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dizzier explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how one bill reads influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil war the most. interest of the evils over the barrel of a person. can continue to make rules. but what you mean by that. a martin luther king preached to free speech at this time on all jazeera. iran's supreme leader blames the country's enemies for anti-government protests which have claimed at least twenty two lives. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up.
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pakistan had just played out double game for years they work with us the u.s. says it's withholding two hundred fifty five million dollars of aid from pakistan because it was called the ration in the fight against terror rescuers scramble to reach survivors after a bus crashes off a cliff in peru killing at least thirty people and israel's parliament passes a law making it harder to handle the parts of jerusalem under a future peace deal. now our top story this hour iran's supreme leader has blamed his country's enemies for the six days of unrest which has now claimed the lives of at least twenty one protest as and one policeman according to state media at least eight people died overnight in clashes between anti-government demonstrators and security forces hundreds have also been arrested in the united states says it will call for a. imagine say u.n.
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session on iran it's a shop reports. will footage released on tuesday shows how the protest of escalated this was an attack on a police station in the town of quad darrien on monday night by demonstrators trying to steal weapons six of them died in the ensuing firefight. protesters continue to defy the government's blackout of social media hundreds have been arrested and a prominent judge warned that some could face the death penalty when they go before the courts. on tuesday iran's supreme leader broke his silence blaming iran's enemies montazeri it for said the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack three which it can infiltrate to look at the recent events all those who are at odds with the islamic republic have used various means including money weapons politics and intelligence apparatus to create problems for the islamic system of the islamic republic and the islamic revolution. in terror on those
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little sign of the turmoil that's engulfed parts of the country but the issues which have sparked the protests a rise in food prices and the fear of unemployment are serious concerns for the people here i got one by impinge on the call i'm working but in this society i'm always stressed about the possibility of getting fired the next day always being worried about my job my family the security of my family the main problems people are grappling with are their security the economy and their livelihood so manja das and there are some who are poor and cannot make ends meet what should they do life is really difficult we attain it so i have a daughter both at school the high prices it really put me under pressure at home. in washington president trump continued to tweet his support for the protesters the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt to rein in regime he said all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into the pockets of the people have little food big inflation and no
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human rights the u.s. is watching and late on tuesday the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley called for an emergency un session to discuss the situation in iran if the arabian dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the un must speak out in the days ahead we will be calling for an emergency session both here in new york and at the human rights council in geneva we must not be silent the people of iran are crying out for freedom all freedom loving people must stand with their cause. in berlin in front of the brandenburg gate to rein in exiles gathered to show they've not forgotten those committed to the protests back home. in london another gathering calling on the european public to stand up for political freedom and the release of prisoners and
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in rome that same message delivered from outside the iranian embassy peter shop al jazeera. earlier on i spoke to eric randolph a.f.p. media's deputy bureau chief who's in teheran he says that while the protests may be using revolutionary slogans they are rooted in economic grievances. well for now it seems relatively calm but i have to say that it's very difficult for us to report from aaron i mean there are very tight restrictions on what the media can do and so ron we know there's a heavy police presence but around is actually not in the focus of much of the oppressed unlike the last major demonstrations in two thousand and nine it's mostly been out in the provinces we had only scattered protests the last few nights but it does you slightly calmer as far as we can talk now as much as people want to see this revolution in terms of some of the slogan certainly have been revolutionary in terms of attacking the as i wrote regime in soho these have been driven by economic
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grievances bread and butter issues such as high unemployment soaring prices things that have been bubbling away in iranian society for her a long time and people are simply fed up with the fact that they tried reformists they tried moderates they tried hardliners and conservatives and none of them have been able to deliver on what really matters the people which is jobs and the future that you're meanwhile iran's foreign minister has hit back at present transfer monks telling the u.s. to stay out of iran's effect as mohammed job of treated iran security and stability depend on its own people who are unlike the peoples of traumas regional b.s.f. still best friends forever have the right to vote and to protest these hard rights will be protected and infiltrators will not be allowed to sabotage them through violence and destruction well he may be using twitter to get his message out but other iranians were stopped from using social media when the government blocked
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instagram and all the popular sites human rights and technology research and dani says more than half of iran's eighteen million people use the social networking app telegram and it's played an important role in these protests. i think telegram is a platform that not a lot of people understand that important specifically in iran because since two thousand and fifteen it's kind of risen to be this really central platforms of communications and all sorts from talking to your friends and your family to getting updates on traffic and weather from particular public channels so the features that telegram has has made it much easier for people to upload videos and content so in that way there's a lot of information being spread about that and you know that is sometimes even pro regime and not from hardline factions you know from that propagating their own narratives. but i think it's too early to kind of say that telegram is really
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mobilizing people i think that's something we need to talk about retrospect at least but definitely what we can tell from the facts is that the government is really sensitive on this because telegram has been untouched in terms it hasn't been censored since twenty fifteen when it really had an uptick in iranian users and it's only been these past few days that the government has become sensitive and in fact of censor it a few days ago so the fact that they're nervous about these platforms goes to show that they think that it is having a role in mobilization and protests. moving to our other top stories this hour the united states is withholding two hundred fifty five million dollars in aid from pakistan because of its failure to cooperate fully in america's fight against terrorism this follows an angry treaty from president donald trump on monday which said the u.s. had nothing but lies and deceit from wallace efforts to help pakistan as reacted
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angrily summoning the u.s. ambassador to explain pakistan's national security committee also held a three hour meeting to discuss the tweet roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. president doll tromped used his first tweet of two thousand and eighteen to attack the pakistani government trying to accuse the pakistanis of not doing enough to crack down on groups such as the head conny network or that's hala been saying that these groups are destabilizing not just pakistan but also afghanistan to the west on tuesday the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley made it plain that the u.s. president simply wasn't tweeting out of turn in her words nikki haley said there are real concerns with what is law is doing to fight but the u.s. calls terrorism the administration is withholding two hundred and fifty five
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million in assistance to pakistan their clear reasons for this pakistan had played a double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbor the terrorists that attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration in addition the state department spokesperson heather nauert told reporters on tuesday that pakistan knows what it needs to do in order to make the region safer and she said without going into too many details that it definitely means trying to crack down on these groups that are destabilizing the region and she said that islam abides complaints simply aren't going anywhere on the pressure from the u.s. and its neighbors pakistan is already planning to take control of charities and financial assets linked to a man considered a terrorist by many countries the u.s. and india say how fistfight was behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people are going to name has more. there's
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a ten million dollar reward for any information leading to the conviction of half is sayit yet here he is at a rally last week protesting u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the united states believes saeed is the mastermind of the two thousand and eight attacks in mumbai over the course of four days attackers used automatic weapons and grenades to kill more than one hundred sixty people say he has denied involvement in the attacks and a court in pakistan found there was insufficient evidence to convict him and twenty seventeen he was put under house arrest for violating anti-terrorism laws when he made his release prompted outrage from pakistanis and the u.s. government which is long been critical of pakistan when it comes to clamping down on terrorism the pakistani government has targeted saeed's assets and charities
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they include three hundred schools hospitals ambulance services and a publishing house the government is blocking fund raising and there are plans to assume control of them the un security council has also banned two of sedes organizations pakistan is under pressure and their fire this new decision. has come after the british show by the americans by you and by india. this is a challenging time in pakistan u.s. relations we must see decisive action against terrorist groups parading on their territory. and we make mess of payments every year to pakistan they have to help pakistan says moving in on saeed's groups isn't bowing to u.s. pressure it's intended to fulfill its international obligations reuters reports that pakistan was worried it would face u.n.
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sanctions for failing to crack down on terrorist groups later this month a un security council team will visit to check on its progress natasha going to aim does era at least thirty people have died in peru off to the bus they were traveling in plunged eighteen meters off a cliff onto a rocky beach the bus was carrying fifty seven passengers to the capital lima when it collided with a truck along a narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's cove rescuers have had to climb down to the beach and now battling the tide to recover bodies five survivors have been taken to hospital. you're watching out there much more to come on this program new year new start for can earn the north korean leader's offer of talks is met by yes myself. and we look at the success story of a tiny minority in the jab making a major contribution to the economy.
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hello and welcome back we'll start by looking at the weather across the strata plenty of showers in the tropical north as we come southwards weather conditions cherry looking fine southwest sea breeze no particular on the from melbourne and just twenty degrees out across western australia it should be fine perth enjoying plenty of sunshine thirty six hours on thursday and fine conditions across many southern and eastern areas generally so let's head across into new zealand where the weather is looking as though it's going to take a turn for the worse generally not too bad here in the course of wednesday few showers around but nothing more than not but this area of rain is going to be developing and pushing southward so we're going to see quite intense area of low pressure across the north island during the course of thursday some pretty nasty weather conditions a very heavy rain and some strong winds too so i thought oh no generally not
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looking too bad bright in christchurch with highs of twenty three heading up into northeastern parts of asia here we've still got some snow showers around but the worst them clearing away i think during the course of wednesday and the winds begin the beginning to is still pretty cold across the korean peninsula and temperatures are nothing special for beijing are those zero and five forty why am i so minus two on thursday and across more southern parts of charting see we've got some pretty heavy snowfall developing. in the most unlikely place. would winning the talk about a new one. the signal to challenge deception to forgive. and bring photography to this community. the story of hope. in the face of adversity. the new african photography. congolese truth. this time it is it.
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now is their top stories antigovernment protests in iran are now into the sixth day at least twenty two people have been killed since the say the u.s. says it will call for an emergency un session on iraq meanwhile the trump administration is withholding two hundred fifty five billion dollars in aid to pakistan after accusing it of playing a double game in the battle against terrorism more measures are expected in the next two days and at least thirty people have died in peru after the bus they were traveling and plunged eighty meters off a cliff onto a rocky beach. now the spokesman for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says
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a new israeli law which makes it harder to handle the parts of jerusalem is equivalent to a declaration of war as ready politicians pass the bill which means two thirds of the knesset must now approve giving up territory on the any future peace deal. reports from the occupied east jerusalem it was to say the least a controversial vote members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of jerusalem. instead of a simple majority of sixty one votes now a supermajority of eighty votes or two thirds of the one hundred twenty seat knesset will be needed to approve any legislation ceding parts of jerusalem to any foreign parties it places a major hurdle in the path of jerusalem being part of any future peace talks palestinian leaders while frustrated are not surprised saying similar laws are being pursued in an israeli effort to consolidate its occupation and look up from
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that some promise it's that we are moving directly in a number of path you know in the path of the no they change its own. this is a victory if there is however considerable confusion about what happens next one of the key questions for palestinians now is what impact this legislation will have on areas like of iraq up where we are now and the traffic refugee camp it was originally expected that as part of the bill the knesset would also vote to allow for the changing of jerusalem's municipal borders meaning that neighborhood such as cooper dhaka and shot refugee camp both located behind the security wall would no longer be part of jerusalem municipality which could among other things potentially strip approximately one hundred fifty thousand palestinians of their residency status that provision however was withdrawn at the last minute the head of the
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covert achab residents' committee says even if the law were to pass his group would make sure it won't go into effect immediately. i don't think that will happen before five or six years because we are going to go to court that we as a committee over here by the name of a lot of people we are going to go to the core and helping us and this the committees of the human rights on that they were going in there and some of them for another some of them will help both the good the court the stand in the court against that while the exact date isn't known it's expected the knesset will attempt to debate the issue of jerusalem as municipal borders in the near future adding another note of uncertainty during a time already full of concern. in occupied east jerusalem. south korea's accepted offer of talks from its neighbor to the north proposing the two sides meet next tuesday seoul said they would mainly focus on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics which are being held in the south and
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its misreports. in the freezing environment of the winter olympics there might be a chance for a foreign relations between south and north korea hopes are being raised following the new year address by kim jong un north korea's leader suggested sending a team to the winter games starting in south korea next month government leaders in seoul were quick to seize the opportunity. from the government proposes to hold high level talks with north korea on january ninth at the peace house in panmunjom true spillage to discuss north korea's participation in the pyongyang winter olympics. south korea's president favors talks with the north as a way of managing pyongyang's nuclear and missile threats. the improvement of relations between north and south korea cannot go separately with the resolving north korea's nuclear program so the foreign ministry should coordinate closely with our lives and the international community regarding that. the chinese say
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they've noted what they call positive signals from both sides of the border. china welcomes it supports north and south korea taking if it's to treat this is an opportunity to improve mutual relations promote the alleviation of the situation on the korean peninsula and realize denuclearization of the peninsula. while offering to send a team of athletes to the olympics came. the nuclear button always on the desk of my office a north korean nuclear bomb test last year as well as the firing of more than twenty missiles continue to defy the world u.s. president donald trump wants to toughen sanctions further as pyongyang continues to develop nuclear missiles it says it will be capable of hitting the continental united states if negotiators do meet next week ahead of the winter olympics will be the first formal talks in two years bernard smith al-jazeera now to syria where
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a spike in violence has killed dozens of civilians it's part of a government assault on rebel help positions near damascus four hundred thousand people have been living under siege in eastern for the past four years in desperate need of food and medicine ports. markets are being hit civilians the victims civil defense volunteers who rushed to help those who are still alive in recent days at least forty people have been killed in what opposition activists describe as indiscriminate bombardment. airstrikes believed to be carried out by syrian government warplanes have intensified in the besieged rebel controlled area of eastern. and it is residential neighborhoods that are coming under fire the government says it has launched what it calls a counter offensive because rebels are firing shells into territories under its
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control but rebels say the government is trying to help troops trapped in a military installation in the suburb of harassed. in. the clashes between regime forces and rebels are continuing around the military base in harasta taking ground and government troops are trapped in three buildings we understand that there are negotiations to secure their release but so far there is no agreement. the recent attacks may be linked to the fighting but it has been weeks since the government stepped up its military campaign in what is supposed to be a deescalation zone the syrian observatory for human rights said almost two hundred civilians were killed in strikes and shelling including many women and children. civilians are not just getting killed in attacks children are dying from malnutrition patients are dying from the lack of medicines. by syrian government forces the united nations is warning that the situation has reached
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a critical point food is in short supply and the international committee of the red cross has also expressed alarm with what it calls a humanitarian crisis. eastern densely populated some four hundred thousand people live there it's on the doorstep of damascus the seat of the government's power pro-government forces want to recapture this region but so far its forces haven't been able to make any advances on the ground so its strategy is to punish civilians for supporting the rebels in the hope that they all surrender. beirut. i jerry's military says more than seven hundred people held hostage by the. have managed to escape they were found me among close to the north eastern border with chad the military says many of the captives were farmers and fisherman are being kept as forced labor as i am of interest has more from. the more than seven hundred hostages fled their captors after what the nigerian
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army called grown elephants of over the last few weeks in northeastern nigeria now these areas they fled from chile islands in the lake chad because of the receding waters of the lake on the borders with nigeria cameroon and child to some islands forming in the middle of the lake and these have been populated by villagers who are mostly farmers and fisherman now they have escaped after the army or the military raid in the lake child region of northeastern nigeria now this is coming this discovery of large number of hostages kept the bible quote came almost a year after the nigerian government announced that a booklet on has been technically defeated a lot of nigerians are not comfortable with the declaration by president mohammad y.b. when he made that announcement says that and i was we were seeing a daring and sometimes devastating attacks by book or i am quite is in northeast nigeria and they have taken
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a lot of hostages some of these attacks actually took place in two thousand and seventeen the army is continuing its operations to be a guest book around and a book out on a sort of proved to be a resilient fall in northeastern nigeria police in brazil say seventy seven inmates a sit on the run in from jail during a riot nine prisoners were killed fourteen others injured when a group of mates still on the wing of the present control of rival gangs it happened in the city of the capital for syria. a popular american video blogger has apologized for a post on his you tube page that appeared to show a body in a japanese far east a lot of things they should have done differently but i didn't. know who the bottom of my heart i'm sorry. logan poll who has more than fifteen million subscribers was widely criticized for filming the body and then making jokes he was walking through an area near mt fuji which is known for its high number of suicides. dozens of
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hollywood a listers including reese witherspoon and meryl streep have donated to a fifteen million dollar legal fund to help fight sexual harassment the time's up campaign which has now gone viral on social media was only set up thirteen days ago and is already seen fourteen million dollars pledged the campaigns designed to help women and men in low wage industries take legal action at least nine people have believed to be believed to have died as a result of cold weather that's gripping much of north america in new york the freezing conditions halted ferry service says the temperature is expected to creep above freezing on wednesday for the first time in days the cold snaps affecting a huge part of the country going as far south as texas arabs initiative represent less than one percent of the west african nations population but despite decades of hardship they've now found considerable success in business and trade vali explains
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. it takes a long and bit of pride to reach the meeting area of new zealand's heart of minority. their villages are remote and most needy populated due to decades of drought. only a few life doesn't go or hundreds of kilometers to the northeast of the capital niamey continue to struggle for survival. and struggle to keep the culture of life to. a simple i mean. we are teaching koran to our children to preserve our religion islam and our arabic language to without these schools we would not have been able to preserve them. i migrated to this area from north africa in the sixteenth century they've brought with them their camels and they'll trade skills. that i believe for god how did when they arrived here the area was ruled by the toric the arabs who excelled in trade hold an alliance with them even before the arrival of
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the french colonize ation they were trading in camels within the neighboring countries libya and i'll geria they even traded in clothes which was prohibited by the french. but even though they'll small in number and have recently been driven from countryside to city by natural hardships they soon began to the adopt not only that but to excel in value some us now now to sponsible for more than sixty percent of new jeff's industries and ninety percent of its transport most bus lines linking in jail to west africa are owned by then shales in local companies and own several factories built wanted allies and neighbors in the north recognise the contribution made to the development of the asia that it is not enough to leave no doubt that arabs are a minority however their presence is strongly felt namely in business all good it goes to the arabs who started modern transportation companies connecting with all
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cities and villages these companies also provide job opportunities herbs of news or explored various types of misner. as their scope. despite its ethnic diversity seems to have successfully managed its racial problems. and in turn it into a degree but that broke out in the north in one thousand nine hundred and that in a sort of peace agreement in two thousand and nine. know both what again obs and do a sizable representation in the government and parliament to many of these troubled region it proves into peace benefits missions. are desirable. it's update on the top stories before you go at least eight iranians have been killed overnight in anti-government protests according to state media twenty two people are now known to have died since the demonstrations began all thursday and more than five hundred people have been arrested the country's supreme leader
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blames what he calls iran's enemies for the trouble meanwhile the united states is saying that they will call for an emergency un security council meeting to discuss iran we must not be silent the people of iran are crying out for freedom all freedom loving people must stand with their cause the international community made the mistake of failing to do that in two thousand and nine we must not make that mistake again in all the headlines the u.s. is withholding two hundred fifty five million dollars in aid to pakistan after accusing it of playing a double game in the battle against terrorism more measures are expected in the next two days it follows a tweet from president trump on monday accusing pakistan of lies and deceit and of being a safe haven for terrorists as labatt has reacted angrily summoning the u.s. ambassador to explain. at least thirty people have died in peru after the bus they were traveling in plunged eighty meters off a cliff onto
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a rocky beach the bus was carrying more than fifty passengers when it collided with a truck along a narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve rescuers are now battling against the tide to recover bodies. the spokesman for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says a new israeli law which makes it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem is equivalent to a declaration of war israeli m.p.'s pass the bill which means two thirds of the knesset has now approved giving up territory under any future peace deal a simple majority was required previously it comes a day off the party of prime minister benjamin netanyahu approved a draft resolution that calls for large parts of the occupied west bank to be annexed and south korea has accepted the north's rare offer of talks proposing the two sides meet next tuesday seoul said the meeting would mainly focus on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics which are being held in south korea you're up to date with all of our top stories that's it for myself and the
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team here in london more news coming up at the top of the next hour in twenty five minutes time from doha off to artscape which is next. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long box on that he has a goal for telegraphy was a colonial tool going to have to write about the fate of the. primary time for the independent competent. in the post-colonial good for photographers like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere that now.


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