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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 16  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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which are really going to anger the palestinians u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the world has stepped up pressure on north korea until it abandons its nuclear program he says the fact that pyongyang agreed to talk with south korea is proof that sanctions are working mr taylor says when speaking at a meeting on north korea being held in canada the world health organization has warned a diptheria outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly almost seven hundred people have now been affected forty eight people have died from the disease in the past four months bangladesh is agreed to repatriate six hundred fifty thousand range of refugees back to neighboring miramar within two years hundreds of thousands of range of muslims have fled a military crackdown that began in me a miles rakhine state in august the french president is calling on the u.k. to do more about refugees and migrants trying to make it to britain via kalai emmanuel macro he's met some of them in the northern port city says he'll discuss
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c.s.e. with the british prime minister to reason may say all right you're up to date those are the headlines coming up let's inside story. the palestinian president has to suspend recognition of israel as a further expression of palestinian and a following donald trump's decision on jerusalem but one of the consequences of cutting ties with israel and the palestinians have alternative options inside story .
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hello and welcome to the program on there's a peron i'm palestinian president mahmoud abbas has called donald trump's peace efforts the slap of the century and promised a slap back now the palestinian liberation organization has outlined its strategy to face the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the core demands to suspend palestinian recognition of israel and to no longer with the u.s. as a partner for peace we'll discuss the implications with our guests and a moment but first the ports from the occupied west bank. late on monday night the palestinian leadership issued a statement that could have far reaching consequences for the peace process the statement includes the call to suspend recognition of israel suspend security coordination with it and unite the palestinian factions through reconciliation the
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statement comes from the central council of the p.l.o. after two days of meetings it will be discussed further by the p.l.o. executive committee and it's up to that committee to implement the most policy at some point in the future. the statement also said that the u.s. is no longer a partner for peace and that the palestinians want international involvement but given that the us is perhaps the only country that can put pressure on israel will this work. we have to utilize different forms of accountability it has to know that this occupation this form of brutal colonialism can no longer be accepted and therefore we have to go to the international criminal court we have to go to the international court of justice we have to join organizations and accede to charters and conventions that would protect us from the one hand i'm told as. the us president donald trump has said he will cut u.s. aid to the palestinians if that happens there will be an economic impact this
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factory produces extract of olive leaf tablets and he's part of a multi-million dollar project to encourage enterprise in jericho the occupied west bank the factory was set up in this industrial zone with japanese investment without it it wouldn't have been successful for the operations manager here it shows that there are alternatives to the us for example the issue for me is. this in helping. me. once is complete and this japanese funded industrial zone will house around five thousand workers and that's going to have a positive impact not just a locally but across the palestinian territories now if you speak to palestinians what they'll tell you is oftentimes foreign aid unlike u.s. aid comes without strings and preconditions. but it's not just economics politics also plays a key role according to one analyst palestinian president mahmoud abbas has options
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he's trying to tell the international community that i would be going to the united nations buying up that time and he's trying to say that i will have i will be patient i will stop. looking for a. two state solution is if you are not ready for it if there is a range and if it despite palestinian confidence that there is no alternative to u.s. involvement in the peace process how the international community will react is key at some point the israelis and the palestinians will need some sort of framework for talks without the u.s. will that will look like is currently in line imraan khan how does their occupied west bank. well let's bring in our guest now joining us via skype from nablus in the west bank the qassam professor of political science and columnist for middle east monitor and television yossi beilin former israeli cabinet minister and in paris village of
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bruno professor of communication at the university of miami welcome to you all mr qassam the p.l.o. essential council has said that they do not recognize the state of israel you have watched palestinian politics for a very long time is this an indication of just how bad things are that things are so that. to ask the people on the street. they are suffering a lot of the fact but i know the pianos and rights council did not say that they don't think nice is a. but they have been talking about at didn't put any with that they're all went over to commission and then decided recognizes the state of palestine and the stops the settlement activities in other words the idea that the. council of the simplest committee. is still recognizing israel in condition that. and
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that's not even acceptable by the palestinians the palestinians went hoping that the. rope can lift its circulation. because this sort of mission has not proved and they think. that clinton i mean we have been suffering because of the negotiations processes and that because of the false. promises of the united states mr gray let me go to you and pick up on what mr costin the saying just how realistic is a complete withdrawal from the peace process that has that started with in one nine hundred ninety three with no longer recognizing israel given the reality on the ground the cooperation between israel and palestinian entities in running the palestinian territories i don't think that the p.l.o. was mentioning or even the president himself recognizing israel it's recognizing
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the leadership of bibi netanyahu as a as a viable partner for peace defacto the peace process is that had it's been dead for a while it's not to recognize the reality on the ground and formally a new paradigm this leadership the palestinian authority led by mahmoud abbas has failed spectacularly they'll promise the palestinian sovereignty equality and freedom none of these things has been delivered ever the peace process was there for the sake of peace for the for the peace process it was a fake leave the settlement activity continued the colonization activity continued we are looking at the one state of reality it's a binational state it's an apartheid state this is what former prime minister who had all mark and a hood by rock actually said that israel is today israel is an ethno religious project of purity and exclusion we have as palestinians and as israeli we have to look at the rio. as it is not as our leaders are stating that they would love it to
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be the truth is now the palestinian national movement needs to formulate in your vision and you will and also open the door our boss is eighty two i think for it's time for him to acknowledge his failure and for him to open the door for new leaders for new ideas and a new vision look yesterday was the day of martin luther king the israeli declare ration of independence talked about equal rights for all inhabitants regardless their ethnicity their gender and their religion it's time to acknowledge that israel controls the whole territory between the sea and the river even though i'm boss that are of america in israel friedman who is somebody who financed settlement activity talked about lifting the term occupation never used it because this is what the whole lat is the land of israel it's time to acknowledge that the
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population that lives there deserve equal rights as that the collaboration in of a defendant that israel called for and this is why mr abbas said that he would not actually meet with mr friedman because he doesn't even want the use of the word occupation by the americans mr belin if i can bring you in now how do you think the israelis finance activity how do you mr beilin how do you think the israelis and the israeli government will be looking on at what's come out of this p.l.o. central council meeting we have heard from prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that actually mahmoud abbas has only served israel's interests he said that he exposed what we have been saying all the time that the root of the conflict is the basic refusal to recognize a jewish state in any borders i mean did mr abbas a speech recommendations play and to benjamin netanyahu is hands who are will have been given every right use of them in the news where most right used one. this government doesn't believe in real agreement with the pristine years there are
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still relatively well for peace but without paying the price for peace as a result of it what the government spokesmen are saying all the time is that it is not a territorial issue not even on jerusalem not even the number of refugees or exactly the border but it is something which is perhaps a religious or perhaps a very very a following distance in its already doing and it cannot be solved by just sitting together and having something like the clinton parameters or the geneva initiative now but by what is what was said about the balfour declaration in the state and about. forty eight and whatever in the eyes of newtown you know it's strengthening the feeling that it is insoluble if it is insoluble then you don't have to do anything of course i cannot agree with
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something like that but i believe that. mahmoud abbas president abbas missed the point in his speech rather than saying something very very concrete like after twenty five years i decide to dissolve the palestinian authority which i believe his time is timely something which could be very very concrete. like even the idea that if nothing is happening right now we should now work very seriously on the option of one person one vote of course many israelis would not would like to to do whatever possible in order to prevent it and it might urge in a go see a sense right now the situation is quite convenient for the current israeli government and i don't think that neither the speech of your of the day of president abbas
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nor the moose's of the concept of changing something for the current government well let's look at how we have got to this point despite many peace plans over the years little progress has been made among the main sticking points israeli leaders say jerusalem as the divides of all capital of israel palestinian leaders want occupied east jerusalem as the capital of their future state palestinians demand the borders of their new state include the occupied west bank occupied east jerusalem and the dollars a strip israeli leaders and c'est most of those areas should be part of israel another major stumbling block the right of return for around five million palestinian refugees scattered all over the world where their families fled in one nine hundred forty eight when israel was created israel refuses to support the return of any of them the south or cost them all but
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here we are now. balan were saying that this was something of even a missed opportunity by mahmoud abbas that these recommendations are not concrete enough so what does the p.l.o. need to do now they are not complete enough that's true because they locked me a spare issues of the palestinians we want complete withdrawal from it's we should withdraw the good the so the. we should. do our. existence against the israelis we should understand that the israelis are up the queue piling us with the roses and the flowers they are playing us with american and war planes coming in from the united states they are using force against us dominant in their own accumulation of our lent and that is by definition deliberate as if we want to talk about international terrorism israel is
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a leader of international terrorism and it's backed by the united states so we should defend ourselves and we should defend our rights our rights are of two major points best. route there of that if you would cease there are millions of palestinian refugees who should be back to their homes and property until now the international community that it presented by the united states has not been talking about this this if you want rights not just a custom and the land is second is the right to sell the definition yes and you are burning out of that you know people in the world yes you are bringing up the issues that have been the you know the the main sticking points where there has been no progress on mr b. and if i can bring you and now who can defend the rights yes how did the ends
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and this conflict now that they no longer want to deal with the united states. look. are fighting for their existence and continuation as a nation no doubt this is a critical moment for the palestinian history and the palestinian people they've been abandoned by that are most of our leaders starting with saudi arabia they are better abandoned by saudi arabia and our countries are focused on something else it's not a main issue as i think but her raney. foreign minister tweeted it's a side issue americans are one hundred percent prole bibi not even pro the israelis where the majority as the majority there is a camp that yossi beilin talks about and talk to which wants actually a democratic israel a state with equality maybe for all or at least a federation a pole federation the palestinians need to seek protection from the international
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community i think the balance are that this balance of power is in israel favor whether it's economically or militarily we can all think back to that we cannot roll back these twenty five years however i truly believe exactly like the rest of the world exactly like south africa or the african-american community in america the the civil rights movement starts now and started the moment bibi netanyahu started rebuilding settlements and making the settlements center for his policy and policies of segregation and discrimination america has elected the first african-american president president obama this is what democracy is about it's rule to be rule and rule in turn it's participation it's one man one vote and i believe this is what are the conflict needs to be and where the struggle
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needs to start israelis especially life people like yossi beilin and others need to start fighting. and for the democratic saul of their government and of their country and their wives we are looking at an extreme religious right wing that wants purity and exclusion even of people from people like mr beilin who is a liberal and a real democrat mr bait and i do want to bring you in here because i asked religion brienne who could be an alternative to the u.s. as a mediator in peace talks and we talked about who can no longer play that role that i guess that's one of the big problems in this peace process is who can replace the u.s. which is no longer seen as an honest broker mr bayle spoke of arab states who have who are not championing the palestinian cause like they might once has mahmoud abbas did speak about possible alternatives the arab initiative the roadmap but do
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you think israel would be interested in these initiatives where there was where they get a normalizing of ties from arab states when that seems to be happening anyway somewhat behind the scenes because their ally the united states wants arab gulf states in the region to normalize ties with israel. yeah but the is no secret no money is asian normalisation is no money is asian we tourism and culture and whatever what they are having today is the status of a concubine i mean israel has undoubtedly. in our no. no no some of them out it will be known connections with the leadership in the arab world but not with the arab world itself and there it is not normalization in my view but if we must be speaking about who might defend the palestinians not not
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by asking them to begin now terrorism it will bring them no well or bringing hill five million new refugees then it is of course the the end of israel for israelis like myself the issue of the refugees should be solved but not in that in that way at the end of the day my believe is that what we have to do is to defend each other the peace camp in israel which is big it is not a marginal one and the peace camp in palestine which is also being should help each other i mean we went to all slow without the americans or dual koreans or anybody the norwegians will facilitate those that's all they went out of the room when we negotiated we negotiated we didn't we out president clinton we out the americans they all helped us eventually we with financial us assistant and whatever but not in the initiative and not in the negotiations we don't need
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a kind of help from the parents in order to see together we know each other well we can talk to each other if we really want peace those of us who. we only sunk excuses one looked to see two good. schools the issue of. recruits really on both sides is something which has to be took mr brill i can see wanting to come and . yossi i'm sorry to say we had consecutive government on the left on the right on israel however none of them implemented really the promises of the oslo agreement it's failed we need to acknowledge that it's a failed process twenty five years after we have more settlements more entrenched occupation it's time to look at the reality we are one state a binational state it's an apartheid state it's now to call it for what it is and
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not for ten that it's something else where every our boss is saying he is a tear all he is the clear actually his failure by saying what he said it's not to create a new paradigm i agree with you of that but the peace camp in israel the labor camp that campaigned where are the leader of the camp in the last election said we are not the ones that love arabs we actually agree with most of these policies that bibi netanyahu has in acting in the west bank in the occupied territories and in gaza so you have an issue inside israel where the right wing is cannibalizing all the ideas and basically winning over and again so we need to decide that the civil rights movement must start with israelis i'm palestinian progressive israelis but you still have this entrenched racism and bigotry inside even the left camp and we need to speak about it in a clear way exactly like americans are speaking about their president as
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a racist president calling him out your camp needs to come out and call out these racist laws that are in acting against even palestinians with an israeli passport that's a custom let me bring you in now what do you make of this what mr brit has saying you know what can the palestinians what can the p.l.o. what can mahmoud abbas achieve and what look politics of israel as they. no one without us doesn't have an egotist it's his man did it in two thousand and nine he is another i don't think he does not that is that the present the palestinians he should keep those who don't take his pay don't leave her do you think should take his place now if he wants to step down this should there should be a democratic elections but these guys do not believe in democracy mom with our best all of this court do not believe in democracy they should believe they have faith they have been achieved anything for the palestinians over twenty five years and we
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need fed up with the situation they have been a complete failure and we should elect a new leaders that's the way it should be done and how likely do you think that is mr carson because there has been talk of elections for a long time now we know that they are long overdue there's also a lot of talk of you know reconciliation between the main palestinian factions and yet how mas islamic jihad did not turn up to the spirit central council meeting before some alistair hands can deal with israel and the international community do they have their house in order and it is hamas and jihad did that i think they are members in the p.l.o. and why they should go to the meeting of this entire couse you know it's meaningless to it then that that me and you you you see that there is allusions seized by the central council do not respond to that palestinian demands i understand what you're saying we only have a minute left in the program and i would like to ask our other guests
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a very quick question mr beilin the reality on the ground israel will have to be part of the solution how do you get the israeli political system to accept the resolutions being proposed. well i believe that we are not far from changing our government the government to the coalition today is not a very strong one they say it's based on very few members of knesset and i hope that in the next elections a center left. when it in policies like my party merits it would be part of such a coalition and really it's only door whatever they can in older to go back to get back to the negotiating table we know dissolutions we don't have to begin from zero from scritch well thank you to all our guests of the south acoss and nablus josee beilin and pet of eve and religious braille and paris and thank you too for
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watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter on handlers at a.j. and side story from the elizabeth product the whole team here bye for now. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been
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criminalized or if you join us on sex no evil person just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion a lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. it is the stuff of family tales and movie. snob the wonderful migration and generations of
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hulda's good large minds altering the landscape moving is the stuff of mine. a stunning portrayal of auditing life and one woman's determination to save the community. rushes hundred. and this time down to zero. hello again i'm martin dennison these are the top stories here at out as they are the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees says reduced u.s. assistance will threaten.


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