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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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every jew. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rods when used investigates the threat this followed poses at this time when al jazeera. and israeli find to jet is down during a raid in syria part of a bigger offer it should against iranian targets well turkey loses a military helicopter it was shot down during an operation against kurdish militia in syria's north. of them chilling words all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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another handshake a friendly lunch and a rare in the taishan south korea's leader is asked to visit. a new round of hugging diplomacy india's prime minister wraps up a historic visit to palestine just weeks after he hosted the president of israel. in a local election that could stress upon the ruling coalition. would begin with one of the biggest confrontations between israel and iran in years that said with the downing of an israeli f. sixteen fighter jet well the jet crashed after coming under fire during a mission inside syria but it landed then israeli territory it all began when israel says it spotted a drone flying in its airspace and intercepted it israel says the drone originated from syria and it launched a major air raid in syrian territory in response with its warplanes targeting at
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least a dozen syrian and iranian bases well syria responded with a barrow aircraft fire and that's when the f. sixteen was dad. well iran has rejected as ridiculous israel's claim that it intercepted one of its jones israel says iran is playing with fire by entering its air space among khan has more now from west jerusalem the operation is ongoing but we haven't heard of any fresh attacks from anywhere inside syria in the last hour or so but the official line is that the operation is ongoing and they're also not commenting on what brought down the israeli f. sixteen fighter jets however across social media here the blame is being placed squarely in the hands of iran saying that iran is a big problem for the israelis are these be dealt with very quickly now to the iranians have actually reacted that issued a statement it says shooting down the israeli jet is a clear message the days of carrying out attacks inside syria go on any new attack
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will be confronted iran stands by syria against any foolish move by israel so there's a lot of strong reaction coming out from iran there's been a battle one hundred israeli airstrikes inside syria against various targets including hezbollah convoys and the like what we saw in the last for a few a few hours today is attacks against what they call the iranian targets and against syrian defense batteries twelve in total well as am i mentioned it's not the first time israel has hit targets inside syria iran sent military advisers and allegedly thousands of its revolutionary guards to help the syrian government and that build up all the arabian assets has been increasing they worry for israel in a harder explains. this is the golan heights territory israel captured from syria in one nine hundred sixty seven the war in syria has brought iran and its allies
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like the lebanese armed group hezbollah closer to that border israel says that is something it won't tolerate it has reached out to russia an ally of the syrian and iranian government's. before this was the deal that was signed by netanyahu and put it on the thirtieth of september when netanyahu went to russia in two thousand and fifteen and russia will prevent the iranians from building bases near the borders with israel this is when the russians entered syria and launched their military operations we have been witnessing israeli air strikes ever since. israel has struck targets inside syria for years and has had convoys carrying weapons destined for hezbollah arms depots bases clearly with a green light from russia moscow does control the air space the israeli air force was flying unchallenged until saturday when one of them was shot down by syrian anti-aircraft batteries after it struck targets around damascus.
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the downing of the plane coincided with what some believe is the beginning of a more aggressive strategy to roll back iran rules america are the russians in front of a confrontation with the americans in syria are the americans in front of a possible confrontation with the russians in syria or is there an unannounced deal between the russians and americans to reduce iranian presence in syria. israel considers russia its guarantor for security along its border with syria they have talked about a buffer zone but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said the ceasefire agreement in southern syria didn't address what he called iranian military ambitions israel has repeatedly said it will not allow iran and its allies to entrench themselves militarily in syria and it won't allow syria to become a forward operating base against israel that's a guy who calls them raw. lines now the syrian government and its allies are introducing red lines of their own they say the downing of the israeli jets is
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a clear message that the days of carrying out attacks in syria are gone russia allied to both sides is calling for restraint and for syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity to be respected it was a serious and dangerous incident the israeli army said it was not a war but more than a confrontation for now all sides have taken a step back after making their message clear. route meanwhile turkish military helicopters been shot down in northern syria during an operation against kurdish fighters well this video is said to show the helicopter moments before it was done killing two soldiers on board turkish president rage a tire or do and says it happened near the southern how to take province. has more now from. turkey or the syria. the downing of this turkish manufactured attack helicopter that was killed to their soldiers is a significant development in this three week long but military operation it brings
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the number of christe oldest killed by a z y p g kurdish militia group to over twenty years far as the serbs are concerned they've killed at least one hundred fifty kurdish fighters now some advances have been made on the ground in the past twenty four forty eight hours the free syrian army which is fighting alongside turkish military in order to advance towards the y.p. cipro just from hold of free and i have managed to capture some villages on the road towards there as far as the turkish army is concerned and the listening to president merchant tehran they will respond the same to those who were behind that attack what's important to note here is that although the. kurds are sources in the y.p. ji claim that the turkish military has killed civilians in its operation ankara denies that they say the reason why this operation is ongoing as fast as they wanted to is
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precisely because they have been trying to a very as any deaths of innocent civilians that have been reports that the y.p. g p y d that's the political wing of that car just militia have actually bussed in kurds from other towns and cities to use them as human shields the kurdish officials there would say actually this is just the natural response of the kurdish population in order to protect their town against what they see as a foreign aggression. three weeks now into operation on a ranch that does seem as i say to be steady advance made by the tarps and the free syrian army towards our field but this down and go for a helicopter will be sure to incur the wrath of the tsar christian ministry north korea's leader kim jong un has extended a rare invitation to the south korean president to visit john yang when hosted kid sister for talks in seoul on the sidelines of the winter olympics the question again has more national kong. in the presidential blue house in
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the capital seoul relations between the two koreas continued to thaw the meeting had two firsts kim jong is the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war the sister of the north korean leader came with the first ever invitation kim jong un is asking south korean president moon jay in to come to pyongyang at a convenient time soon little know it's key president moon said early talks between north korea and the united states are essential to improve relations north korea to be more proactive to move forward to have a dialogue with the united states. it's unclear when that might happen the u.s. and north korea have rebuffed moves attempts so far if an interesting meeting transpires it will be the first time kim jong un has met with the south korean president since
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assuming power in twenty eleven the last time leaders from the north and south met was eleven years ago during a summit in. jordan because of all the global attention i believe reunification will be brought forth the government is making efforts and i think people are rooting for it organizers of the olympics say they've been moved by the diplomatic breakthrough it was quite on the story a moment. and something that as you know the i.o.c. has been generally working for since probably two thousand and fourteen. and you know i think it shows it opens opens the door maybe just a little bit. critics say they doubt that door will ultimately open much more for now there is hope that the pyong chang winter olympics is the catalyst for a reboot in turkey and relations natasha going to aim el jazeera south korea
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mexico is in the grip of a war on drugs gangs now acapulco was once a sought after holiday destination but now it has the highest murder rate in the world despite the efforts of peace and aid groups it seems as if the social fabric itself is coming on a marketable coheres john. the shadow of death has lain across a couple of years the full mature is top spot as one of the highest murder rates in the world and behind the military patrols police sirens and daily crime scenes live a town's people struggling with fear and grief. in the last year francisco's wife was caught in the midst of a gang shootout and killed now he's raising their four children alone we hit his identity speaking out here is dangerous. this. is. me because this. for.
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a decade or more than one hundred twenty thousand victims into the drug war there's still no federal program dedicated to psychological support for the families left behind. in acapulco and n.g.o.s doctors without borders is filling that gap their team of community workers and psychologists go to churches community centers basketball courts anywhere people gather to train them to support each other and. the violence gets to such a level that the social fabric is destroyed people don't trust their neighbors and little by little things deteriorate so we see. those suffering particularly painful experiences like francisco kmiec one on one with psychologists on their list. doctors without borders are also training teaches to recognize children traumatized
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by violence or sexual abuse the aim is to convince the government that programs like this a needed on a national scale makes crispe huge amounts of money and manpower into combat in organized crime in comparison very little has been dedicated to treating traumatized victims and according to psychologists that shows a real lack of foresight because those affected by violence if not attended to a much more likely to repeat the cycle. that's the worst nightmare of parents like francisco trying to protect the next generation. not in. when. mean your. experts say it could take decades for the wounds of a society grown used to violence to hue the worry is that without intervention that process and struggle to even begin john homan how does it or
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a couple. still to come on the program revisit the german time that's in the spotlight since refusing to has any more refugees and they were indians marking the day that their revolutionary leader returned to the country. and if you've got lots of cloud spilling its way into the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing that all working its way in from the mediterranean gradually edging its way towards the east but that is not the only weather system we have with us at the moment this one in the east is also producing a fair amount of rain and snow as well and that one slowly is going to move its way eastwards as we head through into monday behind it it will be a bit bright and warm for us in kabul that other system though will be developing as we head through the next day or so so a first not a great deal to it just
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a fair amount of cloud but then that cloud will be thickening up and on monday we'll see some heavier rain making its way towards lebanon and working its way across parts of iraq and into iran as well the bit of cloud would also just be filtering a bit further south into the northern parts of saudi arabia may just edge towards us here in doha but here in doha actually fairly warm at the moment we're looking at a top temperature of around twenty six degrees as we head through the next couple of days for salada are temperatures hovering at around twenty eight or twenty nine as we head down towards a southern parts of africa we had a bit of excitement here as we had some rain in cape town of course nowhere near as much as we actually need and the temperatures here will be recovering over the next few days twenty five degrees with plenty of sunshine on sunday.
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our minds at our top stories see on al-jazeera and israeli fighter jets been downed on a mission in syria crashing back inside israeli territory it's a common tactic aircraft. turkey's military helicopter has been shot down in northern syria during an operation against kurdish fighters to turkish soldiers on
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board and killed eight south korean president when j.m.s. received a rare invitation to visit pyongyang north korea's leader kim jong. il modi has wrapped up the first official visit by an indian prime minister to palestine he's met palestinian president mahmoud abbas a trip to the west bank it's part of a three nation tour to strengthen ties with the middle east well earlier he laid a wreath on the tomb of former palestinian leader yasser arafat let's get more on this with the stuff oh good good see he's the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative and joins us live via skype from ramallah survey where warm welcome to the program what do you make of modi's visit. well it can be a balancing act. people have been on was very supportive to the palestinian cause but during the last. government. building that relations with
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specially military cooperation with. israel and. has been. this visit is important because maybe it brings back some balanced. actions we of course appreciate the fact that voted with us in the most recent nations i guess mr trump's decision on the other hand this visit is also diplomatically important because it opens the door. for a bigger involvement. i mean china russia. involvement since the united states position. east into the region and also we see it as. a government which is that involved in. the last two states and what i'm mr
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barghouti i wonder how much does a visit like. your average palestinian. have been used in the past. being supportive to the. most recently of people who got. and the relationship between netanyahu the prime minister visited mr. saw maybe this visit of course it will not change a lot. but it is perceived as a diplomatic achievement and. its positions. it goes up to the palestinian side of course we expect more we expect that india will go back to the traditional position of being supportive to the palestinian cause we do hope that. they would understand a. country that is
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a people is unacceptable and buying military equipment from a country that is. totally unacceptable but we also hope that it will. in palestinian. national forum. peace and. we hope that this visit also will bring mr moggs attention and the reality on the ground. to any possibility. this horrible situation and ending the occupation that has become the longest occupation in modernist. joining the border from ramallah sir thank you you. thank. a double decker bus has crashed in a hong kong suburb killing at least eighteen people local media is reporting that the bus had been traveling fast and was full of people when it tipped over at least
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forty seven people have been injured nineteen of them are in a serious condition firefighters cut open the roof of the vehicle to free passengers still trapped inside. the city of course is the latest in a growing number of areas refusing to house any more refugees in germany well the decision was criticized by activists and applauded by far right groups both of which descended on the city to demonstrate that the people of color say much of the criticism has been on the war and said paul brennan explains. with its bilingual german and the street signs and so close to the polish border cockburn's has been a cultural melting pot for centuries so news that it would not accommodate any more syrian or iraqi refugees sparked angry demonstrations proving even some near nazi elements may cut bus a flashpoint between rival groups. after the demonstrators have dispersed though
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the reality here in corpus is somewhat more nuanced and complex a town which finds itself the rather reluctant focus of a much wider issue here in germany. city hall insists the decision on new arrivals was forced by practical issues including a lack of kindergarten space but it's put cutpurse in the eye of a storm of protest. of the refugees of all the nazis that are coming to. bite us both that the situation is bad for whole sides will have to be managed in case of a school aids there are acts of violence which we condemn and where we hope the police and justice or thorough will respond with the appropriate punishment those include two separate knife incidents involving syrian youths and another where german youths attacked a group of afghans the police presence in coppers has been visibly raised but the perception of fear has affected attitudes because that is how many skin us and as i
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really have nothing against immigrants they are welcome in germany but i am scared of getting attacked when i have friends who are foreigners but what if i end up with a knife in my back some residents worry though the debate has become quite so polarized . after first in as i tried to understand that there are people who are there and i don't think it works to call them on r.t. i do have a problem here with right wing extremists no doubt we don't get for that and that there is no factual discussion. architect diceware it fled from homs and arrived in capos three years ago the tensions he says are being manipulated to me it's like a bit like propaganda it's like the use the story the way it fits them that's the sort of thing because as you can see it's like total quiet i mean it is. such a quiet city like local. concerns about integration resourcing and security are certainly not limited to this city but distinguishing reality from perception is
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the key all bran and al-jazeera cops. votes are being counted in sri lanka after its most peaceful election for decades it's the first vote since electoral laws change that's allowed a record number of women to campaign for a seat in the local government and now fernandes has more now from colombo choosing members of three hundred forty local government institutions observers say voter turnout was higher than expected some districts reporting eighty five percent of voters had a clear idea of what they wanted from their local representatives corruption is a big problem so somebody who is less corrupt somebody who was educated turned and of course somebody with a return can do something for the community and other voters said changes to the electoral system has made things easier compared to. previous system do the much more simple system for the water it's
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a new mixed results system which candidate wins the most votes and which party has the most support the changes also included a quarter of twenty five percent for women this election monks a number of firsts the first time so many women have contested the first time votes are being counted in polling centers like the one behind me and the funds time election violence has been so low observers say there is a marked change in the conduct of campaigns and the election the main election organize a credits hard work men pygmies. if you care good the people not to break the law through the law enforcement of the law recall. come back to the council despite being a local election which is usually about issues in local neighborhoods the campaign took on the flavor of a national election. prison mighty palace city senior minister brown no became
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a singer and the man the united to defeat by in the rajapaksa were heavily involved in the camp being traveling around the country to support their respective candidates the stakes for each of them are high and the results of this grassroots raise will point towards the political board in the run up to the general election in two years when if an end is. colombo and the opposition party in azerbaijan has announced it will boycott the presidential election it means there are no candidates to contest the bill which has been brought forward to it pull a very president elect al again of who is running for a fourth term issued a decree changing the date of the election from october he's been in power since two thousand and three. when ian's a celebrated their thirty ninth revolution day mark in return of ayatollah ruhollah khomeini from exile his arrival in the country precipitated the fall of the shah the birth of the islamic republic of iran it means often talk about the islamic
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revolution as if it's still happening thirty nine years later it means more to some than a dust albus the reports are from tehran. the founder of the islamist republic of iran ayatollah ruhollah khomeini is still watching over his people. and you never have to look very far to catch a glimpse of the man at the center of the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine still in exile in paris khomeini famously ordered every runyan on to the streets to help overthrow the shah mohammad reza pahlavi. one of the women who answered the call was sub. born in japan is. she changed her name when she married an iranian businessman she met in tokyo they moved to iran after their first son was born it was the one nine hundred sixty s. and iran was a very different place. it was before the revolution society was different then in iran it wasn't like today no one cared about is not. baba he said
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the shah's government tried to ban women from wearing head scarves and attempt to replace iranian culture with western values all part of a plan by foreign governments she says to control iran and iran's natural resources so khamenei is message of independence she says resonated with many people. he said there shouldn't be any. he meant we should take care of poor people there should be justice everyone should be equal well many of the iranians welcomed this bubble he survived the nuclear bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki in world war two and lived through the iran iraq war that started almost immediately after the revolution when iraqi forces led by saddam hussein invaded iran bubblies son solomon farsi volunteered to fight and was killed he was one thousand years old decades later she still struggles to talk about it but says even knowing the pain of losing him she
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would sacrifice him again to preserve the islamic revolution for many iranians the teachings of the country's first supreme leader are as relevant today as they were in one nine hundred seventy nine but for some islamic revolution has not fulfilled all of its promises. while they do not necessarily want to tear down their cunts. this government most iranians we spoke to said they just want their leaders to do a little more to solve their problems as. people or important figures in history many of them died for the revolution but our demand is that current government should care about the nation all different classes of people from the rich to those who don't have a good economic situation. behind she's a kid the best thing that could happen in a society is the equality between a man and a woman the more we work for this the basis society will have when making policy iran's government often looks to the past for much of its inspiration iranian
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people it seems want them to look more to the future. same bus robbery old zero to her own now many stories of heroism have been emerging from taiwan have to choose these earthquakes that killed at least fourteen people but whatever agency work in particular is capturing the public's attention this dog has become a national hero after finding a survivor on his very first rescue mission. which translates as iron hero navigated through the wreckage of the marshall hotel in holland the four year old lab was flown in specially for the operation. in the midsection though in the cold weather and has been receiving get well messages from all across the country. her mind and i have our top stories here now to syria and israeli fighter jets and and all the mission in syria crashing back inside israeli territory after coming on the anti aircraft fire it came during
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a major air raid on syria well the israelis say the raid was sin response to the discovery of a neighboring it'll launched from syria but flying in their air space long says that's quote ridiculous among comments more. the operation is ongoing but we haven't heard of any fresh attacks from anywhere inside syria in the last hour or so but the official line is that the operation is ongoing and they're also not commenting on what brought down the israeli f. sixteen fighter jets there's been a battle to a hundred israeli airstrikes inside syria against various targets including hezbollah convoys and the like. turkish military helicopters been shot down in northern syria during an operation against kurdish flying tis this video is said to show the helicopter just moments before it came down killing two people on board turkish president reagan type or two and says it happens near southern have tape province. south korean president been j.n.
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has received a rare invitation to visit the i'm from north korea's leader kim jong il and then hosted kim sr for talks in seoul on the sidelines of the winter olympics there andrew modi's wrapped up the first official visit by an indian prime minister to the palestinian territories he's met palestinian president mahmoud abbas modi's trip as part of a three nation tour to strengthen ties with the middle east example decker buses crashed in hong kong suffered killing at least eighteen people these forty seven people were injured in the crash nineteen of whom are in a serious condition. folds having come to ensure uncle after its most peaceful election for decades it's the first votes in select trial laws changed allowing a record number of women to campaign for a seat in local government europe today those the headline states in for a daily look behind the day's headlines and insight story and we'll be back with a full news hour in just under half an hour.
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flashpoints between israel syria and iran suspected iranian drone is shot down then an israeli warplane crashes it's a major us collation of the conflict in syria so what's next in an already volatile region this is inside story. the law .


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