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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw on the. cyc speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. it's both parties fault. the u.s. government stumbles into a second shutdown and just three weeks. and welcome to al-jazeera on line for my headquarters in doha with me and the prawn i'm
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also ahead a historic moment as the north korean leader arrives in south korea for the winter olympics. syria's government throws around accusations of crimes as its jets continue an assault that's killed more than two hundred people in days and what the myanmar government did not want the world to see evidence of a massacre the journalists who revealed it to have been jailed. have pasta legislation to fund the government which has slipped into a second shutdown and three weeks ago to the house of representatives well earlier the senate missed a midnight deadline to pass legislation which resulted in the new shutdown was blocked by a senator from president donald trump's republican party vam at leopold's this big budget deficit so let's get more on this now our correspondent kristen salumi is
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joining us live from washington d.c. so the bill is now heading to the house queston well it passed there. well the outcome in the house of representatives is anything but certain at this point nancy pelosi the leader of the democratic party in the house for one says that she's not going to support it for her and many democrats the issue is that immigration this spending package does not address immigration at all it is being put off until next week the house leadership has promised that they would take up immigration next week but democrats really want a pathway for immigrants who were brought to the united states as children to become citizens and to be have protections to remain in the country so they are many of them are considering holding out their support in order to force that issue and it's not clear at this point exactly how many are on board or aren't on the
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conservative side there's concerns as well you have the fiscal hawks that are worried about the price of this excess this massive spending package three hundred billion dollars over the next two years and that's exactly what led to the stalling in the senate earlier in the day midnight came and went sending the u.s. government towards its second shutdown in less than three weeks so everything about this stinks to tell you the truth vote to keep the government running held up by a single senator republican rand paul he says government spending is out of control everybody's getting more spending. the military the right's getting more military spending the left is getting more welfare spending and you're getting stuck with the bill the late night drama played out for hours we're going to end this madness as soon as we possibly can republican lindsey graham repeatedly called for
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a vote is there jackson mr president senator from kentucky rand paul stopped it every time frustrating his fellow senators it makes no sense to me it will not accomplish anything we can right now provide certainty to the thousands and thousands of people that expect government to be open and we can play this game until one am the deal would raise spending caps by roughly three hundred billion dollars over two years more than half going to the military the rest non-defense spending including much needed money for disaster relief programs infrastructure projects and community health clinics fiscally conservative critics like paul say the budget deal will send the deficit soaring to more than a trillion dollars by next year. and so what happens now of this legislation is not pasta the house. while the shutdown continues and hundreds of thousands of non-essential federal workers could be told to not come to work tomorrow or to be
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sent home after they arrive essential services essential employees the military for example will continue. pending this decision but for lawmakers it's back to the drawing board back to trying to hammer out a deal paul ryan the house majority leader has promised to have this immigration vote next week opening to entice democrats to support the bill but again anything is anything but certain at this point kristen thank you very much for that as questions to me with the nations from washington d.c. thank you. let's move on to other news now the sister of north korea's leader has become the first member of a family to step foot in south korea since the two countries went to war and nine hundred fifty kenya john is part of the north korean delegation that arrived for the opening ceremony of. the picks south korea's leader and to use the games as an
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opportunity to revive meaningful communication after a long period of high tension over north korea's nuclear weapons program. name as joining us live now. what do we know so natasha about kim jong and walk she might do what she might be expected to do here. elizabeth came. to be only in her late twenty's early thirty's and yet she has rapidly ascended to north korean power structure since her brother kim jong power she is thought to be a very trusted close advisor of his at his side at meijer state of vents her visual title is the deputy director of the propaganda and agitation department it's believed she has the authority to relay the north korean leader's wishes to the south korean government she will be meeting with president in on saturday and the
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south korean media is speculating that perhaps she will extend him invite to president moon to visit north korea and the general hope among the south korean government and south koreans is that perhaps this is going to be a breakthrough moment that will really begin the process of rebuilding the relationship between the two koreas so a lot of hope despite the sort of skeptics of the critics to. yeah there's definite skepticism critics are saying that this is more propaganda on the part of the north korean government an attempt to advance its agenda of keeping its. nuclear program also attempting to get some concessions and ease the saying sions generally speaking though while south koreans are transfixed by all developments in north korea and even before the pyongyang winter olympics begins there is a lot of optimism and excitement on the part of south koreans about being the host
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of this event. i hope that with north korean athletes participation this could be peaceful and picks and i hope we can achieve reunification between the south and the. regardless of north korea's participation the olympics should be a festival for the mood here is good in south korea is hosting the olympics and athletes are coming from around the world good opportunity to promote south korea. at the opening ceremony slated to begin in a few hours the north and south korean athletes for march under a unified flag this will be the first time that athletes have done so during an international event in eleven years elizabeth this is not uncommon this will be the tenth time that north south korean athletes have done this it's a celebration of korean ethnic nationalism and very much looking forward to your
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coverage of that opening ceremony and that is the natasha good name joining us live from for now thank you. now a last minute appeal by forty one russian athletes and coaches to take part in the games has been rejected the court of arbitration for sport dismissed the case the russians had appealed against their exclusion by the international olympic committee over the two thousand and fourteen dumping scandal at the seoul chain gangs and one hundred seventy russian athletes have been cleared to compete because their country is banned they'll be flying in neutral olympic flag. to syria now where the government is accusing the us of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar al assad and as a whole province the u.s. led coalition says one hundred fighters loyal to the syrian government died in the airstrikes it says they were in response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of its ally the syrian democratic forces but russia which backs asaad says the strikes are part of an effort by washington to control key economic
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assets in the region ah pentagon correspondent jane has more. i said at a briefing with secretary of defense jim mad as he was off camera but on the record he called what happened in syria a quote perplexing situation and he said because for years the euphrates river has been a kind of do not cross line that if the u.s. or u.s. backed forces or russian or russian backed forces were going to cross it they'd talk about it before and he said that didn't happen this time you said u.s. forces were embedded along with the s.d.f. and they saw tanks and artillery start rolling in. and say that one shell got within five hundred meters of the s.d.f. headquarters says that is when they picked up the phone they called their russian counterparts and he says he doesn't think the group that moved in is actually controlled by russia he called this a great success story because in his words two great powers did not fight each other still the russian ambassador to the united nations was less than pleased i asked him to remember that the. illegally. they
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were looking like. they claim. the fight. but we see that. from. the. decided is. secretary mabus didn't speculate on how many casualties were caused by the firing from u.s. jets and heavy artillery positions but he did say that they took out two of the incoming tanks and the heavy artillery positions the u.s. is calling this self-defense and warning that that happens again they'll act again well elsewhere and syria bombs something falling on rebel held areas for a fifth consecutive day local media say government and russian air strikes have killed at least fifty seven people in eastern guta on the edge of damascus on thursday including children and a medic that escalated their attacks there and in a province
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a russian jet to shut down on saturday the number of people killed has passed two hundred and just four days and turkey has resumed bombing raids of the northern syrian enclave of a free and after a five day break with kurdish media posted this video showing strikes on the outskirts of. began an air and ground operation last month to oust the. promising. and turkish forces and their allies the free syrian army so they've captured towns and making ground on the road to a free. and weather update is next then. i'm down there in the far north of argentina where ten thousand people have been evacuated because the flooding roads are impassable communities cut off this is this power as we can get. why the massive lump of fat has made its way out of london suez and into a museum. by
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the springtime families of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. how i would have had some very heavy snow when see parts of western europe recently for spain well there was a spy in central and northern parts of france also seeing some very wintry weather that's now in the process of sliding its way across luxembourg and belgium this weather system coming in will introduce some milder air over the next couple days but as it runs into the cold as that snow just coming down across them into piles of eastern and central france and paris three degrees celsius for the snow flies you see the snow extending down into the pira nice behind that will see slightly moderate in london around seven degrees celsius central parts one degree celsius there full of yet it got some snow easing over towards you cry all making its way
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east was really heavy rain a little bit of snow across northern parts of this with very heavy right as we go on through saturday big and fun read out post the grass easing across greece further west it will turn somewhat drive in france and there will see temperatures in london getting up to rob just just nine degrees there for madrid in a northerly breeze meanwhile across northern parts of africa we have seen some rather lively showers some of the wintry they make in the way for the east was just a cloud making its way across northern areas of libya warm still in cairo thirty three. there with sponsored by you can. use. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
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activist who's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. to have you with us on. our top stories u.s. senators have just passed legislation to fund the government slipped into its second shutdown and three weeks of an elbow to the house of representatives earlier the senate missed a midnight deadline to pos and this nation which resulted in the new shutdown a high level north korean delegation to the olympics has touched down in south korea that includes leader kim jong kim the arrival marks the first time
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a member of north korea's ruling family has crossed the border since the nine hundred fifty korean war and the syrian government and its russian ally are continuing a bombing campaign and rebel held. near the capital damascus local media say government and russian air strikes killed at least fifty seven people on thursday. the russians news agency says it has evidence of a massacre of one hundred men last september it is the first time such an account has been backed up by witness statements from the villages and security forces themselves the two journalists behind the investigation have been detained and denied bail a warning jodha silva's report contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. it's a chilling and detailed account of what can only be described as a premeditated massacre the photographs provided to reuters by a buddhist village elder don't lie the first the news agency says was taken on
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september first and shows the ten ruhi captives lined up in a row the second taken the day after shows their slain bodies in a mass grave their ages range from seventeen to forty five among them were students fishermen farmers shop owners fathers they were all part of the same community from the village of indian in myanmar's northern rakhine state but a little bit about the building when they were taking them away they said they do not worry we will send your sons back soon we have taken them for me till i get hard on all that you know of indian six thousand rocking chair remained in the village as of october and surprisingly their relatives are reluctant to move back. i would not go back there how can i go and they killed our husbands we have all listened babies how will they survive myanmar's military says the ten men belong to a group of two hundred terrorists that had attacked the earlier but accounts given to the news agency by both ranger and buddhist witnesses deny such large scale
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attack ever happens in the village the writer story draws for the first time on interviews with buddhist villagers who confessed to torching rohingya homes bury bodies and killing muslims it also marks the first time soldiers and paramilitary police have been implicated by testimony from security personnel themselves the two reporters behind the story wallow in your story who are both myanmar nationals and were detained on december twelfth for allegedly obtaining confidential documents a statement released by the military on january tenth confirms what they were preparing to report ten write in demand had been massacred in that village their release coincided with a judicial request by prosecutors to charge the two journalists under the official secrets act they have been denied bail and the convicted could face up to forty units in prison on the silver al-jazeera. to taiwan now aftershocks
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a hampering the search for survivors off tuesday's earthquake seven people remain missing in the port city of on e n. the magnitude six point four ten a killed at least ten people and injured hundreds well as a demolishing dangerous buildings left badly damaged by the quake probably pride has more from the end. the rescue teams are now working down into more inaccessible parts of this building basically the lower floors especially at the front of the building that were crushed when this building toppled over and in particular concentrating on an area where they have found these signs of life now the rescuers are not being overly optimistic they say the signals the signs of life of very weak but they are in that area where they believe that one of the people who is unaccounted for could have been so while there's a possibility of someone being alive they have to continue the search it is a factor in their decision making about how they deal with this site and other
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buildings around this city that have been badly damaged heavy equipment is now being brought in to demolish those structures to make the area safe again clearly while there's a possibility at least of someone being found alive they have to put off that decision and the search continues for the israeli army as selling the family of a young palestinian man who was crushed to death by one of the on these vehicles they say the twenty one year old damage the jeep before the incident which happened three years ago and non-con reports. the israeli army killed a name in june two thousand and fifteen and now it wants twenty eight thousand dollars for damages to this jeep to crush the twenty one year old after his death ability family filed a lawsuit against the israeli state the case continues then in january this year the army build the family. this is a copy of the lawsuit given to us by the family lawyer. well. they reopened
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this so shameless that they are demanding compensation not because they want the money because they want to make it impossible for us palestinians it's not about the money they want us to give in but we say we have the right you won't break because. in june two thousand and fifteen there was a raid by the army. leader mullah that turned violent the israelis say ability through foible of the jeep which then swerved into him for over three hours the family says the army wouldn't allow medics to treat of the law as he lay beneath the jeep he eventually played to death the entire village turned out the funeral. lawyers say asking for compensation is part of a new strategy to penalize palestinians for any kind of resistance in slow motion. honestly we're not used to seeing this sort of claim if you take it in context
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where israel is going when it comes to killing fines and bills of votes in the knesset i think they're heading to a level where anyone who of the word occupation can be harassed arrested and possibly find that he might be considered to insult the state and its inhabitants. al-jazeera reached out to the israeli ministry of defense for comment it says it has submitted a statement of defense to the court stating that the event in which the plaintiffs was killed constitutes wartime activity as defined by the law and therefore the state is immune from prosecution in this event in the light of the damage that was caused to the i.d.f. jeep as a result of the molotov cocktail through my the plaintiffs the ministry has filed a countersuit. remembered very fondly here and he's seen as a martyr for the palestinian cause graffiti of his face adorns the walls of the village people here say they'll never forget about him. the family say they will continue to fight for justice for the law and they've named the new after him they
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say they would rather face whatever consequences there may be than pay the israeli army any money imran khan how does it go for malik occupied west bank the u.s. has condemned venezuela's decision to hold a presidential election on the twenty second of april saying there's no guarantee that it will be free or fair april vote as a blow to the opposition which was calling for the election to be held in june and wanted time to choose a candidate to run against president. when it comes against the backdrop of an economic crisis which has left deep plea on popular estimates from the opposition led national assembly put venezuela's annual inflation rate at more than four thousand percent over the past year that is the highest in the world on employment of thought have soared with venezuela hasn't reported official figures since april two thousand and sixteen when the rate was seven point three percent last month the government raised the minimum wage by forty percent public employees now on just
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over seven dollars a month but millions of people are still unable to afford three meals a day or medicine. well eric fons was was president of the council of the americas and he says the end action announcement is a setback for the opposition well think it's a huge problem they were involved in the gauche asians in the dominican republic to try to find guarantees that the election itself would be free and fair and in fact without those guarantees the opposition has no real comfort that they can actually contest the election in the fairway and so they face a dilemma the government has clearly positions this so that the ruling party and the president nicolas maduro will win and the opposition can either contest a flawed election or they can boycott that's not a very appetizing choice and the government has been very effective in dividing the opposition by jailing some of its leaders and by negotiating with some but by but not with others and so i think this is going to have
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a unifying effect for the opposition it's very clear that the united states and other countries in latin america and elsewhere in the region are clearly supportive of a decision not to contest the elections as well this is clearly a set up by the government to try to predetermine result and i think everybody recognizes that for what it is it's not going to be a democratic election in any sense. and that's a comic a tesla has posted its worst ever quarterly loss six hundred and seventy five million dollars when the company's chief executive it on mosque made headlines this week when has that tesla votes to have us most into space on a rocket the company's long term future depends on sales of its new sedan. more than ten thousand people have fled their homes in argentina's northern salta province after a of a burst its banks salt is home to several of argentina's remaining and communities well daniel shawn the reports from santa vittoria. when the waters
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rise they do so rapidly and they're ruthless there's just time to save what's essential a place of it that i saved but then i couldn't get back seven kilometers from there i haven't heard anything from my sister more than one hundred members of the indigenous community left everything behind when they fled center victoria evacuated to this school in the nearby town about what i they're being fed they want to go home or. we're ready to go back but we're scared the water is filtered through losing all things would be very we spent our lives there our children grew up there. on the few who risk staying behind you know not a little bit well in iowa there's nothing to eat today it's been two days since we last eight carlos is waiting for his neighbors to return which they will when this
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new road into town is repaired. the water's a subsiding these defenses and constant vigilance saved santa victoria this time but life here for the mostly indigenous communities is precarious they're returning home but wondering when the floods will come again these talks were not so lucky their community. flooded and is now reachable but they were rescued by the provincial civil defense force lucky police the army and the red cross. out of the many. it's not about preventing emergencies any more emergencies come by themselves there's no way of stopping them well we've got to do is reduce the risk determine what the risk is and be there. it's a plan that works proper pairing for disaster is one way to deal with ever more frequent flooding and forest fires song of other ideas. the river is a fisherman and we live now which is give you the signal telling us children think
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of your future so we'll meet and decide whether to move away from here for the future of our children and grandchildren this is a harsh infertile region eking out a living keeping the community together is in secure unpredictable the floods have made that challenge a whole lot more difficult than. santa victoria northern argentina. now part of a massive lump of fat from a london so it has gone on display in a museum curators hope to give people second thoughts about what they flushed down the toilet they went to take a look historians often say that you could judge a civilization not from what it builds but from what it gets rid of which is why the museum of london has a brand new exhibit on display an extraordinary strange brace yourself. a latin name cumulus some of called it the beast of white chapel after it was found
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blocking up an east london sewer to us though it's a far burg and this is just the tip of it in its entirety it was two hundred fifty meters long the length of two football pitches and weighed one hundred thirty tons sixteen african elephants. so what's it made of well as you can probably imagine a vast amount of fat to that sprinkling of human excrement and then all the city's indigestible things like some of your tiled wet wipes cotton buds things that can easily be broken up on the ground and it smells apparently like the rotting meat of the dirtiest toilet you can imagine it's also highly toxic so this case scenario if you handle that they've been correctly it's down through something like a bowel disease we thought about whether we should pay clits or freeze it put in three thousand but instead what we've decided is to add try and that has we achieved some of the wrists around the city. but it's not all over for the big east
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of white chapel although most of it has been carefully destroyed some of it was so rich in fact that it was also rich in energy it's been transferred into bio fuel to power london's number twenty four bus but like all good stories this is a cautionary one because thames water that looks after the drain spends more than a million and a half dollars every month to keep it strains. blocked most of the budgets going on shifting this mother of all blockages so if there's a lesson to learn from all of this is because you pour down the drain be careful what you flush because it could really appear tough for you. to. climb again i'm enough of a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. senators have just passed legislation to fund the government after it slipped into
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its second shutdown in just three weeks of the bill has now gone to the house of representatives earlier the senate missed a midnight deadline to pass legislation which resulted in the latest shutdown was blocked by a senator from president donald trump's republican party who very mentally opposes big budget deficits don't you remember when republicans how just how i haven't that president obama was spending us into the gutter spending us into oblivion and now republicans are doing the same thing and so our sequester and whose fault is it republicans yes who's fault is it democrats yes it's both parties fault and other news a high level north korean delegation the pyong china lympics has touched down in south korea and includes leader kim jong il cystic kim jong her arrival marks the first time a member of north korea is ruling family has crossed the border since the one nine hundred fifty korean war. syria is accusing the u.s.
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of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar asad the u.s. led coalition says one hundred fighters died in the airstrikes and then as all province that was in response to what the u.s. called an unprovoked attack on syria no democratic force allies russia says the u.s. strikes are part of an american effort to control economic assets. and turkey has resumed bombing raids over the northern syrian free and after a five day break local kurdish media posted this video showing turkish airstrikes on the outskirts of city. began and ground operation last month to oust the one problem. and their allies the free syrian army said they've captured towns and making ground on the road to a and aftershocks and tawana hampering the search for survivors of tuesday's earthquake seven people remain missing in the port of quality and those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us the stream is
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coming up next. as the world's best athletes prepare for the winter olympics the north and south koreans will march under unified flag and compete on a joint women's hockey team we'll bring you the results here in the excitement of the seventeen day gave the young chang twenty eight team which are olympics on elders' iraq. protests a politically motivated arrests and a state of emergency in the mall so what does it mean for the country's future this show we have a community buzzing on twitter and if you're joining us live on you can join the conversation as well and you too.


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