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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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new pictures of lebanon's prime minister. as lebanese leaders continue to demand his return home.
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hello i'm without is there live from doha also coming up. i believe that president putin really feels and i feel strongly that he did not meddle in our election. president trump backs the cia who says russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election campaign last year. mass graves a suspected i saw victims are discovered in northern iraq. palestinian unity for the first time in ten years the yellow flags of fatah a waved in hamas controlled gaza to honor the former palestinian leader yasser arafat. a saudi state television has broadcast new pictures of lebanon's prime minister
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saad hariri meeting king solomon at riyadh airport now this is just the third time that mr hariri has been seen since the other expectedly announced his resignation in the saudi capital eight days ago he's made no public remarks since then and there are suggestions that he's being held against his will saying a hoarder has more now from beirut. posters are springing up across the lebanese capital beirut expressing support to. the resign prime minister whose fate really is unknown uncertain times eleven on the country finding itself at a crossroads for the past year this country enjoyed relative stability in a very turbulent region but things have changed and lebanon finds itself in the middle of the saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region it's men like him and i think for quite some time since two thousand and five i guess it's when he really thinks things are really assassination. and we have two polls like saudi
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arabia and iran and those two polls have people on the ground iran has tons of those economics and in the middle of all this i think and live on a lot of special editions what they do best is that they they they lie and they say things. to make people and maybe scared and to put this like political pressure on everyone just to get what they want we are in a mainly sunni neighborhood. many people here feel that the current crisis is going to march and allies them even further this in the community has long complained of iranian dominance in lebanon and now they're blaming their own ally saudi arabia of robbing them of their leader. and. this we want to know the reason behind his detention lebanon can't handle this crisis thank goodness the detention of
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a prime minister is unacceptable sort of the can the this is a loss for all of lebanon hariri is loved by everyone we're all upset by his detention no one will accept what is happening this is humiliation for lebanon we won't be quiet we will demand his release. for we can go live now to send a holiday correspondent who's in beirut in zain i can see runners behind you the beirut american taking place but this year taking on an added significance. well definitely a say yes a yearly sporting event that aims to bring people closer together the president of the country hoping that the people will demonstrate solidarity with the prime minister saddle how do the many in lebanon believe that the saddle heidi is detained he's under house arrest in saudi arabia we are getting reports that he may appear live on his local television channel either later tonight or in the coming
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days we still have not confirmed that but if indeed he does make that appearance it will be the first time we hear from the prime minister since his sudden announcement that he resigned on saturday we've seen the prime minister since that announcement meeting the saudi king twice meeting rulers and abu dhabi but we haven't heard from him now whether or not hearing from him is going to end the speculation or the belief in lebanon on that side of how does freedom of movement is being curtailed by the saudi authorities it is hard to say but because specially since the president of the country and i have to point out that the president is his political rival believes that even if the speech because of the vagueness surrounding his circumstances nothing he says can be considered official not until he comes back to lebanon and i can tell you the posters in beirut today saying must return to their country and presumably then the new pictures that have recently been aired on saudi t.v. will do nothing to allay the fears surrounding the conditions in which. is
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remaining in riyadh. well no they will not first of all we've been speaking to people and they say that what they've been telling us is that how do you the should return to the country we feel that something is wrong we. feel that in one way or the other he's not able to come back yes you know saudi arabia says that the reason why he hasn't returned is because of security concerns and security fears but people think otherwise we went to how to be strongholds so in the neighborhoods we have to remember the prime minister is a sunday muslim according to the power sharing agreement in this country and they really feel that to what has happened marginalize them even further because this is a community who feels that iran in one way or the other controls this country through its proxy hezbollah and hezbollah of course has allies in levanon so people feel that by taking subtle how do you see a way that this resignation is not going to help them gain where we gained their place in lebanon and does a nerve lebanon is such a
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a deeply divided society isn't it what was quite remarkable in the early days of this crisis was the consensus was the unity that was being displayed by the various political factions is that holding is that political consensus still in place. well yes for now it is holding political differences are being put aside we have to remember this is not the first time that there is a political crisis in this country the camp the pro saudi camp has long demanded that hezbollah for example disarm that hezbollah stops imposing iran's agenda and levon on that hezbollah pulls its forces out of syria and that hezbollah shouldn't entangle itself in regional crises in fact we saw a year of relative stability before the sudden announcement of of how to his resignation announcement but things have now changed yes the political differences are there the political divide is still there but like i mentioned they're putting
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this aside people are so worried because these are uncertain times they're worried what steps what further steps are going to be taken this is not the first time they have been efforts to curb hezbollah's influence in this country in the past there have been wars will pull economic pressure be brought to bear on lebanon and. in a country which economy is it's really struggling so people are worried but right now there's this unity that must return to the country for the sake of stability all right zain thank you very much and one hundred there live at the beirut marathon. the president trump a sort of clarify his remarks on vladimir putin and russian involvement in last year's u.s. presidential election he's also called on all nations to work together and that he just wants to get along with russia and north korea he was speaking in vietnam and he addressed questions on whether russia had meddled in last year's election he said it's set to u.s. intelligence assessments that mosco did indeed interfere but he also accepted the
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russian president's belief that russia played no part. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies now at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work where the president also rallied support over north korea saying responsible nations must act to stop its nuclear and missile threats he went on to emphasize the importance of all nations working together for the greater good. we have to get to work and i think everybody
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understood this that heard the answer we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine to solve terrorism it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important things. now for the first time in a decade the people of gaza have marked the anniversary of the death of yasser arafat for the last ten years gaza is being run by hamas a faction which until recently was in opposition to faster which yasser arafat founded on last month's deal for faster and hamas to unite led many cows and said hope for an improvement in their living conditions and the thirteenth anniversary of yasser arafat's death became an occasion to celebrate their new found she unity portrait a g.m. reports. tens of thousands gathered in gaza city to honor yasser arafat for many here the late president and longtime leader remains a symbol of palestinian statehood. we love him and it's our duty to
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commemorate his revolution. but this gathering is also a symbol of palestinian unity the first in ten years for fatah founder in hamas controlled gaza last month the two political factions signed an agreement to end their rivalry it will allow the fatah led government in the west bank to control gaza. hamas has ruled gaza since it one more parliamentary seats in two thousand and seven. the anniversary of arafat holds pain and hope pain of his death and losing him as he sacrificed himself for palestine and hope which hamas and all of the palestinians want hope of achieving unity and reconciliation and rearranging the internal palestinian house. yasser arafat led the fatah movement for nearly five decades until his death in two thousand and four from what was reported to be
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a month long illness but now zero investigation in two thousand and twelve found out a fog was poisoned by radioactive talks and palestinians blame israel for his death an accusation israel has strongly denied but here in gaza they still want answers. i believe it was assassinated and i demand to investigate his death and find the criminals. we all came children and women young and old people from all over gaza to commemorate a symbol of the palestinian cause so. yes our fight is a symbol of free people all over the world i think all revolutionaries should commemorate this anniversary with the recent reconciliation of fatah and hamas the onus is now on the current leaders to deliver on the long held hope of a palestinian state culture durgin on the. now to syria where the province of
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aleppo is again under heavy bombardment now the bombings apparently started this week and they have forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside and the united nations has expressed concern over this continuous bombing by russian syrian government forces we'll go live to our correspondent saima binge of aid he's in on the turkish side of the border with syria and so many people will be surprised to know that. is still under way in this part of syria after the fall of. the reclaiming of aleppo a city many people would have thought this area was now safe. but it is aleppo is a is a big province in the city of it so on the outskirts of aleppo. there are pockets that people fled from aleppo city which are still under rebel control this particular area where this latest campaign by the syrian government is underway is
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close to the aleppo it live border these are the two provinces and these areas were held by rebels and now syrian forces are pushing to words and it's worth noting that this is an area that is just on the outskirts of the deescalation zone as well so it is perfectly ok and legal for syrian government forces and their russian allies to bombard these areas and push the rebels back and this is what the contention of the syrian opposition has been that they have been saying that these deescalating the escalation zones rather have been helping to bring down civilian casualties but they're also an excuse for the assad government and its allies to consolidate their control and push rebels back to words these areas where they would if they fire back they would be in violation of the laws and it is very difficult for the people who have been displaced from place to place from aleppo city from other parts of provinces in these areas which have come under relentless bombardment in the last five years to try and set up shop here here is
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a few of them who told us how it feels and what do they have now as they move from their homes. we don't have any shelter new tents no cover when we left we didn't take anything the syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children sleep while. there's no water no power no roads just dirt we move a lot for god's sake have some mercy we run with just the clothes that we wear now here in attention is far inland and you have again. the villages and towns in the southern countryside of aleppo faced a wave of civilians fleeing towards the east or one thousand seven hundred thirty four families from the south one thousand three hundred families from the northern countryside of hama after visiting the random camps in the area we evaluate the humanitarian situation as. a disaster people need tends to protect themselves in the freezing winter. and as you can see the desperation among the people who fled
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from these areas and who are continuing to flee from the various the tents that you seen these pictures are not new. because international can't get there because it's an active battle front and hundreds of people have been living out in the open and it's worth noting this is the onset of winter and it's very cold at night in. countryside for these people so it's a struggle to survive and they don't know what's going to happen to them next. the fighting is far from over in syria thank you. so. sales. made entirely of flip flops and recycled. reporting on the turnaround of one of germany's most industrialized cities that led to it becoming this year's european green capital.
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from long. island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. it's about to get cold again for those who escaped it so far at the moment by satellite you see one of the spinning here that's during colder than three north in europe single figures of berlin in warsaw as day max and then this front cross he was clad across various places that's bringing rain and i mean it is actually a division between double figure maxima temperature and single figure and you can see quite clearly that is going to make some progress not today it's just being a bit of rain strung out across austria more especially concentrated in france and germany in the british isles. eighty degrees and in madrid. but it northerly breeze twenty in athens you'll notice and moment this power from a dragon looks fine but you tuck that cold air in and that starts to spit up
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a storm and you can see very obvious where the coals got to that snow across all the alps where the highest got even slightly lower ground in poland and better versus israel winter trying to tuck in here and stormy weather is the result for the south we've already seen this well least twice in the last week you get a circulation other in the med or bit further south in the gulf sit there repeat themselves they matter in this fall not in cells in tunisia recently one hundred sixty millimeters and on the mainland in touch rigzin island is tremendous. the weather sponsored by qatar and always. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al jazeera at this time.
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these are our top stories a saudi television pictures of king solomon meeting lebanon's prime minister as lebanese leaders continue to demand he returns home saad hariri hasn't returned to beirut nor made any public comment since unexpectedly and mounting his resignation in riyadh eight days ago. the u.s. . president donald trump has addressed allegations of russian meddling in last year's election on a visit to vietnam he says while he accepts intelligence assessments of moscow did
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interfere. the russian president's belief that played. the syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes that are targeting rebel fighters the bombings began this week forcing thousands of civilians to flee. their mass graves containing at least four hundred suspected victims of have been found in northern iraq the sites were discovered near a military base close to the town of how we. gave a small from the iraqi capital baghdad. this find will be very significant not just for the families but for investigators as well a lot of families are wondering what happened to their loved ones by then defying the bodies within the mass grave they'll be able to get some sort of closure hopefully for investigators this would be a way to find out exactly how many people died the rule now this mass grave was
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found in which is one of the main towns it was a former military base which allegedly used as an execution ground according to locals now this isn't the first mass grave that the iraqis are found they certainly won't be the last as they go into the areas that i saw used to control and try and dig and look for information on any potential mass grave sites that there are now i've actually seen one of these mass grave sites a couple of them in fact actually up in this enjoy mountains in the north they are very gruesome places to come visit everything has to be kept logs or bones are being dug out of the ground forensic scientists are looking and investigators are looking at what they find just to see how many people actually were killed now in this particular grave we're hearing that at least four hundred people had been killed now whilst all of this goes on. i still continue to hold very small areas here in iraq but significant ones by the border crossing and operation started
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against them against those i saw fighters in the early hours of saturday morning that's when they took the village of ramana just out in a province just outside of fallujah that was very quickly done in a few hours they took over particularly now the iraqi forces advancing to the last remaining stronghold of i saw which is now we're hearing that there might be at least ten thousand civilians that are trapped in the middle of what the joint operations command have told out is there is that they're very concerned about any civilian casualties that might take place so they're going in very slowly however we're not expecting this operation to be like mosul or to be like to take months this operation is likely to be over in the next few days it is very few in number i saw fighters that are in but like i said it's the last stronghold of one of the last strongholds of i saw fighters and it's a significant move on the part of the iraqis however once i saw this defeated in
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the territories they control the still the ideology that remains. bahrain has blamed an explosion at an oil pipeline and what it called terrorism linked to iran it is pasted on social media showed the explosion in the village of buri on friday iran has denied any involvement. asian leaders are in the philippines for the annual summit the group is made up of ten countries from southeast asia their leaders will be meeting delegates from eleven member countries including the us australia and japan during the two day meeting the nuclear threat from north korea will be one of the issues topping the agenda. the hundreds of thousands of pro independent supporters have rallied in barcelona they were demanding the release of catalan leaders who are in prison being investigated for their role in last month's secession bid police say around seven hundred fifty thousand people took part in
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the protests and that would make it the largest demonstration since the deposed regional leaders were jailed. the annual independence day celebration in poland has been mounted why huge far right rally in warsaw among those taking part in a supporters of the ruling lower and justice party his refusal to welcome migrants has drawn intense criticism from the european union rally also contained members of other far right groups neo nazis and white supremacists from neighboring countries . that the coal mines and says germany is for a region have power the country for more than a century but since the end fell into decline one of its major cities is now looking to tourism to recharge its economy cripples from essen. has stands a ghostly relic to a time now. one of the largest industrial monuments in europe the silver and coal mine the last miners descended the shaft in one thousand nine hundred six but in
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this time zone verein was a key cog in the german economic machine for many going underground was a way of life the region was the beating heart of the nation's industry its coal mines and iron and steel plant the country for more than one hundred years. this is the largest of the region's disused coal mines and back in the day it employed eight thousand people around the clock producing twenty three thousand tonnes of coal every twenty four hours now it's a us go world heritage site and the old coal washing in the room. where once machinery thundered and tens of millions of tons of coal were processed now there's an impressive curation of the region's history we sought for people who came from outside to build one place. to have a window to look in the history of this region beginning at three hundred and fifty
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million years ago when cold starts to exist today to the present so these days there mining the tourist dollar sees one and a half million visitors a year bringing in more than sixty five million euros. seventy hector. today and i think very important. developments. like a lot of money. conversion so everybody can come here today and just move the line in the. process and green space now blankets much of the city's industrial past with here and there a looming reminder this fight back against environmental degradation has led to the e.u. namely the city as a european green capital for two thousand and seventy. we are a model for change how to create something when a complete branch of industry breaks away first we're interesting for europe and
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the rest of the world however crisis or evolve the chance we are now entering a green decade. of course is not all good news despite some major energy companies still being based here local unemployment remains high at nearly eleven percent but there was a time when the river was a toxic flow now it's a stunning clean i mean it with no end of profitable potential by honoring its industrial heritage while shaking off the coal dust and looking to tourism this is story city may just reinvent itself. clark al-jazeera essen germany. now a dow that's a boat that specifically plies in the indian ocean and the arabian area of course entirely made out of recycled ocean plastics and flipflops is being built on kenya's case it's being assembled using two hundred thousand recycled sandals and twenty five tons of plastic waste in the ocean once completed it will make history
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as the first boat entirely of recycled and plastic catherine so i have been to see it. it may look like an ordinary boat being built on the shores of the ocean. along came this coast but there's nothing normal about this boat. so. a building what they call flip flopping using mostly plastic waste and discarded flip flops. that often washed up a song if it works the plan is to eventually build a sixty foot down like this one which is usually built with wood it will sell to south africa with the hope of creating awareness about the devastation brought about by plastic dumped into the ocean it would be a good message to the world because it's a moving object you know people have done different types of recycle things but it's not one hundred percent everybody sees it but when is a moving object it will reach to many parts. this is one of the cleanest beaches on
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the coast. local residents load trash they've collected for the last two months plastic bottles polythene bags flip flops which will be used to make the boots. the waste ends up in a factory in more than two hundred kilometers away this is where plastic waste is crushed or shredded then melted using that machine and molded into planks the dow will need the factory receives trash washed ashore from countries in africa and asia and also rubbish collected locally. getting an end product that is strong and safe to withstand the ocean has been tough we are making the first. nobody's ever made of being out of plastic that's ten metres long no zero point two centimeters wide twenty five centimeters deep that's a piece of plastic so all we have tried multiple ways of doing it
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mark what types of materials stabilizers and all kinds of things to make sure it gets better better and. back in law. and his workers give us an idea of how the boat and eventually the dow will look like it will be covered using this colorful print made from war than two hundred thousand used flip flops they say they're not only campaigning against pollution but also for what is a dying culture of traditional making catherine soy al jazeera on the kenyan coast . traverses take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the saudi state television has brokers new video of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri meeting king solomon at riyadh airport now this is just the third time that saad hariri has been seen since he
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unexpectedly announced his resignation in the saudi capital eight days ago he's made no public remarks since then and there are suggestions that he could be being held against his will. president trump has addressed allegations of russian meddling in last year's u.s. presidential election while on a visit to vietnam he says while the excess intelligence assessments that moscow did interfere he also accepts the russian president's belief that russia played no part. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies now at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he
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believes what i believe is that we have to get to work. tens of thousands of people in gulzar of the thirteenth anniversary of the death of the former palestinian president yasser arafat organizes prevented the event as a national day of unity following the recent signing of an agreement by rival parties fatah and hamas. the syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the bombings began this week forcing thousands of civilians to flee the un has expressed concern over the continuous bombing by russian backed syrian government forces. mass graves containing at least four hundred suspected i saw victims being found in northern iraq the sites were discovered near a military base close to the town of how we i suppose falls out of the region by iraqi forces in october bahrain has blamed an explosion at an oil pipeline and what
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it called terrorism linked to it wrong videos posted on social media showed the explosion in the village of buri on friday iran has denied any involvement. all right those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's our interview program. swear every us. you can. see. pakistan traditionally seen as an important partner with the united states but president trump recently adopted a different turn.


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