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he's showing around to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that loses forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums. of life it's culture. rising food and fuel prices continue for a third day and. also ahead palestinians pay tribute to
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a man shot dead by israeli. and uncertain future for tens of thousands of. their homes by the amount. the controversial bollywood film has. promised. the film. there have been more clashes on the third day of protests food and fuel prices tens of thousands are expressing their anger of a mounting economic problems as a dispute that also attracted the attention of u.s. president donald trump who has been a staunch critic of the iranian government. for the third day in a row they're out on the streets. went on into the night anti-government protesters
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most of them students facing up to riot police outside terran university but what began as a protest about rising food prices and welfare benefit cuts turned political on saturday i. earlier in the day they chanted not gaza not lebanon my life whereon i. don't be afraid we're staying strong together. an expression of anger about claims the government is focusing more on regional issues than economic problems at home. iranian t.v. showed a display of strength by crowds of pro-government supporters in cities nationwide tens of thousands of people on the streets chanting death to america down with israel in support iran's supreme leader ali khamenei letter that people have protested against inflation other problems but that does not show that our people
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have turned on each other or are against the ruling system and their leadership. the pro-government rallies were pre-planned to mark the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country in two thousand and nine unrest in iran prompted several tweets from the u.s. president on saturday warning oppressive regimes cannot into a forever many reports of peaceful protests bahraini and citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including rights to express themselves the world is watching. for some sign the has been some disparate groups have been protesting whether it was. corrupt financial institutions but those pension is no longer going the pensions will have to live on. as people worried about the environment is women it's all these groups and the interesting thing and you could see. slogans are now becoming more radical you could say that the
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atmosphere is going tense are intense and most of all what you could say is that they no longer seem to have that fear from the security forces there in the. one this was a huge display of support for the iranian leadership the government will be concerned it just how quickly the protest about food prices could become political peter shop al jazeera. well as we mentioned many of the protesters are angry at rising food and fuel prices as well as cuts to welfare benefits they say have been unfairly targeted in the recent budget while villages and situations appear to have been untouched are authorized lending practices have also caused the collapse of some financial institutions and the loss of thousands of bank accounts while president hassan rouhani has vowed to clean up the banking sector and kickstart the economy many complain progress is too slow the iranian government's leaders have long blamed u.s.
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sanctions while many were left after the nuclear deal with world powers two years ago in the last from american sanctions for main. oman are they in iran analyst analyst at middle east i and he says the protests reflect a growing divide between ordinary iranians and the political elite. in contrast to what happened when there were last major protests in iran back in two thousand and nine in the wake of the disputed presidential elections when the quarrel then was in trouble regime it was a quarrel within competing factions within the system and this one appears to be coming from the outside articulated by people who all stenciled be have you know purely economic motives but i think in keeping with the iranian culture longstanding political culture inevitably these protests become political i think the only thing they can achieve is to apply some pressure on the current administration they got the government of president rouhani that rouhani appears to have the right policies in place but is the attitude of his government that really
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riles up the people this is a very elitist government they are bureaucratic elites that technocratic police they they are very distant from the grievances of ordinary people and frankly some of the attitudes for example some of the leading ministers and parliamentarians some of the things that have said recently and it's come up and social media for instance one m.p. was recently complaining about his low salary and saying that when he was a university professor used to get paid almost double and hardly did any work for it is really royals are ordinary people who are struggling right now from the economic point of view so is the attitude of government ministers officials the problem in terry is there's the real problem here not necessarily the policies that rouhani has put in place in order to turn the economy around. let's move on to other news now and footage has emerged from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of east and go there following airstrikes rescue as a scene carrying two babies from of rwanda building aid agencies evacuated twenty
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nine critically ill people this week including children from x. to go to as part of a day in with the syrian government they say the siege by government forces has caused a humanitarian emergency. while syrian rebels and their families have started to arrive and the there are regions. damascus softer indeed with the government buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families were allowed to leave the. shin and travel to. the rebels lost to the syrian government and its allies are to heavy fighting earlier this month say in a hall there has more from vagrant. in the last rebel pocket in the southwestern countryside of damascus it is a military gain for the syrian government and its allies they launched a massive military campaign two months ago the rebels were trapped in a small area they had no other choice really but to surrender we've seen this happen before intense bombardment and then program and forces impose
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a siege so the rebels have no choice but to surrender or die really but this is the portents of this is not just a military game for the government it is again for iran iran expanding its influence in a corner of syria very strategic corner of syria it lies between these syria and israeli and lebanese borders which means iran's allies on the ground are moving closer to israel and israel really has been voicing a lot of concern about this as of late talking both to the russians as well as the americans telling them that they will not accept it round of moving closer to their borders in fact a few weeks ago they stepped up airstrikes in syria they weren't just targeting what they believed were arms convoys destined to be an ally hezbollah movement but what we understand one of those strikes targeted close to an iranian military base a base that that was being set up by iran and so it was
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a warning message from israel so not just another military game for the government again for iran and possibly it could be a source of tension in the near future. the funerals being held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinian. was involved in clashes with israeli led to change along the gaza border these fifty people were injured when israeli forces on the file demonstrators protesting at the u.s. decision to recognize your person as israel's capital the israeli military says demonstrators fold burning time isn't true vall said soldiers but says troops five selectively against four main and stick a says now can webb has more from the funeral and gaza. the was i don't see it was me god. i do young man the friday when. we talk to the gun
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went off to die saturday morning from his injuries to ministry of health says he's a sixty seven to die in the on a raft in the pilot's the same six december the u.s. president trump said america would recognize to resell them as the capital of israel good job or full state it's a very bad decision for the palestinian people the americans are supporting israel in our own land we are people in our homeland and have given a martyr for palestine and for jerusalem it's normal for the political factions and the armed groups in gaza whose leaders for the young men to go to the border protest to fund the funerals of those who've been killed this ones funded by the supported by the armed wing of fatah leaders every friday for the last month of coup protesters to go to the border the separation wall and fence that surrounds gaza out about five or six different places it clashed with the israeli soldiers who fired tear gas some light bullets. and there's no sign that they're going to
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give up anytime soon. palestine has recalled its ambassador to pakistan often he attended an event with the alleged mastermind of the two thousand and next moment attacks it was an angry reaction in india when palestinian envoy walid abu ali was pictured sharing a stage with huffy science is accused of planning the attacks the pair were at a rally criticizing u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. to russia now where the secret service has arrested the suspected perpetrator of a bomb attack in st petersburg eighteen people were injured when the bomb through a supermarket on wednesday described as an act of terror by president vladimir putin has claimed responsibility for the attack. while the supreme court has upheld abaddon opposition leader vali running for president next year and the mollies be involved because of a pos conviction which he says those politically motivated is calling on his
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supporters to boycott the march president putin is widely expected to go forth to. still ahead on the bulletin. celebration as the residents of the town of course libya's revolution of finding allowed to return home and zimbabwe look ahead to elections in two thousand and eighteen after a turbulent year that saw a long time leader. strong path. through trying. to use anything. hello there is mostly clear for many of us in the southeast and parts of china at the moment it's not that warm though shanghai is a maximum just getting to eleven and hong kong were around twenty two there's
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a little bit of moisture in the air around the northern part of it now and that will be gradually pushing its way north woods there as we head through monday say for some of us here we see more in the way of clown but it doesn't look like there's going to be and the significant rain as we head through the next day of say a bit further towards the south and the clouds here are slightly more angry and they have been giving us some very significant rain so the wettest weather has been in this region here is over the western parts of borneo and across towards the west k.l. and singapore but seeing plenty of showers recently more still to come the weather had though has been quite quiet over the philippines just a few showers here but that's going to change as we head through sunday and into monday we're going to see more heavy rain and it's the northern parts of mindanao where we're expecting some of the most vicious outbreaks of rain and that could well cause us problems with flooding as we head up towards india head the problems of mostly being with the clear quiet weather giving us a problem with fog as you can see from the satellite picture not a great deal going on at the moment and that's really how things are going to stay as we head through sunday and monday just watch out for this area of cloud of rain
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here that's actually avoiding the east coast of india but working towards me and. the weather sponsored by qatar race. in the wake of the race right now how much can someone take before they come to find recognition is crucial we needed . to preserve our brothers in. the free people since it was so that their religion the things it was a bit more committed most of the disrespect to al-jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time. at this time on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories anti-government protests are continuing for the third day in iran as demonstrators clashed with police many are angry at the state of the economy the rising cost of living and cuts to welfare benefits. as has emerged from soviet children being rescued from the damascus suburb of east and both are following airstrikes aid agencies this week of actuators twenty nine critically ill people including children on the rebel held area as part of the deal with the syrian government and a funeral has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza a twenty year old thousands of palestinians confronted by the israeli military along the gaza border protest as a demonstrating against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and a nation now where more than seventy thousand people are facing an uncertain future as they continue to live an evacuation shelters off to
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a volcano that began erupting early november many of being forced to return into the danger zone every day to tend to their crops and livestock step vaso reports from mount on the island of body. that killed stein by helping out in an emergency kitchen his family sought refuge in this government shelter after they were forced to leave three months ago the indonesian government has ordered families not to return as long as the volcano remains at its highest alert level or as i'm not there not more than one future looks pretty bleak if i have to stay here in the shelter how can i pay for my children's education i've got no work here at least seventy thousand villages in the danger zone have been forced to leave their homes or three months have passed and boy. adam has kicked in local authorities are struggling to keep him away from danger. every morning like many others goes up the mountain back to his village
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a thirty kilometer journey by motorbike so bloody village lies nearest to the crater and no man knows exactly how dangerous to feel kaino can be just five kilometers away so bloody village lost more than five hundred people half of its population ninety six in three eruption a thick layer of hot lava and huge rocks destroyed most of the houses still many people choose to face a dangerous and return to the village to work. optus at the shelter. with. dangerously near you know man and his neighbors are mining stones and sand spewed from the eruption fifty four years ago the villages are getting some benefit from the next roll disaster then. i force myself to be brave enough although the government doesn't allow it i'm fed up in the shelter how long do i have to stay there so while only a little smoke comes out of the volcano i take my chance to earn some money in case
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there's a major eruption hopes he will have enough time to run while the government continues to urge people to stay out of the danger zone its policy has recently become more lenient to cross the line for. the people because the situation is taking so long and because it will cain is activity is not always high people to go back to their villages during the daytime to work and come back to the shelter at night . but newman decides not to return to the shelter and spend the night at his house trying desperately to get his old life back hoping and praying that and i will go back to sleep very soon step fasten al-jazeera village. the former president of the kushal on your region has the central government in spain to accept that. of cotland elections held earlier this month the december twenty first poll gave a slim majority to party seeking a split from spain. has been in brussels for starters continuity is leader and
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threatened with arrest by madrid. the spanish government has a new opportunity to be here because the european democracy it clear to be and therefore recognize the results of the election that took place under twenty first and in this way to start a political negotiation with the legitimate government of catalonia but then again that's why as president of catalonia i demand that the spanish government and the ones who back them rectify those things that no longer work restore the damage caused and replace everything they have removed without the legal permission of the cattle and people the ballot boxes have spoken the democracy has spoken everyone has been able to express themselves what is really waiting for in order to accept the results to accept the will of the catalan people now liberia's president elect has given his first speech since winning the country's runoff election earlier this week george way will take over from alan johnson said the facade of the first
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democratic transition of power in liberia from heaven seventeen games where a former world footballer of the year has pledged to fight corruption in the country. we were more the government. and. for the people. those tools. to serve we must be. looking. to the men. we have. so now for the third part of our series looking ahead to the big stories of two thousand and eighteen extraordinary events and zimbabwe last month for the military force longtime leader robert mugabe to resign or many have the outcome of
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a general election and the new here will help improve the economy and. we're standing on the world stage reports now from harare. after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and a shortage of cash people hope things will get better in twenty eighteen robert mugabe resigned in november after the military intervened. or is the new president until elections are held while they wait for any election day to be announced they are registering to vote many here say they hope no matter who wins it will be a new beginning for zimbabwe oh and your country which is full of opportunities because you know i mean you college right now i'm studying and the reason why i'm studying is because i want to work. and there's no work for me to do. in the past elections i've been marred by allegations of vote rigging and violence
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opposition leaders say the military and war veterans helped keep robert mugabe in power for thirty seven years the new commander of the defense forces says things will not be different and that the army will respect whatever zimbabweans decide at the polls as we prepare for the elections in. the. end they were doing so from the day takes place in an environment of peace and tranquility opposition alliance members say despite morgan tsvangirai health concerns he is their presidential candidate has cancer now that mugabe is gone they say they are confident about mixture we are all. believe that the next noise and it is the number. we are going to be the next government this is what the. a credible voter's role could help avoid another disputed election zimbabwe is compiling a new voters role in replace the old emanuel register opposition party say is
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inaccurate and is dead people's names on it the difficult mission says the plan is to register nearly seven million people before elections in twenty eight. as the bobbins prepare for those crucial elections they hope will be credible and violence free the international community has said if things go smoothly at the polls they will be eager to invest to help ease the crippling cash crisis that could mean district needed jobs most people waiting in line under the age of forty many are unemployed but they say for the first time in a long while there is hope that maybe twenty eighteen is going to be a good year. for al-jazeera her either. and in the next part of our series take a look at syria's future after a year and watched the government recaptured large areas of rebel held territory many field was coming to an end but once the price of peace. egypt's former president mohamed morsy has been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of
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insulting the judiciary for a speech he made while in office morsi has been tried in several cases after he was deposed following mass protests and a military coup in two thousand and thirteen he's already serving a twenty year sentence in another case on charges of inciting attacks on protesters in two thousand and twelve while the top appeals court in september held a separate twenty five year term on charges of harming national security by leaking state documents to cut it. now followers of a highly conservative form of islam have destroyed the grave of the father of a former king in libya these salafist groups shrines and special graves are a form of idol worship they reportedly remove the relics of shaikh muhammad as the alsa nusi from the site and called for where he was buried more than one hundred years ago he was the father of king andrus alsono see it was al stood in line nine hundred sixty nine in a coup led by former gadhafi. libya's internationally recognized government his people displaced from the town of go will be able to return to their homes and
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february they were forced out in september two thousand and eleven the collective punishment for attacking the rival city of misrata without the reports from tripoli . as you do you know and heard can tie joy. to the whole town over. six years some of these children were born here in this camp in tripoli yet holding on to their appearance dream. that we are. so happy that we will finally go home we just need to settle down and live in peace now we've had enough trouble with sick and tired of the interrogation . but now we have says she has had a terrible experience her son was accused of fighting for freedom a leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven and was later arrested by rebels from the
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city of misrata girl who doesn't know. we just need our safety to be guaranteed had we need a neutral official brigade to secure our hometown to work we don't want misrata to police to work because it used to be our adversary around four hundred fifty families live in this camp they don't have proper healthcare or sanitation so life here is tough it is even tougher for disabled people like mubarak he remembers how specious and comfortable his old house back home was. it has been so difficult for us living here on all levels the place we live in hygiene education and security on many occasions gangs and armed men attacked us and stole or belongings around four thousand families have been scattered in camps all over libya since september to an eleven most of them are in benghazi and the capital tripoli for the past six years several attempts have failed to bring the
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people of back to their home town that's largely because those in misrata have accused them of killing people who supported the uprising against a mortgage. and they have demanded that in order for them to return the government must compensate the families of the victims. during the fall of the deficit hundreds of men were captured while fighting against the rebels as a major supporter of gaddafi toward her was used as a military base for his forces to attack misurata. later around forty thousand people were forced out of as collective punishment since then has become a ghost town. the tripoli base the government of national accord has agreed to provide compensation to victims on both sides food for judea and ben no bia the
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city it feels like they will be set free after six years of imprisonment they can't wait to go back home in february until then they are counting down days. tripoli. sally state t.v. has run the first pictures of a high profile prince who was detained for more than three weeks what i've been a bullet was arrested as part of an anti-corruption drive that by crown prince muhammad he was freed after agreeing to pay a financial settlement is the son of the late king abdullah and once led the country's national guard he's shown what the crown prince of the video shows his cousin. now hardline religious groups and western andrea said the resort to violence if necessary to block the release of a controversial bollywood film. well the country's film certification board has cleared of a thief of your own by anyone over the age of twelve members of
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a hindu caste organization say it misrepresents the actions of a fourteenth century hindu queen who refused to submit to the demands of a muslim emperor they also take exception to a story line about a romantic link between the queen and emperor. industry and. the film will be on the screens. so. the family of. the. frozen sharks have washed up on a beach on the north eastern coast of the u.s. as the region enjoys of record breaking cold snap conservationists say it's likely the three males became stranded and fell into cold shock while trying to get to warmer waters in the south the minimum temperature and the region at this time of year often falls just below zero but in recent days has dropped as low as minus
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fifteen. now the first gray whales of the migration season have arrived off the coast of mexico every december over twenty thousand gray whales leave the bering sea between russia and alaska and migrate to the warmer waters in mexico since gray whales often travel near the shore there one of the easiest species to observe. might come across this animal the size of a bus many people tell me that to change their lives because it's a contact between the terrestrial world and the underwater world. we were very impressed to see a life. so huge. so. far so maybe. i don't get all of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera anti-government
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protests are continuing for a third day in iran and demonstrators clashed with police many are angry at the state of the economy the visor and cost of living and cuts to welfare benefits. for years has emerged from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of east and following airstrikes the aid agencies this week of actuator twenty nine people including children from the rebel held area as part of a deal with the syrian government a funeral has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians confronted by the israeli. along the gaza border protest demonstrating against the u.s. decision to recognize israel's capital. the former president of the region has urged the central government in spain to accept the results of this month's elections and . call is push them on has been in brussels since being forced out and threatened
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with arrest by madrid. the spanish government has a new opportunity to be here because the european democracy it clear to be and therefore recognize the results of the election that took place on december twenty first and in this way to start a political negotiation with the legitimate government of catalonia but. that's why as president of catalonia i demand that the spanish government and the ones who back them rectify those things that no longer work restore the damage caused and replace everything they have removed without the legal permission of the cattle and people the ballot boxes have spoken democracy has spoken everyone has been able to express themselves what is really waiting for in order to accept the results to accept the will of the council on people liberia's president elect has given his first speech since one of the country's runoff election earlier this week george way will take over from ellen johnson sirleaf as part of the country's first democratic transition of power for more than seventy gives those are the headlines
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on al-jazeera and sad story as up next. demonstrations in cities across iran the biggest in nearly a decade protests say prices are too high and the government's corrupt in two thousand and nine unrest was mat's with a minister a crackdown so how will the government deal with the people's ungar today this is a inside story.


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