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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can durham a. psych speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for a month long cease fire in syria as intense government and russian airstrikes kill more than fifty people in eastern guta. let them join in with all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
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u.s. markets vol the tile of the early trading a day after steep losses which sparked a sell off in asia europe. south africa's parliament the president zuma state of the nation speech as pressure grows on him to step down. philippine president sends in the bulldozers to deter and spawn close by destroying luxury cars. while the law must prepares to send his own tesla roadster into space using the world's most powerful rockets. the u.n. is calling for an immediate month long cease fire in syria to allow humanitarian aid and medical help to reach civilians trapped by fighting syrian government and russian forces have stepped up their attacks on the rebel held areas of the province in eastern guta there too for suppose that d.s. collations olds agreed by iran and russia last year more than fifty people have
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been killed by airstrikes on the east and boots on tuesday alone and at least six in bringing the total killed in the last forty eight hours to more than one hundred . well u.n. war crimes experts say the scene. involves crimes of indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate starvation of the civilian population there are also reports of. against civilians in the holder reports from they were in neighboring. residential areas are often the target buildings flattened civilians killed and injured pro syrian government forces have been on the offensive into the opposition held province of idlib for weeks now but since fighters from have. shot down a russian aircraft and killed its pilot it has escalated. russian syrian aircraft have carried out dozens of air strikes in a number of towns in the past forty eight hours. at least two major hospitals have
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been hit one of them is now out of service the assault is being described as one of the fiercest yet it includes a suspected chlorine attack in the town of now the syrian army says it has deployed air defenses and anti-aircraft missiles to the front lines in aleppo and to cover the airspace of the norse it says the deployment is a message to everyone. and they are controlled by the russian intelligence regime so this is russia we need to understand there is a direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia it's dangerous because at the same time trying to force its presence in the area the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles could also be a message to turkey its planes are using syrian airspace and its offensive against the kurdish. in turkey had russian backing to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down turkish jets on the ground turkey's army is deployed deep inside it live where it's set up posts as part of the ask them
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a deescalation agreement turkish troops are now positioned less than five kilometers from syrian government forces there. it's. players. want. to stop its military operation and the players. and it's not the first time. the other main rebel stronghold in the damascus suburb of. coming under heavy fire. in the. united nations is calling for the fighting throughout syria to stop for a month to allow aid deliveries and evacuations of the sick and wounded is unlikely to be heeded at least not until the latest round of negotiations on the ground.
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so the border with. by all accounts. the eastern side of damascus witnessed probably the deadliest twenty four hours it's seen in a very long time the death toll just keeps rising after a number of air strikes targeted several places in. hospitals we understand from the forces there that it was not only russian air force but also a bashar al assad's air force which carried out those airstrikes and now the death toll in the dozens up by the early evening golf shoes day the number was at fifty five but that number could rise significantly is the. night time comes in obviously more and more victims were being. dragged or pulled out from underneath the rubble all of this is different regional powers turkey syria iran the united
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states through its proxies why p.g. and kurdish fighters continue to vie for control in different parts of syria now on the other fronts there have been other developments in the fight between the turkish military as well as the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia the kurdish militia fired some rockets of which one landed inside the mary refugee camp or camp for the internally displaced it's a char kish run camp on the syrian side of the turkey russia border that resulted in three people being killed and at least fifteen injured so unfortunately despite maybe a reduction in the number of fatalities over the past few months is the a stand up process in the build up to the salt she talks took place the fact that those have failed to establish these save zones that these governments and most boring koran iran and to run have said that they want to establish now we're seeing a spike in the violence and something that's not looking very good at all for the civilians who continue to suffer on
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a daily basis. thank. you shares almost street have stabilized after a volatile early trading this following monday sharp losses which caused falls in markets around the world the dow jones industrial average open two percent them to add to monday's fall of four and a half percent but stocks and climbed back above monday's clearance earlier as asian markets reacted to monday's news from home from new york hong kong's hang seng index fell by more than five percent japan's nikkei was stung almost as much dropping by four point seven three percent well the falls were less severe in europe london's footsie one hundred index dropped two point five percent to its lowest level for more than a year but it then recovers let's get more on the u.s. markets from gabe elizondo in new york gabe so what's causing this volatility them . well you know if anyone knew the exact answer to that
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question they would be a very rich person because there is no exact answer to that all we can do is kind of take the best available information to kind of get a sense of why the markets are acting the way that they are and quite frankly no one knows the exact answer but economists are starting to look at it and they were starting to say in the last couple days or so that it was inflationary concerns the u.s. added two hundred thousand new jobs in january that beat expectations wages rose about three percent all very good in the real economy on main street but on wall street there that really was leading to potential inflationary concerns and the fed raising interest rates perhaps so that's number one also the political concerns in washington d.c. what the continued russia investigation involving president donald trump markets do not like uncertainty and political uncertainty is included in that but beyond that
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though with these sharp volatility in the markets people start to look at other things as well and thinking that maybe this is a pullback after irrational exuberance of the markets that we've seen the last year or so and a potential five to ten percent correction in the markets that could be on the horizon bottom line here is there are probably a lot of things that are starting to affect these markets at this point given that the markets came off their worst single point drop on monday following their worst week in two years last week so add all that up there's a lot of things here at play but certainly the big question is will this volatility continue and the short answer is nobody knows at this point but they're watching it very closely and deb what about the trumpet ministration of a showing any signs of concern. well this is really interesting because president trump the last year that he's been in office as president he's
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really patted himself on the back and about the gains in the stock market and there have been historic gains at one point the market gaining almost forty percent at its peak trump has been going around the country and speaking all the time and tweeting about it all the time over the last year or so saying this this stock market is a sign of how good the economy is doing over the last year and my policies is what he was saying. a lot of people are saying maybe not he should be writing the market so hot well he hasn't been saying much recently in the last twenty four hours about the market because it's now not doing very well vice president pence and then ministration is spinning this now they're basically saying oh the fundamentals of the economy are very strong these are just regular ebbs and flows in the stock market don't pay much attention to it but this is the problem should we pay attention to it or should we not pay attention to the stock market that's what a lot of americans are now starting to think about because they're hearing two separate things from the administration when they stock market was doing well trump
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was saying pay attention to the stock market this is from our policies and this is from my policies as president now they're kind of quiet about it and saying don't pay attention to the stock market so that in of itself is leading to even more uncertainty in the markets and it's really putting the trump administration in kind of a bind if you will a bind that they put themselves in but i'll conclude by saying let's remember the stock market is not an indication of the real economy the real economy in the u.s. for the most part is doing very well there is record unemployment right now record job growth right now. and so that's how the real economy is doing the stock market as we know that's a whole different beast but it's an important one because how the u.s. market is doing is watching very closely by the other markets around the world and we saw that the european markets and asian markets dipped slightly as they're watching this volatility in the u.s. markets. on to their life from new york a thank you can politicians been released on bail after being charged for his role
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in a controversial swearing in ceremony for opposition leader raul digna we're going to begin a scene here on the left of the picture was it last week ceremony where digha declared himself the people's president rejecting a working out as reelection in october political tensions remain high in the country and on choose the least fired tear gas of protests of protests linked to the disputed presidential election. in south africa the president's state of the nation address has been postponed jacob zuma was shed job to have given his annual address on thursday but the parliament speaker confirmed that there have been a delay to the speech has been growing pressure on the xoom us since he was replaced as leader of the governing a.n.c. party in december. for me to millar is live for us now in johannesburg there for me that just how significant is this given that there continues to be calls for the president to step down. well this is very important it
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speaks to the political climate in south africa at the moment where parliament has basically said that it's not certain it could hold a successful states of the nation address because there is just so much opposition to president jacob zuma addressing the nation at this point there continues to be calls for him to step down the opposition parties had in fact earlier this week requested the speaker of parliament to perspire own at the state of the nation until after a motion of no confidence against zuma is debated in parliament on the twenty second of february that said that it be no sense in having this address by the president where he would lay out policies in the government's plans for the forthcoming year and if he was then recalled he or his a ministration wouldn't be around to then implement these policies and of course you would have that vote of no confidence later in the month the speaker of parliament then today did say that they would perspire own the state of the nation
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address not really saying it's because of the opposition's request but very much a decision coming from the officials of parliament just given how strongly opposition certain civil society groups and members of the public feel around president jacob zuma allegations of corruption his standing in the country and then wanting him to resign the fact that the state of the nation is not happening really is very important because it does set the groundwork for what people are expecting to be the end of president zuma is term in office and for me the the a.n.c. me to morrow to discuss his future what was expected then. well the national executive committee which is the highest decision making body of the a.n.c. has scheduled this meeting to discuss president jacob zuma has a future this is of course after the national working committee met earlier in the
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week it then gave recommendations and also as zuma met with the top six leadership of the a.n.c. where it's understood they had urged the president to step down reports indicate that he refused to do so we unable to verify all those reports independently but all indications are is that president zuma has said that he won't step down despite all these calls of for him to step down now once the national executive committee meets there will be a lot of speculation around what exactly will come out of the meeting the last time the committee met around a sitting president in such a situation was in two thousand and eight and at that time top going becky was recalled by the a.n.c. he then resigned and so there is a lot of speculation and anticipation around what exactly will happen what the procedure would be and how zoom out would leave office if indeed that happens any time soon for me to mellow there live from johannesburg for me to thank you still to come this half hour the president of the modis says to top judges have been
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arrested were plotting to overthrow him. free pro-democracy activists walk free in hong kong after their on lawful assembly convictions are overturned. but no such luck for wiki leaks founder julian assange she's lost his bid to have a u.k. arrest warrant dismissed against him. the end. but it still feels cold in hong kong and it should do daytime maixner about the same as where you expect to get down to at night and has been persistent the whole of february when to code it come down shanghai's warmed up actually surprisingly to seven degrees but the chill mark returned as you can see back down to five by and hong kong steadily just about five degrees below where it should be compared with the average but the increasing cloud and humidity probably makes you feel quite as
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chilly as it was we've got a streak of clouds visible from space across india and pakistan is heading so the south is but it is no more than a streak of clouds it will make the sky white rather than blue but do nothing much else it's that dry time of the year the temps will be affected little bit progress down to twenty eight and up thirty two again come thursday occasional showers show in sri lanka otherwise nothing much. as it is in arabia apart from occasional breeze runs on the gulf is now gone nothing much happens here either we seen the last of the snow that fell briefly in the mountains in ma twenty four is the max in die hard about thirty four in mecca a ten degree spread from east to west this is not unusual but it is quite nice and warm i have to say in riyadh. from satellite technology to three d.
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printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. i don't mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera the un has called for a month long truce in syria to get aid to civilians trapped by fighting more than fifty people have been killed on tuesday alone and airstrikes on rebel held eastern
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. u.s. stocks appear to balance back after posting their biggest falls in more than six years on monday. africa's parliament president jacob zuma stated the nation address amid fears opposition m.p.'s would disrupt his speech on the increasing pressure to resign over major corruption scandals. the president of them all these has accused the supreme court of engineering a coup after it ordered the release of imprisoned opposition leaders president. refused to comply with the order instead his imposed a fifteen day state of emergency and arrested two senior judges and a former president who's in fact his half brother osama bin chivvied house the latest. just hours after the state of emergency was declared in the island nation of maldives this board carries a prominent opposition leader to the country's main jail on a remote island. was arrested on charges of bribery which the opposition says this
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politically motivated. his family released a video earlier in which he urged his supporters not to lose hope. and use the police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong i urge the people to be strong and stand with us we will win. was arrested. the two judges for the deepening the political crisis . it all began on thursday when the supreme court called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohamed nasheed just also reinstated twelve m.p.'s who had lost their seats for supporting the opposition but president abdoulaye i mean refused to comply with the ruling and celebrations turned into protests was. yemeni also declared a fifteen day state of emergency and ordered the military to secure the parliament building for an indefinite period any effort. by
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me and. i want action and this is. in addition to the two judges police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court the court says police didn't have enough evidence to arrest a judicial executive president yemi who happens to be the half brother of arrested leader abdul gayoom came to power in two thousand and thirteen that was a year after police and army overthrew president mohamed nasheed but in a shaky democracy president ya mean has faced similar allegations of becoming authoritarian and being corrupt his government and says that despite the state of emergency nonfunctioning supreme court and military posted outside parliament it's business as usual for citizens and tourists that the supreme court was expected to do favorably on a petition to impeach mean opposition leaders allege the president's loyalists made
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it clear that they would not comply with such a verdict and launched a crackdown. for now the country best known for its tranquil beaches is struggling to deal with yet another round of political turmoil some of the job there. israeli army says it's killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a secular last month the army shot dead twenty one year old ahmed in a sea of gerar engine in the occupied west bank who is accused of killing rabbi. in a drive by shooting in an illegal israeli i was told still needs to almost a month ago now two other palestinians were also killed in waves during that manhunt. three high profile student leaders in hong kong are free after the city's highest court unanimously quashed their jail sentences joshua wall nathan law and alex child were jailed in august last year for their role in the umbrella movement protests in twenty fourteen their case was seen as a test of the independence of the city's judiciary to say we're cock reports now
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from hong kong. the students who lived twenty four teams pro-democracy protests in hong kong joshua wang knife in law and alex chowk arrived in court along with their supporters united in their fight to have their jail terms dropped and determined to strengthen their campaign whatever the outcome the white house the result was the white for the office of. the final court of appeal was their last chance to hold on to freedom they appealed to the court to consider their motives and the greater good of the pro-democracy movement when handing down the decision after a brief hearing and in a stark reversal of the previous ruling the five judges unanimously granted their appeal dismissing all jail terms and allowing the three to walk free from course. for a confrontation was outraged there was cause over for their modesty over this are caused by this is. the case centers on an incident in twenty four
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tane which triggered almost three months of protests shutting down parts of central hong kong that were found guilty of unlawful assembly and inciting others after they stormed government headquarters their own nizhni sentenced to community service but the government intervened calling for harsher penalties the court of appeal agreed and sentence them to up to moms in prison but the city's highest court unanimously agreed to overturn that ruling that three student leaders may be relieved to walk free tonight but they did express some concern about another ruling delivered in the final court of appeal the five judges agreed that from now on tougher god lines would be on doest on future unlawful assembly is in hong kong the student leaders believe that ruling will impact the right to protest. he said we need. your services. thank you for.
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both. off the you for saying they're right. for now the three say they'll campaign for the pro-democracy candidates running in next month's byelection in the seat of disqualified lawmaking knife in law the result of this but it will be a real test of public sentiment and support for the movement one that will be closely watched in mainland china sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. a british court has turned down a request by the wiki leaks founder julian assange to have his arrest warrant council that could have let him leave the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been holed up since twenty twelve well the case against him goes back to august twenty ten when swedish prosecutors a should not arrest warrant on suspicion of rape he was arrested in britain in november that year and released on bail while he fought extradition asama said he feared being sent to the u.s. to face charges related to the leaking of military secrets bazza in june twentieth
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twelve after the supreme court ruled he must be extradited to sweden as some skipped bail and took shelter in the embassy where ecuador granted him asylum in may last year swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation into a sun the british police said the warrant for jumping bail still stood well at school straits neve baka who's outside the ecuadorian embassy either neve so what does this mean for assad's not. something we need to start by clarifying exactly what has happened to my just the magistrate's court westminster magistrate's court this afternoon the judge then his ruled on the first of several possible appeals by a sanchez defense team the first appeal was that this warrant for his arrest for skipping barely two thousand and twelve should be overturned because it no longer serves any purpose largely because the swedish team of investigators chose to drop
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their investigation not to cheer the judge in response to that appeal said that she wasn't convinced that this warrant should be in any way revote so what's happened now is that his defense team has led to their second dip peel was that which is that this warrant should be revoked on new grounds that these grounds are simply that it serves no put of public interest or value for this warrant to be upheld in any further but the judge has come back to say that still be no ruling on this second. appeal today that she'll come back only on february the thirteenth so we may have to wait yet to see if there are any have a new appeal left for julian assange has roots most certainly not tell you at least when it comes to this elitist round for joining us on to mr penn's team to try and get him out of the ecuadorian embassy here where he's been for more than five years and maybe i guess revoking this war and wouldn't simply have meant he'd have been able to leave there's more to it than that right. there certainly
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is even if he had been charged and found guilty would jumping bail he would have only really have been up for a possible jail sentence of around a year but we know more than about six months given the fact that he's been here for more than five years surely there must be something else at play here we believe the judean a son should his legal team are worried about the possibility of there being some sort of secret u.s. indictment that of course was being discussed by a u.s. grand jury something that happens always behind closed doors in secret and we don't know if that indictment actually still stands the possibility is that even if he walks in here he could be extradited because an agreement between the british authorities the american authorities so he may well end up in front of a u.s. court possibly facing a very very lengthy prison sentence indeed on charges of things like espionage for the leak of thousands of thousands of top secret documents certainly more
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complicated than it seems in fact their life from central london they thank you one hundred fourteen member onstott from north korea has arrived in south korea to perform during the winter olympics there the group traveled by ferry to the east and south korean port of moco they were met by crowds of protesters holding lodge photos of north korean leader kim jong un with crosses drawn through them. fans of luxury cars you may want to look away now porsches most say these jag gears and corvettes among more than two dozen luxury seized vehicles crushed in the philippines president were to go to turkey or did the destruction of the secondhand vehicles to deter smugglers almost three million dollars worth of smuggled vehicles were intercepted by the country's customs feel you asked here. that were on two hours' time the new space x. jumbo rocket will blast off for its first test flight the folk in heavy is set to become the world's most powerful rocket if you use with double the lift off power
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of the ship's tuesday's launch is considered a key turning point the billionaire entrepreneur you know must privately own space exploration technologies the rocket has twenty seven engines and is fact carrying musk's tesla roadster convertible as a mock payload. to serve as a possibility and excitement here is really got me quite good actually this is the source go wrong i hope all goes right. top stories on al-jazeera the un's called for an immediate month long ceasefire in syria to allow humanitarian and medical aid to civilians trapped by fighting around fifty people have been killed in airstrikes in eastern doucette and at least six others and the syrian government forces and their russian allies have ramped up attacks in both rebel held areas which is supposed to be deescalation zones to mile al shilo has more now from hatty inside his turkey. unfortunately despite maybe
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a reduction in the number of free toiletries over the past few months of the astronomer poses in the buildup to the sock she talks took place the fact that those have failed to establish these serves omes that these governments the most boring prone iran in tehran have said that they want to establish now we're seeing a spike in the violence and something very good for the civilians who continue to suffer on a daily basis u.s. stocks appear to have bounced back after posting their biggest falls more than six years both the standard and poor and the dow jones sank on monday triggering a shock jocks of course to global markets kong's hang seng index fell by more than five percent fall under his foot see one hundred has already recovered after dropping to its lowest level in more than a year south africa's parliament has delayed president jacob zuma state of the nation address amid fears opposition m.p.'s would disrupt his speech zuma is under increasing pressure to resign because of corruption scandals have caused widespread
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protests calls to step down from members of his own party the ruling a.n.c. party is called for a special meeting of its top committee to design sumos fate. to barclays main opposition leader morgan chang is critically ill in a south african hospital the sixty five year old and ends in june twenty sixth in that he was having treatment for colon cancer he returned to hospital in johannesburg early last month the supporters have been told to quote brace for the worst. kenyan politician has been charged for his role in a controversial swearing in ceremony opposition leader raila odinga the good of a good lesson here on the left was at last week's ceremony for didn't get to clear himself the people's president rejecting all who are kenya his reelection in october has been released on bail after being charged with treason i'm awful assembly and engaging in organized criminal activity. they're up to date those are current headlines stay with us though innovate africa is next in trade in the story
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of how a thirteen year old boy is using technology to stop lions attacking cattle we'll see a little bit later. this is innovate africa a new series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent on the rise today. how to become an online catalog not gonna your college degree to the next twenty four hours on be too close to the on the go on. mobile phones revolutionizing famine in kenya it's almost like an agricultural unpacking crops d.n.a. in the search for new food sources for africa.


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