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we have here as if data we know the products of from buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat you believe that any of your companies have adana five the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game left changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. kenya's high court orders the government to reopen t.v. stations at blank for broadcasting rather a dingus mock inauguration. and
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i mean this is al jazeera live from london also coming up evidence emerges of more mass graves a man well the u.n. says the violence against her hindu muslims has all the hallmarks of genocide. potence senate passes a controversial law that will regulate one a cold speech outrage in israel. and the memo that see talk of washington the f.b.i. says a document suggesting abuse of power within its ranks is full of inaccuracy. so i can use high code as old of the government to reopen several t.v. stations that it shut down on tuesday the country's top three t.v. networks were taken off the air off they tried to broadcast a mock in an old ration ceremony held by opposition leader writer doing to declare himself the people's president claiming a president who to kenya election when last year it was great let's speak now to catherine sawyer who's live for us in nairobi catherine tell us more about this and
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what the government to say. yes we were. one of this television stations that have been switched off and t.v. and we wanted to catch the lunchtime bulletin which they were streaming online which again is a problem because this television stations were talking about n t v k t n a nation millions of kenyans depend on them and their free to air platforms for the information for the news and programs as well and many of them cannot really afford the internet or cannot access the internet or afford pay t.v. so we also talked to the managing editor of the nation media group who told us that this is something that has been building up days before this symbolic swearing in of. some editors of the media stations walk called by very senior government officials and basically given a dressing down they were instructed not to provide any live coverage of that event
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failure to reach they're going to get licenses are going to be withdrawn or they're going to be switched off like we've seen and nick. caught the high court ordered for resumption of this service is the resumption of transmission basically and teale petition that was filed by a human rights activist is hard and determined in the next two weeks and but i've been watching our screens and these channels are not back on what is in the meantime what is the opposition leader really big and so about all this. well reloading held a press conference earlier and he was accompanied by the opposition leaders and basically said he said that what is happening now is that government is rolling back on all the democratic gains that have been made in this country gains that so many people have fought so hard for some have died for so he said that and he also
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say that the security detail of the state provided security detail the license firearms have also been taken away from them and he said that they will not be intimidated let's take a listen. of this going to. don't. go. and we're just going to go in this. global government the government deserves going to. own laws and the constitution well it's important to note that this lawyer who presided over that inauguration. was arrested yesterday still in detention it's also important to note that the government has declared this a national resistance movement this is an entity that was introduced by the
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opposition last year and they said that this is what they will use to push for electoral reforms using peaceful resistance so this movement has now been declared by the government organized criminal group the minister in charge of security saying that what happened on tuesday was an attempt to overthrow the government and nobody really is above the know or with the story from memory because from sort of reporting. around nine hundred fifty miners in south africa stuck on the ground after a storm knocked out power the big triggs a gold mine is near the city of wellcome in central freestate let's get more on this breaking news story for me to me to miller who's in johannesburg for me to tell us more about what you know. well once that storm happened on the power was knocked out these miners have been underground for almost twenty four hours now
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so far as the spokesperson for the mine is saying that all of the miners have been accounted for and aren't in any danger but of course reeling from the unions who are concerned about the hydration just how long they've been on the ground and also trapped underground to might be needed medication just in general so they are worried about the length of time the miners sure as assured everybody that there is anything to worry about they have said that they've brought in generators to try and get those miners. to get them up so far have managed to get electricity to two of the shafts but one shot remain without power the generators up to now haven't worked and so it's not clear when the mine will be able to get these miners up if that will happen tonight. in the hours after that or i will keep it on that's of minute thanks very much indeed tell us more about
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a story one hundred fifty miners in south africa start underground. at least five previously on reports of mass graves have been uncovered in me and well that's according to the associated press news agency the un special rapporteur has called for a fact finding mission to be given access to the sites and when contacted by al-jazeera the meanwhile government declined to comment on the latest reports of mass graves more than six hundred ninety thousand are injured and fled me and now since a military crackdown was launched in august last year scott hartnell now reports from yang gone. the associated press news agency has released a video it says confirms reports of a massacre of revenge of muslims in myanmar last year a.p. says the pictures are here to show the bodies are buried. its investigation suggest at least five previously unreported mass creation of been found the news agency
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spoke to villagers who say the number of dead could be as high as four hundred. who ever was injured but still life after the attack was thrown into flames young men like myself managed to escape the attack but others like small children and women couldn't run away in time they were either killed or tied up and thrown inside homes by the military which they burnt down using launchers. it's not the massacre took place in. a few weeks ago for the first time the military here said that soldiers were involved in that acknowledged one mass grave containing the bodies of ten it's called terrorists the u.n. says reports of more mass graves warrant further investigation. i do not have the details of this particular site. but it is. it is. you can see a pattern that we. said earlier. you know.
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but india is where the mass graves were discovered. but when i was talking to some of the refugees amounted to me he had he had buried four hundred in thirty plus body before he escaped his town. and i. grow names of people who. i let you kill for missing so this is something that needs to be investigated and this is why we've called for a fact finding mission and human rights watch says there's growing evidence of genocide in rakhine state what is most worrisome about this report beyond obviously the killings is now the effort to cover this up that they discovered. in some instances acid is being used to burn off the features of the people killed or burned off the fingerprints to try to obstruct any accountability and that shows
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a degree of pre-planning that will really i think impact the international community's decisions about whether this is constitutes genocide or not you know mars government has previously denied any reports of a massacre it has now cut off access to good up in other than tightly controlled government trip to the area north of what kind state where there was violence has been closed off to the u.n. humanitarian groups and journalists it's got harder al-jazeera yangon israel says it's adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest it was complicit in the nazi holocaust herman's upper house but the draft legislation despite objections from israel and from the united states as this report. the polish senate voted overwhelmingly to approve new holocaust legislation that makes it a crime to refer to wartime nazi extermination camps as being polish or to accuse
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poland of complicity in the atrocities of the third reich. israel has condemned it the foreign ministry saying on twitter israel views with utmost gravity any attempt to challenge historical truth no law will change the facts but poland's ruling party denies the charge pointing out that academic research and artistic expression are exempt but. research of the past is not threatened in any way talking about the past and analyzing it even the darkest most shameful part of the polish past is not threatened in any way opposition m.p.'s warned the bill was an attack on free speech and it was. they cannot be any law that will suppress the discussion this bill is worded in such a way that discussion can be suppressed here in poland but also abroad and that is the worst fear poland was occupied by nazi germany in world war two it
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lost six million of its citizens including three million jews who died in camps like auschwitz and birkenau in occupied poland helping jews even offering them a glass of water was punishable by death. the senate vote in poland happened today off to germany and other nations joined in annual remembrance of the holocaust. while there is no suggestion that poland willfully colluded with the nazis israel's holocaust memorial yad vashem says the polish bill is liable to blur the historical truth regarding the assistance the germans received from the polish population the bill that aims to defend poland's wartime image must now be approved by the president who has previously indicated his support shown how al-jazeera still to come on the program. not according to research is in the fishing of reefs is driving some species to extinction. twenty a russian athletes have the lifetime.
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overturned but they're not invited to the. hello there it's turning colder once more for some of us in the southeastern parts of china the winds are feeding down from the north but shanghai will still get to sixty breeze on friday six degrees rather cloudy and then as that cloud sinks its way southwards and the winds down the temperatures will drop away once more so shanghai is a maximum one degree that is cold and then further south we're also seeing that cool air digging here as well so hong kong's maximum just around twelve or thirteen so another very chilly day for us it's a bit different force in hanoi though here saturday should actually be a little bit warmer milder than it is on friday and that's because more sunshine
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will come through and the winds will be easing as well out towards the west we're seeing a little bit of cloud in the northern parts of our map of that it's just brought a little bit of snow that's moving away though so for most of us it should be drawing there on friday still a problem with visibility of course the central belt and then further south we've got some more showers in the showers over sri lanka have been very very heavy over the last three or four days they have caused a few problems there will be yet more heavy showers on friday but they will start to ease off a little bit for saturday now here in doha the winds are still feeding down from the northwest bringing in all rather cool air and it looks like on saturday the winds will be strong once more. i don't want to leave the world where everything is designed in california for me. to continue is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be some diversity is to be able to control the technology to let my small bands he has built
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a chip that anyone can. do nothing. to cause like a piece of spearheading a global movement to democratize taken on a three tier make up to the robert gibbs series at this time on how does it. how do i get a reminder the top stories here in al-jazeera and kenya is government has been ordered to reopen several t.v. stations which were shut down and choose day after they try to broadcast a mock inauguration ceremony for the opposition leader right. at least five previously unreported mass graves a range of muslims have been uncovered in me and according to the associated press
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news agency. israel and the united states have criticized ponens decision to approve a bill that would impose jail terms for suggestions it was complicit in the holocaust . now the man who drove his van into a crowd outside a london mosque last year has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder one person was killed and nine people were injured when darren osborne rammed his valiant west was in finsbury park prosecutors said osborn was influenced by far right ideology and motivated by hatred of muslims u.k. correspondent ought to be phillips as this report. daryl's born in a pub in wales days before the attack the police call him a hate filled with a history of violence drug and alcohol abuse in the pub he wrote a letter which was found in the van he used for the attack a letter so full of hatred for muslims say the police that it's too offensive to release he rents the van to drive to london police say to find muslim targets he
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says he wanted to kill opposition labor leader jeremy corbin he drove all over london arriving at the muslim welfare house in finsbury park after midnight where people were leaving after ramadan prayers and one man back alley happened to fall ill on the street c.c.t.v. footage shows the van moments before it drove into the crowd on the left of the screen. down all the corn drove down this road the seven sisters road into this little cul de sac where a crowd of people were trying to help mark riley who by coincidence had fallen ill just a few moments before he plowed into the crowd as he got out of his van i wouldn't think court said that he was smiling the local him and protected him from the crowd until the police arrived moments later the crew say that this was an attack on all londoners why do you know why the police have released a call from someone who asks for help for macro is he conscious.
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then specifics we hear the attack. are already come out of people are going oh oh. the police told me darren osborn acted alone but right wing extremism is a growing threat in britain we have arrested more individuals than we've ever done in relation to domestic extremism related activity. we've seen three groups described by the government the government was also appointed a new extremist commissioner which is welcome. and we are pushing more people through our prevent and channel program relevant to again this category of people down those boards attack was a shock to a very diverse community in this part of london a troubled individual who turned into a politically motivated killer barnaby phillips al-jazeera finsbury park in north london. the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional members the claims law enforcement tools we use for
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political purposes in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the memo written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee suggest the f.b.i. and justice department misused their powers while investigating the trump campaign but as we know it's a white house correspondent can be how could he joins us live from washington d.c. say they've agreed to release this memo what are we likely to see is well that is the million dollar question at this hour it seems that when we might get that in terms of the timeline is becoming more and more murky there certainly has been a loud cry from not just the f.b.i. but also democrats not to release this and now what we're hearing there has been some reporting here in the united states that in fact we know that the white house is is certainly looking at this under legal review but may now in fact send this back to the house intelligence committee which is something that democrats on that committee say they've wanted all along given the fact that it has been revealed
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that the memo that originated that committee was voted out of that committee to go to the white house was in some way altered between at the time it left capitol hill and the time it left the white house where the legal team there had a chance to review it so it's unclear when this will be released we know the president as you heard in the state of the union and has been reported on for more than twenty four hours he said it's one hundred percent going to be released it needs to be released we've also heard the same from his chief of staff john kelly but whether or not that will happen in the next hour whether this will happen next week is still very unclear and whenever it does happen but of the implications of all this. the implications are grave to use the words of the f.b.i. in terms of public confidence in these institutions it's certainly been the perspective of the president that he believes that there are subversive elements within the intelligence communities even the department of justice that have been
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working to undermine his not just presidential campaign but also his presidency you've seen that in the firing of james komi the former f.b.i. director in the requests for pledge of loyalty by the deputy director advocate who has announced he's departing the f.b.i. even from the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein but it is certainly. worth noting the fact that the president is now clashing with the current f.b.i. director one that was appointed by donald trump it certainly gives us some insight into the mindset of the president how much mistrust the institutions that are certainly there to work alongside the executive branch and certainly this is a roving public confidence as well one that has been concerned about these institutions that predates the truck presidency and certainly there were concerns when eric holder was the attorney general there were accusations leveled that the department of justice and the f.b.i. were being weaponized but that is certainly intensified under the presidency of
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donald trump say plenty of children as need be released yet kimberly as when it is more from you than can be helped reporting. about twenty eight russian athletes had their lifetime bans from lympics sport overturned just over a week away from the winter olympic games in people trying another decision was made by the court of arbitration for sport after an appeal last month they were banned by the international olympic committee for doping at the two thousand and fourteen games and so the court has now found that there was insufficient evidence let's focus on we're joined now by our sports correspondent leigh welling's and leigh all this of course great news russia but what about going down to the i.o.c. headquarters and into committee this is the last thing the international into committee wanted or needed nick bain it in a position of being criticized for the past couple of years of being too lenient with russia we're going to see one hundred sixty nine russians already in pyongyang the neutral athlete from russia not the official flag people say that's a lot for
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a nation of a system but it's not it doping that now of course it's the other side where the russians can look at them and say well hang on a minute you didn't have enough evidence to take it to that degree with the individuals and that's why they haven't stopped that's why there are going to be lifetime bans or that they've been overturned the i.o.c. have come out and said this will have a serious impact on the future fight against open you can tell i don't think that these athletes a clane but there just wasn't enough evidence from russia wow this is the perfect thing for vettel putin who's had very little to work on now he's got all of this evidence to back him up and say well we've been cleared by the court of arbitration for sport so frankly it's just a complete mess isn't it it's an absolute mess punk chang i'll be covering it for. days a while he the destruction the good destruction has been a unified korea and that same that will take part that's been the big story the big political story and the i.o.c. of look like good guys with that one but with the russian dark cloud can the public
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trust what they see can when dulls and so was a bronzer one by updates neutral but actually from russia complete. in the gangs can the public trust what's going on the i.o.c. don't think so this is not what i want or need with the big event about to start and just quickly what these athletes themselves will they be able to compete will they be competing in probably i don't see it actually said the twenty eight have not been invited so it's whether russia can test that is whether the individuals have the time because also they've needed qualifying standards as well so actually get chang and compete if they don't they will feel they've been victimized discriminated against and you could see more legal battles or ali thanks very much indeed for that update lee wellings the turkish foreign minister has given an exclusive interview to ad zero about turkey's cross border offensive in northern syria. says his country has no interest in annex in parts of syria if
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there is a threat other side of the border and international law and the un charters and resolutions security council resolution actually give a right to that country to eliminate that threat so this is what riyadh doing we are there to eliminate the terrorist organization we are not targeting the kurds. not syrians i mean any syrians not our ups and not to mention. we have no interest in serious territory integrity or properties this is our in our aim is to defeat this terrorist organization and actually through defeating. terrorist organization or cleaning this area from the terrors we're supporting. country's territory injected i should just mention you can watch the full interview with turkey's foreign minister on talk to al-jazeera
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that's on saturday four thirty g m t. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are attempting to end a standoff between government forces and secessions fights is in yemen's port city of aden sudden since he was overrun by the u.a.e. fact secessionists who took control of the government courts on sunday is old opened up a new front in yemen's war and prevented much needed aid from reaching civilians saudi and iraqi envoys have met with both sides edging them to abide by a cease fire and refocus their attentions on fighting in the north. a u.k. prime minister has been meeting the chinese president xi jinping in beijing on the second day of her three day visit to lead ins in that part of took part in a traditional chinese tea ceremony to be discussing potential trade deals as u.k. prepares for life outside the european union may has brought a delegation of more than fifty business leaders with. their rising tensions in
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south africa's drought hit city of cape town where residents are now in the middle of a severe water shortage one person was arrested off for a fight broke out at a natural spring where residents have been collecting water new restrictions were introduced on thursday in attempt to avoid day zero a day in april when they might have to turn off most taps people are being asked to use none will than fifty liters of water a day. i think we've been coming here for the past five years the only now having a plane more than these tend to think it was just been happening for the only planning now. and this is my first experience with these new laws that were put into place it's tough but what can you do we all need to. it's the life source and we just go with the flow or poor in hong kong's billion dollar fresh seafood industry paints a dismal picture of the trade future it warns that lax regulations and overfishing
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bring some species close to extinction devika pollan has this report. at the aberdeen fish market mornings are busy seventy percent of the seafood consumed in hong kong passes through here. among the crates and tanks carrying fish from all over the world you can easily spot the endangered or threatened species they're in the category of my brief fish transported and kept alive until they are to be in the so much illegal trade. and the so little control and oversight by the hong kong government in this case laws of very ill equipped to control the trade as it's practiced today yvonne's adobe's the co-author of a report entitled going going gone it reveals how a lack of regulation current fishing practices and consumer demands are bringing many species to the brink of extinction we train more than undertake these pieces
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but they're only one species a protected the library fish food trade involves about twenty species most of them groupers and most from southeast asia due to their colorful appearance and high prices there is says heated with luxury in economic status which is why weiland says there's a growing demand for the rarer reef fish but they're getting harder to source. in the recent years the product of life real fish of gone up around twenty percent every year it is due to demand from the mainland chinese market especially off the chinese economic group that people want a harley and sea floor and the supply is not recent hong kong is a major transit hub for both the legal and illegal fish trade. people in hong kong have a major appetite for fish on average each person reaps about sixty five kilograms a year according to the u.n. that's twenty times the global average unless has decimated fish stocks in hong
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kong waters so now my eighty percent of the city's precious imported this grandmother tells her she doesn't know where the fish she buys comes from but it's getting harder to find reasonably priced seafood what it said that we are fish every day but it's getting really expensive. so i have to find cheaper places like this market to top this latest report says traders expect hong kong to continue to be a global hub for library feed fish for the next five years a conservationist one unless practices change and soon that could be too long for many species to survive the bigger pollen al-jazeera hong kong. a reminder of the top stories here kenya's high court has ordered the government to reopen several t.v. stations the top three t.v. networks were taken off air on tuesday after they tried to broadcast
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a mock inauguration ceremony held by the opposition leader run. and his supporters believe the president kenyatta the election win last year was rigged. and of this is going to just. over the world. go on of us different we're. going to go through in this. global government the government deserves going to. its own laws and the constitution. at least five previously on reports range of muslim mass graves have been uncovered in myanmar according to these seated press the un special rapporteur has called for a fact finding mission to be given access to the sites more than six hundred ninety thousand ranger fled me and since a military crackdown has launched an orchestra last year for around nine hundred fifty mine is in south africa a stuck underground storm knocked out power the big tricks goldmine is near the
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city of welcome in central freestate the company says the mine is a not in danger and that sixty four people have already been rescued the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional memo which accuses it of abusing its surveillance powers to target the trump campaign during the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections the memo was written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee voted to partially release it on monday democrats fear the documents may be an attempt to undermine a probe into alleged russian election meddling published will make is of course outrage in israel by approving a bill that would impose jail terms for suggesting that potent was complicit in the holocaust israel has called it an attempt to challenge historical truth the bill has also drawn concern in the united states twenty eight russian athletes have had their lifetime bans from a lympics sport overturned because of insufficient evidence the decision was made
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by the court of arbitration for sport after an appeal month becomes just over a week away from the winter olympic games in china or today will the headlines here on out to stay with its rival geeks is coming right up by foot. digital technology is a mess and insane. and. companies you know. it seems even stuffed into mention. in which everything in our lives in the train track. and in attendance.


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