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gifts. out as i said in his telling me as a society i don't vote this time. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when east exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific missions dark subject one when used at this time on al-jazeera. save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan off the gunman's stallman's offices and call bull will than a million children will be affected. hello
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i'm in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. as fighting intensifies between kurdish and turkish forces in northern syria the u.n. says civilians have been blocked from escaping an uneasy truce allows families to return home in the democratic republic of congo but can the peace last. and a health crisis in indonesia's remote part for province where a measles outbreak is feared to have killed hundreds of people we have an exclusive reports. a low out top story this hour save the children a suspended operations in afghanistan after three of its employees were killed in an attack on its regional office government stormed the aid agencies compound in the eastern city of jalalabad after a suicide bombing just outside four others were injured in the attack which has
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been claimed by ice will jennifer glass has more from kabul. a harrowing day for several dozen people trapped inside the offices of save the children the attack happened at nine o'clock in the morning and it wasn't until more than eight hours later the security forces were able to rescue those trapped inside the building in the meantime they exchanged gunfire and grenade blasts were heard inside the save the children office in jalalabad in eastern afghanistan save the children has decided to suspend its operations across the country and it affects one point four million children here in afghanistan a country that is heavily dependent on international aid and the kind of work that these aid organizations do to the children says it's committed to its work here and it would like to resume its programs as quickly as possible but it can't do so until it knows that its workers can be safe and secure they say that's their first priority this will be a really big blow to the afghan government and the afghan people who rely on the
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aid from these organizations other aid organizations will be really watching the situation closely last year the international red cross the scale back its operations because seven members of its staff had been killed and the united nations says that afghanistan is one of the most difficult places to work in the world seventeen aid workers were killed in two thousand and seventeen dozens more were injured in two thousand and seventeen and so this attack on save the children if save the children indeed was the target i think is going to have many international aid organizations watching closely whether they feel that they can be safe in the communities where they work. u.s. backed fighters in the northern syrian town of man beach have been deployed to the front lines to confront a possible assault by turkish forces tuckey's president has promised to expand
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operations towards the town to confront the threat posed by the kurdish white b.g. fight as which sees as a threat to its security the move risks a possible confrontation between the nato allies. manby stumble sure hopefully starting from we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble from our region well turkey's already launched an air and ground operation in the nearby city of affray in because of the y p g presence there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting and car wants to create a thirty kilometer deep officer and to protect its border with syria turkey says some two hundred sixty eight fighters have been neutralized in operation olive branch so far a kurdish commander says that's an exaggeration but he didn't give any alternative figures all syrians who survived a deadly snowstorm along the country's mountainous border are calling on the lebanese government to open its doors to refugees seventeen people froze to death
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while illegally crossing into lebanon along a well known people smuggling route last week so in a holder has more from the bekaa valley. but survived but she watched her father in law and sister in law freeze to death syrian refugees were caught in a fear snowstorm as people smugglers tracked them across mountains to reach seventy people died including children said they asked the smugglers for help but instead they abandoned. we asked the smuggler to help us go back he wanted money he kept threatening us with guns we had no choice but to comply my father in law was old and needed to go back and my children needed and i had to go back the smuggling route is an eight hour journey through difficult terrain and on that particular day weather conditions were very bad the rescue and search effort lasted for days as from the city of rekha she went back to syria because she couldn't afford to treat
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her sick child eleven on. her one month old girl died in syria and had to return to her family in lebanon syrians like her can't use government run border crossings if they don't want to lose their status with the united nations it's not just that. the lebanese authorities to open the border. money to those who want to cross illegally. and that costs hundreds of. hundred dollars we go to the government. lebanon just like syria's other neighbors jordan and turkey no longer accept refugees at the start of the syrian conflict more than one of million syrian refugees entered lebanon soon after the lebanese government said it was unable to cope with the vast numbers in two thousand and fifteen it imposed new restrictions ending its open door policy program. some lebanese politicians
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have been calling for refugees to return at least to areas where the war has ended and calm has returned but the u.n. and the international committee of the red cross don't consider syria safe yet for many refugees safety is not their only concern. if we go back to syria we can't survive our homes are destroyed and so are our livelihoods there are no jobs so how do we live at least here we got some help from. how much fathers decimal hyla died in the snow storm and his nieces marry a man hunt lost their mother. the girls need to go back to syria to be raised by their grandmother but because they entered lebanon illegally the only way back is through the mountains. because valley lebannon hundreds of thousands of people are returning to their homes in the democratic republic of congo after spending months in hiding or than three thousand people have been killed since fighting broke out between the army and rebels in the region eighteen months ago and as catherine
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sawyer reports from people are worried that a fragile peace deal could collapse at any time. these former child soldiers relax at a rehab center in concise central they will fight his supporters kook's of come in and supple a rebel group that has been fighting government forces since twenty sixteen. mark is seventeen years old he joined the group to avoid the consequences of not joining his in his friends get beaten up or even killed for insisting he was also afraid of government soldiers. i joined as a fighter my festival was burning houses when we attacked then i was promoted money good luck i was fine a lot rested and spend six months in jail before i was rescued by the un forces fighting increased after police killed a traditional chief who was critical of president joseph kabila as government in the mineral rich region with
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a history of political and territorial tension the violence spread fast these house belongs to a police commander and when the rebels came to this area back in august they bind him alive inside the house people here also told us they terrorized them for three days before the military came. to some but she says her husband was killed by a government soldier has signed by militias double digit about rule of form and i blame them all i never imagined my home which has always been peaceful would become so violent so quickly and i pray never to see that happen again the violence has significantly reduced after an easy peace deal between the states and their grief a community of sample kinda it was negotiated by this man the community spiritual leader but he says the government has not or not there remained and accuses its forces of widespread across cities. i ordered for peace to come back because
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it is the government and the president who are not ready for peace conditions set out in the peace talks have not been met whatever happens will not be or mean. the military and police deployed to this area remain on high alert guarding the airport and other facilities have also been accused of human rights abuses in. the government i'm no reason to attack civilians who did not create the conflict or intimidation has become one runs up all the more to. many people in the countryside where the conflict was at its worst our farmers they've been unable to plant crops for three seasons and though they say it's time to rebuild their lives they still fear they may have to run again catherine sawyer al-jazeera concise central at the democratic republic of congo where business leaders are meeting heads of state in davos where the world economic forum is underway the german chancellor has used her speech to warn against protectionism while france's president says globalization is
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undergoing a major crisis but it's not just economic challenges being addressed the u.n. says leaders must do more to ease the plight of refugees let's get the latest now from our diplomatic editor james bays who is there and so james the conditions that lead to people fleeing their home countries and our response to it very much turning into a defining issue of the century. one of the issues of the century as you say and one of the issues here at davos is the issue of refugees and of migration we have as you say business leaders we have political leaders and we have humanitarian leaders and one of those is the head of the u.n. refugee agency the high commissioner who is here filippo grandy thank you for joining us to explain to us focused why do you think it's important for you to come to a gathering like this what do you hope to achieve and what so far this week do you think you have achieved the central theme of this forum is
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a fractured world and how we can build a shared future to court the theme in the structure of the world now which symptom is more typical of a fractured war at that than refugees they're really the result of this fracture so it is very much a theme which is of interest to us and it is important for me here to meet business leaders political leaders and remind them that in building in trying to to develop a diest for this shared future they should not forget those that are the most eminent victims of this fracture and you talk about political leaders we have heads of state heads of government foreign ministers are you speaking to them about doing more taking in more refugees we're speaking about that for sure. constantly and we're speaking also to business leaders which is also what is very interesting here in davos and many there's
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a lot of business leaders that are interested in developing new ways to address to gather this problem of refugees and this is really extremely important and interesting that's the big issue in your job there always are emergencies underway one of them the situation in northern syria how concerned are you about the flows of people i'm concerned because as we are some people start talking about. returns which is really premature we see in fact new displacement around the area where there's been fighting as we know recently we've seen a over two hundred thousand new displaced people of course some are going back home so it's a very complex situation at the moment and they think we have to exercise the utmost prudence in considering the future of refugees or to be able to cope with these flows well unfortunately we have a big machine on the ground because we've been there in syria and in countries
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surrounding syria dealing with displaced and refugees for years and years now so that machine can cope with that but that's really not the issue the issue is why you have to so many years and with peace process or peace process is in the happening we still have fighting that produce produces displacement this is the real problem i commission i'd like to ask you about a story which is about afghanistan and the attack in afghanistan we hear many times of all of the afghans who left the country you know driving some of the whole way here to europe we hear european leaders saying afghanistan now it's safe it's time to go back it's the same issue is afghanistan say well this tragic attack of yesterday which actually follows many tragic attack seen in kabul and other places in afghanistan is first and foremost a reminder that the situation remains unsafe for the civilians in afghanistan
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and this is really the message that we continue to convey to countries hosting afghans be patience we need to reconstruct afghanistan we to rebuild security before we can talk about return for everybody so it has to remain evolving tree an individual choice but he's also a reminder of the risks that are run by humanitarian agencies that the attack here was against save the children i mean. save the children one of the most noble n.g.o.s doing work for children around the world and that becomes the target of a terrorist attacks so it's a it's an episode that unfortunately carries many worrying messages that we should reflect on what you tell the leaders here when you speak to them about afghanistan particularly this designation of people from afghanistan from migrants or are they refugees why did it really depends and the assessment has to be done on a case by case basis for those that the for example arrived here in europe but i
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think that what also the situation says is that investments in rebuilding afghanistan have to be more and more focused there has to be there is a security imperative there clearly but then there are many other investments that have to be made in order to make for example the return of those that come back from europe or come back from pakistan in the in a more sustainable high commissioner thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera and talking about afghanistan and a place that you've served in the past and the wider issues of refugees of course here at davos we are waiting for the arrival in the next twenty four hours of a man whose policy on refugees i'm sure they are commissioners are a little bit too polite to criticize but obviously will be in the spotlight and that of course is the president of the united states maria yes that's right it promises to be an interesting final few days there at the world economic forum at davos thank you very much and diplomatic editor james bays watching it all for us
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well now a brazilian court is expected to rule shortly on former president louise and asio in a disability pale against a corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback a popular politician known across the country as was given a nine and a half year prison sentence last year for money laundering and corruption is leading the polls for october's presidential election and has been touring massive crowds to his rallies. well terry is a bow joins us live from puerto allegro interest at the last time we spoke one of the judges had decided to uphold the conviction the corruption and money laundering any news of when the rulings will come in from the other two judges. well it's probably going to be a very long day here because the first judge before voting spoke with you for about three hours we know that judges have just returned from a short recess and they have started now the trial once again let's not forget that
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the when the first judge voted you know totally not only asked for us convict him to be maintained but also for the fan tends to be increased from nine and a have years to twelve years and one month he was very very he said that there was enough proof to actually come back to the president that there was enough took to show that there was a link between a construction company that allegedly gave the vote for a former president out apartment that was renovated and that in exchange the former president helped to get contracts with the country's state owned company et cetera with us also he said that you look at what the commander of a corrupt system for because he had the capacity at the time of naming the directors of the state oil company petrodollars this country is completely divided there's protests all around the country for the operation carwash which is the biggest anti corruption investigation in this country and for those who are
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defending let us feel about those all of them they're surrounding me now they're very vigilant they're very angry with what is happening here in brazil they say that with an election without you will would be like committing fraud and they're saying that we're going to take to the streets if the president is conviction is maintained and this is the dilemma right now yes there are protests and a great deal of anger against the level of corruption but also. there is quite a unique and very popular figure in the country if these convictions are upheld and we can't run in the election how much more unrest could that be. why it's so very unclear what is going to happen next i mean there's a big division between justice and the popularity of that people have through that hasn't over right now and the support that he continues to to have among the population when you talk to people that have come from oh all around the country to this place to show their support for the former president they fake you like change
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their lives he helped leave poverty behind he helped us get our first stops our houses among other things but what very if this conviction is upheld by this tribunal you will out will be able and he will be able to appeal one more time but at the same time as well definitely complicate his chances of registering to run of a candidate for the elections not only because brazilian law bans candidates who have been convicted and have lost in an appeals court but also because it would be difficult to know whether he will make it on current because. they should be registered in august i thank you very much terry isabeau with all the latest on that. an undercover report into sexual harassment a men only charity fund raising in the u.k. has caused outrage the financial times found the women were sexually harassed and proposition that event attended by leaders from the world of business politics and finance since the fallout two major sponsors severed ties and the club said it will
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no longer host any more fund raising events on a b phillips has more. at exclusive charity even a good one of london's smartest hotels it's called the president's club so exclusive that the only guests are men some of britain's leading bankers businessmen property developers will see only women like the undercover reporter who took these pictures. host ss told to west sexy clothes forced to sign a document saying they won't talk about what happened here one of the auction prizes plastic surgery to make we're told your wife more attractive other prizes tea with the governor of the bank of england lunch with the foreign secretary boris jobs the women are repeatedly groped harassed invited to bedrooms up stairs man and ensuring. quite a course on things very quickly to the waters. and. some of
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that it was pretty shocking. depressing politicians from all parties say they're outraged women have the right to feel safe wherever they were and allegations of this type of behavior are completely unacceptable or could then that a government minister attended the evening he says he left early he was appalled by the behavior and though he doesn't plan to resign a leading hospital that receives some of the three million dollars raised by the president's club has returned the money and then there's the hotel the dorchester where the event took place beloved by royalty and movie stars it says it's deeply concerned at the allegations an investigation is under way bobbie phillips al-jazeera london. m easels outbreak is feared to have killed hundreds of mt people in indonesia's eastern opera province officials say sixty nine children have died
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but church leaders believe the death toll is much higher our correspondent step valsin and her team gain rare access to some of those forgotten villages and one of the world's most remote regions they took a commercial flight from the capital jakarta to get to in pupper province from to mika the team took a small plane to get to our guts they then traveled by boat and into the jungle to get to us a tat this is their exclusive report the land over spreads across a vast jungle delta only reachable by both a challenging journey most outsiders prefer to avoid. assert that a settlement in the middle of dense forest we are welcomed by grieving parents dozens of topless died after their malnourished bodies didn't survive a measles outbreak a doctor has yet to visit the remote village. i mean by your giving our lives have become so hard we need a doctor to come here the government in jakarta has to help us because the local
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government has never visited us a government health department spokesman has said staff are working with very limited resources and they're trying very hard to help the people are threatened by a lack of medical care and address to change in lifestyle to find food they used to spend months in the forest. they used to eat sad go from palm trees and drink natural water but since the government opened district offices here everything is changed instant food and energy drinks and to the area but the us people don't know these things are bad for them. while some are smart women go through the long process to prepares psagot we find children eating uncooked instant noodles and the baby drinking instant coffee while the children have been dying these are smart people are left on their own far away from any doctor or government officials who don't make the effort to make the long and difficult journey only
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a strong government commitment to reach out to these poor papa once can help to prevent another tragedy. to handle the health crisis catholic church workers are handing out food to young children and give how the vice tomatoes many of them are malnourished as well but the us must can continue to live on donations of food aid forever their survival depends on their ability to revive traditions and the willingness of the government to really help and guide them step fasten al-jazeera asset that. in india there have been growing protests by right wing hindi eclipse against the release of a controversial hollywood film demonstrators say the film which a trace of muslim rule at the hands of queen is an insult to their religion and cultural heritage we've barker explains. protests are intensifying across several
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indian states and how close to the capital delhi right wing hindu groups blockaded roads and in the city of bhopal police arrested several demonstrators off they set a car. a number of cinemas across the country have also been vandalized on choose day hundreds of writers descended on the ball of the western state of good cheer and torching vehicles and damaging shops. the escalation came hours after india's supreme court rejected bids to allow some states to ban the controversial film cleared for release nationwide on thursday. is the patrol of a fourteenth century hindi queen a member of the high raj group cast of the muslim. the film depicts a romance between the two characters seen as a step too far for these demonstrators ready for the hardline raj to hindu group sriracha. they say the relationship between a hindu and a muslim is a distortion of fact and are determined to defend the culture. of the raj boot
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community lives only to protect the country the religion and one's self respect. can be noticed in a crowd he is disciplined never flees a battle and is always ready to die. historians say the queen's existence is very likely a legend a character in a sci fi epic poem this is the story it's an epic with. it's not good and it is that in fifteen forty and it was set in the thirteenth century because that was the ruling in the thirteenth century so people forget that this is not a piece of history it's an epic written by a lot of. the film's director sanjay leela bhansali tonight's the movie disrespects the hindi queen he's had to contend with sets a little later the original release state hard line hindu ism is on the rise in india emboldened believe many by the country's prime minister and hindu nationalist
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the render modi police have boosted security and all fear to scream in the film but many cinemas are reluctant to take the risk the. south korean officials are conducting a rabbit to north korea to inspect training venues ahead of the winter olympics despite a planned display of the games a massive security operation has been arranged kathy novak reports from chan. a gunman holds two hostages in this police demonstration in young china a swat team bursts in takes down the attacker and frees the victims it's a drill just one of the scenarios police are preparing for with hundreds of thousands of visitors about to arrive before north korea agreed to send a delegation one of the biggest worries was it might disrupt the games now police say they are more concerned about so-called lone wolf terrorist threats involving
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attackers from other countries bomb detection robots that can identify and destroy suspicious items are among the tools available to protect against that threat. the move to prevent a terrorist attack in collaboration with intelligence agencies around the world over the past year we have banned the perrys from entering the country. more than thirty thousand people considered to be a security threat have been blacklisted though police say they are not aware of any specific plots one of the major tasks for police will be providing security for the north korean delegation some south koreans may want to express their displeasure that the two koreas will be marching together under a unified flag for the opening ceremony and that there is a joint women's hockey team olympic organizers hope just as many people will welcome the show of unity trip lot on and threatening ceremonies based on
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a theme of peace i believe north korea's participation presents a good opportunity to emphasize that message. the day before the games begin another spectacle is planned north of the border north korea's ju to celebrate army building day on february eighth troops and equipment are reported to have already been mobilized suggesting the north is planning a military parade they're known to be impressively choreographed affairs. but south korean police officers have moves of their own and they're not afraid to show them off either. we know that al jazeera pump china south korea. a quick look at the stories making headlines now the aid agency save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after an attack on its offices gunmen
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stormed that compound in the eastern city of jalalabad after a suicide bombing just outside two security guards and a civilian died in the attack with several others injured isolate says it was behind the attack the head of the u.n. refugee agency felipa grandy has told al jazeera that more investment is needed in afghanistan in the wake of that save the children attack he also says business leaders as well as political leaders can play a part in easing the world refugee crisis. u.s. backed fighters in the northern syrian town of man beach have been deployed to confront a possible assault by turkish forces turkey's president promised to expand operations towards the town to confront the threat posed by the kurdish wife beachy the move risks a possible confrontation between the nato allies. hopefully starting from the beach we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble from our region. a brazilian court is
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expected to rule shortly on former president louise enough to silva's appeal against a corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback a popular politician who is known across the country is leading the polls for october as a presidential election. and on the cover a report by a british newspaper sexual harassment has led to questions to be honest in the u.k. parliament two female reporters from the financial times were subject to subjected to repeated inappropriate advances working as hostesses at a charity event taking place at london's prestigious dorchester hotel since the fall out two major sponsors seva ties and the club president said it will no longer host fundraising events. the measles outbreak is fit to have killed hundreds of malnourished people in indonesia's eastern pop or province officials say sixty nine children have died but church leaders believe the death toll is much higher
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when you're up to date with all of the top stories the news hour is coming up in twenty five minutes time so do join me then now it's time for inside story. is the president of egypt scared of the competition. is the latest contender forced out of the race for the presidential election in large the army's film a chief of salt is under arrest and the former prime minister has also been forced to drop out this is inside story.


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