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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously who boasts of. both you're free to go for more energetic perfume or. a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is at this time on al-jazeera. fighting in syria as another round of talks to end almost seven years of war resumes.
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this is life from doha also coming up in the program the killing of children meanwhile doctors without borders say they were among almost six thousand seven hundred injured victims in one month alone. south korea's president makes his first visit to china this regional pressure mounts on north korea over its nuclear and missile. test a popularity for india's prime minister we have the very latest on election day and good year. so you and broken talks on syria resume in geneva after a short break both the government and opposition the president and the jew to meet the un special envoy stephan to the stories edging russia to convince the syrian government that there is no time to lose on reaching a peace deal speaking to swiss t.v.
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channel mr a said fadia to end the war quickly could lead to a fragmentation of syria across what david chase was in geneva and joins us now and david i want hope that they will listen to teamsters words. well it's it's a statement of fact essentially this peace process being brokered by the united nations is simply going nowhere and the only person that can really intervene to try and kick start successful peace talks will be president vladimir putin of russia but essentially it seems that you can't even get the two sides around the same table let alone in proximity talks in similar rooms close by so the peace process is simply going nowhere at the moment and the delegation the opposition delegations the syrian opposition delegation at the hotel behind me have a palpable sense of despair they're really distressed because the bombing is still
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going on the suffering is still going on three hundred thousand civilians killed so far the death toll is still rising it really is a desperate situation for them but they have a look at how the talk. it's the eighth round of negotiations of the syrian delegations have still not met face to face at the same table after nearly seven years of war and deaths numbered in the hundreds of thousands of peace appears no closer the syrian government's team of negotiators in geneva refused to go into direct talks while the opposition is calling for a syria without president bashar al assad. the bombs are still falling on the besieged damascus suburb of eastern goten it's a so-called deescalation zone held by rebels four hundred thousand civilians are trapped beneath the bombardment the united nations say they're facing
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a complete catastrophe. syria's opposition arranged a skype call to a mother and her children inside the enclave with delegates and press in the swiss capitol on wednesday the video link was far from perfect so the message was powerful and. it's unfair and unjust for us to have to taunt instead of bread we beg you to break this. i look through the window and i see the bombings in front of me i see the fire that is being showered down. what a disappointment what frustration what a shock what a tragedy what a catastrophe we're living today in the twenty first century i asked the family if they had a message for the delegates in geneva and the outside world. we are calling for peace but we will not concede we will not give up the sacrifices we have made with the blood of our martyrs the russian president vladimir putin announced mission
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accomplished in syria this week and the partial withdrawal of his troops but millions of refugees cannot think of returning to a country whose government is starving its own children to death so david russia key in all this but what chance of them playing ball. it's absolutely essential but the kremlin does move on this they said their mission was accomplished all phrase their mission was essentially to defeat i still hope will islamic states but their mission was also to shore up. the assad family had been a key ally and only ally in the middle east for more than forty years and they have ensured through their help in the campaign to make sure that. retains his grip on power that was early thought that perhaps he could be talking now that's out of the
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question that means one thing that the fragmentation of syria will continue the war will continue russian bombs will continue for a partial withdrawal of the russian troops they have expanded their presence in the mediterranean in the hall to talk to say the allied heartlands it was about a military base now so it's it's clear that the kremlin is a was to cement their position of power within the whole of the middle east has been a vacuum there since president obama failed to act after the chemical attacks launched by bashar assad and with president trump's declaration that the then drew slim is the capital of israel and moving the american embassy there there's even more disturbances so i see no chance at the moment without russia taking a strict stand that there's any any prospect of a successful peace process in fact the peace process much like syria's self is beginning to fragment the russians want to take the issues to sochi on the black
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sea they want to take part in the peace deal as well and that will be a partisan piece but at the moment it simply seems that the suffering will continue the bonds are still falling children are still starving and everybody at this peace process and stephen knows this but there is a palpable sense of despair in the syrian opposition delegation or david lee with that thanks very much to david chase reporting from geneva. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has rejected a declaration by muslim leaders that east jerusalem is the capital of palestine was going to need is met in istanbul and cold on the world to follow in its footsteps i reject the u.s. troops in the move while prime minister netanyahu says he's unimpressed by this declaration. for the studio it would be best for the palestinians to recognize reality and act for the sake of peace and not for the sake of extremism and to recognize another fact when it comes to jerusalem not just that it is the capital
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of israel we also preserve freedom of worship in jerusalem for all religions and we are the ones who preserve the safeguard in the middle east in a manner that no one else preserves it and which others have also failed sometimes miserably therefore all of these declarations do not impress us the truth will come out and many countries will yet recognize drew islam as a capital of israel and move their embassies. well meanwhile the u.s. has insisted it supports a two state solution and will continue to work as a mediator in the israeli palestinian conflict. as you all well know the president is committed to this peace process as committed as he has ever been and that has not changed and that type of rhetoric that we heard has prevented peace in the past and it's not necessarily surprising to us that those types of things would be said we remain hard at work in putting together our plan we believe that that will benefit both the israeli and the palestinian people well president charles decision
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to relocate the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem is without precedent and that official reports from western islam the latest u.s. plan might also face difficulties on the ground. which is no more than a barren piece of land in west jerusalem but this could be the site of the controversial new american embassy it was earmarked in the last days of the reagan administration and one thousand nine year lease was signed for rent of one dollar a year under the last few days what has been going on here to the americans insist this is not guaranteed to be the home of the controversial embassy. since the u.s. embassy bombings in east africa in one thousand nine hundred eight the security rules where u.s. embassies can be placed have changed significantly if this was to be the site in jerusalem roads would have to be closed or diverted parks would have to because other lines would have to be acquired making other sites potentially much more attractive. then there is the difficult question of ownership several palestinian
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families say the land of west or islam is theirs they have the documents to prove it and they still hope they will get it back the politely refused their requests to speak on camera one expert says the u.s. simply doesn't care about legalities i don't know if they are looking for a right or not. it's a pole. and they don't care if they have the right that they have it's illegal or not legal i don't think they are because what they are doing here recently the u.s. has a significant presence in jerusalem already it has a large modern administrative building high on a hill in west jerusalem and there's the existing consulate itself also in west jerusalem either could simply be renamed as an embassy but it seems the u.s. is reluctant to do that a couponing land or confiscating land has been ongoing but now by the americans they come here to tell you i would confiscate iron top to control i am told to make
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thoughtful in other words on your own territory this is the end this is that the human eye is asia and. the state department says it could take years for a final site to be identified for what to start for america to open its embassy plowing through the objection of many across the world and here to alan fischer al jazeera western. hamas one of the main palestinian factions is marking thirty years since its establishment the palestinian political party within the wing was formed in response to israel's illegal occupation of the west bank in the gaza strip thousands have gathered at a rally in go gaza city to mark the occasion let's speak live now to burma smith who's in gaza but of course this comes at a time of renewed tensions. yeah tens of thousands of people here in exile are bracing this i'm a senior leadership of been appearing on a stage just in front of a giant poster with a picture of jerusalem and underneath it says all codes is the capital of palestine because all this week in the week that donald trump said in
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a week since dawn from recognized as the capital of israel hamas his leadership has been reminding palestinians that he was always opposed to the all slow accords those accords between the palestinian liberation organization and israel that led to the setting up of the palestinian authority has been remember reminding people it was against them and it's it has been critical of backing that abbas the palestinian president and the p.a. leadership. blaming them for allowing the situation to get this far also it's worth pointing out that this is the only place in the palestinian territories where hamas is able to hold a rally of this side of this size overnight in the occupied west bank there were a series of arrests of hamas leadership over there it's much harder for hamas to operate although they are of course a political presence there as they are here yes there are also increasing tensions in the last week we've had rockets go over every night from gaza into israel is the first time they've been not consistent since really the last war in twenty fourteen
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just a few rockets and no indication that there's a desire to see that escalated into all out conflict certainly no desire from the people we've been speaking to also israel has been launching as strikes on some hamas targets in here as well are about only there for the moment thanks very much for the bit of space in gaza. the medical aid group doctors without borders estimate said at least six thousand seven hundred and joe would killed in mim in the months following the military crackdown which talented in august i think contrast of figures released by me and us government it says that only four hundred range of which is the aid groups estimate is based on the accounts of some of the six hundred forty six thousand survivors sheltering in refugee camps in bangladesh he says seven hundred thirty children were among those killed well colleen is an emergency coordinator at doctors without borders and she says these surveys are the
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clearest indication of ongoing widespread violence in mind. we have published the most conservative figure if we had this. and if you look at the surf a.v. did this interview with more than twelve thousand people which were randomly sampled from a population of six hundred thousands we could not interview those households which had no surviving adult he could not into futa families which in totally didn't make it to bangladesh because we have heard stories of complete families which were killed so we believe that yes this number is about the belief is the lower range and our think it's actually higher in reality we hear from the from the people who told to us for be heard from the patients retreated from their injuries is that it's a combination some of these atrocities according to the refugees we talked to were committed by military by police. forces and combination of dental
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and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about. affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going not maybe on the same scale but we still hear reports of file and. still ahead here on al-jazeera. conservative m.p.'s hand the u.k. prime minister defeats one the promises to make. even more complicated. and a memorial is held marking six months since one of the worse for british history. how you would need to know very much a thought is to look at this is looks cold and you'd be right yeah this is the frosty bit in the real subzero bit of a shoe at the moment winters tucked into japan as well max in tokyo eight degrees
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the focus of friday minus seven as a hideout of austar about minus twenty the middle of mongolia and beijing is hovering around the freezing mark with a cold to it is slowly declining but is still just about acceptable if you inject a bit of bush if you do every now and again and then take things across the sea of japan you develop rain showers or snow showers of course up on the mountains take years in the layers that such as feels rather warmer fourteen degrees four degrees for you but it's still freezing of the korean peninsula but in the sunshine we haven't managed to induce a proper winter yet to release a long lasting winter further south in china still twenty two degrees in hong kong nine and ten in shanghai and it looks like we're going to see a big massive tide develop once more which means most has come in from somewhere probably won't be wet but it'll feel a bit more humid in twenty degrees in hong kong the breeze keeps blowing down to the coast of vietnam looks briefly wet for a time but the development to watch is this one here this is turning into a tropical cycle that she's called kai tak locally and it's going to be
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a very wet couple of days. this is it this speaks of. unspeakable magic compiled testimonies of victims of the congolese masson. as the intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into fettuccine. and intricate tanis of people and in nations crippled by recent history caiaphas hard to object to part seems to be time out to see.
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and again you're watching auxerre a reminder of the top stories this hour a new u.n. sponsored talks on syria resuming in geneva after a short break with the government and opposition sides at present energy to meet at the u.n. special envoy staffan de mistura he's urging russia to convince the syrian government that there is no time to lose on reaching a peace deal. thousands of gathered at a rally in gaza city to log thirteen years since the formation of hamas palestinian political party with an was formed in response to israel's an illegal occupation of the west bank and gaza strip. medical volunteer group doctors without borders says that more than six thousand seven hundred written job would killed in the first month off the violence broke out in. the group's number is based on a survey done among the survivors the last government government's official figures and four hundred. it is six months since one of the worst fires in modern british
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history moral service is being held in london to mark the foreign grenfell that killed seventy one people members of the royal family the prime minister and emergency service personnel who worked on the night of june the fourteenth are attending the service hundreds of families were left homeless after a fire engulfed a twenty four story building many are still living in temporary accommodation that's why he joins me live from london and neve have the braves in the victims finally got the recognition they be looking for. but it was of course a national tragedy that promoted a tremendous amount of soul soul searching here in the u.k. about the stark differences between the very rich live in london and the very poorest of course as you mentioned there seventy one people were killed eighteen of them children and some of the families of those killed in the fire had requested
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that this national tragedy be recognized here in the nation's church st paul so that's what's unfolding here this morning we've seen royals arrive we've seen senior politicians arrive and crucially also members of the community that once lived in the survivors also the families of those killed they will be sharing this important sacred space all part of what they hope will be a long and arduous process of healing. and mourning reflection aside there is of course still a great deal of anger and you have to ask will it ever go away. there is a tremendous amount of anger frustration let's not forget distrust of the. number of people who were left homeless as a result of the fire are still waiting for permanent accommodation only forty two families out of two hundred eight are being given a permanent replacement home many people who are currently living in limbo are
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refusing to go into semipermanent accommodation because they're worried about suddenly being at the bottom of the list when it comes to finding a permanent home the backdrop to all of this of course is a public inquiry that's expected to deliver its findings early next year about the underlying causes of the fire there is a criminal investigation that's expected to report back at the end of next year that could well lead to use of corporate manslaughter against some of the many hundreds of companies that were involved in the upkeep of the construction of grand tower there are a tremendous number of questions yet to be asked for the families of those who were killed on the fourteenth of june they see is an important moment for them six months after that horrendous tragedy all right thanks very much reporting from london. south korea's president. making his first state visit to china for a bilateral summit with president xi jinping and the nuclear missile threat from
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north korea will be high on the agenda during the visit. also looking to improve the relationship after china was angered by the u.s. sending a missile defense system to south korea adrian brown reports now from beijing. well this is a very difficult visit for president moon his first to china since becoming head of state and the strains in the relationship between china and south korea were i think very evident on thursday afternoon now after the bilateral between president xi jinping and mr moon there was to be no joint statement apparently the two sides are going to wish you separate statements that points to an existing diplomatic impasse over of course china's continued opposition to the anti missile defense system that south korea deployed earlier this year in response to all that north korea has been doing however there was one area of agreement the two sides did sign a memorandum of understanding to expand trade the tween the two countries this
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ceremony was watched over by some of the business executives who are accompanying president moon on his trip to china there was no one discordant moment a south korean photographer was badly beaten up by security guards as he was attending a trade function and now south korean government officials have lodged a formal protest with china that is a reminder in the sense that relations between these two countries remain very strained indeed the tone of this visit is very different to the one the president donald trump who was here of course exactly five weeks ago there's been none of the fanfare that we saw in china is doing just enough to ensure that south korea doesn't lose face while the president is here in china martial law is being extended for twelve months on the island of mindanao in the southern philippines president roderigo to turkey so the vote by congress was necessary for what he called the total eradication of groups linked to eisele as well as communist
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fighters military rule was imposed in may when hundreds of gunmen seize control of where are we the city was liberated in october after the killing of more than a thousand people most of them fighters affiliated to the black flag of i saw. voting is underway in india. good drug state for the second phase of local elections a slowing economy as well as introduction of a new tax structure some of the issues on the minds of voters the vote is being seen as a test of popularity for the prime minister narendra modi who spent weeks campaigning in his home state which routes is being controlled by moody's policy creature a.p. for twenty two years is facing a surprisingly strong challenge from the opposition congress party led by rome devika poland has born from a medical. the b j p has been in charge of this state for over two decades uninterrupted so many thought a win for them would be a foregone conclusion but analysts say they got a wake up call in the first phase of these elections on december ninth when turnout
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among the b j p's committed voters was less than expected now over the past year there have been rumblings of discontent particularly amongst the rural areas which make up half of the voting bloc many here say that the congress party has managed to launch a campaign that's resonated amongst those who feel like they've been marginalized by the government and its economic policies this phase of voting today will be for half of the hundred eighty two seats in the legislative assembly we spoke to some of the voters to find out what issues will be influencing the way they vote. as a businessman economic conditions are very important. looking for the market conditions right now it's very slow for us live this is my first world so i am definitely excited and those issues are like love meant economic the rest of the country's watching these elections closely as the stakes are particularly high for the
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country's leader narendra modi he was chief minister of goods or out state for thirteen years before he became prime minister and used his governance here and the economic model he set up here at the heart of his campaign to win over the country in the elections now a loss here for him would be seen as a loss of face for him and a lack of confidence in his policies as for all gandhi he recently was crowned the leader of the congress party i went for him would validate his position also make him a credible opponent for narendra modi in the twenty nineteen national elections at least ten people have been killed in a bomb attack on the main police academy in somalia's capital a suicide bomber blew himself up during a police parade inside the training kind of in mogadishu officials say he was wearing police uniforms the all group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the . britons brecht said negotiations are expected to be further complicated by
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a rebellion within the prime minister's party innovates in parliament eleven pro european conservative m.p.'s sided with the opposition defeat by four votes means that a parliamentary vote will be needed to approve britain's final deal to leave the european union to raise if they had progress what she called a meaningful vote on breaks it proposes making it binding. i could always vice president has been sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty in a corruption scandal which they gloss was convicted for accepting roughly thirteen point five million dollars in bribes from the brazilian construction giant out of right to win business contracts five others including glasses uncle were given similar sentences. that many of us have heard of new cryptocurrency such as bitcoin but now comes the petro has been told just by the president of venezuela to try and alleviate the
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economic crisis and food shortages that i thought you know from the reports from caracas venezuela and suffer one of the world's highest inflation rates and banknotes are almost worthless. some of these people have been queuing since three am not only sure what is available or what it will cost they're hoping to find basics like rice powdered milk and toilet paper to get a look at where you take what you can but there's not much variety one day the might of any be flour or rice oil or toothpaste. prices rise almost daily inflation in the vendor was nearly fifty seven percent the accumulated rise this year is one thousand three hundred seventy percent this coffee cost fifteen thousand body about is four and a half dollars at the official exchange rate which almost no venezuelans can afford to use or about fifteen cents on the black market which almost everybody is forced to use if they can find enough of these almost worthless banknotes. they're in
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short supply russian by the bank machines which emits only enough to small purchases those venice whalers with bank accounts use plastic cards but the fragile infrastructure means the system is often down some use because then there's this weekend on the geonim the petro i'm going to call it the petrol venezuela's own cryptocurrency been as well as economic sovereignty and helped defeat the economic blockade against us the streets of venice wailin because the president said it will be backed by his country's ample oil gas gold and diamond but the column is say such a system is the confidence of investors and even on the streets there's not much of that about it the day. it's very sad it's even more sad when you lived well and reached my age and you've got nothing and no way of solving anything. thousands have left the country and thousands more are planning to blaming president but
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dawdle for mismanaging the economy for straight to the country with abundant natural resources such as. can i make misery see minister if in this weather is lucky or with the power of its citizens it can change things soon then venezuela could recharge its economy and limit the damage in the next few years but if these process continues it's going to leave deep scars be generations to come we're not there yet but we risk being there soon but. meanwhile many even assuages the simply occupied with finding enough to eat and if and when they do away with paying for it . when they're all just caracas. little nudge in the direction of website al jazeera dot com is it your has all the stories that we're covering the votes of comment that analysis to al-jazeera dot com.
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so let's have a recap of the headlines here at al-jazeera and u.n. sponsored talks on syria resuming in geneva after a short break both the government and opposition sides a present and a jew to meet u.n. special envoy staffan de mistura he's urging russia to convince the syrian government that there is no time to lose on reaching a peace deal thousands of gathered at a rally in the gaza city to mark the thirty years since the formation of a mass is going on right now the palestinian political party with an ongoing was formed in response to israel's illegal occupation of the west bank and the gaza strip. medical volunteer group doctors without borders says that at least six thousand seven hundred injured with killed in the first month off the violence broke out in groups numbers based on a survey done among the survivors of violence in the last government says efficient figure it's only four hundred. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has rejected
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a declaration by muslim leaders that east jerusalem is the capital of palestine which the leaders met in istanbul and called on the world to follow in its footsteps and reject the us jerusalem move prime minister netanyahu says he's unimpressed by this timbale declaration without. going to for the studio it would be best for the palestinians to recognize reality and act for the sake of peace and not for the sake of extremism and to recognize another fact when it comes to jerusalem not just that it is the capital of israel we also preserve freedom of worship in jerusalem for all religions and we have the ones who preserve the site got in the middle east in a manner that no one else preserves it and which others have also failed sometimes miserably therefore all of these declarations do not impress us the truth will come out and many countries will yet recognized or islam as the capital of israel and move their embassies. it is six months since one of the worst fires in modern british history a memorial service is being held in london to mark the deadly fire in grenfell that
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killed seventy one people members of the royal family the prime minister and emergency service personnel who worked on the night to june the fourteenth are attending the service hundreds of families were left homeless after the fire engulfed a twenty four story building many of still living in temporary accommodation where you have to take the headlines here on al-jazeera inside story it's coming right up . jerusalem is a red line that's the message from the task as president as he opened the gathering of muslim leaders to discuss the recent u.s. decision on the holy city but beyond words what else can be done this is inside story.


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