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collected thereon and meet their riots and having their silver rain and in the been done to state your majesty as your excellency. we have agreed. to the arab summit held in jordan. that. the seriousness of what we are facing the requires bracht take really. requires a practical solution which is unified to protect our arab and islamic interests again as such. is collating challenges and terms of seriousness and do we really need to go beyond that and to overcome our disagreements and unify our air force to protect and to protect our security and the right of our evils to live in peace and security. just as your highness.
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your excellency as. the forests the blood of muslims. is an integral part of our souls as muslims as well as christians. there's a variety of muslims and christians in all courts. right. most holy in islam it is in the hearts of all muslims as it is in the hearts of all christians all right most amazing christians to jerusalem is eternal. at the thought that we should create a well. i don't. i would like it to hang his excellency about on for hosting the summit so i'm on a court of law you about to get. you were listening to
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king abdullah of jordan at the organization of islamic cooperation this event this emergency meeting happening in istanbul and we've been hearing from various leaders mahmoud abbas i retype or to want king abdullah just said is that the u.s. position to declare a truce on the capital of israel which is the focus of this meeting is a serious and grave position that threatens peace and security he spoke of working with international stakeholders to address the issue and looking for practical solutions and unity in the muslim world but also specifically saying that the city is as important obviously for the three divine religions christianity islam and judaism so let me take you now back to this event the chairman of this organization is now speaking in istanbul let's listen. to.
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your excellent see your majesty the. king of jordan. your exigency president mahmoud abbas president of the state of palestine in your majesty's exigencies and in this is the representatives of member states. our present extraordinary. summit. has any good political significance. our heads of state and government. met forty eight years ago to alter the blessed. mosque following the attack by the oak ridge buying force of israel and stablished the oh i see to be a voice that defends the causes of our you today as leaders
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of the islamic world are meeting to express solidarity with. the. did meeting today bears a political significance to the central issue of the course of palestine and i'll call for the entire islamic. and his expression of our total support and firm commitment to our duties as a collective responsibilities to palestinian people and their legitimate trite i would like to extend my thanks to his excellent president of egypt they've all done for hosting this extraordinary summit that present extolled to resubmit is taken place. following the union lateral decision a by the u.s. administration to recognize as the capital of israel and this is in contradiction with all international resolutions we are meeting today
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as our hearts are looking forward to this call for insert to me to their challenges resulting from the illegal measures that affect the legal and historical status of the for the i see a reject. condemns the american declaration of better at recognizing. it as a capital of is. and the decision to transfer the embassy to. this is a violation of international law and destabilizes international legality this is not to a line with you an decisions and this is. in contradiction with the international consensus on the historical relevance of.
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this jeopardizes the role of the united states as mediator this is a provocation of the feelings of muslims in the world this decision against. gives an opportunity to the advocates of violence and will create a situation of chaos and instability in the region and in the world the decision of the united states is a violation of the number of. security council resolutions a two five to five four six five four seven six four seven eight all of these resolutions emphasize the international community's rejection of the decision of israel duke of buying power to annex and proclaim it as a capital for them as well as the rejection of any attempt to alter the city's physical or demographic its institutional structure or status in addition to
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considering all such measures at a time so as nolen void along with any. matters that they said the un security resolution also called on the united nations members going to agencies and all other international bodies to idea to the resolutions of the oh i see calls upon all countries to abide by these. resolutions the general. the secretary is to monitor the reactions. including latest meeting of the peace and security council some members there rejected israel. as a capital for israel we called upon the peace and security council to ensure the respect and they commit the implementation of the relevant to this issue on the ballot seems calls and. the israeli colonization is ongoing particularly there is also an increase in the pace of attacks on
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christian and muslim sacred places including the mosque whose gates were closed and this was a provocation of a muslim feelings around the world the organization. of for the islamic on money and only commitment of muslims to. the capital of palestine now this is part and parcel of the occupied territories in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven this is a line with the decisions of the organization of the. airline with international resolutions your majesty's excellences and highness is the and we need the pillar of peace. and being occupation in finding just
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a settlement to the question of refugees and meet the aspirations of palestinian people of sovereignty on the basis of the borders of nine hundred sixty seven and. east. as its capital in line with the resolutions or the out of initiative and the two state solution. facing methodological the political measures to demystify its identity the organization called for an arab and islamic action at the regional and international level and to use all the diplomatic measures to face these decisions and to confront the unilateral american administration which was rejected by most countries in the world we also call upon member states to double support a two. people this is
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a. unity for our people and government to protect the arab identity of and ensure that palestinians stay there this will go from to that palestinian at times to judea as it in spite of the efforts to destabilize international legality the organization to believe that this time it is very important to an opportunity to recognize that this state of palestine we. are called upon countries that have not recognized the state of palestine yet to do so now as support for peace on the basis of the two state solution and as a. commitment to justice and the protection of international legality the organization firms so bald to the state of palestine due
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to the national conventions and organizations that in its political end to achieve a justice and to protect the rights of palestinian people and israeli occupation finally the organization of the islamic cooperation called for the international community to be effective. to the political. to. achieve peace on the basis of the two state solution the out of initiatives and relative resolutions and finally the question of. the unfortunate i. ask good. old mighty to. use all the means available to
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stop the violation of international legality and do to make. the capital of palestine and a symbol of coexistence for old believe is world wide i think you put it. into the secretary general of the organization of islamic cooperation f. their emergency summit meeting they are having and istanbul pretty much in direct reply to u.s. president ronald trump's announcement his decision to decision that is to declare jerusalem the capital of israel the secretary general saying that this decision will create chaos and potentially violence he rejects said saying that it is a violation of international law we're going to go now to our mohamed atta who joins us live from istanbul and with it being a woman president really being the host of this mohammed he really set the tone for what we have heard from all of the speakers here today kind of get us up to speed
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on what he said. the last speech by. all of islamic countries. you mean so to national himself. the speech of. the din the british will hop in the tempo will set by prison that are going to as you say they're calling for some national response a common. agreement within the islamic world of his post to what to call trump's illegal declare a sham of jerusalem a couple told off is a riot and speak up to speak up about present him with the bus in the movie to all the challenges they were facing also calling for international action the jordanian king of the law also talking about how there was need to protect religious sites and how the threat being faced by the arab world and muslims as
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a whole was huge and it was only unity that they could get through with. these challenges and also the same in their calling for international action all they want to achieve peace a common position within the islamic world against the declaration by donald trump last one state budget asylum is the couple told of israel now. they are facing challenges because. world unity unity has been a nuisance in the past and it will be interesting to see whether today this very important juncture in history the country is not going along to the organization of islamic countries that was created in one thousand six thousand line of time astronauts not form a lock some mosque in jerusalem will stand up once again to be counted on to come up come up with something near
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a common stand on top of the commission mohamed let's go back to something you say yes it would seem that it would you know be obvious for everyone to be on the same page here but that is not the case and partially because all of these countries have different relationships with israel to varying degrees if any relationship at all and differ. or relationships with us so just how complicated is this in fact to get everybody on the same page for what the plan is what the mission is how to move forward. yes indeed it is a very complicated thing and president on sim's talks set for himself a very high targets here. some of these countries we're talking i mean you come just come how seriously the whole motor by the level of participation only sixteen countries send. all fs that's the best sum of being
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represented on the bus that the level of this felt a lot about how serious they look at these most the some of these countries have thirty cruel solutions with not only israel but the united states. media has been cool to get on the president. rouhani. having told president the anti atomic literature was born out of interaction between some arab states and israel of course there are many here who don't want to be you'll want to call pollution. or risk the relationships they have with both israel and the united states and mohamed and know you are going to keep us posted as this event progresses throughout the day will be getting back to you in the meantime let's cross over now to hood of delamater joins us live from ramallah occupied west bank so ho to king abdullah of jordan said that. there needs to be
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a practical solution to this and the need to work with international stakeholders how much of an appetite is there for this in ramallah for that. it's not more about appetite is actually about hope and belief and that that could indeed happen i mean whoever you speak to here will tell you that basically they feel the palestinians have been betrayed by absolutely everyone whether it's regional powers or the international community now the palestinian authority ever ever since drums announcement have been has been playing on that saying well now the u.s. has role has lost its role as an honest broker it cannot be and on is broker and is trying to rally as much international support as it can to find a new way forward i mean the buzz in his speech was very clear he said that simply
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since israel doesn't abide to any of the agreements or the chords well done that the palestinian side will also is not going to be committed to it anymore unless there is a new way forward so certainly that is something that really sort of reflects what people have been saying under st cyr not only in ramallah but across the occupied west bank and probably also in gaza people have been saying well before the jerusalem announcement that the accords were dead ask any young person here they would tell you they don't know what they mean what this peace mean they've been hearing about it they've been seeing footage of you know their leaders with the americans and israelis shaking hands talking about a brighter future but they never seen it so certainly that will reverse that will satisfy people here his words today much more defiant than this his speech just in
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the aftermath of the jews of announcing that was exactly a week ago but i think people also. this fatigue. this illusion they don't believe that anything will change in the future to just see that everything is slipping away from them one by one. jerusalem being just the latest chapter in all of this so they would like they will still hold my who does accountable and they will want to see is words turn into action. hota so what you speak of is it sounds like despair and hopelessness so what would have to happen today to change that or is it so much bigger than just this one of it today. it is bigger than just this one event this latest jerusalem political upheaval i would say is just the latest chapter but it's been ongoing and people have have been simmering and
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being have been angry for quite a while and actually mahmoud our best said it very clearly in this speech he said that since the the partition of palestine of the land here since resolution one eighty one back in one thousand forty seven well israel has already taken twenty two percent more of what it was allocated so how far is that going to continue i think there is an understanding among the palestinian authority that this is the moment for them to get it in right in the sense that there even the palestinian authority as a as a body has come under a lot of criticism and many have said that it just basically enables the occupation they said that one of the first things that should happen is stopping the security coordination between the two sides and who the best that that that is it will it will stop but it also they also so the palestinian authority could seize the opportunity to redefine their role as an authority. as a state as they see
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a palestinian state and then try to have that recognition as to broaden wider across the world as much as possible i think it's also a moment where people will expect mahmoud a bus to redefine also any future talks or any future negotiations he said in his speech that trump was promising the ultimate deal and all of the palestinian goal was the ultimate slap now what we hear from the american administration where reports say that eventually at some point in the coming months maybe at the beginning of next year president trump will come up with his. peace plan or his vision of what should happen next in this crisis. mahmoud abbas would be very difficult for him at this stage to actually at least publicly. take onboard the american proposal look into it and actually find any remains so everybody will have
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to sit down and try to find how to sort that out and i think mike pence for example should be coming here in a week's time is very clear the message that he won't be welcomed by the palestinian authority people don't want the palestinian authority to welcome they don't want him to come to the occupied west bank in the first place you see that written all over great feet is all over and posters all over the area where people say you are you are not welcome this is a very difficult situation for the palestinian authority certainly to find a way forward is also going to be very complicated hold a sense this announcement came from president trump there have been protests what are you hearing about more protests that may be happening and and we have pictures that we've been showing of protests and bethlehem right now do we have reason to expect that that will continue. well we have
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reason to expect that will continue it's very difficult to go to this point whether they will pick up steam whether they become broader for we have to say that the protests whether for example peaceful demonstrations here in the center of ramallah or these clashes and confrontations that happen a description police have been quite limited in scope and when you ask that question is because there is. however i do think that everyone is on edge the palestinians for sure on edge and across the occupied west bank and in gaza and any further move any further statement by washington or specifically by washington i would say. could aggravate them and could make the situation explode overnight. we are in that situation where people are angry they're seizing they're trying to keep
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a lid on that anger not to have this situation explode because at the end of the day palestinians are the ones who pay the ultimate price in all of that anything could trigger a really widespread demonstration and violence. on a model ramallah thank you let's go now to harry fawcett who joins us live from the occupied east jerusalem harry what is the they are their reaction to some of the really strong words that are coming out of this meeting. well i think a lot of these words will be welcomed there's obviously equally strong feeling here in occupied east jerusalem mung palestinians against a declaration that was made by donald trump that we could go so when they hear us talking in this way calling for countries not to withdraw recognition of israel and to recognize palestine. talking about this being the ultimate slap instead of the
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ultimate deal threatening to withdraw from international organizations and saying that the united states has no place in the peace negotiation process going forward because of its bias in favor of israel those are things obviously that people here agree with the question is exactly where it goes from here what a real change can come out of this conference what real change in direction can can mahmoud abbas and the palace in leadership provide those other things that i think people here are more interested in seeing because for them daily life under occupation here in east jerusalem continues as it did before and what has changed is the prospect of any close or that is really a distancing of any prospect of a two state solution and having this symbol this religious and national symbol behind me finally defined as a capital of
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a future palestinian state. so it sounds like you're touching on some of the things that hold it jested as well that there is almost within. the despair that it that it's more of the same and perhaps the situation has even gotten gotten worse so are you also. did you have also the feeling that there is going to be more protests or is this something that that will die down and then people will just become complacent if you will in that dispair. well i mean i think as so just as it's very difficult to predict how the protests might continue from here on here in occupied east jerusalem they have been of a smaller scale than in the occupied west bank and in gaza as well however they they have been notable there have been some clashes with police some scuffles with
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police at least in front of damascus gates in the old city i mean the other thing i think to talk about is how the israelis are likely to react to all of this of course already we've seen benjamin netanyahu really repudiate the accusations coming from russian type murdo and he did so on sunday in france saying that he wasn't going to be lectured by somebody who bombs kurdish villages and jails journalists and so on of course that was responded to by the turkish side with further accusations that you just heard as well from the president of one of terrorism and of massacring of thousands of palestinians what the israelis will be looking for to see is whether there is any actual physical change or measurable change in their relations with other countries will turkey actually make good on some of its threats about severing ties ties which have been restored in the last eighteen months or so and exactly how the palestinians would respond to any future
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donald trump initiative what they can do now and what you've already seen from mike but mike that's a spokesman it's to say that they hope that the palestinians don't walk away from the peace process benjamin netanyahu again saying hey i want to sit down at a table with mahmoud abbas and to go see a it's easy for them to say that with the united states so firmly on it's on their side this is a big repudiation as far as the palestinians are concerned of their position by the most powerful actor in this peace process that's why they're reacting in the way that they have and so they're trying. everything they can not to be called into a position of again being blamed for a breakdown in this and that's why they want to get support publicly internationally not just from the station these want to go gratian but other countries as well which so far has been forthcoming to some extent but they want to . right harry fawcett live for us in occupied east jerusalem and as harry was
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talking we're still have live pictures on protests that are happening in bethlehem let's bring now in victor catan into the conversation he joins us from singapore he's a senior research fellow at the middle east institute at the national university of singapore we appreciate your time so palestinian president mahmoud abbas at this summit said that donald trump's decision could turn political struggle into a religious one and that the u.s. has no role now in the mideast peace process is he right. up to a point i mean i assume u.s. is still the biggest factor in the peace process because of the leverage and close relations that it has with the state of israel. and when the dust settles and when when when these when this conference when the summit is over the u.s. is still going to be there is recognition of truce from the most will be there and israel will still be occupying east jerusalem. ok
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roger type heard a lot also had strong words there when it seemed that he used his time there to. really try to rally the muslim world around this cause but if there is it is about beyond reaching beyond the muslim world to actually have some sort of impact some sort of. impact on this decision. yes i mean the one thing they've called is on as a state to recognize palestine recognize jerusalem as a state capital of a palestinian state i think this message is directed to the european states many of whom have adopted a policy of non-recognition they might want to reconsider that and recognize. palestinian rights a palestinian state. with its capital in history a state that would be of course living at peace with israel there are also other
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states i think has about fifty states that haven't yet recognized palestine so that's one one measure that they have been calling for but they haven't really as yet gone gone beyond that i mean. again it mentioned a few days ago they do consider cutting ties with israel whether he will actually follow through with that remains to be seen there was a turkish newspaper this morning which published some measures that he could undertake such as if they were willing to do that restrict flight rights frou frou turkish air space. there was a suggestion that the oh i see could temporary recall their ambassadors from the united states for consultations that would be a very dramatic gesture so there are a few things they could do but i haven't seen anyone suggesting that at the summit so far so when you describe us basically as the big boys on the block when it comes to this does that mean that they that ultimately at some point regardless of what comes out of this meeting. you know pulling away from this well he had some point
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end up having to come back to it. he may indeed i mean the europeans could play a bigger role and i would like the europeans to play a greater role i mean i do think that they could do more in regard to jerusalem there are consulate generals. in the city from several european states such as france italy belgium spain and the u.k. for example one could envisage those becoming embassies to a palestinian state that is also the u.s. consulate general and trump hasn't said much about that so there is a little bit of room if the palestinians want to at a later date come you know push back at the u.s. position but the only other major act i think would be europe i don't think the oh i see your asian countries have as much leverage shall we say with these
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a lot of countries don't have diplomatic ties with israel for instance having said that there are certain countries in the arab world or in the most of them old that do have ties and but whether they'd be willing to strain those ties over this issue remains to be seen ok catan joining us from singapore a senior research fellow at the middle east institute at the national universe university rather at singapore victor thank you very much. for the leaders of the five african countries who are members of what's known as the helgi five expected to discuss ways to support a new joint force to fight armed groups and this a hell region mohammad ball has more. earlier this year the governments of mali need chad booking a fast one mauritania agreed to form a joint military force known as the g five it's made up of five thousand soldiers
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divided into seven battalions their mission is to conduct cross border combat operations targeting armed groups including isom boko haram on the branch in the region of western north africa agreement came after five years of discussion on files was the main driver behind the idea announcing the launch of the g five plus operations over a month ago french president manuel mccall sounded optimistic to put me as a bit on the first operations are said to be launched within days and they demonstrate that we could collectively meet the deadline that we set in bamako which is for me a source of satisfaction we must maintain the same level of collective rigor the support of the international community for the joint force is reinforced as well with the eligible of significant bilateral support from the americans. has made security in the saddle his top priority his first visit abroad was to the region shortly after he was sworn in in may france already has four thousand soldiers in
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this region but it has stressed the africans should take security matters into their own hands for this to happen so i had governments demanded funds arms logistics and military expertise france pledged huge quantities of military gear and nearly two hundred and thirty million dollars over the next five years the e.u. and the u.s. have each over the around sixty million dollars the u.s. military has maintained a strong presence across africa over the years four of its soldiers were recently killed during an attack in asia but in mali where most of the fighting takes place nationalist movement seeking self rule in the north criticised the western g. five military approach this year. and whatever we think that we're alone will not bring a solution there must be some kind of dialogue also as a local movement we haven't been included in the g five project we think that will not help the situation it's we who are on the ground we know how to talk or deal
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with people. for now the subtlest teeming with thousands of you and peacekeepers french troops e.u. advisers u.s. military trainers and drone operators but armed groups are still launching attacks across the region african and western leaders meeting in paris on wednesday will be looking to see if the new african led g five force will make a difference mohammed van i'll just go. for the first time in twenty five years the democrats have won the senate race in the u.s. state of alabama dutch answer faded roy moore a controversial republican candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls and publicly at or endorsed by president all trouble sharper tante has more from the city of birmingham alabama was frankly even many of the election like policy for democrat doug jones happened to expect are women alabama's parcels of election law but he did i have always believed that the people of alabama have more in common than the device of the
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one we are so we assume that just around the state of alabama though we are sure around the country the i was on with. however judge roy moore wasn't conceding. returning you now to istanbul on the summit of the organization of islamic corp right now iran's president hassan rouhani is speaking let's go ahead and listen to that nations and has a spurt no effort in the supplying all kinds of destructive weapons to the warmongers honest regime. unfortunately the united states was chosen as an arbitrator forty years in negotiations or they sought the support of the united the sates and relied on the united states for mediation however the united states has never been an honest mediator and its will
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never be that recent act but the u.s. administration made it clear for the people who wished a positive role by the u.s. in resolving the issue of palestine that the u.s. is only seeking to secure it to maximum interests of the zionist. the united states consider no respect for its a legitimate demands of palestinians mr church in order to counter such oppressive and shortsighted measure is it is necessary to take lessons from the past therefore i take the opportunity to propose the following actions fest it is necessary for this summit to strongly condemn the recent decision by the us administration to recognize albert's capital after zionist regime and move its embassy to the holy courts second under the present circumstances it is necessary
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for the muslim world to get united against a zionist regime and if we suffer from differences amongst ourselves over some issues we should not be divided in defending the holy courts and the palestinian cause all the problems of the muslim world can be resolved without doubt through dialogue and talks it is only through islamic unity that we can better support the rights. and the holy courts for the. muslim countries it is imperative on the muslim estates to harmonize their protests to the recent u.s. decision in their talks with america's partners especially european countries and emphasize on the necessity to a stand against such decision by tram.
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five the issue of palestine should once again be placed up on the agenda of the muslim vote the defeat of iraq and syria and the necessity of continuing the fight against other terrorist groups. we should not forget that danger is after zionist regime including its nuclear warheads which. threat to the whole world six the united nations and particularly the security council and its general assembly can and should play a key role under such circumstances to express their opposition to the recent us decision it is necessary that diplomatic missions of muslim states in the united nations actively participate in the discussions and deliberations and seven movements of the zionist regime should be constantly monitor it and the
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organization of islamic cooperation should hold sessions where of appropriate to hold necessary decisions at the ministerial or heads of state a level in conclusion this republican of iran is stands ready to cooperate with each and every single of the muslim countries to defend the holy courts without any reservation reiteration or pre condition. but. about a quarter. we're listening to. the president of iran addressing the room at the organization of islamic cooperation this emergency summit happening and is very strong words for the u.s. going some of the same sentiments as others have throughout the day. king hussein
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of jordan saying such things as the u.s. has no role in a future peace process also addressing a bit of the elephant in the room that there lately hasn't been a lot of unity in the muslim world but he's saying that those are the things that can be worked out with dialogue that this should be a focus for the muslim world and also calling upon the security council the united nations and european countries to step into this situation where jack ting the declaration from u.s. president on a trump that he recognizes troops on this the capital of israel we do have correspondents they are covering this and we will be reaching out to them but some of what we have also heard is president raja typer to one president of turkey obviously the city that's hosting this very strong words as well rejecting this declaration from president donald trump also attempting to rally the muslim world as you just also heard from president rouhani palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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said that extremists could use this decision to turn political struggle into a little religious one also reiterating that his opinion the u.s. has no role in any future peace process he's already said that when u.s. president mike pence comes to the region he will not. be meeting with him let's go now to our mohammed who is live in istanbul at this meeting and it seems to happen is all the leaders that have come forward seem to have it their own action play and they're literally saying one point one point two point three point four but there's a lot of seems to be a lot of agreement in all of these positions that they have about about at least one how they feel about this declaration about yours. yes indeed if we were to solve the emotion here the dominant one. people here are the leaders here and i was one of the foreign ministers of the
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members of the oil you see said our people have been protesting over the past week he said today is our time to asked president hassan rouhani if they're falling. into mush more muslim unity against what you called the zionist regime is the violence you pull to are also saying that iran was ready to lay its not all and he also called up all the members of the ambassadors to the un all members of the organization of islamic countries to contribute to the debate of the united nations and also for us to ensure that it is a united and consulted response to president trumps declarer action so that the it was the same torment for all the speeches we have heard so far to show him why us and istanbul standing by covering the organization of islamic cooperation emergency
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summit there on the thank you. secretary of state says his country is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions tillerson statement deviates from the previous u.s. position that demands north korea must disarm before any talks can happen he also said the u.s. has been in talks with china younglings nuclear program now despite two arsons call for dialogue the white house says president on the views on north korea have not changed. the filtering congress has approved a one year extension of martial law on the southern island of mindanao president regatta territory says it's necessary for the total eradication of ice a linked groups and communist fighters despite declaring the city a liberated in october military rule was imposed across the region six months ago after hundreds of gunmen seize control of the city more than a thousand people most of them fighters were killed and three hundred fifty
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thousand people were displaced by that unrest tamil alderman has the latest from manila. the hierarchy of the philippine military and the president legal council's appeal before the joint committee of congress and senate today asking for a full extension of martial law in the region of mindanao and both congress voted overwhelmingly in favor of this extension they cited many reasons they say one despite the liberation of morality over a month now fighting still continues in different areas and violence a spilled over different parts of men the now and for the first time also today the military mentioned the new people's army a group that has been fighting the philippine military for decades now but some lawmakers are questioning the necessity of a one year martial law rule in mindanao there are only two reasons that this may be considered that there is an actual invasion or rebellion happening in the country
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they have cited many incidents there are also questions as to how come there is no oversight committee that looks into how martial law will be implemented the can also make sure that abuses are not going to go under martial rule in mindanao you serve a real life supervisions in the field we should give them. some allowance to make a mistake in their project join it's like a knife. a knife edge to our heart there was no evacuee invited there was no modern organization on morale the group invited on the whole implementation of martial law and you had all these things have got to keep from allegedly expectedly of course filipino muslim leaders human rights workers activists are rallying right outside congress today saying that their voices were not even heard that this was over their future been decided by lawmakers who all claim that they represented them they were not even allowed to speak before
1:48 pm
a joint committee they see and they're a big their future have been decided by people who do not even live through the injustice in mindanao they says though they fear that the extension of martial law for one year will mean an extension of their silence over living in uncertainty they demand accountability they say they demand transparency they worry that the longer martial law is implemented in mindanao that the longer they will not be given a chance to be heard and for their lives to be normalized again. six years of war in syria means it will take massive reconstruction efforts to rebuild cities that have been reduced to rubble syrians in one town where i feel fighters were defeated or using help from neighboring turkey a some a binge of a report some droplets in northern syria. jamal arrived a few hours ago and he's already making his family very happy but he's born in a country in ruins far from his parents' home in aleppo who now live in a tent in droplets. the sense of loss and doubts about the future linger even
1:49 pm
during happy moments alas that may god help him i don't know what he face if god fixes the situation he might have a better life and home a former girls' school has been converted into the town's only hospital syrians here say they have a relative sense of safety because they no longer fear airstrikes are bombings like most things in the town the hospital under turkish administration non-government organizations from turkey are providing help many don't see turkey as an occupying force and welcome its influence to help rebuild their lives was without that assistance this school would be able to provide education to his twelve hundred students a school bursting at the seams start rooms of being turned into crosses to accommodate an additional five hundred students was. children are happy to finally resume regular studies after six years of war but there isn't a salary system for staff in the four schools in jobless teachers working with
1:50 pm
limited resources say they're using social media to help bring children up to speed with their learning all the time they've been out of school for five years we have to begin with the basics as if they're in first grade alphabets words numbers everything security is a big attraction and the town is booming around four hundred new buildings are under construction the population of jobless has increased from twenty five to seventy thousand a local council run education health and sanitation services the most important task is security and to keep the peace between various groups of fighters with dirty providing training and money the town has its own police force now. jazz should tell you the police which has five hundred members to scare off security with help of the free syrian army. i fully control jobless for two years before turkish soldiers and syrian fighters recaptured the town last year since then they have cleared the rubble and removed all i find from buildings but the scars of the
1:51 pm
fighting both on waldren people will take time to heal compared with other towns and cities and this is an exceptional place which bows but it was only able to do so because its infrastructure was largely intact and it continues to get support from the turkish government. jobless. time for sport now a tatyana thank you rachelle for time it tour de france cycling champion chris froome is being investigated by cycling's governing body after returning an adverse drug test result a urine sample taken during the race on september seventh overturned double the allowed levels of the legal asked madrid. the thirty two year old britain says he increased his dosage of the medication on the advice of his doctor says after the symptoms got worse during the right however he insists it was within the legal limits the u.c.i. is seeking more information and he has not been suspended at this stage when a statement for him said i take my leadership position in my sport very seriously
1:52 pm
the u.c.i. the absolutely right to examine test results and together with the team i will provide whatever information it requires or we can speak now to michelle can from a sporting integrity she's also the former boss of anti doping u.k. sport michel thank you for joining us what do you make of this today. in many respects is probably another frustration for the sport of cycling. an issue like been raised but we shouldn't be surprised the use of asthma inhalers is somewhat controversial and very difficult for the anti-doping authorities to police in many respects because many athletes who take part in sport may actually provoke. and so exercise induced asthma is a very well known phenomenon and so therefore we would expect athletes to need to use their inhalers for the or thora to use an anti doping try to put limits on the
1:53 pm
levels that are allowable because we're saying if you haven't asked for attack of course it was your inhaler but what we're trying to make sure is that everybody using that inhaler has a genuine therapeutic justification for this medication for brutal how could this be considered a performance enhancing drug if over there what benefit would this drug have for an athlete well a concern about bt to agnes's that they do have. if you like some of balik type properties in very high doses so there were previously some types of b. to two agonists that were considered you know completely banned for sport because of the possibility they may be used to enhance performance to try and maintain good body tissue by their anabolic properties i thought of course you say there are reasons why an athlete may need to use it but moving on to chris froome one of
1:54 pm
going to happen to him now. well is it somewhat of a challenge for any athlete to be able to explain and justify their use of these substances because of course with an aspirin hailer it's difficult to know how much of a dose one takes in although there need to doses you know the number of times that you actually use the inhaler would be something that he'd have to recollect for that particular day on which he was tested and so if it is made a wreck ordered all us matic asked athletes really should look at keeping an asmer inhaler raechel wonder how many times they used the inhaler when they've used it in relation certainly to a test so it's really going to bring forward that evidence to show that the level found in his you're in could be justified by the use of an inhaler and whether or not anybody had actually diagnosed an exacerbation of his ass more at that time
1:55 pm
thank you very much for your insight michel for a can of sport integrity. raul madrid will begin that defense of the fee for club while cup title in the united arab emirates later today they'll face local side algis there and the semifinals the winner will face brazilian side grammy i have already bet benteke it to the final common report. it's been quite the two weeks for the brazilian football team grammy oh they won south american football's biggest prize the couple limited dora's and now they're eyeing another piece of silverware. gremio was facing congo calf regional football champions pachuca in the semifinals of the club world cup in the united arab emirates the mexicans had basin african champions wade at casablanca to reach the last full and the two tames were hard to split through a goalless ninety minutes of regular time so on it went to extra time where
1:56 pm
a player called additon secured the win for gremio in style. tournament debutants but then now into saturday's final round madrid will look to join them later they begin their campaign in the semifinal stage against local side al jazeera. we know that for us there are no easy games we know that everyone says that this semifinal is against an easy opponent but we don't think so . right yalit defending champions at this event after winning the your wife the champions league for the past two seasons they have their full lineup available including christiana rinaldo who won the ballon d'or as the world best player last week zenit in saddam is defending his statement that the portuguese is the greatest footballer of all time. not everyone is allowed to have their opinion but for me he
1:57 pm
is the best and he has demonstrated this with what he has done and with his history with this club and wearing the shirt ronaldo has the world's best and now around the trade have to. proved that they are two elites homan al jazeera english premier league side burnley are pretty fit to be this season surprise package after rising to fourth in the league table they beat stoke one nil on tuesday thanks to a late eighty nine minute goal from ashley bond that was barely the ninth the win of the thieves and it lifts them to the highest league position in forty two years the northern club with english champions back in one nine hundred sixty and then manager was certainly a very proud. story you want ok we're still in a good match the weather story you had a crush i'm very proud and super proud proud of the proudest man and proud to be i'm. thrilled but what i'm saying to the brother feel a bit more because in july been wreckage if you like a great to look back and not to look at now ok the flaw story is about liverpool
1:58 pm
loney left rather embarrassed after a spectacular missed evoke or a key is online awards back at the moment and while the reds may be questioning his return after this he got himself into the perfect position here in this when disney gives the game against the life big but somehow managed to fuck that up lucky for him so far impressed the top with four calls in his eleven. about an hour and a thank you very much thank you for joining me at this hour but on the other side of the break you better.
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