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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the final series. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. risk is the education of half a million children one point seven million million food insecure people may not get food and cash the u.n. condemns washington's decision to slash aid for palestinians. catalonia a new parliament is said to be sworn in facing the threat of renewed direct rule from madrid. our nation's most remain united on sustaining pressure until north korea takes concrete steps calls for tougher sanctions a twenty nation meeting to discuss north korea's nuclear program. and i'm sorry a small top seed rafa nadal is three into the third round of the australian open while number to see caroline firstly actually survived a major scare to advance in melbourne i.
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now for the first time in its history the u.n. agency which provides funds for vulnerable palestinian refugees says faces a challenge in meeting its mandate to trump administration is confirmed it's withholding half of the one hundred twenty five million dollars it was going to give the body established in one thousand nine hundred forty nine is the united nation's longest running humanitarian program providing a lifeline for some five million palestinians but money is also distributed beyond the palestinian territory funneled to refugees in jordan lebanon and syria it goes . towards health care and education well the u.s. is under as largest single donor making up nearly thirty percent of its budget the european union the u.k. saudi arabia and germany are the other top donors but even before this latest cut the u.s. contribution was already drastically slashed down from a three hundred fifty million dollars donation last year i think added to james
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bays reports. after years of conflict and poverty millions of palestinians rely on they will be devastated by this announcement or an element of a they should not cut the aid people here are sick and poor and have nothing to support themselves people here can afford to buy bread so why does the us say it's taking this action it has long been a concern at this administrator near the end of the administration about an ra and how it handles itself and how it manages its money under the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees to give it its full title is one of the oldest agencies in the u.n. system founded almost seventy years ago the us has been its biggest funder providing money for among other things clinics schools and social services for palestinians beyond the borders of the territory long disputed by palestinians and israelis and neighboring countries jordan and lebanon it is not the un refugee
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agency u.n.h.c.r. that helps palestinians living in camps news of the cuts to the agency's funding started to emerge as a news conference by the un secretary general was underway in new york it's clear antonio could terrorists was not given advance notice by washington. i mean i've been in close contact with. what you are saying now i was not yet informed so no no official no i mean at all there might be something that i do not know because i mean it's impossible to kompany zings by the minute. until i was informed there was no official notification of the position but it might have up various a political as well as humanitarian dimension to this president trump has said he hopes to get the deal of the century between the israelis and the palestinians and yet this announcement hot on the heels of his recognition of jerusalem as the
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israeli capital has alienated one side making efforts to get the peace process back on track harder than ever james al-jazeera at the united nations or palestinian president mahmoud abbas has slammed donald trump calling the actions against his people sinful. the sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the u.s. has chosen to violate international law how can we trust is administrator how can we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them as mediators between us and the israelis emraan can has more reaction now from ramallah in the occupied west bank. there has been strong reaction already let me
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start with the palestine liberation organization what they've said is this once again the u.s. administration proves its complicity with the israeli occupation by attempting to remove another poem and status issue off the table the talking there about refugees now the p.l.o. central committee met on monday they issued a statement saying the u.s. was not an honest broker and privately what they say is that the u.s. is actually becoming part of the conflict by siding with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long called for the dismantling of underwear for the funding to be cut and the sixty five million dollars shortfall by the u.s. is going to have a huge impact here and we are expecting more reaction throughout the day already we've heard from you on the head of the norwegian refugee council he says he's disappointed and we've also heard from the u.n. secretary general himself saying that this is a u.n.
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agency and not a palestinian agency. holder has more now on how this decision will impact palestinians living the in the camp in lebanon. i wonder why the lebanese government n.g.o.s they were all warning of the dire consequences for refugees the funding is cut now it has become a reality and people are worried palestinian refugees are poor as you can see they live in so-called camps neighborhoods and there's really no infrastructure and palestinians are denied basic rights they're barred from working in many professions really is not a country that has welcomed them and that has provided them with the services that they need that is why the refugees rely on vital services this is just one of many clinics in the camp also run schools they provide relief they provide shelter to the refugees that is why many of them will tell you under what is our lifeline and already the organization was underfunded it had. a number of services already they
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used to have restaurants that provide meals that doesn't exist any longer and now with the new cuts they're expected to decrease the amount of services they provide for the refugees living conditions are so bad that more than half of the palestinians registered in lebanon have left the country from four hundred fifty thousand the latest census shows that there are one hundred seventy five thousand in lebanon many that made their way either legally or illegally to europe to find a better life so it's really a struggle living here many believe the decision to cut funding for a new wife parts of ministrations plan to eliminate their right to return because gives them legitimacy to their cause if owner was. no longer exists and their case falls under the u.n. h.c.r. then they move these to. third countries what the palestinian refugees want is the right to return to their homeland. in barcelona now the newly elected members of the cathy are about to be sworn in but some won't be at the ceremony because
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they're in jail in self-imposed exile ole being investigated for the role they played in last year's referendum to secede from spain. and whole joins us now live from boss alona so what will parliament be taking up on its first day back in business. will sammy the bell has gone and now being elected and members of parliament to the catalan parliament are beginning to take their seats for the opening session of the new parliament and from the outset this session is likely to turn to control of a seat remember that when the spanish prime minister mariano hoare using special powers called elections to the capital on parliament back in december he was hoping to change the balance of power in parliament and effectively end the cattle and crisis the effort by separatist politicians to break away from the rest of spain now that gamble did not pay off because right now separatist party still retain an
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absolute and controlling majority in the capital and parliament so this is likely really the opening of parliament today is really also likely to open a new chapter in what is already spain's biggest political crisis in the last forty years setting the spanish central government against the regional government of catalonia you also see in some of the pictures that we're seeing from inside the parliamentary session a number of yellow ribbons those placed on the empty seats to symbolize those separatist politicians who cannot be here today they were elected in december elections but they are either in self-imposed exile or currently in jail facing charges of rebellion and we are really going to have to watch closely to see exactly how this session can go ahead today but let's take a look at some of the background of what's been going on. so far the
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chants of freedom for the prisoners have been ignored as catalonia as parliament to be opened handful of elected separate as politicians remain in jail others spread abroad we demonstrations we are trying to. keep we can stay the flame you know burning if someone thinks that catalan will give up. the first task the members of parliament on wednesday is to choose a parliamentary speaker next to vote is needed for the new head of the cattle government but it's complicated madrid shut down this parliament last october rested catalan leaders for rebellion after they held a referendum to break away from the rest of spain in a snap election last month the citizens party which favors remaining part of spain emerged as the biggest single party but a coalition of separatist parties. to form
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a ruling majority. ahead of the new session of parliament separatist politicians headed into closed door meetings the key concern seemed to be how to press ahead with the goal of breaking away from spain. obstacles are a constant issue we will have to look for new solutions but we have never rejected the idea of negotiations but the only thing that the spanish state offers us is prison and direct rule the ousted catalan first minister. remains in self-imposed exile in belgium judges warn he will be arrested if he returns to take his seat in the council and parliament. separatist parties say they will try to reinstate this first minister but the pro unity citizens' party is that would aggravate the crisis. the separatists parties are used to breaking the law so it's difficult to know exactly what they will do next mr puts him on lives in
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a parallel universe like in the movie the matrix. groups of schoolchildren continue to talk parliament this week to learn how you will make building began assault weapons and ammunition store none of the guys were predicting what might happen in the next chapter in catalonia as political battle. now in the streets around this parliament building supporters of the separatist cause are beginning to gather a waving flags and chanting support for the separatists part separatist parties goal of trying to break away from the rest of spain and that is really what is that the core of the controversy here because the separatist politicians have not said that they will back away from that goal of breaking away from spain and the spanish prime minister has said if they try to push or push ahead with that he will continue to impose direct rule on this region all the signs are that this political
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crisis will rumble on the sami or our colleagues there for now good stuff. north and south korea are getting closer to finalizing the makeup of pyongyang delegation to the upcoming winter olympics the two sides are holding a third round of talks the recent meetings have seen a brief foreign relations following increased tension over the north korea's nuclear weapons program and discussed the possibility of having their athletes march under a unification flag during the opening ceremony. to show you the south the north should cooperate so that the north participation in the channel lympics and paralympics not only make the upcoming event peaceful but also a contribution to the development of north relations and the establishment of peace on the korean peninsula. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the world must be sober and clear eyed about the possibility of war with north korea he was speaking at the summit in canada where twenty countries agreed to push for tougher sanctions on pyongyang over its
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nuclear program told us and warned north korea it could trigger a military response unless it agrees to dialogue also in jordan reports from vancouver a show of diplomatic commitment in vancouver to ending north korea's nuclear weapons program but the meeting co-hosted by canada and the united states yielded just one new tactic for the fight an agreement to prevent so-called ship to ship transfers of outlawed goods to pyongyang on i think we all agreed together with our partners here that the timing has turned out to be really for to a test because we are seeing we we want to be clear headed we don't want to be in any way pollyanna it's about this but i think we collectively believe that the peaceful pressure is beginning to have an impact north koreans know our channels are open and they know where to find us but a sustained cessation of north korea's threatening behavior is necessary is
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a necessary indicator of whether the regime is truly ready to pursue a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the security threat that it has created. our nations must remain united on sustaining pressure until north korea takes concrete steps toward and ultimately reaches didn't. thank russia and china were excluded from the meeting only countries that supported seoul during the korean war were invited to the gathering in moscow and beijing said this one sided event could aggravate tensions however two of north korea's neighbors said now was a good time as any to tell people yong to abandon its nuclear ambitions we should not be naive about their intent nor should we be blinded by north korea's charm offensive in short it is not the time to pressure or to rework no
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it's career we stand ready to provide a brighter future for north korea if it makes the right choice analysts said the bank hoover meeting won't be a major venue for resolving the north korea question but it isn't a waste of time either if the clouds can part just a wee bit with a little bit of sunshine coming in then those countries are going to be necessary whether it's to talk about verification or whether it's to talk about new forms of economic assistance to north korea that could be part of the opening process the u.s. and canada have promised to brief china and russia on the discussions held here on tuesday it's not clear whether this gathering will have turned out to be instrumental or simply a side bar to diplomatic efforts at the u.n. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera vancouver well as you heard earlier north korea's main allies russia and china weren't invited to the meeting but my pride has mall from
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the north korean border with china. there's been stinging criticism here in china of this summit with the state run television the newspaper editorials criticizing what it says is a cold war mentality asking why the united states and its allies would want to jeopardize what seems to be an improving relationship with north korea right now there's a lot of concern here in china about how the use of naval forces to enforce these sanctions around the korean peninsula might play out leading to the possibility of some accidental encounter with north korean naval forces that might escalate very quickly or also the possible confrontations between the ships of the u.s. navy and its allies and the chinese navy and chinese merchant vessels around the korean peninsula as far as china's position is concerned it is implementing fully the u.n. sanctions but here at places like dandong one of the most important links with
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north korea of course ninety percent of north korea's trade goes through china it is still very busy with the kinds of commodities and foods and goods that china is allowed to trade with north korea but we are seeing evidence as far as the chinese authorities are concerned of clamping down on some of those activities and businesses that provide north korea money such as its north korean restaurants or companies that are trading in north korea but the suspicion is always that individuals and companies are simply changing their names or changing management structures as a way of getting around the sanctions. plans and also the car on the news hour including one of the most delicate foreign policy issues in the world part two of our series on dog trumps first year in office looks at north korea how trump has dealt with its nuclear ambitions plus a couple of our body but they caught our eye. words of defiance hong kong's
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pro-democracy leader says he won't be silenced by a jail sentence. and it sprawls we'll look at whether the for war loving nation of morocco is what it takes to land the sport's biggest event. the un is warning that somalia is facing a deepening humanitarian crisis with a prolonged drought expected to continue well into this year an estimated six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance across the country or drawn out armed conflict and consecutive poor rainy seasons have led to the crisis the u.n. estimates more than three point three million somalis lack access to food especially in the center and south of the country malnutrition has reached emergency levels especially among the nearly one million people internally displaced since september
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the threat of disease is widespread more than sixteen thousand measles cases and seventy seven thousand cholera cases reported in past year more than a thousand of those infected with cholera have died vincent les is a deputy u.n. deputy humanitarian coordinator for somalia joins us now live from nairobi kenya good to have you with us and outline some of the challenges facing the country but what exactly is the un's plan for two thousand and eighteen and facing that. united nations in somalia working with the government of somalia authority levels the national sub mission on levels working with n.g.o.s. put together a very very strong that was launched today by. of united nations and your son dormouse that plans to do three things to save the
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lives of somalis up to five point four million of them who need immediate humanitarian assistance us you have also mentioned out of that five point four million three point three adequate immediate assistance many of them are women and children the second the part is to strengthen them the capacity and the effect of ness of our systems and protection of the most vulnerable because many of them situations of of protracted abuse that they need assistance to my make their lives and the third one is to support the somali institutions to peer pull to work with humanitarians and to peer put the progressively take on accountability of their own people so we all respect you know if i could a if i could jump in here i mean i've read the u.n. plan a report that's been released or all those broad goals that you've stated but the
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devil is in the detail as they often say in a place which is as complicated and unstable as somalia is there an actual mechanism other than the broad goals you've mentioned for you to achieve all of that. yes yes yes there is in fact last year before humanitarian operations from. the you see here. half of last year leadership shifted almost fully to mogadishu the government of somalia working with partners who are planning together implementing together reviewing together assessing needs together and really engaging in the solving talent is that so many people face in different parts of the country not just the south and central but the whole of somalia because the drought and the near farm in conditions actually last year started from the north.
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and then on into south central and so we are working might much more effective you on the ground the better we have ever done in the past years where us drone attacks have increased dramatically in two thousand and seventeen as have casualties many of them civilians the u.s. president donald trump a few weeks after coming into office signed an order that makes it easier for military operations to take place without too much constraint for consideration of civilian casualties giving the rising carnage how confident are you that you're going to be able to secure and stabilize the humanitarian situation. indeed to the members of those who have been attacked the numbers of those that have been injured the numbers of those that have been killed in quite
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a time but there are two ways of looking at the numbers both truly high but it is also a reflection of affective males in getting to know the truth we are now on the ground we are able to see for ourselves we are able to count in the past we did not know as much as we did last year and that now going forward and so we are far far more of mr. mark curate they are more reflective of the reality than we have ever done in the past with estimates off them from outside the country all right thank you very much for your thoughts and vincent. to pro democracy activists have been taken into custody in hong kong over their role in protests in two thousand and fourteen joshua one was sentenced to three months in jail for contempt of court warning was given for a half months the judges declined to release them on bail one heel is being
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considered giving up holland is in hong kong. now two of the sixteen being sentenced today are going to jail that's joshua wall and rafael wong both prominent leaders of the twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the rest have been given suspended sentences or fines joshua long was defiant before going into courts think i will go all the way but they have no mind when we hope to do is if we need to face prison sentence westfield going to fight for democracy in the future the charges stem from the two thousand and fourteen umbrella are occupied movements when one of the protests sites not the main one was being cleared by police payloads had ordered the area to be cleared and according to the judge joshua was wrong rafael long and the rest of them had resisted the police clearance and this is in criminal contempt of the courts while many skeptics are questioning why it's
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taken so long to sentence them particularly since they had pleaded guilty from the start joshua long rafael long though how political ambitions as for joshua long he's facing other charges and he's already been sentenced to prison earlier in august he's currently out on bail fighting those charges. one of the few moments we'll have all the way that we have to but still ahead here on al-jazeera indonesia's government struggles with a health crisis that is that sixty children dead in four months and alcohol a just make a remarkable on the wall to discovery in mexico. well larry. i'm here not to tell someone but to tell every. victims of a u.s. team's gymnastics doctor confronting called of a sexual abuse details coming up with foreign support.
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from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. we have another spell of wet windy and when she weather making its way into the northwest of europe just around scotland wiles' pushing across the northwest area of europe they can see that speckling a shower cloud coming from harlem seen a fair bit of snow overnight going on into wednesday as is the case to into parts of scotland and see how those showers just line up from the northwest and dig their way right down into the heart of europe had a pharaoh covering of snow once again over the alps levon centimeters forty in the past twenty four hours and there's more snow to come here as we go through the next twenty four hours at snowy weather that we do have just making its way across scotland with the rain coming in behind will tend to fizzle out as we go through the remainder of wednesday when it's wednesday into thursday when we are going to see some very strong winds damaging winds coming in across england and wales
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pushing into the netherlands northern parts of germany say cross belgium as well so we could well see those winds gusting in excess of one hundred kilometers per hour as i said damaging winds moderate coming in behind that for what it's worth ten or eleven celsius down to the southeast in kona to some wet and windy weather pushing into that eastern side of the mediterranean so not looking too brilliant here then as well and maybe more when she flurries for the northwest on friday. there with sponsored by the time release. the controversial leader of islamic jihad he is one of the most wanted turns to history. come to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and being called in damascus the outcome is only this if someone tried to. keep the media to seemingly intelligent don't divulge to kill him in damascus at this time on al
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jazeera world the blowing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenge is going to be. men and women to the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. and come back you're watching out zero time to recap our headlines now the u.n.
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agency for palestinian refugees is warning of usaid will threaten security across the region it follows an announcement by the trump administration that it will withhold the financial assistance of how to allocate to the body catalonia its newly elected parliament is meeting for the first time since last year's vote from spain where some of the members at the ceremony because they're in jail in self-imposed exile being investigated for their role in the october referendum. twenty countries have agreed to push for tougher sanctions on north korea over its nuclear program after a summit in canada russia and china weren't invited to the meeting they say could jeopardize improving relations with. let's get more now on our top story and the u.s. decision to slash aid to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees col schembri is the middle east regional media adviser for the norwegian refugee council he joins us via skype from jordan good to
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have you with us so first of all what will this funding cut mean do you think in practical terms for the very many palestinian refugees and internally displaced people. there's a massive car that is being withheld at least for now and it is definitely going to have the west dating impact on millions of putting in refugees both in the west bank and gaza by going to jerusalem and then let alone jordan and syria to be out there are millions of them who for whom only one is the only life light they depend on the law for their food they do their children half a million children depend on them on the law for their education so there is definitely going to be a massive impact that we have yet to see holding on front of us on the ground and that's why we have erica the u.s. administration could have very pleased that mission and for other international donors to make up for the massive shortfall that has been left by the u.s.
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administration right now all right now the letter from the u.s. state department says the money will be withheld until unruh or makes changes as far as we know has the u.s. spelled out want changes all reforms it wants to make. well that's that's up to us to clarify but what i can say is that this is not the way to introduce any reforms you can't introduce reforms through blackmail and being how that gun point more than half the amounts needed to start the year are being withheld and this is this is punishing millions of impoverished palestinians across the region this is not all this is not the palestinian leadership this is some of the most who are living and poverty and and this is pushing them into further despair is this move in your opinion about burden sharing
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or is a politically motivated link to that threat which the us president made on january the second well i think it is outrageous that. this move so politically motivated so clearly transparent and it's what evasion is actually about cutting aid for those who need it that is not what we would expect from the world's largest humanitarian donor that's what we're seeing will come to expect of some of the most undemocratic regimes on earth. many palestinian refugees or internally displaced people say that they actually would prefer to go back to what they see as their homes and what is today israel or in lands which are under occupation by israeli authorities i mean is funding refugee camps an act of charity or is it a political act to keep palestinians away from going back and ending the jewish
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majority and wants to days well. well there is no question that the palestinian refugees the those who want to return and have the right to resign that's a political process that needs to be carried out and needs to be discussed but what we're seeing today this is not the way to go about any changes to that to the status quo there are talks that need to be has on the political level that we want that spec the european union also to step up its discussions on the location between the israelis and the palestinians what is providing now it is the number one stop provide our service provider for palestinian refugees that is nobody has no other agency or no other organization that can provide the services it is providing right now we had the norwegian refugee council who worked very closely
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with all the law and refugee camps in lebanon and gaza on the west bank we provide psychosocial support for children but the bulk of the sedative that are provided by under law from reconstruction of this house and guards down to education to food and basic supplies for refugees in lebanon on who live in very harsh conditions nobody as can provide that life now so cutting the funding without providing any other solutions any of that was done and there's a complete their responsibility or a good to get your thoughts on that thanks so much caution very. regularly now the israeli prime minister says the u.s. embassy could be moved to jerusalem much sooner than expected benyamin netanyahu was expecting the mission to be relocated from tel aviv within a year however last month secretary of state rex tillerson said the move could take at least three years. u.s.
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president dollars from his marking one year in office in a few days so we're looking into how these administration has fared so far one of its biggest foreign policy challenges has been north korea in the second of all five part series kathy novak reports from seoul. it was a year that saw the leaders of the united states and north korea exchanging threats of nuclear war and some rather undignified insults donald trump called the north korean leader a little rocket man kim jong un dubbed the us president a mentally deranged dotard they boasted about their nuclear buttons. the u.s. mainland is within the range of a nuclear strike and as you can hear bolton is put on the desk in my office at all times and sparked fears the korean peninsula could be edging closer to war they
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will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen it certainly has elevated the level of tension on the peninsula president trump has made this issue his most important foreign policy issue so it has brought a lot of attention globally. during trump's first year in office north korea launched its first successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles demonstrating that its weapons could reach the united states it conducted its biggest ever nuclear bomb test and late last year declared its weapons development program was complete in response the u.s. successfully pushed for tough u.n. sanctions including a cap on north korea's petrol supplies. other countries in this region have been faced with a delicate balancing act signed us supported the u.n. sanctions but was unwilling to cut off north korea's oil supply completely and
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south korea has been pushing a dual campaign of pressuring the north while continuing to promote dialogue with the new year came a shift for the first time in more than two years the two koreas sat down for official talks and agreed north korea would attend the winter olympics next month the south korean government is now engaging with the north korean government and dialogues and north korean delegation visiting south korean ferry so we're in a very different place than what people thought even two three six months ago so what happens next south korean president monday and thanked donald trump for helping bring about the talks and both say they would be willing to sit down with kim jong un under the right circumstances though trump has previously said any talks with north korea would be a waste of time mixed signals from his administration and even the fact that a year on he hasn't appointed an ambassador to south korea has some analysts
1:40 pm
questioning what trump's policy on north korea really is kathy novak al jazeera so . next report on thursday will be looking at the sexual misconduct allegations that followed trump since the election campaign. and on saturday will have a one hour special at seven hundred g.m.t. looking back at first year in office what to expect in the second year. saudi arabia's king salamanders agreed to transfer two billion dollars to yemen central bank to prop up the country's currency the kingdom's government communication office made the announcement a short time ago the yemeni government officially requested the cash infusion tuesday the emily reale crash to about five hundred to the dollar this week yemen has endured nearly three years of civil war between the internationally recognized government of president obama and saud had the back by saudi arabia and the iran allied who sees. in pakistan thousands of opposition supporters are expected to
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rally in the city of the whole demonstration is being led by members of the pakistan army to have faulty still seeking justice for activists killed in clashes with police in two thousand and fourteen it's going to come out highways lie for us from that rally in the hall so how things shaping up there come on. where tell me i can tell you. that a larger role forged by the combined opposition parties who have rallied behind title three a mainstream political party the budget people's party. led by out if i need their diary. conj. lobby all major political party for the lawmen. you can see the road. i did by far the largest show i died in a year and by the opposition richard rarely agreed to even did. this particular
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case they're all united and they're demanding for the resignation of the provincial energy vendor relative robin to. me. thanks so much come out higher than. the indonesian government has admitted it's been too slow to respond to a health crisis in the eastern province of pop-y. hunger and the measles outbreak in remote areas have claimed the lives of more than sixty children in just four months service and reports from jakarta. three year old three c. a b. were died weighing only six kilograms less than half the healthy body weight a child her age like other malnourished and seriously ill children of the us might drive and she traveled with her mother many hours to get to
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a clinic trying to save her life but there are only nine doctors who are available for more than two hundred villages in this warm covered area in the south all of them are based in the district's capital hours away from their patients the outbreak of measles started in september and spread quickly because only a few children have been immunized many died because their undernourished bodies were not strong enough to fight the disease the government admits its response has been too late. or. yes what we have done is not enough but let's not focus on who is in the wrong let's focus on how to solve it because we are dealing with this reality right now we thought our colleagues in pop were could handle it but it turns out they need help and to be pushed more that's what we're doing now. since popper became part of indonesia in the one nine hundred sixty s. power plants have often criticised the government from a collector in the far eastern province
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a small army movement has been fighting for independence and many have died because of military filings over the years to bring peace to government more autonomy and improved its infrastructure. to what is happening to be as much as it jakarta does not care enough about papa despite building roads and the development we have seen since we got more autonomy poppins don't feel their lives have been proved. the government has called the measles outbreak an extraordinary situation and i sent food and medical teams to the area also flying doctors and the military have been called in to help but due to the remoteness of the affected villages many fear for some help will be too late children dying of hunger and disease are a huge blow to president last fall to stop military fire from bringing welfare to the despite his frequent visits to this restive profit this tragedy painfully shows
1:45 pm
that a lot more needs to be done to reach the traditional inhabitants of step fasten al-jazeera . in thailand story and prosecuted for insulting a sixteenth century former king has had his case dismissed so i question the official account of the king's role in elephant battle more than four hundred years ago thailand has strict laws to protect the monarchy eighty five year old scholar welcome the move records decision but refuses to apologize for the spirit in ancient history. i stand by that effect i stand by the truth. i don't stand by for those who. and what i said was i asked people to use their own. criteria just to pass i didn't ask you to believe me i keep them various types s o . s s s s right as a historian as a scholar that's all i have to. and was told to be the world's largest on the wall
1:46 pm
to cave has been discovered in mexico and it's around three hundred fifty kilometers long a team of archeologists divers found human bones and pottery from a thousand years ago scientists are hoping to piece together a clearer on the standing of the ancient mayan civilization told china jan reports . deep underneath the state of kuantan a ruined northeast mexico near the sandy beaches of ken kuhn the tourist resort on the caribbean coast scuba divers explore what they say is the world's longest and largest underwater cavern of the fifty you're. stretching for three hundred forty seven kilometers the freshwater caverns are known as sea noted dust off course. the maze of underwater channels is not only extensive but also deep up to one hundred meters in some spots. on the sea and to see not these muscle meaning of the scene there are about two
1:47 pm
hundred underwater caves in the secretary a system which we thought could be connected but we were not sure of that so now we know about the collection and the flows of water while the way the city can put them into the way. scientists think the kids were used as a source of fresh water during the ancient maya civilization divers began exploring the mayan our coffers in the one nine hundred eighty s. mayans considered the cave sacred the portal to talk with the gods in north down a northern me a mother yourself it gives us a wonderful perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and how the ancient mayans developed it allows us to understand more clearly the rituals and the pilgrimage sites and finally the great pretty hispanic settlements that we know of which run along this cave system. at the peak of their civilizations in the six to ten centuries mayans master agriculture mouth's and the strong to me as well as building hospitals and sporting arenas and they're credited with. calendars and
1:48 pm
discovering chocolate. mayans abandoned their cities around one thousand years ago when spanish explorers arrived hundreds of years later they found most cities overgrown. this discovery by divers deep underwater may shed more light on what happened above so long ago. so had an al-jazeera one for all time greats makes a major decision to follow in school.
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our sports fans follow us help us catch up on the games thank you so much sammy top seed rafa nadal has east through his second round of the australian open the spaniard who was beaten finalist here last year thrash leonardo mayor of argentina in straight sets the thirty one year old's performance had a big slight wobble in the final set but came out a six three six four seven six winner in adelle's bid for a seventeenth grand slam title continues against boston and did near zero hurt in third round. joe wilson song of france was taken to five sets by canadian teenager demist shop alone in the second round the thirty two year old former runner was beaten by the eighteen year old in the second round of last year's us open saw was akin to let that happen again he came back in the cider after trailing five two to close a victory. over
1:51 pm
in the women's strong number two seed caroline wozniak he survived a real scare in the second round the former world number one was up against melbourne park debutant a young effect that gratian ranked one hundred and nineteen in the world won the opening set and thirty three minutes was a akki they'll fall back to take the second and then same to match point as she battled back from five one down decider to close out the match three six. six to seven. and i just thought to myself you know what at this point. don't make her a winner. don't give it to her. when i remember someone had to first threw out her hair you know i'm still for formal ball somewhere in a room on our home or in the game so i'm so i'm just transparent process phones.
1:52 pm
fifteen year old martin has continued her unbelievable run in melbourne she beat australian wild card. in the second round the ukrainian becomes the youngest player to reach a ground slam third round since million at least we're only at the one thousand nine hundred seven u.s. open she'll face compassionately missed lena in the next round. african nations championship post morocco were getting ready for their second match on wednesday as they take on guinea the north african country are hoping that if they successfully host this event they can move on to a bigger challenge by staging the twenty twenty six feet for world cup reports from casablanca. these were the scenes eight years ago when south africa hosted the world cup and in eight years the continent could once again welcome football's biggest showpiece. morrocco has surprised everyone no with their last minute bid to
1:53 pm
organize the twenty twenty six edition and the man in charge of african football has given the country his full backing. cinnabon and this is our hope and dream because it is unfair that a great continent like africa has only been allowed to organize one world cup in a century i think it is legitimate for us to want one of our countries to make this commitment and i'm myself as a president and committed to join in this bid and. the twenty twenty sixth edition there is the first expanded the world cup consisting of forty eight countries this newly renovated one hundred the fifth stadium here in cousin blanka could be a showpiece venue but morocco has to prove it can handle such a big event it's building a good track record right now by hosting the continent second biggest tournament the african nations championship it's also staged the bigger africa cup of nations
1:54 pm
and the francophone games which featured one thousand seven hundred athletes and although morocco faces a stiff competition from a joint usa canada and mexico bid this confidence within the country that they can deliver the debate with we are facing is is is very hard you know we are competing against strong economies we're competing against america canada and mexico but then as i said. so to system has changed a lot of things have changed so has has changed during the last years basically in terms of infrastructure we are seeing more and more developments in the north african country has already had full failed bids you know. we see that morocco has perfectly organized the african nations championship and it can host the world cup in twenty twenty six moroccan football is on the rise russia twenty eighteen will be the first world cup for twenty years and they'll be hoping they can make it
1:55 pm
fifth time lucky with this bit of. sun hamlisch al-jazeera casablanca world. one of the all time greats ronald dino has retired from professional football according to is ancient the thirty seven year old has been without a club since two thousand and fifteen when he left brazil to see the movie brings to end a hugely decorated career ronaldinho won the world cup with brazil in two thousand and two in addition to league titles in italy and spain and the champions league. ninety eight victims of sexual abuse by usa team doctor larry nasser have begun giving statements to a court as a judge prepares to sentence him for his crimes the former gymnastics team doctor pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual abuse in november but since then many more victims have come forward including four time olympic gold medalist small files who released a statement on monday revealing she was also a victim following us eighteen members sally rosman mckayla maroney and gabby
1:56 pm
douglas who were also abused been sentenced to sixty years in prison for child pornography charges but his victims now hope their statements to the judge at this hearing will prevent him from ever being released. for years mr now start convinced me that he was the only person who could help me recover from multiple serious injury to me he was like in may and shining armor but alas that shame blinded me from the abuse he betrayed my trust to get bandages and sexually abused me hundreds of times. in the chelsea told me. the local. transit was rigged. you could see was. sexual abuse is so much more than disturbing physical act it changes the trajectory
1:57 pm
of a victim's life and that is something that no one has the right to do. after my parents confronted you. they brought you back to my house speak with me. sitting in my living room couch i listen to you tell me no one should ever do that and if they do you should tell someone well larry. i'm here not to tell someone but to tell everyone. olympic gold medalist sally rosman has criticised usa gymnastics for failing in their duty of care towards her and her fellow victims even now reisman says the organization is not doing enough to support them usa gymnastics is ignoring us they're not creating change so we have to share our stories and reiterate how traumatized you are how horrible this is and hopes to listen to us i mean i don't know how many more girls have to come forward for them
1:58 pm
to care i mean we're it's over one hundred forty gymnast and those are just girls that have spoken up you know there are still others out there on fortunately and those girls if they don't feel comfortable they don't have to come forward no one has to do everyone copes of the differently and so you know it's just it's devastating i don't know why they haven't created more change i don't know why they haven't asked us for help but they happen. and that's all your support for alice sent me back to you. that's it for me for this news about rashad is back in a couple of minutes we've bored you.
1:59 pm
right. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. not peace here i mean you could see
2:00 pm
edition going to give one of their banking and kind of money i sill and afghanistan to some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority they have just seen the also chose to live and set it up for that they did such a thing called the islam they were only that way but. unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. the. risk is the education of off many of children one point seven million million food insecure people may not get food and cash they don't condemn.


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