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which is still felt today we tried to. try to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear from. the rule in june at this time. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there. is and we don't leave. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up with the next sixty minutes. the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching
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what you do there u.s. is accused of interfering in iran's internal affairs after recalls a meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss recent protests the u.n. says it will investigate an attack in the democratic republic of congo that killed fifteen if it's peacekeepers last month. the trumpet ministration hits back at a boat claiming the white house is in chaos and the president is incompetent. plant but we live in bethlehem to tell you why it's not such a happy christmas for orthodox christians there this year. hello the u.n. security council has held a special session on the recent protests in iran with the u.s. accusing to her on of stifling the voice if it's people other members objected to the meeting insisting the council wasn't the place to discuss
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a country's internal affairs mike hanna reports from the united nations. there was animated debate in the council chamber before the discussions began their members taken aback by the lack of notice from the u.s. in calling for this public debate the u.s. ambassador adamant that it was essential iran be called to account if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do russia had vehemently opposed what it saw as an unacceptable intervention in iran's internal affairs but also argued that the u.s. had another motive in pushing for this meeting used to me put up a new put the real reason for convening today is not to protect human rights or promote the interests of the iranian people but rather a veiled attempt to continue to undermine the iranian nuclear agreement would have
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an agreement that the french ambassador maintained in his speech was crucial also distancing himself from the u.s. decision to call these discussions with your president but it is up to the arena and to the iranians to pursue the path of peaceful dialogue a dialogue based on full respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the rain people were given speaking rights in the council iran's ambassador described the u.s. action as yet another attempt at political destabilization following such acts of disruption take in. u.s. administration as flouting international law and this is spect in the practices of civilized behavior in international politics is that minister sheehan is not the spirit leaching for every restaurant that keeps it a flute that is a long history of u.s. bullying at the u.n.
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but this is posters example. and indeed at the end of the discussion. perhaps more divided than when they had said. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. well the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has also been talking about iran specifically the nuclear deal he says the trumpet ministration is looking for ways to keep the u.s. in the agreement congress is working on new legislation that could bolster enforcement measures i don't want to see just. for this lot of the other. numbers. by this well. we just told you. show. first. about some of the saying is a political partner with the truman national security project and a former obama administration advisor she says and he knew the gist lation is
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a political move to shield trump from having to deal with the iran agreement at all and the reason why donald trump ate it is because when he ran for president you know he called it quote unquote the worst steel our ever but what we seen is that really he's not able to come up with a better deal he's certainly not able to in the case of north korea and so what they're trying to do politically is just prevent their president from having to be the one to sign off on it to sign off on it every six month which is the current law and so what he's done is he's punted it to congress and they're looking at ways that they can be creative now to essentially throw the ball into congress's court without essentially scrapping the deal altogether and so what he'll do rhetorical as hell call that effects. and will not cross over to iran and bring in our correspondent from there is a must see who is joining us from there to tell us about the iranian reactions in
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to the debates that meeting that's what took place at the u.n. security council. well shortly after the u.n. security council met iran's foreign minister jeavons a restricted saying that he was glad that most members of the country most country members of the u.n. security council rebuffed american attempts to use the international body to intervene in iran's domestic affairs he also called it another foreign policy blunder for the trump white house and other interesting points he made in his tweet was he referenced the g c p a way the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that iran signed with western countries overseen by the i.a.e.a. and he really echoed what iran's representative to the u.n. said in his speech saying that all countries should stick to the nuclear deal and what's interesting about that is that iranian leaders see the deadline the ninety days of congress in the united states has after. president trump decertified the
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deal they had ninety days to come up with some other kind of plan or to decide whether or not suppose you sanctions on iran now any change to the deal that one has said over and over again would be a red line and they continue to remind people that they are tape of the pulling out of the deal and then beginning their enrichment of uranium they're going to be rich a program again within days so that's certainly something that towards the end of this week will continue to be on the minds of iranian leaders here in the halls of power into iran and as far as what's going on on the ground where you are and how much momentum does a pro in the anti-government protests now have more than a week on. well be honest both anti-government protests earlier this week and now pro-government rallies both seem to be did when doing this morning we were only able to confirm one pro-government rally being held in a city in the north of the country to the caspian sea and beyond that it seems that the government has completed what was a very considered effort to use its own street power to stamp out any opposition.
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another day of pro-government rallies in iran seemingly part of a two pronged approach to keep detractors off the streets a large show of public support and a heavy police presence across the country with critics inside and outside iran predicting the downfall of the islamic republic the government is determined to publicly project the power of the state at friday prayers in the capital to her own a senior cleric reminded people of iran's real enemies who he says are behind the unrest in the country let's say you know this is what is happening saudi arabia gave the money the u.s. did the planning it was coordinated from us control very means and have gotten weapons are being transferred little by little to iran they wanted to finish is in february that was the plan but he also sympathized with public demands for better economic conditions it had all. of the protests was right those who lost their
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money and it's not too long protest for them people are saying death to high prices we're saying not what people are saying should be heard people's rights shouldn't be missed in the middle of this mess. meanwhile what was essentially a leaderless protest movement with competing demands seems to have fizzled out but on social media sites people are still sharing week old videos of anti-government demonstrations. so that was who filed reports from tehran the u.n. is investigating last month's attack in the democratic republic of congo that killed fifteen if its peacekeepers the un suspects the allied democratic forces that's a ugandan armed group was behind the attack its fighters are known to be active in north kivu province where the assault took place the u.n. says it will examine the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the ten's and nationals and make recommendations. some of tara is
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a professor at the university of minnesota he says it's unclear what group is responsible for that attack. i think it's very difficult to ascertain exactly what happened but it's quite feasible that in a dead region of the congo and. western uganda that possibility exists but the united nations can also be known for not being always quite truthful about these matters so it's quite difficult to say whether it's the ugandans all of them and this is in the cause of all those has been terrible for a very long time due to the regime that's in place in kinshasa so it's hard to tell exactly what happened but the united nations has condemned a recent series of death sentences in egypt with twenty people reportedly executed in the past two weeks the human rights office expressed concern at the use of military courts to try civilians was seriously concerned that you know what these
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cases due process and fair trial guarantees do not appear to be followed as military courts typically deny defendants rights accorded by civilian courts reports also indicated the prisoners who were executed may have been subject to tween initial in forced disappearance and torture before being try saudi media are reporting that eleven princes have been detained in riyadh and are being held in a notorious prison after staging a protest this follows the detention of dozens of other high profile figures last year including royal family members some of them are still being held in a five star hotel as part of what was described as an anti corruption drive the latest arrests are said to have taken place just outside the royal palace and there are conflicting reports about whether the protest was about the withdrawal of state subsidies or the previous round of the tensions. the turkish foreign minister is visiting germany to try and improve strained relations methods cassava has called
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for a fresh start ahead of talks german leaders have been outspoken in their criticism of turkey's crackdown after the twenty sixteen failed coup following those talks as dominic came here joining us from berlin dominic. yes well the point to make here as you say is that in the course of the last twelve months perhaps eighteen months relations have been rocky to say the least between the the two countries the some of the actions of the turkish government have incensed the ruling classes as it were here in germany particularly the fact that several german citizens are currently in detention in turkey seven of them on what are called political grounds that is something which the german government wants to see changed very quickly to give you a sense of how they feel right now certainly mr governor the german foreign minister yesterday was saying that the world is now seeing an era in which the democratic states of the world are in competition with the author tarion states of
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the world so that gives you a sense of perspective that well if they are trying to build bridges between each other it will be difficult with with that sort of attitude coming from the german perspective and clearly the german government believes it thinks that turkish government could do more in the field of human rights to bring a rapprochement together but equally the turkish government believes that the german government some of the actions the german government has been has been all through as it were have not been conducive to good relations as i say in the past eighteen months or so. so so what's at stake then for these two countries if the relationship is not mended and how important is that relationship. well both countries need each other is the way to look upon this that that's why in some senses the idea that they could be they could be at loggerheads as it were is counterproductive for both countries from the german perspective turkey is
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particularly important in so far as dealing with the refugee crisis in europe is concerned the fact that a deal was done some time ago to help to to ease the log jam in so far as refugees are concerned in the turkish part in that is very important to the e.u. and to germany particularly so clearly from their perspective they want to have that deal maintained so that's why they need good relations likewise from the turkish perspective given that there are very many people who live in germany of turkish origin this is an important country for turkey in the e.u. germany plays a very important role and in one sense the turkish government to give you a sense of the idea that there is this desire perhaps to put out feelers to try to mend fences as it were over the last few days the turkish government has been trying to encourage cultural trips exchanges to try and encourage german tourists to come back to turkey saying that the country is open for business it's a place that german tourists in go to it gives you
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a sense that people are trying to say well look we want to mend fences but the problem is the substantiative element of disagreement between the two sides the question will be whether we will hear from the two foreign ministers today more progress permanent as in positive progress rather towards mending fences are right and that question will be answered in the hours to come ok dominic or speak to them thank you. plenty more ahead on the obviously were news hour including a brutal cold spell grips the u.s. east coast at least eighteen people are killed after one of the worst winter storms in recent history and the fastest growing refugee camp in the world we'll look at what lies ahead for the rich this year plus. i'm late at the last hour finally find out whether the modeling lady that will be calling all the way to get that well.
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but first the u.s. president donald trump has gone on another twitter tirade calling the author of a book detailing his first year in office a total loser it's already a hit with readers with american bookstores unable to keep fire and furious stocks on their shelves well trump's slammed the work as phony and full of lies diane easterbrook reports from washington d.c. . crowd swarmed this washington bookstore at midnight friday snatching up copies of fire and fury inside the trump white house present the crisis really you know teacher of the phone politics and prose opened it ten am within thirty minutes eager buyers had nabbed all thirty copies the store had i'm super excited to read this i went to a couple different bookstores even midnight last night there was a another bookstore selling this they sold out in twenty minutes why are you so interested in this book why would i not be interested in this book it is so
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solutions and to see. politics die hard and scary to read it at three hundred twenty pages this is a relatively light tone but it is filled with explosive material the author michael wolff said he spent eighteen months conducting about two hundred interviews with senior white house down in one passage will says former brit. prime minister tony blair offered this nugget of information to the president's son in law jared cushion or there was he suggested the possibility that the british had had the trump campaign staff under surveillance blair is denying the claim. another passage describes a potential change in saudi arabia the president was considering before his trip last spring to the middle east in the days before his departure he was telling people that the saudis were going to finance an entirely new military presence in the kingdom supplanting and even replacing the u.s. command headquarters in qatar fire and fury wasn't supposed to be released until
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tuesday but the book's publisher move the date up after attorneys for president trump issued a cease and desist letter threatening legal action in an interview friday morning author michael wolff stood by his book and added this observation the one description that that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child's. and what they mean by that is he has and the need for immediate gratification it's all about him the white house is labeling fire and fury tabloid trash president trump wouldn't answer questions about the book friday afternoon but tweeted i never spoke to him for the book full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist still fire and fury is yet another distraction for a white house that is trying to advance among other things a new immigration plan and a spending plan to avoid
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a looming government shutdown dian estabrook al jazeera washington well along with the claims about trump's comments on saudi arabia and qatar the book features other insights into his foreign policy in the gulf and the middle east it says trump's inner circle center and its middle east policy on four player as their goal to unite egypt israel and saudi arabia against iran it also says the president took credit for the royal shake up in saudi arabia which saw mohamed been elevated to crown prince according to the book trump told friends we've put our man on top and in another excerpt from quote gave a nod to the saudi plan to bully qatar in june saudi arabia egypt the u.a.e. and behind cut diplomatic and economic ties with cats our david is a professor at national defense university and a former pentagon official he says that he wouldn't be surprised if the trumpet ministration considered setting up a new base in saudi arabia. the u.s.
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national security interest is to have a constellation of bases in every country and it's important remember that the headquarters in qatar moved from saudi arabia in two thousand and three so i have argued that it would be in our interest to establish another base in saudi arabia if we can do that in a manner that is consistent with saudi internal security. but that doesn't mean that we have to diminish the others we should have a a broad array of bases and quite frankly if you know the where the saudis want to build a facility you know we should be in a position where we can move because if you have all your eggs in one basket then you're you're hostage to political turmoil or you could have want to tack and then you lose all your capabilities thirteen people have been killed after a passenger boat capsized off the indonesian island of sumatra it's the second
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fatal boat accident in the area in as many days the boat carrying fifty five people along the musi river had a large wave then sank during bad weather police say they're still searching for the captain who survived the accident but has gone missing his deputy is being held for questioning. orthodox christians around the world are getting ready to celebrate the christmas holiday the occupied west bank city of bethlehem is usually packed with people at this time of year but it's been unusually quiet many palestinians are angry at the u.s. administration's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. joining us from the occupied west bank in bethlehem so besides the anger that many palestinians feel as a result of that's u.s. decision there is a protest that's being held against the patriarchates off jerusalem himself tell us why. the rain first let me just grab this umbrella here because it started raining
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heavily again the weather has not been that great today look there had been protests this morning and that's not something that typically happens on orthodox christmas eve the reason for that is there's building anger among the orthodox community here colace to me and christians toward the greek orthodox patriarch that's the author list the third because there's been allegations made in reports in israeli media that the greek orthodox patriarch that he was involved in property sales to foreign tax havens and the belief is that perhaps israeli businesses were the ultimate binet fisheries of these property sales it's a contentious issue and that's why there have been people out demonstrating today they haven't been huge protest thus far about an hour and a half ago we saw around us a few dozen people we're told perhaps more will be protesting later in the day we're still not sure exactly when the patriarch will be arriving here in manger
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square but the plan has been to boycott his arrival so that the ushers that are typically in place that would greet him make sure that he gets through the square they would not be here doing so they would be in essence giving him bolder now we spoke a short while ago to set up already and here's more of what he told us about why this protest is taking place. while the hollow out of monza clear and simple we want the patriarch to resign we want reform to the patriarchate assign a legal committee to evaluate the situation in the patriarchate an uprising existing property and minister to have been a financial reform we want to return property that's being leaked and put a low that organizes the relation between the arabs all the docs congregation in palestine and jordan and the spiritual leadership in jerusalem and then elect the patriarch of the holy city ah. the reform is being done. now do we
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we've spoken to the greek orthodox patriarch kicked and they have responded by denying the allegations in israeli media what we've heard from them is that there have not been any property sales or any recent land deals that in essence what is happening is that the patriarchate is trying to go back and rectify bad deals that were made in the past with the israeli government that were to the detriment of members of their congregation and now that we see the rain falling behind you how much is that dampening any planned celebrations for the rest of the day. a look the mood was dampened oh well before it was known that the weather wouldn't be that great today there had been calls for the boycott obviously manger square would usually be far more packed but it's not just the anger toward the patriarch there's also a sense of hopelessness that spreading amongst palestinian christians because of primarily the decision by u.s.
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president donald trump to declare jerusalem the capital of. israel you we've seen that decision was made one month ago today and in the subsequent weeks we have seen protests that have often turned violent in the occupied west bank so that's another reason for the increasing despair for for the mood here today really being dampened at a time when it would usually be much more festive and look at the organizers have tried as hard as they can to try to make it a celebrate torrie atmosphere you have a huge christmas tree behind as you do have more people gathering there have been christmas carols throughout the day but the fact of the matter is it certainly looks as though this will be far more subdued than it typically is dead in ok mohamed john john reporting from bethlehem the occupied west bank thank you. and elsewhere orthodox christians are holding their own rituals to mark christmas so greek orthodox are marking jesus christ as baptism by retrieving a cross from the. waters in turkey while others are holding services in the war
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a church in. the eastern orthodox faith follows the old julian calendar which puts the birth of jesus christ on or near january to seven russians ethiopians and ukrainians are also celebrating christmas. at least eighteen people have died in the u.s. during one of the worst winter storms in modern history to hit the east coast the storm dumped thirty centimeters of snow and caused flooding in coastal areas emergency crews rescued people trapped by rapidly rising waters. are calling the storm. and the storm brought hurricane force winds and frigid temperatures. as the latest from new york. these are historically low temperatures throughout the east coast of the united states and how are people coping well if they don't have to go outside they're not because officials are saying that these temperatures are
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so low it's so cold that it's dangerous and warning people not to go outside unless they absolutely have to for those that do it's all about layering layering as many clears of clothes as possible to really get through these low temperatures now this is the east coast of the united states there use to cold winter weather this time of year but this is different there's three key factors that are making this different a large amount of snow that has fallen number one more than thirty centimeters in some areas hurricane force winds are complicating matters and not only that a storm surge particularly in the north east and new england area of the northeast that are complicating matters as well combine all of that with incredibly low temperatures and you've got really historic freezing area here the mayor of new york city is saying that into friday night into saturday morning with wind chill factors it could get to negative twenty nine degrees celsius here the worst is
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certainly not over officials are saying that while the major storm has moved out that the temperatures are supposed to remain below freezing throughout the weekend so this area of the united states will not be warming up any time soon well a few moments more weather with richard still ahead right here on al-jazeera cartel wars political assassinations and the failing justice system we look at the grim lead up to mexico's twenty eight thousand presidential election and. against intolerance how a modern art exhibit is challenging raising censorship coming up and sport liverpool's dream. peter will have all the details that a little later. from
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the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. well have more in the big freeze across north america later but for now it's not just north america we've got severe winter weather changi province in northern china here where almost looks like niagara falls but you can see the extent of the the cold across the region there and not just there but also across in bohai one of the busiest waterways in the world we've also seen it is complete with ice is some of that happens most winters this is not out of the order is why they've proposed a road and rail tunnels for many years where you see the fleets of just locked in harbors the seas remain completely ice bound well if you look at the forecast you can see the deep blues there indicates in the cold air in evidence there is some snow further towards us and that could result in some significant snowfall for more central parts of china over the next twenty four hours meanwhile in europe all of
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the worst of the snowy weather has gone we have got an area of low pressure across the peninsula and this is going to result in the bellemont of snow across northern parts of spain not just up on the peyronie's but through into central areas as well so it's like there's going to be quite a bit destruction here i think over the next twenty four to forty eight hours at the same time also got more snow appearing in the alps but certainly for central parts of spain there's still a period of quite disruptive weather to come. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. this is the architect of. the self appointed tasks to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring in the beauty came to vietnam's child king urban spaces. and to convince developments that his dreams are attainable but changing minds can be as good as altering spaces . rebel architecture continues with meaning in the city at this time on al-jazeera
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. al-jazeera and. with every. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.n.
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security council has held a special session on the recent protests in iran with the u.s. accusing tech ron of stifling the voice as if it's people other members though including russia and france objected to the meeting insisting the council was not the place to discuss account a country's internal affair. the u.n. is investigating last month's attack in the democratic republic of congo that killed fifteen peacekeepers u.n. suspects the allied democratic forces that's a ugandan armed group was behind the time. the u.s. president has gone on twitter tirade calling the offer of a book have all the criticizing his first year in office a total loser but fire and fury is proving so popular booksellers are struggling to keep up with the demand. for the latest report on some of the biggest stories of the year we take you to a refugee camp in bangladesh it's now home to hundreds of thousands of flood
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violence and. the u.n. accuses me and mars government of textbook ethnic cleansing which it denies charles reports on what the refugees face this year. with the three children across the border from the. end of december they join the more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled the military crackdown on the region in rakhine state in which to me. she says her husband was killed as they tried to flee. that. we couldn't go anywhere because there was heavy fighting from all directions and my husband was shot dead by security forces there are very few people he still remained they try to go to the forest and river fishing but the military does not allow them they say you can't go there anymore and you can't harvest the paddies either so people are not able to work the million mom she tells us you are not and there is no ranger in our country going to the
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country where there are already. western governments including the u.s. have called the crackdown on the predominately muslim or hindu nick cleansing but has denied access to any independent investigation in rakhine state. the ranger have suffered at decades of persecution and violence that was stripped of their citizenship in what was then burma thirty five years ago the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants from bangladesh and evidence of the brutality they have suffered in recent months is shocking the charity doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred were killed by the myanmar security forces between the end of august and late september. it says at least seven hundred thirty range of children younger than five years old were among those killed mostly shot dead doctors without borders also says nearly ten percent of children who died were
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burned alive in their homes and at least five percent were beaten to death human rights watch and aid organizations working in these camps in neighboring bangladesh say myanmar soldiers gang raped women and young girls the refugees have escaped death in myanmar but the struggle to survive in the camps goes on the un says seven percent of children here are suffering severe acute malnutrition a condition that will kill if not treated properly. the biggest challenge that we face right now is that this is the fastest growing refugee in the world think about washington d.c. but without health services without medicines without proper access to food we know from recent studies that eighty percent of new arrivals food assistance. if you know breaks of communicable diseases including measles and diptheria in the camps aid organizations estimate around seventy percent of the world's
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a contaminated the governments of bangladesh in manama say they will proceed with a voluntary repatriation scheme in the coming weeks. says she will never take her children back to myanmar until the government at least recognize them as a ranger until it guarantees them the same rights and security as citizens of the country they and hundreds of thousands of other ranger refugees. and call of charles stratford al-jazeera. well now speak to francis marcus is a communication delegate for the international federation of the red cross joining us now from cox's bazaar itself which is one of the densest refugee populations in the world can you tell us about what you're seeing in terms of the pace of new arrivals of refugees to cox's bazaar in the first week of. well the race of the royals. is slowed down since. early days
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the prices. we're still seeing hundreds are some arriving. basis. and of course. you know. really it was a huge challenge is. trying to. assure the people's. lives. safety and do you see. the list as your mention to syria i'll break them there's always. a sure especially as. a few months time and there are challenges is providing enough treating. patients to cities so it is a very very. very prices. the world health organization is certainly saying that
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basic services and cots is bizarre are under severe strain so i gather you agree with that and that is what you're seeing but how can you overcome that and provide the basic services here as well as other organizations provide the basic services for the jeff and she's. well there working as hard as we found and with what would an aging as to the maximum extent least. five of those those international loads all i mean for example in responding to the syria outrage over an eight very close to myself you know. some aspects of the response there and some aspects of other aspects but the answer to your question is the challenges that remain norbanus and more so.
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about just as a half of the funding which we need to carry out the assistance programs which we needed here. we had more in bangladesh we know signed a deal to repatriate hundreds of thousands of friends or refugees that deal took place last month from what you see on the ground are you hopeful that reconciliation some sort of reconciliation is possible in twenty eighteen. well i mean as you've said and much of the discussion community. must be full and free and it must. change in concert of equals safety and dignity and also address the question of how are they going to resign if they returned to their country and not to mention violent. ones but just simply houses and property are. destroyed and they're left with nothing so the short
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answer to your. it's difficult to see how we get from the situation where we are now to one in which such conditions for people to return to place when we know that the united nations has described the violence. against refugee refugees as ethnic cleansing textbook cases of ethnic cleansing me and rejecting that description how would you describe it and what stories are you hearing off people there were hundreds are refugees that are leaving me and maher and coming to bangladesh we're hearing a lot of stories of. trauma mind lost. the regime violent. society everything i learned the force. it was it wasn't clear doing our utmost to provide emotional support to.
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the population to your children so they you know say yeah this children play when they don't make it last there was also need to somehow find a role so. displacements we are as humans she nigerian organization . we don't have the mandate all the legal experts heat around. not just us to. focus on really trying to address the huge. ok francis maurice we thank you for speaking to us from fox is bizarre. the threat of political violence is casting a shadow over the lead up to mexico's twenty eight thousand presidential election following the murders of six more public officials in mexico is coming off its most
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violent year in history there were more than twenty three thousand homicides in twenty seventeen as drug cartels fought for territory aspiring political candidates worry they will be the next target and that's creating fears for the democratic process many reports from mexico city. local politics can be a dangerous business in mexico just ask people thirty year old political hopeful who wants to become mayor of the town of hope in the state of morals. is new to the political scene but he knows that the risk of harassment extortion and even death at the hands of organized crime is very real if. i knew i would be lying if i said i wasn't afraid it would also be a lie to say that fear is not in the back of my mind but today were motivated by our goal to make
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a better place. at least six mexican politicians have been killed in recent weeks this includes of all four seven i know gather the mayor of a small town in the state of get little who was murdered on new year's eve. with a national election drawing near political leaders in mexico. worry over these types of attacks against public servants. i think this is a warning by organised crime against the political parties the problem here is impunity and the phenomenon of political violence the more this will continue because there is no punishment. experts say that the rising level of violence in mexico is not only putting the lives of political candidates at risk but could also be frightening voters which could damage the democratic process less political participation less third now. because of fear less political less people voting.
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no about it and is hinders the strength of a democratic system. there are over three thousand four hundred elected positions up for grabs in the upcoming elections but its candidates for local posts who are especially vulnerable targets by organized crime twenty one local public servants were murdered in two thousand and seventy which was also a record breaking year for homicides in mexico the concern now is over the potential for yet another exceptionally violent year as we approach the two thousand and eighteen general election let up on the. mexico city. election officials in honduras have rejected an appeal by the opposition to a no results of november's presidential vote president. was the clear the winner last month after he narrowly defeated leftist candidate salvador and. officials say there wasn't enough evidence to support the opposition's claims of voter fraud dozens of people died in opposition protests or in
1:45 pm
a prolonged delay and now it's in the results nasa says a global reduction on the use of certain chemicals typically use the aerosol cans has helped reduce the size of the hole in the ozone layer satellite images show the damage could be almost fully reversed by the year at twenty sixty five most countries agreed to phase out use of the problematic chemicals known as c f c's in one nine hundred eighty five they rise in the stratosphere destroying ozone layer molecules damage to the ozone has been blamed for an increase in skin cancers. and it is as first international modern art museum has opened at a time of rising intolerance and self-censorship it's exposing thousands of visitors to works that are often deemed too controversial stuff awesome reports from jakarta. indonesia vibrant art scene has found a new home indonesian contemporary and modern art combined with international works
1:46 pm
makes up the private collection a quiet over the past twenty five years one of the country's businessmen and is now being shown at the march on museum result is an unusual display of thought provoking pieces in a country where censorship has been on the rise like diesel for traits of artists who became victims of an anti communist perch in the one nine hundred sixty s. killing more than one million people still a very sensitive issue today about their instinct as a museum we don't have any political opinion but we have to be honest about our history and showed real history of art in indonesia and what happened in the in sixty five is part of our history also linger yoni is back a controversial painting from the one nine hundred ninety s. using hindu male and female symbols of first against the background of script it symbolizes the merging of cultures and beliefs in indonesia when it was first shown
1:47 pm
conservative groups considered it an insult of islam and send death threats to the artist she was forced to flee the country fast enough but i have and i really hope people can now openly discuss the issue of pluralism this is the right moment tensions between the majority and minorities are only increasing because these issues are being politicized to divide and rule we have to reject this at the moment and we are back and look at the indonesian modern art is increasingly sold at auctions around the world but as yet to receive the same appreciation at home work by in human must reality one of in. yes best selling modern artist has been sold for one million dollars a brought the much on the c m not only aims to create awareness for modern art among in the regions but also wants to bring in the nation are to the world to say it has created a real podium for local and international artists in their time increasing intolerance and self-censorship something the government so far as failed to
1:48 pm
provide to make sure visitors from own walks of life can enjoy the art museum decided to sell tickets as cheap as cinema tickets knowing that many indonesians spend money to watch movies the strategy is working not all visitors are interested in the art on its own merits the infinity room by japanese artist. has been a big hit on instagram these visitors are queuing just to take a selfie but the museum hopes they will make an effort to see the other works as well step fastened al-jazeera jack after australia's great barrier reef is once again being threatened by a predator starfish thousands of crown of thorns starfish are understood to be feasting their way through coral during a major outbreak at the southern end of the reef authorities are trying to work out how to control the spread of the predators still ahead on al-jazeera sports there's
1:49 pm
the philadelphia seventy six ers produce a dominant performance in the n.b.a. later as we hear the shots story much more coming up. january on jessica african heads of state and governments will gather in at his ababa for the station's assembly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be talk of the agenda matt the asan engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headline on up front and in a week of special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to
1:50 pm
america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera. witnessed documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. hello again time for the sports news here is peter thank you so much the biggest prize in middle eastern football has been won by oman for just the second time in their history they upset the united arab emirates in friday's gulf cup final in kuwait city as some reports. the action
1:51 pm
started in the stands long the full kickoff in this gold cup final between oman and u.a.e. more than twenty planes had carried supporters and journalists from the two nations as they packed the sixty thousand capacity all jobbers stadium in kuwait. this a team event may not resonate globally but in this region it's like a world cup and the omanis were determined to take the trophy home. game in our mind we came all the way from oman to take the trophy back and there's no doubt that it's coming home to the work a lot. like a liquid the gold cup is very important for us otherwise we wouldn't be here we're not here as tourists we came here to win the title but on the pitch it was all man that pose the biggest threat but it wasn't until the eighty ninth minute when the immoralities were awarded the penalty that it looked as though the two thousand and
1:52 pm
nine champions were in real danger of losing this final home our abdurrahman had the chance to seal a third title for his team but omani goalkeeper phase at the sheedy rose to the ok jand saving the penalty and sending the omani fans into a frenzy things got worse for the u.a.e. as the game was heading to extra time and their hopes of clinching the third title started to fade after a goalless extra time the match went into a dramatic penalty shootout. u.a.e. here all my abdurrahman had a chance to redeem himself but things turned horribly wrong for the striker. a man held on for five for when to clinch the second title and send the nation into jubilation sending actually we're. sending our job you know publish them thank god you finally made it i want to thank all our fans who
1:53 pm
came here to support us and we just couldn't send them home empty handed. i congratulate. our fans in oman and the ones that came here to watch us they deserve this victory. that was shattered by the tension by the way and no i know that qatar will be hosting the judgment in two years' time right now it's not clear yet whether the trophy won't be descended with unity and restored golf on their way. while some omani fans will still be celebrating others will be feeling sore of the celebrations took an unexpected turn during the celebrations a burial at the stadium collapsed injuring around forty fans as they fell to the pitch side below some were taken to hospital but i'm happy to be able to tell you the injuries on not thought to be serious liverpool have eliminated their local
1:54 pm
rivals everton in the f.a. cup at anfield to book a spot in the fourth round the home team took the lead through james milner as penalty after adam lallana was brought down in the box sigurdsson level the school for their merseyside rivals but new signing virgil van dyke made the perfect day before he's a new club scoring the winner as a finish to one. but today we had to really work a lot and that's what we all what we were asking for before the game that we said we need to be ready for for the hardest work and because we want to go to the next round and everybody needs to it's needs to see that. the referee mad a mistake for the first goal and we made a mistake for the winner. and the rest of it we've done brilliantly so i can ask for a more play on their performance tonight and their desire to try and win the tie or at least take that approach back to go to. manchester united are also through to
1:55 pm
the fourth round after a late goal secured victory over darby county it took two late goals from united jesselyn god got on the scoresheet in the eighty fourth minute and then half time substitute. double their lead in the ninetieth minute for a two no when. they gave was difficult because they defended. but i think. we deserve the victory to be honest i don't think we need every day i don't see a team like them fighting for promotion doesn't need a replay. but that's. the rules of the competition and we all must go for second. plenty of games coming up on saturday among them english premier league leaders manchester city take on burnley chelsea arsenal and tottenham are in action lest the city play third tier fleetwood telmex the same
1:56 pm
team from which the star striker jamie vardy was signed. spanish football giants barcelona have kept to a new year tradition they open their doors to thousands of supporters for friday's training session which is usually off limits a spanish league season will resume after the winter break against eleventh day on sunday basso are nine points clear at the top of the standings the club's fans who couldn't make it to training were not forgotten within the messi and luis suarez visiting a children's hospital in barcelona. tennis now and australia is a curious four from a sit down to overcome grigor dimitrov reaching the brits been international final home favored to curiosity lost the first set six three but he fired a total of nineteen aces to stage a come from behind victory in the twenty two year old winning the next two six six one six four to advance to the finals way he will face american arayan harrison. in the n.b.a. the boston celtics got their thirty second game win with victory over the minnesota
1:57 pm
timberwolves on friday ninety one eighty four was the school meanwhile the philadelphia seventy six ers were victorious against the detroit pistons on friday in simmons and joel embiid gave a delphia a huge lead in the first half indeed had twenty three points and nine rebounds simon said nineteen points and nine the first to lead the seventy six as to the fourth straight win one hundred fourteen seventy eight was the final school. australia are in control of a fourth and final ashes cricket test against england in sydney and after the third day's play the host resumed play on one hundred ninety three for two men closed on four hundred seventy nine for four that gives them an overall lead of one hundred thirty three with two days still to play top scoring for the australians with one hundred seventy one sure marsh will be eyeing a century on the fourth morning he's on ninety eight not out. i have made a state he gets a spectacular start to the second day against south africa they added forty four
1:58 pm
runs in the opening session and last the for the wicket to stand at seventy three for four and that's all this vote for me i'll have another update later during we'll see you later thank you very much peter and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera laura will be with you in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news all the day's top stories coming up right here stay with us.
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conservation ease helping kids stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat it touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international least of threatened species and live it sounds like an agreement
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between criminal busts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you say bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigation it's the only go at this time. the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do. the u.n. security council debates the recent antigovernment protests in iran that killed twenty two people.


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