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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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or is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. syria's army takes back isis last stronghold in syria and the group has suffered a major blow in iraq. hello there julie mcdonald this is alive that someone is coming. to
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a thousands rally in barcelona to protest against the jailing of eight cattle amnesiacs. u.n. weighs in on what's becoming a humanitarian emergency amount of the island hundreds of refugees spent a fourth day without food and water. and don't trump slams the sentence handed to u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl who walks off his base and into the hands of the taliban. iraq and syria have dealt a major blow to the iraqi prime minister has just once the recapture of him on the syrian border and serious are mistaken control of the city of dare for just five months ago i still still control vast swathes of terror she marked in brown here including major cities on both sides of the border but it suffered a string of losses driven out of mosul itself declared capitol hill raka and that
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day or so or the capital of an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances and iraqi forces now have full control of all costs and last stronghold in the country we'll have more on that in just a moment but first. a reports on isis losses in syria. syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city of dale saw after months of fighting they are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving north could lead to clashes between the army elise main rival the syrian democratic forces of the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire
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city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are icily celebrating their control of dale saw and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the group launched a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria. and city to towns on the border with turkey but isis gains was shortlived its fighters from northern syria following a major campaign by a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago. drove ice and out of itself proclaimed capital city with finally under its control the syrian army only have one more pocket of i still territory to delaware
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the border city of command. is already under attack by iraqi forces if i see a loser book a man its presence in syria would come to an end the syrian army which has suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take all the territory it lost including. all the has problems which are still under the control of kurdish and opposition groups. but let's get the view now from iraq stef deca has more on i suppose shrinking territory there. is hugely significant why because it is the last border point that eisel controls the border with syria the group made a huge point in their propaganda videos of showing them bold osing down these borders and establishing their so-called state while their territorial gains certainly seem to be at their very end it's also the last sort of areas that they control in this country in iraq there's
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a small area called to the east of all crime fighting is still ongoing but certainly judging by the the the swiftness of this campaign it does seem to be over soon it will of course be a huge victory for the iraqi federal forces once they can announce that i sill is no longer in iraq in this terms of holding territory but it doesn't mean that the group will no longer pose a threat. oh ok. now in barcelona thousands of people are demonstrating outside regional government buildings around catalonia over the jailing of catalan leader is there for us there and how big are the crowds that are there behind you. i certainly couldn't count the julie but this square is food to overflowing there are a few people leaving now it is going to be coming to an end within the next hour but
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people have been coming from all over the city to demonstrate to the frustration and the good stuff to take a closer look. at the crowd. all the leadership the leadership that is no moment will really power anymore will surely go leadership how awful it is in the. jails the critical moments on the other days in belgium and so this is a fairy tale i think to situation a massive moment two weeks ago when they were really celebrating with breakthrough late in the declaration of secession in the fall of the vote for for a way for me everyone to vote taking it. all declaring secession has been told the full charged being the process of being. the justice system in
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madrid so what we're finding now is that there is this drip feed of frustration translating through demonstrations peaceful organized demonstrations like this sizable wall all over got the lumia and the determination on the fault of the local politicians now they are the only ones who all aimed at elected state of power. but what fasold the city council has been venting its angle on this fraud all this stuff brought you right away through the day on on the subject of what they say. i'm too democratic repressive measures coming from the central government in the way it's acting i'm also noticing in barcelona right now is that you don't see a physical presence of the central government in any form not in the presence of moldova i'm not in the presence of any political gesture to the people so we're in
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something of a vacuum phase in terms of what you see what action is being taken is through the law and through preparations for elections something that the politicians here the local politicians say privately that this was a small move by the way on a roll what they say wasn't so small was jailing all awaiting trial the main leaders of this whole secession movement so that is something that they predict will count against the government the central government they think it will backfire calling calling elections on the same time jailing those who would be possibly the winners of the elections. so i'm sure i'm lunching with the amount of its people behind you whether that's just the picture in barcelona but more generally in catalonia has the idea of independence diminished in people's eyes or
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is it becoming more popular. i think you'd be very brave to give a temperature test on that right now there are opinion polls some of them the most recent poll showing gains for the pro secession movement i'm looking at one right here forty eight point seven four forty three point six percent against in the. and . that we'd be greeted with the sort of cheers you do dolly right now for the politicians here they firmly believe that they will get to form teach for the it's the real question is going to be julie if the election or in favor of the road we defended politicians and their elected in december the twenty first whether they were just the ones to take the name of the test elections for you know what is more extraordinary put the ball a little conflicted with voting there's no order which takes
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a long time to actually serve against them then they could possibly be elected so what happens then if the pro independents lobby wins the election because the spanish central government by no means is going to give in on the issue of secession they were up when it's got to the constitution so will the problem go away or will it get even worse come december the twenty fourth it's another one of the many questions the remain what julie and you simmons there live from barcelona we are just hearing in fact on some wires that most a spanish judge has now issued a european arrest warrant for i was to plan leader colace who jamal will keep you updated on that story and we'll talk to andrew about that throughout the rest of the. at the un has urged astray or to restore water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave its decommissioned prison camp on
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papa new guinea's man assignment services were caught when the camp closed down she was saved by the refugees are too scared to move into the community because of previous attacks by hostile locals australia runs offshore prison camps to house refugees who tried to reach the country by boat described the situation on the island as an unfolding humanitarian emergency well our diplomatic head is james base has more now from the un. there is growing concern here in the united nations in geneva strong statements coming from the office of the high commissioner for human rights condemning the actions of a stray or papua new guinea and here in new york in recent hours i spoke to the high commissioner for refugees who expressed his deep concern we're worried now about the humanitarian conditions of these people because the center is closing and no proper plans have been made to support these people so this is now
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the urgent matter that needs to be tackled that we believe that australia has a responsibility in helping finding a solution for this do you believe that australia in this instance and in its overall refugee policy is living up to its commitments in international humanitarian law we have had a difference of opinion with everybody knows that over the outsourcing of of reception in man a silent in him now all and we have disagreed with this aspect of their asylum policy but we keep talking to them about that so the picture of me is is is not the is not uniform we have to look at the different aspects of australia's refugee policies and some are very good on others we the discussion is open the un has long condemned australia's policy of contract ing out its refugee obligations by paying
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neighboring countries to process asylum seekers the key now i think will be public opinion inside australia even the most neutral observer will i think conclude that the events of the last few days have been a complete mess. well the refugees refusing to leave the camp of released a video pleading with these jillion government to secure their safety they're asking to be allowed to seek asylum in new zealand australia has repeats of they refuse new zealand's offer to relocate up to one hundred and fifty refugee. stay with us here on al-jazeera still to come on the program on the day multiple reasons murder a journalist a warning to the mediterranean island from the e.u. . and then we bought a bomb and is already a reality but could a machine soon be taking your job.
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how it looks like you got a nice little taste of autumn for western parts of europe over the next couple of days cloud of brine spilling in from the atlantic that will make its way into the by a base case of wet weather pushing across the iberian peninsula lively outbreaks of rain pushing into western parts of france has a very of low pressure so this area of high pressure well that will get squeezed a little further east which is because through the next day and a cloud of rain that we have across eastern parts that will eventually push out of the way to allow some brighter skies back in for saturday across the u.k. should be dry bright dry and fine i should say for a bonfire night by sas the evening but in the day lots of cloud of rain around heavy rain will be wet on the foot and in the evening thirteen cells in london where weather coming in across much of spain and portugal southern parts of france pushing further resources to go through sunday snow over the alps clear skies come back in behind and be ten or eleven celsius for london and paris so certainly cold
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enough cold enough to forget that around ten degrees four celsius in moscow others say that's warming up here that basically says the cloud of rain across the eastern side of the med is well maybe brushing the far north of libya pushing towards egypt and some wetter weather spilling out of spite of portugal that will affect the fall north america we're back with a high of twenty degrees. the consequence of. russia. that just doesn't go away. a little knot of true for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time zero.
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our mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera there is army taking control of the city of dare as or from myself at the same time iraq's army has made major advances against the group. the spanish judge has issued an international arrest warrant for as a cat clan leader khalid could grown. thousands of people are demonstrating as i be gentle government buildings run the spanish regional catalonia protesting the jailing of capitalism leaders. that would judges ruled the u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl will not serve prison time for endangering his calm raids by deserts in his afghanistan post the army sergeant was how why the taliban for five
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years after walking away from his base prosecutors assaults a fourteen year sentence the court hasn't said or did dishonorable discharge in his desertion case bergdahl will also lose his rank and forfeit page. this is been a terrible ordeal. began to the background of ordeal that you're all familiar with all the time during judge nancy's deliberations has been particularly. anxiety inducing for obvious reasons he's certainly glad this is over. u.s. president has slammed the judge's ruling on twitter donald trump called it a complete and total disgrace ross jordan has more now from washington d.c. . the u.s. army wanted sergeant bowe bergdahl to spend up to fourteen years in prison for his admission that he abandoned his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine after which he was immediately captured by the taliban and then held for five years at
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least two other u.s. soldiers were so badly injured in their search for bowe bergdahl that they both had to leave the military so there was a real sense among some in the u.s. military that bergdahl should have been held accountable as much as possible for putting his fellow troops in harm's way that was a sentiment also repeated by the u.s. president donald trump both during his campaign for the presidency and more recently as commander in chief he apparently learned of the verdict while flying on his way to asia for a number of summits and he basically castigated the u.s. military judge who handed down the ruling it says that bergdahl will not have to spend any time in prison but he is being demoted he is being kicked out with a dishonorable discharge and he will have to pay a sizable fine mr trump's ability to talk about this case had angered both bergdahl is lawyers who said this was undue command influence in other words trying
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to stack the deck against their client and imperil his right to a fair trial however bowe bergdahl may soon be a free man his reputation however may not yet recover. let's head live to david in brussels to discuss the. whole thing we're going to go to david right now. but that spanish judge issuing an arrest warrant to multan i with thousands of people have attended a funeral for the journalist staff make. c.-a who was killed by a long island observed a day of mourning and half in brussels the e.u. is calling on of find those responsible for her. deafening cairo on a gullit see it was no ordinary journalist. at her funeral on friday friends and family remembered a to listen vesta gator who'd faced threats to her life and in the courts. in
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thousands of posts on her popular blog uncovered scandal and corruption in what her son described as multi buffy a state she helped trigger a snap election earlier this year after alleging links between prime minister joseph moscato and offshore business dealings contained in the panama papers many in positions of power politicians judges and the police had reason to want her silenced on the sixteenth of october someone succeeded with a bomb in the car apart you're a pole and the f.b.i. have joined the investigation the government has offered over a million dollars for information but no arrests have yet been made on facebook her son matthew wrote my mother was assassinated because she stood between the rule of law and those who sought to violate it we are a people at war against the state and organized crime which have become
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indistinguishable. from the family made clear that maltese leaders would not welcome at the funeral and in a statement to european commission vice president france to months said the eyes of europe are on the multis oath or a tease. the last words on her final blog post all for a reason they're a crook so every way you look now definite deletes it wrote on the day she died the situation is desperate joe now al-jazeera. liberia's presidential election runoff will be delayed as the supreme court investigates allegations of electoral fraud the vote was due to take place next tuesday and was expected to mark liberia's first democratic transition of power this week the supreme court halted preparations says it will rule on monday on a petition filed against the national election commission by the liberty party candidate who came third a committed tourist has more from the capital monrovia. the candidate for liberty
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party charles from skin is asking the supreme court to council the vote and is asking for a rerun of the whole election the presidential election in particular he wants the court to set aside the move by the national electoral commission to all i don't know of between georgia where was former world football player of the year and of course the current vice president this is a job or kind according to mr. brown's a lot of rigor irregularities have taken place in the october tenth election now whatever the court judgement on monday what is certain at the moment is that the runoff election between the two top leaders of the vote on october tenth will not happen on tuesday the november seventh this is because a lot of preparations have been put on hold because of the court. judgment in anticipation of the court judgment it was set aside the distribution of election materials to various counties especially those far away from the liberian capital
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monrovia as well as the training of officials to handle the runoff between the two candidates so whatever happens on monday in the supreme court judgement then definitely a lot of days will have to be located or rather the election commission needs a lot of days to make sure that all preparations are in place for the election to go on. the u.n. says more than a million russians have now fled persecution in me and many are living in camps in neighboring bangladesh but hundreds of managed to find a new home in the u.s. as refugees so with the support of family and friends one of the largest concentrations of a hidden jet there is in chicago as john hendren explains half a world away from me m r hundreds of real hinges have found a distant refuge in america's midwest but for many like abdul-jabbar a manilla their thoughts are at home their relatives and pictures and videos of their villages on fire used to make me very sad and i mean even though i'm here in
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safety in internet history even i'm. going to sit in here so i feel not happy some four hundred families about fifteen hundred people have moved here to chicago in the city's rohingya cultural center they gather for help in applying for jobs and get medical advice they also come to plead for help for their relatives in may and more worries many still call it burma only solution u.s. military and united nation because china india. everyone is silent so humid the force military. life of this and people didn't need your help those here are learning to speak english. and they're starting from scratch part of that persecution in burma is that they have no real access to state education certainly and so when they get to america to
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be resettled they can be forty fifty even sixty years old and have no education whatsoever which means that my teaching english we have to start right at the beginning with the phonetic alphabet and just the sounds of the language and build up. they come here to have on avenues some call the most diverse street in america landing place in each successive wave of immigrant to chicago from eastern europeans to orthodox jews pakistanis indians and now the rohingya. here they form their own community where they share their own store and their own worries i'm worrying about their safety and also about the food because the government not allowed any eight international or united nations it is a fear for those they left behind the real injury here comfort themselves in knowing it least they've brought some of them to safety john hendren al-jazeera chicago let's get more now on that arrest warrant has been issued for i've said
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catlin leader. david chase is following events in brussels and so of course he's in brussels right now i'm david and we now know that this arrest warrants been issued . yes we've been essentially waiting all day for the national court in madrid to decide to issue this arrest warrant not only for the deposed catalonian president but for four of his cabinet ministers and we have been trying to contact the federal prosecution office here in brussels that is where the arrest warrant will be faxed or emailed to and as soon as it arrives and they have checked the paperwork is correct then essentially. the arrest warrant means that either the ministers and the topos got along present
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appear immediately they have to appear before a judge appointed at the college of justice and they will have to. explain their situation i'll have to discuss whether they're going to be put in prison whether they're going to be detained or whether they can have bail how quickly this happens we don't know but i mean essentially as soon as that arrest warrant has arrived at the federal prosecution office here it means the whole process is set in motion so it appears that. all of them will have to appear before the courts here in madrid as soon as possible here in brussels as soon as possible. with the latest there from brussels david. new figures show unemployment in the us fell slightly last month but the long term trend is likely to be in the opposite direction it's official intelligence and robotics is set to take more jobs away from people as they become more advanced that's according to us study which found
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that automation could impact sixty percent of businesses by twenty twenty two reynolds is in los angeles. don't expect this bartender to listen this sad stories about your love life he's made of metal and plastic and has no heart the world's first one hundred percent robotic bar opened in las vegas in june it's a novelty but also a warning sign till now most automation related job losses have been in manufacturing that's about to change there now it's moving over to the service sector and that makes a big difference jobs such as cashiers such as bank tellers jobs in the service industries jobs in food preparation jobs in office support office administrative support the a lot of these jobs have a high risk of automation in the coming ten or twenty years it's already happening in retail stores more people are shopping online forbes magazine estimates twenty
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one retailers will shut three thousand five hundred stores in the u.s. this year that equals tens of thousands of lost jobs for sales people and support staff who is most at risk experts say african-americans hispanics female workers of all races and people without a college education will lose jobs to automation at the highest rates and that's going to really. change the face of our society certain cities will be hit the hardest but sixty one percent of the jobs in las vegas could be automated in coming twenty years or so a lot of the jobs are office administrative support they're in sales their food preparation and so with those industries we see a lot of workers you know doing tasks that could be taken over by robots in the coming years it seems that american workers and policymakers are not ready for the
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massive economic and social disruption this new wave of automation could bring as a society i don't see us prepared our politicians are remarkably silent about this issue totally of course you know we had seen we have seen plenty of technological waves but we claim this time it's different it's really different no one knows how this seemingly unstoppable wave of automation will play out but in communities where mining and manufacturing jobs were replaced by robots people are suffering from widespread poverty depression drug abuse and alcoholism those robot bartenders are going to be busy rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. our minds of our main stories here announces iraq the spanish judge has issued an international arrest warrant for us to kaplan leader. les payne earlier this week
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the belgium and has already said he'll find any attempt to extradite him meanwhile symes is a demonstrating as a regional government buildings around catalonia against the jailing of catalan leaders a tour remanded in custody on thursday for their involvement in the region's push independence. i suppose loss for the ground in both iraq and syria the iraqi prime minister has announced the recapture of al qaida on the syrian border and syria's army now says it's england's all of the whole of the city of bear as a war the capital of an oil rich region which was crucial to the group's finances a judge has ruled that u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl will not serve prison time for endangering his comrades by deserted his post in afghanistan prosecutors had sort of fourteen year sentence for the army sergeant the court has instead ordered dishonorable discharge he was held by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post this is been
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a terrible ordeal. began to the background of ordeal that you're all familiar with all the time during judge nancy's deliberations has been particularly. anxiety inducing for obvious reasons he's certainly glad this is over the united nations is urging a strain to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees are refusing to leave its decommission prison camp on top the new guinea's mannus iman the camp closed on tuesday but the refugees are too scared to leave because of previous attacks from locals. thousands of people in malta have attended a funeral for the journalist daphne curran eggless sierra and was killed by a car bomb last month the european union is calling on malta to find those responsible that's all for us for now you're up to date is coming next though an upfront special as we approach the first anniversary of donald trump's presidential
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election victory we'll see a little bit later. it's been a year since donald trump's shock election victory and yet the controversies keep coming this week his former campaign chairman was charged with conspiring against the u.s. one another former campaign aide pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia in this other from special all challenge prominent conservative from supporter and former president of the u.s. national rifle association david keene on president trump's record so far and ask when it comes to guns.


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