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tv   Driving Change  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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to me. all the leaders are here to commemorate the independence. we have no indication whatsoever about. the next move after an all night party it's quiet again on zimbabwe's streets after president robert mugabe announced he was stepping down people are now awaiting the return of emerson who is due to fly back to zimbabwe in the coming hours the un's accusing north korea of violating the armistice agreement that ended the korean war by chasing a defector across the border and soldier was shot as he crossed the frontier he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety the u.s. navy says one of its planes has crashed in the pacific ocean is on its way to the aircraft carrier ronald reagan which is currently in the philippine sea search and rescue operation is underway japan's defense minister says eight of the eleven crew
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and passengers have been recovered but it's unclear whether they're alive seventeen sailors have died in two accidents this year while working for the fleet. headlines it's earthrise next so stay with us here on al-jazeera. our jersey or wherever you are.
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with climate change intensifying the stability of the planet is at stake. by twenty fifty greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by eighty percent if we had to have a chance of tackling this crisis environmentally to ship is needed more gently than abba in nov twenty fifteen hopes were raised when world leaders committed to reducing emissions with the paris climate agreement but in june twenty seventeen president trump pulled the united states out of the a cold the united states with draw the reaction against his decision was widespread and immediate china stepped into the role of global environment leader and with the european union reaffirmed its commitment to tackling climate change it is now the biggest superpower in the world wide alliance of people fighting to protect the planet. a missile be it in washington d.c. to find out how much people pose to make a difference in fighting climate change and i'm stuck me long and southern china
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which is leading the world in low carbon transfer industry. even before i became president it was clear that trumps environmental policy is going to fly in the face of more to the progress made. the previous decade only a few months into office and his approach threatens not only global security also that of the united states itself but the effects of climate change are already keenly felt. president trungpa started the process of rolling back the clean water rule which conserves the nation's waterways has written a new systems of the environmental protection agency a national organization set up to protect the environment and communities and these revived government support for fossil fuels as my administration is putting an end to the war on coal for trump's environmental legacy might have a surprising twist i'm in the usa to see how communities are coming together to
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bypass the white house forming a global network of grassroots resistance. a come to the people's climate march here in washington d.c. it's one of three hundred marches across the country calling for a change in environmental policy. that they. have to meet about climate because it's john and i get it right. the what. we're dealing with climate change right now is not a situation where you know it'll be coming to us in the future it is wrapping right now my friend and so i came all the way here to d.c. to say that enough is enough. with eighty one percent of the united states energy still coming from oil coal and natural gas many to opposed to trump administration some of the fossil fuel industry. was out.
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to come across with skillion from new york state and outspoken activists for a new bill energy well i guess industry is trying is has a serious on slot to lock us into the emphasis trucks here and that's going to keep us addicted the fossil fuels for the next fifty years. the people that are here walking today they had sat opposite message boards of energy alternative energy renewable energy. that. if the environment where a banker would be saved by now you could just stand here for ages looking at this wonderful kind of slogan. that. the job of the front is michael he's from an organization called says from tonight they're facing some significant challenges with application in their community oh you know you have to bypass it yes i've come here to represent my coalition as to how we can work together nationally. combat climate change and global warming and then what is
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the power of this kind of protest to receive you know real change has ever happened without this type of engagement from the civil rights movement. right for women. so gay rights. to you name it all change we see that's happening to our communities our society that's been momentous has come through this type of engagement. by those later the official count comes in and it's a pass is everyone's expectations over two hundred thousand people showed up double the expected turn it. passed a much point is done this to one person i want to me to start from the stuff quit his job a senior advisor of the environmental protection agencies in financial justice team two months after the president trump came into power i want to know why he's here today as an individual sometimes it can be overwhelming and you feel disconnected we're connecting folks so it is a global movement there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make
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change not only for today but for future generations as well to give us a sense of how. you and the rest should people here looking to pressure on the administration so this is not just the moment this is a movement and that means that once full. so don marching we're breaking down silos people are coming together in authentic ways and creating collaboration folks are going to go back to their respective communities they're going to take the information that they got here but they're also going to get engaged and that means that they're going to get engaged on the local level and the state level. talking to the marches here there's a real sense that people poet can create change to have counted local trends will stand up to the hopeless he was killing him who i met in the marches invited me back to his farm in the catskill mountains north new york state to show me how to do just that form a teacher wesley sort of small holding farm using one hundred percent renewable
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energy. so this is an electric charge it's a ground to the ground and then this is a portable religion or it yeah it's i mean one person can move it from one place either as we move the fence around. but wes isn't your average farmer he led the charge on one of the most powerful environmental says in campaigns in new york state history. two thousand and nine he built a local coalition that sidestepped federal policy by claiming that fracking in the state's waterways. using local state legal obligation to guarantee clean wanted to citizens within his colleagues managed to ban fracking across the entire state. today he has his sights set on a new bill to transition new york state into one hundred percent renewable energy by twenty fifty it's a huge lift to do this but we need to mandate it and then and come up with how to
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do it and and labor's involved too because you know as right now there's more jobs in the renewable sector then there is in the fossil fuel sector and new york state has the the political inertia to do that now. partly coming out of the fracking fight we have a highly educated population in the state because of that fracking fight so that's why we're going to albany. if successful will do with not just new york state towards a greener future creating thousands of jobs in the process to push it forward we're sitting to the state capitol building and opening every choose day groups and pointed. out that. there's a whole presentation on gun violence whatever legislation they're pushing. and people come from all over the state to follow and then you know some of these folks are probably going off and having meetings with their elected officials from their
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communities this is just kind of a book of poetry this is happening right it's this is it this is how it works in this country there's a lot of interesting ironies that happen on tuesdays in albany i might be here pushing for something to stop a pipeline and i'm a get on the elevator with someone from the oil and gas association of america who's got a paid lobbyist there. you know trying to do the exact opposite but pipelines all over the place. for lewis is he meets with his local legislative to food the plan for one hundred percent renewable energy in new york state. in the meeting. to play to his emerges with wingmen eddie pretty stiff it's a climate emergency the governor needs to show some urgency and so we need we don't know yet if he's going to step up and take the kind of bold leadership that we need in an age of trump but we have about four and a half weeks to make it happen and i like our chances where you yeah well and
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what's going to us what's going to happen next i mean we've got another meeting with folks in the senate though the other thing that's going to happen is it is going to go back to brooklyn i'm going to go to the catskills and we're going to get everybody in those places on board with us and push for it and then they can ignore it and the folks the organization. that function out of albany they're going to be doing the same thing here in albany with all those alive. was they told us ten years ago there's no way that you could stop fracking it's going to happen you know and after a seven year fight governor now there's a ban on. we stopped it so i'm really matter what president trump says about the e.p.a. and we're going to make that transition despite and that would be. wrong i don't know if they're going to succeed in this but what we do know is after being in d.c. and seeing all these community groups all working together is that climate change is not one problem is one silver bullet solution is made up of many little problems
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that interact in into six in every aspect of our lives and what that means is that we'll have an opportunity to get involved as i see the getting involved and being together that's the people that's the solution. a month after filming continued and for this by west and other campaigners who validated when the governor of new york state andrew cuomo signed an executive order pushing only agencies to develop plans for eighty percent of you and i treated. my moma. never been doing. throughout the united states coalitions of solidifying united by the commitment to meet the parasitical targets the group climates masses over three hundred members.
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every one thousand two hundred governance has colleges universities and businesses have joined a public campaign pulled me us to. a union of twelve states. has been founded by the governess of blushing to new york and california the united states congress a law. and says a coalition of states that have reacted to president trump's decision to withdraw the united states from a climate treaty and the state stepped up taking it upon themselves to do the things that would be necessary if the united states were still at the table this is a coalition that can get as big as there are jurisdictions that are willing to work with us i think there's real hope that as states see other states joining and getting some benefit out of it that they'll decide that they want to be part of it to california is also working internationally in june twenty seventh team governor jerry brown signed a deal to work on climate change with china china looks to us now as
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a representative of the united states they want to see not just california of other states coming to china they want to send people here to learn from some of our techniques that we've used over the years to bring down the levels of smaug which not that long ago were as bad as what you now see today in beijing seeing countries or states or cities that are cutting their emissions and doing well economically is what everybody needs to be doing and we all can learn from each other because there is no one place that has a monopoly of all the good ideas. china is the world's biggest c o two emitter and urban air pollution here has reached crisis and i guess it is like now harnessing the power of both the government and
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the private sector to roll out new low carbon transport initiatives that are blazing a trail not just for other cities in china and the rest of the world. in a booming metropolis in china southeastern manufacture. balance until the eighty's just a farming community engine was chosen as a testing ground for communist china's experiment with capitalism. now it's china's answer to silicon valley with over eleven million inhabitants one hundred fifty skyscrapers and three million cars. but china's boom has come at a price the world health organization has estimated that air pollution kills one million people in the country each year it's a crisis that desperately needs a solution and hard and that solution is hopefully about to kick me out.
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just when you know. so i just hopped into one a sentence electric taxis and they say that by twenty twenty all of the time seasons change and i'm going to be fully electric which is amazing so i'm off to find out how that's going to be done. i'm visiting b.y.d. or build your dreams which produce the five thousand five hundred electric taxis currently on qianqian streets. richard lee is going to show me around it was a good morning i am going to be so for people who don't know too much about lucky tell us about it but you are do stars in the other ninety five as a better manufacturers' but now you are the true the world marvins new energy vehicle manufacturer. so this is the view of the six and this is the first and in most it says full of b u r the purity vehicle was fully charged as of you it gives you four hundred on the five range we may be there are those two types fleet week
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in china the world's. b y dever flex a global shift in the industry towards china which last year sold around four hundred thousand new energy vehicles more than twice as many athletes u.s. that's been made possible by the billions of u.s. dollars. worth of subsidies the chinese government has used to boost the industry. to buy. us a vehicle ok title a source of steel for example is engine by talking like this so you can entitle a rally forty thousand already told those subsidies. that's about fifteen percent off the price of this car their best selling plug in hybrid which uses a chargeable battery and a gasoline engine so because this is a plug in hybrid car so you features truth right no so now we operating this even though so that is a period of five five million know and then you know you have a civi over there yes there is no mention there because if you switch the s.u.v.
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and if it ends up with the engine started yeah ok right you feel it so very give you further power than me. but it's not just cars be my ideas making electric buses trucks and service vehicles for ports airports and even mines. and electric monorail runs through their campus the goal is to fully electrify every transportation sector. in change and that's already becoming a reality is the logic of a second but. so it's pretty amazing to think that i september all of the buses in changing are going to be fully electric like this town. all this means that within a few years the city's entire public transportation system will be fossil fuel free
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. but what about the roughly three million private drivers. now. i'm asking if a guy when. i'm taking a ride with lou don't pump he recently became a father and also bought his second electric car. was a was also hold as a woman though this your hands are wise to what is wrong so can see it's a longer kind of star general it was all sanctioned and it is all political and religious was sure what it would. loose all so much potential in the electric car market that he opened his own dealership and repair shop in july twenty sixth. engine has restricted new license plates for fuel cars while dishing them out liberally for new electric vehicles or any bs for short lou has seen monthly sales almost double in the last six months trying to make a cut and how malaysia list again on china. will has
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a new or some this is simply not possible for martin those hot hot hot the facts this is a market how it shows on talk of being human the hawkers and the semi and also the are going to do what i was doing and live over and just as in my model for. it seems that consumer perceptions have already shifted. so i spy a customer and see what she thinks. otherwise unless you don't have those you know who you which is your station in the best videos known to those who should know less of the how we're going to shift the hundreds are you the fool who do the yoyo we are going home. today though. of course all the cell atrocity has to come from somewhere inch engine running an electric car generally produces less than a third of the c o two of a gasoline car but it's still not carbon zero. luckily there's an even cleaner way
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to get around one that runs on nothing but good old fashioned legwork. need to china's dock list city cycles in a little more than a year legions of these smart bikes have flooded the country cities operated by two dozen competing companies each with a distinct color and design by the end of twenty seventeen china will have twenty million of them. i'm meeting up with cycle in the easiest and john she went to learn how to use mobile one of the leading companies. kuykendall i'm not a zero zero zero. zero zero i just heard many times that sony not only. have been. so not only is one of those whom you don't know just oh you're not going to just jump to the you know the application uses g.p.s. to find a bike near you. know
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mom was. you pay with mobile payment which is now widely used across china and off you go. so i'm testing out the smoke like in this part right now before i. unleashed myself. in the world and onto the streets of shenzhen and it was pretty good right now. how many men. don't want to fight wars because one is going to the so it always turns out on top down but within. each issue in melbourne sometimes there's just a typo true sometimes a teacher once said i did not answer so i hopped on a hot head someone stole my son since i owe you all of them sometimes all the money to hide she said i'm so not. so much so that made my actual son.
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just over a year since their launch mo bike has two hundred thousand bikes and change and alone now they could be coming to a city near you mo bike is already up and running in singapore and a chinese competitor is launching in the us this year. but being able to leave them anywhere does create problems. i'm meeting with some mo bike boys as they're known to find out how they stop the city from being overtaken by discarded by it's ok to eventually one i gave up on the phone how much. when when how and hong jan ching use g.p.s. to search for faulty bikes reported by users. and then by they go. on through. our hundred test brought us to one of sion gins dense neighborhoods known as urban
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villages. ok demasi those are. all the things oh. ok. cool ok oh wow. really stuck together. they're literally like you know how one pedal that's just stuck in the photo way it's a scot free ok ok so somebody has locked these by few gather well that complicates things the minds of the young woman show you off on the job is a bunch of. those cycles that make it out alive get fixed up and be distributed to official parking spots local transport authorities have set these up to accommodate the new bikes and to try to regulate the system. so now this private initiative has been incorporated into the public transport system.
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ok knowing sales hype engines she. was visiting all from a private home with a friend of the all knowing joe on title final way he was also you're there without us and someone will hold phase then he will then hold me to this means you've evolved our will hold on so that. order out of chaos. this cycle system is still far from perfect but it shows how willing the government is to let the private businesses solve environmental problems and overall the approach is working harmful small particulate matter engines and air has almost halved in the last four years if the trend continues she engine will succeed in meeting e.u. air quality standards by two thousand and twenty it would be the first major chinese city to do that encouraging cities like shanghai and beijing that are also
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investing in low carbon transport. china is still the world's biggest polluter but there's no doubt it's moving forward fast and that's at least one reason to be optimistic. the environmental crisis facing our planet is greater now than ever before but as we've seen in the series of asteroids it's in the face of the biggest challenges that some of the most effective solutions kind of match some depends on cutting edge science whilst others can be simple. over as spearheaded by people who are determined to make a difference it's when local initiatives get wider political and financial support that they can really make a difference globally despite the current us administration people and governments around the world a coming together in the back to combat climate change this can only be encouraging
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when reso much work to do. over one hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a van and in an oddity should wait in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of allah the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by. places to get.
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