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the focus from. the nature of music as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage that our job and government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. brazil's former president says he will run in this year's election despite a court upholding a corruption conviction against. him
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this is al jazeera live also coming up. i don't want to report a whitewash a top u.s. diplomat quits me an advisory panel on the crisis. save the children charity suspends its operations in afghanistan following an attack that killed three of its staff plus. london looking at the work of one of the greatest living photographers of our time a master of manipulation. a court in brazil has upheld the conviction against former president there's enough to silva for corruption and money laundering it's a major setback for his plans to run again for the presidency but he insisted he will seek reelection in october that is about reports on the southern city of port
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or leg. these people are standing by. they're convinced he will be brazil's next president despite a court's ruling that makes it almost impossible for him to run. the risk distance will never die we lost the battle but not the war president twenty eight hundred nine. hundred. ninety eight. again on wednesday an appeals court upheld his conviction for corruption and money laundering even increase the sentence to twelve years and one month one of the judges said there is no doubt that the former president was involved in a corruption scheme. i looked at these questions one by one reaffirming
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specifically that the issue of culpability is the largest vector for the sentence and i consider culpability to be extremely high in this case it happened in the city of port were extreme security measures were taken to prevent clashes between supporters and those who backed the court's decision. in self brazil's economic capital many celebrated who. thinks he shouldn't be vested gaited because he's god all his companions are behind bars and are incriminating him we won justice should be arrested he must be convicted. he's now seventy two he was presumed working class president and is credited with lifting millions out of poverty. the court's judgment complicates his chances of making it to this year's presidential race. but lula remains defiant.
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it will be for me the school ruling is an opportunity to travel through brazil and have a dialogue with the brazilian people now i can see that everything that they're doing is to close the door to my candidacy as provocation so shameful but now i want to be counted for the presidency of the republic brazilian law bans candidates who have been convicted from running for office there are two legal moves you like and make to avoid prison and to fight to be allowed to run in october's election. but for many that will now be tougher than his supporters would like to what made. the case what. a former top u.s. diplomat has quit an international advisory panel tackling the rank of crisis saying it's a whitewash bill richardson was once considered
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a close friend of and son suchi but he's dismissing the panel as a cheerleading operation from him as leader and accuses her of lacking moral leadership mean maher says it was saddened by his departure but they are one hundred has more. he's one of america's most experienced diplomats a former u.s. politician and reportedly a friend of the suci but bill richardson sudden departure from an advisory panel on the range of crisis shows just how much that relationship may have soured i don't want to be part of a whitewash. and i felt as best that i resign immediately richardson said he didn't want to be a part of what he described as a cheerleading operation for suchi aimed at validating hiromi range of policies rather than honesty investigation the actions of me and miles military richardson was an international heavyweight on the team member panel chosen he says by suchi
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herself the u.n. estimates more than six hundred eighty thousand range of muslims fled a military crackdown from late august last year survivor spoke of atrocities including mess murder rape entire villages raised me and my maintains it was responding to attacks from mom to groups suchi once celebrated as a champion of human rights was heavily criticized over the crisis richardson is now adding his voice to that criticism accusing her of reflecting moral leadership she believes there concerted international effort against me amar and i believe she is wrong blames all the problems that we have mars having on the international media. on human rights groups. on other governments richardson city was also alarmed by her response when he raised the issue of two
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reuters journalists wristed in yangon in december that been investigating the written job crisis i was very unhappy and distressed by downtown for the reaction to my point that this issue of reuters journalists being treated fairly and rapidly . that brought almost an explosion on her part a film a top diplomat richardson is nonfinite goshi outing with some of the wilts most formidable regimes including saddam hussein and the government of north korea but this time he's chosen to walk away a decidedly undiplomatic to patch up media on one hand al-jazeera won this let's bring in southeast asia analyst benjamin so lucky in bangkok via skype good to have you with us what is your response to which is since the patch well i think was courageous on his part but it's also most unfortunate he clearly made the
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calculation that he could do more good in resigning from this panel than he could have done by remaining on it and so on the one hand it's a rare act of courage on the part of the international community which has really failed the range of people in and the country of myanmar over the past five or six months but at the same time it goes to show just how desperate the situation is it's difficult to see that after the criticism of of the likes of bob geldof and bono and others that the resignation of yet someone else however close he may have been the suci is going to move her isn't because of a disagreement resonates with considering how close they are to each other or might this play into her fears that this is an international conspiracy against her in the country. i would expect the latter she has shown herself in the face of crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing to be unmoved by the plight of her citizens whether she likes it or not that's what they are i can't see that
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a resignation as as doing anything other than having her long richardson now into this this large group of of international critics that she feels is to account for her country's problems it would be would be great to see otherwise great to see it as a sort of wake up call or or a. sort of eureka moment for her but i simply don't have that kind of optimism and if she is that unmoved i mean it doesn't bode well for there were hanging or they two journalists hasn't. no it doesn't and by by raising the two journalists as you've done now what richardson has resignation also shows is suit she's on willingness to to broaden the scope of of her analysis of the range of situation to include politics and security and issues beyond development she has been claiming for years that the problem in rakhine state is really one of development and while that's an element of the problem her only security lens is through the eyes of the military itself in response to quote unquote terrorism her unwillingness to see it
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in political terms as she would given that she is the chief politician of the country implicitly deflects criticism from her results or responsibility and allows her to continue down a very narrow road which is rigid two points out is not going to lead to her to a resolution could have us so it's benjamin's a wacky thank you the global charity save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after a deadly attack on its jalalabad office forty six people in the building were rescued a soldier and three staff members were killed in the siege several others were wounded i still has claimed responsibility for that says more from the capital kabul. i attack began with a car bomb at the door of the state of the children office in jalalabad in eastern afghanistan the gunman stormed the building for more than eight hours they battled afghan security forces while dozens of save the children staff were trapped inside the building was set on fire eventually afghan police and soldiers killed the
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attackers and rescued the staff afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of war insecurity and poverty for twelve years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids arrive but the attack on the agency's office in jalalabad suggest it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan and the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for the latest to to stick on aid worker security show that over the last fifteen years their jobs have become much more dangerous in two thousand and sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world in which one hundred to one aid workers were killed ninety eight wounded and eighty nine kidnapped that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria the un humanitarian coordinator calls afghanistan one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for humanitarians in two thousand and seventeen seventeen
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aid workers were killed and thirty two injured doctors without borders withdrew from the northern afghan city of could use in two thousand and fifteen after the medical charities hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike and last year the international red cross which is operated in afghanistan for more than thirty years close to clinics and limited his operations nationwide after seven staff members were killed and others abducted now we're in a very. explosive situation i think where we you know the community says communities can no longer guarantee also a fifty an hour access and that's now where it's becoming extremely different. to know. who we can rely on and that's that's the challenge today more so than in the last thirty years afghanistan is dependent on aid organizations have gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the social services programs on which millions of afghans depend save the children says it helps one point four
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million children in afghanistan and it's committed to its work here the organization would like to restart its programs but it can only do so when it's short staffed can work safely jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. also still ahead on al-jazeera. the cuckoo i just find you get one. hundred seventy five years in jail for the u.s. gymnastics doctor who sexually abused within one hundred fifty girls and women in his care. and a scientific breakthrough in china as monkeys are cloned for the first time. hello the eastern side of the u.s. having had extreme cold or we can sort back a lot of ice formed started to melt recently because the last few systems that seem
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cold warm cold again so the ice of as broken up falls calls ice jams in rivers and flooding so the typical sites might be this one in pennsylvania where you've got arse enough to block the roof passage give you local flooding and you just got to clear it before the thing gets really good sex mechanical digger talk and that's what they're doing not just in pennsylvania it's been fairly widespread this problem and this solution weatherwise they were just about bit above freezing and quiet weather for the next day or so the winter such as it is is falling out is snow in the cascades in the rockies but not getting that far b.c. to. maybe the clayton prayer is but the potential minus one in winnipeg so it's nothing like as cold as it was nor is it quite as warm in dallas are down to sixteen degrees south of that and there is cloud or a insufficient to give a few showers in mexico they believe in honduras again it looks like the concentration of the persistence of the rain is going to be somewhere from costa
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rica northwards up towards billy's but it's not heavy. this is. dangerous bullshit issues where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the. real values that remember come to more homes. lead to more children braving tough conditions facing death every to. interfere in securing your very words if you will gamble with their lives just to live. risking it all on al-jazeera.
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again you are watching out is there a mind of top stories this hour a brazilian court has upheld the conviction against former president there is enough silver for corruption and money laundering but speaking to authorities to supporters he insisted he'll seek reelection in october. a veteran u.s. diplomat has quit an international advisory panel tackling the rangar crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson quit the group as it was making its first trip to manaus rakhine state seven hundred thousand a fled the region for bangladesh since the start of a military crackdown last year. the global charity save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after a deadly attack on its jalalabad office a soldier and three staff members were killed in the siege. you did qualified cattery pilots say they are ready to take to the skies without the support of gulf
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neighbors it comes as the united arab emirates military was told not to escalate and space tensions with cattle and fly on alternative routes cats are assigned major defense deals despite a seven month blockade some of binge of aid has more. these planes are on the frontline of a dispute between qatar and its neighbors. only days ago could the complained to the united nations that iraqi military jets had violated its airspace the u.a.e. later claimed without providing any proof that one of its passenger planes was intercepted but by three jets which door denies. these are the first pilots to graduate as officers since cutters neighbors blockaded their country the u.s. military has been ordered to tone down tensions in many of these graduates one ties between the gulf countries to be restored but they know their country has learned an important lesson in self-reliance not enough that. they considered that the
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blockade will hurt us but on the contrary we benefited and now our pilots will be ready for the future but that readiness for the future has a cost since the blockade but there has spent tens of billions of dollars in military contracts and allies such as turkey have ratified agreements to send thousands of soldiers to be based in qatar. the air force is getting twenty four typhoons from the u.k. it's getting twelve disorder file fighters from france the us company buoying it will be supplying thirty six fifteen's. a meter of other rules over the richest country in the world per capita and that massive wealth has brought influence the air force have the latest and greatest fighter airplanes in the old and that's why as you can see. if you look inside you will see this is a new generation aircraft is the latest it has a glass cockpit and it has everything you need to train the pilots to become future
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fighter pilots. but there is building on its partnerships across the world to protect it against the accusations by its neighbors it's always denied sponsoring terror the excuse behind the seven month blockade. intended to bring other to its knees is actually helping it stand on its own feet. some of the job with their. u.s. president donald trump says he is willing to be interviewed by investigators looking into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and russia. asked for. president tom trunk told reporters he'd speak on the oath to special counsel robert mueller who's leading the investigation. a former u.s. gymnastics team doctor has been sentenced for sexually assaulting female athletes and patients for decades larry nasser was given
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a prison term of up to one hundred seventy five years the president of michigan state university where nasa also worked resigned after the sentence was given john hendren has more. this staggering sentence mattered less than the statement it made oh wow. mr. whitehead through to. dr larry nasser was already handed a sixty year prison term for related child pornography last month that will keep the fifty four year old away from children for life perhaps you have figured it out by now but little girls don't see little forever they grow into strong women that return to destroy your world he pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls in usa gymnastics in michigan state university through intimate treatments that he told them had therapeutic value two thousand and nine. she took her own life. because you couldn't do with pain anymore but he was accused by more than one
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hundred fifty women and how dare you say sorry about everything you've done and all the lives you've destroyed we all see right through your bull now you're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught the accusers included gold medalists some own byelaws alley reisman gabby douglas in mckayla maroney who statement was read by a prosecutor dr nasser was not a doctor he in fact was in forever shall be a child molester a monster of a human being and a story. he abused my trust he abused my body and he left scars on my psyche that may never go away the victim's anger went beyond nasser this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both usa gymnastics and the u.s.o.c. abusers your time is up the survivors are here standing toe and we are not going
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anywhere on monday three leaders of usa gymnastics the national governing body for the olympic sport resigned under pressure among nasser's latest accuser is byles one of the most decorated gymnast in olympic history on twitter she said she dreaded returning to the training center where she was abused this week usa olympics announced it will close the texas center that haunts or whether the organization can regain the trust of dozens of women who say it failed to protect them remains an open question john hendren al-jazeera. egypt's last main opposition candidate for an upcoming presidential election has withdrawn from the race ali made the announcement just as president of the fact that all season filed his nomination papers it comes a day after former army chief of staff of tennant general sami aman was detained after saying he will contest the race the human rights lawyer was the first to announce in november that he will run against sisi. venezuelan president nicolas
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maduro has confirmed he'll seek a second term as president in an early election already widely rejected by the international community with the country's economy on the brink of collapse it's estimated more than half a million people have crossed the border into colombia and that number is rising i was on the n.p.r. to reports from the border city of. over a thousand venezuelan are sleeping on the streets of this border town in tents in hammocks or lying on sheets of cardboard in sports fields escaping hunger back home in the way that i would never have imagined living in these conditions the hardest is not having a bathroom or water there are children and pregnant women here during the day they look for any job they can find until recently most of the tens of thousands who cross through this footbridge into colombia with sell low cost food i think it's fair said says oranges or bread in exchange for hard currency and go back at the
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end of the day many still do but an increasing number is the saving to say. york city used to be a policewoman in beliefs where but her salary was enough to feed their children. now she's selling what she can to buy a twelve u.s. dollar bus ticket to colombia's coffee fields i left hoping to find a job and send money back home but nothing so far every other day to save enough and leave to work i am told i can walk. out or it is have started registering the new arrivals promising shelters with basic facilities but on this night migration police arrived striking a different tone. your border mobility card does not allow you to live here you have seven days to leave if we catch you again you face fines and deportation two of them lacking documentation were indeed taken away from me like i don't. feel cheated they said they were here to offer better conditions instead they took our
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documents and told us we must leave but we can't go back. some local politicians say most people are against providing shelters but it's sending the wrong message that they can come here and receive shelter and food. already has many problems and high unemployment we need the international community to intervene but there's sympathy and compassion to be found with locals delivering desperately needed food . that. we need to be welcome in colombia as well welcomed in venezuela for many years during the civil war now it is our turn to help as much as we can. a long term solution to this crisis may not be found in a sandwich in a so there but it will help these venezuelans get through another night on the streets i listen. scientists in china have achieved a world first by cloning two monkeys songs on and who we are identical twins
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created using the same process used to clone dolly the sheep more than twenty years ago dr arthur caplan is director of the division of medical ethics at new york's university's langan medical center he says cloning primates could help preserve species from extinction and improve scientific research on humans as well. people have been trying to clone primates ever since dolly was created and that's twenty years ago and they're also it's been a difficult process to make it work in primates what was a little different here is that the new cells basically forms fetal monkeys to do the dolly step cloning not from adult cells so the younger cells seem to have been the key to the breakthrough the other interesting fact is it took place in china china has been moving aggressively to. establish itself in genetic engineering and
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biotechnology well i think a lot of people are thinking if they did monkeys maybe people but remember it took them thirty pregnancies to produce the to monkeys and they had problems with some other monkeys on the way it's still not ready for use or application in human beings we're not going to see human cloning and shouldn't anytime soon but there are still practical applications what is monkeys are used for research to find answers to human diseases and you can certainly study them but they're scarce they're rare they're expensive cloning them would give you a new tool to try and have more of this kind of monkey available for medical research which would benefit humans the other use is you know many primates are on the border of extinction gorillas gippi and sees many other primates species are under pressure cloning may give you a way to maintain the species and as gaskin known for his large scale often
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spectacular pitches is considered one of the world's greatest living photographers his pictures put trace sights and scenes of contemporary life and the global economy challenge and i went along to a veteran specht of of his work in london. airports stock exchanges industrial complexes. has earned a reputation as an artist documenting global capitalism from chicago's board of trade to basket weavers in vietnam the scale and complexity of his epic photographs have reinvented the art form here on the walls of the hayward gallery photographs almost like abstract paintings especially this one of germany's riverrun which sold for a record four point three million dollars when i first saw this picture twenty years ago i thought of finding this great patch of river but i wouldn't be able to because of the buildings and the dog to create it it's an image of
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a place that doesn't exist but that doesn't make it any less into for. his pitches a masterpieces of manipulation multiple shots taken from different angles a digitally spliced together some details a raised others repeated everything focused sharply. taken on an i phone in person the german photographer is a vase of about his methods and the way. history. mentions . the good news big secret history maybe it's good to talk to much older folks. despite his everyday subjects gursky says he's not reporting on reality but looking and it like this sealing of the french communist party headquarters designed by utopian brazilian architect. half the lights
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perhaps a comment on what's happened to utopian dreams this is a first london retrospective and to bring it to life he collaborated closely with the hayward gallery as director i think he's doing. it's very different from what other people are doing is new in history. but i think more important to me is the fact that whether you know a lot of contemporary or you know nothing these images give you. a very powerful counter. you can linger long over the studying the details because he wants you to read each picture line by line because the devil is in the detail charlie rangel al-jazeera london. serves there are these are the top stories a brazilian court has upheld
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a conviction against former president there is enough here learned a silver for corruption and money laundering it is a major setback for his plans to run again for the presidency but speaking to supporters he insisted he will seek reelection in october. for me this court ruling is an opportunity to travel through brazil and have a dialogue with the brazilian people about what they have about what they're losing and what i will have again in the future that well. now i can see that everything that they're doing is to close the door to my candidacy this provocation is so shameful but now i want to be candidate for the presidency of the republic a veteran u.s. diplomat has crittur an international advisory panel tackling their hanger crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson left the group as it was making its first trip to minimize rakhine state seven hundred thousand rangar of fed the region for
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bangladesh sense a start of a military crackdown last year. the global charity save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after a deadly attack on its about office a soldier and three staff members were killed in the siege eisel has claimed responsibility for the attack the us president says he's willing to be interviewed by investigators looking into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and russia donald trump told reporters he was looking forward to speaking under oath to special counsel robert mueller who is leading the investigations a former u.s. gymnastics doctor's been sentenced for sexually assaulting female athletes and patients for decades under the guise of medical treatment larry nasser pleaded guilty of to being accused by more than one hundred fifty women including several u.s. olympic gold medalists scientists in china of achieved a world first by cloning two monkeys long and where
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a way were created using the same process used to clone dolly the sheep more than twenty years ago the technique brings the prospect of cloned human beings even closer those are the headlines risking it all is coming up next if . we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. i .


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