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where every. news has never been. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to go welcome to the news great unprecedented protests against the greek orthodox patriarch overshadow christmas celebrations in bethlehem he's accused of selling to
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israeli business owners an allegation the church has denied we'll have a live report from bethlehem also on the grid the meeting didn't go as planned deference by the u.s. to gone to international support for on thai government protests in iran fire as members of the u.n. security council criticize the americans and reaffirmed support for the ron nuclear agreement with president to you to decide whether to continue with the deal will the u.s. be more isolated and is long said mexico will pay for the border wall but now donald trump is asking the u.s. congress to put aside eighteen billion dollars for the first phase of the project a showdown looms between democrats and republicans over the price and the status of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented migrants some good news about the environment the scientists say the hole in the ozone layer is slowly shrinking after a global ban on certain harmful chemicals thirty year. so ago i made
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a simple connect with us using the house tag it is good. it would then the it would the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us as millions of orthodox christians around the world get ready to celebrate christmas there's been some dramatic and angry scenes in the holy city of bethlehem. the dozens of palestinian demonstrators threw eggs and tried to block the convoy of the greek orthodox church patriarch to feel he is the third was arriving at the church of the nativities man just where for mass is at the center of growing public congress after being accused any israeli media of selling off large parts of church land to israelis this is not the first time palestinians have protested against the head of the greek
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orthodox church let's take a closer look at what this is all about the patriarch is accused of pandering to israeli interests selling off large parts of church land in palestinian territories so israelis the church denies the allegations but a hardline israeli settler group has also been accused of being part of the deal this group has tried to evict palestinians from their homes and shops in the old city including around important holy sites strike the al aqsa mosque compound nearly a quarter of the land in occupied east jerusalem is reported to be owned by the greek orthodox church the issue of land sales is controversial because palestinians see east jerusalem as their future capital let's bring in mohammed john giunta the news great his ally from bethlehem in the occupied west bank a moment how much has the anger toward the patriarch affected the mood and the celebrations there. oh it's affected it greatly fawley i mean these scenes that we saw unfolding earlier in the day they were really unprecedented there have
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been demonstrations as you mentioned before but not to this level when you have the convoy actually being physically attacked eggs being hurled at these cars people. sitting in the middle of the streets and then scuffles breaking out a really underscores just how angry people are here about these reports now we must mention that we have spoken to members of the greek orthodox patriarchate in jerusalem they deny the allegations they say that the patriarch is involved in trying to renegotiate or rectify deals that have happened in the past that are to the detriment of members of their congregation they say clearly to us what is being reported in the israeli media is not correct none the less the protesters that we've spoken with here today they believe those reports and they believe that there is far more damaging information that will come out in the near future as well it's
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placed a huge damper on the mood here there was a boycott of the patriarch arriving to manger square usually he would be ushered in there would be marching bands which we saw accompany the arrival of other patriarchs but not the greek orthodox patriarch not the awful is the third and again it really underscores just how unhappy people are about what they're hearing about these property sales and why many it's been one month since donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital how much effect has that had on the senate race in san. that's also the other big factor contributing to how somber the mood is here today all throughout the day we have been told by the spectators here how shocked they are at how little the turnout has been one man we spoke with he said i've been coming here for decades i've never seen it this empty he told us that in the past the muslims would be out here the
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christians would be out here the courtyard in manger square would be full of children he's not seeing that presence here today look the organizers have done what they could to try to create somewhat of a festive atmosphere throughout the day there are times when it has been lively full of music and full of cheer but this morning up until now the evening it is a very empty manger square outside of the church of the nativity and again just one more thing highlighting the hopelessness that a lot of power has to be and christians are feeling in this time so many of the people we spoke with today say a lot of that comes from the fact that president drum declared jerusalem the capital of israel and they say that just doesn't leave them with a lot of hope right now at a time when they should be feeling peaceful they should be feeling festive and they should be feeling hopeful thank you very much for that mama june we voting there live from bethlehem in the occupied west bank now on to other world news an
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emergency session of the u.n. security council called by the u.s. was supposed to focus on iraq crackdown on anti-government protesters what u.s. ambassador nikki haley got instead was a diplomatic lecture on the proper protocol for convening the council a number of countries including russia china and even longtime ally france criticizing us for calling the meeting and accuse the americans of interfering in iran's internal affairs the russian ambassador went as far as accusing the u.s. of trying to exploit the protests in order to sink the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal taken to. used in the book the blue coat but the real reason for convening today is not to protect human rights or promote the interests of the iranian people but rather a veiled attempt to continue to undermine the iranian nuclear agreement if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer it the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be
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watching what you do suppose you don't know if it is up to the arena and to the iranians to pursue the path of peaceful dialogue a dialogue based on full respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the rain people. well let's get the reaction from iran zain is our correspondent in tehran as a what's been the reaction in iran to what happened at the u.n. on friday do the radiance feel vindicated in any way. overall iran's leaders are no doubt celebrating what they consider. another victory on the diplomatic front against the united states shortly after the u.n. security council met foreign minister zarif tweeted saying that he was glad that the majority of the member countries of the security council rebuffed the u.s. attempt to bully its way to making what is essentially a domestic iranian issue an international one on the security council's agenda he
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also called this another foreign policy blunder for the white house earlier today we also heard from president won his office his chief of staff saying that america's attempt to misuse its power only serves to isolate itself further on the international stage and the thing that is very interesting that both rouhani is office and foreign minister zarif as well as the iranian representative at the u.n. they all mentioned the twenty fifteen nuclear deal they took the opportunity to remind people that the deal still enjoys a majority of international support and the reason that they did that is because they see a deadline coming it will be next week will be ninety days since president trying to certify the deal in october and pass the buck to congress to the u.s. congress to either change the deal or to impose new sanctions and iran has said over and over again any changes to the deal are a red line and that it continues to remind people that it can enrich uranium once again within a matter of days so the nuclear deal is now certainly at the forefront of the minds
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of runyan leaders but nikki haley when she was speaking at the u.n. yesterday zain didn't actually mention the nuclear deal she called this emergency session to focus on the protests that have been going on in iran for the past several days now where do things stand as far as whether it's the anti-government protests or the pro-government protests is this still momentum up people still taking to the streets. well we've seen more progress the rallies today of the government and pro establishment supporters continuing to keep the pressure on the streets to maintain their footprint and in terms of anti-government protests we hear murmurs we hear reports that remain unconfirmed of of small rallies pretty hard more rural areas but again nothing on the size that we've seen last week now there is a law makers will be meeting tomorrow for a closer parliament where they hope to discuss the root causes of these demonstrations that could be security led many lawmakers have said that they feel
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that a foreign intervention was behind these demonstrations as an effort to create instability in the country but lawmakers could also see this is an economic issue many leaders in iran have have sympathized with protesters and say that they have a right to demonstrate because they do experience a great deal of economic hardship but for now pro-government demonstrations certainly have dwindled and. i'm sorry our anti government demonstrations have to end though and pro-government demonstrations do continue but iranian leaders are clear about one thing they realize that with a group the demonstrators are not if they don't address economic issues in the country then a protest like this protests like these could spark up once again zain thank you very much for that zain bazarov is our correspondent in tehran he was joining us live from the iranian capital on the news great as they mentioned there there's a new deadline looming for iran's nuclear deal and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said the white house is looking for ways to state in this landmark iran nuclear deal it was two years ago that during the obama
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administration tehran signed a deal with six world powers to curb its nuclear program in exchange for easing international sanctions but donald trump the mccain campaign against the agreement and came into office vying to kill it he reluctantly certified the deal last year during his first six months and then refused to do it the second time in october leaving it to the congress to decide. citizen says the administration is working with members of the u.s. congress to stay in the deal and that trump is expected to make a decision next week well let's now bring in bonnie to the newsgroup he joins us live from our london news center he's the editor of iran post for the monitor news website and he's also a researcher at the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london thank you very much for being with us. first i want to get your thoughts on what we saw at the security council on friday it almost felt like
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a mini revolt the u.s. criticized not only by. russia and china but also by traditional allies like france what does that say today about the u.s. position on the international stage the american position and how the trumpet ministrations foreign policies you'd. well i mean it's obviously a clear distinction from what we saw under the previous obama administration as you pointed out key european allies are now standing up to the u.s. on something like this so i think if you look at things in terms of an international perspective clearly the u.s. is much more isolated and it gives you an idea of what may be ahead should trump for instance not choose to sign the oncoming sanctions wavers on the other hand if you look at things from a domestic perspective i think things are not that bad for instance of haiti's main audience is the domestic audience if say it's the base of trump what they do so far
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is try to reverse everything that obama has done right obamacare the nuclear deal so if they say that obama in two thousand and nine with the green movement protest didn't do anything he took the wrong step of staying silent the mere fact that they alone managed to hold the session in the u.s. security council regardless of the outcome that in itself is an act against obama so if you look at things through that logic you'll see that it does make sense in some ways for members of the trumpet ministration what do you think nikki haley was hoping to achieve by calling this security council meeting yesterday and is it fair do you think to basically conflate the protests with the iran nuclear deal or are these two issues related or are they separate. i think again the two main objectives were a for the domestic audience to see that the trumpet ministration is not the previous one it's rationed it's very different right up to
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a different total different content and it's policy that's very important to point out i think also they're trying to show that they're willing to go beyond a free. it previously for instance they're only threats about going to u.s. security council taking this kind of action now they're actually doing it so i think that's quite significant to look at if they're willing to go on the upcoming sanctions that if they're willing to go beyond the fray as you say what do you think trump is going to do it later this month is going to have to choose whether to continue to waive the sanctions as a deal stipulates or to pull the u.s. out of the agreement completely rex tillerson seems very optimistic he says they're working on a legislative fix that could enable the u.s. to remain in the deal but do you think his boss would be on board with this i mean they have been known to to basically not be on the same page when it comes in some of these foreign policy issues do you think trump will fix the deal all he'll cancel it. so there course as you point out there's those that want to
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fix the deal and they want to do it out through two different ways one way is to unilaterally change some of the terms of the deal which would be my view basically collapse it because out be a violation of the of the matter of the letter of the j.c. pos others basically i think from the one your perspective right though they want to threaten these measures put it put out the tough talk go beyond the fray as you said earlier and basically say that unless you go along with more pressure on iran over other other matters such as say support for its conduct of its regional policies or alleged support for terrorism or civil you know human rights violations etc unless you put pressure on iran over those things we're not going to go through with the new good ok so i think it's kind of a kind of a game going on here on some levels i think from the one in perspective thank you for speaking to us and sharing your views with us joining is there live from london let's bring in our social media producer andrew chappelle now and you we saw
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pictures earlier of pro government rallies in iran but we're not seeing many of the anti-government protests that we've seen in the last week you know you see a lot of people that are basically scratching their heads they are wondering how the protest movement can go from eighty cities to practically nothing in just a matter of days well there they have continued these protests have continued these pictures are from a demonstration in the capital on thursday night where demonstrators chanted death to the supreme leader yet again but now there's a delay in getting these kinds of pictures out of iran since the government blocked access to certain applications earlier in the week. it was social networks that were killing the fire of the battle it was social networks that said we've protesters were gathering and what slogans they were chanting as you saw with social networks to shut down and limited this edition subsided. now that was a. hardline cleric speaking to thousands of worshippers in teheran on friday and
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he's calling on iran to develop its own social media platforms and even its own internet that cannot be regulated by any outside actors especially the united states but most of the protests weren't being planned or promoted on american services they were being organized telegram which is based in germany it's massively popular in iran with more than forty two million users just to put that into perspective that's more than half of the population now telegram not only has and to and encrypt ssion but also some decent features like self destructing messages so it's it provides greater privacy for its users than products that are owned or operated by twitter or facebook now one popular channel that had one point three million followers was shut down last week after it started calling on its supporters its followers to use violence against police iran so that telecommunications minister mohammed. just for me tweeted directly to the telegram
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founder. of who later blocked that offending channel but then telegram later refused to shut down some other channels of peaceful demonstrators and the government blocked the service nationwide so it's not clear whether the ban is permanent or temporary but the government says that telegram must first remove all so-called terrorist contents meanwhile state broadcaster i r i r i be broadcasted these pictures of iranians hailing the government's ban what service did they use for this telegram certainly some mixed messages there for those unable to watch this video on the islamic republic of iran broadcasting channel on telegram there are of course always other places to go and you can see just how much interest has grown over the past week for filtering and proxy services among iranian users especially since this ban went into into place iran. telegrams to chinese competitor we chat on thursday after four years perhaps to give those forty
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two million iranians somewhere else to go in cyberspace that was more closely monitored now if you use telegram in iran to get in touch with us let us know what effects you think the government ban on the service has had on the protest movements if you can switch on your v.p.n. and tweet me directly on that ownership or disease that is a news group and andrew an interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com on donald trump's current strategy in the middle east in chomsky polacre say from jerusalem to tehran he writes that the u.s. president's controversial recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and his recent support for the protests in iran exposes double standards and he progress see in dealing with foreign policy issues he asks if offers he's unequivocal support to the iranian people and their right to expect them express themselves their human rights why can't he extend the same support to the palestinian people it's a very interesting perspective three it's on our dot com and as always we'd love to
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hear your thoughts on this story and others we're covering on the great today send in your questions and comments on all of our online platforms and a comment here on iran from my mates on facebook who says iranian people you can protest for democracy but don't give any kind of opportunity to other countries to get involved in your internal matter is send in your comments once again isn't the hashtag a great. now to the new ming showdown that could shut down the u.s. government the trumpet ministration is asking for eighteen billion dollars from congress to build a security wall along the border with mexico some congressional democrats have outright rejected the plan saying is a nonstarter both democrats and republicans in congress have been working on a compromise to protect the border and also protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented migrants they have until january nineteenth to reach some kind of deal to keep the government running as they can to the proposal as we've said eighteen billion dollars would be the price for american taxpayers just to build the wall
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but the final amount is expected to add up to thirty three billion dollars that money will cover more than eleven hundred kilometers of border wall along mexico and hiring ten thousand more immigration offices and three hundred federal prosecutors democrats say trump wants to bog in the lives of some seven hundred thousand young immigrants known as dream is who risked being deported to push his budget through we need a physical border wall we're going to have all remember that we're going to have all to keep out deadly drug dealers dangerous traffickers and violent criminal cartels mexico's having a tremendous problem with crime and we want to keep it out of our country lives john hendren in washington d.c. john trump's campaign promise was at the u.s. would build a wall along the border with mexico and that the mexicans would pay for it so why is he asking for eighteen billion dollars from congress. well the simple answer
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fully is that it was an empty promise the mexican government had always insisted it would never pay for such a wall donald trump never articulated any kind of trigger a methodology by which mexico would pay for that and some in his administration suggested that was metaphorical but there would be fees an extra costs ju-ju trade deals with mexico that would essentially require mexico to pay more in trade however that has never materialized so what trump is getting here apparently if congress agrees is the wall he long called for without having to make mexico pay for that democrat but republicans are meeting republican leaders in congress are meeting with the president right now at camp david and they're talking about legislative priorities and this is very high up on that list this is a wall that would cover half the border as you mentioned it would be very expensive
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democrats have an incentive to go along with this and that is because they are worried about the so-called dreamers these are the children of undocumented immigrants who president obama protected through the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that's a program that said essentially. it wasn't your fault that you were brought over the country over the border into this country by your parents therefore you will not be prosecuted we will put you on a list and protect you and not act against you deporting you or prosecuting you will that act was rescinded by president trump and he tossed it to congress and he insists that anything anything that happens in order to help the dreamers any resolution of that problem us to include a border wall this is what he had to say. our position has been clear and very clear from the beginning any legislation on dhaka must secure the border with the wall it must give our immigration offices the resources they need to stop illegal
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immigration and also to stop visa overstays and crucially the legislation must and chain migration it must and the visa lottery so where does this leave the negotiations over those childhood arrivals very far apart right now the republicans and the administration are taking a hard line fully as you mentioned they are insisting on ten thousand new immigration agents three hundred prosecutors and the democrats are concerned that those people will be used perhaps not to round up the dreamers themselves but to round up their family members and deport them so there is not agreement on capitol hill right now as to what will happen to that and that of course puts these dreamers in a difficult position because there are eight hundred thousand of them the right they are on a list to be protected originally put together by the obama administration and now the people they've given that list to have no promise to protect them thank you
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john for that john hendren live for us in washington d.c. let's talk some more about this now to bruce fein who also joins us from washington he's a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general thank you very much for being with us the wall and the status of the dream as a young undocumented migrants are two issues that have somewhat become entangled as a fate of the dream is being used as a bargaining chip by the chump administration. yes it is and that's not unusual i would say there's always efforts to pay certain agreeable and disagreeable elements into a single bill come up something like a compromise and that's ordinarily how politics works certainly in the united states and one of the items that was not mentioned is that mr trump also is demanding that the congress an act a statute that says no federal funds will go to so-called sanctuary cities or states that are not cooperating as closely as he would like with the immigration
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with regard to those who are being released from detention and not going immediately into deportation court so that's another element here if in and looks like there could be progress on that score the sanction surely could be continued past the march date that's not in the law that something that mr trump chose and he could extend it if it looks like some deal is possible but realistically bruce how many of the dream is could they deport and how quickly they're eight hundred thousand of them this would be a huge burden would it be. it would be huge and of course they don't have resources to deport eight hundred thousand dreamers and there's another legal element that comes into the equation it's not at all clear that the information that the dreamers volunteered to the government to establish their right to be legally oh work at work and otherwise could be used to identify and detain and then
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deport the dreamers the government has to satisfy what's known as due process and it smacks a little bit of a bait and switch you ask someone to give you information in order to purportedly help you and then you turn around and use it to deport them that clearly would be a legal issue aside from the fact that you indicate how are you going to find eight hundred thousand. documentaries without this kind of list and we know that given the limited resources immigration has it's ridiculous to think that anybody a small fraction of those given maximum efficiency would ultimately be deported they may live less convenient lives they may lack access to the jobs but deportation is a different matter donald trump's promise to be tough on immigration tell us about the other things he's trying to do when it comes to immigration and how likely is see to walk back on any of these issues if he's faced with song opposition from the
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democrats protests easy going to budge you think on any of these issues. well i think this the answer in my judgment is is yes that he's certainly willing to make concessions in some sense you've got to ask the democrats to whether or not there are those who believe that they should make no compromise with regard to relief for doc members and they shouldn't spend a penny on the wall or do anything that trump said so there's dilemmas politically on both sides of the aisle but you asked what else is the president doing well you've covered before the issue in the united states supreme court attempting to curtail dramatically certainly from these eight countries any refugees or any immigrants that he says who are from nations that can't properly vet those who are coming to the united states he's also dramatically reduce the number of refugees that we would accept annually from hundreds of thousands to fifty or even forty
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thousand and increase the kind of vetting before those refugees could make it into the united states and in all these respects he's trying to send his signal is you know america first it's clearly an effort to appeal to is hard right wing if you will and in some sense it's counterproductive we have documented information that immigrants in general have less crime they're very prosperous and two thirds of our billionaires in silicon valley are immigrants so this is really shooting himself in the foot that we made america great by welcoming immigrants doesn't mean that we don't do screening for criminals and he's kind of turning that on its head and i think in the long run it's going to hurt the administration thank you very much bruce fein for speaking to us bruce was joining us from washington d.c. and a lot of comments on donald trump's border wall one here from to resound facebook who says i'm completely against the border wall between the u.s. and mexico it's a pipe dream an obsession of trom he has no sense that in this state age criminals
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will always find a way to get iran to war in other ways thank you for your comment. and you can keep those comments coming using the hash tag news grade on social media coming up next if you're watching us on facebook environmentalist's here donald trump's decision to expand offshore drilling may have devastating consequences for our oceans and sit ahead of bush again see intolerance how a modern art exhibition in indonesia is challenging wising censorship to states the at. the end. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've got this area of cloud moving through the region but for the society the mediterranean should be generally find sunday seventeen in beirut some showers are developing on
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the southern side of the caspian sea tehran should stay largely dry back you highs of just eight heading on into monday is looking very fine across much of the region coming south was by looking at highs of nineteen and twenty in kuwait city here in johannesburg pleasantly warm twenty four degrees and the breeze to keep the fog pager in the course of sunday some sort temperatures for abu dhabi the threat of wanted to showers in the southern end of the red sea through into monday looking pretty warm make of that thirty two degrees as we head across into southern portions of africa we've got this tropical cyclone aver working its way very very slowly on the east coast i'm out of gas so i think the rainfall totals from this particular system will be accumulations will be in excess of a meter in many places and certainly some severe flooding could result house where we've got a few showers across the coast of mozambique and head on into monday that low is still there still given the heavy rain but elsewhere it should be largely fine
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across the cape town heis here nineteen. on counting the cost of a look at the economic reasons behind the rest in the middle east second largest economy plus new year new rules for european finance but that's not all well ask the chief global economist at u.b.s. what's his dangerous idea counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's still to take two instead of being an obstacle or two. into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts
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of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. with the with. with. with with with with. with with. headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website al jazeera
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dot com at number one the. rest sing eleven princes over economic number two the protests in the iran. government supporters also taking to the streets after a week of the pro-government supporters i should say also taking to the streets after almost a week of on thai government demonstrations at number three what happened at the un security council on friday with russia accusing the u.s. of exploiting the wrong protest to sink the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal old stories and much more on our website al-jazeera dot com. six soldiers have been injured in rakhine state after rebels on the our salvation army attacked their truck with improvised explosives a military crackdown in the region has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to feed to bangladesh since august the un accuses of ethnic cleansing which the government has denied john stratford reports on what the refugees face in the
6:36 pm
year ahead. has begun escaped with her three children across the border from myanmar into bangladesh the end of december they joined the more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled the military crackdown on the region in rakhine state in western myanmar she says her husband was killed as they tried to flee there not that betty we couldn't go anywhere because there was heavy fighting from all directions and my husband was shot dead by security forces there are very few people he still remain here they try to go to the forest and river fishing but the military does not allow them they say you can't go there anymore and you can't harvest the paddies either so people are not able to work the million mom truth tells us you are not and there is no ranger in our country going to the country where there are already hinges. western governments including the u.s.
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of called the crackdown on the predominately muslim or hinge or ethnic cleansing but myanmar has denied access to any independent investigation in rakhine state the ranger have suffered at decades of persecution and violence they were stripped of their citizenship in what was then burma thirty five years ago the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants from bangladesh and evidence of the brutality they have suffered in recent months is shocking food charity doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred were killed by the myanmar security forces between the end of august and late september it says at least seven hundred thirty range of children younger than five years old were among those killed mostly shot dead doctors without borders also says nearly ten percent of children who died were burned alive in their homes. at least five percent with beaten to death human rights watch and aid organizations working in
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these camps in neighboring bangladesh same soldiers gang raped women and young girls the refugees are scapes deaths in myanmar but the struggle to survive in the camps goes on the u.n. says seven percent of children here are suffering severe acute malnutrition a condition that will kill if not treated properly the biggest challenge that we face right now is that this is the fastest growing refugee in the world think about washington d.c. but without health services without medicines without proper access to food we know recent studies that eighty percent of new arrivals need food assistance. if you know breaks of communicable diseases including measles and diptheria in the camps aid organizations estimate around seventy percent of the world's a contaminated the governments of bangladesh in manama say they will proceed with a voluntary repatriation scheme in the coming weeks. says she will never take her
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children back to myanmar until the government at least recognize them as a ranger until it guarantees them the same rights and security as citizens of the country they and hundreds of thousands of other ranger refugees were born in and call. child stratford al-jazeera. and a very good documentary by calling. on the plight of the rohingya in bangladesh doles of made it to the squalid refugee camps there may have escaped with their lives but they now face an uncertain future in one of the world's poorest countries what does the future hold for them in bangladesh watch a documentary by clicking on the documentaries tab at al-jazeera dot com and then on one a one. all right let's now take a look at the day's other news here in our london new center mari. hi there yes we begin with news from saudi arabia where state media is reporting
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that eleven princes have been detained in riyadh and are awaiting trial after staging a protest outside the royal palace of princes as said to be being held in a dettori a high security prison which is in contrast with the dozens of other high profile figures who were detained in a luxury hotel last year during an anti corruption drive are conflicting reports about what sparked the protest it sounds saying it was about the removal of state subsidies while others say it was about the previous round of detentions. the german takesh foreign ministers have agreed to work on improving relations following talks on saturday in germany lateral ties become strained after the arrests of german citizens in turkey and balance criticism of the takesh crackdown following the failed twenty sixteen coup farming is says knowledge that differences remain in place but said they believe they could tackle their issues during dialogue and cooperation dominic kane has the latest. the watchword for this meeting was agreement the two ministers seeking to stress the areas of policy that
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governments have which they share particularly regarding the situation in syria and iraq and yemen saying that their interests coincide and they are almost in lockstep with each other regarding the way ahead in those countries they tried to avoid referring to the areas they disagree upon because those areas are considerable particularly and so far as the human rights issue is concerned inside turkey the german government position for some considerable time has been that several of its citizens who have been detained on on the under the guise of political issues well they say that's unacceptable that's what they have been saying for some time no reference to unacceptability in this meeting instead the foreign minister of germany's ingmar gabriele talked about the fact that there has been progress and there is more progress that's needed the point here is the two countries need each other certainly from the german perspective the deal regarding refugees between the e.u. and turkey is something that really needs to succeed from
6:42 pm
a german perspective likewise from the turkish government's perspective germany represents a very important country. now in other news funerals have been held for four policeman hours after they were killed in a bomb attack in indian administered kashmir it's the latest in a series of bombings by rebels who want to end the israel of the northwestern region which is disputed with pakistan mohammed vall as mall. norma's turned out in the hundreds of this funeral in the northern town of hockey about was was it's the birthplace of one of the four policemen killed early on saturday the blast happened in the nearby town of support in the northern part of the indian administered kashmir security sources say they're opposed to indian rule triggered an improvised explosive device targeting a police patrol. thank god the town is about fifty kilometers northwest of synagogue city some
6:43 pm
a capital of the regional government they say fighters planted the device beneath a shop in a marketplace to target the patrolled the blast or so damaged shops in the area audience who rebuttal to god here we were called to the town today and this was on normal deployment for maintaining law and order these boys were deployed in a small alley in the market and the blast happened in which four of our boys were martyred. to shut down the offices in fighting to was made by rebel leaders to mock the twenty fifth anniversary of an indian security crackdown got killed forty seven people that operation was in response to the killing of an indian soldier by devils local newspaper sedition mohammed one of the main rebel groups opposing the indian rule of kashmir has announced its responsibility for the blasts on saturday the city jim has been witnessing a persones of violence for the last seventy years. because smitty rebels who say you be in a prison the provinces muslim majority have been fighting force of pollution from
6:44 pm
india. who are. part of the. sudan has closed its eastern border with eritrea a week after president tomorrow bashir declared a six month state of emergency in two areas close to the border there are also reports troops have been deployed to the area meanwhile in south sudan clashes have broken out between government troops and rebels close to the capital juba this is the latest violation of a cease fire signed last month which aimed to end for you war. two of robert mugabe's former senior ministers have been released on bail after being charged with corruption criminal abuse of office former foreign affairs minister walter an assembly on the left and former energy minister samuel and bengie appeared in court after being arrested on friday several ministers from a god his government have now been arrested on corruption charges since the ninety three year old was forced to step down as president in november australia's great
6:45 pm
barrier reef as long been under threat from manmade pollution but now the world heritage site is once again being destroyed i want to its natural predators tens of thousands of crown of thorns starfish ecarte eating their way through coral at the southern end of the reef this is the fourth major starfish outbreak since the one nine hundred sixty s. authorities are organizing culling missions to protect the fragile environment. that's it from london for now i'll see in about fifteen minutes let's get right holly marion thank you very much some good news now from nasa satellite data appears to show that the old zone is coming back andrew's here to walk a sort. well it's the first time that the space agency has provided direct proof that a hole in the ozone layer is recovering following a chemical ban after discovering the hole in one thousand eighty five the international community signed what's called the montreal protocol two years later it bans an entire class of an industrial chemicals known as chlorofluorocarbons or
6:46 pm
c.f.c.'s susan straight ahead as an atmospheric scientist with nasa who explains the importance of the accord montreal protocol has been a great success at it banning the production of depleting substances and we know this because we've been measuring those substances at the earth's surface since the one nine hundred eighty s. or even before in some cases so before the montreal protocol ozone depleting substances at the surface were going up rapidly once the protocol was signed in those regulations went into effect we saw at the surface levels of ozone depleting substances going down. see if seas were commonly used an aerosol sprays and air conditioners and would end up in the stratosphere partially because they have a lifespan of up to one hundred years chlorine atoms then go on to destroy ozone molecules but now this satellite data shows that the decline in chlorine coming from c f c's may have reduced ozone depletion at least those in depletion rates by
6:47 pm
twenty percent now the ozone layer is important to protect life on the planet by absorbing potentially harmful radiation which could cause bad things like skin cancer but also damage nature systems so as you can imagine the reaction to this online has been very positive but you still have plenty of people tweeting it with hashtags using the word ozone to debate some of the environmental problems that we face some saying if we have done this for the ozone layer we can also do it for climate change as well while another user sees this as an example of something that can happen good things that can happen when we all come together globally as one and work together well drew here says internationally agreed upon environmental protocols actually work too bad donald trump doesn't think so now greenpeace pushed for some non ozone depleting refrigeration technologies and they said we've stopped harmful pollutants before and nature has healed itself so let's cut carbon emissions now and allow nature to heal itself again but we're not quite there yet
6:48 pm
there is still a long way to go for a complete recovery one of the studies coauthors says we're looking at twenty sixty or maybe twenty eight for the ozone hole to come to heal itself completely international action can lead to outcomes that improve environmental health but do you think similar actions will solve the problem of global warming be sure to share your views using the hash tag agent is good. andrew thank you very much for that still ahead on the great job be here to talk sport as oman a crowned gold cup champions where dozens of football fans were also injured at the game after a section of the same in columbus disfavor that's. the end . unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between a criminal busts just like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominated director we're doing an
6:49 pm
investigation into. ukraine could you pay bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just the presidency council zero investigation was the only girl at this time one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging given any particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people believed to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
6:50 pm
i just had a talk sport and joe football's golf cup has a new champion absolutely it does fully this tournament is the biggest in the middle east the build up was dominated by politics with the whole thing move from council to kuwait because of a blockade on cattle by two of the countries taking part now that was saudi arabia and the united arab emirates botts the gulf cup finished with a flourish with the mon crowned champions for the second time in the history center how many she was in kuwait for the game. the action started in the stands long the full kickoff in this gold cup final between a mine and u.a.e. more than twenty planes had carried supporters and journalists from the two nations as they packed the sixty thousand capacity all jobber stadium in kuwait this
6:51 pm
a team event may not resonate globally but in this region it's like a world cup and the omanis were determined to take the trophy home the. game in their mind we came all the way from oman to take the trophy back and there's no doubt that it's coming home ministry work a little oh my god we're likely to do it because cup is very important for us otherwise we wouldn't be here we're not here as tourists we came here to win the title but on the pitch it was all man that pose the biggest threat but it wasn't until the eighty ninth minute when the immoralities were awarded the penalty that it looked as though the two thousand and nine champions were in real danger of losing this final home our abdurrahman had the chance to seal a third title for his team but omani goalkeeper face at the sheedy rose to be ok jand saving the penalty and sending the omani fans into a frenzy things got worse for the u.a.e.
6:52 pm
as the game was heading to extra time and their hopes of clinching the third title started to fade after a goalless extra time the match went into a dramatic penalty shootout. u.a.e. hero amara had a chance to redeem himself but things turned horribly wrong for the striker. a man held on for five four win to clinch the second title and send the nation into jubilation thanks so much was the to. us and our job now they are both published thank god you finally made it i want to thank all our fans who came here to support us and we just couldn't send them home empty handed. i congratulate . our fans at oman and the ones that came here to watch us they deserve this victory. this was shadowed by the attention by the way and now i
6:53 pm
ask why the cut the judgment in two years' time the right now it's not clear whether the trophy what we defended with unity having been restored on the golf front how much they're on the way. but while some money fans will still be celebrating others are recovering from their injuries after barrier stadium collapsed as the winning team tickets victory lap around forty funds fell to the pitch side as a glass barrier gave way some of them were taken to hospital but kuwait's official news agency says they're in good condition and that the collapse is being investigated while our moms team are getting a parade through the streets of the capsule miska thousands of miles away and all the same the n.f.l.'s cleveland browns is also getting a parade with a twist fans of the browns are celebrating what they call a perfect season or to be more accurate a perfect losing season and save one zero games the last sixteen so far it's
6:54 pm
actually more of a protest as the organizer explains. this is a parade but it's not a celebration of not winning a game all year it's us going out there or trying to have a little bit of fun and then also give a shot across the bow to the front office to the ownership of the cleveland browns and hey we're passionate fan base but what's going on right now that's not our cleveland browns brewer going to pursue us around the stadium one time and that's going to form our zero we really want to change out there are willing to go to such extremes as to throw a parade when a team disappoints us the most and really have to rock bottom plenty more in both those parades coming up throughout the evening here on al-jazeera and you can always tweet me at joke azure osca or use the hash tag a.j. news great i'll be back at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it's over to folly joe thank you very much for that now indonesia's
6:55 pm
first international modern art museum has opened and it features works that some may consider too controversial but local artists say they're needed at a time of rising intolerance set of us and has a story from indonesia's capital jakarta indonesia vibrant art scene has found a new home indonesian contemporary a modern art combined with international works makes up the private collection a quiet over the past twenty five years one of the country's businessmen and is now being shown at the much and museum result is an unusual display of thought provoking pieces in a country where censorship has been on the rice like diesel for traits of the artist who became victims of an anti communist prochoice in the one nine hundred sixty s. killing more than one million people still a very sensitive issue today about the instability as a museum we don't have any political opinion but we have to be honest about our history and showed real history of art in indonesia and what happened in the end in
6:56 pm
sixty five is part of our history also our miami's lingo uni. back a controversial painting from the one nine hundred ninety s. using hindu male and female symbols of fertile ety against the background of script it symbolizes the merging of cultures and beliefs in indonesia when it was first shown conservative groups considered it an insult of islam and send death threats to the artist she was forced to flee the country faster than now but i have after i really hope people can now openly discuss the issue of pluralism this is the right moment tensions between the majority and minority is only increasing because these issues are being politicized to divide and rule we have to reject this at the moment and we are back and look at the indonesian modern art is increasingly sold at auctions around the world but as yet to receive the same appreciation at home work by in human must reality one of indonesia's best selling modern artist has
6:57 pm
been sold for one million dollars abroad the much on will see him not only aims to create awareness for modern art among in the regions but also wants to bring in the nation art to the world to say it has created a rare podium for local and international artists in a time increasing intolerance and self-censorship something the government so far as failed to provide to make sure visitors from all walks of life can enjoy the art museum decided to sell tickets as cheap as cinema tickets knowing that many indonesians spend money to watch movies the strategy is working not all visitors are interested in the art on its own merits the infinity room by japanese artist. has been a big hit on instagram these visitors are queuing just to take a selfie but the museum hopes they will make an effort to see the other works as well step fastened al-jazeera jack after. and that will do it for today's news
6:58 pm
great don't forget would love to hear from you even after hours all the different ways to connect with us right here don't forget to use the hash tag news grade for me to bill and the whole team thank you very much for watching i hope the join us again tomorrow from fifteen hundred g.m.t. right here to be a faulty bye for now. the
6:59 pm
sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several building museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture. this is the architect of.
7:00 pm
the self appointed time. to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring the beauty in to vietnam. space. and to convince developments that his dreams are attainable but changing minds can be as good as altering space a. rebel architect to continue with greening the city at this time on how disease. president trump rejects accusations he's mentally unfit for office describing himself as a stable jane yes. i know i'm mariama rising on and you're watching al jazeera coming.


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