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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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this is history in the making. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. and we made it clear that it was a pledge it was not a guarantee. more aid trouble for palestinians the u.s. spends of forty five million dollars payment of un food fun.
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and other america isles out of there alive from doha also coming up washington tells turkey not to attack a kurdish held enclave in syria. the un warns war than a quarter of a million children in war torn south sudan face starvation. and donald trump marks one year in office we'll look at the impact of his foreign policy on the middle east. the u.s. says it will withhold a forty five million dollars payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees and has not set a new date for paying it the money which was a mark for food aid was promised last month. at the time when we provided that note that information to honor we made it clear that it was a pledge it was not
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a guarantee and that it would need to be confirmed later at this time we will not be providing that but that it does not mean i want to make it clear that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future all this follows another announcement earlier this week where the trump administration cut in half the twenty five million dollars dollars that allocated to the un relief and works agency for policy in refugees better known as. it's a massive reduction from last year when the us gave more than three hundred fifty million dollars in aid to palestinians under obama most of that went to the un's palestine agency on what helps pay for the education of more than half a million palestinian children in over seven hundred schools it funds more than nine million doctors visits and almost one hundred and fifty primary health clinics in total has helped an estimated five million people living in camps in the occupied west bank gaza strip jordan lebanon and syria under simmons joins us live now from ramallah in the occupied west bank account with this latest
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amounts with of forty five million dollars is specifically for food aid so what's the impact going to be of withholding that money. well it's going to be colossal because the u.s. is the biggest foreign provider under the mandate really of the international community that this whole system has been set up with which is serving the most vulnerable people in the position here for palestinians in terms of food aid forty five million may not start a huge amount of the big picture of international aid but it is very big in terms of this fund because let's just set the context we had a position in an emergency appeal for the west bank in gaza and the united states state department made a pledge only last month that it would provide forty five million now it's
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withdrawing that pledge as you heard there the state of the spokesman there saying quite clearly that this was not definitely going to be a cut it was being withdrawn so that decision could be with with reversed but we have a position where this is coming on top of swinge in cuts already announced back last tuesday against the agency which has been a target of the israeli administration in terms of its role within particularly guards aware in a series of conflicts it's actually being targeted by u.s. forces which is a major. controversy over that in terms of targeted in the sense that it's been targeting a elements of resistance which the israeli administration says has been present in buildings and so on but basically this is affecting more than five million refugees and this is really really colossal so on jerry the thousands of see already angry
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at the u.s. over its recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital how are these particular moves being received. well we get this is quite hot off the press so to speak we have yet to hear the official response of the united nations agency we will get that maybe within the next hour but i really care only guarantee that it will be even more of a shock response than we heard from the sixty sixty five million cuts that were announced previously we will hear really the line being pushed particularly by the p.l.o. . that basically netanyahu policy is just now being effectively moved over to the u.s. state department and transmitted with a big forte and you know the position here now is that this actual agency is really formed by the wishes of the international community to help the most
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disadvantaged palestinians in the world yet it's being targeted now not only by the israelis but by trump himself that's the interpretation here and greedy the actions of the u.s. in the past week alone do indicate that they have got it in for what is a very important part of the welfare structure for palestinians in this part of the world ok andrew salmon is joining us live there from thanks randi. the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to proceed with a planned offensive against a kurdish held enclave and syria to his forces are massing on its southern border in preparation of action against the kurdish y.p. and train turkey sees the wipe each as a terrorist group but it's been a key ally for the us elsewhere in syria so i think back as more from. the turkish
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army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border present one has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost a week now there has been sporadic shelling. inside africa and thousands marched on thursday in protest to turkey's aggression in the of the north the goal of this large demonstration is to send a message to the world and especially to turkey concerning the turkish threats we will not be a fright. we came here to protest against the attacks on offering we will stand by a free and outreach that. is one of three autonomy as kurdish enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p why do party and its armed when the why p.g. turkey sees the why p.g. is an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the us in europe consider a terrorist organization but the white p.g. has been working with the u.s. to push ice a lot of syria not enough lean but further east of the euphrates river the
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americans have never had a presence in africa but the russians do and often has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and it hosts tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians it will let you know after you have been there for quite a long time through like you know. a serious shortage or turkey but they are going to probably need it this kind of nationalistic. you know rhetoric and use its military in order to be able to gain more street. with the upcoming elections in. you know so the starting. tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s. announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the wife will form its backbone not.
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a terrorist organization but through. this be acceptable it is unacceptable and inexplicably but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the us role has been misplaced trade and turkey is owed an explanation he says the build up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria's war think ankara moscow and damascus have all voice their opposition to the force once again it highlights the complicated nature of syria's war isis been pushed out of most of the territory that it once held and so the battlefield is becoming perhaps even more complicated with each side trying to carve out its fear of influence and it seems the syrians are the ones that hold the least sway of stephanie decker al-jazeera and. the broader u.s. administration appears to have been sending mixed messages about the force they're
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planning in syria where the pentagon is saying one thing and the state department saying something very different correspondent patty culhane has more. the long term goals of u.s. policy in syria have been a bit muddled but the secretary of state rex tillerson is trying to make one point crystal clear u.s. forces are not leaving united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring that isis cannot reemerge our military mission in syria will remain conditions based its main focus training a local force but that has enraged turkey who see those they are teaching why p.g. fighters as a grave threat to their security turkey says that is why its forces are massing at the border prompting this warning from the u.s. we would call on certainly on the turks to not take any actions of that sort here's what caused the concern this statement from the u.s.
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military writing quote the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force the statement repeatedly refers to training a border security force thirty thousand strong raising concerns in turkey that they could have no thomas region now secretary tillerson says it isn't a border force that in his words has been mis portrayed mis described former u.s. ambassador to syria robert ford says that's ridiculous that the us trained force would have course control the border they're just ignoring the turkish concern they know what their concerns are they just don't care basically they're making a bet that turkey will not walk too far away from its longstanding alliance with the united states they are making that bet the us but in the turkey's leaders will be angry and not act whether that turns out to be true will depend in large part on what the leader of russia says not tillerson or trump pedicle hain al-jazeera
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washington. meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister says his military forces will attack any turkish jets flying over the kurdish held region he made the comment shortly before turkish heads of intelligence and military leaders arrived in moscow to discuss the use of syrian air space to have them all together to clear we warn that the syrian air defenses restored all its capacity and power and is ready to destroy turkish targets in the skies of the syrian arab republic this means that in any case particularly force it won't be made. a new exactly director of the un's children agency unicef has warned for hundreds of thousands of children in south sudan may die if emergency action isn't taken to boost food security ongoing fighting between the forces loyal to the president and rival fighters loyal to his deputy continue to devastate the country millions have
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been displaced. says two point four million children have been forced to flee their homes as the conflict began in two thousand and thirteen more than two thousand children have been killed nineteen thousand have been recruited into armed groups with at least one in three schools damaged or close more than seventy percent of children are not getting an education in his have to rector henrietta four who is visiting the country told al-jazeera the civil war is also causing widespread malnutrition. the islands has meant that many of the farmers have run away from their fields their trade to do the farming and as result there is just not food in the markets we've just ended the harvest season and we're now into the dry period and the lean period and it means that there is just less food less water to be found we are very worried that a quarter of a million children are going to be facing death that it's year before the next harvest in july so it is
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a serious male nutrition problem yesterday we were up in some of the camps where the mothers and children are coming to see if there's malnutrition and the acute and some of the beer now nutrition is it's growing stronger so it's a continuing crisis and it's one the world needs to think about and to do something about it's it's serious here in south sudan so i have. arrived in peru for the second leg of south america. and i may just storm blows through europe at least nine people and travel. how i was still got some rather blustery winds parting it's
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a north western parts of europe at the moment you can still see this i recount which has made its way across the british isles and across the like countries into germany that's the one that brought those really stormy conditions quite a few trees down power outages and some travel disruption as a result of that looking at a blustery day as we go on through friday but nowhere near as as windy as it has been over the past twenty four i was ill so temperatures will struggle to get about seven right celsius that for london and paris still space place the snow without some snow to its aced in areas now down to the southeast across the bases out of the med it will brighten up nicely the wet weather still be a little bit heavy recently now in the process of pulling away what it was there into positive rumania easing up into the ukraine for the north modify the top temperature in moscow still the snow over the alps in the covering that once again it's a matter what the making its way down across the good parts of france but it should be kwacha across england wales and scotland as we go on into the weekend but
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aquatics northern parts of africa quite keen really when i was in the northeast there's a seventy celsius in benghazi and colorado and a similar value with the cloud it ripped.
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hello again you're watching out of there as reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. says it will withhold a forty five million dollars payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees money which was mocked for food aid was promised last month this is on top of a sixty five million dollars and this week. not to go ahead with a planned offensive against the cutter's held enclave in syria his forces are preparing to move against the p.g.a. in the border district. and the un's children's agency unicef has warned hundreds of thousands of children in south sudan may die unless emergency action is taken to boost food security. pope francis has arrived in peru in the midst of
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a domestic political crisis and a sexual abuse scandal involving the catholic church tens of thousands of his followers lined the streets of lima as he passed through the capital is the second and final leg of his south american tour bruce leader has appealed to the pontiff to help was over a political crisis following the pardon given to former president alberto fujimori . is also expected to address the vatican's handling of a sexual abuse case involving the leader of a powerful catholic organization and peru. has has more from lima. pope will be spending the night in early on friday he will be heading to mali the u.s. an area in the amazon that is a very important visit for the pope since this is an area that has been devastated by illegal miners and the pope been a champion of a healthy environment around the world will he will be visiting this place is a place at least very important for him and he will be meeting some of the
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indigenous communities members of the indigenous communities there he will be presiding a religious ceremony on sunday were a million and a half people are expected to attend before he heads back to rome. some people have been protesting here the visit of the pope the vatican is protecting one man who is the leader or he was the leader of a very important religious organization his accusers of committing sexual abuse against the young men and so before. the pope arrived in peru he asked the vatican to intervene this is a religious organization called the slowly sume however people are angry at the
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pope that this hasn't been done before and so people are protesting but the government has said that no protests will be allowed and that anyone protesting will risk being detained. france and britain have signed a treaty and speeding up the processing of migrants in the french port of cali agreement came during a meeting between prime minister to british prime minister trees in may in the french president emanuel mark the two leaders so also pledged to continue cooperating on security matters after the u.k. leaves the european union joined a whole report from sunday in the u.k. . we're better to talk defense and security cooperation than britain's world famous scientist military academy. the british army may not be the global force it once was but france and britain are still the main e.u. military powers just one of many things in common that these two leaders say they are keen to preserve post breaks it while this summit takes place is the u.k.
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prepares to leave the e.u. we are and will remain a steadfast partner to our friends and allies and a strong and deep relationship between the united kingdom and france remains in both our interests. the president and i agree on the importance of the u.k. france relationship not just to our security but to european security they also share a border on the french side including the sometimes troubled port of kalai and a border agreement that emanuel initially had said he wanted to tear up instead britain will pay tens of millions of dollars more towards reinforcing it and helping france deal with the burden of migrants and refugees trying to reach britain it is mr mack rahm's nod in the direction of common interests and continued close future ties. there are two things that cannot be changed our history and our geography these cannot be impacted by changes in the institution or office we are
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facing common challenges and we share the same destiny. the two sides also promised to help each other in their foreign military operations british helicopters to help france's fight against eisel and al-qaeda in north africa french assistance in securing the e.u. use eastern borders with russia but the real focus of attention here is as much defense as it is diplomacy it is the u.k. government trying to forge a close future relationship with france inside the e.u. when britain is out. as bricks of negotiations enter their most difficult stage trade talks there may well be more of this sort of treatment of e.u. leaders britain trying to maintain influence while it still can and relevance when it's all over. al-jazeera at sandhurst. russian opposition
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leader has suffered a new setback as he tries to reverse a ban preventing him from running in this year's presidential election russia's constitutional court is refusing to review a complaint lodged by novelli who was barred from the race because of a fraud conviction he says the charges were politically motivated present that in a person is widely expected to win a fourth term in march. saturday will mark one year since donald trump took the oath of office becoming the forty fifth president of the united states and i want to take a look at how his presidency has embarked says the middle east. it was the first time that saudi arabia had been chosen by a u.s. president for his do overseas trip donald trump in the saudi leadership wanted to reset relations is strange to under the obama administration particularly over iran
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the u.s. and the saudis are traditional allies but it's clearly a new relationship that he has closely a great have been so bad in saudi arabia that he has literally tweeted that. a trade prince of saudi arabia enjoy his twenty two co-defendants so he has essentially given them a diplomatic blank check and that is why many believe saudi arabia along with the united arab emirates behind in egypt miscalculated when they imposed an air sea and land blockade on qatar seven months ago qatar denies accusations of backing terrorist organizations trump and initially supported the blockade before the white house shifted its position very much on the side of saudi arabia and i think. he has simply gone ahead with whatever his son in law. transmitted to him and terms of messages between hama been so mine and himself and at the beginning he demonstrated that he knew very little as to the strategic importance of qatar to the united states trump has more than once shown a lack of knowledge not just about u.s.
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interests while meeting lebanon's prime minister saad had e.d. he seemed confused about the role of has been lost lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against isis al qaeda and hezbollah hezbollah is a part of the government it's also backed by iran iran has been the common denominator between the trumpet men. the saudis and the israelis but so far there doesn't seem to be a clear strategy on how to confront iran they are. there in iraq and in syria. has been. very very good. penman an american military presence. in syria but it is likely that iran has made a major influence there. u.s. troops were deployed in the kurdish region of syria to assist in the fight against
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i so the coalition says the american personnel will stay and help create a border security force of thirty thousand kurdish troops the u.s. policy is to contain iran and it is using its only leverage in syria the kurds to try to do that. trump doesn't have a new policy for syria he inherited his predecessor nor direct military intervention but he doesn't want the russians iranian regime to declare victory the u.s. is not in a position to confront what it wants to postpone addict a ration of victory what he didn't postpone however was his campaign pledge but today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's capital with this highly controversial move overturned decades of u.s. foreign policy in the middle east but one year in what this administration thinks its policies in the region will ultimately achieve clear.
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violent storm swept across europe. gale force winds that knocked down trees thousands without power. the storm pummeled western europe with hurricane like force here the wind rips a roof off of a building in the netherlands and peels off the side of a house with severe weather alerts were issued in the netherlands as gale force winds reached one hundred forty kilometers an hour people were urged to stay home for their own safety. and those who did venture outdoors were struggling to keep their feet on the ground but it didn't deter this daredevil who saw the high winds as an opportunity to go for the ultimate kite surfing experience the storm is causing travel chaos hundreds of flights were grounded and in germany all long
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distance rail services were suspended. boy there is a danger that trees will fall into the overhead wires and there's a danger that trees will block lutes we know from past experience with extreme weather conditions that it's better to keep the trains in so much stations where we can but to take care of passengers in between stations power outages hits tens of thousands of people in germany belgium and another lands and roads were blocked by fallen trees and debris high winds and heavy snow also hit parts of the u.k. scotland is dealing with power outages and dangerously icy roads but the storm isn't losing strength it's moving across the continent with eastern europe in its sights happenstance all al-jazeera. now from robots serving up your coffee to a digital chamoun these are just some of the latest give exxon offer us a new terminal at seoul's international airport it's opening comes to the head of the winter olympics and you can handle around eight hundred million people
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a good thing about what's take a look. this is the brand new terminal at inchon international airport the main gate way for people arriving here in south korea travelers are testing out technology that's been introduced to make their experience more efficient and a bit more fun. as in any airport there are plenty of places to grab a coffee but for something a little different why not order a latte from the robot barista for those who may want to work out after hours of sitting on a plane there are selection of active games at the digital gym and to take the flying experience to the next level strap in for some virtual reality based jumping . or hummer option passengers can sit in the indoor garden and take in a musical performance or experience some examples of traditional korean culture. before boarding their flights travellers can come and check out some of the artworks on display this interactive piece has taken traditional works and
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digitally enhanced them to be projected on the curved screen it's. just one of a number of installations scattered around the terminal this new addition to the airport will help cater to all of the visitors who will be coming to south korea for the winter olympics the olympic organizing committee estimates almost four hundred thousand foreigners will travel here for the winter games. well the olympic flame has been carried across the unification bridge between north and south korea after the two countries agreed to send a unified team of knees to the two thousand and eighteen winter games next month will reach its final destination on the ninth of february when it will light the cauldron at the opening ceremony and. go without a zero these are all top stories the u.s.
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says it will withhold a forty five million dollars payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees the money which was for food aid was promised last month this is on top of a sixty five million dollars announced this week. the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to go ahead with a planned offensive against a kurdish held enclave in syria has forces a preparing to move against the kurdish y p g in the border district. the un's children's agency unicef has worn hundreds of thousands of children in south sudan may die unless emergency action is taken to boost food security ongoing fighting between forces loyal to the president and rival finds as loyal to his deputy continues to devastate the country. well has meant that many of the farmers have run away from their fields their trade to do the farming and as a result there is just not food in the markets we just ended the harvest season
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we're now into the dry period and the lean period and it means that there is just less food less water to be found we are very worried that a quarter of a million children are going to be facing death it's year before the next harvest in july russian opposition in a valley has suffered a new setback as he tries to reverse a ban preventing him from running in this year's presidential election russia's constitutional court is refusing to review a complaint lodged by novelli who was barred from the race because of because of a fraud conviction tens of thousands of people have lined the streets of peru's capital lima to welcome the pope on the final leg of his south american tour has appealed to the pontiff to help resolve a political crisis following the pardon given to former president but of preaching mari. and at least nine people have been killed in a major storm lashing northern europe winds of up to one hundred forty kilometers
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an hour the netherlands causing trains and flights to be canceled those are your headlines i'll be back with more news on al-jazeera that's after inside story. america's controversial president continues to polarize opinions. do solemnly swear marking one year since he was sworn into office al jazeera brings you a special program about the impact president has had at home and around the globe. on al-jazeera. under the same flag at the winter olympics but will sports diplomacy between north and south korea extend to politics and the burning issue of nuclear weapons or is kim jong un exploiting concerns about america on the unpredictable donald trump this is inside story.


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