanish government are calling on their regional leaders to declare session but before their march begins their hearing councillor media reports saying their regional president was planning to announce snap elections in a deal with a dread that would go one five five and avoid the imposition of direct rule. we are completely opposed we didn't conceive of any other scenario apart from the declaration of independence we cannot conceive of any other elections the demonstrators change their plans marching to the building where president carlos
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was due to speak others went to his party's headquarters. we were protesting today against article one hundred five and all of a sudden we hear that wants to call for elections we are totally against it we feel this is treason to the castle. eventually announce that no decision had been made. you know that i am willing to call an election so long as there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees of not being provided and after elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions after the president finally did make it up. these crowds seem to the main supporters that hear it shouted traitor when reports emerge that he was going to actually announce this action his
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appearance it was should you was then quote suspended by the star. in madrid the spanish deputy prime minister said nothing had changed article one five five would go ahead on friday. when i think contrary to what some say the procedure of article one five five does not mean a new political centrism but it means the beginning of the end of the repeated disobedience of the law the interest of all and to the use of self-government against its own autonomy there may have been some new twists but this crisis is now back to where it was nearly a week ago madrid intends to impose direct rule or get the lonia and sackets government friday is the day when politicians will take big steps into the unknown with risks on both sides and the lives of millions of people could be affected
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hundreds simmons'. barcelona. let's get more on this now we're joined by john cena director on liberian studies program in the frame and sparkly institute for international studies at stanford university who's joining us live from palo alto very good to have you with us on al-jazeera they are of course unchartered waters that we're going into on a friday is it possible to say what to expect either from madrid or barcelona tomorrow. it is very hard to predict even within a few i was going to happen because. the situation today has been an emotional roller coaster for many people with the news that the got the impression it was going to announce snap elections which had been the condition. for madrid to withdraw the implementation of article one fifty five. an hour later roughly the
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that announcement was retrieved and then the president spoke about. the fact that madrid having not made any concessions on that line then he was going to propose that got them parliament to vote on proceeding according to the results of the referendum of october first no one knows what's going to happen between now and tomorrow local time there i believe it's ten am there could still be new twists in this very convoluted process although it's hard to expect that the governing party in spain will relent and will withdraw one fifty five that happening i think the most reasonable expectation is that the parliament will indeed lift the suspension of the declaration of independence which means that they will be voting for independence what happens if they do that and the spanish
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government chicle trick is on one five five. it's it seems that right now it's the cart is before the horse article one five five will be triggered no matter what happens in that got them in parliament and i think that this is precisely what has motivated carlos prism and to retreat from the announcement of holding snap elections in other words he could have been caught in the trap of calling for elections and at the same time having to face the shutdown of the government and the takeover by madrid regardless of backing down that would have put entire government and not only the government but the entire independence movement in an absolutely untenable situation i believe that this is the reason why ultimately he has decided not to call for elections madrid will trigger one fifty five and the only question remaining at this late
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hour is whether it'll be the hard version of it that the conservatives want and demand or it will be a softer version of it as the socialists have been asking for mr morrison it's great to get your thoughts on this we'll be of course watching very closely what happens on friday thank you for your time. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including the white house what is the release of some classified documents linked to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. u.s. bound travelers face long queues at airports as new security measures are imposed. and. game two of the world series has the action and for. us president donald trump has declared opioid addiction
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a public health from the agency the government will now have more power to address the issue and more freedom to change legislation that's estimated more than sixty four thousand americans died last year due to opioid addiction and overdose our white house correspondent kelly hellcat has more from washington d.c. . speaking of the white house president said that the opioid epidemic in the united states is the worst drug crisis in american history with the signing of this presidential memorandum the president says this is a critical first step in addressing the epidemic for too long we have allowed drugs to ravage american homes cities and we owe it to our children and to our country to do everything in our power to address this national shame and this human tragedy. we must stop the flow of. illegal drugs
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into our communities. thank many people are disappointed the president has stopped short of declaring this a national emergency have better occurred this would have provided the necessary federal funding that states say they need in order to address this crisis instead by calling this a public health emergency what this will do is in essence redirect existing funds something that many critics say stopped short of the president's promise not only on the campaign trail but also as president still many acknowledge this is an important first step one they hope will push the u.s. congress to take measures even further. now the white house has ordered the release of secret government falls relating to the death of john f. kennedy the thirty fifth president of the united states he was assassinated in the event in one nine hundred sixty three shortly after this footage was filmed was shot in the head as his convoy had made its way through downtown dallas where
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shortly after this man lee harvey oswald was arrested and accused of shooting the president but two days later while in police custody also killed by a nightclub on a jack ruby the following year commission headed by chief justice earl warren looked at the evidence and concluded that and killing kennedy oswald acted alone but in january one thousand nine hundred two the film j.f.k. but all of the story and captivated the public imagination with conspiracy theories including the alleged involvement of u.s. intelligence agencies and in order to contain that congress passed a law promising the release of classified files relating to j.f.k.'s death within twenty five years a correspondent. is joining us live from dallas with more on this so what's being what's been released heidi and what's expected. well is a bit by the end of the day we're expected to have available the last remaining top
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secret documents related to the nine hundred sixty three assassination of president john f. kennedy that's a place on this dallas street behind me as kennedy made his way through this street in an open top motorcade and was shot in the head by a sniper and x. still marks the spot where kennedy was slain now these documents the twenty eight hundred some files that will be released by the end of the day. they are just the last remaining one percent of the five million some pages of records that have been accumulated through the investigations into kennedy's death we're not expecting any bombshells to be revealed. from these documents the researchers have been waiting for this day with anticipation for years after they do comb through these documents which is expected to take weeks if not months it's expected that we will find out more about the suspects life lee harvey oswald's cia profile as well as
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a key because it that he made to mexico city in the weeks prior to kennedy's assassination in which oswald visited the the cuban and russian embassies in mexico city presumably in order to get a visa to defect to those nations and elizabeth the reason that that is so important especially to the conspiracy theorists is because this all occurred during the cold war and there's always been speculation that despite the official finding that oswald acted alone in killing president kennedy that somehow russia or cuba or even the u.s. government itself was involved in this that's what's expected to be released but not i take it not all the documents are going to be hiding what's being withheld and. well according to a memo from the white house there will be some we daksh and we don't know how much short what percentage of these are many documents that will entail this is because
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the f.b.i. and the cia made entreaties to the troubled ministration in the last few months saying that there was still sensitive information contained in these documents that could include names of informants or other law enforcement entities that even with this passage of times fifty four years since the assassination remains sensitive in nature now in that memo trump stated he was reluctant to agree to these agencies demands to keep those portions of these records dad did and he is giving them one hundred eighty days happy year to justify why those secrets must remain secret enough. not at that time released the very last remaining records heidi thank you very much for that joining us live from dallas thank you. and ahead on the news hour iraq's prime minister rejects the offer to freeze the referendum on secession as he travels to every to meet with leaders there. to
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a year of mourning thailand says goodbye to its mate king. and in sports it's warming up the testing ground for the bloodhound which aims to reach a speed of six hundred kilometers an hour. some rather when she weather an awful cost over the next couple of days the cold plunge into central parts of north america just coming out of the canadian prairies and pushing a little further south was behind this area of very white cloud that's we're going to see the liveliest for the weather as we go through the next day to quite a temperature contrast you notice seattle calgary seventeen degrees celsius there is that culture where you want to pay just to graze and told me when coming in
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behind just coming out of ontario down across the lakes some very cold some rather wet and wintry weather pushing it will make its way further east with this we go through saturday long a lot of cloud away pushing over towards the appalachians we can see some very heavy downpours coming in behind to the east that is generally fine and dry because there was some write further west l.a. for example could do with some of that wet weather it stay hot and dry temperatures here at around thirty one degrees celsius some days of sunshine into the eastern parts of the caribana over the next day we have this area cloud this low pressure which has been stuck in place for the last few days possibility of a tropical system just developing here just around nicaragua pushing further north that is a lot it's a bring some flooding rains across much of central america pushing up towards cuba .
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with. documentaries that open your eyes. on al-jazeera. running six continents across the. top of this. you. were at the. camp for palestinian refugees.
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that have you with us on the top stories. for a chemical weapons attack which sparked international outrage and. killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of qana. a presidential election. and four counties has been postponed due to violence the election commission estimates a forty eight percent turnout in the election that was boycotted by the opposition leader. and the crisis in catalonia has deepened after its president refused to
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call for an early election. to martin says he hasn't received enough guarantees from the dread that it won't impose directly if a new election is held meanwhile the spanish senate is due to vote on friday on whether to trigger article one five five which would allow madrid to directly administer catalonia. let's return to our top story now on syria and the report by the u.n. war crimes investigator we're joined now by juan cole professor of history at the university of michigan and author of engaging the muslim world his joining us live from ann arbor very good to have you with us on al-jazeera mr cole as always what can the u.n. do its own findings that the syrian government was responsible for this her attack well you know new shrooms is hard all day and going any further than issuing the finding be the russian veto in fact the commission that issued the finding is are
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likely to be disbanded because of a russian veto on its continuation ok so we can expect any action on that and in the meantime we've only seen as sales position strengthened since the attack we've heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson just recently saying that the u.s. sees no role for us out in a future syria but that really doesn't reflect the reality on the ground right now does it. no russia has won this one they came in strong with close air support they've made bases there not letting that regime fall and really there's no no pathway for the rebels to succeed the only question is what kind of settlement ultimately will be made the regime is of course says this report shows capable of extreme viciousness has. responsible for
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literally tens of thousands of deaths it's tortured people in jail and it has used chemical weapons on more than one occasion to level the playing field do you see any justice for the victims of these chemical weapons or for the hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the war so far well you know the hope is that as things go forward the regime has been sufficiently weakened by the opposition that it will be forced to make some compromises there are members of that regime around than himself who hope to go back to the status quo on ten twenty ten many of us don't believe that that would be possible however much iranian discussion support they may have that regime is not what it was its army is much weekend and it will probably have to make some compromises and some of those
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compromises down the down the road may may involve some justice for victims mr cohen just lastly do you expect any of those compromises to be made at the new round of geneva talks to end the syrian want to be. at the end of november do you think they can achieve anything given the talks is that the talks past failure is. well you know in any conflict talking negotiating is always good you have a situation where there are some provinces. that are still in the hands of the opposition you have places outside of damascus with as much as four hundred thousand people which are still being shelled by the regime some kind of negotiated settlement has to be made so there's not a further genocide against those populations and that's the process that we're entering let's call thank you very much for your time as always joining us live
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from ann arbor thank you. now the u.n. chief is calling from the central african republic to put down their weapons on tony says this is a very troubled nation for years after ethnic violence broke out and is the kind of heart reports from the capital. some muslims too scared to leave their own clay. they are safe here but this act of faith is too dangerous to perform in some neighborhoods of banking. at the height of the ethnic violence in four years ago my son was chased down by a christian a vigilante group lynched because he was muslim the family home destroyed fled to the muslim district of p.k. fife. they're hunting a stone that will run so we have to hide our religion otherwise they will cut us into pieces. that disguises his faith whenever he leaves his neighborhood
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he shaved his beard and changes his clothes. he even changes his name. becomes. he's not alone many muslims in the capital disguises themselves as christians to avoid attack. in areas outside the capitol controlled by muslim rebel groups christians do the same on a visit to central african republic the united nations secretary-general called for armed groups to design an engaging in political dialogue. for decades religious leaders and politicians have been for many hatred and divisions in this community bringing this country to the edge of civil war it's now with a recently elected president and his newly appointed government to bring back dialogue instability to this country the president says he will bring peace.
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we want to build a safer c.a.r. where the population lives in peace in mutual respect so that we work together to build a dignified nation. some question his decision. has appointed former leaders of christian militia groups to his government he also wants the weapons embargo imposed on his country to be removed so he can arm his soldiers but this is a country already overflowing with weapons at a food relief distribution point and pulls a grenade sending the crowd into panic christian and muslim men with guns continue to run this country this is as far as music can go they call it the bridge of death on one side are muslims and the other are christians who says home is on the other side across an invisible border built on hate now tearing the central african republic apart nicholas hawk al-jazeera. the iraqi military has launched an
2:40 am
assault to recapture two tells near the syrian border from. two of the armed groups last remaining major pockets of control in the country stephanie deca reports from the northern iraq. ready for the final thing the iraqi prime minister has given the go ahead now the task of these men is to push out of the last areas of western anbar specifically which is the border town with syria the group still holds. have been encountering some sporadic attacks but they are weak especially since the last defeated mosul holiday and. the enemy is in a desperate situation right now and hopefully will take all the remaining areas from. iraq's army and police together with pro-government sunni tribal fighters and the hash shabbier shia militias are part of the offensive.
2:41 am
we are now engaging in the offensive to retake. we have received full military support from the iraqi army to participate in this offensive the tribal fighters have now become a supporting force in this offensive we aim to help and after we retake these areas we will take control of security with the help of the iraqi forces. the campaign will also be backed by coalition air support and ground advice the towns of time of the last few territories isis still controls in iraq many here feel that it won't be a long protracted battle but ridding eisel of its territory in iraq does not mean the group's threat has been eliminated it is still capable of carrying out large scale attacks the announcement of the all comes at a time when iraqi forces together with shia militia are involved on another front sporadic fighting with the kurdish peshmerga in the aftermath of that controversial secession referendum is putting huge pressure on air and the leadership many kurds
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believe that this offensive is an attempt to divert attention from sporadic fighting we're seeing northwest of there along the border with iraq and many believe ultimately is to reassert federal control over the border crossings that the kurdistan. government currently controls. the iraqi prime minister says his government want to accept anything other than the cancellation of the kurdish secession referendum result. for talks with iranian leaders both countries have large kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation iraq's kurdish regional government had offered to phrase it secession but baghdad says that doesn't go far enough saying basra is following developments from. iraq's prime minister had. talks with iranian leaders the main topic of discussion the kurdish referendum that is calling for a separate state. in the north of the country. politically supportive
2:43 am
environment here into a very strong message for iraq. short of a complete. the referendum. a freeze or suspension of his iranian stronger message iran's first vice president hungary say that the vote was an act of sedition. in kurdish people to pursue rights and representation within a national framework that keeps their country for. also reached out a hand of friendship that northern iraq is still a part of iraq so two very clear signs from leaders of both iran and iraq here in iran today that they're both on the same page and that neither country will tolerate any compromise to iraq's territorial integrity. saying has now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days he's
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accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al-jazeera strongly deny has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december visiting his family. passengers headed to the u.s. can expect new security measures the u.s. says the measures are aimed at reducing the threat of terrorism and they replace a ban on laptops from eight predominantly muslim countries it's the latest decision by the trumpet ministration affecting global travel and gallagher reports from miami. the u.s. authorities say the new measures are in their words raising the bar on global security and arraigned reducing the threat of hidden explosive devices u.s. bound passengers will now face additional screening of electronics and short security interviews the u.s. department of homeland security is convinced terrorist groups a targeting aircraft flying to the u.s.
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together we have the opportunity to raise a baseline on aviation security globally and we can do it in a manner that will not unduly inconvenience the flying public let me be clear security is my number one concern our enemies are adaptive and real we have to be adaptive as well around two thousand u.s. bound flights a day for more than one hundred countries will be affected. the measures on his controversial as president trumps failed travel ban on six muslim majority countries but security experts say the new rules will lead to further delays it's going to make things more complicated and i think you're going to have a lot of passengers very dissatisfied with the passenger experience it's so behavioral analysis will now be used to screen passengers focusing on their demeanor and travel background but the rest is that certain passengers may be unfairly singled out some are also concerned that placing additional security responsibilities on airline staff is unfair more than three hundred thousand passengers a day will be affected by the new measures but the airline industry have reacted
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with some criticism they say airlines weren't consulted and they also say putting the onus on ticket counter staff may not be the best way of enhancing security but all agree if you are traveling to the u.s. you need to turn up to the airport even earlier and gallacher al-jazeera at miami's international airport. now after a year of mourning thailand's late king has been cremated king put me upon i don't hear day who died last year aged eighty eight was the world's longest serving monarch has a five day funeral ceremony began on wednesday drawing hundreds of thousands of mourners sky high the reports from the capital bangkok. culminating a year of mourning and reflection the people of thailand have said goodbye to the king when we pull up to new day. enduring late monsoon rains in searing heat hundreds of thousands of thais clad in black descended upon bangkok bucket come sunk for the bat arrived in the pre-dawn hours god will have to continue with our
2:47 am
lives but i will do good things for him so he's not just see the mob have to worry full of ceremony and tradition of perception carrying an opulent turn left the royal palace for the two and a half kilometer journey to the royal crematorium crafted over the last eight months the elaborate crematorium is designed to represent a mythical mountain sending the late king to heaven here and royal plaza thousands have gathered there laying down the word flowers on this replica of the royal crematorium dozens have been set up across bangkok and across thailand giving thais the opportunity to actively participate in their king's funeral. decided that he was a young boy when he met. his father was the king's tutor for twenty six years in switzerland when some thai people do not abandon us he said if the thai people do not abandon me. about that and that was his view and
2:48 am
he's profound meaning he wanted to to be there for thai people thailand has progressed greatly under king put me upon some field that's part of the grieving yes for the man but also for the period of transformation he led the nation through first and foremost people grieving because they're saying goodbye to a part of themselves a part of their collective identity that was form and shape during the king's time he was called father by many thais even viewed by some as a demagogue this is. as released a type people. the late king's son and heir king. corn will light the crematorium on thursday evening then traditional dances and performances will carry on throughout the night marking the end of the year of mourning it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. with the sports news still ahead on
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the news out of the spotlight. a career spanning more than twenty.


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