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remaining people at this time on al-jazeera. coming. here. in the philippines millions live in overcrowded slow but some of found another place to call home public cemeteries one on one east meets those living among the dead at this time on al-jazeera. at least fourteen people are reportedly killed in anti-government protests in iran the president has an iranian calls for calm. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up kim
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jong un issues a new year's threat to the u.s. as he signals a desire for better relations with south korea. president joseph kabila faces calls to step down amid rising violence between protesters and security forces. we'll tell you how modern germany is dealing with the architectural brendan's of its nazi past. our top story iranian state media is reporting fourteen people have now been killed in four days of anti-government protest it says security forces repelled well according to protest as he tried to take over police stations and military bases airports haven't been independently verified its national going to aim has mall. a social media blackout didn't stop protesters from gathering on iran's streets for a fourth day and posting these videos. iranian government says people have
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the right to express their discontent but violence is unacceptable iranian state media says some social media sites and messaging apps such as telegram have been blocked to keep the peace. on saturday there were also pro-government rallies out we cannot predict a time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power who must give priority to people's demands and needs. to find the state of the economy and rising prices sparked the initial protests austerity measures after years of sanctions have led to a twelve percent unemployment rate but anger has also shifted to foreign policy. protestors are critical of the government support for the syrian regime of bashar al assad has ball law in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territory.
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the iranian government says foreign entities are fomenting violent and deadly clashes among the dead two people one a boy hit by a fire truck in what's been described as an accident authorities say it was stolen and abandoned in. through investigations we came to know there is a clear rule played by the foreign intelligence agencies and the government open zation in these killings the police never opened fire on the protesters now did live in a great wrong on me in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president has been rouhani president donald trump tweeted that people are quote getting wise to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism rouhani fired back on for you jim who is down on this man who today in america wants to simplify as a people as the goaltimate a few months ago he called the nation of iran terrorists. these are the largest
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protests in almost a decade although sunday's protests were smaller than the previous night there are calls for people to continue with the demonstrations natasha going to aim al-jazeera a bus mitt romney is the director of iranian studies at stanford university in the united states he says president rouhani is facing opposition not only from parts of the public but also within the government. i think they're very worried clearly they're worried and one of the points that i think needs to be added is that mr rouhani did an interview with iranian radio and television it was supposed to be broadcast tonight they decided not to broadcast so they censored the president of the country they did not alarm to talk because i think some in the regime don't think their. approach to appease the people is really right they want to use their and fists and natural the iron fist is going to work i think some of them know that
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using the iron fist might well inferior more people and these are not the kinds of people that the regime can afford to lose these are the working class these are the poor these are the most as after that they have now claimed for thirty seven years to be champing. korea's leader is one the united states that his nuclear forces are reality not a threat in his new year's address kim jong un also said he had a nuclear button on his desk but he struck a much more conciliatory tone with south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics are in syria reports from seoul. south korea. this is how north korea welcome to the new year with a fireworks display much like the rest of the world but it is leader kim jong un's new year's day address that is drawing all the attention if two thousand and
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seventeen was marked by fiery rhetoric and rising tensions because of north korea's nuclear ambitions two thousand and eighteen may bring more of the same. corners from that the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly on their stand that this is never a trash but a reality kim has called for the mass production and deployment of more nuclear warheads and missiles but weapons experts agree that north korea may not yet have the technology to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and mounted on a missile that could be entering the atmosphere while kim speech made no mention of a nuclear atmospheric test he reiterated the claims that north korea is now a nuclear power in stark contrast to the hostile remarks to the united states is the conciliatory overture from kim jong un to south korea he's even suggested
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dialogue between the two sides something south korean president proposed several months ago and which north korea ignored. means needle journey and i don't we should actively create an atmosphere to move forward with the national reconciliation and reunification improving ties between the north and the south is an urgent issue that not only the north and south want but everyone else wants he suggested north korea is prepared to send its athletes to participate in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics in china next month south korea has responded to these proposals positively saying it hopes communication which has been severed between the two sides for nearly two years can be restored some other interim on the south korea's presidential office wall comes north korean leader kim jong il's new year's speech today which expressed willingness to send a delegation to the counter olympics and proposed talks as the egg knowledges don't need for improvement into korean pies but analysts say the olive branch may be
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a ploy to gain some political ground north korea was to drive a wedge between soul in washington at the same time tried to dilute the impact of economic sanctions north korea is facing its toughest sanctions yet including a cap on petrol imports as punishment for its nuclear and missile tests last year kim jong un speech while it seems to lay open a path to dialogue with south korea is proof that north korea's nuclear ambitions are here to stay florence li al jazeera seoul the u.n. secretary general is urging president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with a deal signed a year ago comes after security forces killed at least seven protesters on sunday during rallies against israel charlotte ballasts reports. in the democratic republic of congo catholic worshippers pray this sunday they pray with a political purpose they want president joseph kabila goal i think it
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was last week was a very good day these guys think it was time for. their prayers were heard by security forces in kinshasa twenty seventeen ended as it began kabila second term as president ended in december twenty sixth saying he refused to step down and the un says congolese security forces killed forty people who protested the decision four hundred sixty were arrested. one year on they marched off to mass twelve also boys and priests were among the dozens arrested tear gas was fired into churches. the hospitals filled with protesters once more so it goes on the mind that i was if you term is over give opportunities to others to run your son of the country you belong in the senate
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give the others the opportunity to lead maybe they'll do it better than you did. catholic bishops brokered peace talks between the opposition and government with the agreement that could be low would leave office at the end of twenty seven tame but he's still in power and now the catholics and the opposition are united how do you see me coming in shooting one because it is not it is simply because we are coming we have come here in order to the way to pray for all we mission. opposition voices can be heard by ending the fractured country from all corners even in the troubled east a thriving battleground between rebels security forces say they use of force is justified one police officer was killed and this police station told was. my protest is going to stop there so we are in need of peace i assure all of our government authorities that our city government is in peace people should sleep
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calmly because we as professional police we are doing our job. the president kabila says he will stay in power until december twenty eighth because of delays in voter registration. meanwhile voices appear to becoming increasingly impatient charlot dallas al-jazeera. pakistan's government is increasing fuel prices but i mean the state of the international market for it is a move that's expected to particularly affect the country's poor and as hydra ports but also signal bigger problems for the national economy. the people are too large are already calling it a new game from the government of pakistan to its people and it's making headlines across the country and eleven point seven five question dried and the food the government is saying that the move is justified because of the rise of international and that the president. and many of the countries
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for the people. you know. give a phrase from the comedies in justice with the poor people who are suffering due to inflation in the country being a government employee i can still survive but i'm good about those who find anything to eat up. by this move are due to frequently are easing off petroleum prices it's becoming difficult for takes to dry words are so far the public because people can't afford it so the government should take notice due to raising opportunity in price prices the whole market prices become i mean stocks are good start or is there a higher price they don't really have a knock on effect on everything including daily come ordered transportation costs and their shares are falling the rally of the rupee against the dollar already
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shared there is inflation that the people cannot cope with the opposition is calling it a government failure and while the country's financial. and proclaimed of friend are hiding always a country the economy. and then trouble. well you know what challenge is there much more still ahead protesters rally for their democratic rights and freedoms in hong kong. and welcoming in the new year spectacular fireworks around the world as people celebrate the arrival f. twenty eighteen. a little bit of disturbed weather in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple of days a little area cloud just suspending out of that eastern sort of the mediterranean
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into the levant you can see that cloud just nestling its way across syria lebanon jordan all the way down into israel further north we have seen some rather lively showers into turkey they're making their way further west was the coming back in behind there for tuesday that will change a few affecting central parts of iraq easing over towards iran back that around nineteen celsius might even see a few flurries of snow into northern parts of the country over the high ground as we go on into whedon's stay there comes our next batch of disturbed weather pushing into the levant by rated around eighteen celsius is struggling to get into double figures for a laptop with the cloud and the right is coming in off the map but sort of the wet weather across the arabian peninsula temperatures picking up again in doha to around twenty seven celsius the early morning mist and for that we've seen recently should clear away at least for choose day maybe a little more misty as we go on into what to say the winds for lottie and i think that breeze should be enough to keep any fog problems at bay meanwhile we've got
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some very heavy rain coming towards madagascar at the moment possibility was to pull cycling pushing in here with some wet weather stretching its way to northern tanzania.
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let's update you on the top stories this hour at least fourteen people have reportedly died during anti-government protests in iran state media says security forces repelled protesters are trying to take over police stations and military bases north korea's leader is one the united states that has nuclear forces are now a reality a threat. but kim jong un also says he's open to dialogue with south korea. and the u.n. secretary general is edging president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo amid violent anti-government demonstrations security forces killed at least seven protest on sunday during rallies against his rule. well now thousands of people have marched in hong kong to express their frustration at china's tightening grip on the territory. of eroding freedoms which were guaranteed when british colonial rule ended twenty years ago and is
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a vehicle paula reports many feared two thousand and eighteen will be another disappointing it for the democracy movement. defend hong kong the theme for this year's rally those taking part say the protest has particular resonance after year when people's rights were violated repeatedly israel because all about history because. we see the dettori asia use in the rule of law in hong kong so we believe we should stand here to protest their future the various posters depict their grievances they are protesting against the jailing of three young pro-democracy student leaders and also condemning a change in legislative council procedures that would enable the government to push through unpopular loss without opposition and they're angry at a plan that could for the first time allow mainland chinese law enforcement officials to operate on hong kong soil elsewhere in china where the government
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cracks down harshly on any kind of dissent but with new security last proposed unlikely to be implemented next year many fear that they will not be able to express their anger or criticize the government so openly in the future but there are those who feel beijing has hong kong's best interests at heart dozens of people held their own rally holding up hong kong and china flags they say they represent many in the city who would rather stay out of politics. people like susan kwan who has been running this two food shop for forty five years business is brisk on the first day of twenty eighteen for the sixty four year old she says hong kong people have a lot of freedom and democracy shouldn't be a priority don't look at that china is a very strong country we should upset them if you haven't done anything wrong there's no need to be scared of the chinese government. the rally entered civic square with protesters surrounded by police they are defiant almost euphoric to be
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here in front of the government offices which had been closed to the public for nearly three years this is where the landmark twenty four thousand pro-democracy occupy movement began and this is where in the past activists have held rallies and one against the government they hope it's a sign the twenty eighteen will be a year when the government will listen to their concerns they've got pollen are jazeera hong kong the largest group in israel's governing coalition the likud party has passed a resolution urging its leaders to push for israeli sovereignty other parts of the occupied west bank it's the land the palestinians want for a future state resolution is non-binding and it's not known if it has the backing of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the votes been widely condemned by palestinian factions where there's been gauging reaction in gaza. there's already been widely condemned by many of them the islamic jihad have said this must be stopped hamas have said that this is the end of the oslo accords the nineteen ninety three oslo accords that brought the palestinian liberation organization and
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israel to the table and recognized palestinian authority over. gaza here in gaza and parts of the west bank and was meant to lead to a final two state solution how massive said it's the end of the oslo accords in anything everything must be done to protect the palestinian people and their rights the p.f. lp of also said it's the end of the oslo accords. the faster and they've said the end of all previous agreements and the end of any peace process the committee for popular resistance of said that. palestinian authorities meet in the middle of january they should announce a palestinian state on nine hundred sixty seven borders with jerusalem as its capital in defiance of president trump's announcement at the beginning of december saying that truism was israel's capital and the popular resistance committees called for more aggression against settlers in assessments in the occupied west
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bank so a very adverse reaction that's been widely condemned by all of the factions here in gaza. the families of five soldiers killed in indian administered kashmir on sunday have been mourning their relatives one soldier died in an exchange of gunfire with pakistani troops on the other side of the line the line of control that divides kashmir four others died when their training center and district was attacked by gunmen leading to a daylong scene. and i'm moving to south korea where the college is going to have to start paying income tax this year the change means that all employees at religious institutions including buddhist monks process some pastors and catholic priests will now have to report their income to the tax agency some of already been paying income tax on a voluntary basis but others are resisting calling it interference in religious affairs were reforms are coming to force at a time when south koreans are moving away from religion with the church seen as archaic and out of touch christianity is the country's biggest faith but it's in
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sharp decline or than half the population say they are now non-religious but as tony but he reports from seoul new efforts are being made to reverse that trend. well it's no bigger than an office but this is the soul baptist church there are almost eighty thousand protestant churches in the country many a small is this for the last fifty years christianity has been a big part of south korean life along with the united states south korea is the biggest exporter of missionaries in the world more than ten thousand south korean preachers are active in one hundred sixty countries for me and for my my own and for my pastor said in dream. to preserve the first in the planet's first then next one is that we tried to communicate. in south korea though that message is being ignored christianity is the major faith followed by buddhism but young people are moving away from all religions the latest survey shows that fifty six percent
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of the population now describe themselves as non-religious. one of these or that i think people need someone to rely on but i usually go to my family friends and girlfriend so i don't really feel the need to be religious. some believe church leaders and priests live affluent lifestyles with no financial transparency and are out of touch with modern society. it seems south korean religions have failed to maintain the moral and ethical trust of the people you know what happened many specially young people have decided to leave their religions that's one of the main reasons for all denominations in south korea wrestling with the problem of how to stop the religious decline and how to adapt to a fast changing world without sacrificing their principles and values that won't be easy but faiths are desperately searching for ways to modernize and become an important part of korean society once again. less archaic methods are being adopted
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including discussions and lectures in informal settings and technology is being introduced. phone apps have been developed so sermons and scriptures are easily accessible and more and more modern thinking churches are using live streaming video of services. once more popular than christianity here has suffered the most only fifteen percent of the population actively follow the faith now temples are offering temple stays for people to enjoy good food and meditation in peaceful surroundings as a way of reintroducing them to the faith. they may be considered gimmicks and gadgets but it may be the last chance for faith to stop koreans from losing their religion completely tony berkeley al-jazeera soul. alan german says he is known for its edgy art scene and buildings that hidden in the skyline remnants of nazi architecture which hart actually darker period in the country's history
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dominic cain has long. in modern times this is the home of the heritage bellina football team but others it's the olympic stadium from the one nine hundred thirty six games of the many buildings that were thrown up during the one nine hundred thirty s. and forty's this is one of the best preserved the pride and joy of the nazi regime it offered hitler an opportunity to show the world what he considered to be the wonder of his racist ideology one that had grandiose building planners but which modern architects say was doomed to fail it doesn't. resonate never succeed and if you want to if you want to try to build dresses it cannot succeed as well it's impossible the idea is so stupid so the architecture was very off those stupid as well but it's not just sporting venues that have survived germany's transition from dictatorship to democracy the modern federal finance ministry
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building occupies space that was once home to nazi germany's air force or loved. professor has been is the curator of the berlin state monuments office he explained that after world war two germans felt it important not blindly to destroy everything that the nazis had created. i believe if you were to destroy remove the buildings erase them one would deprive society of the option to encounter their own history we have to understand the past we also must criticize the past we need to do better and to not want to repeat it tempelhof airport predated hitler's coming to power but was revamped and the national socialism to have a larger than life effect on passengers who used it its post-war usage so it gained world attention as a key venue for essential goods during the berlin airlift of the late one nine hundred forty s. now it is used as a temporary home for people who have come to germany fleeing war zone. in recent
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times architects have tended to agree that of the buildings that survived world war two does the olympic stadium that is the most remembered the flame which lifts up this architectural wonder of a stadium is long dead as is the regime which built this entire stadium but democratic germany believes that there is a place in society for some of the nazi era architecture but securely as a warning from history of the dark past dominant came out jazeera at the olympic stadium in berlin now live and file around the world the start of two thousand and eighteen as many was satirizing the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist took the opportunity to issue what he called a red alert about the dangers facing a soul kristensen amy now reports. was
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was two thousand and eighteen got off to a colorful start down under in new zealand and australia there are a rainbow of fireworks lit up the sydney harbor bridge in celebration of that country's legalisation of gay marriage. in tokyo the color was white japanese revelers released helium balloons each one containing a wish or a prayer for the new year. they were looking ahead to the two thousand and eighteen winter olympic games in south korea and hoping for peace with their neighbors to the north for ballistic missile tests have aroused international fears of a fireworks display of another kind it's one of many international conflicts the united nations secretary general called on world leaders to solve. i mean it's a red alert for our walls conflicts of the point a new they injures every mooched global in science is about nuclear weapons are the highest since the cold war and climate change is moving faster than we are
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inequalities are growing and we see only foliation as of human rights i urge readers everywhere to make these new year's resolution nettled togethers bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals unity is the best. there were a few signs of conflict on this holiday in the middle east just a spectacular laser light show in dubai. and no obvious divisions in europe for hundreds of thousands of people came together to party from london to rio de janeiro with its party on the copacabana beach. or mexico city because fireworks. i. i and no one knows how to celebrate new year's like new york new york revelers braved bone chilling cold terrorist threats and
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a blizzard of confetti to ring in two thousand and thirteen sharing one thing that is universal this holiday the hope of even better days to come kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. a quick look at the top stories for you at least fourteen people have reportedly died during anti-government protests in iran state media says most of the deaths occurred on sunday night is reporting that security forces repelled protesters who tried to take over police stations military bases airports have not been independently verified iran's government has imposed a social media blackout saying people have the right to protest but not in a van. way. north korea's leader is one the united states that is nuclear forces and now reality not a threat in his new year's address kim jong un was more conciliatory toward south
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korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics but he warned the u.s. he has a nuclear button on his desk and will defend the country if he feels threatened last month the u.n. approved harsh new sanctions on killing and backed by the u.s. in response to repeated missile tests. the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk employee office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash but a reality. the u.n. secretary general is president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with a deal signed a year ago at least seven people were killed during protests on sunday demonstrators of calling for could be allowed to resign but he's vowing to stay on until the late elections in december he's been in power since two thousand and one pakistan's government has increased fuel prices by almost twelve percent it's blaming the rise on international prices and says pakistan still has cheaper fuel
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than many neighboring countries critics of the move say patch was becoming unaffordable for the poor and price rises having a knock on effect in other parts of the economy thousands of people have marched into home to demand the release of pro-democracy leaders and express their frustration in what they say is china's tightening grip on the territory accuse beijing of eroding freedoms which were guaranteed when british colonial rule ended twenty years ago china is set to implement new security laws which protests to say could limit their freedom of expression was more on that story and everything else right here al jazeera dot com is way to go for the latest on protests in iran and all of our other top stories of course i will have more in the news hour in about twenty five minutes time that's off the inside story which starts now.
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resign that's the message from protesters to president joseph kabila several people have already been killed in a violent crackdown by security forces so what will it take to step down african countries slide further into this story.


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