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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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in two thousand and eight out a zero documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the screen a helping change the face of india. at this time. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters. coming up in the next sixty minutes violent protests against the head of the orthodox church in jerusalem
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as the community marks christmas will be live in bethlehem. u.s. president donald trump takes to twitter to refute speculation about his mental health. the arraigning regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do the u.s. is accused of interfering in iran's internal affairs officer and pushed for a meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss recent protests. were looking at how a worldwide ban of certain chemicals is finally helping to heal the planet. hello we begin this news hour in the occupied west bank that's where there have been scuffles in bethlehem that's where the patriarch of jerusalem had been holding mass to mark orthodox christmas but as the office the third attempted to leave manger square protesters as you can see blocked his car and threw some eggs he's at
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the center of growing public anger after being accused of selling off large parts off church lands other protests are planned against the u.s. is the situation to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital following all the developments for us in homage of june he's joining us from the occupied west bank and from bethlehem specifically to talk us through what you've seen today how much . of that in look despite. the best attempts at the organizers to try to create a festive atmosphere the atmosphere here in manger square the fact of the matter is that it's been marred by several factors the first is the weather it's really not been cooperating it's been raining and cold throughout the day right now it's sunny but this is sort of an anomaly beyond that you also have the fact there is this growing anger a lot of it because of these allegations these stories in the israeli press that the greek orthodox patriarchy office a third has been involved in selling properties to foreign tax havens and that
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those properties are ending up in the hands of israeli businesses now we've spoken to the church about these allegations they didn't i the allegations they say that what's happening right now is that the patriarchate is trying to renegotiate deals that were done that they consider to be bad deals in the past so that they can try to rectify these deals that were done to the detriment of members of their congregation now as far as the mood here i want to bring in i guess that we have right now this is the reverend miter rod he's the president of daughter of kind of the university college now reverend first of all thank you for being with us i want to ask you this been a very tough year already for palestinians in general with so many things happening what's it been like for palestinian christians. it hasn't been easy at all half of the finest in christian community in the west bank they live in bethlehem and bethlehem as you know is like you know the small hole in the swiss cheese set on ended by jewish settlements israeli settlements and we have noise and anymore to
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lift what are what kids so bethlem is becoming back to get to. and this is causing actually christians to integrate we did a study just recently that showed that twenty eight percent of the palestinian christian community and twenty four percent of the protestant with him community with him agreed they see it if they have a chance to do so on the other hand you saw and use. book about the gap between the need to ship. and secondly gay shows and this is true for so many churches in this land so it's like jesus said sheeps without shepherds or most and the third i think when you look on the nod to me do you stand context what's happening to christians in egypt and so on makes that cushions you had water and dust but not to use the event jelly can push on zionist special in the states see vice president pence and his group of those who actually pushed it as then prompted to clear
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jerusalem as they kept it as a basic difference very actually they made that one life even more difficult on the other hand i have to see if that christians although we have less than two percent of the population christians did play a very prominent throwing in the palestinian society and i said we did we showed that one third of the head said this is in palestine run by christians by churches and forty five percent of forward nongovernmental organizations besides social institutions human rights organizations are actually i thought funded by churches or done by christians every month you don't have to thank you very much for being with us a merry christmas to you merry christmas thanks very much so during as you can see there's a lot of complicating factors although reverend wright had his talking about some of the more positive things that are going on nowadays as well fax them out or is though here in manger square on a day like today usually on orthodox christmas eve you would have thousands of
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people out here celebrating the fact that they are not out here today really goes a long way toward showing how this mood of despair continues to spread even on a day that supposed to be a specifies today starting on the home of john john thank you. the u.s. president donald trump has gone or other twitter tirade calling the author of a book detailing his first year in office a total loser it's already hit a hit with readers with american bookstores unable to keep fire and fury stocked on their shelves while trump's slam the work is phony and for the flies diane easterbrook reports from washington d.c. . crowd swarmed this washington bookstore at midnight friday snatching up copies of fire and fury inside the trump white house has of the criteria i can't take your order of the phone in politics and prose opened it ten am within thirty minutes eager buyers had nabbed all thirty copies the store had i'm super excited to read
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this so i went to a couple of different bookstores even midnight last night there was another bookstore selling this they sold out in twenty minutes why are you so interested in this book. why would i not be interested in this book it is so salacious and to see . politics die hard and scary to read it at three hundred twenty pages this is a relatively like home but it is filled with explosive material the author michael wolff said he spent eighteen months conducting about two hundred interviews with senior white house staff in one passage will says former british prime minister tony blair offered this nugget of information to the president's son in law jared cushion or there was he suggested the possibility that the british had had the trump campaign staff under surveillance blair is denying the claim. another passage describes a potential change in saudi arabia the president was considering before his trip last spring to the middle east in the days before his departure he was telling
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people that the saudis were going to finance an entirely new military presence in the kingdom supplanting and even replacing the u.s. command headquarters in cutter fire and fury wasn't supposed to be released until tuesday but the book's publisher moved the date up after attorneys for president trump issued a cease and desist letter threatening legal action in an interview friday morning author michael wolff stood by his book and added this observation the one description that that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child's. and what they mean by that is he has and a need for in media gratification it's all about him the white house is labeling fire and fury tabloid trash president trump wouldn't answer questions about the book friday afternoon but tweeted i never spoke to him for the book full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist still fire and fury is yet
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another distraction for a white house that is trying to advance among other things a new immigration plan and a spending plan to avoid a looming government shutdown dian estabrook al-jazeera washington. will talk about this now with john hendren he's joining us from washington d.c. you know john we keep saying that the president has gone on another twitter tirade and i'm looking at his twitter feed right now and he seems to have come out strongly against the questions or allegations that people seem to be talking about in the states questioning his mental health after the release of the spoke. that's right that book that diane was talking about has a number of people quoted calling donald trump anything from a moron to an idiot these are people who were in his own administration who had been authorized to talk to the author of that book and that seems to be the genesis of this tweet today in which he talks about how great his intellect is he says i
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believe he's like really smart and that's a theme that you hear donald trump talk about over and over it's been raised again because of this book and what he should be talking about really according to his administration if he's to pursue their line of talk for this week that would be immigration because he's at camp david meeting with republican officials on immigration and he is announcing something that he has been promising in his campaign and that is money for the border wall that he campaigned on remember that he said we're going to build a big beautiful wall and mexico is going to pay for it what he's been off script with the administration has talked to the wall street journal officials have talked to the associated press and confirmed that the administration plans to spend eighteen billion dollars over the next ten years to extend that border wall it's
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also clear he's going to break his promise that mexico will pay for that wall because we have the bill here and that is a bill that will go to congress it's a proposal by the customs and border patrol border protection rather for five hundred five kilometers of additional barriers by two thousand and twenty seven total coverage of about fifteen hundred kilometers nearly half the border by the end of that and this comes as congress is talking about what to do about these these people these children of illegal immigrants the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that was an obama era program trumped his rescinded that left it. to congress to deal with so as they're going through this immigration policy that was a centerpiece of his campaign he is instead battling these charges in the book and he's not the brightest guy on the planet. john so it's been i think just about twenty four hours now since this book was released and since the author michael
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wolff went on american television and he was defending the book and given giving it giving interviews so what's been the fallout so far what's the what's the response like in the states is is the whole discussion right now just about the president's mental health. this is this book is really all anybody here in washington is talking about and they're doing it based on eggs or because we as you could see from dion story it's hard to physically get a copy of that book so the reaction has been profound to the many revelations in that story the administration has been pushing back saying this author is not reliable he is somebody who's been criticized by other subjects in the past as having made up parts of this story however those people who have been able to corroborate parts of this story have not said that they found significant things wrong with that story so what you have here is an administration in turmoil this just confirms all of those suggestions that this is an in administration that it's
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just organized that it's fighting among itself and that has a number of people leaking substantial pieces of information many of them derogatory about the president and you can see that it's not the president off kilter instead of talking about the things that he should be talking about to try to advance his key policies he is instead defending his intellect and talking about this book in this author so this is really the main issue that people are talking about in washington right now and that means policy doesn't get done ok john hendren thank you. once more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including the fastest growing refugee camp in the world we look at what lies ahead for the road this year plus a brutal cold spell grips the u.s. east coast at least eighteen people are killed after one of the worst winter storms in recent history and coming up in sport dozens of football fans are injured in
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kuwait after a section of the stadium collapsed. but first the u.n. security council has held a special session on the recent protests. in iran with the u.s. accusing to ron of stifling the voice of its people other members rejected objected rather to their meeting insisting the council wasn't the place that discussed the country's internal affairs by kind of reports from the united nations there was animated debate in the council chamber before the discussions began their members taken aback by the lack of notice from the u.s. in calling for this public debate the u.s. ambassador adamant that it was essential iran be called to account if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching
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what you do russia had vehemently opposed what it saw as an unacceptable intervention in iran's internal affairs but also argued that the us had another motive in pushing for this meeting used in the book the blueprint the real reason for convening today is not to protect human rights or promote the interests of the iranian people but rather a veiled attempt to continue to undermine the iranian nuclear agreement would have an agreement that the french ambassador maintained in his speech was crucial also distancing himself from the u.s. decision to call these discussions. but it is up to the greens and to the iranians to pursue the path of peaceful dialogue a dialogue based on full respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the rain people. given speaking rights in the council iran said it best to describe the us action as yet another attempt at political destabilization following such acts
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of disruption take in. addition as floating international law and this is spec'd into practices of civilized behavior in international politics is that ministers and is not the spirit of the a teaching for the cheap seat of flute it is a long history of us at the u.n. but this is. for the posters example and indeed at the end of the discussion members got up perhaps more divided and when they had sat down mike hanna al-jazeera united nations well the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has also been talking about iran specifically the nuclear deal he says the trump administration is looking for ways to keep the u.s. in the agreement congress is working on new legislation that could bolster in force
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meant measures i don't want to see just. for this one of the well first it's not me. it's not by the twelve. we're just talking about some of the chance for the. first. bassam of a saying as a political partner with the truman national security project and the former obama administration advisor she says any new legislation is a political move to shield trump from having to deal with the iranian agreement at all. and the reason why donald trump pates it is because when he ran for president you know he called it quote unquote the worst steel ever but what we've seen is that really he's not able to come up with a better deal he's certainly not able to in the case of north korea and so what they're trying to do politically is just prevent their president from having to be the one to sign off on it to sign off on it every six months which is the current law and so what he's done is he's punted it to congress and they're looking at ways
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that they can be creative now to essentially throw the ball into congress's court without essentially scrapping the deal altogether and so what he'll do rhetorical is he'll call that effects the same basrah view has more from to her on. shortly after the u.n. security council met in new york to discuss end to government protests in iran the reef iran's foreign minister tweeted saying that he was glad that member countries of the security council basically rebuffed america's efforts to use the international body to intervene and meddle in what are essentially domestic affairs serif said that it was another foreign policy blunder for the white house here at home lawmakers are expected to meet in a closed session of iran's parliament to discuss the root causes behind recent unrest in the country many lawmakers have plagued foreign intervention and an effort to treat instability in the country as being behind these protests but many
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iranian leaders agree with anti government protesters that they do indeed have reasonable grievances saying that regular working men and women in iran do face economic hardships and have every right to protest but for now into government protests are all but over as pro-government rallies continue in cities across the country. saudi media are reporting that eleven princes have been detained in riyadh and are being held in a notorious prison after staging a protest it follows the detention of dozens of other high profile figures last year including royal family members some of them are still being held in a five star hotel as part of what was described as an anti corruption drive the latest arrests are said to have taken place outside the royal palace and there are conflicting reports about whether the protest was about the withdrawal of state subsidies or the previous round off the tensions. we're taking your life to that is in jordan where right now the foreign
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minister is if egypt palestine saudi arabia the u.a.e. and morocco along with the arab league secretary general ahmed overheats are convening and they're discussing the consequences of the u.s. president donald trump's decision to declare a jerusalem and the capital of israel last month let's listen in for just a moment or so that we agreed upon this the last months ministerial level we said that the meeting will be convened once convened will discuss the further measures to be taken against drum resolution looting it's a and emergency summit in jordan being the current president all these measures. put discussion however we are seeking an immediate and swift measure to counter the very first questions of the drum is illusion we believe that
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this is an ongoing political battle and once again i would like to reiterate that we the arab states. collectively. agreement on what this to be taken forward the way forward including all the resolutions to be handed measures to be taken as i said the upcoming. that is the jordanian foreign minister to soften these so he's speaking at a press conference in in jordan and he is meeting with some of his counterparts in the arab world and they are discussing the u.s. decision donald trump decision to declare jerusalem as israel's capital we're keeping an eye out on that press conference and we'll let you know what comes out if it's in whether any decisions are taken. the united nations has condemned
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a recent series of death sentences in egypt with twenty people reportedly executed there in the past two weeks their human rights office has expressed concern at the use of military courts to try civilian was seriously concerned that you know what these cases due process and fair trial guarantees do not appear to be followed as military courts typically deny defendants rights accorded by civilian courts reports also indicate to prisoners who were executed may have been subjected to initial in forced disappearance and torture before being tried the u.n. is investigating last month's attack in the democratic republic of congo that killed fifteen of its peacekeepers the u.n. suspects of the allied democratic forces a ugandan armed group was behind the attack its fighters are known to be active in congo's north kivu province where the assault took place the u.n. says it will examine the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the tanzanian
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nationals and made recommendations do you smell some atar is a professor at the university of minnesota he says it's unclear what armed group is responsible for the attack. i think it's very difficult to assess a team exactly what happened but it's quite feasible that to bed region of the congo and. western uganda that possibility exists but the united nations has also been. quite truthful about these matters so it's quite difficult this pain but it's the ugandans all of my dishes in the congo has been terrible for a very long time. place in kinshasa to tell exactly what happened so don has closed off its border with eritrea according to state media it comes days after sudan's president declared a state of emergency in two areas near the border including. residents have seen
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hundreds of soldiers and army vehicles travelling towards the border in the past few days at least four policemen have been killed by a bomb explosion in indian administered kashmir officers say rebel fighters planted the device inside a market shop in support town the policemen were patrolling the area when the blast was triggered surrounding shops were also damaged by that explosion the threat of political violence is casting a shadow over the lead up to mexico's twenty eight thousand presidential election following the murders of six more public officials in mexico is coming off its most violent year in history there were more than twenty three thousand homicides in twenty seventeen as drug cartels fought for territory aspiring political candidates worry they will be the next target and that's creating fears for the democratic process. reports from mexico city. local politics can be a dangerous business in mexico just ask people thirty year old political hopeful
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who wants to become mayor of the town of hope in the state of mortals. is new to the political scene but he knows that the risk of the. rassmann extortion and even death at the hands of organized crime is very real if they had a good they knew i would be lying if i said i wasn't afraid it would also be a lie to say that fear is not in the back of my mind but today where money paid it by our goal to make. a better place. at least six mexican politicians have been killed in recent weeks this includes of old for seven i know gather the mayor of a small town in the state of get little who was murdered on new year's eve. with a national election drawing near political leaders in mexico. worry over these types of attacks against public servants will focus even
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a bit at those who came in the end i think this is a warning by organised crime against the political parties the problem here is impunity and the phenomenon of political violence the more this will continue because there is no punishment. experts say that the rising level of violence in mexico is not only putting the lives of political candidates at risk but could also be frightening voters which could damage the democratic process less political participation less third not because of fear less political you know less people voting. and all of that again is hinders the strength of a democratic system. there are over three thousand four hundred elected positions up for grabs in the upcoming elections but it's candidates for local posts who are especially vulnerable targets by organized crime twenty one local public servants were murdered in two thousand and seventeen which was also a record breaking year for homicides in mexico the concern now is over the
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potential for yet another exceptionally violent year as we approach the two thousand and eighteen general election went up on the al-jazeera mexico city. at least eighteen people have died in the u.s. during one of the worst winter storms in modern history to hit the east coast the storm dumped thirty centimeters of snow and caused flooding in coastal areas emergency crews rescue people trapped by rapidly rising waters forecasters are calling the storm a bomb. the storm brought hurricane force winds and frigid temperatures gabriel though has the latest from new york. these are historically low temperatures throughout the east coast of the united states and how are people coping well if they don't have to go outside they're not because officials are saying that these temperatures are so low it's so cold that it's dangerous and warning people not to go outside unless they absolutely have to for those that do it's all about layering layering as many clears of clothes as possible to really get through these low
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temperatures now this is the east coast of the united states there use to cold winter weather this time of year but this is different there's three key factors that are making this different a large amount of snow that has fallen number one more than thirty centimeters in some areas hurricane force winds are complicating matters and not only that a storm surge particularly in the north east and new england area of the northeast there are complicating matters as well combine all of that with incredibly low temperatures and you've got really historic freezing area here the mayor of new york city is saying that into friday night into saturday morning with wind chill factors it could get to negative twenty nine degrees celsius here the worst is certainly not over officials are saying that while the major storm has moved out that the temperature celcius now for the gulf of mexico side of the florida
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peninsula that is a really low temperature and these guys because the cold blooded are just being struggling to deal with her this is same thing with the go on as in some of the trees as well people taken inside to warm them up on what showed us with the best of ideas but we are going to general warming taking place over the next few days you see the colors change on the map as a move the forecast through towards monday so good news in that respect but this a price to be paid for that and that price is going to come in the form of some snow another weather system developing over the rockies which is going to be pushing into wards parts of the midwest eventually the mid atlantic. as you run through the weekend so there's what we have at the moment then we start to get this development taking place across the rockies so there's the remnants of our storm grace in a way out in the atlantic but as we head through the next twenty four hours as we get into the middle and to reach in there you start to see the snow developing and i move on twenty four hours into monday and see we're going to see some really heavy snow for and temperatures still really struggling. richard thank you well
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still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour a cartel wars political assassinations and a failing justice system we look at the grim lead up to mexico's twenty eight thousand presidential election. a push against intolerance how a modern art exhibition in indonesia is challenging rising censorship coming up in sport roger federer tries to lead switzerland to a first title in seventeen years. in russia many cuddy's migrant workers and grazing. echoing an increasing need for many a global trend. labor force left to exploitation the. people in power investigate. little caca stand.
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following on the top stories on the al-jazeera news our pastors got into scuffles with police in the occupied west bank as the patriarch of jerusalem from the office of third arrived in bethlehem to hold orthodox christmas mass he's facing protests after accusations of selling off large parts off the church and to is really businesses the us president donald trump has defended his mental stability and level of intelligence on twitter following the release of a book criticizing his ability to lead the country in a pair of tweets he said he was quote like really smart and a very stable genius. the u.n. security council has held a special session on the recent protests in iran with the u.s. accusing to iran of stifling the voices of its people other members including russia and france objected to the meeting insisting the council was not the place to discuss the country's internal affairs. well the german and turkish foreign minister is have agreed to work towards improving recently strained relations ahead
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of his visit to germany the turkish foreign minister met let's tough was so low called for a fresh start the german leaders have been outspoken and their criticism of turkey's crackdown after the twenty sixteen failed coup dominic kane has more from berlin. the watchword for this meeting was agreement the two ministers seeking to stress the areas of policy that governments have which they share particularly regarding the situation in syria and iraq and yemen saying that their interests coincide and they are almost in lockstep with each other regarding the way ahead in those countries they tried to avoid referring to the areas they disagree upon because those areas are considerable particularly in so far as the human rights issue is concerned inside turkey the german government position for some considerable time has been that several of its citizens who have been detained. on the under the guise of political issues well they say that's unacceptable that's
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what they have been saying for some time no reference to unacceptability in this meeting instead the foreign minister of germany's of my god we'll talk about the fact that there has been progress and there is more progress that's needed the point here is the two countries need each other certainly from the german perspective the deal regarding refugees between the e.u. and turkey is something that really needs to succeed from the german perspective likewise from the turkish government's perspective germany represents a very important country also as you've been hearing relations between turkey and germany have been strained over the past two years german politicians have been outspoken critics of turkey's security crackdown that followed a failed coup in twenty sixteen the government arrested tens of thousands of people including teachers judges and german journalists turkey on the other side says german leaders do not understand the trauma that could cause that which some two hundred forty people were killed. turkish officials are now expressing their desire
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to mend fences with germany wanting to improve relations with an important nato ally and one of turkey's biggest trade partners we'll talk about all this with. he's the director of european studies at such a foundation which is a nonprofit research institute he's joining us now from istanbul via skype thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so how far is turkey willing to go in order to mend relations with one of its biggest trading partners i think it's. quite a long time. relations with its neighbors and also. the prime minister to to use it to. friends and enemies so i mean it's one thing to it's one thing to have policy but then it's another thing to take the steps to actually improve relations what have you seen from turkey what has the done to take steps to improve relations or what do you expect it to do
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after this particular meeting with the foreign ministers because there are some real deep seated issues between the two countries not one of which is for example turkey holding a german journalist. i think it. was great because of the election and what countries and we have reached a bottom level already and from that level now we will see an improvement of the relations and bought size i think are willing to rationalize the relations because on by side there were some peers and and also its mission on german side german foreign policy reserve the turkey has become very irrational which was based on some emotions and. fears regarding turkish turkish policies in germany and other issues where as we have seen that turkey had good relations with the united kingdom in the european union and also we had all or we had some problems with the prince but also with france turkey had good relations saw i think now both sides are.
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seeing that there is a need to racialize relations. will take a more pragmatic approach because each other in many areas especially if you think about perkins are all in the european union security in refugee issue and also in combating the terrorism which is when you say turkey needs the e.u. more it is the e.u. need turkey more because ergo i mean it has recently erdogan has recently said that ankara is quote tired after a sluggish you membership process and we know that turkey's relationship with the e.u. has somewhat deteriorated over the past two years. i mean nobody can say which side is dependent on the other side how much i mean it's more like an interdependent if both sides need each other on different levels on different issues and that's why the cutting off relations with the european union or all the
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european union cutting off relations with turkey is not normal since there might be some problems negotiation might be pros and i mean not officially but on the other hand on other areas like the new customs union and the liberal nation there is much . way to go and i think both sides that are now read into early ones comments when he says that turkey is tired of its sluggish e.u. membership what are we to read and you know. i think he's repeating a feeling in turkey i mean it's general mood in turkey if you ask the population that people are tired of this game sixty years of game between european union and turkey and that's what you said and i think there's a lot of fact that many can't other countries who have a lot of economy power has joined the e.u. although the other countries who have more security issues have been given the liberal zation to its citizens from european union but turkey has been eliminated
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by some european union powers and that is a negative effect on both on both sides and now i think that's why there is the that is that approach would be. not only between turkey and germany but also he has signed. an important deal with the runts love yes i did two days ago anywhere that they are there while the meeting with macau at the end is a in paris and we'll leave it there we thank you very much and i say right after speaking to us from istanbul if you get your thoughts. for the latest reports on some of the biggest stories off they hear we take you to a refugee camp in bangladesh it's now home to hundreds of thousands. who fled violence a million mar the u.n. accuses me and my government of textbook ethnic cleansing which it denies trial stratford reports on what the refugees face in the year ahead. with their three children across the border from myanmar into bangladesh the end of
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december they joined the more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled the military crackdown on the region in rakhine state in western myanmar she says her husband was killed as they tried to flee. there not that. we couldn't go anywhere because there was heavy fighting from all directions and my husband was shot dead by security forces there are very few people who still remain here they try to go to the forest and river fishing but the military does not allow them they say you can't go there anymore and you can't harvest the paddies either so people are not able to work the million mom tells us you are not and there is no ranger in our country go to the country where there are already hinges. western governments including the u.s. of called the crackdown on the predominately muslim or hinge or ethnic cleansing but myanmar has denied access to any independent investigation in rakhine state the ranger have suffered in decades of persecution and violence they were stripped of
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their citizenship in what was then burma thirty five years ago the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants from bangladesh and evidence of the brutality they have suffered in recent months is shocking. the charity doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred were killed by the myanmar security forces between the end of august and late september. it says at least seven hundred thirty range of children younger than five years old were among those killed mostly shot dead. doctors without borders also says nearly ten percent of children who died were burned alive in their homes and at least five percent were beaten to death human rights watch and aid organizations working in these camps in neighboring bangladesh say myanmar soldiers gang raped women and young girls the refugees have escaped deaths in myanmar but the struggle to survive
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in the camps goes on the u.n. says seven percent of children here are suffering severe acute malnutrition a condition that will kill if not treated properly. biggest challenge that we face right now is that the fastest growing refugee in the world think about washington d.c. but without health services without medicines without proper access to food we know recent studies that eighty percent of. food assistance. if you know breaks of communicable diseases including measles and diptheria in the camps aid organizations estimate around seventy percent of the world's a contaminated the governments have done the day should we say they will proceed with a voluntary repatriation scheme in the coming weeks. she will never take her children back to myanmar until the government at least recognize them as really. until it guarantees them the same rights and security as citizens of the country they and
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hundreds of thousands of other ranger refuse g.'s. and call. for al-jazeera. well our next story in the series takes a look at the upcoming winter olympics in south korea the games in chang have taken on a political dimension with north korea's willingness to take part but those after the it's will be in for a cold treat the opening ceremony will be held outdoors for the first time since two thousand and six you can see that story here on al-jazeera on sunday. australia as the great barrier reef is once again being threatened by a predator starfish thousands of crown of thorns starfish are understood to be feasting their way through coral during a major outbreak at the southern end of the reef these starfish are native to the area but when numbers explode the results can be devastating authorities are now trying to work out how to control the spread of the predators. nasa says the
4:44 pm
earth's protective ozone layer is recovering scientists say the thirty year a global ban on the use of certain chemicals typically used in aero soul kansas producing some great results and a hawkster has more. finally read good news concerning the environment nasa scientists say ozone depletion is going down using lead is a protective gas in the atmosphere that shields from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun this is the source of the good news and that's the satellite that monitors the hole in the ozone layer which was first detected at the end of the one nine hundred seventy s. that's what we're excited about is that we see for the first time chlorine levels are definitely going down and ozone levels are responding to it manmade chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or c.f.c.'s left chlorine in the atmosphere the destroyed ozone molecules the damage from the ozone layer has been blamed for an
4:45 pm
increase in skin cancers because of the harmful ultraviolet radiation that gets through and this is the effect it has on plants c.f.c.'s were found in products like aerosols pesticide sprays packing materials and refrigerants and they were banned globally in one thousand nine hundred seven nasa has released images that show the change in ozone concentrations since the c.f.c.'s were phased out the montreal protocol has been a great success once the protocol was signed in those the regulations went into effect we saw at the surface levels of both on depleting substances going down but scientists warn that full recovery will take decades because of c.f.c.'s could remain in the atmosphere for another fifty to one hundred years. as there. still ahead on the news hour. i'm stuck on the place that was probably fun to find all those bombs oh that will be killing all of the beatles but that's not all right.
4:46 pm
it's unlikely to travel to the birthplace of the music. and share stage. did not. ask for this time how does it.
4:47 pm
al-jazeera. where and for your. internees is first international modern art museum has opened at a time of rising intolerance the exhibits expose thousands of visitors to works often deemed too controversial stuff and reports from jakarta. indonesia's vibrant art scene has found a new home indonesian contemporary and modern art combined with international works makes up the private collection a quiet over the past twenty five years one of the country's businessmen and is now
4:48 pm
being shown at the march on museum result as an unusual display of thought provoking pieces in a country where censorship has been on the rice like diesel for traits of artists who became victims of an anti communist perch in the one nine hundred sixty s. killing more than one million people still a very sensitive issue today about their instability as a museum we don't have any political opinion but we have to be honest about our history and showed real history of art in indonesia and what happened in the in sixty five is part of our history also linger yoni is back a controversial painting from the one nine hundred ninety s. using hindu male and female symbols of fur to latino against the background of a rabbit script it symbolizes the merging of cultures and beliefs in indonesia when it was first shown conservative groups considered it an insult of islam and send death threats to the artist she was forced to flee the country fast and have what i
4:49 pm
have are i really hope people can now openly discuss the issue of pluralism this is the right moment tensions between the majority and minorities are only increasing because these issues are being politicized to divide and rule we have to reject this momentum we are back and look at the indonesian modern art is increasingly sold at auctions around the world but as yet to receive the same appreciation at home work by in human must reality one of indonesia's best selling modern artists has been sold for one million dollars abroad the much on the sea and not only aims to create awareness for modern art among relations but also wants to bring the nation art to the world to say it has created a rare podium for. local and international artists in a time increasing intolerance and self-censorship something the government so far as failed to provide to make sure visitors from all walks of life can enjoy the art museum decided to sell tickets as cheap as cinema tickets knowing that many
4:50 pm
indonesians spend money to watch movies the strategy is working not all visitors are interested in the art on its own merit the infinity room by japanese artist. has been a big hit on instagram these visitors are queuing just to take a selfie but the museum hopes they will make an effort to see the other works as well step fastened al-jazeera jack after time for the sports news here's peter three a thank you so much big day in the oldest club football competition in the world twenty four games are being played in the third round of the english f.a. cup as lower teams look to upset more highly ranked rivals leicester city have already kicked off against third tier fleetwood town that's the same team from which leicester star striker jamie volley was signed from its low at half time it's just over an hour before english premier league leaders manchester city take on fairly chelsea arsenal and tottenham are also all in action liverpool have already
4:51 pm
booked their spot in the fourth spot a fourth round after eliminating local rivals everson at anfield the home team took the lead from the penalty spot any sigurdsson through level the school for their merseyside rivals but new signing virgil from derek made the perfect day before his new club scoring the winner as it finished two one but today we had to really work a lot and that's what we all what we were asking for before the game that we said we need to be ready for harvest rug and because we want to go to the next round and everybody needs to reach needs to see that. dozens of football fans have been injured in kuwait's after a section of the stadium collapsed after the gulf cup final a month supporters were celebrating their penalty shoot out victory of the united arab emirates when a barrier collapsed sending the fans to the pitch side below and some were taken to hospital but no serious injuries have been reported despite the incident it was
4:52 pm
still a memorable night for oman someone who was at the final in kuwait city. the action started in the stands long the full kickoff in this gold cup final between a mine and u.a.e. more than twenty planes had carried supporters and journalists from the two nations as they packed the sixty thousand capacity all jobber stadium in kuwait this a team event may not resonate globally but in this region it's like a world cup and the omanis were determined to take the trophy home the different game in our mind we came all the way from oman to take the trophy back and there's no doubt that it's coming home in the back a little oh my god we're likely to do it the gold cup is very important for us otherwise we wouldn't be here we're not here as tourists we came here to win the title. on the pitch it was all man that pose the biggest threat but it wasn't until
4:53 pm
the eighty ninth minute when the immoralities were awarded the peltier that it looked as though the two thousand and nine champions were in real danger of losing this final omar abdel-rahman had the chance to seal a third title for his team but omani goalkeeper phase at the sheedy rose to the ok jand saving the penalty and sending the omani fans into a frenzy things got worse for the u.a.e. as the game was heading to extra time and their hopes of clinching the third title started to fade. after a goalless extra time the match went into a dramatic penalty shootout. u.a.e. hero amara abdul rahman had a chance to redeem himself but things turned horribly wrong for the striker. a man held on for a five four win to clinch the second title and send the nation into jubilation the city actually were. about us and our job here on both
4:54 pm
of us to thank god you finally made it i want to thank all our fans who came here to support us and we just couldn't send them home empty handed. i congratulate. our fans in oman and the ones that came here to watch us they deserve this victory . this was shadowed by the tension by the way and now i know that. in two years time right now it's not clear whether the trophy won't be defended with unity and restored and go off on their way. roger federer is excellent form in twenty seventeen appears to have been carried over into twenty eighteen he has helped his country switzerland lift the hopman cup in perth phèdre one he's singles match against germany's alexander's very of the german actually took the first six seven six before the swiss hit back in the next
4:55 pm
two six love and sixty two to save his country want to sponsor overall victory even though but then the bench each lost angele kerber federal would team up with bench each to clinch the title for switzerland it was a first hopman cup win for the swiss since two thousand and one when federer was also part of the winning streak. elsewhere australian in the curious fourth from a set down to overcome griego dimitroff reaching the bruce been international final home favorite kiri also lost the first set six three but he fired a total of nineteen aces to stage a come from. behind victory the twenty two year old winning the next two six six one and six will to advance to the final where he'll face an american ryan harrison . in the n.b.a. the minnesota timberwolves suffered a back to back losses for the first time since november they were beaten by the
4:56 pm
boston celtics on friday meanwhile the philadelphia seventy six ers were victorious against the detroit pistons on friday been simmons and joel embiid gave philadelphia a huge lead in the first half embiid had twenty three points and nine rebounds simmons had nineteen points and nine assists to lead the seventy six was to their fourth straight win one hundred fourteen seventy eight was the final score. australia are in control of the fourth and final ashes cricket test against england in sydney after the third day's play the hosts closed on four hundred seventy nine for four that gives them an overall lead of one hundred thirty three with two days still to play. top scoring for the australians with one hundred seventy one shaun marsh will be eyeing a century on the fourth morning he is on one thousand eight not out playing in the ashes was a dream and winning in ashes was a dream we won scoring hundred yash is always been something that i've always
4:57 pm
wanted done that night it was a really rewarding tie. and having it my family around and she my friends are in the grandstand tonight which is not the time yeah there are vastly more and in cape town india are said to post the meagre total in reply to south africa's first innings school of two hundred eighty six in the first safest arctic tundra has provided the only resistance as he nears a century but india one hundred ninety one for eight. and that's all the sport for me peter thank you for that update and thanks for watching the news hour we're back in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news on al-jazeera see you in a minute.
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it's unlikely for band members to travel to the birthplace of the music they love and share a stage with. but did not. ask for this time how does the. training start slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch the side and this side like this and like that. because. these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously to. go through a. war interjected through the. news has never been more available
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it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is simplistic you have this good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal. and evidence is part of the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera.
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violent protests against the head of the orthodox church in jerusalem as the community marks christmas we'll be live in bethlehem. launching al-jazeera live from i had court.


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