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let let. let let let. let. let. luck. thirty two same is missing after an oil tanker collides with a congo ship in the east china sea. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead the man
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accused of masterminding the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks leaves the protests in pakistan as the government is under pressure from the u.s. to crack down on terrorist organizations last at least seventeen people were killed by government and strikes in syria's eastern ghouta area and a model sports toughest challenge the nine thousand kilometer to colorado gets underway in peru. and oil tanker has caught fire in thirty two crew are missing after a collision with a kaga ship off the coast of china it happened off shanghai where the young sea river meets the east china sea says she looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh who work for a leading even in shipping company rescue a save the twenty one crew on the other ship involved in ages from rob a bride who joins us from beijing rob what what's the latest on the search for
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those missing say it is. well the priority for the years very much for the well being of those sailors they are still missing unaccounted for this is an iranian tanker most of the crew thirty to be precise are rainy and with two other bangladeshi seafarers as you mentioned there the crew of the other vessel twenty one crew members we are told all chinese nationals they have been rescued they have been accounted for this collision happened three hundred kilometers nearly three hundred kilometers out in the east china sea off the eastern coast of china at around eight pm saturday beijing time we don't know the cause of the collision but it seems as though the vessels were heading in opposite directions the senshi the tanker was heading north with its with its oil to south korea meanwhile the bulk carrier was carrying grain that was seemed to have been heading south to the southern coast of china when this collision occurred the big concern is also the
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fire on board it was still blazing twelve hours after the collision it's not known at this hour just whether that fire is under control or indeed if the vessel itself is under the control of the crew that is of major concern around eight vessels have been sent by the maritime authority in china to the site of this incident and given the proximity to south korea they are being helped by a south korean coast guard a vessel and an aircraft from south korea yet the picture is pretty dramatic drop a hundred thirty six thousand tons of who's on board the oil tanker how much concern is saying about the environment has there been an oil spill. there is talk of an oil slick and it's not known at this time just how much oil has escaped into the seas but obviously one hundred thirty six thousand tons the potential is for
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a very large slick we know that some of the vessels that have been sent to the scene are specialized in cleaning up typically what happens in an incident like this involving oil is some of the vessels will have on board specialized equipment chemicals detergents to try to break up any oil also things boating booms to try to contain the oil slick and then try to scoop up as much as possible that a lot of this is weather dependent and we are getting reports that as we get into the to the sun certain hours of darkness out in the east china sea again where the conditions are deteriorating heaviest seas and winds and of course the east china sea is shared by not only china but also south korea and japan so there will be a lot of concern just about the size of a potential slick and the direction that that might be heading in all three of these countries rob thank you very much for that rob mcbride reporting there live from beijing. to pakistan now where several groups which are facing pressure from
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the government to holding a demonstration in the northwest in sea off the shower. of the organisation that by the two thousand and eight by attack suspect toppy saeed my son has recently blocked donations to the two groups named in a u.n. security council sanctions may see u.s. has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars of security aid to pakistan accusing it of being a safe haven for terrorists. in the shower for us he joins us now live so come on several groups taking part in this rally who are they and what are they protesting for or against. what you're going to religious bodies. including the job market go ahead. they kick started a campaign against a unilateral move by the americans to move that embassy to jerusalem by ordering a very large rally in the city of rawalpindi after which they announced that they
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will be holding rally across the country today at the rally. those are going to be addressing the rally but other needs from the religious bargain also be talking at the away command how much has the u.s. decision to suspend military aid to pakistan put pressure on the government and will we see them now more inclined perhaps to take further action against organizations like tomato down. and sort of all the government is denying that they're doing this because of pressure from the united states and the. hell fresh challenge the banning of their organization by sending a legal notice to the defense minister or the pakistani the thing that the americans are using pakistan as a whipping boy using it as the scapegoat for their failure that no one is down
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there to pakistan has lost over seventy thousand people over one hundred billion dollars in losses and that the american have not been able to contain or die from gaining strength in afghanistan go after i mean what the pakistanis are tangle of nato and the united states have failed to do anything about the vanished and then putting the blame on budget on not justifiable at all after all pakistan a jiffy board called it just thirty billion dollars it should not be forgotten that the americans have spent close to a trillion dollars in afghanistan and after sixteen years of welfare and out country have nothing to show for today thank you very much for that. reporting there live from bashar in pakistan. jordan says the arab league will seek international recognition of a palestinian state after donald trump's decision on jerusalem some members of the
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organization have met in amman have been protests in jordan not to the u.s. president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. our goal is to overturn the american decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and to assert that it has no legal effect. we have specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital according to the june the fourth nine hundred sixty seven borders. meanwhile the new york times is reporting that egypt has asked media in egypt to pay down opposition to president trump's decision on jerusalem in leagues phone recordings a senior intelligence officer reportedly told leading t.v. talk show host to influence in the us to back the decision despite the condemnation the newspaper coded captain coldly asking hosts how is jerusalem different from ramallah which is the current base of the palestinian authority in the occupied west bank the officer was quoted telling the talk show hosts and intifada would not
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serve egypt's national security interests and could revive hamas harby is director of research and analysis at the arab center in washington he says this seems to be a disconnect between the palestinian cause and what he does want. generally speaking that abode has been quiet and actually it has been quiet but a long long time everybody knew and everybody knows what the israeli government has been up to for for decades right now so you know that this is not to be a new thing donald trump just simply made sure that this decision was taken but he must have read the thought that it's a good step and arab regimes would probably support that it's a problem and that got us in as would have to have to do something about it which is always be a problem the arab street is not necessarily with the arab rulers on this issue
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a lot of street still believe that the palestine issue is the central issue and jerusalem is the most sensitive of that's an issue. that was definitely i think the same way it's a problem that is a basically a bifurcated position you know between the peoples of the arab and muslim worlds and the leaders of the arab and muslim world and. the best in an equation itself has to also. come to terms with the with the with the problem with the arab and muslim worlds and the palestinians themselves have to be take up the mantle for their own. cause. in syria at least seventeen people have been killed in the latest government as try since shelling a vessel how suburbs of damascus activists say at least in ghouta is being bombarded almost every day about four hundred thousand b.c. cherie and her son to be chop same hamish to brighton gordon is an adviser to a coalition of medical charities working in syria he says at least one hundred
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twenty children in eastern guta urgently needed medical treatment. the last. record. tax particular. christmas and new year period we see ten hospitals. commission in. damascus say in their lives we currently have one hundred twenty five children and . we really need is a season seriously injured children. meanwhile in southern syria refugees who fled the fighting are facing a battle of a different kind surviving the bitterly cold winter parka has a story. in syria's southern province of daraa those displaced by war face a new threat whether. this is a company one of the largest in the region. robin and her grandchildren arrived
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here after escaping fierce fighting between serious opposition groups and i saw a water logged field is now home if the rain continues they'll be forced to leave where can they go i'm going to let my mom and i when i left on homes without any possessions you can see the rain water around us you can see for yourself how bad conditions are what can we do with helpless the complex basic infrastructure there are no paper roads no drainage people feel forgotten. this used to be farmland it was unfit for people to settle in the first place hasn't been supplied with any of the basic services no one has lent us or will lend a helping hand none of the relief agencies either syria's long civil war has triggered one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern history eleven million syrians have been displaced by fighting heart of the whole population most around
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six million are internally displaced. it is a bleak existence. still ahead on al jazeera aid agencies say a plan to bring young mice were hand to refugees back home is a farce glasses that is serve refugees like mahmoud and his younger brother could become a key issue in coalition talks in germany. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome to international weather forecast is quite a chilly picture across many parts of europe at the moment and across more western areas we have this area of low pressure quite a complex area of low pressure giving some snow over the iberian peninsula and some
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pretty windy weather across eastern parts of spain and through into the belly eric islands so if you look at the forecast there's still some snow across central parts of spain madrid there struck in the five degrees a lower temperature than zero you'll notice some snow in the elves but it's here this is the region where we're seeing most the heavy rain and certainly for the valley area it's going to be a really quite unsettled spell of weather for the north is looking on the chilly side southeastern parts of europe enjoying the best weather and then as this frontal system sinks further towards the south we're going to see temperatures struggling to reach freezing cross much of germany through into poland and ukraine moscow there struggling with temperatures just reaching zero at best only other sides of the mediterranean easterners not looking too bad but that low pressure center still giving some snow over the atlas mountains and windy weather for coastal parts of algeria. central parts of africa are looking generally fine we've got a good deal of sunshine across west africa highs of thirty want to ghana and tropical cycle continues to give very heavy rain across madagascar. the weather sponsored by
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cats on these. valued is a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the. decades took to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. and. the top stories on al-jazeera an oil tanker has caught fire and thirty two crew are
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missing after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of china say steams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh rescue is saved the twenty one crew of the other ship involved. in pakistan several groups including some banned by the government are holding a protest rally in the include two dollar led by the main suspect in the two thousand and eight move by a time cus has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars of security aid to pakistan in an effort to pressure the government to crack down on terrorists and at least seventeen people have been killed by syrian government debt and shelling in the rebel held suburbs of damascus activists say eastern ghouta is coming under bombardment every day about four hundred thousand people have believed to be chopped there. in myanmar six soldiers have been injured in an attack in a western rakhine state the army says they were attacked by a group called the are just solve ation army this fall is
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a separate incident on friday when homemade bombs were used against a truck transporting government troops meanwhile bangladesh and myanma say they are ready to go ahead with a plan. aid agencies and the un of call the agreement. to husband and three children fled the myanmar military crackdown on the river in late december she says a boatman demanded seventy dollars for each person before he ferried them across the national river into bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand rangers have fled across the border in recent months rights groups say myanmar's military killed around seven thousand ranger men women and children in the first month off of the crackdown began in late august but the bangladeshi governments are already preparing to offer what they describe as voluntary repacked for refugees who want to return to myanmar. like many refugees say she will not go back.
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out of whatever you know we want to go back not under these circumstances we've been persecuted in brutalized they took all our possessions our crops and cattle he would rather die here that go back under these circumstances. repatriation agreement is based on a similar initiative by bangladesh in myanmar after a previous crackdown on the regime in one thousand nine hundred two it involves the myanmar government verifying the identity of refugees who want to return but sounds of ranger have never had sufficient identification documents proving their residency. then burma's government stripped them of their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred. ninety miles army has destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months so the repatriation plan involves putting those returning into temporary camps dealing kluges
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a role for the un but in what capacity remains unclear. at the prison the situation my mother is now could use are for the battery issue hundreds of thousands of refugees here are. psychosocial support. that is on daily basis even. the bangladeshi government is estimated to be spending around four million dollars a day to help house and feed the refugees and it's signed off on a separate plan to move around one hundred thousand refugees from the camps to temporary shelters on a coastal island that critics say is highly vulnerable to typhoons western governments including the u.s. say myanmar's government is guilty of ethnic cleansing of the predominately muslim ranger they ask who can guarantee the security of the refugees like to sleep family if they return to myanmar. and how can they go back with their lack of citizenship
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which has made them so vulnerable to violence and persecution for decades has not changed chance trafford al-jazeera nigeria is speeding up the process of bringing its citizens home from libya after allegations of exploitation and abuse the revanche relations began a few weeks ago after reports that migrants were being sold into slavery the nigerian foreign minister says two aircraft are being sent to flight eight hundred people home in the next few days the italian coast guard says at least eight people have died and eighty six others have been rescued from a boat off libya's coast rescue agencies say many more are still missing international organization for migration calls the military mediterranean sea the world's deadliest border one hundred twenty thousand refugees and migrants arrived in italy by c. last year. now protests against the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem have overshadowed orthodox christmas celebrations in bethlehem the alleged sale of
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church land to israeli squawks the ten scenes demonstrators say this is could make it harder for palestinians to establish their own state. the government of saudi arabia says eleven princes have been detained in riyadh have been sent to a notorious high security prison after protesting against the kingdom's decision to make royals pay their water and utility bills that's in contrast to dozens of other high profile figures who were detained in a luxury hotel last year during the what the government called an anti-corruption drive. talks between germany's two major parties to form a new ruling coalition are set to resume on sunday they're divided over whether to allow relatives of people who are already in germany to join them dominic cain has this story from the area. it's time for nine year old michael to do his homework and as in many families his big brother is on hand to help in fact twenty two year
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old mahmoud is more of a father to michael than an elder brother. because as you see the refugees these two have been granted asylum in germany but for the past two years their parents and siblings have been stuck in a holding camp for migrants increase. the. germany told them they could come join us here but then a few months ago we were told they could not go the official said you have no documents to prove your brothers related to your parents paid for the papers to compromise then they said they needed to test michael stanley and they'll finally they've said ok your parents can come. but the brothers' hopes of a reunion have been dashed twice before and their situation is not unique since twenty sixteen germany has put a temporary hold on reuniting the families of people who are not classed as refugees the bavarian christian social union anger the medical system party in the
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southern state says while genuine refugees should be allowed in those with subsidiary protection and these claims for asylum are rejected should not we are objecting to the right of so-called subsidiary. except that if you choose to bring their family to germany because to be honest this would. exhaust our capacities what makes this view more interesting is that stefan meyer speaks on this issue not just for his party but also for angle americans christian democrats but this particular point of view is not shared by the social democrats and with coalition talks between the three parties now intensifying in the new year the question is might this issue be a sticking point because the social democrats believe that where possible families who qualified to be reunited should be allowed to do so in the political fight in
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germany is now about how to bring the government together from parties with such differing views from mahmoud and michael matalin it's how to bring their family back together dominant can al-jazeera in bavaria. u.s. president donald trump as head back at accusations that he is mentally unfit for office describing him self as a stable genius his comments were sparked by the publication of a book questioning his abilities the book also claims his sad view him as an infant thailand as john hendren reports from washington translated to tax and author michael wolff have again overshadowed his policy agenda. and. i did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do with an article this book clearly has donald trump rattled the suggestion in fire and fury the cabinet members and allies to question trump's intelligence and his fitness for office have gotten under the president's skin the book has driven a wedge between trump and his one time closest adviser steve bennett but i don't
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know this man i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job as republican leaders met the president to discuss their legislative agenda for twenty eight trump began his day with a barrage of morning tweets he wrote throughout my life my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart and he said that winning the presidency qualifies him as not smart big genius and a very stable genius at that and defending himself against the allegations in this book president trump was knocked off message in it steve bannon says he's lost his stuff media mogul rupert murdoch calls him an idiot and staffers describe him as a semi literate fool but what the republicans who met with trump on saturday wanted to talk about with their plans for twenty eight teen and immigration reform candidate donald trump signature campaign promise and we are building a wall on the southern border we need safety we need cameras and i will have
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mexico pay for that wall it turns out he might have that half right the administration's plan for an immigration overhaul would spend eighteen billion dollars over ten years and add five hundred five kilometers to an existing border with mexico and the u.s. congress would pay for the bill is expected to restore some protection for the so-called dreamers children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. by their parents trump recently rescinded an obama era rule protecting them but democrats fear the new immigration funds could be used to deport dreamers who registered for the program or their families they don't have the resources that the eight hundred. dreamer's it's not at all clear that the information that the dreamers volunteered to the government to establish their right to be legally zero work at work and otherwise could be used to identify and detain and then deport the dreamers but immigration was not the top question trump addressed on saturday john
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hendren zero washington. one person is dead and three more are missing in madagascar in the wake of strong pickles. the storm brought heavy rain extensive flooding in property damage more than ten thousand people have been forced from their homes. the australian city as sydney has recorded its hottest day on record reaching forty seven point three degrees celsius and further south in the state of victoria around fifty five broken out as temperatures soar above forty degrees firefighters have been battling dry and windy conditions to try and contain the blaze. cattery driver not tell atiya has won the opening stage of the deck in peru is a forty eighth edition of the world's biggest annual awful ronnie race featuring hundreds of competing cars trucks bikes and quads but along with the fanfare they also concerns the race will impact some of peru's archaeological tasha's mariana sanchez
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reports from lima. the first hours of a long journey more than three hundred pilots are on their way one of the toughest . in the world they will be negotiating huge dunes and roads high altitude and steep cliffs than one thousand kilometer dakar rally through pay to believe yet and argentina has found its courting competitors along the way. we've travelled by route from colombia to accompany our pilots are very happy to be here six of the fourteen stages will be completed in be do before competitors move in to alleviate the rally first held from paris to senegal's capital the car. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine has taken place in south america for a decade it's the third time in but not everyone here is cheering government spent six million fans of the competition because many environmentalists worried. their audiences along the way. to reach the shores and it was the effort to
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remember the government the first doctor in peru was a disaster archeological site some jew glimpse in the southern region that on signposts that have been irreversibly damaged. government has limited important sites organizers say it will be an eco friendly rally. one of the toughest parts of the race statistics say only fifteen percent of the vehicles reach the finish line that is greatest hope the thirty four year old took us for a drive for a feel of the terrain the former t.v. news anchor is the first female peruvian pilot she says driving is just part of the competition and. i've driven a lot of this year on june which is the most difficult i've learned mechanics and also trying my mind because you will lose if you get tired seven years ago she didn't even know how to drive now she says she already feels like
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a winner when. the moment i start i would have proven that dreams big dreams can come true. the rally ends in the city of cordova in northern argentina but cannon says she already crossed the victoria line many innocent just. now again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera and only a tanker has caught fire and thirty two crew are missing after a collision with a cargo ship in the east china sea. looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh rescuers save the twenty one crew of the other ship involved rob mcbride has more from beijing. this collision it seems took place at eight pm saturday saturday evening beijing time as a location around thirty to three hundred kilometers off china's east coast in the
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east china sea it seems as though the vessels the tanker was heading to south korea it's called the songy with thousands of tons of iranian oil on board and it seems as though the bulk carrier carrying grain was heading in the opposite direction we were told that that was heading for southern china. several pakistani political groups including some banned by the government are holding a rally in the shower this comes after the u.s. suspended aid funding to pakistan military aid that is in an effort to pressure the government to crack down on terrorism the goops holding the running through jamaat to lead by the main suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks. jordan says the arab league will seek international recognition of a palestinian state after donald trump's decision on jerusalem some members of the organization have met in amman jordanians protested after the u.s. president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. in syria the latest government
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is trying to send shelling of rebel held suburbs of damascus have killed at least seventeen people activists say eastern ghouta is bombarded almost every day about four hundred thousand b.c. syrians are thought to be chops there. six soldiers in myanmar have been injured in an attack in western rakhine state the army says there were attacked by a group called the our camera hinges salvation army this follows a separate incident on friday when homemade bombs were used against a truck transporting government troops in recent years such a time violent retaliation against the will hinge of population by the military now the jury is government to speeding up the process of bringing its citizens home from libya after allegations of exploitation and abuse the repatriations began a few weeks ago after reports that migrants were being sold into savory nigeria's foreign minister says two aircraft are being sent to libya to fly eight hundred
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people back to nigeria in the next few days those are the headlines and news continues right after talk to al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. welcome to talk to al-jazeera in the field with me barnaby phillips in the kenyan capital nairobi now this is a city that has played a big part in my life i spent some very happy childhood years here i have vivid memories of although i left when i was only ten years old way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight.


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