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tv   ISIL And The Taliban  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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mentoring. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. a matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in afghanistan's capital kabul taking hostages the interior ministry says two of the gunmen have been killed a special forces attempt to take control of the intercontinental hotel jennifer
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glass has this update from couple. afghan special forces have been clearing the hotel floor by floor trying to find the gunman and get and evacuate staff and guests from the intercontinental hotel the siege started about nine o'clock on saturday night when at least four gunmen attacked the hotel it's unclear how they got into the hotel that is something that's going to come under investigation the hotel was very busy on a saturday night a wedding party was ongoing we also know that a number of guests were in the hotel delegates for a conference to be held on sunday so a very busy time it's unclear exactly how many people were in the hotel we know that several people were trapped at the time of the attack special forces entered the hotel to go after the attackers they turned off the electricity at the intercontinental hotel is a heavily guarded hotel one of the two five star hotels here in the afghan capital
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and it's considered a rather safe place for foreigners and prominent afghans to gather to hold weddings to hold conferences to hold gatherings and so this is attack really shows how uncertain the security situation is here in the afghan capital it's the latest in a series of attacks in the last few weeks here on a cultural center on other gathering places as the afghan government comes under increasing pressure to try and show that it can keep security in the capital that has been a main complaints of afghan citizens that the afghan government cannot keep its people safe and as we find out exactly how bad the casualty count is in this attack on the intercontinental hotel again i think the government and its security measures will come under scrutiny turkey has begun an air a ground offensive in the freema region in northern syria its own claim for syrian kurdish why p.g. fighters who are barked by the u.s. says airstrikes have killed at least million people the u.s.
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senate will try again on monday to vote for a deal to fund the government in the failed to agree on the spending bill and friday leading to a shutdown of all nonessential services republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock. women are running across the u.s. to mach one years since president donald trump two coughers protests are taking place in washington d.c. new york sacramento and other cities organizers hope that encourage more women to vote and run for office in november's midterm elections. u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in jordan as part of a regional tour allie or he was in egypt where he met president abdel fatah of sisi to discuss security and the israeli palestinian peace process pens who's expected to visit israel as well said that the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution. but i assured him that even as president trump made that decision a decision that i will reaffirm in jordan reaffirming israel before the end of this
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trip that will also reaffirm what president trump also said that we're absolutely committed to the two preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in jerusalem that we are that we've we we we have come to know. final resolution about boundaries or other issues that are to be negotiated between the parties and if the parties agree i reminded president el-sisi the president trumps that if the parties agree we will support a two state solution tens of thousands of romanians have protested against changes to their judicial system. demonstrators say the amended laws will make it harder to prosecute officials for corruption but i just place him was passed last month that needs the approval of president close one hundred s. . pope francis has condemned the killing of women which he says that turned latin america into the world's most violent place for females the leader of the catholic church also spoke out against drug violence during mass and the northern proving
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the city of tokyo and he visited areas devastated by floods and landslides last year and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera and the taliban. i am. konar province north eastern afghanistan. and isolated dangerous part of the world. for many years the territory of al qaeda and the taliban these mountains now hide
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in insurgent groups figured by every one. afghan journalist that she will look or a she and his team have often reported from behind hostile frontlines but this time the risks are greater than ever before. the islamic state of iraq and the levant or i sill has set up a base here and somewhere at the end of this for all their fighters are watching and waiting. as always frightening to work on these sort of stories in afghanistan. but going to mean i so it's different it's failed much worse than normal.
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i still have spread fear across the middle east. but building a stronghold in afghanistan's impenetrable mountains would provide a springboard for the entire region. you start thinking you might not make it home again they might change their minds and the hay. you. such things have happened before. but it's our job to tell these stories we after do this. it's taken weeks of negotiations by go betweens and tribal elders to get access but no one can be certain of the outcome as i still have a history of kidnapping and executing journalists.
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provinces in eastern afghanistan amidst the high peaks and sweeping valleys of the hindu kush located next to the porous pakistani border it's an ideal position from which to launch attacks. i still claims to control thousands of square kilometers in this area. following the announcement of taliban leader mullah omar's death in the summer of two thousand and fifteen there's been talk of a taliban break up and i still is keen to exploit this. they instruct our team to leave the jeep and approach on foot in case they're being tracked by intelligence services i sill like all militant groups in this region fear drone attacks more than anything else. this is the first time ever that
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they've allowed journalists full access to their operations here. only when they're convinced it's safe a small group of fighters emerge to meet our team and guide them to a nearby village under their control. three men row. deisel cell here. on the left column known as the red beard. on the far right is up to the cool. and in the middle behind the mask a man known only by his alias abu rashid he speaks fluent arabic and is the link man between his group and their controllers in iraq he defected from the taliban to answer the cole of the caliphate islam extended announced by
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a cutter al baghdadi leader of isis. among them a can. find ivanova kava if you have oh is among other things you have a motor with no no i'm going to tell about and i'm not allowing that on the house on a scale. among women i love but i think i know when i go into their national i'm not going to have them in line and what other clearly find out what ongoing sliming is i'm going on i'm going left and i found among the pentagon also islamic and often found out and i know that if you have a kid you have one hundred in. the isis fighters seem to be fully embedded in the village life with children and families mingling among them. but this red bearded knits most of his men are foreigners. and. one hundred in the month of august on.
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the get it you. get it there was a little bit unlikely the oh that that among go to college among a molly got about it you know i'm going to have you know i want to. but if i should mohammadi look at us money get up on the bottom i would do a. stunt you see the blackest i'm the one who's looking at a lot in the with about a. you know like you i mean a whole bunch of them going on the show they well not like the dodgers i'm a boy bundy i know the fact is that most of got beat up mushroom on a lot of the not just women which i didn't leave out. but i do hope we know who came up with a. shrug none of them would of the. whole talk about you know pakistan which i've got to. get a bundy i decided to go. on the new century but i met us and i'm one mushrooms wales and ana. the loss of family life is a small price for red beard to pay for his holy war and he's found
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a local solution. to faster just killing. the five stone to fight the allies like your home but you are going to now going to homes among your mushroom a new study the most of the looking home in charlotte as you understand what i'm going to for red beard those who opposed the authority of the caliphate are foreign stooges who must be destroyed. in particular the taleban. whose whole town of our number. the pakistan by size on us the all the pakistan i used to come up that it all comes a little high my mother had. no money down the kid i say seven hours they make it up out of the funded money come to that understand i use i called the company. that is there now is the not people must live on the. idea that he said no money.
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the taliban demand that children spend years learning the koran by heart and madrassas. but isis methods are more direct. to children here all afghans are taught an unquestioning obedience to the caliphate . when he's not fighting i still come on the road to look cool teaches at the village school. and i. just look at it you know unifications you know how sophisticated. i didn't hear some of you. get out if i'm out there there's nothing. i like that i stay tonight in
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a. room with. nice enough ones that. joe hart you have to tell me. that i'm not allowed in or the luckily my jennifer total hard lined up ladder she's like a lot of my she does know that how was that edgy hard work a that up what i had thought of when i fit enough that they were just sugar coke to put up with national not with the hunger but initially. it's clear to targeting such young children that isom intends to be present in afghanistan for many years to come. ideological teaching forms just a part of the curriculum. there's a practical side to. the other person you're just an american. close unquote bloom's article talking at a certain way where should the decision about i'm going to address the. they pass
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that over the coming holocaust i'm not the one i'm going to ask all of. that a classroom quote with a clear set of water with a machine. lest you got an interesting one unless you plan. that position opposed to miley. shells and didn't have a car but the moment that. the current u.r.c. there was a good. it was only oh no it's a good thing. as with. most listeners in america. we're getting. other countries euro. she she told us u.k. . ok that's a big piece in vanity. so for a lot of debris does look a suitable to. the
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. national. mind you know what our position a call out of. this exodus ministers of any. town is that he. does position. here. in. the group where they are king of the jenny slimy to come my mother did. but as a manager come on women got on with i was either that or you marshal mounted as it
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does that that really sort of go well the rest of us are as you know a scary thought to be i don't want to go to the mushroom mansion as your teeth or money or lucky dip a toe of mine she didn't use like i should have you noticed a gentle with a little bit of workers she did a lot of them was. going to soon as among the general but integration of others you know the one that at the retirement of any moment. look at the national harbor another bill coming at us that are. directed at albuquerque saavik around today. no doubt show how that just will let you know what's up with as a muslim more mush mush mush of monica and that is that i know kinda what outlaws are about you don't know. what they were here which if i had to name them with a lot of it in the. wanted of a call about. the arabic speaking cell leader she says i
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sills expansion into afghanistan has attracted jihad these from across the world. but. in the end. because anybody in the islamic law points to the horse galloping up of a symbol of the past about if you need to look up classical maturity the industry is no longer article of the what i like to come out of the what are you going to be an orderly we are the nigeria could you have go them to come i remember going to the heart the following. our way out of the heads up or. get out let me i'll finish and learn all over their total because there was a. focus given for the other table how do they. come and go along for the now. as a monk or what are some. other little ones i have in the city another bottom a living will built in are going to let me the other people cannot have any very little system larry on the. other.
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stars on the come didn't get a bill to. them that was their income starters in a helicopter. going to college this eventuality to be at the north doesn't the outlook nor should i become a. sort of. i since long term aim in the region is to reconstitute and historical province known as chorus. this would mean conquering territory in at least five modern states and appealing concept to many islam is from those countries. this footage was filmed by the islamic movement of uzbekistan pledging allegiance to eisele and its core son project.
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i celine's to look more ambitious and dynamic than the taliban which has a narrow focus on afghanistan alone as nazir's muhammad. a former senior taliban official admits. there is a big difference between that is entirely tenable has the procedure there. strategy in the a limitation but example the pentagon seeing the way we are acting in defendants of a valid stand according their claim stand geographic or not we don't want to attack i'm going to share your group on five pack and then medica but they sting me the actiq and america will act tag them if. we want one islamic court treaty to mean islamic law for. and the taliban
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themselves are now coming under direct attack. in june last year one hundred massed militants appeared in nuristan province in eastern afghanistan. they rounded up and then hanged the group of taliban commanders. the killers were rumored to be a precursor to i still and the execution struck fear into the taliban. since then i sill has been steadily seizing taliban territory. guided by a taliban middleman our team is heading back up into the mountains to speak to one of their senior regional commanders was voted on what are the almost good what is what are you hearing the you forgive don't look at when will you go in should only german good god would be to tell you to believe you know what really give you.
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credit where it was. we're going to get the good money but it is there and whatever little good you show while j.b.s. i'm going to learn. milo we some of that is the taliban leader for this district he's a powerful man and government forces don't trouble him in this mountain stronghold . but now there is the growing conflict with i still is his main concern. there were you know. jews and all of this let me know is this one that i would be most will be of i want to thank you know that animal that was out of worship and you walk up within you don't look there is sheer amount of. high level to the state energy just in the first sort of the energy that you knew least of by the. time.
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but he's a little buzz almost giddy. we were jade you know what and as a hog under way there she was there was no way that would have carried the old load of but it was ok you're going off a little needle just sort of in the particles which are these round the i always said that in that region would a black hole honestly look at the people you go over the feet going to there's a lot in the head this is the to be done of what according to you know one of those would look molecular work of. commander some of rejects the suggestion that i still are now the main target for american airstrikes are trying. to fight as thinking barry going to look i'm not going out there on i shall not out out there am i lucky that english here has an advantage of a top of that is if they are down the hall or a little or just a set of beijing you will it numberous level this part of the muslim studio the junk way they're going to not only cut are they actually the i doubt one of the one
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of the. mostly we're looking. at. the taliban remain by far the largest and most powerful anti government grouping in afghanistan. but increasingly their fighters now have to defend territory from attacks by isis. as it seizes ground in afghanistan i sill or die as they're also known has been targeting the taliban directly with their trademark brutality. in this i salute video ten men thought to be tribal elders affiliated with the taliban are forced to kneel on landmines. the execution too horrible for us to broadcast in full was condemned by taliban high command. such
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a brutal actions under the guise of islam and muslims are intolerable they said. this wasn't an isolated incident until very recently almost all of isis operations in afghanistan have been aimed at their taliban rivals. and the taliban themselves who've never shied away from violent methods are now disorientated and under attack. why they are fighting the taliban thirty one is against nato and i guess going i mean so they should active dead or mostly did they want to part with their religious issues so not to is here i mean because here they should vote with them but they're hurting with taliban. mohamed multiroom the former taliban official believes eisel is part of a foreign plot that you know one is than its leadership is with half is saeed
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and his x. twenty first and he has a cruise. connection with. next time actions and then next is a muslim ghost he's in he was as a present. so you believe there were. so exact. for the first time ever the taliban and the afghan government have a common enemy. these government troops are on patrol in chin war district just over ten kilometers from the pakistani border. one still only fought the taliban but now they face a newer and more ruthless enemy and i still. don't have the money.
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what are going to allow the thousand for the one that does but i wonder if some of them up with feel how they owe you but the one that has got on top of that avenue well it's a bit more. than that a ship back up on the shore i get back. on the platform. but then. that ship now that they did get that. machine gunner has been in the afghan army for three years he's seen with his own eyes the changes on the ground since the western forces began pulling out. all doubt they should have a. boy of academic and i'm one of the one i want to go to a number of i think more than by that one i would do the fourth and go there but i don't know what the others are by that one of the they're going to go to war but would it article. the comfort of being the. base commander
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major i met thinks most eisel fighters are enemies he's faced before albeit in a different guise. dishman asked by the sufi. what a boy got by that has shot up well more long hours on docket accommodations them on a dish money what on good days wash at all of our show you are dishman us. the afghan army platoon the heads of to the frontline to face i still. going to a place called arch in which has long been a hotbed of insurgent activity. on the way the soldiers run into the district governor mohammad khalid never heard of either from the government or you could call a woman down the army all of this world from new york will go to. the governor leads us to the front line base directly facing ice.
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al jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better market to learn builders from apple is going to reinvent stuff all the old made software what it has to go through the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so maggie has pushed to have a series of laws that if that will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stepped up to doesn't read all the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand
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like this. the controversial leader of islamic jihad for his car he is one of most wanted turns to the street. counterterrorism and his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence in the south in the west coast the outcome is only this if someone tried to do you need to be. shut down to. kill him in damascus at this time on al jazeera world. i'm about to send in doha the top stories on all jazeera gunman have stronger five star hotel in afghanistan's capital and taken hostages the interior ministry says two of the gunmen have been killed a special forces attempt to take control of the intercontinental hotel jennifer
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glass has more from kabul. started about nine o'clock on saturday night when at least four gunmen attacked the hotel it's unclear how they got into the hotel that is something that's going to come under investigation at the hotel was very busy on a saturday night a wedding party was ongoing we also know that a number of guests were in the hotel delegates for a conference to be held on sunday so a very busy time it's unclear exactly how many people were in the hotel we know that several people were trapped turkey has begun an air and ground offensive in the african region in northern syria it's an enclave for syrian kurdish why p.g. fighters who are banked by the u.s. the white b.g. says air strikes have killed at least nine people the u.s. senate will try again on monday to vote for the deal to fund the government that failed to agree on the spending bill on friday leading to a shutdown of non essential services and some tourist attractions republicans and
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democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock. woman a rallying across the u.s. to mark one years since president donald trump took office organizers hope will encourage more women to vote and run for office in november's mid-term elections. u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in jordan as part of a regional tour earlier he was in egypt where he met president abdel fattah el-sisi to discuss security and the israeli palestinian peace process pens who's expected to visit israel as well said the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution. tens of thousands of romanians have protested against changes to their judicial system. demonstrators say the amended laws will make it harder to prosecute officials for corruption the legislation was passed last month and it needs the approval of president close your highness. pope francis has condemned the killing of women which he says has turned latin america into the world's most
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violent place for females the leader of the catholic church has also spoken out against drug violence during mass in the northern proving the city of tokyo and those are the headlines now in al-jazeera it's isilon the taliban. we're on route to the frontline base with the local government. this is the front line beyond the afghan army firebase i still fighters are dug
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into the mountainsides. district governor decides personally to attack the i still positions in unstable districts like this the dividing line between a local politician and a local warlord is a thin one which i want to pass through. to assume other. reporters that it does look at each of those one of. them was stuck in one cut. short shot. over those who it.
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was saturday for being more subtle so much you know more and more something. that if you could just. firing heavy weapons adrenalin might look ridiculous but the governor says there is a safety system in place number one to do that is going to. monomer who does our sort of started out of town on a sort of start. with armando or so that another star studded sort of mano brother well done good germany things are you germany her body does business i'm going to give mothers own way but room mother this month or two boomer does it go really does look at the similar your cousin grew out of. you still get the robocop on job you were going to get it but to the point you were told to throw in a proposed job you were the region i got. out of one of the coupons out there logo doesn't move clues like that have convinced the governor that the i still fighters here are all foreigners and he says there is other evidence to kind of.
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bubble over us money to move the pins out of the market that sucker juggler will close oh do do no. just so good only will just reduce their impact star new car to no. box only that is also diminish shoko to know will slow the photo to no set over. the other those going on which are all still does the days when a woman with her to talk stand in the glare of the puck stand in a predicable so mr quirke stanley show. much to the frustration of the afghan army soldiers i salute are surviving by playing a cat and mouse game up here. while i get out from that day jimmy fallon what made him well you know my article oh they do but i don't work that long whatever that sort of codec internal damage that to me fell for it without that but it will follow me that pathetic want to see me tell you what that meant but i want to
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believe you know what i don't want to hear that. caught in the middle of the vicious three sided war between the government the taliban and isis is of kind of stance long suffering civilian population. armed groups have disrupted and endangered farming communities who only lived in poverty. in the year. that ever was there. when i got john was forced out of his home by fighting between ice and taliban factions he rescued as many local children as he could and fled to the safety of nearby to loll about sitting. in there you were there was a wooden on the hook with us why they could beat on the what you call and get away
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that wasn't already in they get behind with that hunger. it's. not your double yellow they need to do what. you've got to do so doesn't feel they don't know if you're gonna do when you keep going to the lab or who. is that i am i wanna cut out of that of oh i don't want to so what are unable to work their fields or tend their life stuck life becomes a constant struggle that i did sure by one of these thank you john well i got this and you know they were still in achieve that one hundred if you always this year but how they. got you down now i doubt though mr. munder going to argue with each other beat you down here that if you wish you are already among these but then there was local national they got you we were going the route in there to see the city would be with the spear that was you guys there
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the butchery the be with you there would be late someone asked me this when you were not much much money to get a lodger without a lot of much money though we were there who was there with the firemen stuff that was done so you can thank me for the money stuff that you know. how much number one job but i work with them and they were never much money. john and the children are relatively safe living in jalalabad. but back in the countryside it's a different story. since i still ride in the scene of the look on who has run this tire workshop for ten years is also thinking of getting out. the last hunk of that virtuous run it's a hallway away teacher does it pull you know hunkered that he gathered up a little under four years ago to free yourself from the film that he took control not the one you put on the what do you think it was you know anything about my job on the fulfillment of the love the fun of them from the men of the middle not only
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the beautiful woman oh. oh come on tonight i'm the mother of the no no no no they're not my metaphor no no no no no love i'm going to think i was on the phone with a beautiful woman yeah i think. about we're going to go to the office. and. i'm the last hunk of a kitchen marshall man just. turning doesn't matter will be doing this fire that he can't get out if the other was over. the top of the world you know the love of. god because of the old of. the market going up against him on the oh yeah. to establish whether this could be true for our team spends days in jalalabad trying to contact another eisel unit. eventually word
4:41 am
comes through. they're willing to meet. to colonise five ten minutes ago. they told us to come over. so it's late tonight here in afghanistan so we have to drive for about five hours. there at the gate and nearby there. the team is heading to a place called chop up. until recently it was a taliban stronghold but the fighters there have changed allegiance and joined isis . our go-between has told us they may be planning a suicide attack on a high value government target and we may be allowed to interview the bombers themselves but first we must meet the isis commander luvvie ahmed was the
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guys than we were but then handed in. the for do that now he's the most. often. used number seventy one artist who would you have with a few an hour you. done us a had you done him to know that there was a good and again you don't need to move to the new you don't get. one hundred in the us a house and i'm sure you know sort of the i was among the bushes there you. were and given you were going to understand you were going to do yankee. they claim their spotters have been shadowing the team almost all the way from jalalabad satisfied the journalists are not the government spies i see as fighters lead them deep into the territory. every step our team takes now is into the unknown. they might disappear or worse could be executed and end up in an ice and propaganda video.
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unknown to our team the two i still fighters preparing to mount a suicide attack against a local government leader have been part of our escort all the long. we're told to film them. a lot of michigan one of our mothers to get hauled out for they can you and me. you know come. on the bus but i voted for them which had on was working was good michel and i was but i've already. thought of the book . that in madrid in which a down and by that i was a john that's the shit that mort that did a cold bottle what are what on the bottle what are mccrae. you know the shade down go. they are just teenagers the boy in the black mask is called for
4:44 am
a day he seventeen. in the red hat is just thirteen years old. they've barely started out in life but are already preparing to die for ice and. it doesn't matter that the three day you start to get that out of dr will it. really is on them to hunker that it a thumb's up a child to know what. i'm going to be at that are going. to be the survey mind them that one is going to. run and realizing they've said too much the would be bombers move away from the camera. every. now and if you move and young would look at me with.
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we catch up with them at the foot of the steps leading to the local mosque or a child on the care while just. to be there in the. heart of god more but don't. get up but this larry there is a mark on quality. you know that they're going to. they're going to do. talk a little more thought on our very. some other lottery. when i'm there weinstein them with the indignity among the dinner with the goal and share love merge them over to shall among i'm not going to move a dinghy. should they succeed in their deadly mission they will never grow up at all but they have just given out a lot of critical information. realizing this one of the iso fighters seems to have
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become suspicious. when our team follows the bombers into the mosque to film them at prayer they are suddenly alerted to the situation by their fixer who has just been threatened. they need to get out fast. safely away the team goes to meet the man so detested by two boys that they're willing to die in the act of killing him commander john died. this man has known nothing but war all his adult life back in the one nine hundred
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eighty s. he was a mage i had been commander battling the russians later he became the governor of konar and fought against the taliban. he's well known for his ruthlessness and now he's on the ice il's death list. and we showed the footage of the john eisel bombers. the book not gone but germs that imitate in which a there are a number that will. work. because . you look at it as if there was a hole there was a level. one on the ground i want to weigh in on. you know where i am. i know my mom my own name on one young man on the arm she think i'm able to live all you look at all over the long haul of
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a monologue. and funny sounding. when going far enough. in that in my own home i'm on my own i'm on my own and then a month member of my own i know how much. commander john dodds powerful local contacts have helped our team arrange access to an armed police unit fighting on the front line. that of opinion as they are actionable that you know. that william e. was already cast their interest in. afghan security forces like these are already stretched by a resurgent taliban who recently launched a major attack on the city of canoes but i still are increasingly attacking government forces directly to. in september two thousand and fifteen three hundred
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fighters launched a deadly raid on a police checkpoint at such an eyesore also claimed an attack on two nearby army barracks government air strikes killed dozens of militants but despite pleas and other heavy losses i still still seems to be growing. the situation is now so serious the americans have reversed their decision to withdraw and will keep thousands of troops in the country for the foreseeable future. and while the fight with eisel is flaring up the old enemy the taliban are still out there. the afghan local police with their mixture of civilians and uniformed volunteers often seem more akin twin militia than
4:50 am
a structured fighting force one. that . you have that on when i was just you know me just a moment in but it kind of issue what it was without it i mean what if the bit of who we are any. more i want to move on even though he knew some of them joined us outside and said she said. going to come over to your move to show him voters at all but he said they would need to preserve that fight immediately when you go on the giving as is common enough to understand this police unit is made up of local man determined to defend their own area commander on them and says the sixty three dollars his men get paid every month isn't enough to cover the costs of the fighting or the modern mind they're going to march me to. change their mind about. what if i join it i'm going on the going with that a little but a lot of my let me going to appear not to get
4:51 am
a feeling well put enough. and i've no doubt of what i'm. not i'm off with a. lot of it out there in the market you just because i know what i'm on that in my . mind that kind of want to. run them on and i want to then they go by and solve the did you receive. my you to my hospital someone and then yes you might be going in with the one i'm not going to want to try to make it into about us it is going to bomb caught us i mean some of them good. quotes a non made in china made in but thought about the name of the. but it's difficult to tell whether that local cooperation comes from support or fear you know what i mean i don't know what i'm going to him by thought it will probably be about the more of them with model talking tough shit on me at the moment i should ask you. to
4:52 am
get us over the longest i've got the mother talk about john go over there you don't get the muscle because he was just kind of this guy go to mr tomato or give a shot of i never saw any. evidence of this ever do never do any. of that again clownish all in fun a lot of you got a vision to get a. shot of i did it for the bottom of all of the dead and it's gone. for good got the it's no surprise civilians fear all sides in this war over the moon tender emotional you. don't have a. nice. well let me i knew i let you. as you are one of those you got someone who they did or another that the soon with or the. the hole about that was agreed you know that the video of the w w w that out of order for those who want to really need that.
4:53 am
many of the younger people they've been able to recruit have been the result of its brutal internet videos available even up here in the mountains of afghanistan on food. back in the iceland controlled village our team originally visited we see disturbing evidence of how this grooming process works. on awful. things that are going well but he'll reveal got a third of the donors one before the show so at the front of the introduction. there are you know there are funny. i saw the fighters in afghanistan and told our
4:54 am
team that they receive all the latest videos from a central media operation in iraq. but then the whole office to. watch the. you know fully. opened up over the market. has little to harvard go does be example. the videos don't just show successful attacks and atrocities to inspire supporters they're also designed to give local trainer's instruction to pass on to their followers the human genome. this is and i saw him in a true training school for children. believed to be in mosul iraq.
4:55 am
it's like a production line for tomorrow's militants. and this phenomenon has made its way from iraqi cities to afghan villages. and. here the local isolate fighters copy what they've just watched online. to see the last war the see them one hundred. ninety and they didn't in any of the any. of. that have a. national command of which and all that out and get it in the home of they know that. this enough to value their mother what is legal what this is like
4:56 am
this is cut off and. one of the of the one that's one of them and for their own that's in the us and out. in five of them but. good. question of course the kind of a lot are so you know there's another group was or was the one who got a lover but that's a form of the last that i worked on much of the past that other than with the one i was the better there's a greater one it was your son. don't ask for a job to stop an awful lot of us to read revolution not to do it was just industrial growth a lot of things up as much on. this training school may be small but the signs are clear i still is aiming to fight the long war here. and afghanistan's agony after nearly forty years of nonstop violent conflict seems set
4:57 am
to continue. for my soul is eating away at the social fabric of this country day by day village by village child by child. more snow is just developing once again this cloud slowly brightening tops as it came through nevada into colorado will develop further i think and that's the
4:58 am
picture we have the sunday ahead of it there is cloud and hinted something might want to develop but look at the temperatures were back up to twenty one in dallas eleven in d.c. minus one alter was still but this is been a warming trend what's been happening on the pacific seaboard stormy weather has resolved itself into a streak of snow from british columbia right down to northern california rain on the coast that is pushing study south and dying this this snow has come across the northern plains the midwest and you got a good line of developing right to the south that could be quite stormy but it's rainy season not snow and this warm trying to of course will start to melt some what's already on the ground even the great lakes much fun the ice becomes a little less solid to the sas and we've got the well the familiar picture of cloud around the coast of panama and costa rica rather rocky further north so if you get a shower in jamaica kubert be unusual the same is true in the bahamas but this i think could be quite concentrated in honduras down the coast of nicaragua and costa
4:59 am
rica down towards panama sunday looks the wet day all day for panama so does monday . on counting the cost why the jury's still out on an all makes despite wall street still life free delve into china's better than expected growth story and count the cost of negative brand populace of the. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every your.
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previous is held through most dangerous force vicious where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the edge of your forties that men are coming there to morrow holds a lot of meeting on children braving tough conditions facing death at every turn it into being serious here very much as i know gamble with their lives just to run in if i'm risking it all on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. although i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.


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