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the human immune system like the lot or find a side or essential oil is found in the forest my research has shown that forest find a site reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest method of medicine. subzero temperatures the strain altitude. this is where the hard part of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved quite ordinary joy. we do high out that there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all. this time on al-jazeera. with the thing. now you've got a man lead
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a countless bridge to one cause for peaceful opposition to direct rule from madrid i mean. unarmed taylor this is al jazeera live from london coming up. claims responsibility for a deadly car bomb attacks in the capital mogadishu. the future of iraq kurdistan leader massoud barzani seems uncertain as reports surface to step down and not seek reelection. i'll tell you about the very modern threats facing gaza's thousand year old treasures. and it will begin in spain where the worst political crisis in four decades shows no signs of ending the catalan lead a countless bridge to moan is calling for democratic opposition to madrid's takeover of the region or spanish government which dissolved catalonia parliament
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and sacked its government on friday says new regional polls will go ahead in december. as a message that i want to convey sometimes is that we have to be patient but if we have to have perseverance and it was about money it is clear to us that the best way to defend what we have achieved so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the response to the deliberate action against catalans who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civil and peaceful manner not wish to use force or someone else the majority government has praised him on will be allowed to take part in those december polls . but you know he has no powers no competence there's no financial means so i insist that if you want to continue in politics which is his right i think he should prepare next elections to be held as have mentioned before on the thirty
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first of december and there he can exercise this democratic opposition. anderson in his night in barcelona first hearing that security has been withdrawn from some ministers and also from princeton on. that's correct we're hearing that the whole raft of measures are being taken within the police force the most source police force which is the regional for seventeen thousand officers we're hearing that some ministers are losing their security escort altogether opposed to one himself is having security reduced now the most source is going through a particularly difficult time right now where everyone is here is having a difficult time but particularly that force it was engaged with the referendum on october the first and did it actually confronted in some ways the
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regional the actual police force of the spanish national police force and the civil guard and in fact to fact the commander of the force years luis perez actually was charged with sedition for failing to actually stop people from voting in what was described as an illegal referendum not only he has been sacked now but also the general above him a sort of the director of of him who is a political figure and all offices of being told to stay neutral now the most source actually god's this building behind me is the palace the seat of government should put him on actually come back to his office here he could well find that he's going to be arrested that could happen in the coming days furthermore other ministers could be arrested they could be actually technically jailed according to
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legal experts so no one is quite sure how this is going to actually progress. and there is a real mood of uncertainty of trepidation here you know the extraordinary images you had in this square on friday night now being replaced by something of a surreal atmosphere seems normal when you look at it but certainly much more difficult than people actually realize in some places there's also another aspect to all of this and that is the preparation for the madrid government taking over jobs here ministers jobs and a whole raft of other things is a word from activists that they will they will actually stop any attempt to make arrests of government ministers and they may well guard public buildings like this one right now people are unsure who's in control here the spanish flag is still
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flying above this building but in other places in catalonia right now particularly the flag is being withdrawn and people are quite concerned about exactly what is going to play out. anderson thank you very much indeed. leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly not planning to extend his presidential term past november the first parliament is you to meet on sunday to redistribute the powers held by must. be facing mounting pressure to quit foreign september's controversial secession referendum the iraqi government opposed the vote calling it unconstitutional. joins us now from the capital of the kurdish region so what we expect to happen exactly.
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what it's all still unofficial and on can for of a certainly you know the the details coming out from various sources also to kurdish media advisers close to the president is that he seems to have sent a letter to parliament parliament which will be convening tomorrow afternoon two p.m. local time where he will be stating that he will not as you mentioned be seeking an extension of his presidential term not just to get into sort of the specifics of the floor and in term technically ended in two thousand and fifteen it was controversially extended now he said he was never going to run in new elections which was supposed to be held just coming up now november the fourth those elections have been postponed by eight months so we expect him to say that he will not be running it all sounds very little logical but it is actually hugely significant once we hear that official announcement because of what happened here because of the repercussions of that referendum but of course he they are headed that he despite the warnings from the international community and her and iraq's neighbors and baghdad went ahead with he always said in particular one quote in two
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thousand and sixteen that i will stand down as president once we have an independent kurdistan so despite having this overwhelming yes vote ninety three percent the repercussions of course a huge huge turn turn in fortune for the kurds that no one would have expected stephanie to be the first thank you very much indeed. and he's ten people have been killed after two bomb attacks rocked the somali capital mogadishu one blast targeted a hotel where the president was due to hold a meeting the other was an apparent attack on the somali military comes just two weeks after a huge bomb killed more than three hundred fifty people but at zero ports from neighboring kenya this is the target of the first explosion of the mass of blood to tell a story about waves from the presidential palace a car was driven up to the gates of the hotel before exploding causing a blast that was hard across the city. at least three heavily armed fighters then
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stormed into the hotel shooting anyone in sight i'm going to. i was driving it took to the front of the hotel i saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw four dead bodies. two he's popular with somali members of parliament and other government officials the hotel was also the venue of a meeting between the somali president mohammed of the life of the module and leaders of somalia's five regional states. the second car bomb exploded at a busy intersection in the heart of the city and the security. expected al-shabaab fights us to cut out such brazen out talks in mogadishu so soon after the recent must've talked the last in somalia's history that evidence of the city are still coming to tom's with the top two weeks ago which left three hundred fifty eight
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people dead four hundred injured and another five to six. was a victim from the cup at all in two thousand and eleven it has maintained its control in many rural areas of central and southern somalia since then the group has provided resilient able to that place command doesn't fight is killed by u.s. strikes and infighting with somali forces and african union peacekeeping. flights as the recently gained control of several areas outside mogadishu including but even a strategic town forty five kilometers from the capital government officials say preventing attacks and look at issues proving the harder districts surrounding the cup it will fall to the flight as one of the another mohammed atta well just it will become. unofficial results from kenya's repeat presidential elections suggest president who has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote but his mandate appears to be weak turnout as estimated to be less than thirty five percent and
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that's due to opposition supporters heeding a call to boycott the poll electional has also been marred by violence with voting suspended in some opposition strongholds coming to miller reports from the capital nairobi. this is all that's left of these businesses and homes in cologne west of nairobi they were burnt down by protesters throwing petrol bombs. event as one guy worked here he says they knew the attack was coming but they couldn't stop it he says the attacks a based on ethnicity often targeting people who have voted on friday one man was beaten to death young. demonstrations have followed thursday's presidential rerun which was boycotted by the opposition and the areas which are opposition strongholds are bearing the brunt of it. mary oma a mother of two says it was peaceful until now she spent the night out on the street scared she and her children would be burnt in their home. while mom had to
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go on a what we as women are sore angry because we slipped outside our kids were scared they were even storms being thrown one just missed my son's i you can imagine tear gas being thrown and i have children we heard more of the same from other people living here. talk quickly turned to the political tensions they say they don't want a president to. to stay in office while just a third of voters turned out results of the presidential rerun so far indicates that kenyatta has more than a seven million votes and many in this area are angry it's not easy moving around this area groups of protesters are blocking roads ready to stop anyone they don't want to round stops are closed some boarded up their owners here they'll be looted there are many police officers patrolling the area but many here say they don't
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feel protected police are accused of using excessive force when dispersing protesters human rights groups say they've killed between fifty and sixty people following the election sometimes the rich. fire tear gas canisters a lot closer and there are also bows all died because police are cutting out operations in this desert edibles house to house opposition sometimes kicking the boss of me and i'm pulling people out but again the man i'm getting them. the police say they're trying to stop the violent protest and criminals. the reality for many here though is trying to survive a political battle being fought on the streets from al-jazeera column quire in nairobi. still to come on the program the world free program issues a desperate plea for money to help millions of people who are starving in democratic republic of congo. and concerns grow that hundreds of thousands of.
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never be allowed back into me. and i was about to get really cold and windy for a good part of northern and eastern europe you might get an idea watch where the cloud is coming from was all become very active now various frontal systems on the spiky ones of course cold they're doing exactly what you might expect already we've had one go through the in the as much cold now in the balkans morning frost isn't far away by day the focus is on the still not looking up top and still double figures ten to fourteen but strength the wind and the right to be feeling quite dismal in poland austria germany it's still fine at the moment in spain and portugal in a good part of at least southern france for. best ten degrees and then one day later single figures eighteen nineteen vienna even down athens which is how young
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to twenty one but in ankara plus twelve this is looking particularly chilly out to say again western side not bad in the dreaded twenty one degrees today in the sunshine should hang on for a little while longer at least now given what's happening in eastern you're expected windy time in the eastern med and you'd be right tempers are already been pushed back to the low twenty's twenty one at best in benghazi rain is likely to cyprus and then levant but the sun comes out afterwards on monday. thanks six years after the death of gadhafi. just travels to libya. to hear from some of the features regime contributing to his downfall. the battle of
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misrata at this time on al-jazeera. amount of the top stories here on our syria catalonia is deposed leader counted as bridge to moan as called for continued democratic opposition to the spanish government takeover of the region. but leader of iraq's kurdish region massoud barzani is reportedly not planning to extend his presidential term. two car bombs exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least ten people young group al-shabaab says it carried out the attack. hunger in the democratic republic of
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congo has soared in the last year even a seven point seven million people in urgent need of food aid in the region more than three million people that's one quarter of the population are going hungry and need urgent assistance an internal power struggle that has given way to tribal violence has also left thousands dead since august twenty sixth with more than a million people displaced and there's also been alarming thirty percent rise of the past year in acute malnutrition in the region. well preprogram says it needs twenty seven million dollars to support its way from september to december twenty seventh. they say to each other what you ends well from five am david beasley is india on a four day mission is spector's about the situation in the east of the country but the bottom line is we need money and we need money fast we literally are talking about in just the cost side a region of three point two million people that are dearly malnourished i mean
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it's bad as bad as it gets literally hundreds of thousands of children if we don't receive funds and food and access immediately will die over the next couple of months now and in the b.r.c. alone you have seven point seven million people severely food insecure but almost half of that is in the side region all because of nothing but man made conflict it is wrong it's on the step the bill this is a country b. international community has spent billions and to continue to have this type of mismanagement in government and corruption in conflict is absolutely unacceptable from the international community and we're doing everything we can to see innocent victims of conflict then you have thousands upon thousands that are hiding in the forest there heidi you know and you have militia you have rebels also in the bush
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if i just in the past couple days our team we we've got pictures of videos of poles of villages huts that have been burned down to the ground we have see pictures of the capitated men and women and children it's a very desperate situation in the region. mean mars government has put in place a plan to harvest rice from land abandoned by range of families in northern rakhine state almost six hundred thousand ringette fled to bangladesh since late august after a military crackdown by mean mars military human rights groups say the decision to harvest the rice raises questions about whether the refugees will ever be allowed back first louis has more from young gone there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply
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a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and laborers to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go to the local government or there are no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human rights watch puts it you really can't call a crop ownerless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from their land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harbors perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to appropriate the land from revenge or refugees have been driven to bangladesh now if
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it is it will raise other questions what about repatriation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and myanmar officials haven't yet worked out details of how they plan to repatriate range of refugees but they will have to be other questions that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to if their farms and villages are no longer there. at least thirty one people including eleven children have been killed when a bus crashed into a river in nepal it was filled with passengers coming back from a hindu festival when it skidded off the road about eighty kilometers west of the capital kathmandu it's unclear how many people were on the bus. yes defense secretary james mattis says the threat of a nuclear missile attack by north korea is accelerating speaking at an annual defense talks in neighboring south korea not just insisted that diplomacy was the preferred course of action but stressed it was only effective when backed by
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credible force make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated any use of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military response the fact of an overwhelming tony betty is following developments from the south korean capital. there were strong words from the united states defense secretary he was here in seoul on part of a two day visit partly to discuss the defense of the peninsula which is an annual thing between the u.s. and south korea and partly to pave the way for president transfers it on the seventh and eighth of november now that visit in itself is creating increased tensions here and general mattis was at pains to warn north korea that any nuclear attack with weapons would be met with a very very massive military response and he did intimate that north korea could not win in that situation having said that his tone in the last two days has been
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more conciliatory than that of president trump you may remember his fire and fury speech at the united nations in august and also his threat to totally destroy north korea and he has resorted to a word a war of words of mass destruction and people are worried that the world may turn to weapons there was a lot of concern here the united states is upped its defenses its bought three naval carrier groups into the region it's flown it's moved its f. thirty five stealth fighters to japan just in case the president trance visit produces some kind of reaction from north korea they've conducted six nuclear test most of those have been underground but the north korean foreign minister has warned that they will conduct an atmospheric nuclear test and who knows what that will provoke but there is a lot of concern on the korean peninsula that will happen what will happen general mattis is said basically the actions of north korea are provoking and accelerating the situation and causing a greater possibility of conflict on the korean peninsula but he also stressed that
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the need was for diplomacy for talking he said the united states would not want war it wanted a denuclearization of the canary a korean peninsula now also said that he couldn't imagine any situation whereby the united states would accept a nuclear north korea now north korea is well on its way to being a nuclear power so something has to give the big question here is what will give and who will give it. u.s. media is reporting that a federal grand jury has approved the first charges in the investigation into russian meddling in last year's presidential election but charges are said to be still sealed under orders from a federal judge a special counsel robert miller a former f.b.i. director is leading the investigation he's looking into whether trump campaign officials colluded with russian efforts reynolds has more from washington d.c. . we don't know yet who has been indicted by special counsel robert muller in the
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grand jury working with him or what the charges against them might be but we do know who has been looking at in his probe of russian meddling into the u.s. election and possible obstruction of justice in interference in the probe and the financial activities of some of the trump family businesses and some of the trump associates among the people who have been looked at very closely are michael flynn he served briefly as the national security advisor in donald trump's white house after before being fired another person is paul man a ford who ran the campaign for time in two thousand and sixteen he has extensive dealings had extensive dealings with ukrainian political parties but failed to. declare himself as an agent of a foreign power as is required by u.s.
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law other people that the probe has focused on our ranks priebus who served as president trumps chief of staff for a time until this past summer and sean spicer who was a well known as the president's chief spokesman the white house press secretary in all there are perhaps half a dozen people who are in the inner circle at the white house at one time now in standard prosecutorial conduct one goes after the smaller individuals first how far this probe will go is as yet unknown. the u.k. says military action should be considered against those who carried out chemical attacks in syria a un investigation has blamed the syrian government for an attack in april over eighty people were killed when sarin gas was dropped on the town of qana she whom the u.k.'s ambassador to the u.n. says the security council must bear follow through on its promise to hold the
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attackers accountable it's now the fourth time that the gym has found the syrian regime responsible for using using poisonous gas against its own people it now falls on the security council to act on these findings and to deliver justice not just for those kills and maims on that tuesday morning six months ago but also for all the victims of assad's brutality there is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in addiction prison for more than three hundred ten days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he ended his era strongly deny it has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail archaeologists in the gaza strip have managed to stop the destruction of a unique bronze age site for now discovered nearly twenty years ago it offers a glimpse into what life in the region might have been like thousands of years ago
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but palestinian officials have earmarked the site for residential development but it smith reports from gaza. with the. help proudly shows off the five and a half thousand year old jars he recovered from one of garza's most important archaeological sites. but we may never know how significant a sack and all the hell of ash is because shortly after photo was filmed here. the bulldozers arrived clearing the way for a housing development almost hit. it's very sad for me because it's my history not only mine but the history of the palestinians and if that disappears it's a real shame it's palestine here were the first inhabitants three and a half thousand years before christ. the ten hector bronze age settlement was discovered during construction work in one thousand nine hundred eight work was stopped but conflict and a lack of funding prevented proper excavation gradually buildings went up with
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fadil that protesters who two weeks ago helped chase the bulldozers away from the last undeveloped parts of the site but for how long wherever you walk around the site it's easy to find bits of broken pottery now the palestinian authority says it's suspended all building work here until it's reassess the situation but the reality is this this is a prime piece of land in a crowded territory it's going to be very difficult to resist the pressure to build here. the struggle has pitted two ministries antiquities and land against each other it's the land ministry that has the stronger your law is the most brilliant the indian in the world. are in bad need for housing so we should find this this far in. to compromise between the needs of housing and housing and then to. respect the history
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of gaza is also crowded with archaeological treasures there are three places here that the palestinian authority want declared as world heritage sites but faddle is left trying to pick up the pieces from what might be a shot a dream of fully discovering the ancient city tell a suck and burn its myth our jazeera garza place in mexico have been tasked with a very special duty standing guard over one of the world's endangered creatures every year thousands of female turtles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs sometimes as many as two hundred it once in all species of turtles are at risk because of poaching and habitat destruction that in catch up any time with our web site it also has al-jazeera dot com and who watches live on there by clicking on the live icon al jazeera dot com.
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and one of the top stories here out is there catalonia is deposed leader has called for continued democratic opposition to the spanish government takeover of the region that has praised him on accused madrid of ignoring the will of cattle and people who voted to secede from spain the spanish government sacked him and his oldest parliament after it declared independence from spain on friday and independence demonstrators have gathered on the streets of madrid in support of the government. but leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly not planning to extend his presidential term past november the first parliament is due to meet on sunday to redistribute the powers held by massoud barzani he's been facing mounting pressure to quit or in september's controversial secession referendum iraqi government opposed the vote calling it unconstitutional. two car bombs have
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exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least ten people the first targeted a hotel where somalia's president was expected to host a meeting three gunmen were killed by security forces after opening fire inside the hotel the second bomb went off near the former parliament house building and appears to have targeted the military the armed group al-shabaab says it was behind both attacks. i was driving or took to the front of the hotel that are saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw four dead bodies. the world food program is pleading for more money to help deal with food shortages in the democratic republic of congo it says seven point seven million people are in urgent need of food aid province is the worst affected and internal power struggle there has led to tribal violence has also left thousands dead in the past year.
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been mars government says it's put in place a plan to harvest rice from land abandoned by range of families in northern rakhine state on six hundred thousand ranger have fled to bangladesh since late august after a crackdown by me in mars' military human rights groups say the decision raises questions about whether the refugees will ever be allowed back as the headlines do stay with us the listening post is up next by fire. with. us back forces in syria are celebrating that against isis in iraq has changed rockish of the nature of christ i think struck i think it.


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