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separation on. the north and the south these dualisms are part of history. yemen the north south divide this time. is a. composite test of victims of the congolese mass and. as the intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into that achievement. and the people and a nation critical of recent history. to look to see that it is time. to get a response and leaders of muslim countries meet in istanbul to discuss the u.s.
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recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and on the caucuses live from doha also coming up in the program a secular state rex tillerson says the u.s. is ready for talks with north korea without condition. loss of face for donald trump off his favorite counter the boy all new since the alabama senate race to his democratic rival. plus the philippine congress votes to extend martial law on the southern island of mindanao. so that leaders from the muslim world a gathering in istanbul for talks on u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital extraordinary meeting by the organization of islamic cooperation was called by techies president bush at top but about to send. what he calls
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a strong message follows talks on the issue between leaders of saudi arabia and jordan in riyadh on tuesday trump's decision last week was met with condemnation and protests the latest demonstrations were held outside the u.s. embassy in tel aviv and there's been violence during protests in the occupied palestinian territory all week at least four palestinians have been killed and dozens injured in confrontations with israeli security forces well we have standing by and occupied east jerusalem but first let's go to the how to tell you who's in istanbul where the meeting has just started and my what we expect from this meeting . well nic the meeting of foreign ministers has just totted on a little later the summit of heads of state is expected to begin it's expected to culminate in the issuing of a formal position this is what turkey which holds the current leadership of the
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organization of islamic countries wants to achieve its say it wants to encourage their countries that are funding the summit to recognize is children the capital of palestine now the whole of the fifty seven countries that are members of the organization of islamic countries forty eight percent of the summit sixteen of them are head of state level on the other ministerial an ambassadorial level but just even before the summit began the turkish foreign minister muchos has criticized some arab countries for what he called a weak response to the u.s. decision to recognize to the capital of israel what turkey wants for jihad here is a common position among the islamic world but that has been elusive so far unity among the muslim countries has so far been elusive. thanks very much indeed what
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will come back to you as that meeting progress is during the course of the morning there in istanbul let's join her forces who's in occupied east jerusalem and harry house meeting being perceived. the the the meeting here there hasn't been much reaction to that so far but so there has been a call for a another day of rage from palestinian factions across the occupied west bank and here in occupied east jerusalem so far the protests here in occupied east jerusalem haven't been of the scale that we've seen in other parts of the occupied palestinian territories however there have been some scuffles with police in recent days and security forces and the that the general reaction continues to be one of anger and extreme frustration the move by donald trump now nearly a week ago to declare what they see as their capitalism vitally important religious
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symbol you can see the mosque compound known to jews as the temple mount behind me and also a vitally important national symbol that the capital of their future state that they still want to see in a potential two state solution which the palace in the ship is now saying is looking increasingly difficult to achieve if not untenable according to one of the the key members of that leadership so what i think palestinians here are looking for is some kind of unified response coming out of this at this conference in istanbul today but also with a fair bit of pessimism as to the long term effects of this time declaration ari thanks very much indeed harry falls there in east jerusalem we will of course follow that meeting as it progresses. now the u.s. secretary of state says says his country is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson statement deviates from the previous u.s.
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position that demands north korea must disarm before any talks can be healthy he also said the u.s. has been in talks with china is nuclear program despite tennyson's call for dialogue the white house says that president donald trump's views on north korea have not changed state of course when it was in jordan has more now from washington d.c. the u.s. secretary of state spoke extensively about the question of north korea and its nuclear weapons program at an event that was meant to focus just on that very global issue he was speaking in washington on tuesday afternoon and he indicated what many people are interpreting as a big change in u.s. foreign policy the idea that the u.s. is willing to sit down with north korea without preconditions if only to get the conversation started here's what the secretary had to say we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk any time north korea would like to talk and we
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are ready to have the first baiting without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around table if that's what you're shouting about but can we at least sit down and see each other face to face but it's important to note that what rex tillerson was saying does not mean that the u.s. is changing its fundamental position record north korea according to washington should not have any nuclear weapons at all and that's washington's endgame in any sort of negotiation but they have to come to the table and they have to come to the table with a view that they do want to make a different choice. in the meantime our military preparedness is strong also it's worth pointing out that the u.s. by itself cannot just go ahead and negotiate some sort of denuclearization deal
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with the north koreans this falls under the auspices of the united nations and it's a situation where the u.s. would have to certainly consult with two of north korea's neighbors russia and china they also happen to sit on the u.n. security council and have a vested interest in making certain that not only does north korea comply with existing resolutions which basically ban it from having nuclear warheads or ballistic missiles but also making certain that their own people in their own territory are facing this existence will threat from north korea late on tuesday however the white house issued a statement essentially saying that the u.s. president donald trump still sees north korea as an existential threat not just to the united states but to its closest neighbors south korea japan russia and china and he insisted in this white house statement that the toughest possible measures need to be used against pyongyang in order to persuade it to give up its nuclear
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weapons program once and for all. for the first time in twenty five years democrats have won the senate race in the u.s. state of alabama doug jones defeated roy moore controversial republican condit who's been accused of sexual misconduct and was publicly endorsed by president donald trump but judge roy moore is demanding a recount she ever tuns reports now from i mean there are even many of the election night policy but democrat doug james have been dead to expect to win alabama's special senate election but he did say i have always believed that the people of alabama had more in common than the divided so why we are we are somehow not just around the state of alabama so we asked sure on the contrary the law we were on i will.
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however judge roy moore wasn't conceding the losing mulligan when the race was cooled was one of the health dissent yet his campaign invoked an alabama law a political promotion of political sense of the calls for a mandatory recount thank you you know i i really want to thank you for coming tonight and realize when the vote is this close it is not over and we still got to go by the rules about this recount provision and the secretary of state his explained to us and we're expecting the press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is if the result does stand judge roy moore would have lost a reliably republican state where usually his swaggering brand of right wing politics his racist statements his staunch opposition to a woman's right to choose should have been acceptable for an easy win against a democratic party candidates but not this time president trump was quick to tweet
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his congratulations to doug jones in a particularly gracious message considering how much each state's own this race. thank you if the jones is certified as the wind up the republican legislative agenda will now be even more difficult to pass in the senate and the fishes between the extreme right wing of the party which back on the republican establishment will intensify the democrats this bodes well for the congressional elections next year counts on running against alleged child abusers in every state they will have to put together a bonus at my home that actually appeals to the ages in the deep south seattle times the al-jazeera birmingham alabama. all right still ahead here a form of facebook executives warning about social media action plus a look at how melting sea ice and remote question kind of that is pushing the bats and humans closer to.
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hello there all storm is now moving away from europe you can see it on the satellite picture is quite hard to make out what is within this massive cloud it is working its way towards the northeast clearly is still dragging a lot of cloud behind it and it certainly left its mark we saw very strong winds in portugal spain this picture is from must say in the south of france we've also got another picture from corsica so clearly we saw some very destructive winds then and that system has fortunately moved away towards the northeast and the winds are easing however it's still bringing this trading leg of cloud with it and that's bringing a still a fair amount of rain and a fair amount of snow too behind that there's only a small break for the next system it's working in from the atlantic of course nowhere near as vicious but this one will still bring us some wet and windy weather as we head through wednesday and into thursday i mean further towards the south and
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we've seen a few showers from the same storm where their way into the northern part of tunisia so here we've been seeing some showers more still to come on wednesday those eventually begin to clear away though as we head into thursday and then the temperatures will recover a bit so this time we'll get to around eighteen degrees towards the west already fine and settle for us here with a band looking at a maximum temperature of around a seventy. trans decision to recognize the city is in israel. for the first time twenty five
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years democrats in the u.s. state of alabama have won the senate race changes defeated roy moore a controversial republican candidate who's accused of child sexual abuse that was openly endorsed by donald trump is demanding a recount. the u.s. secretary of state says that washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions to listen made the comments despite the white house reaffirming president donald trump's views on north korea have not changed. well despite the call for a diplomatic resolution to listen made certain that the u.s. cannot accept a nuclear armed north korea joining that speech in washington he said that the u.s. has assured china that if u.s. forces had to cross north woods of the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas it would retreat back south once debility return he mentioned that beijing is taking steps to prepare for the possibility of a mass influx of refugees fleeing from the regime and he went on to say that while
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china is fully implementing sanctions u.s. president trump would like to see beijing cut off oil supplies to north korea. for more on this we're joined by jim brown who is in beijing and adrian what has china been saying about these comments. well interestingly nick china's government has neither confirmed or denied what the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been saying about these camps that china was supposedly going to build in the north east of the country but there was a report on shoes day in the new york times which went into great detail about the preparations china was apparently now making now the report is based on an internal document from a telecommunications company here in china which says that it was approached by a government official which wanted to know what the internet reception was like in the mobile phone reception in the areas where they were thinking of putting these refugee camps now we understand we're talking about three villages and two cities
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so that would you know lead you to assume that actually china is looking at accommodating several hundred thousand refugees i think it's a sign that china really is beginning to prepare for a worst case scenario but you know as one government official has also said it would be unusual if china wasn't taking these sort of preparations now given the way the crisis on the korean peninsula is starting to unfold last week actually a newspaper in northeast china published really details of what people should do to try to prepare for the eventuality of a nuclear attack saying they should give them advice for instance on how to brush off radioactive dust from exposed body parts and from their shoes and to take iodine tablets this sort of thing and saying that you know after the nuclear bomb was dropped on hiroshima in one thousand nine hundred five seventy thousand people died but then adding on honestly the weapons being used today are
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a lot more lethal but making no mention of north korea and south korea's president is now in beijing i understand would you say it's a sign that there's a more of a unified approach to the diplomacy in attempts to resolve this crisis. well nic i certainly think of the moment we have diplomacy happening at multiple levels a delegation from russia's defense ministry has arrived in pyongyang today south korea's president is in china now he's here for one reason only and that's to talk about north korea and how diplomacy perhaps can be brought to bear to try and rein in north korea both china and north and south korea believe that to plumas see can work they don't believe in the military option at least this is one area where south korea and china have some sort of common ground because of course relations between these two neighbors have been very strained in recent months because of the deployment of the missile anti missile defense system which china is so opposed to
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because it has a very powerful radar in china believes it's a threat to its national security so what has brought these two leaders together is the specter of war on the korean peninsula and now we have to see in the coming days where the china and south korea can sort of come to a common agreement on how to deal with with the north of the moment that hasn't been possible because of the strains over the missile system certainly interesting development agency is very much a general reporting there from beijing. now the philippine congress has approved a one year extension of martial law in the southern and mcginn dunno president with regard to he said it's necessary for the eradication of eisel linked groups and communist fighters despite the carrying the city of liberated in october military rule was imposed across the region six months ago after hundreds of gunman seized control of more of the city and more than a thousand people from fighters were killed and three hundred fifty thousand people
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were displaced by the unrest let's go live to jamila island and he's in manila jim leyland so what do you make of this a president who says he clearly feels it has more work to be done. well yes that is the claim. the hierarchy of the philippine military and its legal counsel earlier today they presented several reasons why mark promise to be extended for a full year after december thirty one two thousand and fifteen that even though my raul has already ready been liberated five bills over in different parts of mindanao not a single civilian from mindanao was allowed to present answer her voice today and congress voted overwhelmingly in favor of this now i'm outside the congress now where we have to look you know muslim very angry human rights workers activists here are saying that basically this equipment was always arianism that the justification for a one year old mark is simply not and now there are only three reasons why the
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constitution allows martial law there is a fine and a. and that even the period of that is only within sixty days now one other issue here nick is that there is not an oversight committee that is looking at how martial law will be implemented in mindanao the whether the checks and balances and whether abuses will be avoided now we know that the philippine the president of the will do that to now control the supermajority in congress and those against him in the senate is clearly outnumbered by his supporters. but it remains to be seen how very well in fact in fact its popularity apart from there is there's not much resistance now given that the stars are practically them so they expect them to just live there and to and the judiciary next july just just briefly if you would i'm curious to know what exactly martial law actually means for those living in that region. well it means basically that.
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the military is able to conduct warrantless iran that that suspense and of a lot of civil government actually will fall within the hands of the ministry this is basically military rule you know where as a situation that is not supposed to be normalized will be normalized this is a very precarious situation because a lot of civilians are actually saying that they have been suffering from human rights abuses committed by the ministry but the minute she complains it's not a single complaint has reached them now with spoken to activists here who say they worry that a one year extension of martial law or they are military rule will mean a one year extension of violence from civilians with jews who suffer silently or which is to leave knowing they don't have a point and no really they don't even have representatives our lawmakers that was practical they in fact represent them well what is important to note here that a lot of congress congressman lawmakers even voted overwhelmingly in favor of
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military rule nic. thanks very much indeed to my reporting there from manila front associate summit for the leaders of foley for african countries members of what's known as the sahal g five they're expected to discuss ways to support a new joint force to fight all groups in this whole region. valda has more. earlier this year the governments of mali chad booking a fast one mauritania agreed to form a joint military force known as the g five it's made up of five thousand soldiers divided into seven battalions their mission is to conduct cross border combat operations targeting armed groups including ice on boko haram and our branch in the sahara region of western north africa agreement came after five years of discussion and files was the main driver behind the idea announcing the launch of the g five plus operations over a month ago french president manuel mccall sounded optimistic yeah it put me as
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a bit ass ume the first operations are said to be launched within days and they demonstrate that we could collectively meet the deadline that we set in bamako which is for me a source of satisfaction we must maintain the same level of collective rigor the support of the international community for the joint force is reinforced as well with the eligible of significant bilateral support from the americans. across has made security in the saddle his top priority his first visit abroad was to the region shortly after he was sworn in in may france already has four thousand soldiers in this region but it has stressed the africans should take security matters into their own hands for this to happen so i had governments demanded funds arms logistics and military expertise france pledged huge quantities of military gear and nearly two hundred and thirty million dollars over the next five years the e.u. and the u.s. have each over the around sixty million dollars the u.s.
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military has maintained a strong presence across africa over the years four of its soldiers were recently killed during an attack in asia. but in mali where most of the fighting takes place nationalist movement seeking some fall in the north criticised the western g five military approach. and whatever we think that we're alone will not bring a solution there must be some kind of dialogue also as a local movement we haven't been included in the g. five project we think that will not help the situation it's we who are on the ground we know how to talk or deal with people so for now the saddle is teaming with thousands of you and peacekeepers french troops e.u. advisers u.s. military trainers and drone operators but armed groups are still launching attacks across the region african and western leaders meeting in party someone is they will be looking to see if the new african led g five force will make a difference become a divide. the former facebook executive says social media is ripping society
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apart. who headed facebook's user growth expressed regret for his part in building tools that he said destroying the social fabric of how society works recommend people take a break from social media thing addiction to it is a global problem facebook has responded directly to its former employee it said in a statement a child with has not been at facebook for over six years when child with was at facebook we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing facebook around the world facebook was a very different company back then and as we've grown we've realized how our responsibilities have grown to what david weinberger is a senior researcher on internet and society at harvard university and he argues that social media networks having both a positive and a negative impact on how people interact. i think it is in some ways quite
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a drastic change because it is liberated relationships from from geography used to be that you you knew the people who were near you and when you moved or they moved you lost track of them. that it allows people to react or gate themselves around relationships that otherwise would have been forgotten so you were on your old high school friends and you moved away and until until the internet you never saw those people again now all of your social the relationships stay with you forever and that by itself is a huge change it also enables people to gather around shared interests not just around shared geography and that is that those are ethical changes that have both some very very bad things but also i think we are starting to forget just how good some of those changes are as well around seven thousand five hundred as a still touching wildfires that have swept through the u.s. state of california burning an area large of the new york city at least one person has died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the five it's been almost
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a thousand square kilometers of land then just wind gusts and dry weather conditions have been hampering efforts to contain it as leaders debate the best way forward on climate change in paris one canadian community is trying to manage its effect on polar beds the town of churchill on the banks of hudson bay is known as the polar bear capital of the world but melting sea ice is force a bed to spend more time places to where people live don't you let reports now from churchill in manitoba. in all terrain buses known as tundra buggies you can see polar bears where they live on the gusty snow covered permafrost of northern canada these expeditions aren't cheap but for those prepared to pay and brave the cold a sighting of these magnificent creatures is almost a sure thing so these vehicles have gathered in front of two male birds that look to be getting ready to do something called again now what they actually do is get
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themselves in shape by mock fighting where they spend the winter out on the ice of hudson's bay i think. is the term lords of the arctic they're the largest carnivore that exists in north america they're big they're majestic and they live in an extreme environment and they're bred up to do it and they do very well though they mostly prey on seals just off shore polar bears are increasingly attracted to what humans throw into garbage dumps the also attack pets and occasionally people bear patrols are part of life here you resort to the shotgun robber cottages or this one is a part of a repeating riot as a critically endangered species bears can't be killed communities have to find ways to frighten them away when they stray too close your options to get ahead of the curve are there in terms of managing the waste and the sources of organic smiles
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there will always be potable as a few polar bears coming up to the back porch when they're really desperate and that's where you need to patrol back up guys with the graduated responses managing the risk of encounters between humans and bears is never easy and it's getting harder as the northern climate warms up melting sea ice and keeping bears on shore and hungry for the think the polar bears out down over the. what's really needed say researchers is international act. against climate change without controlling greenhouse gas emissions and halting the rise in the concentration of c o two and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere that polar bears are going to disappear as will the jobs income and awareness of the impacts of climate change that come from the ten thousand or more visitors every year to this unique northern landscape and you lack al-jazeera churchill manitoba.
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so this is al jazeera and these are the top stories and leaders from the muslim world are attending a summit for talks concerning jerusalem states is the main she was called by techies president recip top to send what he called a strong message it's been almost a week of protests at u.s. president donald trump decision to recognize the city as israel's capital for the first time in twenty five years democrats in the u.s. state of alabama have won the senate race doug jones defeated roy moore a controversial republican candidate who's accused of child sexual abuse but was openly endorsed by donald trump i have always believed that the people of alabama had more in common than the divide thank you we. just go around the state of alabama. on the
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contrary the way you thank the u.s. secretary of state says his country is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson statement deviates from the previous u.s. position but demands north korea must disarm before any talks can be held he also said the u.s. has been in talks with china on pyongyang's nuclear program despite citizens school for dialogue the white house says president told the troops views on north korea have not changed. the philippine congress has approved a one year extension of martial law on the southern island of mindanao president roderigo to turkey said it is necessary for the total eradication of ice all linked groups and communist fighters despite declaring the city liberated in october military rule was imposed across the region six months ago after hundreds of gunmen seized control of merari city more than a thousand people most of them fighters were killed and three hundred fifty
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thousand people were displaced by the un rest around seven thousand firefighters are still talking wildfires that have swept through the u.s. state of california burning an area knowledge of the new york city at least one person has died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the fires that have burned almost a thousand square kilometers of lead dangerous wind gusts and dry weather conditions have been hampering all the efforts to try and contain it right up to date swear the headlines here on al-jazeera makes up its inside story news has never been more what i think but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. amnesty international says the european union is complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya it says european governments ignore rights violations and
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violent tactics used by the libyan coast guard so will this report help refugees this is inside story.


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