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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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dr survival is about reaching their destination if we don't carry on never be able to give the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous the ice is thin as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the ever going to be sometimes luser cattle there with the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. gasping for breath new video emerges of the suspected use of chlorine gas on rebel held areas and serious in the products. along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we simply
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cannot allow you to stand idly by to see the total destruction of the democracy in venezuela the u.s. secretary of state calls to argentina's supports he tries to rally regional leaders against the venezuelan president. thousands of greeks protest over the use of the name macedonia by a neighboring country. and his sport dramatic ending gives the philadelphia eagles their first super bowl crown. at least nine people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in syria's northwest and in the province activists video shows people being treated in the town of sonic had reported a foul smell following a raid by syrian government decorah after it follows another suspected karim gas
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attack by president assad's forces on duma in rebel held eastern ghouta that was the third reported current attack there in fifteen days. and at least eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government astronauts and ad lib southern countryside this was the scene at a hospital in the city of. it was hit during a raid babies undergoing treatment were rushed out of the building. well it all comes just a day off to a russian fighter jet was shot down above the town of santa cab three opposition factions in syria say they were behind the attack this is video from the it's one of the groups that says it took down the fighter jet russia's defense minister says the pilot ejected but was killed in a fight on the ground the syrian government but by russian air launched a campaign to push out the rebels from in december well andrew tabler is a syrian affairs analyst earlier my colleague dr matheson i asked him whether these suspected crowing attack was related to the shooting down of the russian plane be
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hard to say i don't think that details are still are still sketchy it is part of the general escalation of that area but it will take some time to try and sort it out the u.s. has said that the world needs to try to find a way of stopping these attacks can that be done. certainly in order to be done to punish regime for the use of chemical weapons stopping them would require stopping all air strikes or artillery strikes the outside regime that in that unlikely do you think russia is going to feel pressured to stop these attacks by the acid regime i think they feel some pressure but chlorine is not among the banned substances. syria's not allowed to use chlorine as a weapon of course is a signatory to the chemical weapons convention. but russia is i think very concerned about u.s. accusations of the use of cera inside of syria which is substance they should no
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longer have u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in argentina seeking support the tough action against venezuela the u.s. blames venezuelan president nicolas maduro for economic and political crises that have led to violent protests and shortages of food and medicines reports now what is ours. washington regards latin america as its backyard that's why secretary of state rex tillerson is here with the u.s. believes it should have an influence but it's a region that often feels neglected by or is in conflict with the super powers of the north. a few years ago argentina like many of its neighbors was governed by left of center leaders of dollars with washington and sympathetic to venice whalers then president chavez not anymore who wants an end of the crisis in venezuela the question is how one of the aspects of considering sanctioning all
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is what effect will it have on of it as well and people. it is is it a step that might bring this to an end to a more rapid and in a more rapid close because not doing anything to bring this to an end is also asking the venezuelan people to suffer for a much longer time the venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the united states and its allies for trying to undermine his socialist government and then another model was they have inherited the arrogance the imperial arrogance of believing that with a button and a plan in english the bolivarian revolution is finished with a declaration from the head of the empire calling me a dictator it's over the dictatorship has already fallen as they call it with a statement by secretary of state to tell us and we are going to surrender they do not know us they do not know our strength. the argentine president. is now one of those in the region most critical of the venice whaling government mr tillerson
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wants to work with him all of us in the region want to save it as well to return to his constitution we just this is heart wrenching to watch what is happening to the people but this way there is suffering food and medicine shortages inflation is rampant crime is rising and thousands cross the borders every day and so. provisions for a better life with the tiller things visit to lodge and thena is to show that washing think a is about latin america that the region's long term interests lie with the united states and not with china or russia he praised the argentine government's austerity driven invest the friendly economic model much like that of the current us administration that it's not something you would have heard a few years ago the secretary of state is emphasizing with the two countries can cooperate trade defense fighting terrorism and drug trafficking not so much on immigration they'll be similar bridge building when he moves on to peru and colombia and usually not you see it on one of cyrus. is
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a latin america analyst he says tennyson's trying to intimidate madeira into changing his behavior the issue with all those who oppose the but also on dictatorship and human rights abuses and everything that's going on with the benetton government is that sellers that has taken this long to get engaged in the venezuela crisis he had an opportunity last year when the organization of american states tried to deal with the venezuela issue convening a couple of meetings of foreign ministers and sellers and didn't go even though one of them was in washington d.c. so i think now my guess is that what he's trying to do is is put the fear of god in madeira by raising the possibility of a military coup and sort of reaching out in this way to the better to our military because the reality is unless the venezuelan military does turn against murder or there is little chance that things are going to change in venezuela because people have suffered so much are struggling so much to survive on
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a daily basis that the chance of any kind of real revolution seems very small but american countries like argentina certainly favor some change in one of the well. ecuadorians a voted to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent of the voters supported changing the constitution the move was backed by ecuador's current president lenin moreno his predecessor rafael correa lifted the restrictions in twenty fifteen and was eyeing a comeback in twenty twenty one well the vote now means he'll no longer be able to run again for the top job the vote count is under way in costa rica's presidential election the campaign's been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage thirteen candidates running to replace the outgoing president. this who has been constitutionally barred from seeking a second consecutive term cypresses president has won a runoff election with fifty six percent of the vote because a nasty audience comfortably beat his challenge just stop us he's vowed to improve
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the economy and push ahead with reagan if occasion attempts on the island you in the administered demon's transition zone running through the capital nicosia has divided turkish controlled north and dominated south cyprus since one nine hundred seventy four. tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in the capital athens in the government not to compromise in a long running name route with neighboring macedonia greece has blocked the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and the e.u. it says the name implies a claim on a greek province also called macedonia reports from athens. her the message was clear macedonians are greeks and no one other than the greeks should be allowed to use the name macedonia greeks refer to their neighborhood by the name of its capital city skopje their opinion is important because they hold the power of veto over its entry to nato and the european union he might get a new enemy again is anyone macedonian his greek greek people will not accept the
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fact of a name we determine to show that we went out to history under the terms that can be no european prospects copia this was greece's official position until about a decade ago it has since accepted the use of the composites name such as northern also love macedonia and a new government in scope is willing to die you to the countries constitutional name republic of macedonia so the basis for a compromise in theory exists the question is can the two societies accept it the greeks have been through an eight year economic depression they have lost one hundred over their national finances and project vacuum relation has been compounded by the fact that many european media have denied even that ancient provenance they have now said with one voice that their identity and history are not up for negotiation most greeks agree that the use of the name by known greeks implies a fictitious ethnicity and
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a first as part of their own ancient history but would like to the only person of this no message are any a nation alexander the great was educated doing great by aristotle whenever he won a battle he put up a monument to st this big tree was won by all the greats he didn't differentiate between method arnie and singh greats a generation of kids in skopje has grown up with this myth but that's their problem . some observers say inflated expectations are a greek problem as well many people in greece felt that at some point there would be some kind of ideal solution without the the word macedonia and everything would be solved that way the fact that diplomacy means eventually some painful decisions. in the methods that message was not passed through greek society by the government in athens is to send its proposals to scope here in the next two weeks the crowds here warn against diplomacy without the people jump rope los
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al-jazeera athens human rights watch has criticized bahrain the deporting nationals who were stripped of their citizenship at the end of january videos posted online show them saying goodbye to their families four of the deportees have been sent to not just in iraq their removal follows an appeals court decision to uphold the ruling but over their deportation for damaging the state security. the bodies of sixteen migrants have been recovered off the coast of morocco is the latest in a number of deadly attempts to reach europe so far this year according to the international organization for migration more than two hundred forty people have died or gone missing in the mediterranean since the new year began catherine stansell as more. this is becoming the new routes to europe for would be migrants more than a dozen bodies were pulled out of these waters near a spanish enclave bordering morocco most of them were from north africa trying to
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get to europe via the so-called western mediterranean route as opposed to arriving in greece or italy twenty eighteen may have only just begun but it's already proving to be a deadly year for those trying to seek a better life in europe on wednesday more than one hundred migrants were rescued from rubber boats off the coast of tripoli. and on friday it's believed ninety people were on a boat that sank off the coast of libya the sole survivor told authorities that many were from pakistan he along with thirty two other pakistanis were brought to the world that would be in the deep sea off the course of the battle. these people were being illegally transported to shore up in the ridge was in a bad shape this was being done by human smugglers. the international organization for migration has issued another warning about the dangers of trying to reach
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europe we think is about two hundred sixty have died so far this year alone so here you're adding another ninety to that so it's a really significant episode at a time when people continue to try to get to europe they're lured there by social media they get onto a phone they promised older rado they think life is going to be great and before they know what they're getting into the hands of awful criminal extorting people the migrants that do survive usually end up in detention centers many of which are already filled to capacity protests were held last week by hundreds of north african migrants at this facility in libya many of them saying they've been held for months in living conditions which are quickly deteriorating catherine stansell al jazeera tough break here now to zero when we come back donald trump's a controversial member about the f.b.i. and the russian probe clears his name but even some of his own supporters disagree
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. and the army sealed off parliament in the mold teams as the government cracks down on the opposition more on staff. from the clear blue sky of the doe home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city . we got a little bit of her when she weather in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple of days basically says a cloud of rolling across the mediterranean into the levant traffic and if it's on for a few spots of time but not too much i suspect the west the weather will be up towards maybe into. baquba it's eleven degrees celsius which is forty better about myself he says we go on through to stay here but mostly dry and bright bright skies also coming back in across syria lebanon jordan but some think of clout there just across israel northern parts of saudi arabia twenty three celsius in baghdad twenty
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one degrees there in kuwait city we're getting up into the low twenty's once again here and twenty three celsius as we go on through monday it should be largely dry winds falling light so it will feel somewhat warmer and it will be warmer as we go on through tuesday picking up to around twenty four celsius by this stage further cloud to the north of us stayed right to his here in doha will just not jump as we go on towards the weekend may touch twenty five or twenty six degrees so that's something to look forward to still looking forward to some rainy cape town no sign of that in the forecast the showers continue across the eastern side of south africa heavy downpours once again into was in bob way more heavy showers into mozambique and also zambia there with sponsored by qatar race. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simply state you have before brain good logical rational person crazy month and misinformation is right
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dismissal and does not go on well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on algae. talk a quick recap of the top stories here the south least nine people have been injured in a suspected taurean gas attack in syria's northwestern. to his video shows people being treated in the town of ten reported a foul smell following a raid by suing the government. the u.s. state rex tillerson has been meeting his argentinean counterpart and but as i
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refuse to listen seeking argentina support against venezuelan leader nicolas maduro in the form of increased economic sanctions and further export restrictions. and hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating in athens against the use of the name macedonia a small balkan state the borders greece the two countries agreed to step up talks this is. now a key republican congressman is pushing back against the u.s. president donald trump's claim that he's been cleared of any accusation his twenty sixteen campaign colluded with russia trump tweeted the remark on saturday after the release of a controversial memo claiming the f.b.i. abused its power by spying on a trump aide but speaking on us television on sunday one of the republicans who helped write the memo said trump's claim of vindication goes too far you still have a russian investigation even without it so. i don't know how many other republicans feel that way i am on record as saying i support bob muller one hundred percent i
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think you would have a russia and russia trying to interfere with our election in twenty sixteen with or without a dossier on it gallica has more now from washington d.c. . well the key date to watch here is monday evening when the democrats vote whether they will release their own ten page memo of course the democrats released a four page memo on friday which is proved to be very controversial it will then go to the president who has five days to approve it or not approve it one of the key issues for the democrats is they fear that it will be censored it will be made useless by the president and they're also extremely concerned about that original memo from the republicans they say they hand-picked certain information to undermine the robert mueller investigation and they're worried that president trump will use it all as a pretext to fire special counsel robert mueller which they say will lead to a constitutional crisis of course the president himself has been tweeting out on saturday morning that this whole thing is a witch hunt and
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a hoax of course it isn't that's not true the investigation will carry on at full steam and he's been seriously advised not to fire special counsel robert mueller which has been widely reported he wanted to do back in the summer so what's to watch for in the next few hours is that vote among the democrats to see whether that ten page memo will be released and whether president trump ultimately will allow that to happen china is accusing the u.s. of having a cold war mentality in response to washington's plans to diversify its nuclear weapons the pentagon says its current nuclear bombs are too big and wants to develop smaller ones the u.s. says the policy revamp is largely in response to russian actions in recent years without amount to some the federation of american scientists he says washington's approach has been disappointing. this is standard chinese propaganda to try to paint their nuclear nuclear policies as fully responsible and the united states as being wildly irresponsible that having been said the trumpet ministrations nuclear
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posture review does smell of the cold war it revitalizes certain cold war theories so for example it proposes two new nuclear weapons. one is a lower yield option for a sea launched ballistic missile the other is a new cruise missile the case for both of these requires that you believe that a low yield weapon could be used in a limited conflict so a small war. the united states is not planning you know immediately to use one of the weapons but it's alarming thinking i'm disappointed in in the american administrations. approach to this rather than charting a new course and working to reduce russian and chinese reliance on nuclear weapons they've simply accepted the same kind of logic that they've criticized so they're really buying into this arms race and embracing it the better way forward would be to insist that the united states its nuclear arsenal has all the capabilities that
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we need to deter aggression something u.s. leaders have said consistently and instead place more emphasis on our conventional forces and place our scarce money there that would help not as this arms race faster than it needs to. troops in the maltese have surrounded parliament following days of unrest opposition m.p.'s a father motion to impeach four senior government figures including the defense minister and the attorney general is connected to a supreme court ruling over the release and retrial of political prisoners as. opposition politicians use their phones to record troops messing around parliamentary grounds in the moldavian capital mali. the opposition met at parliament and decided to file impeachment motions against the defense minister home minister attorney general and secretary general they blame the government officials for failing to recognize
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a supreme court ruling that called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine. by hundreds of police officers in riot gear but somehow we managed to warn you some of. those two supreme court judges also reinstated twelve in pace who were expelled for siding with the opposition opposition politicians say once parliament returns they will have the majority and can legally impeach president you mean abdul gayoom police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court on sunday they say they want him for corruption if that is an indication of how things will proceed for example the former president returns i think that means that he will be arrested and taken back to prison as well. what was a celebration for the release of political prisoners has morphed into protests the
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chief of police said he would implement the tax court decision the government fired him on saturday his replacement was also fired the opposition says it will continue protests as long as politicians remain in prison or in excel. no i feel that i'm going to be there is a good if you don't. you want to be one of. those when i was in the field of your might get arrested. we are very very worried a spokesman for the president has told al jazeera they have nothing to fear and the president has every intention of releasing and retrying the nine political prisoners as men dated but it cannot happen immediately because of what the government calls procedural issues. to come protest as president in maine says he is willing to hold early elections his rival former president as she called it ludicrous tweeting from exile president in maine a mass relent and leave now the politics in the tourism hot spot is at
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a standstill parliament is in recess and was scheduled to reconvene on monday that has been postponed indefinitely. shallop ballasts al jazeera. well mary i'm sure knows from transparency molding she says it's important tensions subside for presidential elections planned for november it looks like a busy hour over the past three years down the political situation. in the country has been. quite well in thailand and i'm certain the titans but i think it's a heading to work between eighteen presidential election it is quite important for the political environment to be windy use it for a free and. free and fair elections but at looking at the current crisis i think even at the go one pound seems to be at loggerheads with the. supreme court.
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facing a question on will uk will get rule of law in the constitution in this country. but you want to give things that we have been highlighting that. we'd all talk to leaders of the opposition or potential president presidential. candidates either in prison or in exile one of the key fundamentals of a free and fair elections do that every party should be able to look forward to the candidate of their choice but that is that their condition has not been met but this has been a ruling on first degree and if it is implemented full brazil conditional on the status which means effectively he should be able to contact twenty eight hundred presidential election but also note that at her own supreme court ruling the state that the ninth well into the prisoners should be read right because now she may again be convicted and according to more indian law if a sentence is longer than one year he will not be eligible to contest the
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presidential elections again his opposition members have denounced long delayed local elections they say there's been a vote rigging in the sunday post former prime minister suggest torah says that's a fraud at the national level and a collection as of the first since the end of the military dictatorship and twenty turned. talks about forming a government in germany are expected to continue into monday chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are in negotiations with the opposition social democrats locals been unable to form a coalition since an election in september. i talked as a consequence constructive talks today we have reached a lot of agreements and we managed to reach consensus on the important issues of habitation and renting we managed to finish the issue of digitalisation and we could reach an agreement on art and culture but we've just joined the protest in the high level meeting that there are issues ahead of us with a party still definite about which we still have to talk which we want to debate thoroughly and with focus now there are huge crowds on the streets of the u.s.
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city of philadelphia right now this celebrating the biggest prize in u.s. courts after the philadelphia eagles won super bowl fifty two they beat the defending champions the new england patriots in a game that had drama from start to finish and even the halftime entertainment show cause some controversy is a nice holdman. lawrence. thanks. it's the short piece of vent on the american sporting calendar and one that the new england patriots knew all too well forty of all star quarterback tom brady leaving out the team in his eyes the super bowl appearance they were the defending champions against the philadelphia eagles who had never won a title before but the eagles got the first touchdown of the day that was one thanks to the american
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football has been plagued by debate over the dangers of concussion in recent years and this hit on the patriots brandon coke's in the second quarter who did nothing to a lie certain fee is never he wouldn't return to the game while a remarkable trick played by a group quarterback and exposed in short philadelphia would lead twenty to twelve at half time to score the touchdown from his own play cheers be remembered as one of the all tired greats just go in for us. thank you justin timberlake headed the famous half time show but it was the appearance of the light prince who was born in host city minneapolis the stirred controversy. beats. live the life that organizers had been forced to scrap a hologram of the singer after pregame criticism he appeared as a projection instead. was tom brady is used to being the star of the show and he started to drag new england back into the game
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thanks to its on the patriots hit the front for the first time with just hours a ninety minutes remaining but the eagles reclaimed their advantage with terminus twenty two on the clock that was thank god that last. a new england had come back from twenty five points down just on the atlanta falcons the game would be north american come back on this occasion as the eagles secured their first time so there will be one of those or three through the throat of the rancorous their home as they have been from body treasury it's finally heading to philadelphia in a moment al jazeera. headlines here on al-jazeera at least nine people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack and syria's northwest and in the province of his
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video shows people being treated in the town of sock head they reported a foul smell of falling a raid by syrian government back off. and at least eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government asked rags and it lives seven countryside this was the scene at a hospital in the town known off it was hit during the raid babies undergoing treatment were rushed out of the building. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been meeting his argentinean counterpart in but as i was to listen is seeking argentina's support against the venezuelan leader and the class module rather than the full increased economic sanctions and further export restrictions argentina has reemerged as a strong advocate for democracy and the rule of law and we in particular welcome argentina's leadership to promote democracy including in particular in venezuela we must continue to work to fulfill the requirements of the it or american democratic charter we simply cannot allow in stand idly by to see
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a total destruction of a democracy in venezuela the videos why don't people deserve better ecuadorians a voted to stop the president's holding more than two times in office sixty four percent of the voters supported changing the constitution. the move was backed by ecuador's current president. his predecessor. lifted the restrictions and twenty fifteen was on a comeback in twenty twenty one well the vote now means he'll no longer be able to run again for the top job. the philadelphia eagles have won the super bowl for the first time in franchise history the eagles beating the new england patriots forty one to thirty three. down to the final play quarterback tom brady was aiming to win the championship. but he couldn't lead his team to a late comeback. is
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a lot of pictures of fans in philadelphia celebrating the way the game was played in minneapolis those are the headlines the news continues on al jazeera after the. car some of the biggest names. but they're also under scrutiny by regulators in what's being called. a look at business relations between china plus another scandal in the german auto industry. at this time.


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