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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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material support the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we were able to see the secret we were able to tell in a two part series al jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called terror the holy land falling at this time on al jazeera. iran's president says his people have the right to protest but warns that violence is unacceptable. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program renewed strikes on rebel held parts of damascus fighters announce
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a united front against assad's government tied to of trash accusations of equal size caused by rubbish floating from guatemala ten neighboring hundreds. and welcoming two thousand and eighteen the new year celebrations are underway around the world. hello thank you for joining us iranian president hassan rouhani has spoken for the first time since widespread protests began in the islamic republic his comments in comments published on sunday he said that people have the right to protest but those demonstrations should not make the public feel concerned about their lives and security ronnie also criticize the u.s. president donald trump over his tweets about the protests saying he has. and that
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he had called the ring of people terrorists a few months ago. it should be clear to everyone that we are people of freedom according to the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the manner of my criticism and protest should be in such a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. as well that statement from loni comes a social media apps including the messaging service telegram which has forty million users in iran have been temporarily blocked as the government tries to stop details being spread about the upcoming protests for three days now there have been rallies across the country against the clerical elite which they blame for economic hardships and alleged corruption the government is warning of a crackdown if they continue on saturday night two people were killed in the city of the ruler though there is confusion over who is responsible for that that's the
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protests are the biggest show of the scent in iran since the huge rallies of two thousand and nine peter sharp has the latest. this video of protest posted on social media has been blocked by the rain and government the ban follows a nationwide demonstration since thursday government ministers said the video encourage more people to join the rallies though we all saw how they received cyberspace and promoted violence trained systematic riots toward weapons and explosives crafting simulated protesters to fight the priest and encourage the burning of houses and schools these people are surely not part of our people iran state television this reported that some social media sites and messaging apps that been blocked to maintain what turned peace and from the government warnings that iran's revolutionary guards corps was prepared to deploy what was described as an on fist if the demonstrations continued their commander said production the. tests
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have degenerated into people chanting political slogans and burning public property the u.s. president has been following events in iran closely another tweet on sunday big protests in iran he said the people finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer the usa is watching very closely for human rights violations. you know some of the most attentive protest on sunday is unclear but video posted from the city of durham on saturday night showed demonstrators dragging away one of those injured state television in tehran said two people were shot dead but denied that police or the army were involved with the visuals are in the clash that took two lives no bullets were shot from police and security forces the people gathering was meant to end peacefully but the presence of the agitators unfortunately this happened and resulted in the deaths of two protesters. the protests will have
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rattled the government they weren't just limited to terror on what took place across the country the only question now is whether they can gather momentum and how long the government is prepared to put up with this challenge to its authority peter sharp al jazeera. part can as our mare is an iranian blogger based in london and joins us now live in the studio thank you for being with us so what do you make of the comments that we've seen from president rouhani one mentioning let's start with that well basically it's ok to protest as long as they are there's no violence . here in the thing as if the option that the iranian people have exercise all this time has been violence of in the iranian people have been more than patience they've tried every other avenue and it hasn't worked it's not as if they haven't protested peacefully. or and if you know that they've tried all these other avenues they've tried all these other options but nothing's really let's go back to the beginning the revolutions what they were promised they were promised free
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electricity free water free bus services they were told not to boy has is because everyone's going to be a homeowner for forty years they've just been promising and promising and promising monotheist a classless society all sorts of nonsense not of is come true and how many years are you just going to promise people an appeal to people they said to them look ok we've got problems because there's a war going on with iraq and after the war things will be ok but the war finish and things were said that all the problems are because the sanctions once they lift the sanctions and things are essential if the things are still not ok you can carry on promising forever and over and over i've guess though i mean there's a lot of reasons why people are protesting right now but certainly the catalyst was economic reasons and we have seen perhaps a conciliatory tone from the government saying they're going to scrap a fuel price increase maybe more cash payments to the poor me what do you make of all of that d.c. some kind of conciliation from the government right now and do you think that that will make any difference. other no it remains to be same but as i said they've been
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promising things for for nearly four decades now. people have been more than patients they've been misled even taken part in two elections franken now by electing a new administration things are going to be different all these things that rouhani has said so they promised before he promised that now after administrations we have a new administration and there's going to be the mismanagement days are over and people are going to see the benefits of the heavens and. it remains to be seen if they're going to. fall for once again for just promises or not he needs to have something tangible and the only thing tangible that people are looking for is that they don't want to be ruled by clerics and the other thing that he mentioned was us president donald trump and donald trump had issued a tweet i think yesterday you know basically i'm just saying that he was going to look at developments and against the idea reigning regime that we mentioned donald trump and rouhani says that iran has forgotten that he called the iranian people
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terrorists a few months ago in law that that that often you know there's a lot of people claiming foreign agents are certainly the government claiming that foreign agents were are behind some of these protests what you make of ronnie mentioning transfers of other other other other trump said iranian people say or is it was referring to the regime he was referring to the government so you know let's make that distinctions clear this is sort of like playing with words that rouhani and the regime does all the time i don't see anything wrong with moral support from anyone could be the british prime minister it could be the german called in i don't see any anything wrong with publish the protesters want to know that they're being heard but at the same some of the ones in a military interference i don't see any financial support but i see nothing wrong with a tweet or a moral support or creating some publicity for the protestors or that they know the being heard i think everyone should and very very briefly do you get the sense that the protests are gathering momentum now i'm actually i wasn't surprised that something was going to happen because i actually wrote something about a week before the protests started wars. have been surprises yes by the men some of
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the of the situation and one hearing that is a protest is a decided it's a protest at nights. wherever they say there is some sort of like the security is forces are spread thin just go for the weak points and often as a very effective tactic but can as american blogger based here in london thank you and. let's go to syria now where rebel factions have announced that they are forming a united front to stop the asset government's advance opposition fighters are fast losing ground in syria and the government bombardment of their strongholds is relentless at least nineteen people six of them children reported have been killed in the latest strikes on rebel held parts of the masks some of binge of i reports. or after almost seven years of war in syria a routine sound in a civil damascus. city for what is strikes have continued in the rebel controlled suburb of ghouta close to four hundred thousand deceit syrians here have
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been bombed for years. as a dash to search for survivors debris skillfully removed before movement is fluttered under the rubble but they are. disoriented and scared children stumbled through the mangled metal and wreckage and kids make up the highest number of the dead and injured in syria. besides the shelling in near strikes have also continued in the countryside of western syria. these families have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing push by syrian government forces to regain control of more areas bordering hama and it promises. by god look at the kids when the planes hit near the children my god how they scream the biggest push for us was our kids they don't know anything but the sound of airplanes and shelling a life of exhaustion and terror. rebels are trying to stop the steadily advancing
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syrian army and they're forming a united front called the national army it's made up of thirty seven factions from aleppo there are homs and hama but it's not the first time that a similar group has been announced and questions remain about how scattered militias will be brought under a united chain of command and how will they be funded. the government the national army put servants and guards for the country and our families on all syrian land we call on you to be united and to agree on the national project to support your sense here who have announced an open war on all the enemies calendars show a new year with a change of dates doesn't mean much for syrians who've lived through almost seven years of suffering some of it job. palestine is recalling its envoy to the united states as a result of president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel who some azzam lot will return from washington d.c. for what are being described as consultations about the controversial decision to
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move the u.s. embassy palestine's official news agency said the foreign minister riyadh al maliki ordered the recall and then the last hour israel's governing likud the party has approved a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty and formally our next part of the occupied west bank mohammed junction joins us from west jerusalem what impact is this resolution going to have. well barbara if this in fact goes to the knesset at some point and first you'd have to have prime minister benjamin netanyahu indorsed this and you'd have to have the rest of the likud party endorse this which is what we're being told now is a non-binding resolution if it were to go in its current form to the knesset for a vote certainly that would be an extremely controversial and incendiary move it really would have the potential to inflame tensions even more than they are at this
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stage just weeks after president donald trump had recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel so when we've spoken to analysts today about what all this means they've what many of them have told me that they believe that this is really just a simple and cynical political calculus a way for the liquid central committee to try to rally the faithful to try to gain the support of the hardliners in their party to take advantage of this moment when the united states has recognized as israel's capital to try to say to their faithful look what else we're going to try to do to impose our sovereignty onto parts of the west bank of course we've already spoken to palestinian lawmakers here who said that if this does indeed proceed if this does indeed progress and get to the knesset then they would see that as being really the end of the peace process that they would think that trying to find a two state solution to the crisis here was really something that was dead finally
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dead that all being said though one of the things about this resolution that's been so much of a question in the last few days is whether it is binding or not the liquid central committee has stated over the past week that they believe that this is a binding resolution meaning that they believe that this will in effect force prime minister netanyahu and the rest of the likud leadership and the rest of the likud party to take this resolution and take it to the knesset other analysts we spoke with say no that's not the case this is not binding and we have not yet heard from prime minister. netanyahu we don't know if he's going to issue a statement earlier in the day we have heard media reports here that he would be issuing some kind of a statement giving some kind of reaction after this vote happened today at this point very unclear if that will happen now i was speaking with israeli pollster michel barack earlier in the day and he was talking about what this referendum would mean if it passed really what would the reaction be from inside israel and outside israel here's more of what he had to tell me for the people that understand
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what's going on they will realize that it's really a meaningless thing for a lot of the people who don't or who just want to you know criticize israel they'll have an excellent way to do that because they'll say it's the prime minister's party it's the ruling party in the country they may the declaration this is the policy of the prime minister's party even though it's up biting them it's a government it's not going to implement this in any way in the near future this is a very serious thing that they're suggesting so it will help israel sit tractors in the world and part of the problem is as you know the party the central committee of the party as not the most sophisticated people when it comes to regional or international relations. barbara conventional wisdom here is that there is no way that this resolution could get to the knesset in this current form or could be passed in the knesset that is just far too controversial but the fact that it did pass it this likud central committee meeting tonight certainly adds another note of uncertainty and
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a very tense time here barbara it does dede mohammed jim jim with the latest from western thank you. and still to come up on this half hour of news on al-jazeera at least four soldiers are killed there's gunmen storm a training camp in indian administered kashmir and the man in the u.s. has been arrested after a deadly end to a prank telephone. hello we've got a good westerly flow in our weather across europe at the moment say cloud and right moller ah coming in from the atlantic some of the stormy conditions having said that we'll see some very wet some very windy weather coming into western parts of france just pushing in across the western coast of europe is it go on through the next couple of days then temperatures at about eight o nine celsius there for london and pass a very heavy rain the possibility of some localized flooding that western parts of
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france some wet weather too into italy turning to snow over the high ground just around the alps that will make its way further east which as we go through tuesday big downpours a possibility then across much of the balkan solemn hospitalising the weather by this stage running around thirteen degrees celsius here's our model whether you can see ten celsius there for london in paris as we go on through choose their fair amounts of wet weather coming game with a possible system snow over the scottish mountains meanwhile some cloud also it's pushing its way into northern parts of algeria's to go on through the course of monday that cloud will ease a little further race was for tuesday just pushing into libya nine hundred five in try the car in a westerly wind took temperature of nine hundred two for about but the feeling rather chilly in a northerly breeze. charlie
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this is for the part we're football fans who don't think about. the experiment when the real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice to. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase at this time. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's president says his people have the right to protest calls warns that violence is unacceptable the government
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has temporarily blocked social media apps after three days of rallies across the country rebel factions in syria have announced that they're forming a united front called the national army to stop the assad government said fads and israel's governing party has approved a draft resolution urging its leaders to formally annex parts of the occupied west bank a move likely to further the palace that its. government have stormed an army training camp in indian administered kashmir killing at least four soldiers a military spokesman says the armed men through grenades and fired automatic rifles at the camp in pool vomit the strict victoria gate to be reports of. a wreath laying ceremony the soldiers killed during a rebel siege is an army training camp in indian administered kashmir the attack took place and we were all full alert and it was because. oh to look at this that
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you've been able to find them to a particular building the operation started and the that which was done and you've already do this. earlier on sunday soldiers try to flush out the rebels extra police were sent to seal off the camp while the c. jumped folded. the sound of grenades and automatic gunfire an indication that the rebels had no intention of surrendering rebel stormed the camp on saturday night the local police chief says he was already aware an attack was imminent. they were right. there. but.
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these villagers who live near the camp shout pro-rebel slogans. for decades indian administered kashmir has been at the center of the muslim separatist movement against hindu dominated indian rule separatist groups are fighting for the indian administered potion of kashmir to either become independent all merge with pakistan . the killing of a prominent rebel commander last year provoked widespread protests and there's no sign the latest siege will do anything to ease the tension the tory gazin be algis there are seventeen people have been killed in a suicide attack at a funeral in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad a spokesman for the provincial governor says the attacker blew himself up as people gathered for the funeral of a former district governor there's been no claim of responsibility earlier this week eisel said it was behind the killing of at least forty one people at a shia cultural center in kabul. the u.n. says that security forces in the democratic republic of congo have killed at least
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seven people at protests in kinshasa. the. demonstrators are demanding that the president joseph kabila step down and hold a new elections they're angry at his refusal to leave when his term and that a year ago he then promised elections by the end of this year and they've now been delayed until next the center. always sort you shall be dismissed coming in shooting going because i mean it's not just simply because we are coming we have come here in order and we pray for all we mission we are free basically these people to play for the status is for us chartering under this sense germany first two thousand pretty significant new york democrat experience as a president of the world it would be difficult to work telling everybody ok we're
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going to have to direct us to the right of a great candidate this very nice neat thing to do with the starboard side. a man in the us has been arrested after a deadly end to a prank telephone call the suspect made a false nine one one call to the police reporting a murder and hostage situation when officers arrived at the scene they shot and killed a twenty eight year old man it's believed that this feud over online video games sparked the standoff and a hoax or has more. this was where a practical joke proved deadly and this is the suspect tyler barris police in kansas responding to a call where a man claiming he had killed his father was holding the rest of his family hostage there's a time when what's going on here arguing and i heard shots and i heard and he's not breathing anymore ok do you have any weapons on you. you know what kind of weapons do you have a. handgun from just pointing the gun and making sure they stay
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and it's like a. brother or you don't sending someone over here is a lot of government are. thinking about canary poured gasoline all over the house and i just fire ok well we don't need to do that ok police sent a special weapons and tactics all swat team to the house where the coolest said he lived but the man who answered the door was twenty eight year old andrew finch a father of two police unaware that it's been a prank calls were taking no chances they confronted mr finch before shooting him you hear the officer primarily has the action on body camera but you have the officers from the other side also giving commands in iraq insistent about put your hands up walk towards us. but he continued to drop down by his waistband which is a concern says were people typically would put a handgun or some type of weapon andrew finches mother says her son was not.
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this go around people without any consequences family was very important here that to survive him. there must have a wonderful way. it's been suggested the suspect and the victim had a dispute during an online computer game there's no research evidence to suggest that video games whether they're violent or nonviolent lead people to become more aggressive in the real world so this is absolutely a spurious. link in this situation between call of duty and the swatting. i did this week the world health organization brand a video game addiction a mental health disorder police are treating this death as a case of swatting where instigators call nine one one from a position close to where their intended victim is located. zero. customs officials in south korea have seized a panama flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil to north korea it's the
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second ship held for allegedly violating international sanctions on friday south korea said it impounded a hong kong flagged vessel in november the u.n. security council impose new sanctions last month from pyongyang limiting its access to petroleum products that was in response to north korean nuclear and missile tests. conservationists in honduras are warning of an environmental disaster as walls of rubbish wash up on its beaches much of it has floated along the caribbean coast from neighboring guatemala and as various sanchez reports biologists say the level of contamination is unprecedented. the a sea of rubbish as far as the eye can see it's a wall seven meters deep and several kilometers long when slowly along the caribbean coast of undo this video posted in the internet by a photographer raised the alarm i believe biologist just a look of
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a this is the type of trash is killing nearly everything in its path if. this is an eco side caused by garbage carried by the metod well river water mala. there are ninety six municipalities especially thirteen they don't have trashed arms and a tributary river from the capital contributes to all this garbage. data says the rubbish mountain is blocking sunlight from the sea and affecting fishing grounds coral reefs and mangroves i much of the garbage ends up here on a more beach hospital and agro industrial residues are putting the lives of funded and cindy. government leaders to blame neighboring what they are for the disaster that what the government says both countries share the responsibility for cleaning up the mess but the mother has promised to send the army to clean up the mess but the rubbish behind the beaches is already having an impact on communities along the shore i cannot leave it i says fishermen like him are unable to catch clean healthy
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fish i. look at my little boat i can't go far out in the sea to fish the trash is too close. for your son does says the restaurant hotel he manages has fewer and fewer guests because of the filth. bust and we have less and less gas because people want to see clean beaches and we are losing money also because we're spending a lot to clean up every day. of the hotel ball says the shore is a magnet for the trash marine biologist say much of it is plastic which can take more than two hundred years to disintegrate and much of it is liquid and invisible . with experts unable to say how much damage is being done to the innocent just to see that more or less. the new year celebrations are well underway in many parts of the world in hong kong crowds cheered as fireworks a little illuminated the sky above victoria harbor
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a ten minute musical displaying food shooting stars from the rooftops of skyscrapers right across the city australia welcome to two thousand and eighteen with a spectacular fireworks display in sydney harbor about one point six million people crowded around the harbor to will watch eight months of fireworks produce about one hundred thousand individual pyrotechnic effect it's always amazing to see a rainbow waterfall of the harbor bridge symbolize the legalizing of same sex marriage in australia in the denver and south korea ushered in the new year with a light show and a fireworks display from the country's tallest building the lot of world of tower in seoul the official celebrations are expected to continue as tens of thousands of people at the eastern coast to watch the first sunrise of two thousand and eighteen . well as the rest of the world prepares to welcome in the new year the un secretary general and tony good tatars has called for unity saying he truly
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believes peace can be achieved if we begin to. call for unity i throughly believe we can make all ruled more safe and secure we can settle conflicts over compatriots and defensive values but we can only do that together i urge leaders everywhere to make these new year's resolution never again bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around common. unity is the path more and everything would be covering on our website al-jazeera the. and i remind you of our top stories iran's president hassan rouhani is protests says protesting is people's of right but it should not lead to violence the government has temporarily blocked social media apps after three days of rallies across the country the protesters are angry about economic hardships and the
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alleged corruption but the government is warning of a crackdown if they continue on saturday night two people were killed in the city of the old other there is confusion over who is responsible for the deaths. should be clear to everyone that we are people of freedom according to the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the manner of my criticism and protest should be in such a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. rebel factions in syria have announced that they're forming a united front to stop the government's advance opposition fighters are fast losing ground in syria and the russian backed government bombardment of their strongholds is relentless at least four people are reported to have been killed in the latest strikes east of the capital that. israel's governing likud party has approved a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty and
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formally an exporter of the occupied west bank the vote isn't binding on cabinet ministers but it carries political force inside the party. the palestinians are recalling their envoy to the united states as a result of president trumps the situation to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel who some of them locked will return from washington d.c. for water being described as consultations about the controversial decision to move the u.s. embassy palestine's official news agency says the foreign minister ria the maliki ordered the recall. the u.n. says the security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot dead at least seven people at protests in kinshasa demonstrators are demanding that president joseph kabila step down after his mandate expired a year ago he promised to hold elections by the end of this year but they've now been delayed until next december those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera
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thanks for watching. michael. you can. see. to say two thousand and seventeen has been an important year for news and world events would be a huge understatement it's been a year filled with consequential stories that have changed and shaped the political landscape around the world from indigenous rights in the amazon to the succession battle in.


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