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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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cherry looking fine but if not this cloud cluster working its way up through the isthmus over the last twenty four hours or so so the audience again jerry looking dry and fine share is few and far between but the risk of some heavy more persistent rain coming up from the up from the southeast really and working its way up through towards the yucatan peninsula as we head on through into friday so you could see some heavy rain developing across this region across southern parts of mexico mexico city expect to stay largely dry to move up into north america much of the west is on this area of high pressure is going to stay dry here and it's going to stay windy. the weather sponsored by cattle race. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this hour. live from doha i'm martine denis coming up in the next sixty minutes. protests and clashes with israeli troops in occupied palestine after a u.s. president trumps call to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. this is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality. the u.s. president says it's the right thing to do but the world is reacting with anger and concern. i have consistently spoken out against any unilateral measures that would jeopardize the prospects of peace. strong international opposition from many world leaders to trump's move hamas calls for a new palestinian uprising. and in other
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news fears wildfires in california for thousands of people from their homes with fears of worse to come. but first palestinian leaders say the u.s. can no longer play a role in efforts to find peace with israel is after president trump ignored global opposition and formally recognized jerusalem as israel's copy. they've been protests across palestinian territories this is the scene in bethlehem protest this threw stones and taz blocking roads israeli security forces responded by firing tear gas sixteen palestinians have been wounded so far in different parts of the occupied territories. and
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this is ramallah and we have the pride west bank where thousands of people converged on the streets palestinians of called for three days of rage against president trump's decision shops businesses and schools were closed as part of a general strike and there were minus scuffles in the old city of the occupied east jerusalem leaders of all palestinian factions have been urging people to stage protests against president trump's decision. today i'm stressing that jerusalem is unified no east jerusalem no west jerusalem jerusalem is a palestinian arab muslim city and is the capital city of the whole of palestine today i am saying that palestine is unified from the sea to the river unified palestine will never be divided into two countries now you say the so-called peace process has gone forever once and for all and then we will go out of the oslo dark
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tunnel. all right let's go live to harry forsett our correspondent who's in occupied east jerusalem and how it seems very much to say the president's announcement has unleashed a tide of anger. because right you can see behind me there is a growing group of people who've been here all day really since we arrived early this morning and the numbers have grown with the protest has been going and they've been chanting. in defense of the luxor mosque of the al aqsa mosque compound inside injuries and they've been chanting against the decision obviously by the last night have been some minor scuffles here police and have occasionally the forces have occasionally moved in to separate some members of the crowd from on those. occasions as well as blocking off the entrance to the area here outside the gate in
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front of the old city but so far this has been relatively small scale and was speaking to one. to be an activist here who was involved in the last demonstrations that we saw in july when i throw. metal detectors outside the allies the mosque compound and we saw those huge street demonstrations that he was saying that he didn't feel that it was likely to reach that kind of scale yet although it's difficult to predict these things because of the religious significance of that side of the physical imposition get it on that is i just being a slightly different situation a political declaration but nonetheless we do see this anger and you see that this disappointment among palestinian residents of occupied. and harry do people feel that there will be a practical difference in terms of the way they live in occupied east jerusalem. well i think it is more about what happens in the future as to what happens right now and obviously when there are practical imposition that are in force by israeli
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security forces that is what is really to. it is anger here that has been already the practical effect of. the general strike which has been called in so the old city is extremely quiet today people really though is talking about what this means in terms of the prospects of a two state solution is a process that all of this part of jerusalem one day becoming the capital of the palestinian state there is a real sense that the united states really separated itself from that project despite what donald trump were saying in his speech last night and aligned itself because of the language in a speech which was so emotive about the israeli connection to this italian so absent in its language about any kind of palestinian connection to the city people speaking to a few disappointed by that and there is a sense of a real sense has some isn't about. any prospect of
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a two state solution and this big national center for the palestinians was the east jerusalem as their capital the prospects of that ever happening and perhaps now more than ever before the emphasis needs to be perhaps on palestinian unity. yes there is obviously a lot of talk about that since the egypt brokered deal between. the which dominates the palestinian authority in the occupied west bank and hamas in gaza. there is this call coming out of hamas for this new era of palestinian resistance could that strain potentially be the situation between fatah and hamas because obviously there is there has up until this point been a measure or rather an attempt by the palestinian authority to to control any potential for violence part of this reconciliation deal has been all about. or
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least the palestinian authority has been talking about the need for any decision to take up any kind of armed resistance to be one for the entire palestinian government and that hamas and its out a summary gate could not take that decision alone so that could be a potential tension point as well as this weekend tenth of december which is the deadline for the proper takeover in gaza of the the the the policy no authority government there so there are all sorts of complications that really thrown into doubt after this announcement from donald trump all right harry thank you for now. live in occupied east jerusalem and more reaction is coming in from around the world russia saying that donald trump's announcement threatens security in the middle east the foreign ministry has put out a statement which reads. the decisions announced in washington with serious concern
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. involved parties to show restraint and any action that would be fraught with dangerous and uncontrollable consequences. both the e.u. and the un have issued strong statements they strongly oppose president trans unilateral move the foreign policy chief of the e.u. says she and other e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting the prime minister on monday to talk about jerusalem president trance announcement. on jerusalem has a very worrying potential impact it has a very fragile context and the announcement has the potential to send as backwards to even darker times than the ones we are already living in the european union has a clear and united position we believe that only realistic solution to the conflict between israel and palestine is based on the states. and with
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jerusalem as the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine all right live now to the white house and our correspondent kimberly harkat and kimberly when the president made this statement he must have been prepared for the kind of reaction he was going to get. i think he was aware i think that certainly could be disputed whether or not particularly the state department was fully prepared because there was some last minute deploying of agents that seem to not fully grasp in terms of the planning perhaps the scale of the response that we've seen so far that only seems to be escalating as a result of this announcement but here domestically certainly members of the trumpet ministration including the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley have been on television and they've certainly been trying to portray this as the fresh thinking that the president talked about when he made this announcement recognizing jerusalem as the capital of
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israel in a town of broken promises it seems that what the administration is trying to point out is that donald trump is a keeper of promises promises he made on the campaign trail promises that other presidential candidates made on the campaign trail but then did not deliver once they were in office in fact of the most recent tweet from the president is highlighting. senator frew was president ten voted for this jerusalem embassy act back in the one nine hundred ninety s. and is applauding the fact that it finally has been implemented so the president is really trying to look at this and characterize this along with his staff as a new approach to achieving peace but of course given the reaction given the warnings from world leaders particularly key u.s. allies like the king of jordan who cautioned this and now perhaps feeling disrespected by the fact that the president has gone ahead and done this anyway it really does seem a bit hard to understand how the u.s.
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could be trusted as in any form of an honest broker particularly given the fact that was cautioned against this caution that it would be taking a side but donald trump has done the sunny way i'm kimberly do we have any idea then because if the president thinks that this is going to help towards forging some kind of peace deal do we have any idea of what else is in this this proposed peace initiative that is largely coming from from his from the lawyer jared krishna . right it was it really has been a murky process from the beginning much of it being done in secret and we're only told that things are being accomplished but we're never given sort of an itemized list and from all intents and purposes it doesn't appear that that is the case at all what i think we're starting to see here is we now are into the first year of donald trump's presidency is what is becoming kind of a signature move in his playbook and that is these sort of series of half measures
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we saw it with the iran agreement the refusal to recertify rights compliance but then not killing the deal completely just sending it to the u.s. congress now we see with the case of recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel but then delaying the move of an embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem saying this would take some time what it seems to be is an effort to try and keep the promises to supporters and really sort of address kind of the domestic audience and take that popular stance with out or while delaying immediate impact so certainly this has become a signature move of the president and again when it comes to trying to broker a peace agreement that doesn't seem to be the top priority and there are many people around the world who are just. who are merely who are dismissing the prospect of this being of a count kill a two policy in just suggesting that president trump and indeed his tee off just really out of that. well certainly there it's there's
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no denying the fact that donald trump is not a political or a seasoned politician by any stretch in fact he campaigned to come and be a disruptive force in washington and he certainly is delivering on that promise to be a disruptive force so well there is fury are around the world certainly the base for donald trump has been relatively solid he has not increased support but it certainly hasn't severely eroded so donald trump is delivering on these promises and he doesn't seem to have a lot of regard for the fact that it is infuriating political allies and again this is just something that he promised to do and he is delivering he's really intent on being seen as someone who has political courage and has made promises kept them to his base particularly checking things off in the first twelve months in office all right kimberly for now thank you very much for now his review yossi beilin who's
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a former israel israeli negotiator at the also a piece of calls and also a former deputy foreign minister he's joining us live now from television thank you for talking to us what do you think do you think that this is a shot in the foot to far as donald trump is considered do you think this is part of a bigger plan that might actually you'll do something given that the peace process has been moribund for a long time now. well first of all i don't think that it was so much pre-calculated because the president himself said the some weeks ago the such a decision my sister. his efforts to suggest to the polity is a peace plan in a few months and so suddenly he decided to do that apparently in order to appease his supported who demanded that he will make good on his promise to move the embassy while he doesn't move the embassy this is a kind of
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a compensation to say something which is quite obvious that jerusalem is the capital of israel by the way president putin declared the same decision a few weeks ago and there was no big hoo ha iran. so you think that this is part of a wider policy and that there are more calls to be unveiled i mean for instance mike pence the vice president you in the region next week what is the plan what is the policy that could be unveiled. no i don't think that it is part of a bigger policy and i think that the decision to declare what the president declared the yesterday just proves that it is not part of a bigger policy he was challenged by the fact that he had to sign again the waiver he had he decided not to move the embassy and then he thought apparently the debased way to explain it is to say well well i deferred the embassy but you know
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jerusalem is the capital of israel but it has nothing to do with the future borders or with any solvent to find i mean this is i think that all the expressions against makes it much bigger than what it is for me as an israeli the fact that the american president or other presidents are recognizing my capital is nice and fine and i'm happy but i would be even happier had it been in a context of an agreement by all the saw palestinian jerusalem would be recognized as their capital so from what your understanding is of the president president president trump statement is it that it's. an undivided jerusalem that is the capital of israel is that as is that what his meaning was because clearly no way we're looking at scenes of ramallah ramallah
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right now where people are incensed and there is now violence on the streets again of the occupied territories is that what he intended. not at all i mean if you you read his his speeches today you see that he said very clearly that this recognition of jerusalem as a capitol hill has nothing to do with the question of the future borders of jerusalem or a new servant leader. for sure did not say that it is also east jerusalem head he said that he recognized west and east jerusalem as the capital of israel this would have been a breach of the also the agreement he did not do that i mean he can say that israel is jerusalem is the capital he can move the even the embassy to jerusalem if it is on the other on the israeli side of the green line this is not breaching our
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agreements ok breaching agreements or not it seems very much there is only when the dust just the moment the question is all the only the wisdom of the timing and if you are preparing a claim and you want to get the support of all parties doing something like this is not bridging the agreement but bridging the atmosphere oftenest such an absolutely again i refer you to the scene where were they saying in ramallah we've got a live shot up as we talk mr beilin and it is a scene of of violence once again in the occupied territories surely we've also had hamas say that this is it is the end of all slow so what the president though the effect of the president's words has been to basically remove any prospect of a peaceful solution certainly for two states living peacefully side side by. well to say the truth hamas was never for slow if you remember from its beginning
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saw hamas did not wait for trump to say jerusalem is the capital of israel in order to say that it is the end of of slow but i'm sticking about our counterparts on the palestinian side and what i'm trying to tell them is the following let's us now clarify what is our solution for jerusalem there how michaud it will be under the palestinian sovereignty while the wailing wall will be under the israeli sovereignty that all the arab neighborhoods will be under the palestinian sovereignty and until goods will be the capital of. of the palestinian state a.j. is sent to the israeli jews the name if we are going to the world and saying hey here is the solution you should recognize both capitals is part of the whole agreement and we are not going to give up on it only because the president of united states wanted a day to appease his own base i think that it will be much wiser than now
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demonstrating in the streets losing people the problem is mr beilin is the vast majority of the israeli government which is coming from the hard right of politics doesn't have the same view as you they will see this as a cop wrong for them to claim the whole of jerusalem as the capital of israel and forget it pretty much of the palestinians and any potential future state for them. but the majority of the people in israel according to the last four of the last months. is for sure for the two state solution and this is on the palestinian side the same so hamas does not recognize present now the mood on palestine and i can also say that the majority. is quite against the idea of the current right is the government in israel so what we have to do is to join forces the peace camps on both sides and to say nobody will be able to
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prevent us from making peace with each other and we know the solution or ideology beilin thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at al-jazeera thank you we've got a lot more to come on this hour does here a news hour including the latest updates on the french president's visit to catteries the two countries signed deals worth billions of dollars. plus we'll learn more about whether iran's nuclear bomb was a myth or not. and in sports another day another record for now the at least in the champions league. chatter and france have signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism as well as fourteen billion
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dollars worth of deals for more french warplanes armored vehicles and an underground rail network the emir of qatar is hosting the president of france in doha. we're not about. to for that we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against qatar since day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we are committed to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies. france and qatar have decided to sign today a declaration for a road map to strengthen our cooperation against the funding of terrorism and radicalization it will help to facilitate the exchange of intelligence and technical information to be more effective when faced with the danger of extremism more now from our correspondent mohammed. president mark ronson visit the towers
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but if just a few hours but apparently it was full of results the two countries have not only struck deals on combating terrorism and in the fields of education but also qatar is going to buy twelve fighter jets from french defense companies along with four hundred and ninety armored vehicles for qatari army but i was also going to give a multi-billion dollar deal to a french railway consortium to build and operate that though how metro system aside from this the two leaders discussed most of the major issues in the region including jerusalem and the crisis in the gulf. has been trying to maintain a neutral stance with regards to the decision crisis but we know that the president . very early on has called on neighbors to lift the blockade and now he has reiterated the need for all the deceit countries to come together to the negotiation table and find a peaceful resolution of this conflict. well than twelve thousand homes around the
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threat from wildfires in southern california two hundred thousand people have been told to leave their houses is a move to will see outskirts of los angeles hundreds of homes have already been destroyed and schools highways and film productions have been shut down to say only five percent of the blaze is being contained we can go live now to gina kim who is a correspondent with n.b.c. she's in ventura which is just north of los angeles i guess the worry is that this these wildfires are getting ever closer to built up in areas. well they're already in urban areas we have four major fires burning in different areas of los angeles and been to a county right now near major landmarks like u.c.l.a.
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and the getty center and in the burned four homes and bel air yesterday but the major problem that we're facing today is that the eighty mile an hour gusts that sparked all of this on monday is making a comeback today we had a little bit of a break from those fierce winds yesterday but today the national weather service issued the most darkest warning possible saying to expect extremely critical fire weather and of course that's really dismaying considering that we feel like we've already been going through extreme conditions but today we might get even more of those winds and firefighters last night were pretty grim at a press conference saying that indeed does happen coupled with single digit humidity and very summer like temperatures even for southern california it's unusual to have eighty degree temperatures which is what we're looking at today then firefighter said they're just going to have to evacuate people because there is no point in fighting the fires but so far as you said we're holding steady at up
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. about two hundred thousand people evacuated with more evacuations likely to come today and about two hundred homes and structures destroyed or damaged and of course so we'll have to see what tomorrow brings and how follower people having to go in order to get to safety well it depends on the area so the fires tend to burn around heavily wooded areas we have just gotten no rain. so far this winter or fall and by now we've had quite a bit of precipitation and so december usually we don't see fires like this we see them in october as of this is highly unusual as all the vegetation areas burn first but then here in ventura what happened is it jumped over the one on one freeway on tuesday and headed towards the beach yesterday during the morning commute on the four or five freeway which is a heavily urban area it jumped over and almost went to the getty center and so
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we're seeing x we only unusual odd almost eerie fire behavior right now and i would say at this point that no community is immune and what's the strategy then is it a matter of deploying even more his a mole more equipment well we have hundreds and thousands of firefighters already here from all over the united states right now resources are pouring in from states as as far as the mississippi delta and so that's not necessarily the issue we have enough resources what firefighters are saying is when you have these winds just whipping them up no matter how much you pour on them it's just going to continue and unfortunately the only solution at that point is to evacuate the communities in the fire's path. all right thank you very much indeed gina kim a reporter for n.b.c. reporting for us live from ventura county on the west coast of the usa well richard
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is here with the weather now and it's looking pretty grim isn't it there it is you know work quite familiar with the weather conditions they've got there martin because here in the desert we used to strong winds sometimes high temperatures and very low humidity but what we don't have which they have of course is the vegetation and that's the problem so look at the big picture across the united states as a cold front we've got cold air digging down and then on the western side we've got this area of high pressure so let's focus on that and move in a little bit closer so we have this area of high pressure so the winds go that way around the high and so what we get is the winds coming out of the high plateaus and through the mojave desert and then as they come up the mountains and descend they warm and they speed up and they dry out and they also funnel between the canyons so they get enhanced and they can get up to about one hundred seventy kilometers per hour not saying we're going to be that strong but they've ease for a time being they're going to pick up again later on so really i think is one of
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those situations where i can't be too clever with it comes down to very localized knowledge but i think we're likely to see these winds continuing for least another day or so so that what we call cas about it when they do peak in december and they produce warm dry conditions for a strong winds usually but what's unusual is the fact that we've also got the farce this time of the month because we have got so many people out in the forests we don't have the dry lightning strikes which often cause them but of course what we've got is climate change it's now so dry across this part of the country doesn't matter if it's spring autumn summer or winter the risk of fires is great and it's going to remain for the next few days. richard thank you very much indeed still to come on this al-jazeera news germany office cash to asylum seekers if they leave by february attempting to get them to drop their hopes or side tree in your. boat is in the poll have to use the ballot box a full strange elf to a devastating earthquake two and a half years ago. and installed the n.b.a.
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became the latest u.s. sports league to target mexico joe will explain everything. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the night. a dream she had why so many but so few make it to be an attack. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest than if it. is yeah i didn't catch it at this time out to zero.
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zero zero zero one. where every. with. hundreds of take a look at what is the main story here is how just near the been protests across occupied palestinian territories protesters threw stones and burnt tires blocking roads israeli security forces responded by firing tear gas at demonstrators sixteen palestinians have been wounded so far in different parts of the occupied
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territories the leader of hamas has called for a new palestinian uprising following president trump's announcement on jerusalem this month and years says the decision was unfair and provocative. well in his speech on wednesday president trump called jerusalem quote the heart of one of the most successful democracy that in the world where people of all faiths are free to live where that's not the view shared by palestinians who live in occupied east jerusalem almost three hundred thousand of them living there have just a residency id card there's no passport for them and that means they are essentially stateless neither citizens of palestine nor of israel israel can cancel their residency card with the united nations saying over fourteen thousand palestinians have had their residency revoked by israel since one nine hundred sixty seven rules
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are different for jews from any part of the world who can live and obtain israeli citizenship citizenship under the law of return then there's the issue of illegal settlements and their own going expansion which confines palestinians to small pockets of territory. well palestinian refugees are also speaking out against trump's announcement millions of them were driven from their homes when israel was created and during subsequent was a many more than seven million refugees worldwide have lived in lebanon for decades now and their hopes of returning home to a palestinian state a dwindling as a new honda now reports. born in exile but raised not to forget their identity these are the children of the refugees of the one nine hundred forty eight more palestinians who were forced to leave their homes in what is now israel and.
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lebanon is where they live but they want their homeland back we want a country these children chant. there was a time as i was five year old says promising that no one will be able to take it away from them. saying was younger than shut down when his family fled palestine he was too young to remember his country but for him palestine remains home he has a message for u.s. president donald trump. if trump wants to donate jerusalem to israel and he crossed the red line he should donate one of his country's states to israel jerusalem is but a star and palestine is jerusalem now again. there is anger there is the violence tourism status is extremely sensitive in the israeli palestinian conflict . palestinians say they will never give up jerusalem but there is a reality many of the refugees here say that they have given up hope just like jerusalem the right to return has been at the heart of the palestinian struggle
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it's been seven decades and no one here has returned home. thirty four year old mohammad jamal was born in lebanon he has a nursing degree but he can't find a job palestinian refugees in lebanon are banned from working in many professions and have little rights in a country that has tried to prevent settlement for bahama jerusalem status of returning to palestine are lost causes in. the wrong tree chinese forgotten cause is not our intention to forget about it but the arab rulers betrayed palestine for us the priority is to live stateless these refugees live in desperate conditions very few were under the illusion that peace with israel was ever a possibility and for them the u.s. decision to recognize true islam as israel's capital only reinforces their belief that washington was never an honest broker in the conflict. or not that. this is a new aggression against palestinians it is
4:37 pm
a dangerous new phase they want to destroy the palestinian cause to get rid of the right to return prevent a palestinian state many palestinians feel that now more than ever the dream of their own state is fading away there are paid but all right we can talk now to reverend jamal who is a christian scholar and dean of the bethlehem university and he's joining us live now from ramallah thank you for talking to us very little is said about palestinian christians there are about half a million of you and what is your position with regard to the situation regarding jerusalem in particular and then the peace process more widely. first of all we are palestinians like any other palestinian so we we believe that jerusalem is the capital of the future palestinian state and this decision of the trombonist station will affect not only the future of peace but also the lives all
4:38 pm
of a scene in people in east jerusalem so we as christians and as heads of local churches we oppose this move because it ignores the history the head of the age the importance and the significance of the city of jerusalem the city of the three faiths of judaism islam and christianity so we see it as a dangerous move to danger the future of the peace process here in palestine so it will affect future of peace and what i think the world lives and it's a gives the wrong signal to the israeli government it gives it's a green light green light to continue its policy of discrimination against the palestinian people in the general salim including the christian community and what do you think the president would actually meant because he didn't specifically
4:39 pm
pronounce ditty upon the future status all of jerusalem he didn't specifically talk about the palestinian claim to east jerusalem as a capital for a future state do you think that that is where he went wrong do you think he should have been more specific and he should have outlined the palestinian claim to the city as well. i think he. you know look for a political peaceful just solution for jerusalem city divided east jerusalem is occupied territory and it should be such. as capital is to ignore this fact. we are in jerusalem that these are muslim is occupied so just the fact of recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital will give
4:40 pm
permission to continue its policy of discrimination against the palestinians so i don't think he has any plan for the future as he supports the settlements for example how can we have states a palestinian state without jerusalem how can we have a palestinian state with all the settlements here in palestinian territories so to begin with and when i think. is their own. skills the hope people for a future of peace so it doesn't matter. about the details of you know the boundaries of jerusalem or the rights of the policy beyond the fact of a. couple of endangers the future of peace and of the lives of people of the palestinians living with christians and muslims as well reverend
4:41 pm
jamal thank you very much indeed for telling just life from ramallah where russia says it has defeated eisel in syria and that there are a new remaining settlements under the control of the great russian military says its promise of used precedented force to finish off says its forces remaining in syria will now focus on preserving ceasefire and restoring peace. well the syrian government's delegation is set to return to geneva on sunday for peace still softer it walked out last week the eighth round of u.n. backed talks have been on hold whilst the syrian opposition waits the government the gezi it has to come back the delegation left the talks blaming the opposition demands that president assad should play no role in any interim pays for government .
4:42 pm
and once a country has learned how to enrich uranium experts say it doesn't take much to turn a civilian nuclear energy program into a military one world piles of jumped into action when iran began a homegrown nuclear program and iranian m.p. has told out there that the international panic about building nuclear weapons was based on a myth. ravi ripples out from tehran. but iranians here say they've paid a high price for their country's nuclear ambitions years of sanctions have led to international isolation and an economic toll that is difficult to quantify but the cost can be measured in at least four lives nuclear scientists killed in targeted attacks between twenty ten and twenty twelve the government blames regional rival israel which is never confirmed or denied the allegations iranians revere that
4:43 pm
scientists as heroes on ring there with burials in a centuries old shrine next to a descendant of the prophet muhammad. their widows and families are treated as national treasures and at this ceremony to remember men and women killed in the line of duty the head of the revolutionary guard himself thanks them for their sacrifice. the first scientist was killed here outside his own home. mostly mohamadi was a professor at the her own university and was on his way to teach a class as he left his home a motorcycle bomb parked outside was remotely detonated killing him instantly. that day he said good bye three times. must mean those the price iran is paid better than most. i started calling the suit my suit my suit he didn't respond i saw that part of his head was blown away i realized it is guns i put his head down and started screaming and
4:44 pm
crying and asking the neighbors for help. her home still bears the scars from the bomb blast that took her husband's life. she's done her best to preserve his memory. even kept his briefcase the same way it was on the day he died more than seven years ago. iran's supreme leader banned the production of nuclear weapons in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. the iranians say the issue was inflamed by the united states israel and other countries as an excuse to isolate them in the global marketplace. iranian m.p. . is spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he says the idea of an islamist nuclear bomb made in iran is a myth in that. doolittle who with this accusation was a lie that america put it in the mouth of the international community i'm telling you not before not now not in the future nuclear weapons have absolutely no place
4:45 pm
in iran's strategy first of all it's the fatwa of the supreme leader it's a religious edict we have to abide by it parliament government no one can defy it we are obliged by this fatwa. but whenever there's a new argument between iran and its rivals the government here likes to remind the world they could be producing highly enriched uranium again in less than a week while more work would need to be done to build a bomb for iran's enemies it seems it's still too close for comfort. several people are opposed to a number of attacks linked to palm and assembly elections in nepal sabina shrestha ripples out from the capital katmandu. most of the body voters seem to be undeterred by a series of explosions which marred both campaigning and election day queues started for me and got a menu from early morning to choose state and national assembly this is the second
4:46 pm
phase of elections with more than twelve million eligible voters from forty five districts taking part now living in more remote mountainous areas voted late last month soon after polls open we've found a ninety eight year old cultural historian who are just cast his ballot people are one step to getting the government of coverage to go back to the most important goal we want to change some new change production. where both political parties have regrouped themselves for these elections into two major alliances this is the left alliance of my was former fighters and the communist party unified marxist leninist is competing against the so-called democratic alliance of nepali congress together with former royalist and other small parties new political parties have gained attention they claim to champion a new ethical style of politics in a country which has grown sick of endemic corruption however the new constitution
4:47 pm
sets the bar high for newcomers parties have to win at least three percent votes in the proportional system and one candidate has to win by the first past the post system. why should we look at the same old faces we need to give new people a chance. collecting the votes from all over the country and counting them is expected to take several days as well as elected members of parliament for the first time voters at using state assembly members however a federal system of government remains controversial federalism received little attention during political campaigning and how the newly elected state governments will function it's one of the big questions going forward several devices were diffused around the country and an explosion in the south of nepal injured six people they lection commission says voting has been mostly peaceful. al-jazeera government. al-jazeera is in london the release of his journalist mahmoud hussein
4:48 pm
he's been in an egyptian prison for over eleven months hussein is accused of brokers in false news to spread calles which he and jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth visiting family the german government is offering cash incentives to asylum seekers if they volunteered to return home within the next couple of months. cullen reports some are being forced to leave after refusing the offer of cash. with a friend about to be deported a group of protesters trying to break into a holding room to say goodbye but it was too late for this man whose face we can't show it for security reasons he was told he'd be sent back to afghanistan after arriving for an appointment at the immigration office. protesters and
4:49 pm
volunteer workers helping refugees are outraged by the decision. i can't put it in words i'm devastated i still can't believe he will be sent back to an almost certain that. deportees boss even showed up to support him and that's. when people are trying everything to find their way in a new country learning the language culture and trying to be integrated it's very sad that they don't get a chance. the night before we walked the streets together in the bavarian town of by reut he refused extra money on offer by the german government for anyone who returns home voluntarily they offered me a thousand euros to go back i said account go back a fin away twenty years from my country i didn't come here for money i came here because europe is safe he fears if he took more money home it would make him more of a target in the eyes of the taliban with no relatives or friends in afghanistan he
4:50 pm
will be alone there i'm not a criminal i'm not an islamist i'm not a terrorist for twenty six years i've been living in fear not knowing what's going to happen my life is just over the german government won't comment on individual cases but stands by its deportation policy affair the situation remains unchanged people see him as a threat criminals and those who repeatedly refused to cooperate can also be deported to afghanistan i believe this is right and we will continue this practice but lawyers say the afghan refugee we've been talking to has no criminal record and cooperated with the authorities the number of afghans supported from germany has almost doubled in recent years and the treatment of refugees is amazing is a key dividing line is the country struggles to form a government. two years ago germany opened its borders to an unprecedented number of refugees now during a shift in domestic politics the reality is that goodbyes like this appear to be
4:51 pm
more likely ella callen al-jazeera by reuters germany. still to come here on the al-jazeera news find out who the champion league manager is behind the mosque jonez she'll tell you in school.
4:52 pm
time for the supposed use now his joy thank you very much and other day in another piece of history made by christiane an elder the real madrid striker has become the first player to score in all six of his teams the way for champions league group
4:53 pm
matches rinaldo made history with his second goal against piracy dortmund it was his ninth in europe this season madrid were already heading for the last sixteen of the competition and went on to seal a three two win porto sivia and checked in the nets also qualified from wednesday's games while liverpool stormed into the last sixteen as group a win is with a seven mil thrashing of spot moscow english teams have also created champions league history for the first time five of them have qualified for the knockout stage and as a strong line up of sixteen teams that will be facing them with barcelona by in munich and eventis all going through as well as posts on japan and real madrid all seeing the chelsea manchester city manchester united tottenham and liverpool all progress and of balls manager is expecting a tough draw on monday as they take part for the first time since two thousand and
4:54 pm
nine. sixteen germany the only strong sides but this year it's quite special and i don't think that you can face really often by a munich and i am at it in this in the last sixteen if you win the group. but and you. and all the others and so that's that's quite interesting. to me condorcet it yesterday. and i don't think anybody is happy when they. get us in the draw so we will not be happy in a moment when we see who we will face in the next round but we will be ready. well we started with her announcer and he could add to his bulging trophy cabinet later the portuguese star headlines a thirty man shortlist for the world player of the year title ballon d'or which will be awarded on thursday now we now know is the current holder and he's won it four times he's largely considered to be
4:55 pm
a favorite among fans after leading royal to a second champions league title in a row last season also on the list though is his rival messi of barcelona who himself is a five time winner now he was the leading goalscorer in spain last season netting thirty seven goals and there's veteran italian goalkeeper genuine reform who's an outside bet he's helped eventers to the seri our title and the corporate italia at the age of thirty nine but this is walt almost always goes to forwards will find out later in paris if the football journalists who vote for the winner will have broken with tradition now japan are set to face north korea on the pitch in the final round of the asian east asian championship on saturday but three players will face a clash of loyalties at the game young john lee young chick and came song you were born in japan but have north korean nationality through their parents' well line up for north korea against the country they live in japan and are preparing for
4:56 pm
a hostile reception muscle you see is the. i think the wonderful thing about football is that you can boldly compete against each other without politics being part of it all i will be doing is to represent and fight for my country as a football player. bring on the booing i think the booing watch the fire i don't have anything to lose although i may have my flaws skill wise i do not want to lose mental. the brooklyn nets are going to be a long way from home when they host oklahoma city later on thursday in the n.b.a. the match is being played in mexico city the nets visited a school on wednesday that was affected by september's earthquake in the city this is the first year where four regular n.b.a. season games have been played in mexico the nets will also play the miami heat on saturday u.s. sports leagues are targeting the mexican market an n.f.l. game took place there last month. i love playing abroad to be honest i love playing abroad and love playing at different countries playing it from
4:57 pm
a different base and given them opportunities. you know some people may never see as me or my because i do most of those most of us don't give them the opportunity to see examples of both now organizers of the tokyo twenty twenty olympics and paralympics have unveiled the shortlist to designs for the games mascots. an elementary school in tokyo with the site for revealing three options that was selected from over two thousand public entries schoolchildren across japan will get to choose with each class casting a single vote in favor of one of the sets the winner will be announced at the end of february. now we want to leave you with this coach's champions league celebration checked out and yet his manager paolo from seka kept his promise of donning a costume if the team made the knockout stage which they did and so he dressed up
4:58 pm
as sorrow a fictional vigilante who's known for being coming as a fox. this is the most joyful press conference of my career i feel great joy i think not only shocked our supporters but all the criminals have to be proud of our team points and such a group is fantastic. that is always for i know nothing joe thank you very much indeed don't go away there's a lot more to come here in terms of their. setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. a new era in television news. it doesn't say that it's
4:59 pm
a toss to do things in secret that are unless we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of town i'm going to have to give them the opportunity and wonderful things start. looking up to the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so there's an interesting about that as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation with another guy. that she's very canisters of gas i just want to believe that best to prevent the behavior getting in the way let's give her a call that. he achieved something that never happened before. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides
5:00 pm
a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides he was born in ireland but at seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went on stage and i spoke about democracy i was put in a cell if you pockets a little pick sixty people will put a hundred and twenty people and so after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time. o. . palestinian protests his fight with israeli troops after u.s. president trump declares.


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