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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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the future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds corruptly did just what presidents say in all countries there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. this is al-jazeera. global come to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha on martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes dozens of political and religious groups join a protest in. as pakistan faces pressure from the u.s.
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to crack down on radical groups. thirty two crew members are missing after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship in the east china sea. optimism in germany chancellor angela merkel says she's confident of finding common ground during coalition tilt but the social democrats plus. so the point is that entire treasury was rocked. the billions of dollars still to have been stolen by the deposed president of ukraine victoriana cuz it an al-jazeera investigation reveals a secret plot by the powerful rich to profit from the proceeds. but first dozens of religious and political groups who are facing government pressure in pakistan are holding a demonstration in pressure our seeking see. pulled for palestine and the cash miss
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separatists movement that led by jamaat ud dawa that's the group headed by the two thousand and eight attack suspect hafiz saeed for his son has recently blocked donations to groups named in the u.n. security council sanctions list can go live now to a correspondent there is come out at the mouth so as many groups and taking part in this demonstration of. the old office. and address the rally the border is the government. from coming to that location you know road a bridge to educate the border a real telephone saw and indeed i do concede that the proceedings are still on the you're rallied about to wind down their legs will be a bit of a language it's the fault of the palestinians and the history and. a
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rejection all. from three hundred three figured out. wrong language coming out of the defense so focused on junk food gathering and they are expected. to cross the country within the next few weeks so i'm when we say that the pakistani government is cracking down on what is being described as radical groups who are the groups and what kind of action is the pakistani government taking against. well two of the groups which are affiliated daybreak the fifth a group that did a jump out of the f.i.f.a. rejected saturday all good ideas from the dogon ideation ready to be popular in pakistan because of the rescue and relief effort that defeated and the posh but at other groups a grand and of cost
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a government governor under pressure from the united nations although how they supported it saying that they think that an attempt to appease the idea that it is totally unacceptable because however say that no case against him it has been proven innocent by a court of law and pakistan and while in india of a cure they wanted white spread to cable free dinner about every. officer to group which exhausted the if i say the other group also i have been either by the government before i finally found a group. or you were watching me. come out and talking to us from a very noisy demonstration and taking place impose shah thank you very much indeed . well this protest comes just days after the u.s. accused the pakistani government of allowing the country to become
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a safe haven for what were described as radical groups is also suspended hundreds of millions of dollars of security aid to pakistan islamabad denies the allegation but nonetheless is banned more than seventy groups which are named in the u.n. security council sanctions list and key among them is just our lead as you really heard by the two thousand and eight by a tight suspect hafiz saeed the u.s. has offered a ten million dollars bounty for information leading to his arrest well the trumpet ministration also wants action taken against the how can you network is operates in pakistan and afghanistan and is seen as having close ties to the pakistani military but analysts say it's a difficult balance for the u.s. which doesn't want to alienate islamic bad as it relies on its support against a resurgent taliban in the neighboring afghanistan or we can see the symbol can use a security analyst and she joins us live now from islamabad first of all. the
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current tone if you like of the relationship between washington and islamabad seems to suggest that the post nine eleven era is this definitely are. absolutely i agree that. it's completely aware and i think we've seen some ups and downs earlier on but there is a decisive step that's coming in after president trying to near an office that's dark and then specially since january as you heard from the tweet. but i think behind the scenes what we still have behind the scenes there is still a lot of contact between not just the foreign office but i think their military to military in the security establishment support the country conduct their still trying to sort out certain. kind of i do not a certain problems and they are in at least in pakistani in certain quarters you know usually this forward type of understanding that. exists between u.s.
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military. establishment and pakistani if you stablish merge. the relationship. but the americans were to be indicated that they are prepared to cut the funding base of the military and of an economic kind but the pakistanis have suggested that the numbers being bandied about are completely unrealistic and don't actually exist what do you think. no i think what they have announced is the cut to the military financing which is called f m f which is part of a military plan i'm saying and yes can't be just coalition support fine these aborts military support to pakistan at them at this device spares and other military centers basically for pakistani militants and you get everyone in the military financing i don't think i'm going to support that. konami. they haven't already and i'm an economic. activity yeah so much that. i
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could not make it. at the last larger ability to. impact on. global economic stability inside it's going to look. like. and basically like a park is not meet exports to the us us is the third largest export market for pakistani good practice i guess what about a longer downward trajectory really the us and the us didn't sort out its relationship and not let it go beyond a certain point which could force pakistan into taking certain dropkick drastic measures such as cutting the g lock off which is the down line look at the negotiation between pakistan and. connor blinders on which is what the us needs are supplies or you can get in well you know air water and all this time i don't think
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pakistanis want to vote on that but they are trying to find a middle way where. even lower the relationship has. a very bad ok symbol come really good to get your thoughts thank you very much. now no time has call five thirty two crew missing following a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of china it happened off shanghai where the yangtze river meets the east china sea search teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh who work for any rainy and shipping company rescuers save the twenty one crew of the other ship involved live now to beijing and our correspondent there rob mcbride rob bring us right up to date with the situation there. yes martin still the priority this hour the thirty two missing crew members on board the oil tanker the there are concerns as time goes by just about fears for their safety it's now approaching twenty four
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hours since this collision occurred and for at least twelve hours of that this tanker the sound she has been engulfed by this fire it's not known if the fire is continuing or whether it has been brought under control as you mentioned there the other vessel that was involved in this collision was a bulk carrier carrying grain all twenty one crew members from that we're told that they are chinese sailors they have been rescued they are accounted for so the concern now is still for the crew on board the tanker this collision happened some three hundred kilometers off the east coast of china in the east china sea it's not known what the cause of the collision was but it seems as though the ball carrier was heading south it was bringing grain to southern china while the tanker was heading north it was carrying some one hundred thirty thousand tons of oil to south korea a big international effort is underway as we get into the hours of darkness it's
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not helped by worsening weather we understand with rougher seas and high winds but the maritime authorities from china have dispatched eight of its vessels there and also given the proximity to south korea the south korean coast guard is also involved with one of their vessels and an aircraft and there are obviously going to be concerns about any possible environmental damage. that's right and we know that there has been an oil slick or that's been reported by the author of the big question is just how much oil has a skate into the sea as we mentioned this is carrying one hundred thirty six thousand tons of oil so the potential for environmental damage is great we know that some of the vessels that have been sent there from the chinese side three of them are specialist vessels that are meant to deal with oil slicks typically when an incident like this happens they have specialist equipment detergents chemicals
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which are meant to break up and he oil slicks also things like booms floating booms which are meant to stop the oil from escaping in the hope that it can be gathered up against cooped up back on to some of the ships but we do know there was a good we get into the hours of darkness the the weather is not good there and we also know that if there is a slick then it will be prone to whatever the prevailing winds and currents are now the east china sea is shared not only by china but also south korea and some of the southern islands of japan so was three countries will be watching very carefully with growing concern just about any oil slick and which way it might be headed ok rob thank you for that rob mcbride our correspondent in the chinese capital now the italian coast guard says at least eight people have died eighty six others have been rescued from a bit off the coast of libya rescue agencies say many more are still missing the
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international organization for migration calls the mediterranean the world's deadliest border one hundred twenty thousand refugees and migrants arrived in a city by sea last year. joins us now from the libyan capital tripoli and has the latest give us the very latest as you know it then from the libyan side. libya's coast guard spokesman says that they have not intervened in that latest it is q. operation and it has been all taking care of by italy's coast guard at the spokesman also said that the boat sailed off and go to bali that's a town east of the libyan capital tripoli and the boat capsized around thirty five miles away from a get a bali coast now the reasons why libya's coast guard has not spotted this
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boat is that usually these boats are very small and that libya's coast guard says that they cannot spot such a small boats unless they are reported by one of the patrols of the libya's coast guard or they get a call from the migrants on board of of the boat now in some cases smugglers give the migrants a wireless device or as for your phone to call libya's coast guard in case the boat capsizes now libya's coast guard also says that during these days the are conducting maintenance operations to their vessels and that's one of the reasons why they are not very active as usual sporting boats of illegal migrants in the mediterranean. well meanwhile nigeria is speeding up the process of bringing its citizens home from libya after allegations of exploitation and abuse there the
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foreign minister says two aircrafts are being sent to fly eight hundred people home in the next few days it's all part of the plan to return around five thousand nigerian refugees the repatriation process follows revelations that many african migrants trying to reach europe were being sold as slaves in libya. we got a lot more to come amiss al-jazeera news hour including at least seventeen people are killed by government airstrikes in syria's eastern the area. and they may be the biggest creatures on earth but they're still no match for speeding ships we meet the scientists trying to develop a warning system for whales. cookin years signs for barcelona joe we'll have more on one of the most expensive transfers in football history.
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that egypt has denied a report in the new york times that it had asked the media there to play down opposition to president trump's jerusalem decision in leaked phone recordings a senior intelligence officer reportedly told t.v. personalities to influence their view is to back the decision the newspaper quoted intelligence officer captain ussher of al kali asking hosts how is jerusalem different from ramallah which is the current base of the palestinian authority of course in the occupied west bank where he was also quoted as telling the host an intifada would not serve egypt's national security interests egypt's state information service says the hosts deny reports of an intelligence officer had spoken to them it also says the article does not provide evidence that colin. he is an officer with egypt's intelligence and it reiterated that it sounds all jerusalem has not changed meanwhile jordan says the arab league will seek international
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recognition of a palestinian state after president trump's decision on jerusalem some members of the organization have been meeting in amman the jordanian capital they've been protests in jordan after the u.s. president recognized the recent as the capital of israel let's go live now to mohammed jam june he's our correspondent who is currently in ramallah in the occupied west bank. let's start from the beginning then let's start with this issue about egypt and perhaps influencing trying to influence the media within the country to support the trump decision many people say that president trump could not have done this decision without egypt's complicity. yeah that's right martin and here's a here's a classic example of a story that really showcases the complexity of this region especially when it comes to the issue of palestinian statehood now we must stress of course that the
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egyptian government that the state information services has denied of the new york times report even calling into question the identity of the intelligence officer captain. seeming to say that he is not a senior intelligence officer all that being said though this is something that really strikes at the heart of concerns of the arab street because when you have these reports emerging that while egypt has publicly condemned u.s. president donald trump's decision and yet privately there are intelligence officials that are asking egyptian media talk show host to try to sell the plan of the u.s. recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital to the egyptian public this for a lot of people in the middle east confirms a lot of supercell lot of suspicions that they already have about this tricky game
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that's always seeming to be played when it comes to the palestinian cause there is a belief by a lot of ordinary citizens in the arab world that arab leaders aren't doing enough to really protect palestinian rights and all of this happening at a time when there was this meeting in jordan by the arab league several foreign ministers that have met trying to raise awareness that the international community should come together that the idea of a palestinian state should be paramount once more again just shows you how tricky it all is now this meeting has already adjourned the arab league has called for a subsequent meeting next month in which the issue will be taken up yet again we've heard a little bit from some palestinian officials saying that arab countries and the international community needs to be doing more to support the palestinian cause let's take a listen to what we've heard from the jordanian foreign minister about this very issue. if not become our goal is to leave it to the american decision to recognize
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jerusalem as the capital of israel and to assert that it has no it legal effect. we have a specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of the palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital according to the jews the full nine hundred sixty seven borders. and of course this is very significant time is that for the orthodox world many orthodox christians are celebrating their christmas in bethlehem so how is this whole controversy surrounding the status of jerusalem impacting upon this other very holy place it's very much dampen the enthusiasm for greek orthodox christmas this year you know this is a time of year when for orthodox palestinian christians even when there are difficulties there are usually festivities people are able to put the worries aside come together and celebrate it's not just the decision by president trump on
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jerusalem that has people worried in leading to more hopelessness amongst the palestinian christian community it's also allegations that have been made against the greek patriarch for the holy land the awful list the third we were in bethlehem's manger square yesterday to take in all the complexity here's our report . the protests were unprecedented in a display of anger toward the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem demonstrators attacked the convoy of the office the third as it made its way to bethlehem's manger square in the occupied west bank behind all this recent news reports alleging the patriarch has been involved in property sales to foreign tax havens and those properties may end up in the hands of israeli businesses. protesters believe the allegations and say it will make it harder for palestinians to
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establish their own state but i live now to mount a clear and simple we want the patriarch to resign we want to reform the patriarchate and to sign a legal commission to evaluate the situation representatives of the greek orthodox church of jerusalem deny the allegations and the handle of the snow. we did not as they claim to sell our lands to the israeli occupation those are old deals the patriarch wants to rectify clarify because all those old deals are detrimental to the rights of the patriarch eight and its congregation while this is not the first time the church has been accused of selling some of the numerous properties it owns in jerusalem the outrage now is far greater than it had been before. in manger square despite the marching bands and music a truly festive atmosphere was hard to achieve. the arrival of the patriarch wasn't just protested local officials also gave him a cold shoulder when they refused to welcome him to the square another issue overshadowing celebrations this year is the decision by u.s.
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president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in the months since that decision was made there but numerous protests in the occupied west bank and it's really contributed to a growing sense of hopelessness amongst palestinian christians forty year old george was sad says he's never witnessed such a song or mood at christmas is the level of the headline if things remain as is opie pool seek to leave who'd stay here if you see it being so and the city is sad have you ever seen. bethlehem like this thousands would usually be here at christmas muslims would show up even before christians palestinian christians in the west bank are worried their relatively small number will continue to do windell and according to a recent study by the daughter of a university college twenty eight percent of palestinian christians said they'd leave this region if given the chance highlighting yet again the growing feeling of despair at a time of year when there is usually at the very least a small semblance of hope mohamad. bethlehem the occupied west bank
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now the german chancellor angela merkel says she thinks major parties can form a coalition government they've resume talks in beilin a potential sticking point between angela merkel's christian democrats and the social democrats is the refugee crisis they're divided as to whether to allow relatives of people who are already in germany to join them if governments kundalini. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us who always hope that politics will solve their problems and create a framework the people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work more now from our correspondent in bavaria dominic kane. it's time for nine year
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old michael michael to do his homework and as in many families his big brother is on hand to help in fact twenty two year old mahmoud is more of a father to michael than an elder brother. because as yazidi refugees these two have been granted asylum in germany but for the past two years their parents and siblings have been stuck in a holding camp for migrants increase. in nashville view of marco germany told them they could come join us here but then a few months ago we were told they could not cook the official said you have no documents that prove your brother is related to your parents i paid for the papers to compromise then they said they needed to test michael's d.n.a. and they'll finally they've said that ok your parents can come. but the brothers' hopes of a reunion have been dashed twice before and their situation is not unique since twenty sixteen germany has put a temporary hold on reuniting the families of people who are not classed as
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refugees the bavarian christian social union and go to medical system party in the southern state says while genuine refugees should be allowed in those with subsidiary protection and these claims for asylum are rejected should not we are objecting to the right of so-called subsidiary. accept that if you choose to bring their family to terminate because to be honest this would. exhaust our capacities what makes this view more interesting is that stefan meyer speaks on this issue not just for his party but also for angle americans christian democrats but this particular point of view is not shared by the social democrats and with coalition talks between the three parties now intensifying in the new year the question is might this issue be a sticking point because the social democrats believe that where possible families
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who qualified to be reunited should be allowed to do so the political fight in germany is now about how to bring the government together from parties with such differing views from mahmoud and michael matalin it's how to bring their family back together dominic can al-jazeera in bavaria. coming up in just a little while richard will have all the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news agencies say a plan to bring me and miles or hinder refugees back home is a farce and true for u.s. senators says evidence the diplomats in cuba were targets of sonic attack it's just not there and in sport the world's toughest off road rally enters its fortieth year tatiana will have the details.
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from brisk few months. to the warm waters of southeast asia. well as an englishman i have no great desire to dwell too much on the travails of the england cricket team is both about the ball taking place down in sydney but i have a degree of sympathy with the players in terms of the conditions they had to ensure because it was probably the hottest test match day on record the temperature in the suburb of penrith in sydney reached forty seven point three degrees celsius if they're going to cool off in the one hundred too much to field of the slightly cooler conditions but a slight change of wind direction taking place so when we look at the forecast heading through monday temperatures coming back thirty four and then dropping off slightly more as a head on into choose day so we're in the sort of southern hemisphere let's move across and have a look at our tropical cyclone a which is cause for considerable concern because
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you have the potential to produce such vast amounts of rain being see the general spiral a bit but in terms of rainfall amounts is not been all that great now sixty millimeters to you or me might seem like an awful lot of rain hundred two millimeters further north but there were predictions of an up to a meter of rain in fact of the eastern side of the country civil possibility you might see some very large totals coming from the storm system and so it is going to be a time before we're out of the woods just yet. the weather sponsored by cat time release . there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support for terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we were able to see the secret of what we were able to tell them in a two part series on al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land followers at this time on
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al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world they need more fine professionals like ta carroty is to model ways that new generation to study finds powerful documentary debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of all massaging and all sex is a challenge of perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. you know with al jazeera the al-jazeera news hour in fact and these are our main
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stories several pakistani political groups including some banned by the government are demonstrating. it comes after the u.s. suspended aid to pakistan in an effort to pressure the government to crack down on what it calls terrorists. an oil tanker has called fire and thirty two crew missing after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of china search teams are looking for the missing sailors from iran and bangladesh. that egypt has denied a report by the new york times which says egyptian officials have asked its media to play down opposition to president trump's jerusalem decision in. recordings a senior intelligence officer reportedly told t.v. talk show hosts to convince their viewers to back the decision but the hosts deny having ever spoken to the officer all right let's speak not a yari who's professor of international relations and security issues at sultan
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qaboos university in amman he's joining us from the i'm on the capital muscat on skype thank you for talking to us i'm just wondering what are your thoughts when you've heard first of all of the new york times story which suggests that egypt is in is in cahoots if you like with the trumpet ministration with regard to the sages of jerusalem so what are your thoughts and also about the denial of course which has come more more recently. i don't think you're going by people you have you have to recognize that you times is a very credible newspaper and you're not free to put in a giant their credibility. to publishing that used that is fake in regards to what is happening i believe this is not really the first time he said you know our first stop countries to turn back to the senior issues started actually in the 1940's even before did they go into it was it that established
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continuous say since then. cannot expect from did the egyptian government to to say it but obviously you know i had better reality that for egypt and now if i stay for the jury if you are. irish if it is union issue ease and accessory groups it's not really doesn't. their i.q. you're on day two for that as many decades concisely because of geopolitics of the region because if you as someone who countries big and on americans that are just bad are so foreign to israel on security but in days gone by would have been unthinkable wouldn't it for any arab nation for any muslim nation for that matter to accept this declaration made by the u.s. administration in order for the u.s.
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administration to make this declaration hugely controversial as it is many suggest that they could only have done that with the complicity of the arab world's most populous state egypt and of course with saudi arabia. you have your point is absolutely valid even if you go farther down that your nine hundred sixty s. . are you muslim countries they created a new organization we're going to you know it's not me this state in order to. do only so i stuck my nose in egypt isn't. had that point to israelis they're threatening to do some extermination and so forth so each show is really. far you are from the front door as days and. days since you know of a number of arab regimes to be trained is not an american's who are abend any go
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but it's you know it cost them for their own sake because now they have to protect themselves from a number of issues economic problems charities now. regional event as a as a mission now the reason you don't know meet. a mess are more that you need to protect now stands rather than thinking about defense you know you should be used to really remote now. joining us from the capital muscat thank you very much indeed. and right now let's go to syria where at least seventeen people have been killed in the latest government test strikes and shelling of rebel held suburbs of damascus activists say eastern hutto is being bombarded almost every day every around four hundred thousand besieged people are thought to be trapped there . six soldiers emir mavi the injured in an attack in western rakhine state the army
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says they were attacked by a group called the other can read in just salvation army now this follows a separate incident on friday when homemade bombs were used against a truck transporting government troops. well bangladeshi meum all say they're ready to go ahead with a plan to bring a range of refugees back home aid agencies and the u.n. have called the agreement a false child stratford report test lima begum her husband and three children fled the myanmar military crackdown on the region in late december she says a boatman demanded seventy dollars for each person before he ferried them across the national river into bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand rangers have fled across the border in recent months rights groups say myanmar's military killed around seven thousand ranger men women and children in the first month off of the crackdown began in late august but the bangladeshi and myanmar government so
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already preparing to offer what they describe as voluntary repack she ation for refugees who want to return to myanmar. plus lima like many refugees says she will not go back. no we want to go back not under these circumstances we've been persecuted and brutalized they took all our possessions our crops and cattle he would rather die here that go back under these circumstances. is based on a similar initiative by bangladesh in myanmar after a previous crackdown on the ranger in one nine hundred ninety two it involves the myanmar government verifying the identity of refugees who want to return. but sales of ranger have never had sufficient identification documents proving their residency. then burma's government stripped them of their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred. ninety miles armies destroyed hundreds of range of villages
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in recent months so the repatriation plan involves putting those returning into temporary camps dealing kluges a role for the un but in what capacity remains unclear at the present the situation is. on daily basis. the bangladeshi government is estimated to be spending around four million dollars a day to help housing feed the refugees and it's signed off on a separate plan to move around one hundred thousand refugees from the camps to temporary shelters on a coastal island that critics say is highly vulnerable to typhoons western governments including the u.s. say myanmar's government is guilty of ethnic cleansing of the predominantly muslim ranger. they ask who can guarantee the security of the refugees like to sleep
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family if they return to myanmar. and how can they go back when their lack of citizenship which is made them so vulnerable to violence and persecution for decades has not changed chance strafford. al-jazeera as investigative unit has obtained secret documents that seemed to reveal a plot by eastern european all of us to profit from billions sought to have been stolen by victor janak over it the al cid ukrainian president was overthrown in twenty fourteen officials froze one point five billion dollars soon afterwards but says will jordan reports the money is returned to ukraine is far from guaranteed when he fled ukraine in twenty fourteen victory on a covert to goal that he and his men could carry they headed to russia soon after ukrainian officials found one point five billion dollars stashed offshore and they
1:40 pm
froze it the day he ran away from the country the entire ukrainian treasury and its accounts had a few thousand dollars. so the point is that entire treasury was rocked. today al-jazeera has discovered the young and covert plan is working closely with the russian government we obtained an unsigned copy of a secret deal a plot to sell tens of millions of the frozen money unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between a criminal busts you can assign it with your blood. the document names to all agog says the buyers one wanted in ukraine the other a russian property magnate but the seller is hidden behind an offshore shell company based at this law firm in cyprus. other bank documents and company records eventually lead us to moscow and a surrogate. gas tycoon who is young a curvatures money man and the seller of the frozen assets he was given control of
1:41 pm
a chunk of the gas trade he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it and to his political patrons which was you know got a commission letter which is son. wanted in ukraine and sanctioned in the u.s. and europe he travels under armed guard in a multi car convoy rarely appearing in public. we tracked down his former chauffeurs and they revealed his regular meetings with the russian government we often drive into the ministry of economic development the ministry of natural resources the national space agency also the russian presidential administration and state oil and gas firms. aside from frozen assets ukraine's intelligence agency says could change those trading oil gas and coal in the conflict zones of eastern ukraine fueling corruption and conflict in a country that was once his own. go didn't respond to our request for comment will
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jordan al-jazeera. all right let's speak to. who's a russia and ukraine analyst the global insight she's joining us live from london. all of this complex web of allegations of fraud corruption and an outright theft what stands out for you. what stands out is that ukraine is it is still tackling the biggest issue that it has had since the collapse of the soviet union and it is the ability corruption that has triggered two revolutions one two thousand and three two thousand and four and the last or seen you two thousand and fourteen ukraine has to create institutions that will fight this corruption but we have been we have seen some progress but we haven't seen significant progress here and the this of course is one of the main one of the key mandates if you like given to president bush and co to stamp out
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widespread and profound corruption affecting. affecting ukraine in particular and actually as we've heard in that report fueling the conflict in the eastern part of the country. well corruption is not just an economic issue especially for ukraine it's a national security matter and this is for two reasons the country is in in standoff with russia it is in a military armed conflict would russian backed militants in its reach is what it means that if you if corruption is not rooted out then ukraine's political class political elite becomes more exposed and vulnerable to russia a violence is it means that the anti efforts since two thousand and fourteen to bring the country out of a description of this. destructive system and move the country towards the west
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towards the european union has failed and this is something that russia is is really interested in so for for ukraine to be a success story to have a strong economy it is a must they have to tackle corruption they have no other option so what all the questions that should be asked and all of whom should they be arts. well. we have to be really realistic about. this issues and the timeline and who can bring about changes for ukrainians to be successful in the not only ordinary ukrainians have to continue pressuring the government but also ukraine's western allies have to have a clear strategy as to how de incentivised those who who are in big
1:45 pm
business in ukraine to show that getting rid of corruption is much more look pretty and then keeping the current system let's go thank you very much indeed and you can see the full investigation the oligarchs on sunday at eight pm g.m.t. followed by these sounds you can also see the program articles and documents online dot com slash the oligarchs the us government allegations that diplomats in cuba were targeted possibly by a sonic weapon attack being dismissed by a leading republican senator jeff flake says there's no evidence based on classified intelligence staff at the u.s. embassy in havana ordered home after some of them suffered permanent hearing loss and brain injury two years ago now off the west coast of the united states the largest mammals on the planet and giant ships are on
1:46 pm
a collision course dozens of blue whales are being killed every year in shipping lanes off the coast of california rob reynolds reports from santa barbara. the blue whale is an all inspiring creature the largest animal that has ever lived they can weigh one hundred thirty six thousand kilos and stretch one hundred thirty three meters from nose to tail i may live from eighty to one hundred ten years but in the santa barbara channel even blue whales are no match for giant cargo ships when ships hit whales whales die there are about eighty endangered whales that are killed every year ago along the coast of north western north america and that's a lot of whales for some of these whales that are quite rare in these populations we really think that that road kill is inhibiting the recovery of slowing down the recovery of these whales commercial whaling reduced blue whales to about one percent of their or original number before killing them was banned by an
1:47 pm
international agreement in one nine hundred sixty six the whales population is increasing worldwide but given their slow reproductive cycle scientists and government officials are concerned about their survival we're at a point now where we have a chance to bring blue whales back from the brink of extinction we need to find the ways to slow ships down along the california coast researchers with the university of california and the buying off ocean initiative are working on a technologically sophisticated new wailed warning system at a rate of visual surveillance hydrophones thermal imaging and data crunching all that information comes together to be alert that says hey ship's watch out today is a bad day for whales please slow down if the ships build in two to four hours of their transit to accommodate for slower the slow speed zone to protect the whales then we can achieve what we're trying to without regulation the government agency responsible has asked shipping companies to voluntarily cut their speed and even
1:48 pm
offered modest cash rewards for those who will do so but never the less ninety percent of all. ships that transit these whale rich waters go full speed ahead in shipping like any other business time is money no vessel master wants to hit a well it's a tragic thing when it does happen and we do take steps to try and avoid it but the industry opposes mandatory speed limits in blue whale territory what we would like to see is the continuance of voluntary programs in order to collect the necessary data to inform that decision making process what's known already is this unless the ship slow down more of these magnificent animals will become roadkill rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara. so you come here on the. a parade on a losing streak by one n.f.l. team tatyana will explain everything in sport.
1:49 pm
january. african heads of state and governments will gather. for the station at the same belly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind return with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum watch will be top of the agenda . engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on the front and in the week our special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera.
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it's time for this. you so much martina one of football's most expensive transfers ever spanish giants have agreed to fine liverpool midfielder philippe catania for one hundred ninety two million dollars botha released a short video on social media revealing the deal had been done or joins in a five and a hoffa becomes the most expensive player in history behind. but the twenty five year old white be ready in time for botha known as. on sunday. well catania is old pub liverpool progressed to the f.a. cup fourth round on friday by beating everton they and many others are still waiting to find out who they play next as the third round is still in progress the
1:51 pm
action continues on sunday with four more fixtures premier league teams at west tottenham and austin ill are all in action. the world's biggest annual all fried rice is a draft interaction in peru it's the fortieth edition of the featuring hundreds the competing cars trucks bikes and quads marianna sanchez reports from. the first hours of a journey more than three hundred pilots are on their way in one of the toughest. in the world they will be negotiating hills dunes and rocks high altitude and steep cliffs than one thousand kilometer. and argentina has found escorting competitors along the way. we've travelled by road from our company our pilots are very happy to be here six of the fourteen stages will be completed before
1:52 pm
competitors move into the rally first held from paris to senegal its capital the car in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine has taken place in south america for a decade it's the third time in but not everyone here is cheering government spends six million. remember. the first dakar in peru was a disaster archeological site some g a glimpse of the southern region but on signposts that have been irreversibly damaged. government has delimited important sites organizers say it will be an eco friendly rally. one of the toughest parts of the race statistics say only fifteen percent of the vehicles reach the finish line that is greatest hope the thirty four year old took us for a drive for
1:53 pm
a feel of the terrain the former t.v. news anchor is the first female peruvian pilot she says driving is just part of the competition. i've driven a lot of this year on june which is the most difficult part i've learned mechanics and also trained my mind because you will lose if you get tired seven years ago she didn't even know how to drive now she says she already feels like a winner when the girls a lot of the moment i start i would have proven that dreams big dreams can come true with the rally ends in the city of course in northern argentina but says she already crossed the victoria line many innocent just. women's world number one simona halep is preparations for the upcoming australian open a family on track with a title win in china after a six hour rain delay which forced the game to be played indoors how to beat the defending champion catalina covert so when the show ends and open on saturday after
1:54 pm
taking a first that it was then forced to recover from losing to feck and she ended up taking the much and three set six one two six and six love. or winning teams often afforded a victory parade to show off their trophy to their fans or in the case of n.f.l. team the cleveland browns there was what you might call a losing parade the browns lost all of their thick fifteen games throughout the regular season just the second team in the n.f.l. history to do so and despite temperatures of minus twelve degrees celsius several thousand fans gathered at the team's stadium in a series of floats including a coffin traveled around the ground the shape of is their right to represent their unwanted achievement. tension on the korean peninsula had cost an early chill over preparations for the winter olympics next month but as host south korea get ready for talks with north korea on tuesday many are hoping for a thaw in relations before the games and the next part in our series looking ahead
1:55 pm
to the stories set to make headlines this year florence lowy reports from pyongyang . the mountain town of. the site of south korea's first ski resort and it's preparing for nothing achievement to host the country's first olympic and paralympic when take. some of these slopes will be closed later this month for the event across town finishing touches are being made and people are looking forward to the opening ceremony in february. i'm excited and a bit nervous that i'll be able to watch such a big event taking place here. it's been such a long time since south korea hosted an olympics event it's a good opportunity to promote the country and especially this area it could also be a chance to improve into korea relations north korea has recently said it may send its athletes to take part in the event something south korea says it welcomes but security concerns over the north's nuclear weapons development remain organizers
1:56 pm
however say this isn't the first time a huge sporting event is held against a backdrop of heightened tensions but of course again safety and security are part of all of the olympic games and so it's a part of our preparations that we do but every other olympic committee has also had the same measures in place so we're working to ensure that everything is in place in time for the games. but an even more unpredictable factor is mother nature for costa temperatures on the day of the opening ceremony could make it one of the coldest in thirty years and the stadium has no roof a deliberate design to save time and money officials say to counter the cold they're installing when she and will give out hot packs and blankets to spectators . this is a hot tub a pocket sized portable heater to give it a good shake the chemicals inside react this pack and generate heat their last for at least ten hours put in your pocket. warm and toasty. for those willing
1:57 pm
to brave the cold it's now easy to get to the venue with a new high speed train from seoul to p.r. china. south korea also plans to use the upcoming on the pics to showcase what it says will be the most technologically advanced games which i'm itching to do there's a camera placed on the helmet to competitors spectators can watch the event from athletes perspective in real time on this tablet which uses five g. technology has. no efforts being spread to make the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics and paralympics a success florence li al-jazeera south korea australia look set to complete a four nil ashes cricket series win over england reach a century on the fourth morning as the australians declared on six hundred forty nine fifty seven england were ninety three for four at the close of play and will need to battle the fifth day in order to save the match that's all the sport for
1:58 pm
now martinez bacteria tatiana thank you very much indeed that's all from ask for this al-jazeera news hour but don't go away because folly will be here in just about a minute and a half but more of the day seems. al
1:59 pm
jazeera. where ever you are. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminals it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into
2:00 pm
a. ukraine would you say bribes you've been corrupt our own i've been told corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only go this time. dozens of political and religious groups joined a protest rally in the shower as pakistan's government faces pressure from the u.s. to crack down on radical groups. fully back to boy i want.


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