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the scene for us when they're online what is american sign in yemen the peace is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat through people the little choosing between buying medication eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on how to zero. samsung's convicted later today widely is now a free man after a south korean court suspends his presence sentence.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a court appearance for the only surviving suspect from the two thousand and fifteen paris attacks we'll take you live to brussels. is charged with attempted murder. not safe and not sound a group sworn hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees could be forced to go far too early. for so many to poly's living and working abroad to look at the conditions they face away from home. samsung r.j. wiley has been freed from prison a south korean court suspended his five year jail term for bribing the country's ex-president court upheld parts of the conviction but use its discretion to release executive and reports. leaving souls high court
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a free man if you would have predicted samsung electronics vice chairman j. why he would be released when he arrived just a few hours earlier on monday. again i feel sorry for not showing everyone my bayside and it has been a really precious time for you reflecting on myself i will throw and do my best to forty nine year old had been in prison for more than a year on charges arising from what's been described as asia's biggest corruption scandal that exposed the close ties between korea's family run conglomerates at its political leaders it was a scandal that eventually led to the removal of president park. a lower court convicted in august for bribing the former president for her help in strengthening his control over samsung electronics one of the world's biggest technology companies he was also convicted on investment and other charges now an appeals court has reduced the original five year jail sentence by half and suspended it please release is already being felt by markets samsung's share price spiked on
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monday a sign that investors are looking forward to seeing him back in charge but there are political consequences to his release south korea's current president in one office by campaigning to clean up korea's powerful corporate sector and he will see the court ruling as effectively a get out of jail card for levy that goes against everything the president stood for. the only surviving suspect in the paris attacks more than two years ago is going on trial in belgium on separate charges. accused of trying to murder police in a shoot out a few days before his arrest and two thousand and sixteen. joins us live from brussels where all of this is happening so how do we expect this all to play out today. in court as we speak here arrived a bit earlier his hair has grown and he was wearing white and this is of course the
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first time that we have seen up to some since he was arrested in brussels back in march two thousand and sixteen now one of the big questions this week was will. speak will break his silence because until now he has been kept in a high security prison just outside of paris in solitary confinement but he has refused to speak to interrogators when the judge asked him a bit earlier to identify himself by confirming his name and his age he indicated that he did not wish to talk now whether or not that will change later in the week remains to be seen but it does seem that for the time being solid dislike will not talk in this court when he's here on charges of attempted murder in relation to a shootout which happened with police just a few days before he was arrested in fact to lead police to find him in the district amala back in brussels not far from this called right here we take a look back. it was in this house in the district of brussels that sala up
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to islam was arrested in march twenty sixth. uni surviving suspect of the paris attacks the previous november up to slum spent four months on the run hiding in places not far from his family home a few days before being called he was involved in a shootout with police in another part of the belgian capital his trial will examine his role in the crime. to slam is also linked to the. almost who attacked brussels four days after his arrest nearly two years on the belgian government has lowered the threat level but analysts say europe remains a target. locus with. the mic another attack is always possible whether it's by i saw all kind or another radical islamic group europe is still targeted by these organizations what has changed though is that since i saw a lot of territory in iraq and syria it has lost some ability to train people to commit attacks in europe but it is still possible that they'll be able to do it
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again. police say many of those involved in the paris and brussels attacks had links to mullen back people here are fed up with the unwanted attention so lobbed islam grew up in mali and back but he is a french citizen and since his arrest he has been kept in solitary confinement in a prison in france often literally here in process he will return to france to wait for another trial or raise the alleged role in the powers attacks. one hundred thirty people were killed in paris when attackers targeted a football stadium cafes and a rock concert. philip depair all son thomas was killed that night now the head of the think tim's association he feels compelled to attend a dislodges trial even. if you don't. it's important for us to be at this trial because it's the first trial for so up to slam he's facing the belgian justice
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system the charges against him in this case in belgium aren't directly linked to the november thirteenth the previous attacks it's true but for us there is a link to this man to sell our. belgium's federal prosecutors says the trial could shed more light on the assailants who planned the paris and brussels attacks whether the cooled will learn more from abt a slum himself is unclear since his arrest he's refused to speak to interrogators one of the time of his arrest solid disli was your most wanted man so it is surprise that security is extremely high now this person's courtroom poses something of a problem is a q.j. nine thousand nine hundred three building enormous in size with thousands of doors and windows which needed to be secured there all more than one hundred police officers right here and in terms of how solid to slum is being brought to the courtroom and back while he is being kept in a prison in northern france it is nearly two hundred kilometers away and he is
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being excluded by elite french and belgian police each day to this trial nothing is being left to chance. or live for us at brussels thank you. international aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians are at risk of being forcibly returned to their homes despite ongoing violence a joint report by six leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back syrian government has taken control of more territory giving the impression many areas are stable enough to return to but every syrian who went home last year three more or displaced and predicts another one point five million will be displaced this year so in a hotel joins us live from a cop alley so you know when this report says pressure from these governments pressure in what way how is that pressure how are they feeling and how is it being played out. well there is an anti refugee sentiment i can give you an example here
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in lebanon if you ask any refugee in this informal tent city if you'd like they'll tell you that the lebanese don't want us here we are not welcome here and the lebanese government doesn't want them to stay and that's why they don't allow them for example to build any concrete structures and if you look behind me it's just tense plastic sheeting in the winter so people are afraid that one day they are going to be forced to return and they're going to return to absolutely nothing it's not just safety that people are worried about yes there are fighting in some areas and yes there are some people from the province of idlib who live here and they're telling us where do we go back there airstrikes daily airstrikes targeting. but there's also the question of infrastructure what infrastructure is less the cities have been destroyed hospitals have been targeted so there is no civilian infrastructure there are no schools so people are worried now the official government policy in lebanon is that there will be no forced returns and that if
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there will be returns we will coordinate with the united nations but the syrian government is refusing to deal with the united nations so humanitarian organizations warning that hundreds of thousands of refugees are at risk. the pressure across the middle east and in europe and elsewhere is. syrian refugees now you should return this is the time to go back and not consulting them not informing them and especially not looking at the real conditions in syria we the humanitarian organizations that are on the ground in syria and in the neighboring countries we call this report dangerous grounds for the simple reason that these women children and men have to be informed of the conditions and we have to assure that it is voluntary when they go back and then we have to assist and protect the return. so you know when we talk about
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a voluntary return when you talk to refugees what do they say to you about wanting to go home. well at the end of the day it is their home it's a miserable life here many of them cannot venture outside the camp if they don't have the proper legal paperwork and costs money and if they want to work they need a sponsor and that costs money as well so people are living really in really desperate and miserable conditions and that's why they'd like to go home but like we mentioned it's still not safe and there's nothing really to go home to. live in the valleys and i thank you. at least eleven people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in syria's held rebel held at live problems part of the city appears to show people being treated in the town of sorry if confirmed that would be the third reported chlorine attack in just fifteen days of the province has come under heavy bombardment with eleven people killed and there are strikes by russian and syrian government jets this is the scene at
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a hospital in iraq after it was hit towns of carnival and also targeted attacks have escalated after opposition forces took down a russian warplane over and live on saturday. still ahead on al-jazeera after four years of civil war and four million people displaced another push for peace and south sudan. drilling and to the super bowl america's biggest sports spectacle. hello the areas of rain in this part of the world really southeast asia and beyond stands it right down to indonesia consolidates you got a line that runs through western java through to north and sort of ways you know
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one two western side of borneo up towards the philippines typically we've had well over one hundred millimeters in these lines and outside the chile nothing in fact the full cost the philippines is the showers diminish but this other two lines continue to expect more flooding in west java if you are further west and north enjoy the sunshine it's bone dry now through rest of malaysia and up through thailand and a good part of mainland southeast asia attempts to study around the thirty or thirty one mark it is the wet season you know straight here it's been exceedingly wet in the north both northwest and northeast you see the showers bloom doesn't really give you the story because of course is a huge continent and that becomes a large area there's still flooding in the highway that runs down the coast for example of eighty mile beach looks like a sea conceit on social media but temperatures are the thing probably for the southeast not so much the right is warming up in places like adelaide should be a drought about the middle thirty's i think by the time we get to wednesday so this freeze a forecast adelaide not much different in melbourne in perth it's
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a little cooler well it doesn't really. our. only benefit those people. so mad b.c. being bold and. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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take a look at the top stories right now on al-jazeera samsung vice chairman j. wiley is now free after being detained for nearly a year a south korean appeals court has produced ten suspended his five year jail sentence he was at the center of one of asia's biggest ever corruption scandals the only surviving suspect in the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen is on trial in belgium the psalmist charged with attempted murder for trying to kill police during a shoot out in brussels and two thousand and sixteen. a group so warning hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are at risk of being forced to return home despite a war report by six leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back. israel has given deportation notices to thousands of african refugees and threaten those who refused to leave with imprisonment they've been told to leave by april first for an unnamed african
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country and exchange for thirty five hundred dollars at a plane ticket and mark on reports in tel aviv. it's a common sentiment among asylum seekers here in israel who are being issued with deportation notices ready to stay in a prison mostly behind gabriel is another man who phase of his future he's twenty seven and from eritrea after a four year journey which involved prison time in egypt in israel he's now been handed a deportation noticed he says yes raids have dismissed his asylum claim out of hand and he's being held at the whole lot detention center well jazeera interviewed him they don't even mean i don't know why they've given your rejection i just outlined them that i i came to here. you know i'm not going to get in such off. well you know the government called out. the government called infinite immigration experts say his case is typical but these new notices target people
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outside of the hollow detention center michel mann spicer works for an organization that helps asylum seekers and refugees in israel we obviously have a problem with having to send out and the refugees and asylum seekers to our rwanda or uganda or even leaving israel i mean these countries aren't safer than what's happened they're going there and they're not being able out to stay so they go there and research shows the research that came out recently that they believe they get there and then they have to start all over again and going to countries that are very dangerous to try and get into situations where they can stay because it's not safe to stay and wander in uganda israel has a hardline policy the first round of deportation notices has been issued to refugees and asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan that's about two hundred thousand people and they have sixty days to leave the country according to government figures there are some thirty nine thousand eritreans and sudanese in
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israel including five thousand children single men held here at the hillel to detention center and they were among the first to receive the deportation notices others sleep rough in parks like this one in tel aviv deportation notices will not be issued to women children fathers of children will anyone recognized as a victim of slavery or human trafficking but international groups say israel is deportation policy could be violating international law imraan khan how does it. it's been hell for a palestinian killed in a raid by israeli forces the nineteen year old was shot in name and saturday on saturday as police searched for a palestinian who killed a rabbi in an israeli settlement last month another palestinian man was shot dead several others injured and similar rates. headed for a presidential runoff in april after candidates fail to get enough votes to win sunday's election same sex marriage has dominated the campaign and polarized the
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country as he reports. it has been one of the most divisive elections ever include study and one historical for to need a radical in jericho pastor to reach the presidency. what it shows is the affection we've gained among the people message has reached the people's heart we are very happy about it a message has already won these elections a message delivered in opposition to a ruling in january by the interim american court of human rights demanding costa rica legalize gay marriage. it propelled. christine singer into a surprising front runner after he had been lagging behind in the pool. the court's decision turned the election into a single issue campaign revealing a conservative streak in a society usually considered a progressive bastion in the region. and convincing many to change their vote. did change my mind we don't know why it happened when it did it but the reason right
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before the election and then not surely influenced i believe it influence the vote of many people. living a result. of a crowd. and. he will face. the progressive citizen action party in a runoff in early april. as the oldest and most stable democracy in latin america yet here to discontent with traditional parties and growing unemployment in crime have opened the door to more unconventional candidates. their christian pastor says that there's are taking advantage of that dissatisfaction to radicalize what has always been a moderate country. this division is caused by fundamentalists that have brought messianic overtones into the election they have divided our society into some naive people who are falling for this populism and others who are deeply
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worried and committed to ensuring that this radical fundamentalism doesn't reach power a growing division that will make governing difficult for whoever will take the place of korean president. in a country that seems ready to abandon its traditional center for the first time. if you want to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent supported changing the constitution and that is backed by the current president let him know his predecessor lifted the restrictions in two thousand and fifteen and come back and twenty twenty one the vote means he will not be able to run again for the top job. south sudan's warring parties are holding another round of peace talks in the ethiopian capital addis ababa the country's civil war began four years ago when forces loyal to president salva kiir fought with supporters of former vice president riek machar four million people had been displaced since then
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he morgan is following avenges from juba. the second round of talks to revitalize the august twenty fifth in peace agreement is expected to discuss security arrangements and power sharing agreements now let's remember that this has already been outlined in the august twenty fifteen peace deal signed between the president salva kiir and his on the opposition leader reg machar in south sudan's government has made a very clean that they're not going to renegotiate the agreement which was signed in august twenty fifth scene but the opposition under rick my charge demanded forty two percent of government positions as well as the un taking over security facilities such as the airports and major routes leading to different various cities in south sudan now this is going to be very complicated to try to get the opposition because now there are so many armed groups that have emerged after the fighting in july in juba now this is going to be very hard to try to accommodate all the armed opposition because after july twenty sixteen when fighting broke out in the capital juba a lot of new armed groups have shown up and now they all have a different demands as well and they will be part of this revitalization forum to
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try to bring stability to south sudan and the u.n. already voiced concerns about the fighting in south sudan and the u.s. has slapped south sudan with an arms embargo to try to get other countries on board as well to do and also to put south sudan on the right track to peace according to the u.s. government south sudan's government has obviously condemned the arms embargo that was imposed on it and they have recalled their south sudan ambassador to the u.s. for consultations according to them the war has lasted for more than four years now and the u.n. has said that if it continues in ten to eighteen then they will be three million people who are displaced in neighboring countries and that is obviously a concern for the u.n. and for the different humanitarian actors involved in south sudan's war. germany's politicians are meeting again to try and reach a compromise to form a government france longer merkel's conservatives are in negotiations with the opposition social democrats are calls been unable to form a coalition since the election in september when both parties lost seats to the far right. in order i talked as a consequence constructive talks today we've reached
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a lot of agreements we managed to reach consensus issues of habitation. printing we managed to finish the issue of digitalisation and we could reach an agreement on art and culture but we've just joined the protest in the high level meeting that there are issues ahead of us with a party still definite about which we still have to talk which we want to debate farrelly and with focus. on and has more from berlin given the differences between these two sides sensor writes i'm glad michael c.d.u. and center left martin short as s.p.d. it's perhaps not surprising that they're finding it quite difficult to tie down the final details of this coalition treaty it looks like they've agreed things like energy and agriculture policy but in the matter of labor reform health policy and housing policy there's still some distance apart from each other and we heard it when the two leaders went in that they sounded sort of they were making the right noises but preparing people for a long night ahead no surprises realistically there and the reason really is
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because the s.p.d. the center left needs to have a deal on the table that they can actually sell to their membership because it's the membership of the s.p.d. who will have effectively a veto on this if they come out with an agreement the can't be sold so the center left voters and frankly it's dead in the water. more than a thousand men leave nepal every day in search of work the money they earn in other countries and send home it is vital to the economy but many are being exploited in face abuse violence and corruption the reports from kathmandu. that cuts what is its national airport this is what happens every day sixteen hundred people mostly young men leave the politics work and gulf countries in malaysia with an unemployment rate hovering around forty percent many of the parties say they have no choice but to leave the country and many fall into the traps of unscrupulous middlemen but at the time i went to qatar to work in the food and beverage industry
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he failed a medical test in nepal but the local agents told him that they would fix it the cost of his trip including flights and bribes added up to twenty five hundred dollars but when he reached qatar he had to do the test again it should read after they did the test they sent me back i ended up with no job and it brother lurches the middle been paid off in a party officials including airport authorities the commerce department of foreign employment received more than two thousand complaints from neighbors during the last fiscal year these include everything from nonpayment of salaries for all its illegal ways auctions exorbitant fees and visit home and sexual abuses by foreign employment agency and middleman and according to government figures seven hundred fifty five. while working abroad. each worker has to deposit fifty dollars to the government for an employment before they leave but even employment agencies say that the money has not been spent on those who need it whereas. with this process
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recruitment agencies have deposited more than fifty million dollars in the bond we can do so much for the workers but the government is not using this bond properly but government officials say it is up to the ministry of labor to decide who gets compensated. we can use the funds for compensating workers who've gone through legal channels with the recruiting agencies registered with us we can't hold many other workers even if we wanted to the ministry of labor has to make the right policy and decide on how to use that money the pulse of foreign workers said back six billion dollars this past year alone which amounts to almost a third of the country's g.d.p. experts say the government has to have better regulations of the sector to ensure that the laborers are safe instead many have accused politicians and bureaucrats with close ties to the industry of collusion with agents and middle meant to defraud workers swedish russia al-jazeera government do. thousands of football fans
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are celebrating in the us city of philadelphia for their team won the biggest prize and us sports super bowl philadelphia eagles beat the defending champions to new england patriots the goals were not beginning of the season to get this far but they overcame adversity is the underdogs they came had high drama even when it came to the halftime show elise holman reports. it's the short piece of vent on the american sporting calendar and one that the new england patriots knew only too well forty year old star quarterback tom brady leaving out the team to get his eye to super bowl the parish they were the defending champions against the philadelphia eagles who had never won a title before but the eagles got the first touchdown of the game that
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was one thanks. american football has been played by debate over the dangers of concussion in recent years and this has on the patriots brandon cooks in the second quarter who do nothing to a life certain fee is never he wouldn't return to the game while a remarkable trick played by eagles quarterback nick foles ensured philadelphia would lead twenty two twelve at half time he scored the touchdown from his own play cheers be remembered as one of the all tarred greats just going for it thanks. justin timberlake headed the famous hot time showed that it was the appearance of the like prince who was born in host city minneapolis the stirred controversy moved peach. the last overnight as had been forced to scrap a hologram of the singer after pre-game criticism he appeared as a projection instead. of. tom brady is used to. being the star of the
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show and he started to drag new england back into the game thanks. thanks to the patriots hit the front for the first time with just out of a ninety minutes remaining but the eagles reclaimed their advantage with ten minutes twenty two on the clock thank god thank god. last year new england had come back from twenty five points down just on the atlanta falcons but there would be norm their record come back on base occasion as the eagles secured their those times with the she won those two three. through the thank you the run and. the vince lombardi trophy it's finally heading to philadelphia home and al jazeera.
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shall carry here with their headlines on al-jazeera samsung's vice chairman jay wiley is now free after being detained for nearly a year a south korean appeals court has reduced and suspended his five year jail sentence it was at the center of one of asia's biggest ever corruption scandals. the older girl again i feel sorry for not showing everyone up a side and it has been a really precious time for you reflecting on myself i will throw a check and do my best aid groups are warning hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are at risk of being forced to return home despite the ongoing war and joint report by six leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back. at least eleven people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in serious trouble help in the province act was videoed shows people being treated in the town of sarcasm they reported a foul smell following a raid by syrian government checks. the only surviving suspect from the paris
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attacks more than two years ago has gone on trial in belgium. as the trying to murder police in a shootout the belgian born frenchman was arrested along with another suspect four days before bomb attacks killed thirty two people in the belgian capital. israel has given deportation notices to thousands of african refugees and threatened any who refused to leave with imprisonment they've been told to leave israel by april first for an unnamed african country in exchange for thirty five hundred dollars and a plane ticket and who are fleeing persecution and violence. headed for a presidential runoff in april after candidates fail to get enough votes to win sunday's election campaigns been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage a christian evangelist opposed to it has the most votes so far germany's politicians are meeting again to try and reach a compromise to form a government chancellor merkel's conservatives are in negotiations with the
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opposition social democrats are poles been unable to form a coalition since the election in september when both parties lost seats to the far right. so the headlines keep it here witnesses next. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threat this followed posers at this time on al-jazeera.


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