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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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echoing an increasingly familiar global trend. labor force left vulnerable to exploitation and xenophobia. people in power investigate. little pakistan. at this time zero. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. iran's president hassan rouhani says his people have the right to protest but warns violence is unacceptable. long barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program
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renewed strikes on parts of the mask as rebels announce a united front against assets government. oh the u.n. says security forces have killed seven protesters in the democratic republic of congo and from dubai to hong kong two thousand and eighteen is welcomed with spectacular fireworks displays and the. iranian president hassan rouhani has spoken for the first time since widespread protests began in the islamic republic while supporting people's general right to demonstrate he warned violence would not be tolerated as the public shouldn't quote feel concerned about their lives and security this comes as the government has temporarily blocked social media including the messaging app telegram to stop details. spread about upcoming protests for three days now there have been rallies
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across the country against the clerical elite who they blame for economic hardship and alleged corruption the government is warning of a crackdown if the protests continue on saturday night two people were killed in the city of the ruled out though there is confusion over who was responsible for the bets peter sharp reports. of the four days of anti-government demonstrations it's the president's first public reaction trawled carefully iranians have the right to protest but that can't lead to violence he said. it should be clear to everyone that we are people of freedom according to the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the manner of a criticism and protest it should be in such a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. he was also
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quick to criticize president trump for his tweet about iran. this man who today in america wants to simplify people has forgotten but a few months ago he called the nation of iran terrorists this video of protests posted on social media has been blocked by the iranian government the ban follows a nationwide demonstration since thursday government ministers said the video encourage more people to join the rallies. we all saw how they misuse cyberspace and promoted violence trained systematic riots toward weapons and explosives crafting simulated protesters to fight the police and encourage the burning of houses and stores these people are surely not part of our people iran's state television has reported that some social media sites and messaging apps have been blocked to maintain what it termed peace and from the government warnings that iran's revolutionary guards corps was prepared to deploy what was described as an iron fist if the demonstrations continued their commander said the protests have
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degenerated into people chanting political slogans and burning public property. protests took place again on sunday but the extent of those is still unclear video posted from the city of durham on saturday night show demonstrators dragging away one of those injured state television in terror and said two people were shot dead but denied that police or the army were involved. in the clash that took two lives no bullets were shot from police and security forces the people the gathering was meant to end peacefully but the presence of the agitators unfortunately this happened and resulted in the deaths of two protesters. the protests will have rattled the government they weren't just limited to terror on but took place across the country the only question now is whether they can gather momentum and how long the government is prepared to put up with this challenge to its authority peter
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sharp al jazeera. well earlier i spoke to negara mortazavi any rein in american journalists she believes that blocking social media could easily backfire on rouhani some still do have access to telegram and instagram and twitter and some are saying that either the access has been blocked or the internet is slow or they have to use proxies which iranians are very savvy and using in may simply bypassing filtering and blockheads but it has made people very angry even people who have not participated in protests because internet isn't integra old heart of people's livelihood specially in larger cities resample in teheran there's an equivalent like there is a right sharing out that a lot of young drivers use for their livelihoods and they're angry some of my friends were telling me their drivers were telling them why would the internet be cut off and basically cut us off from our livelihoods who have nothing to do with the protests and also the protesters of course are the ones who are angry at this
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blockade which goes back to the two thousand and nine. and is just something that i would say the younger generation didn't expect this administration to lead hop. rebel factions in syria have announced of forming a united front to stop the government's advance opposition fighters are fast losing ground in syria and the government bombardment of their strongholds is relentless at least four people are reported to have been killed and dozens more injured in the latest strikes on areas east of the capital damascus osama bin reports. or. after almost seven years of war in syria a routine sound in a civil damascus. city for what is strikes have continued in the rebel controlled suburb of ghouta close to four hundred thousand besieged syrians here
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have been bombed for years. as a dash to search for survivors debris scarcely removed before movement is flooded under the rubble but yeah thank you very hungry and disoriented and scared children stumbled through the mangled metal and wreckage and kids make up the highest number of the dead and injured in syria more than anybody can know that. besides the shelling in airstrikes have also continued in the countryside of western syria these families have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing push by syrian government forces to regain control of more areas bordering hama and it promises. by god look at the kids when the planes hit near the children my god how they scream the biggest push for us was our kids they don't know anything but the sound of airplanes and shelling a life of exhaustion and terror. rebels are trying to stop the steadily advancing
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syrian army and they're forming a united front called the national army it's made up of thirty seven factions from aleppo there are homs hooter and hama but it's not the first time that a similar group has been announced and questions remain about how scattered militias will be brought under a united chain of command and how will they be funded. the government or the national army put servants and guards for the country and our families on all syrian land we call on you to be united and to agree on the national project to support your sense here you have announced an open war on the enemies calendar show a new year but the change of dates doesn't mean much for syrians who've lived through almost seven years of suffering some of a job out there. yes several have is an advisor to the opposition led syrian interim government which has announced a new alliance he says a stronger alliance could help bring stability to the region sooner. do i think
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good for. first there will be professional army national army. officers are trained and i think the other side i think that will help achieve more be some more durable basis because so far the russians are working on one side not take into consideration the revolution side and this is one way to prove that we are there with they have to also hear our demand to have better syria pratik syria no dictatorship in syria. so far until now the government and government have no income lately we had took control of the crossing to syria which is one. that allowed us to have income and rekha support this army so this army came and real idea this is going to hold up and we're going to build a really good because we start to have some income. the un says security forces in
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the democratic republic of congo have killed at least seven people in protests against. demonstrators are demanding that president joseph kabila step down and hold new elections they're angry at his refusal to leave when his term and that a year ago he then promised elections by the end of this year they've now been delayed until next the center always stuck to the south and dismissed coming in shooting going because i mean it's just simply difficult we are coming we have come here in order and we pray for all we mission we are free basically these people to flee for. the status symbol for us chartering under this sense germany first two thousand pretty uncertain new york democratic primaries as president of the physical risks telling everybody there are going to suffer as to there are great
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things in this very nice thing to do and the starboard side of the israel's governing party has approved a draft resolution urging its leaders to formally and makes parts of the occupied west bank a move likely to further anger palestinians mohamad jim jim has more now from west jerusalem. now that the live cooed central committee has voted in favor of imposing israeli sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the question is what comes next many members of the likud central committee in the run up to this vote had thought that this was a binding resolution they had said so which in effect would mean that it would force that would compel a prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the rest of the likud party to try to take this to the knesset to try to get it passed into law we've spoken to many analysts the however who say that this in fact is not a binding resolution and that there is no way that such an inflammatory resolution
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would actually get to the knesset in its current form we've also spoken to arab members of parliament and they've said that if this resolution were to go to the knesset in its current form that that would really signal an end to the peace process that it would really mean that there was no more attempt to try to find a two state solution to the crisis here now what is important also is what exactly is prime minister benjamin netanyahu going to do next is he going to endorse this what is he going to say many more questions at this hour than answers about a lot of other analysts that we've spoken with throughout the day in the run up to the vote have said that they really believe that this is more of a cynical political calculus a way for the likud central committee to really rally the faithful especially at a time when just weeks ago u.s. president donald trump recognized israel's capital whatever does happen next though this is a tense time and this vote may add another element of uncertainty at a time when there is already so much uncertainty. still to come here on al-jazeera
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. they've survived for centuries in one of the world's harshest environments but the future is uncertain for the north. plus. i'm not going to front as a known good elsewhere tons of rubbish mainly from what i can only causing a direct impact on the eco system but i can sense both countries. how we got some bits and pieces of cloud of rain moving across australia at the moment we see a very heavy rain recently in c. western australia that will slide its way into south australia little area of wet weather just pushing in here then a few showers still a possibility just around the eastern side of the country around the gold coast to
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the sunshine coast city could see a little bit of that weather to start the new year temperatures here at around twenty nine degrees celsius similar temperatures really as we go on into tuesday dry few spots of bright across northern parts of the country at this stage further west shippey twenty nine celsius in perth thirty five in alice springs so some rewards around but down towards the southeast i will within about twenty was still seventy and found highs and not too bad meanwhile little bit of cloud some rain also making its way across new zealand skies do come back in behind christ seeing those temperatures getting up to around twenty one celsius twenty four celsius there for all to as we go through monday and on into tuesday temperatures around twenty three degrees still a little bit of cloud around at this date meanwhile we have got some other when she weather pushing in across northern parts of japan as we go on through monday for the south it is generally try to take it with a top temperature of ten degrees celsius.
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witness documentaries that accompany your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's president says his people have
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the right to protest about going said violence is unacceptable the government has temporarily blocked social media apps after three days of rallies across several. rebel factions in syria have announced they're forming a united front called the national army to stop the assets of governments of fads. and the u.n. says security forces them democratic republic of congo have killed at least seven people at protests in kinshasa. seventeen people have been killed in an attack at a funeral in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad it happened this people gathered fault for the funeral of a former district governor now and no group has yet said it was responsible for the attack earlier this week i saw said it was behind the killing of at least forty one people at a shia cultural center in kabul. gunmen have stormed an army training camp in
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indian administered kashmir killing at least four soldiers a military spokesman says the armed men threw grenades and fired automatic rifles at the camp in full vomit the strict victoria gave to be reports. a wreath laying ceremony the soldiers killed during a rebel siege is an army training camp in indian administered kashmir and the attack took place and leave it on full alert and it was because of of alert this that you were able to find him to a particular building the operation started and the declaration was done and you've already killed this. earlier on sunday soldiers try to flush out the rebels extra police were sent to seal off the camp while the sea jump folded. the sound of grenades and
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automatic gunfire an indication that the rebels had no intention of surrendering rebel stormed the camp on saturday night the local police chief says he was already aware an attack was imminent i think. we're right probably not. these villages who live near the camp shout pro-rebel slogans. the decades indian administered kashmir has been at the center of the muslim separatist movement against hindu dominated indian rule separatist groups are fighting for the indian administered pushing of kashmir to either become independent all merge with pakistan. the killing of a prominent rebel commander last year provoked widespread protests and there's no
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sign the latest siege will do anything to ease the tension. is there at least thirty six people have been killed in a bus crash in kenya the vehicle collided with a truck near the town of makulu about one hundred fifty kilometers north of nairobi local officials say the buses brakes may have failed more than one hundred people have died on the same stretch of road just the same. for decades the nomadic people of new era have fought for greater political and economic inclusion a p.c. all signed to ten years ago was meant to overturn years of marginalization and neglect but after years of drought and conflict a lack of education is now a major obstacle to building a new life mohammed evolved reports. thank you. it's a harsh winter in north a nice day and for many twenty eight here the stink of cold weather is compounded by poverty. after years of drought and warning that region these former masters of
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the soft have been reduced to a state of limbo midway between their previous life as livestock have theirs and the total distribution many suffer not. alone out there like our country has turned into a barren desert our livestock can no longer survive without plants and graphs in addition we cannot live in or work in towns. abdurrahman used to live as a nomad roaming with his lifestyle in search of pasture and water. now he lives in a makeshift shelter as miserable as the most basic refugee camp there is no running water here no medical center no schools no study supply of food and other necessities to learn that are also i used to own large herds of livestock all my cattle died and i was forced to move to town since i came i do not know what to do i have no profession my children are without work too well living on donations and
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aid from agencies to live a little bit on our biggest mistake is that we did not go to school we know found that we cannot work or find a job without education we are harmed by lead to see more than the drought our life is meaningless now. other twenty who settled here years ago still live in humble mud homes in villages that lack the most basic amenities frustrated with the government and dejected my poverty some have formed associations to mobilize everyone to work. they planted vegetable gardens and leads on the village expecting believe agencies or the government to provide support. but the bottom soil and city a climate then that affects almost useless but what a long and the dead rebellion against the central government but the peace that ensued hasn't brought them prosperity ahmed fighting a disease. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating in togo demanding an
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end to the fifteen year rule of president. it's the latest in a string of protests organized by opposition groups in the west african nation that if we taking place since august protesters want new rules limiting presidents to two terms in office. and his father before him have togo since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. twelve people have been killed in a plane crash in costa rica the small aircraft came down and went to cast the province about two hundred kilometers northwest of the capital san jose the government says ten of those killed were foreigners conservationists in honduras a warning of an environmental disaster as walls of rubbish wash up on its beaches much of it has floated along the caribbean coast from neighboring guatemala and is mariana sunshades reports biologists say the level of contamination is
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unprecedented. a sea of rubbish as far as the eye can see it's a wall seven meters deep and several kilometers long when slowly along the caribbean coast of undo this video posted in the internet by a photographer raised the alarm. the rain biologist the stomach of a this is the type of trash is killing nearly everything in its path if. this is an eco side caused by garbage carried by the methodical river and water molecule. there are ninety six municipalities especially thirteen they don't have trashed arms and a tributary river from the capital contributes to all this garbage. data says the rubbish mountain is blocking sunlight from the sea and affecting fishing grounds coral reefs and mangroves i much of the garbage ends up here on a more beach hospital and i grew industrial residues are putting the lives of funded and cindy. government leaders to blame neighboring what they're for the
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disaster that what the government says both countries share the responsibility for cleaning up the mess but the mother has promised to send the army to clean up the mess but the rubbish behind the beaches is already having an impact on communities along the shore i met lou believe it us is fishermen like him are unable to catch clean healthy fish i. look at my little boat i can't go far out in the sea to fish the trash is too close. for your son does says the restaurant hotel he manages has fewer and fewer guests because of the filth. bust and we have less and less gas because people want to see clean beaches and we are losing money also because we're spending a lot to clean up every day. of the hotel ball says the shore is a magnet for the trash marine biologist say much of it is plastic which can take more than two hundred years to disintegrate and much of it is liquid and invisible
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with experts unable to say how much damage is being done. the innocent just want to see more us. tight security measures are in place around times square for new years new york's annual new year's eve celebrations up to two million people are expected to watch the famous ball drop at midnight christmas salumi has been finding out what the police are doing to keep people safe. it's called the crossroads of the world attracting visitors from near and far to ring in the new year but this year more than ever times square is in the crosshairs. the new york police department has seen an increase in iceland speired attacks three in the last sixteen months eight people have been killed most of them tourists i hate and you find a bit make coming to times square on new year's day because of all the risk you
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know i see all of the policemen around and the cameras missing like they keep for to say but i'd rather not be around i think we're ready john miller the department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism says eisel is more focused on attacks in the west as it loses ground in places like iraq and syria the shift has been towards marketing the propaganda to the masses on the idea that some tiny tiny infant asimo percentage of them may act so may go out to millions or hundreds of thousands of people but a five of them do something if three of them succeed or one of them it's a great impact what the terrorist groups are focused on is low tech low cost but high impact n.y.p.d. patrol officers and special ops teams are the first line of defense this year more will be stationed on roofs and in hotels and nearby parking garages will be closed . police will also be using more dogs trained to sniff out someone carrying
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explosives in the crowd this is actually where the ball is going to drop behind the scenes at the n.y.p.d. as joint operation center they will also be watching the crowds for suspicious behavior how many cameras do you have access to and several thousand we can't really go into specifics not just in times square but all around the city and officers have new guidelines on how to handle a would be suicide bomber come december thirty first this room will be filled with more than one hundred people from state local and federal agencies not just one foresman but also sanitation workers and until it companies anyone the police might need to contact for a quick emergency response it's a moment of great pride for new york city city officials insist time square will be safe terrorists regard new york as the exact kind of place they want to disrupt a new yorkers respond consistently with strength and resiliency and plenty of tourists are willing to take the risk and i feel like they're doing everything that they can so you feel like we should have nothing to worry about i try not to think
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about a last resort with so much security cold weather making more people away from this holiday tradition than fear christenson al-jazeera new york people have been celebrating the arrival of two thousand and eighteen with parties across the world catherine stansell takes a look at some of the most spectacular fireworks displays so far. was i one of the first places on the planet to welcome the new here new zealand followed by a stray and a spectacular fireworks display over sydney harbor bridge the rainbow colors celebrating the legalization of gay marriage in the country. by. next japan where revelers in tokyo gathered to released hundreds of white helium balloons each one containing a wish or
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a prayer for the new year in south korea people filled the streets near seoul's city hall to celebrate twenty eighteen and half an hour later neighboring north korea which has inflamed the international community with a number of missile tests this year but its own fireworks display. and victoria harbor in hong kong was a blaze of lights when the clock struck midnight. dubai which normally hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the world opted for an elaborate lights and laser show instead. but amid the joyful celebrations a serious but hopeful message of peace and unity delivered by the united nations i mean it's a red alert for our world conflicts if they print a new they injures every mood just global and scientists of all nuclear weapons are
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the highest since the cold war and climate change is moving faster than we are inequalities are growing and we see only few violations of human rights i agree there's everywhere to make these new year's resolution nettled togethers bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals unity is the best. it's an ambitious request but if there is one thing the new year always brings it's the hope for something better and stansell al-jazeera. you can find much more on our website al-jazeera. in a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani says his people have the right to protest but it should not lead to violence the government has temporarily blocked social media apps after three days of rallies across the
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country the protesters are angry about economic hardships and alleged corruption but the government is warning of a crackdown if they continue on saturday night two people were killed in the city of the router though there is confusion over who is responsible for the deaths. should be clear to everyone but we are people of freedom into the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the manner of my criticism and protest should be in such a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. rebel factions in syria have announced that they're forming a united front to stop the asset government's advance opposition fighters are fast losing ground in syria and the russian backed government bombardment of their strongholds is relentless at least four people have reported to have been killed in the latest strikes east of the capital damascus. the un says that security forces
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in the democratic republic of congo have shot dead at least seven people at protests in kinshasa demonstrators are demanding that president joseph kabila step down after his mandate expired a year ago he promised to hold elections by the end of this year but they've now been delayed until next at the same. israel's governing likud party has approved a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty and formally an ex-parte of the occupied west bank the vote isn't binding on cabinet ministers but carries political force inside the party. seventeen people have been killed in a bomb blast at a funeral in eastern afghanistan it happened in the city of jalalabad as people gathered to pay their respects to a former district governor there's been no claim of responsibility and gunmen have stormed an army training camp in indian administered kashmir killing at least four soldiers at least two attackers are also reported to have been killed those are the
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headlines stay with us witness is next i have a great new year i'll see in two thousand and eighteen. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry when your love can have serious consequences one of one east meets the man risking their lives to protect india's young lover. of his time on al-jazeera. with the reaction of will. be opposed.


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