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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the world february. facing realities growing up when to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the u.s. puts a hamas leader on its global terror list the palestinian group calls it a dangerous development.
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color again on marty and an issue with al-jazeera live from also coming up donald trump signs an order to keep guantanamo bay open. a classified memo about the f.b.i. the trump campaign and russia opens a new passes on risk in washington. kenya's government shots three t.v. stations hours after they broke. swearing in as president. let's start in the palestinian territories where in the past twenty four hours a series of developments have offered hope to the long besieged people of gaza while also challenging the palestinians political leadership on tuesday night president trump used his state of the union address to reiterate america's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital on wednesday the state department
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listed the political leader of hamas near a global terrorist imposing sanctions against syria. meanwhile israel along veiled a billion dollar plan to help ease gaza's humanitarian crisis and the european union pledged an extra fifty three million dollars in aid to the palestinians we begin our coverage with roseland our correspondent in washington the united states formally declared the palestinian group hamas a terrorist organization in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven twenty one years later washington says hamas is political chief. is himself a specially designated global terrorist because thanks to his leadership hamas has killed seventeen americans the designation is that any assets honey a house in the u.s. are now closed and he can't travel there and u.s. persons cannot give him any financial support one official says honey a is
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a clear threat to u.s. national security and he has been a member of hamas and the one nine hundred eighty s. and he rose through the ranks in large part but continually championing terrorism against israel. and years calls for a renewed into fatah just last month underscore how important today's designation is we will not be distracted by hamas as efforts to obscure its true and bloody nature of the land my honey a call for a new uprising against israel in december because of this we are no to los or to a lasting peace agreement between israel and the palestinians the us president donald trump's decision to recognize your islam as the capital of israel something mandated by congress welcomed by the israeli government and condemned by palestinians who want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future nation while honey i attended a funeral for a hamas member his aides told reporters they don't take the us is move seriously
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while the other side of. it is clear that putting the name of ismail haniya on the terrorism list by the americans came at a time that the us administration is targeting jerusalem and putting sanctions on preventing the aid of the morra which is a continuation of the crimes against the palestinian people that it isn't is not always thought we ought to look at this for a beginner. no religion is for this reason we are considering this statement of is the foolish statement committed by people who know nothing about what freedom for the us says it will do all it can to stop hamas from destabilizing the middle east the problem for the trumpet ministration a ma says it won't be deterred rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington well we've been speaking to bassam algo saying he's with the truman national security project she says honey is addition to the u.s. terror list comes as no surprise. this is not
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a very significant policy change on the part of the united states because for many years since the one nine hundred ninety s. hamas as an organization has been already recognized as a terrorist organization by the united states and so therefore simply saying that the leader now is being singled out for individual designation as a terrorist is not a huge difference although it will place individuals think sions on him as a person hamas has never been a party to the negotiating talks with the israelis it's always been with the palestinian authority we don't recognize hamas as a legitimate government and city and so it doesn't quite accomplish any political and national security space again it's just more a talking point added to the trump administration's rhetoric that he's supposedly
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fighting back at terrorism and today the state department officials remarks specifically quoted mr hani is comments on a nother intifada but i think it's important for english speakers to understand that the word intifada translates to uprising in anguish and that was a direct response to president donald trump's decision to unilaterally recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel which is exactly why u.s. national security experts for many years have warned against the united states unilaterally making this decision because it would precisely do that foment tensions and increase risk for american citizens and the european union has pledged an extra fifty three million dollars in aid full the palestinians following the u.s. decision to withhold funding used for imposed e.g. federica mcginty made the announcement as
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a deluded. meeting in brussels that comes amid a u.n. warning that girls as economy is on the verge of collapse and at that same meeting in brussels israel presented a plan to help rebuild that would cost a billion dollars and will be funded by the international community in one column on the daily challenges of life in. gaza is crumbling the siege imposed by israel and egypt now in its eleven pm and three walls have left its infrastructure in ruins everything is in dire need of repair or replacement buildings roads house services this is a shop they a refugee camp mow nobody out of this house is not fit for human habitation according to the local united nations agency yet there's no money for even basic repair much less extensive reconstruction. and we are a family of eight people living in a small house until now we can provide food and i can't expand the house i only
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have two small rooms the house is too small and it's falling to pieces the blockade dictates the day to day reality for two million people in gaza where israel controls the borders space and waters goes an economic experts are warning that even if help is given immediately as security and humanitarian situation might be unavoidable many youth. many of the first want to leave gaza they want to leave anywhere the social. graces and. hey in ramallah the news that the israelis are talking about a billion dollar deal to ease humanitarian suffering in gaza has been met with skepticism and experts are wondering what any deal might actually mean or what does that really needs is an entire much a serious entitlement effort led by the by the stimulus i don't think that they scenario is out of the botty to speak of all development of gaza at
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a time when it's lie and is putting forth for that the development of gaza many blame israel for gaza's current dire state but others also say that the rift between the palestinian authority and hamas the largest political group in gaza has meant that things have stagnated gaza remains under siege imran khan is there. the u.s. government has dismissed ripples that it intends to cut off aid to put a rico for months after it was hit by a powerful horak and the federal emergency management agency or fema says it's been evaluating whether there are sufficient supplies in the u.s. territory a decision on whether to end aid completely hasn't been made but the agency is winding down food and water distribution but there are so roughly six hundred thousand puerto ricans without power. the f.b.i. has raised questions about the accuracy of a secret congressional memo that suggests the agency and justice department abuse
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that power the white house intends to release a classified document that contains allegations of anti trumped bias here's our white house correspondent kimberly how could it. thank you and god bless america goodbye for many people it was the text of donald trump state of the union speech that made headlines instead it was his unscripted comments as he left the chamber referencing a secret memo purporting to show top law enforcement tools were used for political purposes the twenty sixteen presidential election was released for iraq the war on the. right. it's a classified memo written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee they allege it shows a misuse of power by the f.b.i. and justice department under the obama administration will investigating the truck
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campaign during the u.s. election republicans on the house intelligence committee voted on monday to release the classified memo to the public despite protests from democratic lawmakers and the department of justice the memo al the partisan decision to make it public have only intensified the controversy surrounding the inquiry by special counsel robert muller into accusations of russian election meddling a potential collusion with the trump presidential campaign democrats argue it is all part of a wider effort by republicans and the white house to undermine the bowler investigation by continually raising questions about its fairness this week a top f.b.i. official announced he was stepping down after trump personally criticized him on twitter for having ties to the democratic party and recent reports suggest trump himself wanted to fire moller state's new stuff thank you. very well you're going
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straight story the russia investigation has clouded trump's presidency from the start yet as truck checked off his list of what he sees a successes in his first year. there was barely a mention of russia in his state of the union speech and despite an almost unanimous vote by legislators to further sanction russia for interfering in the u.s. election the white house on monday decided not to move ahead with those sanctions the white house has received a classified memo and says it's under review the president now has five days to make good on his promise to make it public kimberly how al-jazeera washington. the u.s. public health chief has resigned over a financial conflict of interest documents show brenda fitzgerald traded in tobacco and health care stocks while she was the director of the centers for disease control and prevention fitzgerald was appointed by trump in july this the second
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high profile health official to step down health secretary tom price resigned after allegations he had misused government aircraft. and president trump is decided to keep the gone tommy military prison in cuba open using an executive order his predecessor barack obama had promised to close it but he failed al-jazeera as defense correspondent patty culhane reports a big stage and a chance to make good on a big campaign promise us president donald trump announced a new signed executive order he will keep the controversial guantanamo bay military prison open in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous. only to meet them again on the battlefield including the isis leader alabang. and we captured who we had
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who we released both of those statements are just not true i salute or abu bakar al baghdadi was released in two thousand and four by iraq and according to the us director of national intelligence of the seven hundred fourteen get mo detainees that have been released one hundred twenty one are suspected of returning to the fight that's around seventeen percent the executive orders as detainees can be transferred to the prison but it doesn't mean they will be it gives the secretary of defense ninety days to decide if anyone should be sent there a decision to do that would be controversial to many across the globe the international community needs to condemn the latest statement from donald trump president trump saying that he will keep the president and we know it doesn't we know it costs of us and we know that the human rights abuses manifold and it's a stain on any justice system there are forty one detainees still being held in guantanamo the majority have not yet face trial and even those cleared for release
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are facing an uncertain future as the trump administration decides if others will meet the same fate patty calling al-jazeera washington the kenyan government says three television channels that plan to broadcast opposition leader riley were doing this mock swearing in ceremony will stay off the air indefinitely and opposition m.p. has also been arrested the symbolic inauguration was condemned by the government as a form of treason catherine sawyer reports from the kenyan capital nairobi. a very tough statement coming out of the interior ministry with a cabinet minister saying that what happened on tuesday was an attempt to overthrow the government so basically talking treason he said that the government has launched investigations into that and all to investigations into coconspirators and facilitate as he says that the government has also launched investigations into media houses particularly local media houses whose live signal was switched off and
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he said the reason why that happened is because it was a threat to national security we also had that. cited over the swearing in. was arrested in tarot gateshead and we know with that the government has declared this national resistance movement which is. a unit that was introduced by the opposition last year so the government has declared this movement an organized criminal group so a very tough position taken by the government and will be interesting to see how this investigation will conclude whether it will lead to their arrest of rollo dingaan was very careful with the words he used in the oath thing on tuesday swearing to be the people's president which is not exactly the same as the president of the republic of kenya he also has a huge following you can just tell from the number of people who turned up for that swearing in on tuesday a walk day so perhaps going to be problematic to arrest him but government official
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saying that nobody is above the law. so to come here at al-jazeera protests is in syria is our friends say they feel betrayed find out why they're blaming russia for turkey's attack on this kurdish enclave. in the grassroots mobile network that's helping mexico's indigenous communities keep in touch with the rest of the world. been speaking skylines by the taj mahal. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. hello i think our recent coast that's just about come to an end for china so the central air is seen temperatures getting up to around six celsius there for shanghai thirteen degrees in hong kong so those temperatures going in the right direction should be largely dry by the time we come to friday to go get up into the
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mid to high teens there for hong kong little bit of cloud there just around the south china sea cloud still thinking up into central parts of china to produce a little bit of rain maybe some snow over the high ground meanwhile usual showers there into southeast asia we have got quite a rash of cloud coming through the wettest weather will be across indonesia where the cloud is a rather more gathered and you can see some big downpours always a possibility but generally there in the heat of the day thirty one celsius there for jakarta watch you see wanted to showers just feeding into the gulf of thailand over the next i think bangkok should stay largely dry but the possibility of a little bit of rain as we go through thursday and friday and those showers they do stretch their way across southern parts of the goal so it's a possibility is somewhat weather that into as we go through the course of in parts of the country thirty one celsius there for colombia because that if you graze as we go on through friday similar values are not put. the weather sponsored by qatar
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at least. the palestine national locust was first founded in the one nine hundred thirty s. but has had to be revived in twenty chan always very important for me to sing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories. it's like every palestinian living in the us felt it was the first time they performed using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra at this time. let's have a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera the u.s.
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has designated the leader of hamas is milder near a global terrorist and impose sanctions against him the state department accuses him of being involved in terrorist attacks against israeli citizens hamas has branded the u.s. decision a violation of international law the f.b.i. has raised questions about the accuracy of a secret congressional memo suggests the agency and justice department abused their power the white house intends to release the classified document that contains allegations of anti trump fires. the kenyan government says three t.v. stations a plan to broadcast opposition leader rather a mock swearing in ceremony on tuesday will stay off the air indefinitely the symbolic inauguration was condemned by the government as a form of treason. the french president emmanuel mccraw has warned turkey against invading our freend in northern syria. he's been attacking the kurdish region for
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more than ten days the african is controlled by the y p j which is a syrian kurdish group that turkey considers a terrorist organization stephanie decker reports from the turkey syria border. solidarity with the people of africa this protest is in the kurdish run area in northeast syria where people say they feel betrayed. or we condemn the turkish state we condemn russia because had it not been for russia giving the green light turkey would not have been able to attack a free russia and turkey your fate and will be at the hands of the heroes of the wipe e.g. just like the end of ice. in africa and funerals are held for fighters from the people's protection units. turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization but fighters from the kurdish group across syria make up the backbone of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces crucial and the most effective in the battle
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against until this is said to be video that is an area close to the border with turkey that has been heavily targeted sources have told al-jazeera that most people in these areas have fled due to the heavy bombardment. and the u.n. estimates around fifteen thousand are now displaced inside the region about. we're also told there been civilian casualties after random shelling in turkey denies this and says it only targets white peachy positions turkey's offensive is now well into its second week the village with the smoke coming from it is inside syria now turkey has been shelling these border areas on a daily basis i was also supported on the ground by free syrian army fighters this is the syrian rebels that turkey supports and they have a presence here in turkey along the border. we spot a few free syrian army fighters on the side of the road they are rarely seen this openly in turkey turkey has brought many of these f.s.a. fighters from syria and they are now waiting along the border for you. just to
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advance we managed to speak to one of them who tells us the battle will be easy record that. we're facing quite a few challenges first the weather didn't help us as it was foggy and raining second the y.p. g. has advanced snipers that's why we are taking it slow and trying to control these mountains first turkey is a with the moment is to secure its border area with our free. air strikes and artillery can be heard all along this area but we're told that the y.p. g a while parrot and know the terrain this could be a long and difficult fight stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border the yemeni government and secessionists have swapped prisoners in the southern city of aden the government's headquarters were overtaken by during three days of fighting in the city or than twenty people have been killed in the battle between the southern council session this and government forces meanwhile russia has
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dismissed u.s. and u.n. supplied evidence that iran supplied missiles to yemen's who think rebels russia says is inconclusive and that it would oppose any bit to slap sanctions on tehran russia's ambassador to the u.n. argued missiles used by the rebels may have been shipped to yemen before an arms embargo was imposed in twenty fifteen. german politicians are demanding to know why well known car makers funded research into secret tests on toxic it was all seems b.m.w. and volt been have been implicated in the scandal after a research group did tests on monkeys and humans dominic cain has more from berlin . these are troubling times for germany's carmakers. news of the emissions tests on volunteers and monkeys on behalf of b.m.w. daimler talks about a shock to many including v.w.
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chief executives who issued a rapid apology up discus to no good name yes in a statement that i consider such conditions to be unacceptable i can only apologize for these facts on behalf of our company to all affected i can only ensure that the processes in our company are reformed to such a way that such conditions will no longer occur in the future daimler quickly followed suit announcing the suspension of a senior executive and condemning the tests is just the latest emission scandal for the german car industry the diesel gate affair where so-called defeat devices were fitted to engines to pass emissions tests has barely faded from the headlines these new revelations are prompting more this is the last thing the current acting government wanted to happen as it tries to build another coalition for this unfolding parliamentary term it's also raised questions in some minds about just how closely aligned senior government ministers are with the motor manufacturers
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the environmental lobby is particularly incensed the dock of. politics has been bearing to the car industry for years we are experiencing a situation where the car industry's b.m.w. to dime lots of folks walking in hanover and munich are effectively governing and even in the government in the form of the chancellor angela merkel helped broker a deal late last summer when the major manufacturers committed to steep productions in damaging emissions to the environment a volkswagen company video shows actions taken to remedy what many considered to be a public relations disaster. the also most of industry is very important to germany creating many jobs and export revenue helping to make it the motor economy of europe which explains why the ethical questions now being asked of b.m.w. daimler and v.w. have such potentially profound implications dominic kane. berlin the u.s. environmental protection agency says it won't in falls regulations issued under the
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obama administration to combat water pollution the e.p.a. says is suspending the rules for two years while sick and says well there's a keep them at all the clean morse's policy focuses on smaller rivers and streams the trumpet ministration wants to kill off regulations it believes are too broad and harm economic growth it says the suspension of the a bomb or administration water policy will offer more economic security to farmers a major highway in brazil has been shut down because of shootouts between police and suspected drug traffickers people were forced to take cover along the road known as the yellow line in rio de janeiro three suspects were killed drivers have been urged to stay away from the area in the north of the city. a grassroots viable phone network built him mexico has become an important link connecting indigenous
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communities with the thought they were thirty eight say the ultra low cost service could be breaking the law as man. to say. that healed reese is paying his mobile phone bill forty or broccoli three dollars for unlimited calls for the month as a municipal employee in the town of something ness in southern mexico that is his most valuable tool for coordinating public works up until a few years ago however something this population seven hundred fifty was just one of countless areas left in the dark by telecom companies that was until a nonprofit group called the indigenous communities telecommunications network came to town. it has helped a lot not only for this community but for the people of two or three neighboring towns who come here to use the service has been a big help. for years the police had gone out to sell service providers to expand their coverage but without
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a profit incentive telecom companies aren't known for making investments in rural villages some estimates suggest that more than forty percent of mexicans live in areas outside of cellphone reach. but with the installation of two when tennis and a single call routing system half the population of something isn't how connected at a price they can afford there is a problem however the mexican government has charged the nonprofit group who built the network nearly one million pesos about fifty two thousand dollars to operate. you can make a thousand calls in a month and it won't generate any cost it's only going to cost you if you call long distance so i don't think it's for but as we say the government is the government and they're always trying to apply their taxes. through the mobile phone network to people of something this can finally contact emergency services. make long distance calls or simply order a cab members of low income communities invest their own money to create the
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network locally sourcing materials to build an entire communications infrastructure the result is mobile phone and internet services and almost ninety eight percent lower cost than other providers in mexico. the network is still new and far from perfect but locals seem thrilled to have any service at all for public workers like the user own network is about more than just connectivity it means the members of his community are being better served. the haka mexico a rare celesio known fent known as a super blue blood moon is gracing the night skies a three part lunar eclipse means the moon appears much bigger brighter and redder than usual the last spectacle of this type the scene in one thousand nine hundred eighty.
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conversation over the top stories here without the us is designated the political leader of hamas ismail haniya a global terrorist and impose sanctions on him the state department accuses him of being involved in attacks against israeli citizens hamas has branded the us decision a violation of international law. still this is not all story. that is forbidden or no religions for this reason we are considering this statement is the foolish statement committed by people who know nothing of the word freedom for the european union has pledged an extra fifty three million dollars in aid for the palestinians following the u.s. decision to withhold funding foreign policy chief editor ecomog really made the announcement at the danas meeting in brussels it comes amid a u.n. warning the girl's us economy is on the verge of collapse the f.b.i.
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has raised questions about the accuracy of a secret congressional memo that suggests the agency and the justice department abuse their power are the white house intends to release the classified document that contains allegations of and bias the president decided to keep guantanamo bay military prison in cuba open using an executive order his predecessor barack obama had promised to close it within a year of taking office in his state of the union address on tuesday president warned hundreds of dangerous terrorists have been released in the past but that this would no longer be allowed to happen the kenyan government says three t.v. stations that plan to broadcast opposition leader raul are doing is mock swearing in ceremony on to say will stay off the air indefinitely the french president emanuel must crawl has warned turkey against invading northern syria turkey has
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been attacking the kurdish region of africa for more than ten days now afrin is controlled by the y.p. g. a syrian kurdish group that he considers a terrorist organization inside stories next. yemen has further split with aids and under the control of southern separatists the internationally recognized government is confined to the presidential palace so how does that complicate the sounding led war against food fuel rebels and as yemen on the way to inevitable politician this is inside story.


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