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has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al jazeera provides he was born in ireland but at seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went on stage and i spoke about democracy and i was put in a cell if you packets little bit sixty people we'll put a hundred and twenty people and so after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time. palestinian protests his fight with israeli troops after u.s.
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president trump declares jerusalem is israel's capital. the announcement has the potential to send a spec parts to even darker place than the ones we already living and. world leaders vent their anger and dismay about a move they fable ruin any chance of peace. again i'm not sure without is there a lie from day also coming out californians are told the worst is yet to come from wildfires that are ravaging their state plus voting ends after an election that nepalese people hope will put an end to years of instability.
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hamas is calling for a new uprising against israel after u.s. president donald trump formally recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. have been protests across the palestinian territories in bethlehem demonstrators threw stones and burnt tires blocking roads israeli security forces responded with tear gas sixteen palestinians have been wounded so far in different areas. and this is how it's been looking around ramallah in the occupied west bank thousands there heeding the call to mobilize for three days of range a general strike is also in place closing shops businesses and schools. and have been scuffles outside the damascus gate in the old city of occupied east jerusalem offices could be seen removing palestinian flags and pushing people away from the area. and dozens of protesters burned photos of donald trump and the israeli prime
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minister this is what the hamas leader had to say. we should call for and we should work on launching an inter thought that in the face of the zionist enemy today there will be half solutions and narrow options let the palestinian people unleash to express their anger and their commitment to their eternal right in jerusalem and all of palestine and. benjamin netanyahu is hailing the trump decision was the mood of the new on this occasion i would like to tell you that we are already in contact with the states that will make a similar recognition and i have no doubt that as soon as the american embassy will move to and even before that many other embassies will move to jerusalem it's about time. the covering all sides of this story will go kimberly how kit is in washington d.c. we've got harder. is in ramallah and the occupied west bank but let's start with
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harry fawcett he is in occupied east jerusalem and howie it's very much as the palestinians have united with one voice on this particular se. but certainly here there has been a good deal of anger and it is just a disbelief of what has happened overnight coming out of the white house and so there has been this ongoing process throughout the day a fairly small scale one has to be said here just outside damascus gate outside the old city here in occupied east jerusalem. the numbers have been relatively small but it has been consistent there have been attempts by the israeli security forces to break up the protest and take away palestinian flags as you were reporting just now this has come after this statement from donald trump and also reporting that the united states had asked israel not to be too triumphalist in its reaction to
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this to be relatively muted an indication that the u.s. knew exactly what the reaction here would be if it did go ahead and make the. declaration. this announcement had been trailed for days now it was up to donald trump to make the case that a wildly controversial move opposed by the palestinians arab states and most of the international community could advance the peace process it would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result therefore i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel trump said he was directing the state department to begin preparations to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv talk of architects and engineers confirming earlier suggestions that this would be a matter of years not days we are not taking
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a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty and slip or the resolution of contested borders before made this speech white house officials were trying to frame it saying that it didn't define the final status of a terrorist well that could still be negotiated between israelis and palestinians in a two state solution if that is what both parties still want it over for the palestinians this is the united states definitively taking sides in this conflict in a prerecorded message the palestinian president said trump was merely encouraging continued occupation. in washington got these denounce and rejected measures create deliberate constraints to all of the efforts towards realizing peace and reflect the united states withdrawal from practicing its role as a peace mediator israel to have repaired its messaging on a day that prime minister benjamin netanyahu called is story called milestone the
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president's decision is an important step towards peace. for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel palestinians living in occupied east jerusalem would have heard little in president trump speech recognizing their own historical connection to the city which they too view is their capital jerusalem is christian churches will have conflict violence and irreparable harm. donald trump made reference to a perceived lack of courage on the part of his predecessors who failed to make this decision now he will have to wait along with the region to see what consequences it brings. so now as the sun is going down the protests here do seem to be dissipating a little bit of course it's only a few months since this area was entirely see that even with protests there were mass protests on the streets after israel placed metal detectors at the entrances to the luxor mosque compound something which as i say brought tens of thousands of
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people onto the streets we spoke to one activist here a little earlier on he was saying it was hard to see that kind of constant momentum that potentially being caused in this instance given that it doesn't have the same religious significance however he was saying that on friday tomorrow there could be a big wave of protests around friday prayers all right harry thank you very for said live in occupied east jerusalem now to abdel-hamid it in occupied west bank you're in ramallah where we've seen already scenes of unrest gathering momentum. yes absolutely i mean now also here. the clashes have dissipated somehow but we have seen several hours of quite vigorous confrontations. and the israeli army the israeli military had announced actually.
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several talian. bag. preparation of what they knew was going to happen and. the palestinians have been warning. they would spill to these trees and they would make their voices loud and clear i have to say that the clashes that we have today have probably been the most intense i have seen over the past few years here and now there were similar scenes pretty much across the. west bank some of the most intense. according to health authorities. people were wounded there have been no deaths. sixteen actually hospitalized. tomorrow friday should be another round of confrontation. where they are face to face with israeli army and then we expect more scenes of
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violence and unrest across the entire. life from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you all reactions coming in from all over the world russia says donald trump's announcement threatens security in the middle east the foreign ministry put out a statement part of which reads. the decisions are now from washington with serious concern we call on. restraint and any action that would be fraught with dangerous and uncontrollable consequences now the chief diplomat frederica. days later head. president trump's announcement. on jerusalem has a very worrying potential impact it has a very fragile context. has the potential to send backwards to even darker times than the ones we are already living in the european union has
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a clear and united position we believe that only realistic solution to the conflict between israel and palestine is based on two states. and with jerusalem as the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine while malaysia's prime minister called on muslims everywhere to reject trumps declaration one of. them as the president of the us and prime minister of malaysia and by all chairman from the party representative members who are here and wherever they are to stand up and express our thoughts out loud so the world can hear the voice of the muslims in malaysia that we strongly reject the decision to make jerusalem the capital of israel. and the been protests in pakistan. is that the demonstration in islamabad. pakistan's foreign office has condemned the u.s. move to shift its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem across pakistan that had
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already anger people are coming out to protest also expected that most of the religious and really taken a part you know likely to have even stronger protests spread across the country and around for friday they say send a wave of indignation through the floor make warre what is important to understand that this indignation is not just limited to the flamage war but the world at large . ready said that despite advice from. the united states decided to act unilaterally and a movie likely to dent u.s. credibility for the and i region where mistrust exists against the united states ok let's go live now to kimberly halkett our white house correspondent he's there in washington d.c. and kimberly the scenes and the condemnation that we've been hearing and seeing can't be coming as a surprise to the white house. no and well we haven't had any
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a fresh reaction from the president we do know he's an avid follower of television news in particular so it's presumed that he is watching this very carefully but for now the most recent tweet from the president has been one to really highlight the praise of his actions so far by a u.s. senator that was present for that vote back in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. that allowed for the declaration of jerusalem as israel's capital and also the planned move of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem now certainly this is something that the president in his speech as well as members of the administration including nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations trying to characterize this really as an act of political courage given the fact that as the senator pointed out in his tweet that was retreated by the president this was put in place in the mid one nine hundred
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ninety s. but no president have till now has had in the view of this trump administration the political courage to act so well this may be horrifying the world in terms of u.s. allies even the political establishment to some extent here in the united states certainly this is a message that the administration is trying to portray that this is fresh thinking when the tactics of the past have not worked this president in his view has now taken an act of courage to try and advance the peace process even though the reaction has been one to the contrary and is there any further indication as to won't this peace process could be we know who the vice president penned is to go to the region next week what else isn't in this new thinking that's coming out of the white house. right we know that the vice president is set to visit israel we believe he may even speak to the knesset many people believe that this is going. to
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be a bit of a sales job in terms of trying to advance what largely has looked from the outside at least like a bit of a stalled peace process effort led in part by the president's son in law jared kirshner now we are told in official lines from the press secretaries as well as the president in various statements he's made in recent weeks that things are happening but there's been absolutely no clarity in terms of what those things he's talking about are and again certainly the reaction to these latest actions has seemed to be sort of counter to those efforts but donald trump has really always said that he would be a disruptive force in washington he promised this on the campaign trail and this message seems largely geared towards keeping that campaign promise ticking off the final checklist in the first twelve months in office to his supporters in order to keep his base of support strong kimberly haokip live at the white house from
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washington d.c. thank you. there's a column here and it's mission accomplished according to russia which says fifty feet in syria. defense. battle terrorism is the french president. hello again as we look at the weather across southern and central china and taiwan whether this is a jury not looking too bad from shanghai don't call his drive at temperatures certainly for me why just eight degrees for shanghai some showers for taiwan and some rain across more northern parts of vietnam it doesn't know particularly heavy at the moment so i think don't be too many problems associated with it so head on through into saturday we should find the showers generally dying away but some
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heavy rain across more southern parts of china and anyway towards parts of bangladesh and a few showers likely across me amar and parts of laos now into south asia and we've got this circulation in the bay of bengal which is producing some pretty heavy rain so i think for calcutta we're going to see rain developing during the course of friday summer's quite heavy temperatures just twenty one degrees across sri lanka southern parts of india is generally looking fine and fine all way up towards delhi to move the forecast on and see that rain pushing in across bangladesh and some of that is likely to be heavy at times just want to showers for caroline tamela do heading across into the arabian peninsula little bit cooler here we've had a weak front just working its way through the gulf so riyadh struggling highs of seventeen but it should be quite a woman in mecca heis here thirty four. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s.
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response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on inside. of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. let's take a look again at our main story here it out is there. have been protests across occupied palestinian territories protests and threw stones and
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tires blocking roads israeli security forces responded with tear gas sixteen palestinians have been wounded so far in different parts of the occupied territories the leader of hamas is calling for a new palestinian uprising following president trance announcement on jerusalem. says the decision was unfair and provocative. now russia says it has defeated eisel in syria declaring that the group has no towns nor settlements left the russian military says his promise used unprecedented force to finish i saw off it says its forces still in syria will now focus on preserving ceasefire and restoring peace let's go live to send a hold or a correspondent who's monitoring developments in syria from beirut and this is quite a statement isn't it to come from the russian military. well yes undoubtedly eisel
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has lost its territory the cities the towns in the villages and the military statement also acknowledging that there are still pockets of resistance but overall the mission has been accomplished now no doubt that has happened in one way or another but the real question is does this mean that the russian military activities have seized in the whole or sheria or just in areas where i still operates because the russian air force has engaged in military activity helping the syrian government fight rebels opposition fighters elsewhere in the country but what is clear in the statement is what russia wants to happen next and that is to launch the political process to enforce cease fires and this is what russia has been trying to do launch this diplomatic drive to convene a syrian people's congress in one way or the other side lining the u.n. sponsored geneva talks about that syrian people's congress was supposed to be held in november but it didn't have enough support it's now pushed to early next year so
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it's clear what russia wants is to turn this military success this intervention into some sort of a diplomatic victory but as of yet it hasn't made much progress and the the perception is being pushed out by president putin and in b. indeed by president assad himself is the fighting pretty much as are the but that's clearly not the case is it in syria in places like eastern ghouta. no the war is not over eastern ghouta an enclave just outside damascus four hundred thousand people live there it is under siege it's been under siege since two thousand and thirteen but since april last year the government launched a major offensive and it closed many routes many smuggling routes so people inside are very desperate and the united nations issuing yet another appeal for medical evacuations saying that they have a list of names of almost five hundred people who need to be urgently evacuated among them children cancer patients and since this list has been drawn up twelve people have died because of the lack of medical access to medical treatment so the
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situation there is very desperate the u.n. saying this is a hellish place and it's not just the siege as of late in the past few weeks there have been nonstop bartman airstrikes two hundred civilians killed in three weeks so definitely the war is not over in this corner of syria and the people who live there say the government is stepping up attacks to pressure us to surrender and to agree to move elsewhere to the north of the country right to know how to live in beirut thank you. now the turkish president is visiting greece it's the first time a turkish head of state has been to greece in sixty five years they are nato allies they have territorial disputes in the. and they disagree over the reunification of the divided island of cyprus and even before he left president called for a revision of the ninety four year old treaty which defines. let's
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go live now to the greek capital our correspondent john psaropoulos is there for us and john this is truly historic isn't it the first time a head of state has been in the greek capital for more than sixty years how did it go. well rather than it being the crowning achievement of a diplomatic process in which certain things declared to be agreed and there is progress it appears more like the beginning of such a process both. laying out the problems that exist bilaterally as they see them as you said the turkish president really did set the tone of these two discussions before he came here he saying that the treaty of one hundred twenty three which greek turkish borders among other things and really created territorially speaking the turkish state needs to be updated it needs to be revised and that prompted a comeback from the greek president as soon as the two men met first thing on
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thursday and that didn't go terribly world because it led to a. mutual demonstration of positions which are simply not compatible the greek position is that the treaty is the bedrock of the greek turkish relationship and mustn't be touched and the turkish point of view is that outlined by mr. so despite the attempts to make this visit seem like a rekindling of. and strategic alliance which also exists between greece and turkey i'm afraid it's the differences that have come to the fore. that they have a particularly the refugee crisis for instance and i think. they do and again on the refugee issue the greek prime minister has said that we do recognize the sacrifices that turkey is making in playing host to
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a million syrians at the turkish president underline that point saying that turkey has spent thirty billion dollars out of its budget over the years in order to do that and what it receives from the european union is a pittance by comparison but greece is here as a european union member as the front line states that would be the first to suffer if the e.u. turkey agreement to restrain large numbers of refugees from crossing the word to break down and greece obviously hold that agreement as being very much within greek interests as well as european interests and greece also wants to act as a mediator between turkey and the rest of the european union because ever since the july twenty sixth. turkey has become extremely isolated from the west from its european allies and from the united states as well so so greece is struggling to
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play that role of moderator because the bilateral problems are the ones that really have risen to the surface and until those a result greece can't appear in the statesman like light the prime minister would wish all right. thank you for now and of course with. president. in greece. now katter and france have signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism as well as fourteen billion dollars worth of deals for more french warplanes armored vehicles and an underground rail network the emir of qatar is hosting the president of france here in doha. and. we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against qatar since day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we are committed
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to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies. more now from our correspondent mohammed. president micron's visit to qatar was briefed just a few hours but apparently it was full of results the two countries have not only struck deals on combating terrorism and in the fields of education but also qatar is going to buy twelve fighter jets from french defense companies along with four hundred and ninety armored vehicles for qatari army but i was also going to give a multi-billion dollar deal to any french railway consortium to build and operate the doha metro system aside from this a two leaders discussed most of the major issues in the region including jerusalem and the crisis in the gulf. has been trying to maintain a neutral stance with regards to the g.c.c. crisis but we know that the president. very early on has called on neighbors to lift the blockade and now he has reiterated the need for all the g.c.c.
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countries to come together to the negotiation table and find a peaceful resolution for this conflict. isn't looking good for chris who are battling huge wildfires in the usa the california where two hundred thousand people have been told to get out of their homes the fires have been moving towards the outskirts of los angeles hundreds of ready been destroyed more strong winds are on the way. elections in the poll of a modify several small bomb explosions other devices were diffused despite the attacks voting was largely peaceful in the final stage of the transition from a monarchy into a federal republic sabina the ripples from the capital katmandu. most of the party voters seem to be undeterred by a series of explosions which marred both campaigning and election day queues started for me and got a menu from early morning to choose state and national assembly this is the second
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phase of elections with more than twelve million eligible voters from forty five districts taking part now living in more remote mountainous areas voted late last month and soon after polls open we've found a ninety eight year old cultural historian who are just cast his ballot people are one step to getting the government of coverage to go back to the most important goal we want to change some new change production. where both political parties have to regroup themselves for these elections into two major alliances the super left alliance of my was former fighters and the communist party unified marxist leninist is competing against the so-called democratic alliance of nepali congress together with former royalist and other small parties new political parties have gained attention they claim to champion a new ethical style of politics in a country which has grown sick of endemic corruption however the new constitution
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sets the bar high for newcomers parties have to win at least three percent votes in the proportional system and one candidate has to win by the first past the post says tim. why should we look at the same old faces we need to give new people a chance. collecting the votes from all over the country and counting them is expected to take several days as well as elected members of parliament for the first time voters are chosing state assembly members however a federal system of government remains controversial federalism received little attention during political campaigning and how the newly elected state governments will function it's one of the big questions going forward several devices were diffused around the country and an explosion in the south that nepal injured six people they lection commission says voting has been mostly peaceful. al-jazeera government.
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i urge. travers a take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera hamas has called for a new uprising against israel after u.s. president donald trump formally recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. they've been protests across the palestinian territories in bethlehem demonstrators threw stones and burnt blocking roads israeli security forces responded with tear gas sixteen palestinians have been wounded so far in different areas. this is hours been looking around ramallah in the occupied west bank thousands are heeding the call to mobilize for three days of rage general strikes in place closing shops businesses and schools and they've been scuffles outside the damascus gate in the old city of occupied east jerusalem offices can be seen removing
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palestinian flags and pushing people away. we should call for and we should work on launching into thought that in the face of the zionist enemy today there will be half solutions and narrow options let the palestinian people unleash to express their anger and their commitment to their eternal right in jerusalem and all of palestine. benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister is hailing decision. on this occasion i would like to tell you that we are already in contact with the states that will make a similar recognition and i have no doubt that as soon as the american embassy will . and even before that many other embassies will be moved. it's about time. and in other news catherine france have signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism as well as fourteen billion dollars worth of deals for more french warplanes vehicles on the underground rail
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network the america is hosting the president of france here in doha. is not looking good for crews battling huge wildfires in the u.s. state of california where two hundred thousand people have been forced out of their homes. those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up the stream. a serious debate. from this time. in the stream how do you. and our brain is actually hold.


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