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history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the. resistance over the work of the oppressed people. continue to think that negroes. malcolm x. and martin luther king preached to face at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and i'm a clown this is the news live from london coming up in the program i consider it a work of fiction. president dismisses the book the raises questions over his mental health and describes himself as a stable genius. thousands
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rally in support of iran's government as the foreign minister mocks the u.s. for its emergency meeting at the un. scenes in bethlehem as palestinians protest against the greek orthodox patriarch kucing him of something to his raids. and from florida to new england much of the u.s. east coast is once again dangerous to. continue to become a player as the spanish giants agree a deal with liverpool in one of the most expensive transfers in history. president trump is rejected accusations that he is mentally unfit for office
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describing himself in a tweet as a stable g.d.s. it follows the publication of a book that questions his ability to do his job claims to still view him as a child was meant to be unveiling his key policies for two thousand and eighteen but instead launched an attack on the book's author is john hundred reports now from washington. and i did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do with an article this book clearly has donald trump rattled the suggestion in fire and fury the cabinet members and allies to question trump's intelligence and his fitness for office have gotten under the president's skin the book has driven a wedge between trump and his one time closest adviser steve bennett but i don't know this man i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job as republican leaders met the president to discuss their legislative agenda for twenty eight teen drama began his day with a barrage of morning tweets or he wrote throughout my life my two greatest assets
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have been mental stability and being like really smart and he said that winning the presidency qualifies him is not smart but genius and a very stable genius at that in defending himself against the allegations in this book president trump was knocked off message in it steve bannon says he's lost his stuff media mogul rupert murdoch calls him an idiot and staffers describe him as a semi literate fool but what the republicans who met with trump on saturday wanted to talk about with their plans for twenty eight teen and immigration reform it was candid it donald trump signature campaign promise and we are building a wall on the southern border we need safety we need cameras and i will have mexico pay for that wall it turns out he might have that half right the administration's plan for an immigration overhaul would spend eighteen billion dollars over ten years and add five hundred five kilometers to an existing border with mexico and the u.s. congress would pay for the bill is expected to restore some protection for the
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so-called dreamers children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. by their parents trump recently rescinded an obama era rule protecting them but democrats fear the new immigration funds could be used to deport dreamers who registered for the program or their families they don't have resources. the eight hundred thousand dreamers it's not at all clear that the information that the dreamers volunteered to the government to establish their right to be legally work at work and otherwise could be used to identify and detain and then deport the dreamers but immigration was not the top question trump addressed on sen john hendren zero washington. the government of saudi arabia says that eleven princes have been detained in riyadh after staging a protest the princes of being held in a notorious prison in contrast to dozens of other high profile figures who were detained at a luxury hotel last year during and corruption dr peter shop
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a small. eleven saudi princes were arrested outside the royal palace in riyadh where they'd been protesting about the kingdom's decision to make saudi royal to pay their water and utility bills as part of a wider austerity plan the princes were transferred to the high security prison of a high here and i expected to go on trial beloved usuals fisher they were arrested because they were leading factor there are scores of city school water electricity for some reason they were doing our other reports. back there were presidents off the brits who are sick sick you did you know you were two thousand and sixteen and come to us who are you sure it's very conflicting at this point we don't know exactly what is going on saudi arabia has introduced a string of austerity measures to boost revenues and cut spending as the global
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slump in oil prices led to ballooning budget deficits slapping a five percent sales tax on food clothes electronics water and electricity and raising fuel prices significantly ex patrick workers who also caught up in the price rises but careful not to complain and spend seven hundred sixty eight something away in the city though the five percent the one thing that the six. police that they sell us they're helping so that a bit more than two hundred princes were arrested in november in an anti corruption led by the crown prince mohammed bin solomon which also served to strengthen his power many of the country's richest and most influential princes struck deals for their release while a few remain here at the palatial ritz carlton in riyadh described as the most luxurious prison in the world saudi arabia's oil based economy has taken
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a battering with the fall in oil prices balancing the books will be a long and protracted task that will not prove popular with ordinary people here or at very least ordinary princes peter shop al jazeera. well the saudi king has announced plans to give a monthly allowance to state employees military personnel and pensioners to help offset the impact of these economic reforms for the next year one point one eight million saudis employed by the government will get two hundred sixty seven dollars a month to help with rising living costs nearly one in a quarter million pensioners will receive one hundred thirty three dollars a month and there will be a bonus of more than one thousand three hundred dollars for military personnel involved in the country's ongoing war in yemen then when it comes days after the kingdom doubled petrol prices and introduced a five percent value added tax to a broad range of goods and services a budget plan released last month projected
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a deficit of fifty two billion dollars to twenty eighteen well there i spoke to the saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi and asked him for his assessment of these latest developments. it could be the case i would not rule out what was leaked to a couple of saudi newspapers. because he's also a sign of the nervousness wood and the oil family. of. mohamed bin saddam and reform to restore in. the advantage or the advantage of the royal family the privileges that they've enjoyed . throughout. the history of saudi arabia and as a sort of the citizen i see he is doing the right thing for the nation and for the country. to make the royal family pay for their. utilities bills and to take over their lives ridges in businesses which have sold europeans
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economy so why haven't they said they just a sign of that just want to jump anyway why why would these guys be put into this high security prison where in the previous round of detentions of course they stayed in this five star hotel because there were the five star hotels closing in darwin anyway but those were not brought into jail because of course of action there where. they were taken to jail because this challenge a state that is a different. when we talk of the saudi royal family one might imagine a few dozen people in an extended family but it is way more than that tell us a little bit about the saudi royal family and and how many people are involved in it what we're talking about. ten thousand people belong to the royal family these two groups extended and the. royal highnesses
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who lit hall who could become one of them could become the king of the sons underground sons of the founder of the kingdom. and. their highnesses whole they would never become kings but they're enjoying its dividend and some advantages and the groups who are interested there are not from that if there aren't it's from a cousin family. to the sons of his family. and there are rumors that in riyadh in which and that's what we're hopefully making many royals nervous that mohamed been sort of mine and i think doing that i think if he will do that is going to structure the definitions of royal and limited to the king and his sons and his brothers only i think that would be that i think for
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us to interrupt the moroccan or that your d.n.a. more done rather to hunt another than to have an extended royal family that caused the project a huge amount. thousands more pro-government demonstrators have been rallying in iran in a show of strength more than a week of anti-government protests a government supporters modest in the streets waving iranian flags and chanting slogans against the united states israel and britain iran's government has blamed western nations for i meant to me a list which is seen twenty two people killed more than one thousand the rest of the last ten days iran has accused the us of abusing its power as a permanent member of the un security council offered called an emergency meeting on the protests were iran and russia as he's washington of exploiting the protests to undermine the iran nuclear deal was robbie's entire on and he has the latest. iran's leaders are no doubt celebrating what they'll consider another victory against the united states on the diplomatic front shortly after the u.n.
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security council met to discuss a government protests in iran the foreign minister zarif tweeted out that he was glad that the majority of security council member countries rebuffed america's attempt to misuse its power to bring what is essentially a domestic iranian affair on to the international stage he also called it another foreign policy blunder for the truck white house we also heard from iran's presidency president hassan rouhani as chief of staff in a statement said that the move by the united states at security council was both desperate and further isolated the united states itself on the international stage now as far as the protest themselves are concerned anti-government protests are all but over while pro-government rallies still continue as the government continues to cement its footprint on the streets later on on sunday lawmakers will need to hold a close session of parliament where they will discuss the root causes of the recent unrest many lawmakers see it as foreign espionage that led to these protests and
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blame foreign countries for trying to create instability in iran and other lawmakers sympathize with protesters saying that they have valid concerns and valid grievances since many iranians suffer a great deal of economic hardship now whether they agree with the demonstrators or not lawmakers in iran do realize one thing that if they don't address economic concerns that these protests could happen again to bethlehem now where protests against the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem have ever shadowed all those christmas celebrations and have highlighted a growing sense of hopelessness among palestinian christians have a gem june this report. the protests were unprecedented in a display of anger toward the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem demonstrators attacked the convoy of the office the third as it made its way to bethlehem's manger square in the occupied west bank behind all this recent news reports alleging the patriarch has been involved in property sales to foreign tax havens and those properties may end up in the hands of israeli businesses. protesters
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believe the allegations and say it will make it harder for palestinians to establish their own state but the live now to mount a clear and simple we want the patriarch to resign we want to reform the patriarchate and to sign a legal committee to evaluate the situation representatives of the greek orthodox church of jerusalem deny the allegations and the listener that we did not as they claim to sell our lands to the israeli occupation those are old deals the patriarch wants to rectify clarify because all those old deals are detrimental to the rights of the patriarch and its congregation while this is not the first time the church has been accused of selling some of the numerous properties it owns in jerusalem the outrage now is far greater than it had been before. in manger square despite the marching bands and music a truly festive atmosphere was hard to achieve. the arrival of the patriarch wasn't
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just protested local officials also gave him a cold shoulder when they refused to welcome him to the square another issue overshadowing celebrations this year is the decision by u.s. president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in the month since that decision was made there been numerous protests in the occupied west bank and it's really contributed to a growing sense of hopelessness amongst palestinian christians forty year old george it was sad says he's never witnessed such a song or mood at christmas as a lot of the headline if things remain as is opie pool seek to leave who'd stay here if you see it been so and the city is sad have you. bethlehem like this thousands would usually be here at christmas the muslims would show up even before christians palestinian christians in the west bank are worried their relatively small number will continue to do windell and according to a recent study by the daughter of kenya my university college twenty eight percent of palestinian christians said they'd leave this region if given the chance
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highlighting yet again the growing feeling of despair at a time of year when there is usually at the very least a small semblance of hope mohammed. bethlehem the occupied west bank are still to come here on the odds are news out accuse form outside supermarkets in venezuela as the government orders shops to reduce prices. good news for nasa the hole in the air is getting smaller thanks to the clay will button on c.f.c. chemicals. we have got small coming up to the world's most dominant skin is setting new standards a few weeks out in the winter and. in syria at least seventeen people have been killed by air strikes in the rebel held area of eastern ghouta a tenner attacks were also launched by syrian forces on areas of countryside outside the capital damascus and they have been reports of an increased number of
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asteroids deliberately targeting hospitals in rebel areas in the last ten days or has threatened gordon is an adviser to a coalition of medical charities in syria and told us there are currently more than one hundred twenty children who need urgent medical care in rebel held areas that are under attack. the last. record. tax particular. christmas and new year period we see ten hospitals and. commission in. damascus say in their lives we currently have one hundred twenty five children and four hundred. actions we absolutely need syria is a ceasefire seriously injured troops. of thousands of internally displaced people in syria suffering from worsening weather conditions heavy rain has led to severe flooding in many camps like basic necessities as will cool
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in syria southern province of daraa those displaced by war face a new threat the weather. this is a camp one of the largest in the region. and her grandchildren arrived here after escaping fierce fighting between serious opposition groups and i saw a water logged field is now home if the rain continues and we forced to leave where can they go. when i left without any possessions you can see the rain water around us you can see for yourself how bad conditions are and we did helpless the complex basic infrastructure there are no paper roads no drainage people feel forgotten. this used to be farmland it was unfit for people to settle on in the first place hasn't been supplied with any of the basic services no one
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has lent us or will lend a helping hand none of the relief agencies either serious long civil war has triggered one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern history eleven million syrians have been displaced by fighting the whole population most around six million are internally displaced. it is a bleak existence. parka al-jazeera russia says it's their basic commie mimi in syria has come under attack for the second time in a week the nature of the attack is unclear all those some sources suggest it may have been carried out by drones this a few days after a new year's eve in which two soldiers were killed in a mortar strike the russian defense ministry says that attack was carried out by fighters it is crowd is part of a mobile sabotage group the new york times is reporting that egypt has asked media there to play down opposition to president trump's controversial decision to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem at least phone recordings
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a senior egyptian intelligence officer reportedly told leading t.v. talk show hosts to influence their views to back the decision that's despite egypt's public condemnation the report comes as egypt and saudi arabia have vetoed a call from jordan for an emergency arab summit on jerusalem. we have specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of a palestinian state with your very slim is its capital according to the two in the fourth nine hundred sixty seven borders it just as there was a political decision to recognize devotion is the capital of israel will now work to achieve an international political decision recognizing the palestinian state at the nine hundred sixty seven border. as its capital's thirty led coalition airstrikes have targeted a fruit and vegetable market and gas facility in northern yemen where this is say the strikes killed one person and left three others injured areas under the control of iran backed coup three rebels on friday fired
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a ballistic missile into saudi territory some ten thousand people have died in yemen's civil war. the eastern united states and canada have woken up once again to record low temperatures in the wake of what meteorologists refer to as a cycling temperatures in some parts of fall of as far as minus forty degrees celsius with gusts of more than one hundred ten kilometers per hour dumping hard for me through snow at least eighteen deaths of so far being blamed on the snows domes the national guard has been mobilized to assist with the emergency response. let's take it was speaking to us now from minneapolis the united states is leading meteorologist eric cultists great to see here on the program it's normal at this time of year for winter storms to gather strength very far as that at a pace but what's the difference what exactly is a bum's likely yeah i mean it's
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a technical term that meteorologists have been using for a long time it talks about how quickly the storm has strengthened in this case this particular storm strengthened at the fastest rate in modern records and that's going back to the satellite era for any storm to pass near the east coast and winter so it's pretty remarkable from that standpoint. just how quickly the storm strengthened ok and is this just what we're going to have to expect now is this is this the you know as people say is this the new normal. yeah i mean i would hesitate to use that word or that phrase new normal because we don't really know what it's going to stabilize to be quite honest like this is climate change really this is what we're seeing this is what we expect to happen we are seeing warmer ocean temperatures the ocean temperatures right off the east coast were about four degrees celsius warmer than normal and that helped to increase
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evaporation and strengthen the storm we expect that that process to keep happening and in fact you know become more pronounced in the years to come these are the kind of storms that are going to happen more often and more importantly in combination with sea level rise we're starting to see some really serious impacts repeatedly in the wintertime but is it possible to blame climate change specifically this point in time and this may be part of a of a trend for was things dorms but do we know for sure well i mean it's sort of like you know trying to ask specifically where. well where certain bit of air came from it's sort of it's complicated to talk about individual weather events but in
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general when we have an atmosphere that's fundamentally change we change the composition of the atmosphere that is going to result in different weather at all places in the world at all times and that's just the situation that we're in so i think it's sort of irresponsible to talk about weather without talking about the context of climate change that's just what our reality is now and talking about individual weather events without relating those back to the root causes in this case which is you know warmer ocean waters in addition to all the other things that have caused these kinds of storms for for centuries right so this is that's something where you know we're just this woman is in much worse sure the woman ration is the key thing here as we go northeast as which is what we're seeing on the east coast the tourist the bad we've had hurricanes this year we've had cycling but they will be juiced up if you like by this this warming ocean
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yeah it's just the tilt of the odds to give a that much more of a chance for storms to strengthen more quickly than they otherwise would have so it's all a question of probability and that's why you know you'll find meteorologists that are really hesitant to talk about individual weather events on the other hand i think that it's also irresponsible to never mention climate change or try to divert away from that as part of the process that's going on here briefly if you would what we're talking about what we're seeing now then in these changing times these changes whether this is happening off or one degree increase in temperature since industrial times. we look at trying to keep it within what two and a half to two degrees and preferably one of the half degrees so where are we heading. well well i mean the best guess if you look at all the paris commitments over the last couple of years that have come through around the world we're looking at a three and a half to greece celsius rise by the end of the century that's the pace we're on right now and you know it we're starting to get into territory
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a point it's sort of hard to know exactly how the atmosphere will change with that much warming you know in context going back to lasts. a few hundred thousand years we've only we've only varied by about one degree celsius total on earth and now we're talking about a lot more than that in the span of just one hundred years ok eric we'll have to leave it there fascinating told she appreciates very much thank you eric holder us thanks so much. well long lines of people have formed outside many supermarkets in venezuela are off to the government ordered them to reduce their prices to the levels of a month ago despite the nation's rampant inflation hundreds of people gathered outside one shop in the capital caracas to money get opened its doors so they could buy much needed food and medical supplies of venezuela does not publish an official inflation rate some international estimates put it at more than one thousand
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percent president nicolas maduro blames the economic crisis on an international conspiracy. you know something you're going to write we arrived early but we couldn't use in the prices were matched last night but today the price is a normal the ridiculous prices very elevated compared to the income of venus whalen's well of most business while. we understand supermarket chains have a right to increase prices because it's relative but not in such an exorbitant manner three hundred percent i think there should be a bit of control and if there were some control we could purchase things. still to come on algis or we report from germany where the status of refugees like book nerd and his younger brother could become a key issue in coalition towards. our international museum of modern challenging intolerance and self-censorship. we don't support coming up twenty
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minutes or so much the city given a scare in the f.a. cup joe will have all of saturday's results. hello and welcome back we're going to see some quite snowy weather conditions across parts of beren peninsula over next twenty four hours in a big area of low pressure here which is going to give some disturb weather some really strong winds blowing in across about the eric islands and really for eastern parts of spain some wet weather central areas seen some heavy snow fall in other parts here weather conditions somewhat quieter especially across southeastern areas where it should remain largely draw and fine ten degrees and ankara sixteen in athens northern areas on the chilly side there temperatures around freezing only five in london but still the low pressure center sitting there in the western part of the mediterranean you also have an influence on the other side of the
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mediterranean with some snow over the atlas mountains and some rain for low levels of morocco the same really goes for algeria and eventually to this is that low pressure moves further towards the east over the next forty eight hours more eastern parts on the coast generally dry and fine karo sunshine there and highs in the low twenty's central parts of africa generally looking pretty good all the way from uganda across the r.c. towards kabban but to west africa is dry and fine plenty of sunshine here nice day in across encounter with highs of thirty one further towards the south tropical cyclone even continues to drop some very large amounts of rain on madagascar. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty is that redrew the map of the middle east is america's victory of the israeli army in that war or the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the
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war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations we tried to make. contacts with different countries and it was clear that all this was just two of the rule in june at this time when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what the president say in our country that is not under way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentary and live news on air and online.
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again are a lot of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says a newly released book which calls doubts over his fitness for office is a work of fiction the book by michael wolff questions trump's ability to do his job claims the stuff you him as a child. saudi arabian government says eleven princes have been detained in riyadh off to stage a protest against the kingdom's austerity which is being held in a high security prison in contrast with dozens of other high profile figures who were detained at a luxury hotel last year. thousands more government supporters have taken to the. streets for long straight more than a week of anti-government protests in which twenty two people. police in southern mexico are being investigated after the dismembered bodies of two young men were found outside the beach resort of acapulco state authorities in guerrero
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said the men had been arrested last saturday following a brawl at a christmas fair and police officers were later suspected of murdering at least one other young man has disappeared. but the threat of political violence has caught a shadow over the runup to mexico's presidential election later this year after the murders of six more public officials more than twenty three thousand people were killed in two thousand and seventeen that made it the deadliest year since records began in one thousand nine hundred seven a man will reptile over ports now from mexico city. local politics can be a dangerous business in mexico just ask people thirty year old political hopeful who wants to become mayor of the town of hope in the state of morelos. is new to the political scene but he knows that the risk of harassment extortion and even death at the hands of organized crime is bearing real if they had
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a. they knew i would be lying if i said i wasn't afraid it would also be a lie to say that fear is not in the back of my mind but today were motivated by our goal to make. a better chance. at least six mexican politicians have been killed in recent weeks this includes of old for seven i know gather the mayor of a small town in the state of get little who was murdered on new year's eve. with a national election drawing near political leaders in mexico. worry over these types of attacks against public servants. i think this is a warning by organised crime against the political parties the problem here is impunity and the phenomenon of political violence the more this will continue because there is no punishment. experts say that the rising level of violence in mexico is not only putting the lives of political candidates at risk but could also
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be frightening voters which could damage the democratic process less political participation less third out. because of fear less political you know less people voting. i know about it and is hinders the strength of a democratic system in the i.p.o. now there are over three thousand four hundred elected positions up for grabs in the upcoming elections but it's candidates for local posts who are especially vulnerable targets by organized crime twenty one local public servants were murdered in two thousand and seventeen which was also a record breaking year for homicides in mexico the concern now is over the potential for yet another exceptionally violent year as we approach the two thousand and eighteen general election but up alone i just needa mexico city funerals have been held to four policemen killed in a bomb attack in indian administered kashmir it is the latest in a series of bombings by rebels who want to end india's rule of the northwest region
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which is disputed with pakistan now involves will. norma's ten dollars to the hundreds of this funeral in the northern town of yeah but i think. it's the best place of one of the four policemen killed south of the blast top and in the nearby town of support in the northern part of the indian administered kashmir. security sources say a opposed to india rule triggered an improvised explosive device targeting a police patrol thank you thank god the town's about fifty kilometers northwest of synagogue city some a capital of the regional government they say fighters planted the device beneath a shop in a marketplace to target the patrolled the blast also damaged shops in the area audience who rebuttal to god here we were called to the town today and this was on normal deployment for maintaining law and order these boys were deployed in a small alley in the market and the blast happened in which four of our boys were
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martyred for the shutdown the offices and fed into was made by arab leaders to mock the twenty fifth anniversary of an indian security crackdown what killed forty seven people that operation was a response to the killing of an indian soldier by devils local newspaper say disha mohammed one of them a rebel groups opposing the indian rule of kashmir has announced it's a response ability for the blasts on saturday this city june has been witnessing a persones of violence for the last seventy years kashmiri rebels who say they represent the provincials muslim majority have been fighting for separation from india along. oh i. am the father. the german and turkish foreign ministers have held talks in germany and have agreed to work on improving relations bilateral ties became strained out to the rest of german citizens in turkey and butlins criticism of the turkish crackdown on the
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failed coup in two thousand and sixteen the foreign ministers acknowledged that differences remain but said they believe they can tackle their issues through dialogue and cooperation. while in germany talks are about to resume between the parties that could form a new coalition government off the legacy is inconclusive election one potential sticking point between the christian democrats and the social democrats concerns the refugee crisis and whether relatives of people already in germany can join them in the country from of area is dominic cain. it's time for nine year old michael michael to do his homework and as in many families his big brother is on hand to help in fact twenty two year old math mord is more of a father to michael than an elder brother. because as yazidi refugees these two have been granted asylum in germany but for the past two years their parents and siblings have been stuck in a holding camp for migrants increase when the news of the world view was going up
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germany told them they could come join us here but then a few months ago we were told they could not go the official said you have no documents that prove your brother is related to your parents paid for the papers to compromise and they said they needed to test michael's d.n.a. and now finally they've said that ok your parents can come. but the brothers hopes of a reunion have been dashed twice before and their situation is not unique since twenty sixteen germany has put a temporary hold on reuniting the families of people who are not classed as refugees the bavarian christian social union and go to medical system party in the southern state says while genuine refugees should be allowed in those with subsidiary protection and his claims for asylum are rejected should not we are objecting to the roped off so called subsidiary. except that if
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you choose to bring their family to terminate because to be honest this would. exhaust our capacities what makes this view more interesting is that stefan meyer speaks on this issue not just for his party but also for angle americans christian democrats but this particular point of view is not shared by the social democrats and with coalition talks between the three parties now intensifying in the new year the question is might this issue be a sticking point. because the social democrats believe that where possible families who qualified to be reunited should be allowed to do so the political fight in germany is now about how to bring a government together from parties with such differing vs from mahmoud and michael its how to bring their family back together dominant al-jazeera in bavaria
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and elect a representative for the irish nationalists party in vain has apologized after being accused of mocking victims of a massacre during the northern irish troubles barry michael duffy posted this video on social media of him walking around a shop with a loaf of bread on his head the brand of bread is called king's mill and the on the m.p. uploaded the video on the anniversary of the king's will massacre that's when an irish republican paramilitary group murdered ten protestants civilians in one thousand nine hundred seventy six in the latest look at the biggest stories of two thousand and eighteen we take you to a refugee camp in bangladesh it's now home to hundreds of thousands of ranger who fled the violence in the united nations accuses me and miles government of ethnic cleansing which it denies child stratfor reports on what the refugees might face in the year ahead. with their three children across the border from myanmar into bangladesh the end of december. they joined the more than six hundred
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fifty thousand refugees who fled the military crackdown on the region in rakhine state in western myanmar she says her husband was killed as they tried to flee. but they're not doing that either betty we couldn't go anywhere because there was heavy fighting from all directions and my husband was shot dead by security forces there are very few people he still remain here they try to go to the forest and river fishing but the military does not allow them they say you can't go there anymore and you can't harvest the paddies either so people are not able to work the million mom true tells us you are not surrender and there is no ranger in our country go to the country where there are already hinges. western governments including the u.s. of called the crackdown on the predominately muslim or hinge or ethnic cleansing but myanmar has denied access to any independent investigation in rakhine state the ranger have suffered in decades of persecution and violence they were stripped of
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their citizenship in what was then burma thirty five years ago the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants from bangladesh and evidence of the brutality they have suffered in recent months is shocking the charity doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred were killed by the myanmar security forces between the end of august and late september it says at least seven hundred thirty ranger children younger than five years old were among those killed mostly shot dead. doctors without borders also says nearly ten percent of children who died were burned alive in their homes and at least five percent with beaten to death human rights watch and aid organizations working in these camps in neighboring bangladesh say v.m. our soldiers gang raped women and young girls the refugees have escaped deaths in myanmar but the struggle to survive in the camps goes on the u.n.
12:43 am
says seven percent of children here are suffering severe acute malnutrition a condition that will kill if not treated properly the biggest challenge that we face right now is that the fastest growing refugee in the out think about washington d.c. but without health services without medicines without proper access to food and we recent studies that eighty percent of. food assistance. they feed outbreaks of communicable diseases including measles and diptheria the camps aid organizations estimate around seventy percent of the wells are contaminated the government's a ban the day should be an ma say they will proceed with a voluntary repatriation scheme in the coming weeks. says she will never take her children back to myanmar until the government at least recognise them as a ranger until it guarantees them the same rights and security as citizens of the
12:44 am
country they and hundreds of thousands of other ranger refugees were born in and call. chance stratford al-jazeera. well that is part of our look at the two thousand and eighteen focuses on next month's winter olympics in south korea and the games in pyongyang of taken on a political dimension with north korea's willingness to take part but they'll have to brave the cold will be held outdoors the first time since two thousand and six and you can see that on sunday on outta there. australia's great barrier reef has been under threat from manmade pollution but now the world heritage site is being destroyed by one of its natural predators tens of thousands of crown of thorns starfish carty eating their way through coral at the southern end of the reef it is the fourth of may just starfish outbreaks since the nine hundred sixty s. and authorities have begun culling mission to try and protect the fragile
12:45 am
environment. nasa says the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller thanks to what many scientists claim is the most successful environmental agreements in history research shows that chlorine levels in the stratosphere have rapidly declined off the man made chemicals known as c.f.c.'s were burned over thirty years ago and hopes to as more. finally rev good news concerning the environment nasa scientists say ozone depletion is going down is a lead is the protective gas in the atmosphere that shields from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun this is the source of the good news and that's the satellite that monitors the hole in the ozone layer which is first attacked it at the end of the one nine hundred seventy s. that's what we're excited about is that we see for the first time chlorine levels are definitely going down and ozone levels are responding to it. manmade chemicals
12:46 am
called chlorofluorocarbons or c.f.c.'s left chlorine in the atmosphere the destroyed ozone molecules the damage from the ozone layer has been blamed for an increase in skin cancers because the harmful ultraviolet radiation gets fried and this is the effect it has on plants c.f.c.'s were found in products like aerosols pesticide sprays packing materials and refrigerants and they were banned globally in one thousand nine hundred seven nasa has released images that show the changing ozone concentrations since the c.f.c.'s were phased out the montreal protocol has been a great success once the protocol was signed in those the regulations went into effect we saw at the surface levels of both on depleting substances going down but scientists warn that full recovery will take decades because of c.f.c.'s could remain in the atmosphere for another fifty to one hundred years and a hoax to al-jazeera. indonesia's first international museum has opened in the capital to the toil of rising intolerance and self-censorship it's exposing
12:47 am
thousands of businesses to work that are often deemed too controversial to be exhibited that russian went to take a look. in lesions vibrant art scene has found a new home indonesian contemporary and modern art combined with international works makes up the private collection a quiet over the past twenty five years one of the country's businessmen and is now being shown at the march on museum the result is an unusual display of thought provoking pieces in a country where censorship has been on the rise like diesel for traits of artists who became victims of an anti communist purge in the one nine hundred sixty s. killing more than one million people still a very sensitive issue today about their instinct as a museum we don't have any political opinion but we have to be honest about our history and showed real history of art in indonesia and what happened in the in sixty five is part of our history also. ghione is back
12:48 am
a controversial painting from the one nine hundred ninety s. using hindu male and female symbols of fertile ity against the background of a rabbit script it symbolizes the merging of cultures and beliefs in indonesia when it was first shown conservative groups considered it an insult of islam and sent death threats to the artist she was forced to flee the country fast but i have after i really hope people can now openly discuss the issue of closure as i'm this is the right moment tensions between the majority and minorities are only increasing because these issues are being politicized to divide and rule we have to reject us at the moment and we are going to have the indonesian modern art is increasingly sold at auctions around the world but as yet to receive the same appreciation at home work by in human must reality one of indonesia's best selling modern. artist has been sold for one million dollars a brought the much on will see him not only aims to create awareness for modern art among in the regions but also
12:49 am
wants to bring in the nation art to the world to say it has created a real podium for local and international artists in their time increasing intolerance and self-censorship something the government so far as failed to provide to make sure visitors from own walks of life can enjoy the art museum decided to sell tickets as cheap as cinema tickets knowing that many indonesians spend money to watch movies the strategy is working not all visitors are interested in the art on its own merit the infinity room by japanese artist kusama has been a big hit on instagram these visitors are queuing just to take a selfie but the museum hopes they will make an effort to see the other works as well step fastened al-jazeera jack after so to come here on the odds are news of friends of the n.f.l. is worse cheney told a parade an owner of the perfect season explained in sport. it's
12:50 am
unlikely the band members to travel to the birthplace of the music. and share a stage they. did not. ask for this time how did they. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world the need more and find professionals a top priority is to. find powerful documentary debates
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and discussions. to be critical of all this. is a challenge perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. ok let's get straight on his boat just i mean brando. nick thank you very much will bus line to have agreed one of the most expensive transfers in football history they've signed midfielder philip continue from liverpool in a deal worth one hundred ninety two million dollars the spanish giants released a short video on social media revealing the deal had been done because he knew it
12:52 am
was signed for the rest of the season and five more off but the twenty five year old is the third most expensive player in history behind p.s.g. neymar and. pay and his price tag could be a club record for. what are we ready in time for bositis return to the spanish league on sunday off for the winter break they face live on take looking to extend their lead to nine points at the top of the table real madrid a currently fourth in the standings they are a way to sell to. dig acosta has made a memorable return to spanish football with athletico madrid the twenty nine year old scored against a tough aof to rejoining his former club from chelsea he jumped into the crowd to celebrate but received a second yellow card for doing so and was sent off at ago when the game to no. no stopping munches city they're well ahead of their title rivals in the english premier league race and now they're also history as the fourth round of the f.a.
12:53 am
cup but they have survived a scare so there are scored two goals in the space of ninety three minutes as city came back from a goal down against burnley to win this third round match for one with lee roy sanya and bernardo silva also on the school sheet. the big shock of the day happened at coventry as the fourth test side knocked out premier league team stoke city two one it resulted in the immediate sacking of stokes manager mark hughes elsewhere third to fleetwood town and themselves a replay as they held leicester city so goldstraw and chelsea two will have to reply against knowledge city. now the world's biggest annual off road rally race has got underway improves the forty eighth edition of the rally featuring hundreds of competing calls trucks bikes and quads are in the sunshine as reports from lima . the first hours of
12:54 am
a long journey more than three hundred pilots are on their way in one of the toughest road rallies in the world they will be negotiating huge dunes and rocks high altitude and steep cliffs the one thousand kilometer dakar rally through pay to believe yes and argentina has found its courting competitors along the way yeah man did i say when you travel by road from colombia to accompany your pilots are very happy to be here six of the fourteen stages will be completed in before competitors move into the rally first held from paris to senegal's capital the car in one nine hundred seventy nine has taken place in south america for a decade it's the third time in bed but not everyone here is cheering government spent six million dollars at this event but the competition has many environmentalists worried the better. their audiences along the way. to reach rush hours because the effort to remember the government the first doctor in
12:55 am
peru was a disaster archeological site some jew glimpse in the southern region that on signposts would have been reversible damaged. this time because government has the limited important sites organizers say it will be an eco friendly rally desart is one of the toughest parts of the race statistics say only fifteen percent of the vehicles reach the finish line that is for number greatest hope the thirty four year old took us for a drive for a feel of the terrain the former t.v. news anchor is the first female peruvian pilot she says driving is just part of the competition am i how much. i've driven a lot of this year in june which is the most difficult part i've learned mechanics and also trying my mind because you will lose if you get tired seven years ago she didn't even know how to drive now she says she already feels like a winner when the girls
12:56 am
a lot of the moment i start i would have proven that dreams big dreams can come true for. the rally ends in the city of course in northern argentina but carol says she already crossed the victoria line. just. now the world's most in-form scare has won again just over a month before the start of the winter olympics in chiang mckenna shift fron clinched the giant solid race in slovenia on saturday so thirty ninth world cup victory and that she also means is half way too much in the wind record of her american teammate lindsey vonn who is the most successful female skia of all time at just twenty two schifrin has eleven years on vonn she's undefeated from three races in two thousand and eighteen well shifrin will have an unlikely teammate in chiang aaron jackson only took up speed skating four months ago after dominating inline skating she's a three time roller sports athlete of the year but she surprised so self and
12:57 am
everyone else in milwaukee by qualifying for the olympic five hundred meter race next month she's the first black woman to make the u.s. long track speed skating team fans of the cleveland browns n.f.l. team have held a parade to celebrate what they call a perfect season a perfect season of losing that is the browns lost each of their sixteen games throughout the regular season just the second team in n.f.l. history to do so and despite temperatures minus twelve degrees celsius several thousands of fans gathered at the team stadium in a series of floats including coffin traveled around the ground in the shape of a zero to represent their unwanted achievement if you take it so i've been down here for every game and just a way to say man when you have to go doing wrong it's not that good for players it's you know i would put on earth some guys are put on earth is an embarrassment for us to be at the parade the whole she was an. hour that is all the sport for now back to nick in london. jacksonville you very much they will see you later thanks
12:58 am
for that that is it for the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the day's news. from the.
12:59 am
partnership. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. green or forest baby thirteen years ago dr ching li was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest trying to side reduces stress hormones can relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe a forest in the state of medicine. something very strong someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique. to reveal the unseen
1:00 am
truth about his country's. future the mozambique pleasure to see because did not get the college change of. african photography. lesson. this time now to see. i consider it a work of fiction. president trump dismisses the book the raises questions over his mental health describing himself as a stable genius. and i recall this is a live longer.


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