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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international least of threatened species. growing green bacteria in the boards in super heated gas escaping from book chemical in iceland this is really the heart of innovation in the for what happened to experiments proceeds during and. because how counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing cult using nature on the scientific on the back of my maintains the i just have to contend. this story. morning is funerals a hell for people who died in clashes following demonstrations in gaza on friday.
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and on the diplomatic front the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. hello i'm maryanne demasi and under and you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. saakashvili rearrested georgia's former president goes on a hunger strike saying he's the victim of a politically motivated ploy. a federal emergency is declared as wildfires tathra california homes are destroyed and thousands forced to flee. the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss donald trump's formal recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital u.s. president's decision has been widely condemned by governments around the world and
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has also led to protests across the middle east. meanwhile funerals are also being held for two hamas fighters and two protesters who were killed on friday. they were killed by israeli airstrikes and shootings in gaza elsewhere in the occupied west bank have been violent confrontations between protesters and israeli forces. well now the leader of egypt's coptic church has declined to meet president trump's deputy in response to the now it's meant on wednesday the church is excused itself from hosting my pants when he visits the region later this month in a statement it says trump's decision did not take into account the feelings of millions of arab people palestinian president mahmoud abbas has also refused to meet hence the more we can speak to the abdel-hamid who is in ramallah and so what more we learn from this arab league meeting in terms of how the palestinians might
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approach this now. well we just heard a short while ago from the palestinian foreign minister and the message there was very clear very much in line with what we heard from the palestinian representative when he spoke yesterday at the u.n. security council the issue is that the u.s. as far as the palestinians are concerned cannot be any more a broker in the peace process it has taken one side and as the minister said it is part it's on the side of the aggressor now there was also he was also he went as far as also saying that when it comes to resume lucian's on the israeli palestinian conflict that may happen in the future well because the u.s. is now. a party in this issue in this problem. that it has lost its veto power to security council now i think what we're going to
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hear from the foreign ministers once they finish their meeting and they come up with their statement is what the palestinians have been saying that regardless of what trump has announced regardless of the fact that he declared jerusalem the capital of israel and the move of the embassy well it doesn't change the facts on the ground it doesn't change the fact that. jerusalem is an occupied city since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven it doesn't change the fact that the international community does not agree on that and the palestinians feel very strong about their position and the backing they go to the security council yesterday they're quite confident they will get that same backing at the arab league today and then on wednesday there will be another conference in istanbul this time of the organization of islamic conference where they also are quite confident you have that backing i was speaking earlier to
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a senior palestinian official and he was telling me we have to hammer our point make sure. that the international community is on board this is actually the time for us to rethink the whole relationship not only with the u.s. but also with israel our whole relationship to hold when we went about the peace process bring go on board as many other countries as we can and also send a message to other countries who might be whom i'd be who might want to follow suit over what the u.s. did the palestinians are saying that the americans are putting pressure on several other countries to also declare jerusalem as a capital so they want to make sure that their message is heard loud and clear hundred thank you very much and i'm jill hamid in ramallah said it sounds speak to correspondent alan fischer he joins us from occupied east jerusalem and so yesterday alan that area was relatively calm to the confrontations we saw elsewhere
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how have the events unfolded today. well there was a protest in saladin street which is the main shopping area lot of people go there on the saturday i've been there it is packed it's very hard to walk along the pavement the routes are normally busy as well it is about half a kilometer from where i'm standing and they decided that they were going to organize a protest there no it started on time it was just a small group of people they came out with a poster of jerusalem itself and their intention was to walk here to the damascus gate or to herod's gate they hadn't decided which one they got no farther than fifteen meters and they were blocked by soldiers and police who told them they had no permit to march and therefore the protest was essentially over that obviously got people a bit angry there were things exchange of words people were on the pavement they were getting angry talking to the police telling them leave no right to do this and then the police moved then the started to push people back and when people got
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angry with that they then brought in the horses that led to a lot of terrified people the horses coming down the pavement close to people trying to break up the crowds which it dead also created a lot of anger and a lot of panic in the crowd as well what we then saw was over a period of about three hours of the protesters sometimes throwing stones sometimes throwing water bottles at the police the police responding with sound good needs and we are told there were several injuries recorded from rubber coated steel bullets as well that were fired by the security services know as this tune from went on over several hours we also saw people who went dressed in any security force uniform but had been taking pictures showing their pictures to the police identifying people that they thought were stormed through or suddenly we saw what would be described to snatch scores of people receive up the street to try and grab hold of them we're told that thirteen people were arrested there were a number of injuries as well but this went on for several hours once the darkness came it seemed to calm things down but there is still an era of tension in the area
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still in the end of concern and of course the what he is that these protests will. for days and weeks to come i was going to ask is there an anticipation that we will see the clashes and what does that mean for the security presence in and around the area. well i asked people who were there i said what do you want to achieve from this what's the what's the endgame and they said we know what we're doing today which is telling america we think they made a bad decision we think they made a decision what's the peace process and we think we made a decision which was clearly against the people of palestine and so they're very angry and all they wanted to do was to make sure that their voices were heard on the streets of jerusalem on saturday afternoon that they were coming out to make sure that the israelis and the americans knew that they weren't happy with the decision that had come they are no looking to the leaders in the palestinian authority and also much further afield to give them leadership of where this is
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going to go to see where the diplomatic battle on this front will go and they were heartened by the fact that the palestinian authority said they will not meet mike pence when he comes here. to israel and to the occupied territories in the coming days they were also heartened to hear as you said as the head of the coptic church in egypt will not meet mike pence as well they see him coming here to try and say this is why i don't know trump made the decision they don't see any question of him reversing that decision and really knowing donald trump and the daughter of white house i think there is no chance of him reversing this decision because it takes a big box of a promise that he made on the campaign trail and so that tension isn't going to go away very easily simply because we don't see this decision being reversed it's not going to be reversed by protests on the street they don't see but they do want to make sure that their voices continue to be heard thanks very much and fishing occupy east jerusalem with me now in the studio is our senior political analyst marwan bashar and said picking up on the point that i was making them are one the
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palestinian authority refusing to meet vice president mike pence when he comes to the region we've also had the palestinians say that. that decision on jerusalem quit completely disqualifies the u.s. from playing any future role but is it so straightforward so simple to exclude the u.s. from any future process no it's going to be quite challenging especially because the by the sea of authority has been quite dependent on the united states for the last quarter of a century but you know like every. every young. creature twenty five years late that probably it is time for the palestinian authority to get on its own and to for a chart a way that is independent of the united states but the question of pence has a very special quotations i mean he is already of course the vice president of the united states but for a lot of us who've been observing what's been going on in washington this past year
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pence doesn't present a set an evangelical orientation influence on the trump administration and i think what we've seen from president trump is on the one hand the pressures of the israeli lobby and on the other hand the pressure of the event jellicoe christian right so for mr pence to justify american decision on good in jerusalem and to base it on the bible on an on the bible you know we move the longwave three four hundred years since secularism took place or took the place of christianity as the decider of international relations so for for my pains to come back now and to say that american decisions in international relations will be based not on international law but on the bible that's a manger a slap in the face to international legality and for that matter for the entire muslim world and we're hearing also about the palestinian authority. reforming
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itself or evolving into a different type of body that may be. more wide ranging but how much pressure now is there on the palestinian leadership to bring about a significant major shift in strategy you know one of the one of the main reasons why the various policy of factions especially the islamists hamas and the more secular fatah the do not unite was because of american pressure america did not want to see that unity come through it wanted always to have the more secular more moderate more. dependent. remains separate from hamas but now that there is no american pressure percent say i think we've already heard the policies say that they will they will rush the unification that's very important because as long as the participants are divided they're not going to be able to have any meaningful strategy moving forward if by tomorrow we hear some
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serious announcement not only declarations of intentions but real actionable steps on the part of various palestinian factions to say look no we only have ourselves to save ourselves from the mess we are in we can't depend on the united states unless they say that i think we're going to see once again the united states dictating to the palestinians what they must do when they must do it and what might the international response then be to this sort of rebirth of the palestinian leadership we know that they want more of a multilateral approach that they don't want to see a situation that is only dictated by the u.s. will then again you know this was the. fascinating seon yesterday at the u.n. security council is when we watched the israeli ambassador holding a coin and tried to build that entire argument titian on a coin while the palestinian ambassador was saying i am talking about millions of palestinians i'm talking about hundreds of thousands of residents of jerusalem that
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are not jewish and that they deserve a place in jerusalem when we saw the united states so isolated at the united nations security council so in fact the palestinians now have everyone in the world from bolivia to the united kingdom as allies in their. end their strategy to say we are the more multilateral more legal let's stick more comprehensive approach to the question of israel palestine away from the aggression of the united states against the palestinian people as we've seen in that decision to basically ignore the other unit them on the question of jerusalem thank you they are watching out is there a much more to tell you about this half hour as we are hearing tensions rising in the west bank create a look back at the first palestinian uprising known as the intifada thirty years on . thousands pour into the streets in paris and farewell to the man known as the
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french. hello again is tending cooler now for some of us in parts of china you can see shanghai getting to thirteen degrees there on sunday but you can also see the winds firing down from the north and then make sure it's not quite that mild as we head through into monday so the temperatures dropping off a little bit further this time no higher than eleven degrees further south of course in hong kong we should get to around twenty three you see the winds feeding in the moisture towards viet-nam so there will be a bit more cloud around her noise and the chance of a shower more of a chance on tuesday too as we head towards the west here is our tropical cycling that's gradually tracking its way towards the north it doesn't have particularly strong winds but it does have some very heavy rain associated with it so for the
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eastern policy of india particularly around cold cuts of there it looks like it's going to be very wet but that rain gradually begin to pull away during the day on sunday then bangladesh will see the heavy downpours this is a region that's normally roll the draw at this time of year so if you're unprepared you could have an issue with flooding eventually though that will move away a monday does look an awful lot drier just a few residual showers here but instead we're going to see another system for the north you can see it here very heavy downpours turning to snow as you might expect over the mountains and as it sweeps its way eastwards is bringing rain. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and discovers the consequence is a us president. can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely and
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just against. a bush. trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al jazeera. welcome back your challenges there are lots of take you on the top stories the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss u.s. president donald trump's formal recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital funerals have been held for two hamas fighters and two protesters who were killed by israeli as strikes in shootings in gaza on friday. and trump's declaration on
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jerusalem has led to the needer of egypt's coptic church to decline a meeting with vice president mike pence who is due to travel to the region in a few weeks. now it's been thirty years since the first palestinian uprising known as the intifada began in gaza it became a watershed moment in palestinian resistance to israeli occupation but in the years that have paused the situation has become what's on it smith reports from gaza. the first intifada was sparked by the deaths of four palestinians in december nine hundred eighty seven. by the time it ended in one nine hundred ninety three more than one thousand one hundred people had died sixteen thousand people had been detained palestinians had already spent two decades struggling with the injustice of living under israeli occupation. intifada mark the first time palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance the protests evolved from
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boys throwing rocks and people marching to fighters attacking israeli soldiers and military targets palestinians went on strike and boycotted israeli products yet to demand the police pursued our young people because they refused to turn themselves in. so the intifada was called by a number of groups affiliated with the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. . the group hamas stepped in as well saying on the resistance was the only effective resistance to israeli occupation. from the moment hamas shifted from a peaceful resistance to an armed when israel started to feel the real power of the intifada. israel's military back thousands of palestinians were arrested on in one thousand nine hundred to four hundred twenty five many of them hamas members were exiled to lebanon former political prisoners
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say the israelis tortured them. did it i didn't get a lot in my feet were tied under an iron chair during interrogation bay hit me in the stomach in genitals. the second intifada began in two thousand when al sharon visited x. a mosque in jerusalem he was leader of the opposition likud party at the time and said every israeli have the right to go there. palestinians outraged. is one of the holiest sites in islam more than three thousand palestinians and one thousand israelis died over the next five years this is the spot in jabalya refugee camp where the first intifada started thirty years ago an israeli patrol who was surrounded by hundreds of teenage boys in the soldiers ran for cover into these buildings here and from there fired indiscriminately into the crowds and since then life for the palestinians here has only gotten worse there are virtually no
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opportunities for the young people here with gaza and the blockade the malice to me and he will tell you that after twenty five years almost all of the talks with the israelis they've seen nothing to come from the furnace with al-jazeera gas. iraq's prime minister has declared the end of the war against i sell in iraq hyderabad he says iraqi troops are now in complete control of the iraqi syrian border it follows an iraqi forces operation to push the last i saw fight has out of the area. u.s. president donald trump is visiting jackson mississippi for the opening of a civil rights museum event has been mined in controversy with a number of civil rights leaders deciding to boycott the event because they say the president has a record of racial division i have cited trump blaming both sides for the violence a shot at still romney and his criticism of n.f.l. players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racism more in the story
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gable of his own that joins us live from jackson mississippi this yet more control the sea sponsored by visit how people are feeling now what do they think about this trip. yeah it really has been controversial no doubt about it and there are a lot of civil rights leaders that have simply boycotted trump's visit here to this civil rights museum and to give you an idea the mayor of this town jackson mississippi is an african-american man he himself has boycotted trump's visit here this is the opening of a very important museum that lays out decades of civil rights struggle for african-americans here and it was an important opening of this museum but just in the last few days the white house said trump was going to be here and it certainly caused quite a bit of controversy lots of civil rights leaders saying they just simply don't want to be here and won't be here so long as a trump is here and others actually to separate events trump is going to be speaking here within the next hour or so at
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a private gathering here at the museum but outside is a more public gathering as well trump will not speak speaking here it's just a lot of african-americans have just said that they just don't think trump has been a friends to african-americans that he hasn't done enough to bridge the racial divide in america since he's become president and that's why they say many say that he's just simply not welcome here that he's at least they feel uncomfortable being here at this important museum opening while trump is attending here as well. so it just goes once again to show that in some sectors a trump still continues to be a very controversial of president especially for african-americans so he's not welcome that a great many people are not happy about him attending the event and it's being boycotted by civil rights leaders why is trump making this trip yeah. yeah and i should say you know he's welcomed here by many people in the state he won
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this state in the election so i want to make that very clear but you bring up a very good point is that the national association of the advancement of colored people the most important national organization fighting for civil rights for african-americans black americans and they are not here and they asked trump not to show up so to go to your question why is he coming then because he feels it's important he wants to be here and under any normal circumstances the president would be very welcome here in opening of a museum such as this a trump feels very strong that he wants to be here he wants to address people here and but he's going to be doing it in a very private manner and then going back to florida for the rest of the rest of the day but white house bases that he wanted to be here they want him to be here and so as a president he came and it should be noted that the governor of this state invited him to be here too so it's simply a matter of some sectors very important civil rights activists saying even though the governor invite him they don't necessarily agree with it thank you very much
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deborah i was under and jack from the. the former president of georgia has gone on hunger strike and ukrainian detention center according to his lawyer michael saakashvili was rearrested in ukraine four days after his supporters freed him from a police van he says the charges against him a politically motivated me to shop has mall. we have saakashvili was rearrested late on friday following a police raid on an apartment block in kiev the former president of georgia had been hiding there since his escape from custody after being arrested on tuesday. had been fronting of his campaign to and preach ukrainian president petro poroshenko criticizing his failure to hold corruption. secretary's press secretary confirmed his arrest was the lizard that. really was detained and now judging from the number of policemen he has kept there they don't let anyone in i don't know who
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managed to get in that i can't get in there at his press secretary i hope there are lawyers in there and more of our people. dozens of supporters gathered outside the detention center vowing to stay until his release. they are trying to set up a regime like bottom brush or umbrella reese here if people don't rise up against it now ukraine is finished it will be no fight with corruption no change and no investment because no one will want to give money to a corrupt country like in extraordinary scenes on tuesday ukrainian security agents dragged the former leader from neighboring georgia across a rooftop of the seizing him from his home in kiev then bundled him into a police bus i before he could be driven away supporters managed to free him four days after the botched attempt to take him into custody police tracked him down on friday. back in custody again his future looks
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bleak. he's now stateless because he's been stripped of his ukrainian and georgian citizenship and he faces extradition back home to georgia worries wanted to face corruption charges allegations which are denied he is also denying the accusations in ukraine and a started a hunger strike in an effort to clear his name peter shop al jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has declared a federal emergency in california where the was bushfires in years a still raging president has promised additional government help to rebuild charred homes six wildfires are burning in the state's south forcing two hundred thousand people to flee their homes some though are returning to charred ruins of more on this let's speak to allan show in los angeles and allan what do we know about what he has about weather conditions there are there fears that things could get worse still. absolutely that's what we're all looking at here is weather conditions
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what's going to happen in the next thirty six or forty eight hours unfortunately the national weather service is saying that they're expecting that winds will pick up through the weekend all the way through to sunday night in some cases predicting winds as high as eighty or ninety kilometers an hour and again those are winds blowing out of the desert interior of southern california they're very common in the winter in this part of the world very hot very dry winds that blow down through the coastal canyons so if there's any ignition source at all for a fire they're the kind of thing that can just make those fires explode and that's what we've seen all week long here in california and in different places stretching from santa barbara cleared out of the mexican border those conditions they just erupt and then the fires push through the canyons into neighborhoods we've seen hundreds of homes burned last report i saw with that ten thousand people down near
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san diego to the south still under evacuation orders at this point evacuation the shelters where people can go are set up in various different communities in different cities along this fire line firefighters though have made some progress over the last twenty four hours yesterday was relatively calm the winds died down the humidity came up a bit and that gave them a chance to divert resources from just protecting homes protecting structures and protecting people and actually attack the fire so they've been very aggressive in dousing flames creating fire lines protecting neighborhoods and resident dental areas and that kind of thing so they are making some progress on many fronts the biggest concern the fire that's burning down near san diego and another one that's northwest of l.a. that's the biggest the thomas fire that's burning in ventura county that one can. when used to grow but it is burning into national forest land for the most part
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areas that are not populated so we're at a holding point here marian things were pretty good for the last twenty four hours the next forty eight will see what the weather does. in los angeles thank you. thousands of people have lined the streets of paris to bid farewell to the man known as the french elvis seventy four year old johnny holiday died on wednesday from lung cancer seven hundred mostly by exist course at the rock star's coffin down the iconic sean city say is memory more oil service was attended by french stars and politicians how they sold more than one hundred million records during his career. a look at the top stories for you now the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss donald trump's formal recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the us president's decision has been widely condemned by governments around
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the world and has led to protests and several countries where we have. shot the philistine america is being an aggressor against the palestinian people and against international law the american administration through this decision has positioned itself as a party in a dispute and not as a mediator this cannot give america any rights to play any role in the peace process with the funerals of an alpha to hamas fighters and to protest as that were killed by israeli asked rights and shootings in gaza on friday elsewhere in the occupied west bank at been violent confrontations between protesters and israeli forces persistence of also taking to the streets of paris to voice their anger at the plans for the israeli prime minister to visit the city benjamin netanyahu is set to meet the president of france emmanuel macron later this week. trump's declaration on jerusalem has led to the leader of egypt's coptic church to
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decline a meeting with the vice president mike pence and visit the region later this month and president mahmoud abbas has also refused to meet him. on now moving to our other top stories this hour the former president of georgia has gone on a hunger strike any of cranium detention center according to his lawyer. he was rearrested in ukraine four days after his supporters freed him from a police van he says the charges against him optimistic a motivated. iraq's prime minister has declared to be an end to the war against i still in iraq body says iraqi troops are now in complete control of the iraqi syria border it follows an operation by iraqi forces to push the last ice the fight is out of the area the announcement marks the end of the three year war to drive eisel out of iraq. and u.s. president donald trump has declared a federal emergency in california where the worst bushfires in years
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a still raging trump as promised additional government help to rebuild charred homes six wildfires are burning in the state's south forcing some two hundred thousand people to flee their homes or up to date with all of our top stories i'll have a full willison for you in about twenty five minutes time but that's off to people in power which starts now. where the person trumps first search and office was a leader to prevent usa to to going.


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