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what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when used investigates why so many filipino children are having babies. at this time on al-jazeera. risk is the education of off a million children one point seven million million food insecure people may not get the cash the un condemns washington's decision to slash its aid for palestinians.
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i'm richelle carey this is al-jazeera life and also coming up. our nations must remain united nations training pressure until north korea takes concrete steps calls for tougher sanctions at a twenty nation meeting to halt north korea's nuclear program. thank you a lot of our bombing but they caught the online. forums in defiance hong kong's pro-democracy leader's house he won't be silenced by a jail sentence. and another crisis for yemen as a dip there he outbreak takes hold. the reins agency for palestinian refugees has warned that a cut in u.s. aid will threaten security across the region that follows an announcement by the trump of ministration that it's withholding half of the one hundred twenty five million dollars allocated to that body that's
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a far cry from two thousand and sixteen when the obama administration gave three hundred fifty million dollars in aid to palestinians most of that went to the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees better known as that same year on paid for the education of half a million palestinian children and more than seven hundred schools that funded more than nine million doctors visits at almost one hundred fifty primary health clinics and total helped an estimated five million people living in camps in the occupied. west bank gaza strip jordan lebanon and syria at the mattick editor tim space has more. after years of conflict and poverty millions of palestinians rely on they will be devastated by this announcement or an element of a they should not cut the aid people here are sick and poor and have nothing to support themselves people here can't afford to buy bread so why does the u.s. say it's taking this action it has of long been a concern at this administration here and of the administration about annorah and
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how it handles itself and how it manages its money under the u.n. relief and works agency for palestinian refugees to give it its full title is one of the oldest agencies in the u.n. system founded almost seventy years ago the u.s. has been its biggest funder providing money for among other things clinics schools and social services for palestinians beyond the borders of the territory long disputed by palestinians and israelis and neighboring countries jordan and lebanon it is not the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. that helps palestinians living in camps news of the cuts to the agency's funding started to emerge as a news conference by the un secretary general was underway in new york it's clear antonio could terrorists was not given advance notice by washington. i mean i've been in close contact with. what you are saying now i was not yet informed so no
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no official not army sent at all there might be something that i do not know because i mean it's impossible to accompany zings by the minute. until i was informed there was no official notification of the position but it might have happened. there is a political as well as humanitarian dimension to this president trump has said he hopes to get the deal of the century between the israelis and the palestinians and yet this announcement hot on the heels of his recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital has alienated one side making efforts to get the peace process back on track harder than ever james al-jazeera at the united nations the palestinian liberation organization's delegation to the u.s. has criticized the tranter ministrations a move this is what it said in the statement palestinian refugees and children's access to basic humanitarian services such as food health care and education is not
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a bargaining chip that a u.s. and international application christopher gunness is chief spokesman for and where he maintains the organization has always been neutral when it comes to cop conflicts in the region we defend to the hilt neutral role do you really think that would have had access war zones in the battlefields of syria in places like aleppo if there was any question about on neutrality the fact is that there are standards of you shall a team which we rigorously uphold. and ron can't enter us live now from ramallah so far what has been the reaction there. well let me tell you that the palestine liberation organization has already reacted very very strongly let me just read you a part of the statement once again the u.s. administration proves its complicity with the israeli occupation by attempting to remove another permanent status issue off the table what they really mean by that
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and the p.l.o. executive committee is currently looking at the recommendations of the central committee they met last two days and i've been speaking to p.l.o. members well they really mean by that is the actually the u.s. is now part of the conflict and is not an honest broker anymore so they know really looking to see what they should react how they should react what they should do next the u.n. clearly have reacted using slightly more diplomatic language but strong language nonetheless you've also had the norwegian refugee council. react as well saying that he's very disappointed also the u.n. secretary general has finally reacted you story in my part in my colleague james places package that you didn't seem to know what was going on he said that this actually is a u.n. agency and not a palestinian agency and he's very disappointed throughout the day we all going to be expecting more more more but you have to remember here in the palestinian territories there's always been
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a fair that something might happen to unroll because president benjamin netanyahu has always gone off to the agency itself we've long wanted it shot and now he has a partner getting trying to send the effect it would be within the u.s. and present donald trump is taking this hard line towards the palestinians and don't forget this is a man who at the beginning of his presidency said he was looking for the deal of the century with that deal of the century looks as far away as evan so in the meantime as the reactions continue for and by and large negative reactions what happens tax. well the palestinians really have to say what alternatives they're on they are looking certainly at wilton's if they said during the p.l.o. central council meeting on monday on monday that they were going to try and internationalize the conflict what do they mean by that they want to take it to the international criminal court they want to take it since articles of justice to the united nations they want to stop the u.s.
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from being a partner in peace a peace broker because as i said earlier they don't believe in them anymore so there's that aspect of it but there's also the financial aspect of it this will be more of what does what does next and they have done this in the past is to look to other countries to make up the shortfall in funding for the shortfall is massive already we're hearing that the shortfall for iraq in two thousand and seventeen may be around something like one hundred thirty two million dollars and deficit so they need to find a large amount of money where is that going to come from likely to be the gulf states likely to be other donors likely to be the e.u. but there is donor fatigue there are so many conflicts on the planet the donors to be asked to give money to him pledge money to that it's likely that any more money that the palestinian unroll one the palestinian refugees is just going to be is going to fall and death is ok and ron khan live press center mall and ron thank you . yes rex tillerson says the world myspace sober and clear i about the possibility
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of war with north korea made the comments at a summit in canada where twenty countries agreed to push for tougher sanctions on pyongyang over its nuclear program for some war north korea could trigger a military response unless it agrees to dialogue. over. a show of diplomatic commitment in vancouver to ending north korea's nuclear weapons program but the meeting co-hosted by canada and the united states yielded just one new tactic for the fight an agreement to prevent so-called ship to ship transfers of outlawed goods to pyongyang i think we all agreed together with our partners here that the timing has turned out to be really for to attack us because we are seeing we we want to be clear headed we don't want to be in any way pollyannas about this but i think we collectively believe that the peaceful pressure is beginning to have an impact north koreans know our channels are open and they know
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where to find us but a sustained cessation of north korea's threatening behavior is necessary is a necessary indicator of whether the regime is truly ready to pursue a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the security threat that it has created. our nations must remain united on sustaining pressure until north korea takes concrete steps toward and ultimately reaches didn't. thank russia and china were excluded from the meeting only countries that supported seoul during the korean war were invited to the gathering in moscow and beijing said this one sided event could activate tensions however two of north korea's neighbors said now was a good time as any to tell pealing yong to abandon its nuclear ambitions we should not be naive about their intent nor should we be blinded by north korea's
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charm offensive in short it is not the time to pressure or to reword no it's career we stand ready to provide a brighter future for north korea if it makes the right choice analysts said the bank hoover meeting won't be a major venue for resolving the north korea question but it isn't a waste of time either if the clouds can part just a wee bit with a little bit of sunshine coming in then those countries are going to be necessary whether it's to talk about verification or whether it's to talk about new forms of economic assistance to north korea that could be part of the opening process the u.s. and canada have promised to brief china and russia on the discussions held here on tuesday it's not clear whether this gathering will have turned out to be instrumental or simply a side bar to diplomatic efforts at the u.n. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera vancouver. i think i have actual insists live now from
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the south korean capital seoul and kathy what is their reaction and been there. while these talks in vancouver were happening on that side of the pacific and here their entire career in talks that are going on at the border village of puntland on the third time the two koreas have sat down for talks in just over a week they've been discussing logistics and details around north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics including the size of north korea's delegation and the possibility that the two koreas may march together at the opening ceremony and also the possibility of a joint women's ice hockey team president says if that happens it would be a historic moment in the world will be moved so both sides seeming to want to push forward a peaceful message the north korean representative at these talks talked about better ties after a period of strained relations and the south korean vice unification minister has been once again talking about the prospect of peace olympics here's
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a little bit more from the vice unification minister. he told you the south the north should cooperate so that the north participation in the china lympics and paralympics not only make the upcoming event peaceful but also a cold tribute to the development of north relations and the establishment of peace on the korean peninsula. now these talks are ongoing what we're hearing a little bit about what has been proposed so far north korea wants to send a two hundred thirty member cheer squad to the winter olympics if that happens quite a bit of attention is likely to be focused on those cheerleaders they're often referred to in the media as the army of beauties and in fact kim jong un's wife used to be one of these cheerleaders and visited south korea in two thousand and five for an athletic event there north korea has also proposed to travel to south korea by land and it is also interesting really raised the possibility of a joint cultural event on. mount kumgang in north korea and also brought up
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a north korean ski resort we're not clear on exactly the details around of that but it's interesting that these issues be brought up by there's been no tourism from south koreans to mount in north korea since a south korean tourist was shot in two thousand and eight and north korea has been wanting to restart this kind of tourism that brought up the possibility back in two thousand and fifteen when the last talks were held those talks of course ended up breaking down and some analysts point to this issue of tourism in north korea as one of the reasons those talks may have broken down richelle kathy novak live for us in seoul cathy thank you as you heard earlier north korea's main allies russia and china were invited to the meeting has more from them dong near the north korea border and china. there's been stinging criticism here in china of this summit with the state run television the newspaper editorials criticizing what it says is
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a cold war mentality asking why the united states and its allies would want to jeopardize what seems to be an improving relationship with north korea right now there's a lot of concern here in china about how the use of naval forces to enforce these sanctions around the korean peninsula might play out leading to the possibility of some accidental encounter with north korean naval forces that might escalate very quickly or also the possible confrontations between the ships of the u.s. navy and its allies and the chinese navy and chinese merchant vessels around the korean peninsula as far as china's position is concerned it is implementing fully the u.n. sanctions but here at places like dandong one of the most important links with north korea have course ninety percent of north korea's trade goes through china it
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is still very busy with the kinds of commodities and foods and goods that china is allowed to trade with north korea but we are seeing evidence as far as the chinese authorities are concerned of clamping down on some of those activities and businesses that provide north korea money such as its north korean restaurants or companies that are trading in north korea but the suspicion is always that individuals and companies are simply changing their names or changing management structures as a way of getting around the sanctions. had on al-jazeera koster clinton his stance caroline harrington compares to swear in that state parliament with many elected members telling jail. hello there we've got
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a big storm system that's in store for europe at the moment is already pretty blustery pretty wintery over the northwest him pause you can see all the speckled clouds here that's plenty of snow showers that have been rattling in on some very very strong winds but if we head through the next few days you'll see what's in store for us so this is wednesday then strong winds yet more of those showers but as we head through wednesday and into thursday you see this system here galloping its way eastwards that's developing feature we'll see winds while over one hundred thirty kilometers per hour as a system borrows its way towards the east so very strong winds on that and also some very heavy snow even some parts of the u.k. lightly to have around twenty centimeters of snow from it as it gradually edges its way eastward so i'm a just system here there are likely to be reports of power outages and trees down as well for the east imposing we're generally a lot quieter here but we do have this weather system here this bringing us some rather intense outbreaks of snow as we head through thursday for the northern parts of africa generally a lot quieter for us here we have had
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a little bit of rain in the far western parts of our area but that's all fizzling out now and we're just seeing a little bit more in the way of clouds roll the breezy though so that we could be picking up a fair amount of sand and dust in hades. you're
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watching al-jazeera take out the top stories right now through an agency for palestinian refugees has warned that a cut in u.s. aid will threaten security across the region it follows an announcement by the trauma ministration that it will withhold half the financial systems that it allocated to that body. that decision astronomy angry reaction from the palestinian liberation organization says palestinian access to humanitarian services is not a bargaining chip but a u.s. and international obligation and twenty nations have agreed to push for tougher sanctions on north korea over its nuclear program after a summit in canada russia and china were not invited to the meeting which they say could jeopardize improving relations with pyongyang. and pakistan thousands of opposition supporters are expected to rally in the city of lahore demonstration
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it's being led by members of the pakistan of wanting to wreak already is still seeking justice for activists killed in clashes with police and two thousand and fourteen hyder is live for us in lahore so while the opposition is putting pressure on the parental government to step down what is it exactly that they want what is this all about. well as you may concern back in june brandi for dean the local police forwarded moved in wardour described as an n.b.a. and george when dr. ward where the goalposts roll god and the. edwards or whatever doesn't over the border gate with god looking for doug. that the board of major political party dead and gone including the people's party and. led by enron con. show of
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force to try and force the provincial government to step down it should be remembered that. while the fired as prime minister. did you go to defeating allegations that the opposition now turning the pressure on the chief minister and the provincial government so it always will be their member did it in the lake city and within the next seven months that gandhi were in the general election so the government of course questioning the opposition as to why they're doing this on the opposition demand that there has to be done and the government has to take that if one day. on the whore thank you hong kong's high court has sentenced pro-democracy activist josh along to prison for a second time for his role in protests in two thousand and fourteen he received a three month jail term for contempt of court lawyers and judges not to send him to
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present a lot over quest for an appeal is being considered good because hollande is in hong kong. now two of the sixteen being sentenced today are going to jail that's joshua wall and rafael wong both prominent leaders of the twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the rest have been given suspended sentences or fines joshua long was defiance before going into courts think i will go all the way but they have i what i really hope to do is if we need to face a prison sentence a question i'm going to fight for democracy in the future the charges stem from the two thousand and fourteen umbrella occupied movement when one of the protests sites not the main one was being cleared by police payloads had ordered the area to be cleared and according to the judge joshua was wrong rafael wong and the rest of them had resisted the police clearance and this is in criminal contempt of the
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courts while many skeptics are questioning why it's taken so long to sentence them particularly since they had pleaded guilty from the start joshua long rafael long though how political ambitions for joshua long he's facing other charges and he's already been sentenced to prison earlier in august he's currently out on bail fighting those charges a military court in thailand has decided not to prosecute a historian for insulting the monarchy so like so roscoe was arrested and charged as well after he commented on a battle that happened more than four hundred years ago a five year old has been in and out of court since two thousand and fourteen i stand by to defend i stand by i didn't choose. i don't stand by toshiba and what i said was people to use that will. thank you year just to pass i didn't ask you to believe me i give them credit for.
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historian as a scholar that's all i do taiwan's capital has been hit by a magnitude five point seven earthquake there were reports of buildings shaking in downtown taipei so metro lines had been stopped running to report so far and him in the world health organization is warning that an outbreak of a bacterial infection diphtheria is spreading quickly disease can cause breathing problems paralysis and even death from a seven hundred people have been infected forty eight have died in the past four months and the data are the worst hit of the one thousand regions affected there are some better news on the a front though the saudi led coalition says it will allow for cranes to begin operating at the port if the data will be used to offload food and medicine and as mohammed champion reports that can't come soon enough. amid the worst humanitarian crisis in the world what could be a sliver of hope these four to die no cranes which have just arrived at her data
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port in yemen funded by the united states agency for international development that will significantly increase the cost loading capacity here at the border to ease congestion and improve ultimately improve delivery of humanitarian and other supplies to the people who desperately need it across. the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in northern yemen is promising to allow the cranes to begin offloading food medicine and other basic necessities. there have been guarantees before but aid hasn't always flowed it can't come soon enough this is very welcome news twenty nine by far the left yemen they want to make the best not to give you what used to come and you know as i look into the
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matter. the international committee of the red cross stresses however that while aid is arriving in yemen it's not coming quick enough. in the city of tire is dozens of protesters demonstrated against what they said is government negligence government leaders are accused of failing to control the collapse of the national currency or protect yemenis from rising food prices the companies that you mention you need is not enough this is a country of twenty seven even so many different agencies. and hoot and meant it for the whole country what we need is for collusion. and the let will those inside fish at. the poorest country in the middle east is facing multiple crises the worst cholera epidemic ever recorded and a diptheria outbreak that is spreading quickly in a country with some of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world and where more than eight million people are on the brink of famine
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a new report by unicef details how children have been scarred by war and says that since the escalation of the conflict in march two thousand and fifteen three million children have been born in yemen that's approximately three thousand every day. unicef says more than eleven million yemeni children need humanitarian assistance just one of the many reasons why few believe the suffering of the yemeni people will end any time soon. spanish selected in the cattle on regional vote last month are to be sworn in later on wednesday of parliament's expected to be emptier than usual as many of those who won the saints are either in jail or self-imposed exile or face and credit on the following october is out lotsa session referenda as karl penhall reports. so far the chance of freedom for the prisoners have been ignored as catalonia. opens handful of elected separatist politicians remain in jail others fled abroad
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we've used demonstrations we are trying to. keep we can stay the flame you know but if someone things that cutler will give up they don't know cut the wounds the first time the members of parliament on wednesday is to choose a parliamentary speaker next to vote is needed for the new head of the county government but it's complicated madrid shut down this pollen oss talk tobar know rested capital and leaders for rebellion after they held a referendum to break away from the rest of spain. in a snap election last month the citizens party which favors remaining part of spain emerged as the biggest single party but a coalition of separatist parties. to form a ruling majority. ahead of the new session of parliament separatist politicians
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headed into closed door meetings the key concern seemed to be how to press ahead with the goal of breaking away from spain. obstacles are a constant issue we will have to look for new solutions but we have never rejected the idea of negotiations but the only thing that the spanish state offices is prison on direct rule the ousted catalan first minister. remains in self-imposed exile in belgium judges war he will be arrested if he returns to take his seat in the council and parliament separatist party say they will try to reinstate this first minister but the unity citizens' party fears that would aggravate the crisis. the separatists parties are used to breaking the law so it's difficult to know exactly what they will do next mr puts a. universe like in the movie the matrix. groups of schoolchildren continue to
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talk parliament this week to learn how you would make a building began assault weapons and ammunition store none of the guides were predicting what might happen in the next chapter in catalonia as political battle. al jazeera barcelona spain archaeologists and mexico have discovered what is. in the world. the connection between two caverns after months of exploring and underwater channels the cave is three hundred forty seven kilometers long. civilization. hears have also been recovered. these are the headlines on al-jazeera an agency for palestinian refugees has warned that a cut to u.s. aid will threaten security across the region that follows an announcement by the trumpet ministration that it will withhold half the financial assistance it is
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allocated to that body that decision has drawn an angry reaction from the palestinian liberation organization and says palestinian access to humanitarian services is not a bargaining chip but a u.s. and international obligation christopher gunness is the chief spokesman for unripe a maintains the organization has always been neutral when it comes to conflicts in the region. to the. neutral role do you really think that it would have had access. to the battlefields of syria in places like aleppo if there was any question about only trying to achieve the. standards which we rigorously uphold twenty nations have agreed to push for tougher sanctions on north korea over its nuclear program after a summit in canada russia and china more invited to that meeting which they say could jeopardize improving race relations with pyongyang. hong kong's high court has sentenced pro-democracy activist joshua wong to prison for
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a second time for his role in protests in two thousand and fourteen he received a three month jail term for contempt of court his lawyers have asked judges not to send him to prison while the request for an appeal is being considered. a military court in thailand has decided not to prosecute a historian for insulting the monarchy so what so civil rasika was charged after he commented on about all that happened more than four hundred years ago a five year old has been entered out of court since two thousand and fourteen. and yemen the world health organization is warning that an outbreak of the bacterial infection diptheria spreading quickly busies can cause breathing problems paralysis even death almost seven hundred people have been infected forty eight people died in the past four months the new data or the worst hit the one thousand regions affected spanish selected in the catalog. voted last month they are to be sworn in later on wednesday parliament's expected to be emptier than usual as many one seeds
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are either in jail or self-imposed exile. outlawed secession referendum. those are the headlines. story is next. it's impossible to estimate the size and scale of the economic crisis just about the billion. dollar a day it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to keep. the palestinian president has to suspend recognition of israel as a further expression of palestinian. decision on one of the consequences all times with israel and the palestinians have. the inside story.


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