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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 198  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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i knew my warmest regards. and. could. stumble and i am now talking to you stunning brothers and. my regards and greetings to the good from here. today we have here. to talk about. first. and also the city or. the. city and we are going to talk about the recent months what's happening in the region today. this is not only method for muslims but it is a matter for the community and. i'd like to thank you each and every one of you
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for attending this summit today. on sixth of. december to. the president of the united states of america ought to have declared that they recognize it as there is a highly competent. this president and as i said at all. and anyone who will crash if you industry so. real realizes that. occupation is under siege. and he. ran well you see the city you know a state like you see and such a declaration by the. head of the united states of america makes no sense
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and also this is a violation of. u.n. nations. which was number four seventy eight. and he said that no can to be can any embassy in the city. and. no out of context the birth support of the recognized so recent developments. even the port of. executive idea or general said i'm being the capital city or. israel and she's going to come to be sitting around from the moment this was declared. that they reject the idea of.
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being. competent to sit on a. grander stick i actually made a call to the international community to reject this. and. said that this is now and void in that i don't think that means you can come anything. and. just the last thing else have already shown and so. proved that they are the one who's supporting peace in the region they are always side in. peace. and. i would like you to him why do you and the international community to see what has been happening in palestine and. israel was established.
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we can see but what is the state of palestine at the moment and see that your rep is sea state they are in what they had been back in one thousand forty seven as part of their land. and in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the land was divided between palestine and israel by the united nations committee so. when we look at the period between one thousand forty nine and one nine hundred sixty seven. palestine has become a. much smaller. nation and israel continues to grow bigger. and them a come to today. we're looking at them up. as you have a look at this politically whatever israel has in mind in four to save them now is
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palestinian big state become what. you know how can you support this kind of division this kind of distribution of land when it is so bad and i'm acceptable but. but the distribution of land in israel and in palestine. is being done in the way i have just showing you and this is not acceptable. as you all know since one thousand nine hundred forty seven the palestinian longest has been brought into the state that there is currently. this church justice israel is a state that occupies other people's land other. communities land and it's also a state of terror and they are telling me out of the ground why are you saying these things why are you talking like this why shouldn't i then why wouldn't i because when you see what the soldiers are seen on the city itself.
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or in palestinian territory fourteen years or children or any people have been put behind the bars from the street corner are put on treason and there are even sometimes plan called it and a. fourteen year old children. part of their rifles and guns. and even girls young girl as she dad hanging on to their mother holding on to their mother and hugging their mother and the mother has been attacked with the butt of the rifles so what would you call this kind of behavior other than terrorist. enemy who's a humanitarian while you remove molly anyone who's got
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a conscious anyone who's got a heart. cannot accept these kind of behavior and you can see almost turned the blindfolded young boy and teeth in. this picture shows. so. if mr trump doesn't see these what has come you tell him everything is open and clear. through he's open to everybody. so by this decision. it is. the next station of land and building. in israel in palestinian land for israelis to settle further and further into palestinian territory this is this is not acceptable and. but mr trump given such kind of support
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which is not acceptable and it is not right to say i did this and it is all fine this does not like this. but the world is not to made up of you only. united nations membership there are one hundred ninety six conti's. and. and i am sure that one hundred ninety six counties off the un and also one hundred ninety six countries of the world object the decision. united states is that strong. they may have a lot of power around the world they may have a lot of arms you might have. planes small planes and tanks and everything yes but that does not mean. you can bully the rest of the world.
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if you are right in must you are doing everybody would support you but if you are not the right in what you are being and the policies that you are trying to implement. receive no support from anybody around the world. and especially such. as that so how you struggle going around the middle east around the world against terrorism and at such a sensitive time to declare. to do so that has the cut of the city or israel. literally means the united states is supporting all these terrorist activities by the israeli state as well as other terrorist organizations located in the middle east. you can not get through the fund terrorist organization by support and other terrorist organization.
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through now. after no more than four thousand notaries i mean you shouldn't tunk and that a military matter has had being exported to or into the middle east. why did they bring all those ekuban their military. into the middle east because they are actually supporting all the. terrorist organizations in the middle east together with the israeli state. in our region we have so many problems but being a matter. of not be and can not be forgotten. by the humanity the world community as a whole. we have to find a moment peace and solution. in the global scale for middle east to have
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a peace in the region of peace for the world. this kind of behavior also reduced to respect and recognition it has been un has around the world. by the us to recognize jerusalem as the history of israel is not acceptable and it is actually a violation of the international treaties un this issue and anything you may cause that is illegal and cannot make any discrimination against people who live in the region and who will be affected and who are affected by this decision. out of sisters during the ottoman empire and so i'm on the magnificent. this is
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a very important. they said. like a brain model. which means. the profit it. should protect everybody. and of course. churches in science. as well as the religious temple support of other religions should be protected and should be continued. and respected by the international community and the world community. with. these religious believes. and also profit. has said that we have a lot of lessons to learn from what happened in jerusalem will continue to learn
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from from the history. we all have to be taught us just peace. a fair peace for everybody. and as long as. you know on unified we can achieve all this. turkish nation has been supporting me and supporting the palestinian people. as the capital city of israel by the. us administration. really have to be careful. peace in the middle east and for the region and for the rest of the world but we have to show unity and we have to work harder to achieve this. could any all the contras who actually would like to
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support a parish palestine apparel variations ship between the two nations i mean we should not leave this any. longer we have to work. together. and begin to. change your mind about setting up. an independent. palestinian state and really actually calling them. that is being put on palestinian people by the israeli state. last year it was the centenary of islamic rule in. jerusalem. but. i like through respect all those who actually caught in the past. jerusalem from various boards from mary's.
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attacks in the story. and. and i ask my cds and anyone out on the if they have an opportunity the where and with it to see what kind of volume is to be held there to see what they really ease that is important for the islamic world. what they will tell them has to offer to us and to the rest of the world. it would be better to see. so i'd like to and. red line and. last. time pull the mosque. below always have to say as a symbol of this. and also
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we have to stand against the new settlements that the israeli state has been. a need for the past couple of decades we have to stand firm we have to. find diplomatic solution. and we have to sort them framework for this to come to an solution this is the only way out of the problems that we have been facing in palestine and in israel for a long time. you know those who actually. friends. forget the. enemies we have really you know i think and. and now we are. about sixty seven. head of states representing so many
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countries where. we have to really be united and we have to. gain a more and more land from palestine day by day and. we must not accept the attitude and policies. have been display in quite a long time. and yet again palestine has been there for centuries and centuries but it again it is not recognized by the international community as a state this must come to an end we have to start recognizing palestine. as a state and we have to support and we have to actually stop based in time. the international
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community. and ignore the palestinian issue and the longer we ignore this issue. israel to gain more land from palestine. and it also means that support in the persecution. that has been. shown to us the palestinian people of which we must stop. ignoring the matters as well as the. organization of islamic countries we have to have a stronger voice we have to. get together and we have to have a responsibility next generations and generally. in the long run we have to protect. we have to. keep this status quo. has
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eased now. and you know. we have to ask the administration and israel to take a step back from this illegal. and. international to their traditional. sort of look. couple state of israel they have to take their responsibility and they have to stop funny flames in the middle east and i believe you take all these into serious consideration when you're out of. your next steps for the region and i'd like you i'd like to thank you for listening to me and i'd like you to support and unity towards the middle east problems and in israel and palestine
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thank you. so there we have a teletext present recip type but when saying that jerusalem is a red line we have to find a diplomatic solution we have to be united and stop israel gaining more and more every day palestine has been there for centuries but has not been recognized by the international community as a state dismissed change and he said double chance announcement of jerusalem as a couple of israel is a matter of huge for humanity not just muslims if you walk in the streets of jerusalem said president when just for a few minutes you will realize the city is under occupation and he went on to show a map showing the deteriorating boundaries of palestine we are going to be hearing from more heads of state and we will listen in to them as time goes on but let's bring in our cars went to die who's been listening in istanbul. president calling for unity amongst the delegates there. yes indeed nic it was
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a hard hitting statement one heavy on more from the ski describe the situation that the palestinians were going through in the occupied territories and say israel will seeking to do to mice its occupation of palestine and the un is seeking to unite the muslim world to come up with a consultant. response to a president trumps the clinician it is still a. couple of israel but he faces a daunting task in doubtful he was addressing the leaders. countries do not have any diplomatic relations they are countries not willing to go beyond the total position of the expense of sacrificing their relationship with the united states and it will be interesting to see whether these extraordinary summit can come up with anything near. that response to president trump's acknowledge it is that what
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they're trying to do i think it is they trying to get some kind of istanbul dick. for example what could the impact be of anything. well if they come up with anything going to jump in there because mahmoud abbas has just taken to the podium this is the palestinian president of course let's listen in to what he has to say ok so we are just waiting for translation for president mahmoud abbas he is going to be he is addressing the conference there in istanbul we just heard from president but when a lot of people suggested that president abbas i'm going to. was a bit it was a little moderates in his response has been little moderate in its response to donald trump's generation of jerusalem being
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a couple of israel let's listen to what he has to say today of the planet and yet. they have. given voluntarily the state of palestine the land of palestine to the zionists. no we should note that. for most part now has been the united states of america america. keeping an eye on this step by step. and following it until it was implemented on the ground. after the mandate and through the united nations. such a promise. is now. a full centuries old and now
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comes the second step the other promise being extended this time by donald trump in person to this zionist movement. to present them with the city of jerusalem as another gift. a gift that he is presenting as if he were gifting one of the united states of america's cities deciding unilaterally implementing unilaterally and doing this and that unilaterally without consulting anybody the result has been that the world at large has risen up for the first time in history. the world is standing in unison. from east to west from japan and even includes canada and even those states that are used in the past to
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stand by america. in their political stance such as canada and britain. and australia none of these have stood up with trump and i'm saying here. to be fair that britain today has taken. quite a different standard and. different to that of. but this does not in any way. for britain to apologize for the fact that they have gifted the land of palestine therefore the promise was given by britain and america and the promise today of trump is being made by mr trump these two promises of the same nature and
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character of the century in the balfour wide promise. and the will no way. after what you have witnessed in terms of the rise up of all states of the world of all institutions and bodies across the world that has to do in unison against this unjust. decision declared by donald trump recently. the. name of god most gracious most merciful. the koran says those. in no way. to. those those to be blamed are the wrong. who do injustice.
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and they will suffer. dearly this is the promise of god almighty and god almighty also sent. those. who. are subject of injustice they will in the end be triumphant and will be victorious in the end with the grace of god and we shall put an end to this and justice that has been made against us all at palestinian arabs christians muslims. freedom fighting across the world. you're absolutely mr president russia. your expenses your majesty. your. distinguished participants who are here today. and to have behind us the world at large of peoples our nations all muslims and christians.
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both in our region and. in our support to defend jerusalem and preserve it against the conspiracy is. that being played to alter its nature and character particularly after those american recent decisions that are in full violation of international law and defiance of the feelings of both muslims and christians well. we. rise up to state. together. in a clear and ambiguous manner that. has been will be eternally the capital of the state of palestine this is.


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