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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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al-jazeera. and few. questions about who shot down a russian fighter jet in syria as turkish troops solve their worst day for casualties there.
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on sam is a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the attorney general of them all these accuses the supreme court of trying to impeach the president. the italian prime minister condemns the shooting rampage by a supporter that wounded six african immigrants plus. changes in the yafa kenya's education system but teachers say the new plan doesn't add up. he says it's suffered its worst day yet in northern syria since launching its offensive against why fiji kurdish fighters more than two weeks ago on saturday seven of its soldiers were killed in fighting so he wants to push the wife p.g. who it says the terrorists. and create a buffer zone on the border elsewhere in. a russian fighter jet was shot down by
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opposition forces over italy province russia's defense ministry says the pilot managed to eject but was killed in a ground fight in the town of sirte are afterwards launched dozens of air strikes twenty three civilians died and russia says it killed thirty five there's been heavy fighting in the lead for weeks now the u.n. says about one hundred thousand civilians have been displaced stephanie decker joins us live from tackett in southern turkey in the that syrian borders how much of a game changer is it stephanie that the rebels have demonstrated they can shoot down russian planes. well certainly a massive symbolic victory for them downing a russian jet i think we'll have to see what it means in terms of the politics and behind the scenes i think everyone will agree that it is something that moscow is not going to let paul's without consequence you mentioned there soon after missiles
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fired at the similar area in the province activists saying thirty five civilians were killed and also twenty three civilian sorry over thirty fighters at the same time russia is now negotiating with turkey to try to get the body of the pilot back so turkey having to be the middleman with rebel groups on the ground sami it is complicated it has international implications turkey the battle of it live and the battle of our freedom in a very complicated web that syria's war is let's take a look at how it all interweave. alone look. this is a russian fighter jet shot down by opposition forces. i mean. the pilot manages to eject but he didn't survive. there are. these syrian fighters it's a huge symbolic victory. russian the syrian government have intensified their
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bombardment of it province over the last two months government forces a slowly capturing territory in the south what is the last remaining syrian province under full rebel control. they're inching closer to the city of soka which lies on a strategic road linking the northwest all the way to the capital damascus territory that is now almost fully under government control. and in syria's complex web of regional and international allegiances some say this offensive has been well planned and has further implications been there are some people who are in fact wondering if there is a tacit agreement between the russians and the turks whereas the russians would actually give a green light for the turks to act against the kurds in exchange for the russians and allies actually to capture parts of this of this.
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the government. between the mosques and thereby. that offensive against the kurdish controlled district is now into its third week turkey's backing fighters from the free syrian army against the kurdish people protection units. turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization even though it's the united states is most effective in fighting i still talking. intensely the areas there is a base just right behind us and this is in line with what politicians here are saying the first phase of this operation the push the y.p. away from its borders. all along that border a steady stream of military movement vehicles i mean and buses packed with syrian f.s.a. fighters this is a very visible operation but it's also a difficult one the y.p. g. know the terrain well and they have been preparing for this it's the latest
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frontline in a war that year after year simply changes its form and never seems to end or you mentioned there in your report stephanie it's a difficult battle as that difficult battle just ended leaving more difficult phase now for a free. well certainly with that announcement on saturday sami seven soldiers turkish soldiers killed in one day and that is the highest number so far five of those killed when y p g fighters hit a tank we also understand from our sources at the white p.g. on friday night said that it was launching a guerrilla warfare and now the turkish army has some experience in that because they've been fighting a group called the kurdistan workers party the p.k. k. they deem that a terrorist organization as is the u.s. in europe and they say that the y b g is linked to that group even though they deny it but having said that the white p.j. a lot of acronym sami but the y.p.
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did this is their home turf it's mountainous so certainly they have the upper hand when it comes to that and i think you know looking we've been here throughout this campaign all along the border there's been intensive air strikes and shelling all along this border area and it's still only just a few pockets of the f.s.a. and the turkish forces have been able to control it so i think it does give an indication that this could be a lengthy battle all right stephanie back at that time so much the attorney general of the maltese says the supreme court is planning to impeach the president a country has seen unrest after judges ordered the release and retrial of political prisoners were called also reinstated twelve m.p.'s who were expelled for siding with the opposition now if they return the ruling party will lose its majority presidency i mean of the guy you know says he's willing to hold an early election enjoyed mohamed is a journalist an analyst at the maldives independent he says it's unlikely the supreme court will impeach the president. garman the attorney general the
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prosecutor general and lawyers from the government is elated. and for some of thing and. we have seen some talk about the supreme court going to war and. a ruling might remove the attorney general from hope but however we have not so far any. talk about the supreme court going to it's an impeachment motion let alone you know this is not something that is. it well in the constitution for the supreme court to go ahead and remove the opposition on friday said that there will continue no progress on the streets until the government enforces the supreme court ruling which freed all of the of opposition leaders that. already convicted in. trials that have
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been described as controversial and unfair and not fully under any due process by the united nations as well as international bodies italy's prime minister is condemning a shooting by a far right supporter saying hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide the nation so exactly can immigrants were injured in the central town of much errata the suspect is in police custody peter shop has more. this was a drive by shooting that italian police said was racially motivated firing from this vehicle the lone gunman is said to have targeted foreigners on the streets and a shooting spree that lasted over two hours. it took place in the central italian city of much errata the mayor said six people were wounded all of the black one with life threatening injuries. a twenty eight year old italian name does look at try any was arrested by military police draped in an italian flag he
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reportedly wore during the shootings tourney had no previous criminal record and his motive for the shootings is unclear he did stand as a far right candidate for the northern league in recent local elections but received no votes in the count the italian prime minister was quick to condemn the shootings i mean ticket i mean only known for so nobody else will know what you what's rimmel behavior can all have ideological motivation criminals are criminals will start to side up but to call it meant to serve it overtook your state will be particularly severe against whoever thinks of nourishing the spiral of violence let's stop this let's stop this right now. tensions in march are out ahead risen this week following the discovery of pamela musto pietro's body she had run away from a drug rehabilitation center on monday and police said she'd met a nigerian drug dealer the next day he was arrested by police more than six hundred
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thousand mainly african migrants have reached italy by boat over the past four years and the center right block says the vast majority have no right to asylum and as promised mass expulsions if it takes power peter shop al jazeera andrea milan is there a historian specializing in modern european history he says italy's right wing parties are increasingly focusing on immigration out of elections in march. they're pushing a lot towards this and the immigrants' agenda rhetoric because you tell in any case is getting as we all know huge influx of immigrants refugees from from africa from libya especially and so on so this is in any case creating tension as in the rest of the western globe i mean it's not just an italian story is a why there is a much wider story the point is that since the nine this some of this political force and the immigrant forces are within the context of and these are power in the
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context of the moderate center right in italy and this will not disappear the rhetoric will not disappear because this case will will make the the distension even stronger did that they've been in power already with silvio berlusconi since the in the ninety s. . they're not the league has been one of them one of the major part in any case they play men that tough one team ignorance lowell's so i mean in theory yes they can they can win election i mean if we look at sort of it's today electoral surveys the center right is leading but we don't know with a proportional electoral proportional system if they will get a majority or not so things are very unclear now and so far but these parties i've been already influencing italian politics since a very long period now the problem is that for years and probably even today
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a good part of the italian media as well as never consider them as far right. arab refugees in germany have been protesting against hate crimes in the eastern city of called both her followers to recent knife attacks by syrian teenagers refugees say the incident is being used by far right groups to stoke tension in the area far right supporters hold the counter demonstration to protest against what they say is rising crime by migrants. still ahead on al-jazeera and american disgrace donald trump lashes out at the rusher investigation calling it a witch hunt plus clamping down on elicit wealth that you came to do says new measures to tackle money laundering. through triangle the arabian can you. deny.
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and if that means going to. hello there we're seeing yet more snow over parts of europe recently it's been spain where we've seen a lot of wintery weather but now these pictures are from croatia where some places of had up to a meter of snow that's an awful lot of wintry weather and it has given us a problem on the roads causing quite a bit of disruption that now that system is gradually edging its way eastwards in the worst of the snow is now over parts of russia so during the day today then this is where we're expecting a lot of wintry weather moscow zero as a maximum temperature fairly mild for us and there is going to be a lot of snow around to the trailing leg of that system that still works its way down across parts of greece and all across here they could be some or all the heavy outbreaks of rain at times meanwhile for the western parts of europe no snow here for the northwest but it's not warm six as a maximum in london and that drops further as we head through into monday this time only for a look at paris on maximum only three the snow that's been over spain that's going
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to be gradually edging its way eastwards and some of us in the southern parts of france a lot need to see some wintry weather over the next day or say for the. other side of the mediterranean plenty of cloud here at the moment most of this is rather grey weather though it's not bringing us the great deal of rain the west the weather is in the west and this is turning very wintery. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now seven turkish soldiers have been killed in fighting with kurdish wife e.g. fighters in northern syria turkey says it was its army's worst day for casualties since launching the operation two weeks ago to push the white b.g. out of the area the attorney general of the maldives says the supreme court is planning to impeach the president the country has seen on reston's judges ordered the release and retrial of opposition leaders last week. italy's prime minister is condemning the shooting by a far right supporter saying hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide the nation six african immigrants were injured in the central italian town of much errata a suspect is in police custody. a suicide bombing in pakistan's northwest in swat
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valley has killed eleven soldiers and wounded thirteen others the attack had targeted an area in karbala used by troops for exercise the taliban says it was behind the blast the armed group controls the region from two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine come on haifa has more from islamabad where the reports coming out. about. the. swat valley were goodman's alerted to the attack area a suicide bomber who penetrated into a good. military. thorgerd were playing one of the bars and then dead there naked and. eleven soldiers including a captain with. members.
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of the pakistani military had driven out that's why. they get the latest. on the military. is now the overall commander of the city get out of. there have also taken responsibility for today's attack of the palestine liberation organization has moved to cut ties with israel p.l.o. leaders met in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday they voted the palestinian government to draft a plan to cut off political economic and security contacts it's been growing tensions since december when the u.s. president called trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. israeli forces have killed a palestinian teenager during a raid in the occupied west bank police say they were searching for a man in janine's they say killed a rabbi in a drive by shooting in january. israeli forces shot dead another palestinian man
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and injured several others during similar raids last month. the un human rights body is calling for the immediate release of al jazeera journalists from jail in egypt saying his imprisonment violates international law mahmoud hussein was jailed almost fourteen months ago he was accused of broadcasting false used to spread chaos both he and al-jazeera deny the allegations saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment while in prison the british government is introducing new rules to tackle money laundering the times newspaper says the measures will give the government the power to see as what it calls suspicious assets u.k. security minister ben wallace told the paper the government will investigate foreign nationals with more than seventy thousand dollars in assets if they can't adequately explain how they got the money london's banking and property markets are propped up by hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign money authorities suspect
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some of the cash is illegal robert barrington is the executive director of the global anti corruption organization transparency international he says money laundering in the u.k. is widespread. there is some interesting figures around the u.k.'s national crime agency says that around one hundred billion dollars has more dirty money that comes through london and stays in london every year so begin scale we also know that there are at least forty thousand properties in london whose owners a simply are no so there is certainly hundreds probably thousands of people this will apply to when the national crime agency or other similar rules or. see that somebody owns property whether it's physical property like a house or other types of property that seems to be in excess of what they could. legitimately acquired in terms that wealth and national crime agency can ask the court to freeze the assets and then the person who owns the house will be asked to prove where they got the money from u.s.
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president donald trump says that the classified memo written by republican congress members clears him in the probe into links between russia and his presidential campaign he says quote this memo totally vindicates trump in probe but the russian witch hunt goes on and on there was no collusion and there was no obstruction the word now used because after one year of looking and this lee and finding nothing collusion is dead this is an american disgrace. well the memo was written by republicans on the house intelligence committee which is chaired by devin newness he was a member of trump's transition team it was released on friday it says the f.b.i. and the justice department abused their powers by using unsubstantiated evidence to spy on trump aid the f.b.i. had argued against its release saying it had grave concerns the document contains what it calls material admissions of fact democrats on the committee want to
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release their own memo in response they say the republican memo is aimed at the railing special counsel robert muller's investigation into the trump campaigns allegedly to russia and the gallacher is following developments for us from washington d.c. . well there are a couple of key questions here as to what will happen or what may happen next and chief among those is a concern that president trump will use this memo as a pretext to fire robert mueller the special counsel who's in charge of the russian investigation democrats say if he does that it will cause a constitutional crisis we know of course that he wanted to do that back in the summer but held off on that decision because some senior members of staff threatened to resign themselves the other question is now hanging over the future of the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein he is involved in the russian investigation president trump has been talking about him in very negative terms and
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it's not sure what will happen to him but the attorney general has been backing him up and of course the f.b.i. have been backing up their own people saying play hard and tackle hard because they are being permanently attacked by the president it really is an unprecedented situation you have a sitting u.s. president attacking his own intelligence community talking about this russian investigation as a witch hunt and saying this memo really clears his name it does not this is far from over we're not sure what will happen next but the entire nation if not the entire world is watching very closely indeed actress from a firm and has added her name to the list of women accusing hollywood producer harvey weinstein of sexual assault thurman told the new york times weinstein assaulted her in a hotel room in the ninety's after the pair worked together on the film pulp fiction firm an accused weinstein of pushing her down then attempting to expose himself weinstein's lawyer says the producer admits to making an awkward pass at thurman but was stunned and saddened by the allegations. thousands of
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people have taken part in opposition protests against togo's president for not saying day they want to restrict presidents to two five year terms missing is against the proposal he's been in office since two thousand and five and took over from his father who ruled togo for thirty eight years talks on constitutional reforms will take place later this month. for the first time in thirty two years a new school curriculum is to be rolled out in kenya but some parents say the new teaching methods are too ambitious and expensive critics say the government also needs to focus on building more schools employing more teachers and buying more books catherine so reports from nairobi. there's a new way of teaching in this public school classroom. class to children on the outskirts of the capital are part of
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a pilot program for the new curriculum to be rolled out next year it will close is more in life skills technology natural talent and less on final exams many parents and teachers say it's a welcome change from the old one called eat for fall but also ambitious and expensive for its not to feel the government a need to consult even the donors because as you have seen. the. lancets and the same way that it for started it was a very good system because we had worked ships. students used to be trained on home science on things that they can do with their own hands but then a defeat of the because of lack of funds for primary and secondary education in public schools is free but they are crowded and there's not enough teachers or books so many parents who cannot find space in government schools or afford expensive private ones bring their children to even more crowded cheap community
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schools like this one in one of nairobi slums our salary scale or are we just we are still low because this is a complimentary school whatever we get to be our school fees is not enough to cut off for the teachers and maybe i would say we begin by telling them that we only issue i talking here. that is just about a hundred and fifty dollars a month at the highest the teachers here are more fortunate than in the other schools which pay much less for more work this is one of the men with the needs of the world there are more i think in the face of thank you to decide to live in the room down and out of you to do them for. you right i have been told they. expand what it is express and this director of a child education rights group shows us findings of research done last year middle school pupils in dozens of government schools nationwide were tested on literacy and comprehension most were below average you had it in
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a class where you have maybe fifty children twenty of them can i say to the press here today there are many thirty cannot so you keep hitting the twenty every day you're moving one room a clinton there i guess that's going to. the left way behind they're not getting out and there is a problem i was. back at work when your primary students prepare for their final exam at the end of this year. their teachers tell us they're all trying their best with a little katherine so i al-jazeera now. and bush's plans are being drawn up to connect east and west africa by rail the trans african railway line will run through ten countries those behind the project hope it will increase trade on the continent but the line could take decades to complete the final part of our series looking at global trade routes nicholas hark reports from tears in senegal.
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onboard the five fifteen train from the car to chess most passengers are on their way home after a long day of work in the city. the fifteen minute journey home always seems a bit longer than the morning commute. after years writing this train was fun so has learned to enjoy this moment free from just directions. remember i'm walking talking a good time for myself here if i drive to work it would take me at least four hours and i'd be stuck in traffic trains are still the quickest safest and cheapest way to travel. they call it the little blue train the locomotive was bought from pakistan the wagons from india. the parts were brought to senegal and refurbished in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's the only passenger train left in senegal all the other lines including the historic train to mali were bad and because they were too costly to run much to the frustration of commuters and railway unions alike. and feed. privatizing the
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railway lines was a clear mistake a country cannot grow without developing its roadways system but now we are excited with the steps in to go and other sites are taking the african union has an ambitious plan to connect the port of the car in the west to the port of djibouti in eastern africa linking ten countries many of them landlocked it's called the trams african railway project. there are seven thousand eight hundred kilometers of unfinished railway tracks alone will cost thirteen billion dollars to build. it's an enormous amount each country is tasked with finding its own financing for their part of the railway. chinese companies have signed deals to rebuild the former colonial rail lines that were bounded by the french both in the car and in djibouti it's the start of an epic engineering project that will take years to build and promises thousands of jobs across the continent. there are no roads or highways
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connecting the west of africa to the east nor is there a direct flight between the car and djibouti in fact no one has ever tried to connect both coasts of africa neither the french nor the british the former colonial powers. construction hasn't started yet but the prospect of reopening the century old trunks has got many excited and hopeful abound in train station we get a new lease on life and for the many passengers like so who use this every day it may not be the end of the line for the five fifteen train from the car because hawk al-jazeera senegal. and let's take you through some of the headlines we're following here in the seven turkish soldiers have been killed in fighting with kurdish fighters in syria turkey says it was it is worse day for casualties since launching the operation two weeks
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ago to push the wind out of the area stephanie decker has more on this eerie and border. what you saw on saturday was five turkish soldiers killed when the white p.g. attacked blew up a tank also one soldier killed in a cross border attack here in turkey and one other now from our sources that we've been speaking to from the white friday night saying that the y.p. has announced that they've launched a guerrilla warfare are now of course the conventional army as the turkish army or the f.s.a. i'm not trained in that kind of unconventional warfare. the attorney general of the maldives says the supreme court may be planning to impeach the president a country has seen unrest since judges ordered the release and retrial of opposition leaders last week judges reinstated twelve m.p.'s who were expelled for siding with the opposition well if they return the ruling party will lose its majority. italy's prime minister is condemning a shooting by
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a far right supporter saying hatred and violence for not be allowed to divide the nation six african immigrants were injured in the central italian town of my chair after a suspect is in police custody. the palestine liberation organization is moved to cut ties with israel p.l.o. leaders met in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday they've ordered the palestinian government to draft a plan to cut off political economic and security contacts it's been growing tension since december when u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and palestinians want these jerusalem to be a capital of a future state the us president says that the classified memo written by republican congress members claes even the probe into links between russia and his presidential campaign in a tweet he said he was totally vindicated describing the investigation as
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a witch hunt the f.b.i. previously expressed concerns about the accuracy of the documents it's told to al-jazeera now. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one beijing shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time on al-jazeera only. you can. see. geopolitically place between east and west circulates a hugely important and strategic role in many of the regions crises in conflicts not to mention developments around the world. of ankara this week all be speaking to the talkers for minister.


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