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someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique. to reveal the truth about his country's. future the muslim people he didn't like to see people did not count changing. african photography. this time on al-jazeera. i consider it a work of fiction. president trump dismisses the book the raises questions over his mental health describing himself as a stable genius. and i recall this is a live from london also coming up. thousands rally in
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support of iran's government as the foreign minister mocks the united states for its emergency meeting at the u.n. . from florida to new england much of the u.s. east coast is once again battling dangerously low temperatures. and good news from the us the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller thanks to the global ban on c.f.c. . so president trump has rejected accusations that he is mentally unfit for office describing himself in a tweet as a stable genius it follows the publication of a book that questions his ability to do his job he claims the stuff you him as a child was a truck was meant to be unveiling his key policies for two thousand and eighteen but instead launched an attack on the book's author john hundred reports from washington. and i did a quick interview with him
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a long time ago having to do with an article this book clearly has donald trump rattled the suggestion in fire and fury that cabinet members and allies to question trump's intelligence and his fitness for office have gotten under the president's skin the book has driven a wedge between trump and his one time closest adviser steve bennett but i don't know this man i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job as republican leaders met the president to discuss their legislative agenda for twenty eight eighteen trump began his day with a barrage of morning tweets he wrote throughout my life my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart and he said that winning the presidency qualifies him is not smart but genius in a very stable genius at that in defending himself against the allegations in this book president trump was knocked off message and it steve bannon says he's lost his stuff media mogul rupert murdoch calls him an idiot and staffers describe him as
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a semi literate four but what the republicans who met with trump on saturday wanted to talk about with their plans for twenty eight teen and immigration reform it was candid it donald trump signature campaign promise and we are building a wall on the southern border we need safety we need cameras and i will have mexico pay for that wall it turns out he might have that half right the administration's plan for an immigration overhaul would spend eighteen billion dollars over ten years and add five hundred five kilometers to an existing border wall with mexico and the u.s. congress would pay for the bill is expected to restore some protection for the so-called dreamers children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. by their parents trump recently rescinded an obama era rule protecting them but democrats fear the new immigration funds could be used to deport dreamers who registered for the program or their families they don't have resources. deport
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eight hundred thousand dreamers and it's not at all clear that the information at the dreamer's volunteered to the government to establish their right to be legally work at work and otherwise could be used to identify and detain and then deport the dreamers but immigration was not the top question trump addressed on saturday john hendren al-jazeera washington the government of saudi arabia says eleven princes have been detained in riyadh to staging a protest the princes of being held in a tory is prison in contrast to dozens of other high profile figures he would detained in a luxury hotel last year during an to corruption drive people show his will. to live in saudi princes were arrested outside the royal palace in riyadh where they've been protesting about the kingdom's decision to make saudi royals to pay their water and utility bills as part of a wider austerity plan. the princes were transferred to the high security prison of
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a high here and i expected to go on trial beloved. oficial they were arrested because they were completely back after they had asked for subsidies or water electricity for some reason they were denied all the reports. back they were presidents off the brits who were state security you know who were two thousand and sixteen come to us who are you sure it's very conflicting at this point we don't know exactly what is going on saudi arabia has introduced a string of austerity measures to boost revenues and cut spending as the global slump in oil prices led to ballooning budget deficits slapping a five percent sales tax on food clothes electronics water and electricity and raising fuel prices significantly ex patrick workers who also caught up in the price rises but careful not to complain and spend seven hundred sixty eight
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something. in the city no they shouldn't buy percent of them on think that this is the. police but they also must. have been so that a bit more than two hundred princes were arrested in november in an anti corruption purge led by the crown prince mohammed bin solomon which also served to strengthen his power many of the country's richest and most influential princes struck deals for their release while a few remain here at the palatial ritz carlton in riyadh described as the most luxurious prison in the world saudi arabia's oil based economy has taken a battering with the fall in oil prices balancing the books will be a long and protracted task that will not prove popular with ordinary people here or at very least ordinary princes peter shop al jazeera. when i respect the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi who says these princes and not members of the royal
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families in this. we're talking about. ten thousand people whole belong to the royal family they still groups extended. their royal highnesses a whole lit whole whole could become one of them could become a king of the sons underground sons of the founder of the kingdom. and. their highnesses whole they would never become kings but they enjoy a student's and some advantages and the groups who are interested they're not from that if it's out and it's. from a cousin family to the sons of family. and then a rumor that in riyadh and which and that's what we're hopefully making many royals
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nervous that mohamed been sort of mine and i think doing that i think if he will do that is going to destruction the definitions of royal and limited to the king and his sons and his brothers only thousands more pro-government demonstrators to be running in iran in a show of strength after more than a week of anti-government protests government supporters marched in the streets waving iranian flags and chanting slogans against u.s. israel britain iran's government has blamed western nations for fame mentoring the unrest which is seen twenty two people killed and more than a fountain the rest of the last days iran has accused the u.s. of abusing his power as a permanent member of the u.n. security council called to the much as he meets on protests a russia has also accused washington of exploiting the protests to undermine the iran nuclear deal zain but ravi is interim and has the latest. iran's leaders are no doubt celebrating what they'll consider another victory against the united states on the diplomatic front shortly after the u.n.
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security council met to discuss a government protests in iran the foreign minister jawad zarif tweeted out that he was glad that the majority of security council member countries rebuffed america's attempt to misuse its power to bring what is essentially a domestic iranian affair on to the international stage he also called it another foreign policy blunder for the trump white house we also heard from iran's presidency president hassan rouhani as chief of staff in a statement said that the move by the united states at security council was both desperate and further isolated the united states itself on the international stage now as far as the protest themselves are concerned anti-government protests are all but over while pro-government rallies still continue as the government continues to cement its footprint on the streets later on on sunday lawmakers will meet to hold a close session of parliament where they will discuss the root causes of the recent unrest many lawmakers see it as for in that lead to these protests and blame
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foreign countries for trying to create instability in iran and other lawmakers sympathize with protesters saying that they have valid concerns and valid grievances since many iranians suffer a great deal of economic hardship now whether they agree with the demonstrators or not lawmakers in iran do realize one thing that if they don't address economic concerns that these protests could happen again in bethlehem protests against the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem herve was shadowed all the docs christmas celebrations and that highlighted a growing sense of hopelessness among palestinian christians and i would jump june has this report. the protests were unprecedented in a display of anger toward the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem demonstrators attacked the convoy of the office the third as it made its way to bethlehem's manger square in the occupied west bank behind all this recent news reports alleging the patriarch has been involved in property sales to foreign tax havens
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and those properties may end up in the hands of israeli businesses. protesters believe the allegations and say it will make it harder for palestinians to establish their own state but the live now to mount a clear and simple we want the patriarch to resign we want to reform the patriarchate and to sign a legal committee to evaluate the situation representatives of the greek orthodox church of jerusalem deny the allegations and the handle of the snow if we did not as they claim to sell our lands to the israeli occupation those are old deals the patriarch wants to rectify clarify because all those old deals are detrimental to the rights of the patriarch eight and its congregation while this is not the first time the church has been accused of selling some of the numerous properties it owns in jerusalem the outrage now is far greater than it had been before. in manger square despite the marching bands and music a truly festive atmosphere was hard to achieve. the arrival of the patriarch wasn't
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just protested local officials also gave him a cold shoulder when they refused to welcome him to the square another issue overshadowing celebrations this year is the decision by u.s. president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in the months since that decision was made there but numerous protests in the occupied west bank and it's really contributed to a growing sense of hopelessness amongst palestinian christians forty year old george was sad to says he's never witnessed such a song or mood at christmas is the level of the headline if things remain as is opie pool seek to leave who'd stay here if you see it been so and the city is sad have you. bethlehem like this thousands would usually be here at christmas the muslims that would show up even before christians palestinian christians in the west bank are worried their relatively small number will continue to do windell and according to a recent study by the daughter of columbia university college twenty eight percent of palestinian christians said they'd leave this region if given the chance
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highlighting yet again the growing feeling of despair at a time of year when there is usually at the very least a small semblance of hope mohamed atta bethlehem the occupied west bank. still to come here at al-jazeera. the most violent year in mexico's history the murders the six politicians lead to fears for the upcoming elections. and queues form outside supermarkets in venezuela and the government ordered shops to reduce prices. welcome back it really is summer across parts of australia the moments of very high temperatures being recorded across southeastern arizona data a very warm one in sydney during sunday temperatures pushing the forty degree mark
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looking more unsettled up across the gulf of carpentaria into the top and there darwin seen some heavy showers out across western australia looking pretty warm there for perth at twenty seven degrees through into monday not a great deal of change here the showers continue across northern areas but it will cool off for sydney thirty degrees but still pretty pleasant i would have thought across towards new zealand and here we've lost the area of low pressure which will give us very disturbed weather in fact for both on as chilly weather conditions during sunday are looking all that bad as they head on into monday we might see a few showers on the western side of the south on it but it should be a fine day in oakland with temperatures of twenty three degrees heading up into northeastern parts of asia here we've got still fairly cool conditions certainly across the colorado temperatures struggling to even reach freezing there in sapporo across the rest of japan is not looking too bad actually should be a result day in tokyo highs and nine drawing bright enough and then across the korean peninsula fairly chilly beijing struggling with temperatures of just two degrees moving through into monday we will see some rain develop across southern parts of japan further north still staying dry highs of twelve expected in tokyo.
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when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven that barriers are built to impose division and it's not to sixteen's instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera.
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i get a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and u.s. president donald trump has dismissed the newly released book which cost doubts over his fitness for office as a work of fiction and the book why michael wolff questions trump's ability to do his job claims the stuff you him as a child. the saudi arabian government says eleven princes have been detained in riyadh off to staging a protest against the kingdom started by just being held in a high security prison in contrast with dozens of other high profile figures who were detained in luxury who'd lost. thousands more government supporters of the rally don't need the streets all the iran in a show of strength all to more than a week a bunch of government protests in which twenty two people were killed. seventeen people have been killed by a strikes in the rebel held area. to reattack so also launched by syrian forces when areas of countryside outside the capital damascus and they have been reports
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of an increased number of air strikes deliberately targeting hospitals in rebel areas in the last ten days has to britain gordon is an advisor to a coalition of medical charities in syria and told us there are currently more than one hundred twenty children who need medical care and rebel held areas that are under attack the last ten days it's been horrific. attacks particularly christmas and new year period we see ten hospitals attacked and put out of commission in. damascus but it will save lives we currently have one hundred twenty five children and four hundred i. suppose. is a ceasefire so the seriously injured. are russia says it coming in syria has come under attack for the second time in a week the nature of the attack is unclear although some sources suggest it may
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have been carried out by drones this a few days after a new year's eve attack in which two soldiers were killed in a mortar strike the russian defense ministry says that was carried out by fighters it described as part of a mobile sabotage group cited led coalition airstrikes have talked at a fruit and vegetable market and gas facility in northern yemen witnesses say the strike killed one person left three others injured area is under the control of iran backed rebels one friday fired a ballistic missile into saudi territory some ten thousand people have died in the yemen civil war. police in southern mexico are being investigated after the dismembered bodies of two young men were found outside the beach resort of acapulco state authorities in guerrero said the men had been arrested last saturday following a brawl at a christmas fair and police officers were later suspected of murdering them at least one other young man has disappeared more than twenty three thousand people
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were killed in mexico in twenty seventeen making it the deadliest year since records began in one thousand nine hundred seven and the threat of political violence is casting a shadow over the run up to mexico's presidential election later this year after the murders of six public officials and or palo reports now from mexico city. local politics can be a dangerous business in mexico just ask people thirty year old political hopeful who wants to become mayor of the town of hope in the state of morelos. beetle is new to the political scene but he knows that the risk of harassment extortion and even death at the hands of organized crime is very real if they had a good they knew i would be lying if i said i wasn't afraid it would also be a lie to say that fear is not in the back of my mind but today were motivated by our goal to make
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a better place. at least six mexican politicians have been killed in recent weeks this includes of all four seven i know gather the mayor of a small town in the state of get little who was murdered on new year's eve. with a national election drawing near political leaders in mexico like. worry over these types of attacks against public servants. i think this is a warning by organised crime against the political parties the problem here is impunity and the phenomenon of political violence the more this will continue because there is no punishment. experts say that the rising level of violence in mexico is not only putting the lives of political candidates at risk but could also be frightening voters which could damage the democratic process less political participation less third out. because of fear less political you know less people voting. i know about it and is hinders the strength of
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a democratic system in the i.p.o. now there are over three thousand four hundred elected positions up for grabs in the upcoming elections but it's candidates for local posts who are especially vulnerable targets by organized crime twenty one local public servants were murdered in two thousand and seventeen which was also a record breaking year for homicides in mexico the concern now is over the potential for yet another exceptionally violent year as we approach the two thousand and eighteen general election but up alone i'll just read a mexico city. funerals have been held for four policemen killed in a bomb attack in indian administered kashmir it is the latest in a series of bombings by rebels who want to end india's rule of the north western region which is disputed with pakistan now involved as well. norma's ten dollars to the hundreds of this funeral in the northern town of yeah but i think.
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it's the best place of one of the four policemen killed south of the blast top and in the nearby town of support in the northern part of the indian administered kashmir. security sources say it had been opposed to indian rule to good an improvised explosive device targeting a police patrol. the town is about fifty kilometers northwest of synagogue city some a capital of that age and the government they say fighters planted the device beneath a shop in a marketplace to target the patrolled the blast also damaged shops in the area eunice will good rebuttal to god here we were called to the town today and this was on normal deployment for maintaining law and order these boys were deployed in a small alley in the market and the blast happened in which four of our boys were martyred. to shut down the offices and fed into was made by rebel leaders to mock the twenty fifth anniversary of an indian security crackdown not killed forty seven people that operation was
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a response to the killing of an indian soldier by devils local newspaper say disha mohammed one of the main rebel groups opposing the indian rule of kashmir has announced it's a sponsibility for the blasts on saturday the city jim has been witnessing at the soda violence for the last seventy years kashmiri rebels who say they represent the provinces muslim majority have been fighting for separation from india. why. didn't the fight. the german in turkish foreign ministers have held talks in germany and have agreed to work on improving relations bilateral ties became strained after the a rest of german citizens in turkey and berlin is criticism of the turkish crackdown of the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen the foreign minister is the knowledge that differences remain but said they believe they can tackle their issues through dialogue and through cooperation and
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visit of the childish nation i in fact i believe we have the responsibility to find a way to get along judy our historical legacy and the wishes of our citizens we must not for. got that we've both made it our business to do everything we can to overcome the difficulties there have been and german tarkus relations and to find more common ground in the future by remembering everything that binds us together. good to us we have a difference of opinion on certain subjects we have some problems in fact there was an escalation there was tension but as to foreign ministers we believe we can overcome this through dialogue we believe we can better improve our relations three mutual understanding and sincere cooperation well there's been some shocking weather is the united eastern united states and canada woken up once again to record low temperatures in the wake of what meteorologists refer to as a bomb site claimed temperatures in some parts of fallen as far as minus forty degrees celsius with gusts of more than one hundred ten kilometers per hour which
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has been dumping half a meter of snow at least eighteen deaths have so far been blamed on the snowstorms well you know i spoke to eric holder who's a leading meteorologist in the united states and he says the storm does have a clear link to climate change. in this case this particular storm strengthened at the fastest rate in modern records and that's going back to the satellite era for any storm to pass near the east coast in winter so it's pretty remarkable from that standpoint. just how quickly the storm is strengthened this is climate change really this is what we're seeing this is what we expect to happen we are seeing warmer ocean temperatures temperatures right off the east coast were about four degrees celsius warmer than normal and that helps to increase evaporation and strengthen the storm we expect
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that that process to keep happening is in fact you know become more pronounced in the years to come these are the kind of storms that are going to happen more often and more importantly in combination with sea level rise we're starting to see some really serious impacts repeatedly in the winter time election officials in honduras have rejected an appeal by the opposition to a null the results of november's presidential election a president of one orlando one and it was declared the winner of the narrowly defeated opposition kind of salvador misrata election officials say there was enough evidence to support claims of voter fraud dozens of people died in violence following. well long lines of people have formed outside many supermarkets in venezuela so the government ordered them to reduce their prices to the levels of a month ago despite the nation's rampant inflation hundreds of people gathered
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outside one shop in the capital of caracas demanding it opened its doors so they could buy much needed food and medical supplies venezuela does not publish an official inflation rate and some international estimates put it at more than one thousand percent president nicolas maduro blames the economic crisis on an international conspiracy. you know something is going right we arrived in early but we couldn't get in the prices were much lower last night but today the price is the normal there are ridiculous prices very elevated compared to the income of been a swale and well of most been a silence. we understand supermarket chains have a right to increase prices because it's relative but not in such an exorbitant manner three hundred percent i think there should be a bit of control and if there were some control we could purchase things. it australia the great barrier reef is long been under threat from manmade pollution but now the world heritage site is being destroyed by one of its natural predators
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tens of thousands of chroma foreign starfish currently eating their way through the coral the southern end of the reef and so forth may just starfish rates and one hundred sixty s. that authorities have begun culling missions to protect the fragile environment now says the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller thanks to what many sciences claim is the most successful environmental agreements in history research shows chlorine levels in the stratosphere rapidly declined off the manmade chemicals known as c.f.c.'s were banned over thirty years ago i don't as will. finally read good news concerning the environment nasa scientists say ozone depletion is going down as a lead is a protective gas in the atmosphere that shields from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun this is the source of the good news and that's the satellite that monitors the hole in the ozone layer which is first detected at the end of the one nine
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hundred seventy s. that's what we're excited about is that we see for the first time chlorine levels are definitely going down and ozone levels are responding to it. manmade chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or c.f.c.'s left chlorine in the atmosphere the destroyed ozone molecules the damage from the ozone layer has been blamed for an increase in skin cancers because the harmful ultraviolet radiation gets through and this is the effect it has on plants c.f.c.'s were found in products like aerosols pesticide sprays packing materials amber fridge or arms and they were banned globally in one thousand nine hundred seven nasa has released images that show the changing ozone concentrations since the c.f.c.'s were phased out the montreal protocol has been a great success once the protocol was signed in those regulations went into effect we saw at the surface levels of ozone depleting substances going down but scientists warn that full recovery will take decades because of c.f.c.'s could
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remain in the atmosphere for another fifty to one hundred years. as they're the northeastern chinese city of hama but it is one of the coldest in the world but for a month every year it becomes an unlikely magnet for outdoor swimmers these brave well you might say masochistic swimmers are racing in temperatures forecast to drop as low as minus twenty degrees celsius and more than six hundred contestants are taking part in the competitions which are part of hopkins annual january ice festival the majority of middle aged or even elderly chinese who believe that the frozen plunge can bring health but. one of the top stories here on al-jazeera and donald trump says a newly released book which calls doubt over his fitness for office is a work of fiction. the president has described fire and fury inside the trump white house is full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist but questions
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his ability to do his job and claims his stuff you him as a child trump says he is in fact a stable genius i went to the best colleges for college i went to i had a situation where as a very excellent student came out and made billions and billions of dollars became one of the top business people went to television for ten years was a tremendous success as you probably have heard ran for president one time and one and then i hear this guy that does not know me doesn't know me at all by the way did not interview me for three city interviewed me for three hours in the white house it didn't exist ok it's and his imagination. the saudi saudis say that they've detained eleven princes who staged a protest outside the role palace in riyadh and they're reportedly being held in a notorious high security prison in contrast with dozens of other high profile
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figures who were detained in a luxury hotel last year during the corruption drive and said to have been protesting against the kingdom's latest all stare a the measure has thousands more pro-government demonstrators have been rallying in iran in a show of strength to more than a week of anti-government protests the government supporters marched through the streets waving iranian flags and chanting anti western slogans runs government has accused western nations of fomenting the unrest which is seen twenty two people killed and more than a thousand arrested in the last ten days there have been scuffles in the occupied west bank as the patriarch of jerusalem arrived at its manger square in bethlehem for all that it's christmas mass the file that's the third has been at the center of growing public anger after being accused of selling off the house ways of church law and to israeli private businesses. or are you up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera got more news coming up right off the wall of shame explores the
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spanish yet which is coming up next here on out by philip. witnessed documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. twenty sixteen was the deadliest year on record for migrants and refugees attempting to get into europe. over five thousand people died between libya and italy or turkey and greece. the following film was first broadcast in two thousand and seven well before today's conflicts in the middle east. then many european migrants were using another less.


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