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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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yes that's just hours after a state of emergency was declared for president may moon abdul gayoom who's called who's allied himself with the opposition was detained at his home denies the charges they include bribery and attempting to overthrow the government. police the police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong or a low form i urge the people of multiuse to be strong and stand with us we will win . a kenyan politician has been charged for his role in the unofficial swearing in ceremony of main opposition leader rylan police say the guna mcgoohan or took part in an unlawful assembly and they say engaged in organized criminal activity within a stood beside a day during the mock. those are the headlines sirat today we're back with more in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's inside
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story. deportation or indefinite detention that's the choice facing nearly forty thousand african refugees in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu calls them infiltrators is this action even illegal this is inside story. i welcome to the program i'm jane they endured a dangerous and desperate journey to escape war persecution and hunger and their
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countries tens of thousands of refugees many from eritrea and sudan of travel to egypt seeking a better life in israel but the government calls them infiltrators and says they threaten what it calls israel's jewish character it's begun issuing deportation orders to the tens of thousands of african refugees and warning them either accept money on a plane ticket home or risk being jailed will get so i guess in a moment but first imran khan reports from tel aviv it's a common sentiment among asylum seekers here in israel who are being issued with deportation notices ready to stay in a prison more leave behind gabriel is another man who theories about his future he's twenty seven and from eritrea after a four year journey which involved prison time in egypt in israel he's now been handed a deportation noticed he says yes raids have dismissed his asylum claim out of hand he's being held at the whole lot detentions and well jazeera interviewed him they
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don't even. i don't know why they given your rejection. that. i came to you in such a fourth option you know i'm not going to get in search of. well you know the government called out. the government in immigration experts say his case is typical but these new notices target people outside of the hollow detention center michelle mann spicer works for an organization that helps asylum seekers and refugees in israel we obviously have a problem with having to send out and the refugees and asylum seekers to our or wander uganda or even leaving israel i mean these countries aren't safer than what's happened they're going there and they're not being able out to stay so they go there and research shows the research that came out recently that they be they get there and they have to start all over again and going to countries that are very dangerous to try and get into situations where they can stay because it's not
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safe to stay and wander in uganda israel has a hardline policy the first round of deportation notices has been issued to refugees and asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan that's about two hundred thousand people and they have sixty days to leave the country according to government figures there are some thirty nine thousand eritreans and sudanese in israel including five thousand children single men held here at the hell outta detention center and they were among the first to receive the deportation notices others sleep rough in parks like this one in tel aviv deportation notices will not be issued to women children fathers of children will anyone recognized as a victim of slavery or human trafficking but international groups say israel is deportation policy could be violating international law imran khan how does a television. for many migrants and refugees israel is often seen as
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a bridge to europe and its strong economy makes it appealing to those searching for a better life most of these refugees have fled from war or forced military service in their countries we're talking nearly sixty thousand people who. being turned away israeli government says it is already expelled about twenty thousand since two thousand and five thousands of africans of entered israel illegally through its border crossing with egypt but the government has since built a wall to keep people out and those who do make it into israel are not welcome by the government well let's bring in our guests now in west jerusalem we have robbie sable professor at the he read university of jerusalem in tel aviv sigel rosen head of public policy at the tail of it's based hotline for refugees and migrants and in geneva william spengler spokesman for the united nations high commission for refugees but before we get our panelists speak to an eritrean refugee he's seeking
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asylum in israel his name is tech at michael and he joins us on skype from tel aviv take it michael very good to have you with us so the day has arrived what are you going to do when your deportation papers arrive. thank you for having me first first of all our. i have no choice i have to with the prison in a sort of work to support myself through one or uganda because i think i am asylum seeker and as i said of israel not in other countries even israel is sending a same speakers to one and one are in the form of me not to or is not other salable or not other if it is so or me personally in other refuse i'm not standing to one or rwanda for safety or for we have like protection you know something i want to work so i am here or i can derail for asylum that workers of all and how come you haven't been granted asylum. it's not just me it's all of the people who are
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waiting or in limbo for the last four years after the government gave us a chance to summit our side of the question so the last four years. i get nothing for stuff especially for mass not because. i don't know it is the question for the government. i don't have any answer for that but i can say it is basic like russia much of a good system by the government is specifically for the people we came from a dictatorship from here syria and you aside from so done other than that how have you been treated in israel and why is it that a country why is it that it's a country that you want to remain in even if it is in a jail. most of us for the last ten years have been welcomed by the public no basic government is going to lose it completely ignores asylum seekers you know so we didn't get any chance or system. to be
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welcomed so that's why i said because she's a place of the government to put out or to put it out in prison or in jail that's why they chose to be in jail not what you want or even to what sort of situation did you escape from in order to make it to israel and tell us a little bit about your story and ever try and judge anyday. first of all i was an athlete when i was in europe yeah and i was imprisoned by the territory without any . crime was out anything they put me in prison and they pushed me to the army while i was out of it while i was also a student and ask them to tell me back to my education and by sport as it is me and they i thought me to be in the army if everything that. made my just like completely different so i run away from the military base from the western part of the country and the border when across the border to sudan because to me i mean
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from my country and they ask me where i am wings i told them as of them i am leaving the country i am hitting saddam and they ask me to go with them to the prison i told them no because they escaped from prison escape from the worst thing that they can be minded and as i told you i stopped running away from them and they start fair to kill me three times but they skip and i came to sudan and sudan more than a year in sudan the same thing happened to me because i was listening to them and i said i don't know where from so that was all in november stars and so when i came to egypt on november seventh heaven the same thing happened to me on india in egypt years ago so i was not safe in sudan i was listed in egypt so that i was running and like i did myself to get safe and to get protected so that's why in the first place they came to israel take it michael thank you very much for telling us your story and what's been happening to you in israel right let's bring in i guess a single rose and i should imagine that that's
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a story you hear all the time and i what is your response not to to what is happening. it's very said that the government of israel came to a point to a whole decade or willie asylum seekers very badly the we are now at the point that is i want to deport the asylum seekers to two countries that claim they have no agreement with israel in the four years do you want which is that they sent all of the four thousand asylum seekers to disc two countries poor of that these two countries provide them no protection at all and just force them to continue the journey to look for a few jealous well so is that why so many are deciding that they would rather face jail stay in jail in israel then make that hazardous journey back in yes i mean now the israeli government is talking about force deportation but since
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two thousand and fourteen easily already sent four thousand illegal aliens and sudanese to grant them wanda under the secret agreements so it is a well known fact about a now when all asylum seekers in israel know that these two countries provide them no step towards and they have no possibility to stay there and this is why people say if we have no other choice we are the stain these are really prison then go to another journey that might end with our this william spin that not a happy picture is it. no we are very concerned about this policy and we have spoken out against it our main concern is that people who have already reached their lives to arrive in israel us as we heard are now sent to countries where they cannot find protection and they would be forced to make again long dangerous
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journeys risking their lives dying in some cases. and this is something that we have been able to verify recently when we interviewed about eighty asylum seekers from eritrea in italy who had been. transferred onto this policy by israel to african countries and who then. travel through countries war resell lives in places like libya and then crossed the mediterranean to find finally. safety in italy and yet knowing this the government is pushing this onto them what sort of conversation do you have with the government . we are in constant communication with the government we have in the past cooperated closely with israeli authorities to.
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resettle refugees out of israel to other countries and we have offered again to do the same thing to find solutions for these people what we want is something that works for everybody that provides safety those who are fleeing war persecution human rights violations another same time works to help israel in the. integration of refugees in that country israel has an obligation to provide protection to people fleeing war and persecution we think that most of those eritreans and sudanese who are in israel are refugees the meet the criteria for. refugee. finish and therefore israel has an obligation to provide that protection but we
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stand ready to help israel find alternative solutions for some of these refugees we've got my neighbor why does israel not want to look at these two other to be jumping in here when these alternative solutions posed by the u.n. h.c.r. for example and is this actually even legal. it is legal israel like all other democratic states is obliged not to send a refugee to a country where there's a well founded fear that will be persecuted because of his race religion or political views and is a abides by this therefore we are not sending people back to sudan for instance although they came from sudan however it's perfectly legal to send to other countries who are willing to accept them israel does this other countries do it it's a tragedy for the of these. african refugees but it is time is war cause of the problem isn't it israel throughout their money and here only because it's kind of their
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race and their religion the fact that they are not jewish that they are black migrant know in the last the last two years we've got deported i believe ten thousand ukrainians and they're not black and other words these people enter the country illegally we get when they were in israel we provide them with the protection but we're not obliged to absorb no countries there's no country in the world that says we will absorb all african refugees no country and certainly not tiny not certainly time is well because there is sending them to three hundred days when there are facing where they will see conditions where they are not being looked after where they're being kicked out and they have to go back on that hazardous journey israel knows that. the legal legal quartile in this you cannot send them to a country where they will be person there's a well founded fear as i said of their being persecuted because of their religion or race or something but you can send a group country that may not be as prosperous as germany we don't have to germany that wouldn't accept them but these are africans they're that we provide them with
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a lot of money to help them settle down i agree they bought preferred to go to italy but that's italy is what i was perfectly entitled not to allow people who entered illegally to stay in the country again provided that we don't send them to countries where they'll be persecuted by the way most of the people who come scape in military service this is not does not come within the definition of somebody being persecuted prosecutor or persecuted for his personal views like i think they are you know you're finally having their lives directly where innocent people seek help jump and you want to say something. yes the earth well first of all all western countries agree that to national service even formally. they could nies by the fiji's quote around the world recognizes them as live fiji's because they will be persecuted if the return to their country and this is exactly the definition for the fiji in they'll fall which is not correct to say that they just
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because they are national so we saw army vader's they should not receive a few just a tooth in addition little send them to two countries the one they know granda a deposit with these countries is not at all poor african countries the problem is that they do not grant them stuck to guns are portrayed or fiji set off to millions of people but not to any three of those who can form israel and this is our main problem and concern because they examines all secrete and we are now asking why these agreements the thickly and in addition does countries denied that it isn't that there is even in the agreement both for and i know grand the claim that they have no secret agreement with these lael and they keep only peeking the refuse to accept asylum seekers by force so how dare you flail is sent its extremely small number of a few years and we are now talking about thirty four thousand every koreans and
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sudanese well sending them to poor countries who. have to handle it much much larger number over the few g.'s and they even don't admit that the individual except these people were a force so i totally disagree with everything you have said and rob you could i just bring up something you mentioned a bit earlier on about israel being a democracy and how it's operating at the moment i mean israel prides itself likes to boast about being the only democracy in the region but if you look at the arab countries surrounding israel in the region they don't turn back. refugees i mean look at jordan look at lebanon for example look at the treatment of the palestinians by the israelis that flies in the face of democracy. israel has a lot of millions of refugees the jordan jordan is very liberal but there will be our future use lebanon we've absorbed jewish refugees because i come back to another issue. military service is not being persecuted because your villages views
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or political views are we know exactly as if she says an illustrator makes a good service that i thought that's what seagal was laying out there is that it's not a defy what's an area there in a minute somebody want to escape blush musher military. other countries have conscription if you try to scape it that not doesn't mean you'll be persecuted because your views in other words is will accept the fact that somebody was being persecuted because he belongs to a certain tribal religion we will not return him to the country it was like to be persecuted the fact that he's escaped military service doesn't turn him into a refugee under the nevertheless we're not sending them back to a tree are we sitting back to earth african countries that are willing to accept them and be given payment but israel cannot absorb all these refugees i know it would be nice if i could say yes all the refugees from africa who wish to come live in israel i'm a favor tiny little state we can't do it william what is the problem here i mean it is their feeling that that jews are not wellcome in israel now if it doesn't matter
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i'm sorry non jews are not welcome in israel it doesn't matter what sort of persecution they facing at home how do you deal with this i guess racism as well in your work and when you are talking to the government. well until two thousand and twelve these really authorities were granting humanitarian status to every tree and sudanese but then the policy changed and since then very few if any. eritreans or sudanese have been recognised as refugees i think ten eritreans have been recognised as refugees in israel and one sudanese we would expect with the situation in those countries what it is the recognition rate for these nationalities to be much higher in europe for example eritreans are ninety percent of asylum seekers from eritrea
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are recognised as refugees on average in european countries so we would expect israel to have a much higher recognition rate for eritrean the same goes for sudanese of course each case has to be looked at individually. its individual circumstances. but we have concerns about these very low recognition rates and the fact that israel is not letting many of these people apply for asylum in russia we are also concerned about the new policy to send. people who have not apply for asylum to countries in africa because we think that. people will not find protection once we once they get there they will be forced to move around looking for protection and risking their lives in that way which is what is really
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service that will tell us a little bit more about where of deal with these african countries you know that drill and it is definitely one of them i mean what is it i mean is it a case of money is it a case of corruption the fact that they taking refugees migrants that that like another country doesn't want to look after. i'm not an expert on african relations but as far as a no go wonder has a reputation for being a little country and absorbing refugees not only from miserable from other countries it's welcome refugees from its neighboring countries and it's willing to accept people from missouri provided the willing to go and the people up to now have been willing to go there be provided some sums to help them again i should point out that even of refuge if somebody recognizes a few gee there's no and i'm no obligation to absorb the only thing you can do is not normal form and you cannot send them back to countries ballou prosecuted but even if somebody is a refugee no country is obliged to go out and citizenship and very few countries do
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in other words this village near probably one of those annoying lemon jobs i mean why don't you know us all given your country them into your society considering how many workers israel does take on to help out why don't you absorb these workers the majority of them want to work the majority of them are working already it's a it's a legitimate it's a legitimate question when there were small numbers is always doing this the moment it became known that israel was absorbing that we began receiving enormous numbers when every country is liberal most countries are liberal when it's small numbers with large numbers we have to say i'm sorry we cannot absorb them in other words when there's a few thousand israel did this moment we began receiving there were months it was even tens of thousands a month we could no longer absorb it again look at the size of his world how many refugees can we absorb and here is will have to say i'm sorry we feel sorry for them we'll help you financially we cannot be the solution to tell people conditions that exist in parts of africa ok sicko
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a lot of them are not going to leave we we heard from a guest earlier on that they can that they would rather choose jail then been sent home i'm just wondering what options you have now what sort of conversation are you having i mean there have been protests on the streets many israelis many jews are angry and upset about this way too from here to make sure that they are looked after. well first of all in a lot of israelis are protesting against the government plan to deport a few g.'s genuinely fiji's to two countries that it is well known they don't absorb them and i was listening and hearing that they are wondering a gunda is hosting the refugees yes they do host a fiji is other off we can refuse there's a feels to accept the fijian form is laid and we see it for the last four years this is why no one stayed to this is why all asylum seekers who run away form easily found themselves in i don't places all drown in the sea on the way to your
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we are doing our best to convince the government of israel that developmentally israelis volta those who care about these asylum seekers who wanted to stay with us who don't want to send them back to to send them to places well their life might be in danger in addition and we hope we still hope that the high court of justice will assist us in persuading the israeli government that what it's doing these eagle anything easy it is totally illegal to send in asylum seeker refugee that is lead didn't check he's a request to a country that doesn't grant him any stuff to force him to continue and this can give his life in trying to find refuge elsewhere we all hope for the we would be successful to go rosen with those final words thank you very much thank you church to robbie sable and william spender. and thanks for watching as always you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for
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further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story mine is at jane that often are. the nature of news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage
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but our german government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible in number happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the
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threat this followed posers at this time on al-jazeera this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of a sudden the standard of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate out front at this time on al-jazeera. there mercado how these are the top stories on al-jazeera three hong kong pro-democracy activists are walking free of their convictions were overturned on appeal to a wall nathan law and alex child were convicted of unlawful assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier they led major protests calling for greater democracy activists.


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