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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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and we know that israelis need no lectures on the price of war. the people of israel know the terrible price all too well your prime minister knows that prince he himself was nearly killed in battle. and his beloved brother jani was killed while courageously leading the intensity hostage rescue forty one years ago and you know the price of war know best what the blessings of peace can bring to you to your children and future generations the united states appreciates your government's declared willingness to resume direct peace negotiations with the palestinian authority and today we strongly urge the palestinian leadership to return to the table peace can
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only come through dialogue thank. you and. we recognize that peace will require compromise but you can be confident in this the united states of america will never compromise the safety and security of the state of israel and any peace agreement. must guarantee israel's ability to defend itself by itself now there are those who believe. that the world can change that we're destined to engage and loose violence that age old conflicts can't be resolved and that hope itself is an illusion
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but my friends president trump doesn't believe it i don't believe it and neither do you. i stand here today in a city whose very name means peace and i stand here i know that peace is possible because history records that israel has made the very difficult decisions to achieve peace with its neighbors in the past over the past two days i've traveled to egypt and jordan to nations with them israel has long enjoy the fruits of peace i spoke with america's great friends president sisi of egypt and king abdullah of jordan about the courage of their predecessors who forged an end the conflict with israel in their time and those two leaders prove every day the trust and confidence can be
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a reality among the great nations who call these ancient lands home in my time with those leaders and with your prime minister we discussed the remarkable transformation that is taking place across the middle east today and the need to forge a new era of cooperation in our day and age the winds of change can already be witnessed across the middle east longstanding enemies are becoming partners old foes are finding new ground for cooperation and the descendants of isaac and ishmael are coming together in common cause as never before last year in saudi arabia president trump addressed an unprecedented gathering of leaders from more than fifty nations that the arab islamic american summit. he challenged the people of this region to work ever closer together to recognize shared opportunities and
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to confront shared challenges and the president urged all who call the middle east their home to in his words meet history's great test and conquer extremism and vanquish the forces of terrorism together. radical islamic terrorism knows no borders targeting america. israel nations across the middle east in the wider world it respects no creed stealing the lives of jews christians and especially muslims and radical islamic terrorism understands no reality of the brute force together with our allies we will continue to bring the full force of our might to drive radical islamic terrorism from the face of the earth thank you and.
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i'm pleased to report that thanks to the courage of our armed forces and our allies at this very moment. isis is on the run their capital has fallen their so-called caliphate has crumbled and you can be assured we will not rest we will not relent until we hunt down and destroy isis at its source so it can no longer threaten our people our allies or our way of life. thank you now the united states and israel have long stood together to confront the terrible evil of terrorism and so we will continue across the middle east arab leaders have responded as well to the president's call with unprecedented action to root out radicalism and prove the emptiness of its apocalyptic promises. as president made clear in saudi arabia we will continue to stand with our allies and stand up to our enemies we will work with all of our partners to starve in his
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words terrorists of their territory their funding and the false allure of their craven ideology we will also support faith leaders in this region and across the world as they teach their disciples to practice love not hate and we will also help persecuted peoples who suffered so much of the hands of isis and other terrorist groups to this and the united states has redirected funding from ineffective relief efforts and for the first time we're providing direct support to christian and other religious minorities as they rebuild their communities after years of repression and war. the united states has already committed more than one hundred ten million dollars to assist christian and other religious minorities across the wider middle east and
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we urge our allies here in israel in europe and across the world to join us in this cause let's work together to restore the rich splendor of religious diversity across the middle east so that all faiths may once again flourish in the lands where they were born thank you and. as we work to defeat the scourge of terrorism and give aid to those who have suffered at its hands we must also be resolved and vigilant to prevent old adversaries from gaining any new ground. to that end the united states will continue to work with israel and with nations across the world to confront the leading state sponsor of terror the a slavic republic of iran one thousand as the world has seen once again the brutal
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regime in around merely a dictatorship that seeks to dominate its citizens and deny them of their most fundamental rights history has proven those who dominate their own people rarely stop there and increasingly we see iran seeking to dominate the wider arab world that dangerous regimes those chaos across the region last year alone even as its citizens cried out for help with basic necessities iran devoted more than four billion dollars to malign activities in syria lebanon and elsewhere across the region it is supported terrorist groups that even now sit on israel's doorstep and worst of all the iranian regime has pursued a clandestine nuclear program and at this very hour it's developing advance ballistic missiles two and
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a half years ago the previous administration in america signed a deal with iran that merely delays the day when that regime can acquire a nuclear weapon. the iran nuclear deal is a disaster and the united states of america will no longer certify this ill conceived agreement to a into her at president trump's direction we're working to enact effective and lasting restraints on iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs earlier this month the president waves sanctions on iran to give the
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congress and our european allies time to pass stronger measures but as president trump made clear this is the last time. unless the iran nuclear deal is fix president trump has said the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal immediately good . whatever the outcome of those negotiations today i have a solemn promise to israel to all the middle east and to the world the united states of america will never allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon to a
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good . beyond the nuclear deal. we will also no longer tolerate around support of terrorism or its brutal attempts to suppress its own people last year ard ministration more than tripled the number of sanctions targeting iran and its leaders and just this month the united states issued tough new sanctions on iran but i have another message today a better message from the people of america to the proud and great people of iran we are your friends and the
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day is coming when you will be free from the evil regime that suffocates your dreams and buries your hopes thank you all. thank you and when your day of liberation finally comes. we say to the good people of iran the friendship between our peoples will blossom once again one. while at times it may seem hard to see those who call the middle east their home have more that unites them than divides them not only in common threats
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but in the common hope for a future of security and prosperity and peace and in the common ancestry of faith that runs throughout these very lands. nearly four thousand years ago a man left his home in early the cul de ans to travel here to israel he ruled no empire. he wore no crown you commanded no armies he performed no miracles delivered no prophecies. it to him was promised descendants as numerous as the stars of the sky today jews christians and muslims more than half the population of the earth and nearly all the people of the middle east claim abraham
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as their forefather in faith only steps from here in the old city of jerusalem we see the followers of these three great religions in constant contact with one another and we see each faith come to life in new and renewed ways every day at the church of the holy sepak or we see a christian child receiving the gift of grace in baptism at the western wall we see a young jewish boy being bar mitzvah and at the harami sharif we see young muslims heads bowed in prayer. in jerusalem we see all this and more and so today as i stand in a abraham's promised land i believe that all who cherish freedom and seek a brighter future should cast their eyes here to this place
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and marvel at what they behold how unlikely was israel's birth. how moron likely has been her survival and how confounding against the odds has been her thriving. you've turned the desert into a garden. scarcity into plantain sickness into health and you turn hope into a future israel is like a tree that has grown deep roots in the soil of your forefathers yet as it grows it reaches ever closer to the heavens and today and every day the jewish state of israel and all the jewish people bear witness to god's faithfulness. as well as your own. it was the faith of the jewish people that gathered the scattered fragments of a people and made them whole again but took the language of the bible in the
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landscape of the psalms and. made them live again and it was faith that rebuilt the ruins of jerusalem and made them strong again. the miracle of israel is an inspiration to the world and the united states of america is proud to stand with israel and her people as allies and cherish of the. and so we will. pray for the peace of jerusalem that those who love you be secure that there be peace within your walls and security in your citadels and we will work and strive for that brighter future where everyone calls
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this ancient land their home shall sit under their vine and figtree and none shall make them afraid with an unshakeable bond between our people and our shared commitment to freedom. i say from my heart may god bless the jewish people may god bless the state of israel and all who call these lands their home. and may god continue to bless the united states of america sure
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are you watching al-jazeera thirteen fifteen g m t these are live pictures from the knesset in west jerusalem where american vice president. is speaking or has spoken to israeli politicians there mike pence of course getting very much an in-depth history lesson as to where the jewish nation came from what he hopes they will be and what he hopes they will become with their arab neighbors will get more analysis on this now we've got our imran khan standing by in garza but first let's hear from harry forsett in west jerusalem there's an salient points harry he's committed obviously we haven't heard any think new. that has not already been said by the american administration but he did commit his long term support of israel as we know america always would he is strongly urging the palestinians to come to the negotiating
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table which receives warm applause he also pointed the finger at iran and made it very clear what the united states had in store for the country if it didn't change its ways as far as its concerned. what's new about what mike pence had to say. well those one clear news line which has cleared up the issue at least in terms of the u.s. intent on the embassy the embassy currently in tel aviv and the vow to move it here to jerusalem he said that would take place by the end of next year twenty nineteen now that is a difference from what benjamin netanyahu said in india last week when he said that it would come here within a year the there's an expectation so the americans had talked about a maximum of three years it now seems that within two years of the announcement by donald trump recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital that that embassy will make
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its move here which of course is a highly significant development and also notable was that within the first few lines of the speech the the representatives of the israeli palestinian population the joint arab list members of the knesset just after mike pence said citizens of israel those particular citizens of israel stood up and walked out some shouting some scuffling which even got out here into the corridors outside the main hall that left the peace the whole really clear for him to speak to two key audiences really his religious constituency at home it was for a highly faithful evangelical christian a right wing conservative evangelical christian united states it was a speech full of religiosity talking about the hebrew bible its significance here in israel and he said to the founding fathers of the of the united states coming back at the end to talk about the people of abraham the three abrahamic religions
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and how they he thought would be would be able to flourish in these lands which its followers called home and then also very political he was talking about the continued the continued support for a two. state solution if that is what both sides wanted he talks about the u.s. support for that and the fact that donald trump had not spoken about any final status any final borders either in jerusalem or between two nations but essentially there was very little for the palestinians to view with any regard in this speech this was entirely almost aimed at the israelis talking about the closeness of the bond between them talking about the guarantees that the united states would continue to make in any final settlement of israel's security talking about their shared vision on iran talking as well about the wider regional alliances that he
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said were burgeoning under donald trump's administration and that would have given people who believe that there was a the prospect of of an imposition of a settlement coming up through that alliance on the palestinians i would give them greater cause i think that was potentially in the offing so really he was talking to two people to two groups of people israelis and his christian conservative base at home don't go away harry let's just listen to what mike pence had to say to members of the knesset just a few moments ago for while the united states recognized your nation one and ministration after another refused to recognize your capital but just last month. president donald trump made history he rated a seventy you're wrong he kept his word to the american people when he announced that the united states of america will finally acknowledge jerusalem is israel's capital. and of course just those mere words make you might say that the blood boil
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of many palestinians and that's the notable absence in this whole visit that he is not meeting palestinian leaders or politicians or arab politicians and they don't want to meet hand and so therefore when he says and he did say he strongly urge is the palestinians to come to the table peace can only come through dialogue the four turf even that move towards a table where they can all sit around and talk about the future of their respective states seems unthinkable at the moment. well exactly i mean that is that the key disjunct that's going on here the united states administration many in israeli israeli politics mainstreamers as well as as right wingers are still talking about the united states as the key sponsor of any peace deal as it still works on the trump plan but for the palestinians i mean you have to take account of the fact
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that pence made it very clear in this speech that he was doubling down on this declaration calling jerusalem israel's capital three times with great portent and dramatic pauses because of course to great applause applause inside the inside the hall that is the key issues for the palestinians are concerned that demonstrates united states cannot be involved the palestinian leadership has said that in doing so the united states has entirely taken sides with israel and despite the the words about final status negotiations still being up for grabs that the three faiths having their status quo guaranteed within the old city of jerusalem as far as passing is concerned that. message is one which entirely divest united states of its missy in the process and that is why mahmoud abbas is in europe he's not here they've rejected any kind of a meet with with mike pence he's talking to the europeans about an alternative framework a totally excluding united states from any process going forward so the two
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messages are entirely at variance with each other the film and we'll leave it there with you howie thanks for joining us let's cross over to our other correspondent in run con who's live for us in gaza of course are people there would have paps been listening and watching the televisions to see what mike pence had to say but not too surprised at what he has to say really. well let me tell you that actually the reaction to his visit has been incredibly subdued god he's got a lot more problems on their hands as you are calling me which is about to collapse say the business community in the shortages of food electricity of water construction materials because of the israeli siege and that's really what palestinians are concerned about the palestinian leadership they would have been watching this speech and they would have been watching it very carefully but we know what they think already they think that the u.s. is no longer an honest broker it's no longer the peace broker it's not even an intermediary between the palestinians and the israelis anymore but because of this
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move of the embassy because a brick denies that jerusalem is israel's capital the u.s. has actually taken sides now what kind of reaction are we going to see to hear from gaza will like i say a massive or direct they've said that they don't want to get involved with the pence visit and they reaffirm their right to resist the occupation now in light of this speech will they call for protests will they call for have big demos take place in gaza and that actually remains to be seen that was some talk that they would have some large scale protests but let's see what happens in the coming hours as the speech sinks in however what i can tell you is. that the language that the v.p. used in that speech will have been they would have been closely listened to by the palestinian leadership have to be here in gaza and they will react whether they react out on the streets or whether issue another statement remains to say we'll leave it there for an hour thank you for coming garza let's go over to london now
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where maher bashara is al-jazeera senior political analyst joins me from the british capital marwan. international viewers of course tuning in to al-jazeera trying to get their head around why it's so important that the vice president of america is in israel will want to explain to the way that that is understandable but again they will want to know what pence actually achieved by that speech and what he hopes to achieve by being in israel at this moment in time. for the vice president per se meaning we're not now talking about president trump or secretary of state dollars for mike pence the former governor of indiana and a former congressman this is his life achievement being able to make that kind of speech in jerusalem which in so many ways not a speech it's
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a ceremony and more than a sermon it's actually a crusade. this is. a catholic turned evangelical it's like a almost i was turned i have told our politicians that is really bent on a religious war in the middle east he speaks in terms of defending the christians of the middle east while christians of the middle east refused to meet with him he talks about the sons of abraham's while inciting for war against iran in fact he was already on the record support of israel attacking iran their own eyes in various people in the region but what is so frustrating what is so aggravating. soil is the fact that this sort of
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a speech by an american leader is totally moron ik yet it is great in moral language it's quite frustrating to analyze a person who speaks in terms of wanting peace while at the same time demolishing the entirety of entire basis for peace and the entire speech and entire sermon goes on without for once mentioning that the palestinians have been either forced into refugees or under occupation for the last fifty to seventy years he's there in jerusalem in occupied east jerusalem refusing to reject the simplest facts of life that palestinians have been on that occupation for fifty years so really it's quite frustrating for a political analyst to be able to do underlies that this kind of this kind of a sermon that is draped in moral language but that is totally moronically and
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totally they are all izing over an entire region. how much of this speech was about appealing to his own home base in the us marwan if i could be cynical enough as we lead up to there is midterm elections because he's obviously got the israeli knesset and maybe most of the public onside but a large part of the speech is about appealing to the american audience is it not. this is not cynical at all in fact this is factual this is very fire ball and this is historic just in terms of the last two years meaning trump the candidate shows mike pence for a vice president not because he's brilliant not because you're his smart not because he's charismatic not because he's popular he's anything but. it's he only chose him because he speaks for that kind of an evangelical base in the united
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states that he so-called tea party base in the united states that conservative christian catholic protestant eventually colby's in the united states he chose him exactly for that reason and he was the driving force behind the kind of decision on jerusalem that we've seen trump taking corporate doing an entire twenty five years of history of peace process and relations with the muslim world because of trying to appease v eventually call israel lobby base now the danger in all of that is that there is synergy between appeasing the big piece the crusading base if you will in the united states because here we're not talking about carrying guns in schools like mike pence advocated now we're talking about encouraging israel to attack iran now income will encourage him more warmongering in the greater middle
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east it is the mike pence pillar of the term and ministration that is deploying more forces in afghanistan in syria and other places in the middle east so there is a sense of a new crusading white house and that of my parents not on the down from and last but not least and what's important here is this this vice president now has shown his teeth and he is the darth vader of the white house he basically expire predated that title from dick cheney overseas and we will have that we were analysis of the says the day goes on for the moment while and thanks for joining us from london let's keep on message about the sort of evangelical theme because of the trumpet use the declaration has also false points to change the focus of the visit originally it was meant to highlight the persecution of christians in the middle east and featured meetings with christian leaders but those very leaders canceled the meetings joining the. international condemnation of the jerusalem announcement pence would be warned to take office if president donald trump were to fall ill or
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be impeached pence's one of israel's staunchest allies as you heard there in the white house he stood behind trump when the president declared that jerusalem was the capital of israel a pending decades of u.s. foreign policy the major reason for that is that the fact that pence is a devout evangelical christian he belongs to a section of evangelicals that believes that jerusalem must be under jewish control as a step towards the second coming of jesus christ part of that belief is that all jews will convert to christianity or face death yet of oppenheimer is a political commentator and journalist as well joins me now from tel aviv good to have you with us on the program how do it sort of israelis justify their friendship or connection to evangelical christians or scientists christians are sometimes called when the thought process they follow actually implies the destruction of jews who don't convert if and when jesus christ returns.
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first of all the vengeance group are not saying it out loud all the time that what they would like to do is to convert the jewish people they're talking about now and from now they are supporting israel in the jewish people here in the holy land because they believe the america will back to israel then god will turn his back to america and therefore for the moment they're totally supportive of the jewish people especially they are supporting not all these whaley's more they are supporting the right wing israeli political camp they are supposed to meet in the us in the united states and they are also funding politicians within say these are the parliament that belongs to the right wing their faction in there are also transfer money and funding to the settlements in the west bank that are very
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controversial and these were all together we see that they have been generally. looking in this conflict these were the palestinian conflict in more religious perspective than a political perspective and when you are looking at this conflict in the religious and. religion. in tools then it's much harder to compromise but which was you cannot mess with god it's really something important other courses and therefore if the response was supportive of this from declaration to move the embassy to jerusalem of course that was dropped out of the you have it or you know they say politics or religion shouldn't mix but it does certainly the united states and and as you said the prince is actually appealing to his main religious space in the u.s. the same base that believes in protecting israel the same base that believes also in supporting politicians who believe the same things that he does that fall they
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are on the right track in terms of the united states is there any space for secular views with the israeli disposal. because the secular view was perhaps the view of israel's forefathers when israel risk created it was created to secure the jewish nation and that the religious beliefs perhaps weren't as prominent as they are now. there is definitely there is a place for that and you can say thing these were only politics but we here we see the day in the public eye and the people including the eventually start merican a low be together with the israeli right when has a common interest and when the common interest is coming together so you took away all day things that are divided in these camps and eventually you can see this connection this monday in between the israeli right when that is also some of it major part of it is thank you but they are cooperating with these they ventured
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avenger least a question people you know because they have a joint interest against the palestinians against the world how ever ever when surely when we talk about politics we talk about interest and when the israeli public will know that this is a cancer so the interests of israel too with the only writing in conflict with the palestinians i believe that security and political interest are more important for people even then in a religious view at this moment in time we have where one year into a trump administration had an illustration that last four years. around election time or elections can overturn a political party be it in israel all the us what happens hypothetically with the republicans don't win the next presidency and the democrats treat could the situation be reversed in the terms of the ideological position that pence instilled amongst israeli politicians at the time to do we go back to the what would be the
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netanyahu obama years where either side really doesn't see how to move forward in terms of finding a long term peace because of the very extreme views either to the left or to the right. we saw doing obama time that obama said all the right things about the need for the two state solution about the issue of human experience approach the issue of universal values in iraq then religious values and about human rights and all this issue but eventually when you look at the result there and go then result is that we don't have peace with the palestinians so it's not just up to the american president of the american people it's also up to the israelis and palestinians i believe that if the government in israel will change and there will be a more moderate government it can promote peace talks and even peace deal with the palestinian better than this current government that doesn't believe the
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palestinian people and there should be a palestinian state so i'm not so sure that it's all about the american but for sure for netanyahu and his people to run for government is the best but we will see what doesn't for the moment oppenheimer thanks so much for joining us from tel aviv's it's been a pleasure to have you on the program palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he wants to continue negotiations for peace despite tension surrounding the status of jerusalem he's in brussels and she met her earlier meeting e.u. foreign policy chief frederica monnerie and european foreign ministers no longer really supports his ambition to have east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state choice we know from brussels search well you would be listening in to what mike pence had to say as would the palestinian president we haven't heard from him yet but he said he will be taking those statements into any meetings he has during the day. well i mean here he'll be briefed on what was said because
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actually our boss was making his own statements. in the big giving part of plan to address to the knesset but obviously will be very well aware of what was a very lengthy sermon as. maramba try to describe this obviously if. political analysts were to be frustrated by pence's statements then mahmoud abbas and the palestinian people that he supposedly represents would be outraged by that address to the knesset say an address that not only mention them very little but centrally tried to reinforce the biblical ideologies that have been used to justify a decades old illegal occupation according to international law in the forcible transfer of millions of palestinian refugees who to this day remain an able to return home and that is the plight that mahmoud abbas is meant to be representing their plights of the palestinian refugees the plight of those living under illegal occupation the plight of those living under siege that has gone on for over ten
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years that essentially. for bids them and prevents them from reaching the most basic of necessities be it's medical aid or others now abbas is representation of that however isn't seen by a large section of the palestinian society as a successful one and they say that some bass's insistence on negotiations and political process without getting true guarantee is is what's led the to this current status of status where the main guarantor of the peace process as embodied in the united states is essentially quite clearly and as far as many palestinians are concerned of noxious to be taken up one side of. recognizing illegally occupied jerusalem as the capital of israel what our boss is doing here is sending a message to the american administration that he is in not interested in meeting with them so long as it continues to peddle that even. local driven ideology of
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supporting israel so one sided leader but at the same time is trying to find some sort of alternative in terms of international support now the e.u. is the biggest funder of the palestinian authority in terms of projects and other issues as well as the fact that it is also promising to ensure that united nations relief and workers agency which was set up to serve the palestinian refugees who are in their millions the e.u. has said that it will ensure that any lack of funding resulted as a result of trump's decision to withhold funding from that crucial department that that would be made up through the e.u. the question is always whether those economic incentives are there to try and reinforce and maybe reassure us that there is a partner in the international arena and that they will be genuinely interested in finding a solution that would be based on securing the rights of the proudest things which many palestinians believe have been trampled on for decades or whether that economic incentive is purely being put forward in front of
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a bus to ensure that it continues to play along in what a lot of the political analysts say is just a charade of peace process and peace negotiations whilst more and more land is being stolen whilst more and more illegal settlements are being built whilst more and more palestinian juveniles are locked up so what our boss has to come away with here it's not going to be enough for him to come back to the model and say well i've got x. amount of millions of dollars committed or euros committed to infrastructure projects he needs to come back and say well the european union says it's rejects streamers to them as the capital of israel the european union says it still believes in a palestinian state the european union say is that illegal settlements must and then some sort of sanctions will be imposed on israel for it continues and anything short of that wall can essentially deem him as a redundant politician representing a palestinian authority that has no real ability to change the defacto status quo of the. and moving to either under occupation or as refugees demolish l.a.
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in brussels coming up here al-jazeera will be live how the syrian turkish border with the latest on turkey's military offensive in the region. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. holloa take a look at weather conditions across the americas this time in south america we still have this area of rain across the far south of brazil we've also seen some pretty heavy rain being reported in that area over the last twenty four hours and the looks of the more rain to come so looking fairly wet here extending through towards rio de janeiro further south in dodge and tina is looking dry for bonus areas fine in santiago in chile lipans should be mainly dry and also we should see some sunshine for lima improve but the risk of showers is there so as we head up into the caribbean region not a great deal of change had this area of cloud extending across parts of cuba and
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through towards the bahamas for the ten the risk of some showers and that's how it's like you continue to in the course of monday but generally across the honestly be a fair amount of sunshine as you move up through central america we've got a scattering of showers the setting up towards the yucatan peninsula those becoming heavier and more widespread as we head through tuesday makes a ghost city may even see the old those you head up into north america here we've got a classic frontal system set up across the mid atlantic states extending down towards the south snow on its northern edge madera head of it washington there at seventeen degrees on monday by chooses a front goes through temperatures are dropping away and some snow over eastern canada the weather sponsored by cat time. on counting the cost why the jury's still out on this fight wall street's delight we delve into china's better than expected growth story and count the cost of negative brand publicize the. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back turkey's president has revealed that he had an agreement with russia to launch a military operation in northern syria although moscow has declined to confirm it and as ankara continues to attack the area with artillery and aircraft and ground forces there are indications its actions are widening the conflict now the operation initially focused on a frame district in syria's northwest corner but turkey has now expanded it to another border area town of it says the city of mosul beach further to the east is
4:47 pm
actually going to be next now in the next few hours russia has offered broad support for the operation while also warning that it doesn't support turkey's plan to keep control of a thirty kilometer deep strip of land once what it called operation olive branch is complete now the offensive focuses on the y.p. jeana that's a u.s. or allied kurdish group that turkey considers a terrorist the y.p. g. is part of a broader coalition known as the syrian democratic forces or b s d f a short time ago the s.d.f. issued a statement defending itself and insisting that its only enemy is ice and alarmist correspondent roy chalons joins me now what else have the russians been saying as the foreign minister has been speaking as well. well when a lover of spoke earlier on monday he reached for the kind of platitudes that you often hear from seasoned diplomats that are talking about the behavior of
4:48 pm
a partner state behavior that it doesn't really want to either condone or or condemn too harshly so he said the. he would exercise restraint as well as respect for the territorial integrity of syria of course the territorial integrity is open to question when. tanks are rolling across the border russia is in a difficult position here because essentially what it's trying to do is keep its strategic objectives in line and at the same time balance the obviously competing interests of its partners and allies in the region such as the kurds turkey and the government in damascus now the big question of course is how much consensus did russia give for turkey's afrin operation because last week just before the
4:49 pm
operation started a high level delegation came from ankara to moscow that delegation included the turkish chief of staff and the heads of the intelligence services now of course the assumption was that these people were coming here to basically say does moscow give this operation the green light still russia is saying very little about whether it officially approve the operation or not but that the operation has begun that there are turkish jets flying in the airspace over northern syria indicates that yes there was at least some sort of tacit approval given by moscow perhaps what russia is hoping for the moment is to keep his distance and hope that turkey doesn't create too much of a mess we'll see what does happen for the moment. thank you. now the united nations human rights council is discussing concerns about the freedom of expression in the united arab emirates a report was prepared earlier this month which raised questions about undue
4:50 pm
influence by the security services on the judiciary let's go straight to nadine barber who's at the united nations in geneva for us what else are we expecting in this report nadine also held the session this afternoon here in geneva will be looking at some of those concerns raised by the human rights council in that report that came out there were lots of areas of concern included as you said the freedom of expression and freedom of information the lack of a body a national body for human rights that met the standards set out by the united nations problems like human trafficking the fact that children in some cases are trafficked into the u.a.e. to be then forced into the sex industry sex work industry but one of the biggest focuses is on the issue of arbitrary detention and torture in the united
4:51 pm
arab emirates i'm joined now by rodney dixon q.c. who's a lawyer who's represented some people who've been the victim of that can you just tell me first of all how common that is it's particularly widespread in the i represent some victims but the or reports concerning hundreds of persons held in secret detention facilities and who have been tortured and abused before being brought before a court system that is rife with human rights violations. we heard from one one person here today who said that he'd raised the issues is a british national would raise issues with the national government but it never got any redress are the governments listening to these concerns your stay on the un has condemned these practices many important states are raising questions today at the door they need to heighten their voices and the u.s.
4:52 pm
authorities need to respond it's not enough for them just to be listening they need to take steps to change the system entirely you've said that you have seen some some changes in the u.a.e. what's either a been doing in the last few years to address these criticisms very little and that's the problem that's why we highlighting it they have not investigated the allegations of widespread torture and punish those held them to account and change the court system so it's based on proper evidence being collected and not forced confessions that are made under torture cruel treatment. this session this afternoon will outline lots of different issues apart from torture what's what's your main concern about what needs to change in the u.a.e. the court system has to be reformed from start to finish operative detention needs to be ended you can't have people held for eight nine ten months a year longer in secret prisons where their families converse and they can't have
4:53 pm
access to lawyers it needs to be done publicly and transparently and has to be based on proper evidence if there's any at the moment those who i'm representing and others have had confessions tortured out of them and that's the only evidence that's been used in court so a whole raft of changes need to take place and very quickly some some victims have suggested a valid complaints have not been really been acted on by by other governments because they favor trade interests over human rights complaints what can you say about that and that has been a longstanding problem that the us has strong economic ties with many key countries and what we are saying is those should be used by those countries to influence to make sure that the is change that goes beyond just raising questions today but make sure that they change in practice and for good but in dixons thank you very much for your time well later on we work we are expecting to hear from the minister of state for foreign affairs of the the u.n.
4:54 pm
he certainly expected to defend his country's a human rights situation but for the ngos here and for the victims that we've been hearing from they certainly do want to hear commitments that there will be change and soon in the fall from that we'll leave it there nadine thanks for the update. nothing in europe catalonia the parliament speaker has proposed ousted leader karla's pushable as the candidate to form the region's new government the nomination comes as pressure more arrived in denmark despite threats from spain that he'd be detained there on sunday spain's state prosecutor said he'll return to evade arrest warrant for if he leaves belgium but the supreme court has rejected that request before president of catalonia fled to brussels in october after his regional government declared independence from spain in a referendum ruled illegal by madrid while pushable is currently attending a debate at the university of copenhagen he accuse the spanish government of treating pro independence catalan politicians like what he called terrorists. in
4:55 pm
the last months fundamental freedoms have been undermining democracy democratically elected politicians have been sent to preventive reason and have been treated like terrorists or those like myself or others members of my cabinet have had to examine themselves to avoid prison freedom of assembly has been going to tell it schoolteachers are being rules trials for they now king about the referendum and they even for beat the yellow collar during the electoral campaign. for football star george aware has been sworn in as liberia's new president the fifty one year old won by a landslide in a runoff vote in december against vice president joseph book i where succes nobel peace prize winner ellen johnson sirleaf in the country's first peaceful transition
4:56 pm
of power since the one nine hundred forty four. a motorcycle bomb has exploded at a market in the southern thailand area killing three people and injuring dozens more it happened in the southern province of the yellow no one has claimed responsibility it's the first attack of its kind for months in the region where ethnic camillus students have been fighting for ptolemy. hundreds of thousands of federal employees in the u.s. will have to stay home on monday as the government shutdown extends into the working week money for federal agencies was cut off on saturday after the senate failed to pass a funding bill a new vote on the spending plan is due in the coming hours hi joe castro is following developments from washington d.c. . the shutdown of the us government will stretch into a third day this is after the faint glimmer of hope to achieve an overnight compromise was dashed when senate democrats announced that yet there was still no deal now the next possible vote would come at noon monday but on an elusive
4:57 pm
compromise that has yet to be reached a group of bipartisan centrist senators have been working behind closed doors to reach that compromise so far what's been discussed is a temporary measure to reopen the government until february eighth and then to address immigration that may be a hard pill for democrats to swallow they see this as their opportunity to leverage the budget in order to help the eight hundred thousand young undocumented immigrants hold dreamers who were brought to this country illegally as children meanwhile u.s. president donald trump one time said he wished to help the legalize those young people has now in recent days turned back on that stance playing to his base and saying he wants a harder stance on immigration with these shifting stances and with the finger pointing coming from trump's account on twitter it remains to be seen when and if
4:58 pm
a compromise to reopen the federal government will occur. thousands of women gathered at a football stadium in las vegas on the second day of global demonstrations against inequality. the rallies are also being held tomorrow since the u.s. president's inauguration many also denouncing donald trump's views on issues including immigration abortion and algae bt writes i'll be back with more news seven o'clock to stay with us here on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not a sixteen instead of being an obstacle to tell wastes it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts
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of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. on the benefit of saddam people so bad they see the importance of guys who witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kids stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international
5:00 pm
least of threatened species. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important we have a right to publish it bit of a duty to be offensive or provoke to talk about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. and that the united states embassy will open before the end of next year pledging to implement a promise to move the embassy to.


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