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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. and i know that i'm laura carlisle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes hong kong democracy activists walk free after a victory in the appeals court. asian and european stock markets plunge as well
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street losses spreads around the world. again embolization is chaunged off the mark swearing in of opposition leader why they were doing. and we look at the free ambulance service that's on the front line of saving lives in somalia's capital. three hong kong pro-democracy activists are walking free also their convictions were overturned on appeal joshua wall made the middle and alex tell have been sentenced to six months jails for unlawful assembly speaking outside the court one who says the fight for the right to protest is far from a. judge just allow us to lift a call we still face the same. range of prison sentences in the future which means that the court of appeal have fully sat
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and got the principle of the judgment from the court of appeal in the future if and a well organized action related to civil disobedience just like really gain support square action will still face the sentence will be a lot of information for field was even more than a year that's why i will say that is a long time battle for us well as tina's teenagers the three brought hong kong to a standstill back in two thousand and fourteen as leaders of the so-called umbrella protest thousands protest calling for greater democracy hong kong is part of china but operates on a different political system to the mainland activists warn of growing interference by beijing in the territory. that's the latest now from our correspondent outside the courtroom live from hong kong sara was this something of
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a surprise verdict. the most so i know was actually quite sure which way it would go last time we were here which was last month when one of the hearings before today's final verdict joshua war went in preparing to go to jail so certainly there was some surprise that they walked free today and of course i should state that this has been a long process it's related as you said to the two thousand and fourteen occupy hong kong protests that were charged in two thousand and sixteen for their role in unlawful assembly for that particular incident which is to consider where they stormed the government offices in the legislative council in two thousand and seventeen they were charged again they were there were sentenced to jail and two thousand and seventeen they appealed two thousand and eighteen we finally have them walking free from court so it's been a long process to get to this there was some surprise they did express relief but as you mentioned as that they audiogram the graph from not just the one before
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stated that the fights not over yet as far as a concern for the pro-democracy movement but certainly relief today for the three of those student late is a knife in law who was a lawmaker in lives of counsel who was disqualified alex child he was one of the key student leaders and had a quite high profile in the beginning of the occupy protests and of course joshua wong who became the face of the occupy hong kong protests internationally. yes because as we just heard from sound bite we mentioned just that. they do face civil defense disobedience if they organize and the thing in the future some wonder to what extent this has galvanized the democracy movement or not. well certainly i think with regard to the pro-democracy movement it's a made them as he said it today it's made them feel stronger and they want to strengthen their campaign particularly in the lead up to next month where we'll
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have a by election in hong kong and quite an important election this is for the seat of nice in law who was disqualified as i mentioned a nice little stood for the demister party one led by joshua one was participated in by joshua longer established by joshua won't this is now allowed them to campaign in the next month in the lead up to this by election not everyone will be watching this particular election very closely because it will be the first real test of whether or not the pro-democracy campaign or the movement has strengthened since all of these various a court appearance is the gel sentences for the likes of joshua wong be a true test of the public libido the public faith in this pro-democracy campaign so certainly today's decision in the final court of appeal will leave for a number of implications for the pro-democracy campaign in hong kong ok so joining us there from hong kong thanks very much sara our european markets have opened to heavy losses with london paris and frankfurt all dropping by more than three
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percent in early trading where asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from a huge selloff on wall street the dow jones tumbled more than a thousand points on monday more than four and a half percent it was the biggest fall in percentage terms since august two thousand and eleven in response to nikkei closed down four point seven three percent earlier on tuesday while hong kong's benchmark hang sang index closed down five point one two percent are trying to course want to brown has more details from beijing. well the markets here in asia really took the lead from wall street the markets in chan zen and shanghai were both down around about two percent in morning trading hong kong did a lot worse though down by more than five percent the reason for that is that in hong kong a lot of international companies trade on that index and a lot of those companies are exposed to the united states whereas companies here
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the traders on the markets in shanghai and then tend to be domestic companies that don't trade internationally we haven't seen the falls that we saw of course in two thousand and fifteen when the markets here in china plunged by between five and seven percent on that occasion we did see panic we did see anger and we did see government intervention now chinese people have very few places to invest their money it's either property or shares and neither have been doing particularly well in recent months but overall chinese people seem to feel their economy is doing ok that's what a columnist tell you in state controlled media and there is a sense that perhaps g.d.p. is in fact a little bit higher than the government been hoping for and we'll get confirmation of what china's g.d.p. forecast will be in the year ahead when china's parliament the national people's congress convenes in just a few weeks' time a chinese leaders will be hoping that the market volatility we're seeing right now
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will be over by then seijiro takeshita is a professor of management at the university of sydney worker he says the falls in asia a bad but far from catastrophic. well actually in japan what we're seeing is obviously reaction to other markets in the us and of course in europe and with the acceleration of the yen obviously there's been a sell off the japanese exports could been leading the market so there is negativity but at the same time people were expecting this correction to take place so i don't think at this moment there is a crisis feeling that is amongst the japanese investors at this moment i don't think it's going to prolong or it's going to be a serious previous crash is the reason for it being is that this is back them very good earnings in the states europe and in japan so off from that point of view we can see that it's not as bubbly as it was in the past that said the problem here is if this prolongs and if we see a downturn in the united states and europe obviously what will happen is that there
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will be a lot of money flowing in safe haven money into the yen which basically accelerates the yen and obviously that would result in a very bad earnings forecast for japanese exports that would be a very big negative scenario for the japanese authorities a kenyan politician has been charged for his role in the unofficial swearing in ceremony of main opposition leader while. police say mingling them in going to took part in an unlawful assembly and against an organized criminal activity stood behind the side of the ghetto in the muck and all gratian of and protest against last year's election that was taken from his home in a dorm raid on friday captain sully has more from nairobi. this very fiery opposition politician also the self declared leader of the national resistance movement that was started by the opposition last year to push for electoral reforms through what they say peaceful resistance now that group has been
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declared by the government an organized criminal group going to himself was arrested last week very dramatically we covered the fact and the judge last week ordered that he be released on bail pending his pending his case that did not happen on monday the judge again ordered that he be presented before before him before the courts in a ruby again the government defied that the police defied the order and the judge said he must be presented passing only by the inspector general of police and the director of criminal investigations this morning at six g.m.t. that's nine am last fall and then we're waiting in court and we hear that me good has been taken before has been presented before another court of magistrates court in the south a couple of hours from nairobi and charged with this he's been charged with being present and consenting to the administration of an oath to commit treason and also
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charged with taking part in an unlawful assembly during the nassau that's the opposition coalition swearing in park on january thirtieth so many supporters of me who know why the nairobi courts waiting for him got very younger when he was imprisoned that police had to fire tear gas to disperse them. an opposition leader and two supreme court judges in the motifs have been arrested former president abdullah gul you know who has allied himself with the opposition was detained at his home was the chief justice and a judge were also arrested the presence of a fifteen day state of emergency in the military is in charge of the parliament as a bunch of it has the latest. just hours after a state of emergency was declared in the island nation of maldives disport carries a prominent opposition leader to the country's main jail on a remote island the. moment of the u.n. was arrested on charges of bribery which the opposition says this politically
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motivated. his family released a video earlier in which he urged his supporters not to lose hope. in this police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong or unlawful i urge the people of multipath to be strong and stand with us we will win. with the arrested but two judges for the deepening the political crisis. it all began on thursday when the supreme court called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed the feed just also reinstated twelve m.p.'s who had lost their seats for supporting the opposition but president of the yemeni refused to comply with the ruling and celebrations turned into protests i mean yeah i mean also declared a fifteen day state of emergency and ordered the military to secure the parliament building for an indefinite period.
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and. i would not actually and this is being. in addition to the two judges police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court the court says police didn't have enough evidence to arrest the judicial executive president who happens to be the half brother of the arrested leader a little bit you came to power in two thousand and thirteen that was a year after moldavian police and army overthrew president mohamed nasheed but in a shaky democracy president i mean has also faced similar allegations of becoming authoritarian and being corrupt that the supreme court was expected to do it favorably on a petition to impeach you i mean opposition leaders allege the president's loyalists made it clear that they would not comply with such a verdict and launched a crackdown. for now the country best known for the tranquil beaches is struggling
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to deal with yet another round of political turmoil some of the job there i'm in russia as head of advocacy for transparency modi's the national chapter of transparency international joins us by skype from mali good to have you with us first what was the situation that mr pretty tense with a state of emergency in place. and it's also. pretty rainy in the past couple of days. what's that tell us about what that that situation is like and in the country because we've got the parliament being guarded by the army the legal structure essentially dissolved so what is to to sions a left. the president gets to be controlling either directly or indirectly all. the president in the country in the.
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ministry by restricting the mentors all over. that there has been a motion to. get in because everybody in. motion does not. and we've got it. under the under the touch of the supreme court who are just not right and the the it's an institution in the country as it proceeds it is. the action of all can combine to various extent. that it's the sole power in terms of the it was on for the military edition. i mean the current president was he and then just being impeached. he was he was in the. court because. because of because of the supreme court order it came up on
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september eighth in a scene. that had been have been religious that have been circulating. however by the constitution. through the parliament should there be any issues on the impeachment process that it can be submitted to supreme courts however and they have been through most but there had been no evidence to either the president. at all i was wondering whether all this political time of this is affecting the tourism industry because of course the modis relies very heavily on tourists for its economy. several. i need the m.m.r. and the government considering. the situation in the maldives and we.
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don't know it's. cancellations. statistics it's hard to say just what the impact of the. ok so i'm in russia will live with them thanks very much for joining us there from mali. plenty more still ahead here on this news hour including human rights groups saying south sudan's government and the opposition still recruiting child soldiers even after promising not to class the only way i was was a full song died for britain marks one hundred years of women getting the vote. and the pressure is increasing on the english football champions chelsea it will have all those details and sports.
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israeli army says it has killed a palestinian man who is wanted over the death of a satellite's month shot dead twenty one year old ahmed nasa jar and jenene in the occupied west bank where i was accused of killing rabbi rises in an illegal israeli outpost on january the ninth two other palestinians were killed in raids during. and run khan has more from west jerusalem. the raid took place in the ne hours all the tuesday morning now what eyewitnesses are telling us that at least seventy jeeps went in and two bulldozers into the village of yellow now that's fairly typical heart operation by the israeli army like this but then there was live fire this confusion as to the exact moment of the off when it was actually killed now the israeli security agencies have confirmed his death to the
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palestinians now also we're hearing that several palestinians have been injured as a result of gas and that there are still within the area is radio forces that are currently with zurich but there are ongoing clashes taking place between the palestinians but this is a village an area engineered that's actually been under constant raids since the settler rabbi was killed on january ninth almost every night raids have been taking place on january seventeenth there was a raid that took place in a bogeyman now in but again they actually demolished palestinians house to try and get to this and then the israeli army announced that they killed after gerard but that was a case of mistaken identity now so far all those two palestinians that have been and out stead of majid are and this man on january seventeenth their bodies haven't been given to the palestinians the israeli army said that they have informed the palestinians of after. death this is all very controversial here in
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israel and in palestine in israel there was the hard right to the absolutely wanted revenge they wanted afterwards or all killed they were putting pressure on promise that you know how to make an operation to do exactly that but also what the prime minister did was legalize the outpost that came from he said this was the any way of protecting this once illegal outposts now clearly all of these outposts and settlements in the occupied west bank lead. under international law but now have it go that's the outpost is actually a settlement is legal under israeli law once again very very controversial when it comes to any kind of peace process is going to happen any kind of future palestinian state now like i say the palestinians are waiting for the bodies to be handed over to them for all funerals to be able to take place syria's government
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has deployed new missiles to the front lines in aleppo and its neighbor battling rebel finds says the area's seen an escalation in fighting and aerial bombardment in recent weeks with hundreds of civilians killed the new weapons follow the downing of a russian fighter jet by rebels on saturday south korea says north korean hackers were behind the faffed of more than five hundred million dollars worth of digital coins from japanese queen checked south korean spy chiefs told politicians that the virtual coin market remains a target for possible facts check one of asia's leading crypto currency exchange companies was high was hacked last month. february marks the centenary of women being given the right to vote in the u.k. activists at the forefront of the campaign a time when anna suffragettes being on a new exhibition in london's trafalgar square b.
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phillips joins us live from so bobby show us around. thank you laura yes to square where the suffragettes held their rallies their meetings on many occasions in the run up to the. the sixth of february back in one thousand eight hundred fifty nine prominent campaigners for women's suffrage on the display behind me open by city can today a little bit later in the day the prime minister to resign may britain's second woman prime minister will be giving a speech in manchester marking this event and she'll strike a slightly more somber tone still celebrate the achievements of the suffragettes but she'll also talk about the amount of abuse the disproportionate abuse that many women face when they enter politics until say that this is a threat to democracy that abuse particularly coming online i've been looking at
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some of the other ways that people in britain are marking the centenary. of the. law an epic victory celebrated in the museum of london one hundred years since the first british woman got the vote thanks to the suffragettes who took on the establishment and won. it wasn't easy they chained themselves to fences outside parliament many were arrested beaten went on hunger strike one even threw herself at the king's horse in the famous darby race. she died but the cause did not. the suffragette struggles but they ultimately won for what they make british society today one hundred years on what they believe that women have achieved true equality. it wasn't until nine hundred twenty eight that younger and poorer women
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were also given the vote and says this very in character actor the suffragettes always hoped to inspire future generations when we went off i guess now going to be the end of all the fights you know we're going to have to keep fighting i'm sure and i just hope that we can set the precedent for that and they know keep fighting just as hard as we. she no doubt would agree emily pankhurst leader of the suffragettes and great grandmother of helen who wonders if the glass is only half full it every single measure of political equality we still have so far to go in every single parliament and in particular a new u.k. we only have thirty two percent representation of all other aspects of democracy so the legal system the the media reporting of parliament and of politics we still have a lot to go knowing. that. comedy throws light on women struggles
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today this is humiliating but it also made the families because the first week in our relationship that i earned him. with british institutions from parliament to the b.b.c. hit by revelations of gender discrimination. it feels like we're just failing over and over but we have to remember the suffragettes failed for over fifty years they only succeeded once and we only need to succeed once they are impossible is our normal life we are the hopes of the suffragettes. debt to the heroines of the pos maligned in their day as misguided radicals we remember them as being on the right side of history. well there will be events in britain throughout the year tomorrow but tonight in parliament or a very special gathering of all the female members of parliament both current
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and past who have ever been elected hundreds of them no doubt reflecting on how far they've come and yes how far the still is to go. joining us live from father square thanks very much funding and just a few moments we'll have all the weather with rob and then still ahead here on out of there. the photos that show china's making rapid progress building military bases in the south china sea. and in schools the eagles have landed back in philadelphia off their super bowl victory but the policy isn't over yet. through tranquil a rave you can use. them too long to use and it's in the show. hello western europe become
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a story of snow spend long time coming but actually from the sudden shows aspiring right up to goods in beyond the british isles it is snowing currently now the amount the fed in northern spain has caused some disruption to the idea the they are to the point where they had to clear trees from the main live out of madrid going north to a story is but that is a lie the amount of snow is still going in fact it's some of the snow has been thrown down the atlas mountains but it's crept up through france to this is paris now it's not spectacular rigidly of course it snows in paris about nine days a year but it really settles no i think what it settled very much were not for very long this time while it proved the point is actually indeed in paris surprisingly this is on a warm front and i won't frankly think warm air will relatively speaking that is true the temperatures in western europe are single figures but they're not zero so it's ideal actually i do breeding ground for snow and they will be more in fact the northwest a spy a frog's that could be twenty said to be the snow still to fall with sporadic
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outbreaks of the north of that and still to the size where is further east why it may be cold but the actual fact is slowly worn in places like rumania bucharest is up to ten degrees in february. the weather sponsored by cat time race. more than seven decades ago a country was split into really big good but it did to me and now the time been shown to be myopic all it took was a pan a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled in six seven two hundred have been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these new clear neighbors politicians borders of blood at this time.
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al-jazeera. with and for us. and again you're watching out of there as reminder of our top stories this hour three hong kong pro-democracy activists are walking free off their convictions were overturned on appeal joshua while nathan laws alex child were convicted of unlawful assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier they led major protests
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calling for greater democracy activists want a growing interference by beijing. a kenyan kenyan politician is being charged for his role in the unofficial swearing in ceremony of main opposition leader. they say mckiernan the goodna took part in an unlawful assembly and engaged in organized. a canister and decided to join them up and operational. and european markets open to heavy losses with london paris and germany all dropping more than three percent in early trade asian markets crumbled as investors took bellyache from a huge selloff on wall street. and us markets around the world ahead by wall street law says the white house is preparing itself for the political effect wasn't jordan reports from washington d.c. if investors weren't spooked by the u.s. stock market selloff on friday they're almost certainly wishing they put in for a three day weekend the dow jones industrial average fell four point six percent on
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monday and it's down eight point five percent since its high point on january twenty sixth that means stocks are now cheaper but the value of retirement and investment accounts has dropped making americans poorer at least on paper some market watchers fear the u.s. could be on the brink of recession but not everyone agrees in reality it feels that way but it's not really to the point where we can say it's a repeat of one thousand nine hundred eighty seven now i think investors need to be calm i think they have to look at the the whole picture. and the economic picture remains quite strong while traders dumped everything from energy to finance and tech stocks the u.s. president donald trump said nothing just last week trump was bragging about the stock market strike but in cincinnati he was celebrating tax cuts and accusing
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congressional democrats of trying to sabotage the economy somebody is a treasonous i mean just why not now we call that treason why not. i mean they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much but you look at that and it's it's really very very sad later white house aides released a statement downplaying the market turmoil and praising the president's focus on tax cuts and deregulation still barack obama's former press secretary jay carney taunted trump on twitter quote we never boasted about the stock market because we knew two things one the stock market is not the economy and two if you claim the rise you own the fall the stock selloff comes at a time of change at the u.s. the central bank on monday drone powell was sworn in as the federal reserve
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chairman replacing janet yellen she had been criticized for not raising interest rates quickly enough to curb inflation but now economists will be watching help out keeps the u.s. economy humming and investors from panicking a difficult test in his first days on the job changes rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington government forces and opposition groups in south sudan a still recruiting child soldiers despite numerous agreements to stop that's according to human rights watch which says children as young as thirteen of being abducted detained on forced to fight says of others began in two thousand and thirteen the warring sides of violated several commitments human rights watch is calling for an embargo about morgan has the latest from juba. this is not the first report that is being put out by human rights watch on child recruitment in south sudan it says that children as young as thirteen has been have have been recruited to fight in the conflict which is now in its fifth year unicef also put out
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a report in late ten fifteen saying that there are sixteen thousand children who are recruited by armed groups now that report has a change in delayed in seventeen to reflect new figures which says that more than one hundred thousand children have been recruited by armed groups in the conflict this is a this is a problem that has been going on since house and started fighting in the temple twenty thirteen and rights groups and children's organizations have called for a halt to this activity of recruiting child soldiers now a lot of things make it easier to recruit child soldiers in south sudan first thing is the displacement with sixty five percent of the people who are displaced in the conflict are mostly are mainly women and children now the figures of displacement right now stands at four million people disclose displaced not just within the country but in neighboring countries as well it's sixty five percent of that are children making them easier to be targeted by armed groups to to be recruited within their ranks and there's also the issue of being separated from their families as well as schools being targeted to try to recruit children mainly boys to to fight in the ranks of armed groups now the human rights watch report has
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accused both government and opposition forces of being involved in child recruitment of calls for halted operation of recruiting child soldiers as well as an arms embargo by the un and the e.u. and also for hybrid court to try every single person who's been responsible for uprooting church children throughout the conflict but since the conflict is still ongoing it's very hard to see that actually happening and there are concerns that more children will be recruited until peace comes south sudan well jonathan padna as an emergency researcher at human rights watch and joins us via skype from oslo how difficult was it researching this report did you get the access that you needed . well we were able to to travel to south sudan in december and we were able to meet with two dozen child soldiers both fool some of whom had been recruited and this kate and others who were still in the custody of. them started we were able to go to western equatoria where we met with
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a number of children who had been forcibly recruited by rebels and then we conducted research into both we tried to go to bed through to the north of the country where there were very strong allegations that the current. the current vice president about being guy has been recruiting children in his own community and we were prevented from traveling and national security. which was. quite unfortunate you do as you mentioned one name that you do mention the name the commanders who are accused of recruiting the child soldiers it's very specific do you expect to any action to be taken against them. well it's very difficult i mean a lot of the names that we are mentioning in this report we mentioned them before in two thousand and fifteen when we released another report on jobs during a problem is that unfortunately when it comes to sanctions we've seen the
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international community standing that vied it at the security council we've had problems getting an arms embargo and problems getting in the door sanctions against very well known commanders who have been responsible for abuses throughout this conflict so we now whole with this new peace negotiations that you can national community but understand that a lot of the actors present in addis ababa have no credibility when it comes to pledging to stop the abuses they've done that in two thousand and fourteen that two thousand and fifteen done so in two thousand and six and in two thousand and seven see an opportunity what we found is that the use is not only a continued but are spread throughout the country and this is your last report has the political situation changed in south because the opposition is fractured hasn't it does that make it worse that makes it much more difficult obviously to understand the dynamics of the traders actually are but at the end of the day all
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of those commanders respond to be people who respond to sit at the civilian all all military command those people like saavik year and the president of south sudan are yet machar and those two individuals have been you know are well known to have commanded troops responsible for countless abuses and unfortunately we still see that to disobey the absolute very little consequences for that and obviously we're calling on the international community to change that so you reverse an hour a day so that you've used in stuff jonathan padna thanks very much for taking time to join us there from on. now representatives from several african and european nations are holding a meeting in rome to discuss the growing refugee crisis it's been a year since italy signed a deal with libya to put in place measures to stop refugees and migrants from traveling to europe on crowded boats the strategy is part of a broader european approach to amnesty international says has directly placed thousands of people in abusive detention camps where torture is rife let's take
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a closer look at the numbers in this crisis since the start of this year seven thousand two hundred forty two people have made the dangerous journey to europe that's according to the international organization for migration nearly seven thousand of those reached europe by sea and of the two hundred forty five made the journey by land two hundred forty three migrants side the diet all went missing walls crossing the mediterranean and italy has seen the highest number of arrivals so far this year many coming from nigeria guinea ivory coast bangladesh mali and eritrea of oneness were joined by live in rome said you know what i expect you from this conference. hi laura well up to forty nations gathered here in the italian foreign ministry in rome part of an ongoing conversation this at both ministerial and heads of government level as you say to bring together the so called origin and transit countries in africa from
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where these people are fleeing whatever it is that they are fleeing towards the so-called host countries in europe bringing together all of these countries trying to find ways to stem this all full tide of migrants trying to reach europe and to protect the rights and the lives of those who continue to make the journey anyway i'm joined now by a party to this conference thomas graham and it is the secretary general of the o.s.c. e the organization for security and cooperation in europe what you've seen so far here does it make sense to you do you think it's a good a good solution i think it's encouraging this is a conference about promoting copper approaches to migration governance and this is now the second. round. the first one was in july of last year when i think what we see is that cooperation between sending transit and host states doesn't it for yes among the sort of stated aims here are set out by
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the italian foreign minister a short while ago dealing with human trafficking and the smuggling networks that he said there was ample evidence fund terrorism and also trying to combat the return of i sell fighters to countries in europe via the smuggling and migrant routes is that where your organization the o. a c. perhaps has a role absolutely this what we call migration security next is very come in we come in as a platform for dialogue. for dialogue among the fifty seven participating states plus the six mediterranean partner countries but also as an actor that offers expertise. for capacity institution building efforts both in the participating states and in the mediterranean partner states in terms of. combating crime along the migration routes human trafficking. human rights combined
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border management protecting the human rights of migrants these are thought of things verity always see can offer a look at advantage a lot of those things you just mentioned have come up in criticism of italian methods that have seen the numbers come down over the last year admittedly a bit italian methods working with the libyan coast guard to turn people back essentially on the mediterranean route but back to camps that have been described as nothing more than prison camps where exploitation is rife is this just sort of viable solution that's being discussed to. promote a comprehensive approach to security and that includes of course human rights compliant approaches to border management but also to combating crime along the migration routes i think it's decisive that this is all in a human rights compliant they get all the screaming and leave thank you so much for
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your time and this conference goes on for another couple of hours here as they hammer out solutions more solutions it is of course a long term problem they're not hoping to fix it all here but at least i suppose these countries are talking and joining us there from right thanks anna. a single ambulance service is at the forefront of saving lives in somalia's capital mogadishu limited medical services not enough in a city often vulnerable to want to bomb attacks the local health care system is slowly improving after years of neglect for many it's not coming soon enough for the miller has more from the get it. through i think it's ten am and the seventh emergency call of the morning comes through you know please it's from this call center in market issue that the only free ambulance service in the city is run it's not a huge operation but the staff are kept busy of the shallow end of the road got the right we are very busy when explosions happen and when they do i have to do more
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than just drive i have to help the nurses with patients twelve years ago up to carter had them used all these savings to buy his first ambulance today he has a fleet of ten they may be old and some on their last legs but they get the job done or actually one i came to somalia in two thousand and six there was a war going on when the turban vision come into somalia and there was a lot of people was dying in front of my clinic i was half in a clinic in back of the market and that's the nice of people was dying and getting injured then i asked myself how can i help my people workers are not well trained but they have the basic skills they can start bleeding and give patients painkillers but that's about all but transporting patients to hospitals quickly and safely is often the difference between life and death the ambulance service needs equipment and its staff better troll more training it's often the leading emergency
1:45 pm
service most recently when two blasts went off last october killing more than five hundred people and injuring hundreds of others for years many people were brought into hospitals using wooden we. barrows often been pushed as far as five kilometers to get help many wouldn't make the journey i mean ambulances are helping to improve mogadishu's health services especially as the fuel available ambulances are an affordable for most people this is mogadishu's largest hospital its director mohamed use of hassen says while they are able to do more surgeries than ever before they can treat everyone some of them you need some sophisticated investigation that you can do because you don't have them in imaging scorpius all this is needed but. you are not helpless
1:46 pm
we have many promises from outside now that help is increasingly coming from within the somalia adam runs the service using his own money and donations he says he dreams of one day having ambulances helping people not just in mogadishu but across somalia from al-jazeera mogadishu. the philippines says it will keep its close ties with china despite more evidence of activity on disputed islands in the south china sea the president's spokesman says the philippines cannot afford war with beijing over all media have released images showing chinese naval docks runways and several multi-story buildings to the island ogun reports from manila. these are aerial photographs of detained by the philippine daily inquirer newspaper it shows that china will soon finish its military zation of seven reefs in the south china sea an international tribunal in the hague in two thousand and sixteen rejected
1:47 pm
china's argument that it enjoys historic rights over most of the south china sea but the pictures clearly show that china has built a massive runway on mischief reef which the tribe you know ruled it was in philippine waters including control towers and radio meters often used in milegi communication small the reefs now have wind turbines halla pads and observation towers transport ships designed to carry are more the vehicles and up to eight hundred troops have also been spotted according to security experts three of these reefs now have three kilometer long runways making them as effective as aircraft carriers china has also built a harbor facilities extending the reach of its maritime assets not only in the south china sea but also the central pacific i don't think the philippines can do
1:48 pm
anything about it from the military point of view. the least the government should do is to ask the government to try the what are their intentions and south china sea the philippine government this misses this and blames the previous administration so what we want us to see all that we could do is to extract a promise from china not to reclaim any new artificial islands. but what you featured. are old ripley islands that were there even before the administration came but these photos are believed to have been taken between june and december last year under president rodrigo due to his watch the thoughts of the tracer war the fact that the government itself has no coherent policy even comes to the west for the princes. and that can only be the advantage of the chinese who will then use this situation president there to insists china should still be the country's
1:49 pm
strongest ally he calls it an independent foreign policy veering away from the united states while trying to build closer relations with china and russia security experts say there appears to be little that the philippines or any other country can do to stop china from its military zation and that the philippine government silence on the issue is enabling china's expansionist ambitions in the south china sea in danger of not only its own sovereignty but also the security of its allies in the pacific. dog and al-jazeera manila. management the louvre museum and france has opened an official investigations the removal of cattle from a map that was displayed in one of its museums the map was published by the united arab emirates louve abu dhabi museum the head of the national committee for human rights in council says the move museum has apologized tension has been high in the
1:50 pm
region says the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain qatar is with cattle in. scotland which is the traditional home of a winter olympic sport. from here. ok
1:51 pm
all this for now and has peter thank you so much slower there are just three days to go until the winter olympic games beginning pyong chang but
1:52 pm
a number of banned russian competitors are not giving up their fight to compete thirty two athletes have appealed to the court of arbitration for sport including champion speed skater victor on the hearing will likely be held on wednesday this follows a decision by the court last week to overturn the lifetime of them pick bands of twenty eight russians due to doping claims one hundred sixty nine competitors were cleared to competing pyong chang in a neutral elim pick athlete from russia team and the issue was same tool at a meeting of the international olympic committee on tuesday. mr president we are in trouble now we need to make it clear to the world that our decisions and actions are based on principles that distinguish the olympic movement from entertainment sports we're not talking about politics no matter what anyone says we're talking about how we respond to attacks on the most fundamental values by a country that voluntarily agreed to or specters values and which then deliberately
1:53 pm
attempted to destroy them when the winter olympics get underway in pyung chang one of those stranger sports to look out for is curling where giant stones are swept along the ice britain is strong in men and women's curling and the secret of their success is in the sport's history in scotland as only willing reports. while some prepare for a winter olympics by hurtling down a ski slope others give a gentle throttle and watch a giant slab of granite like it's why i love ice. what used to be known as house work and then a giant stone settles closest to the center scoring points this is curling and scotland is home to some of the world's best colors even your head is the skipper of the multi medal winning british women's to bronze medalists in such a four years ago the mia heads are a culling family has sheep brothers thomas and glamour in the men's team who won silver in such a father competed in the sport before it became an official olympic event in one
1:54 pm
nine hundred ninety eight one of the advantages and he was a couple disappointed as well of being a follow up to the intense competition at the games i guess i love advantages it's like running and support each other and we're there for each other and do whatever for each team and i think what's really been this kind of came to be on going really well there's this family members going i was going to cause you know a few locals are going. to see their faces when we go to culling is traditionally an outdoor sport but the ice has to be thick enough and siphon off and that last up and hair like of went south in nineteen seventy nine and i kind the ground watch there's a legendary in scotland the great thing about curling is not so much the actual game of the imagine sweeping that always accompanied the going to popularity having been part of life in scotland for hundreds of years is about to get another push for the winter olympics and the precious stones come from an island off the west
1:55 pm
coast of scotland by the name of. that mean. to be used. yes the world curling federation prevail. is their use for a world championships and olympic games heavens yes this. is certainly. but it's in this forum on a street paisley abbey nick glass guy that evidence of colleagues origins could be found. the piers that in the early part of the sixteenth century. a monk from the abbey here settled a wager by throwing a stone on ice. doesn't call it curling but to all intents and purposes it involved ice and throwing stones so that sounds very like a basic form of curving nearly five hundred years later the british team will love history on its side to china canada sweden and switzerland just some of the teams
1:56 pm
who may provide formidable opposition as they gently nudge their way to what they hope will be god the wellings al-jazeera stoning pressure is mounting on chelsea manager and turning a concert after the side were thrashed four one by watch food in the english premier league on monday the champions had it. since off in the first half and despite being a goal down it has already equalized with eight minutes to go but then what would score three goals in six minutes to condemn chelsea to a second defeat in a row. despite that beating chelsea are still in the top four although they've lost some ground on manchester united who are in second place the gap is six points between those two sides and tottenham look just one point behind now in firth manchester city hold a thirteen point lead at the top the eagles have landed back in philadelphia after
1:57 pm
their first ever super bowl when thousands of fans gathered outside the fence of philadelphia international airport to see the team's return from minneapolis with the vince lombardi trophy the eagles beat the new england patriots forty one thirty three on sunday to celebrate re parade will be held in philadelphia on tuesday. you might not quite a believe this but as many as thirty eight teams were present at the roller derby world cup in manchester with thousands of spectators in attendance over the three days too if you're unfamiliar with the sport it could be described as a combination of roller skating and wrestling this was the first time the event was staged outside of north america the united states would meet australia in the final after the aussies took the lead the americans fought back to age in front and since the players are all women the cheerleaders may as well be men right after the halftime show the united states would go on to secure the title in what is clearly
1:58 pm
not a game for the faint hearted. we'll leave it there most will for me later laura look forward to it thanks very much peter. that that for me for this news hour as i'm thinker is out in just a moment with more of the day's news for you. clark
1:59 pm
. jewett from iraq he's also a part time going to museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous. most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things forward to me the great thing is it's not just about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture. to three d. printing and recycled waste to. africa transforming
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young innovators aap propelling change building communities employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones. creative thinkers continence future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. hong kong democracy activists walk free after a victory in the. coming up.


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