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in twenty sixteen. i was told i was lucky too good to say i was a really really high god answered my prayer but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world asked sally was when his american dream is still alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. israel launches its biggest attacks on syria and decades after one of its fighter jets was shot down. below and down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands turned out at a rally in tehran to mark the thirty ninth anniversary of the islamic revolution.
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coffee table diplomacy north korea's olympic delegation was welcomed by the south korean prime minister. plus the challenge small businesses in nigeria come together to fight rising costs. israel is responding to the downing of one of its warplanes by syrian government forces with its most significant attack on syria in decades israeli fighter jet was shot down near the occupied golan heights on saturday it all began when israel said it intercepted an iranian drone that flew into its airspace from syria israel replied with airstrikes targeting what it says were iranian bases in southern syria near the capital damascus the u.n. secretary general meanwhile is calling for an immediate and unconditional deescalation and russia's president vladimir putin is warning israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu against raising tensions. well imran khan
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joins us live now from west jerusalem him and so what do you expect to come out of israel today. well a cabinet meeting is taking place right now now that's likely where they're going to formulate any kind of political response to what's going on and what will the political response likely to be what's going to be a message clearly to the russians we've seen that kind of language already take place in the last twenty four hours they warn the russians that the iranian presence in the region is a threat so it's likely that that's where the political strategy will come from there's also been a letter written by the israelis the united nations the investor to the united nations danny danon has called for the security council to condemn iran's actions and they're also looking to the united nations for a strong condemnation of the russian role when it comes to iran also so those are the political kind of things that we're expecting to see in the next coming days
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and weeks but there's also a security cabinet meeting taking place that will be likely to look at what sort of military strategy is going to take place now in the last hour as we've been speaking to the israeli army vos them what targets were hit in syria and whether the operation is uncombed ongoing and they've now declined to comment on all of that but we are hearing from senior military former military officials that this is the largest operation against syrian air defenses unit since the war in lebanon in one thousand nine hundred eighty two so severely significant operation and development is going on but the israeli military aren't confirming anything which is interesting because when the operation began they were actual forthcoming with information so it's likely that they are now moving in some sort of defensive mode when it comes to talking details but really it's all about russia right now and you kind of person that israel can place on russia which then can place pressure on iran that way you can avoid any kind of military escalation as you quite rightly
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said you know in the russian president has been warning the israelis to respect syrian civility. thank you. well washington has backed israel and blamed iran for the escalation my comment has more but despite iran's denial that it was responsible for the drone incursion the state department appears to be convinced that iran is to blame for this round of combat that we've seen emerge over the course of this particular day a state department spokesperson has released a statement saying and i quote iran's calculated escalation of threat and its ambition to project power places the entire region at risk from she says yemen to lebanon once again from state department we also heard that israel has a right to defend itself a similar statement coming out of the pentagon which also stated very clearly that
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u.s. played no role whatsoever in israel's combat operations at targets within syria so from the u.s. what you are hearing support for israel not surprising but at the same time there appears to be a degree of concern about the further ramifications of the conflict that's emerged in the course of the day. eleven turkish soldiers have been killed in northern syria german operation against kurdish fighters two of them died when their helicopter was downed in the a freeman this video is said to show the aircraft moments before it was hit kurdish led syrian democratic forces say it's fight to shut it down but turkey says the cause is still unclear it's been the deadliest day of fighting since turkish soldiers began their campaign last month. has the latest natural gas the entity that's near the turkey syria border. together with their allies in the free syrian army those are the syrian rebels who've been fighting bashar al assad for years now they have made some steady progress over the three weeks this operation has begun
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according to the statements coming out from the military you're talking about thirty seven zones that have been what the as they claim liberated from the kurdish fighters the militia the white p.g. that's twenty three villages and several strategic hilltops it is a mountainous region in the past twenty four hours or so with the latest town to be captured by the f.s.a. in tarkus military from the kurdish militia is one called to the west of our freedom so there has been some steady progress over they say it's not been as swift as they would like because of the use of human shields according to the turks by the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia which has made it difficult for the turks to progress because they don't want to kill civilians as they claim the why p.g. would say that's not true and claim that the turks have killed civilians over the past few weeks but there has been on the ground some steady progress in the advance which often. also in syria the u.n. says two hundred thirty civilians have been killed by syrian and russian air
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strikes in the past week the u.n. commissioner for human rights described it as some of the worst violence during the almost seven year long conflict cedras al hussein says the strikes mills have constituted more crimes he confirmed his office had received reports of the possible use of toxic agents early this month in the rebel held town of santa can. the president of the philippines wants to change the constitution and switch to a new form of government he says the move would see regions get more power and help alleviate poverty but critics say it's a smokescreen to prolong his rule. former philippines president for didn't marcus ruled with an iron fist for decades his martial rule was seen by many filipinos as oppressive in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the people power revolution removed him from office ushering in a new era of democracy the one nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution was drafted with an emphasis on bringing about social justice past presidents have
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tried to change that constitution in the hope of prolonging their stay in power president a very good authority is making another attempt this time to change to a federal form of government he wants to decentralize power from what he describes as an imperialistic mandela and improve life for those living in rural areas no person should be deprived of life liberty or editors who helped draft the present constitution says it is not the form of government that is problematic but the quality of those people in government more than eighty percent of those elected officials come from political dynasties a federal form of government could help the remain in power charter change for me. is a trojan horse because behind the effort to change the constitution or believe our transitory provisions were in fact there will be no elections or there can be
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a continued stay in office but most of those in congress say the election of the delta is proof that people want a decisive leader that can bring about radical change. in. there is no assurance in any form of government because we are in a democracy this is a democratic society so how can we. the people who do in the. territories political party p.d.p. la ban has already drafted a proposed constitution but critics say the charter it is proposing is dictatorial in nature giving the president legislative powers and even allowing him to rule indefinitely a local survey shows the majority of filipinos have little or no knowledge of the constitution many are also unaware of the plans to amend the constitution this is
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what critics say is dangerous those who lead the transitional ensured that the nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution they drafted would serve as event guard restoring checks and balances within institutions so that power will never rest with one man alone jim duggan al-jazeera manila north korea's olympic delegation has met the south korean prime minister nucky on in seoul the group includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un on saturday she extended a rare invitation to the south korean president mungy in to visit kyung young the delegation has been holding talks with the south korean government on the sidelines of the winter olympics that iran is marking thirty nine years since its islamic revolution hundreds of thousands of people are taking part in mass rallies and president rouhani has been speaking in tehran freedom square nine hundred seventy nine revolution so the overthrow bashar monarchy and the creation of the islamic
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republic was in bus driver joins us live now from the iranian capital tehran zain how important are these rallies almost the mood like on the streets. well there and this year the anniversary of the revolution comes after a time multi was time for iran both internally we've seen. political protests opposition protest against the government counter protest by people who support the government externally iran has been involved in the protracted conflict in syria and has been cementing its regional prowess across the region president rouhani speech focused very specifically on domestic issues the national security council secretary spoke earlier in addressed the escalation yesterday with the downing of an israeli jet but. grew hard the speech focused very much on things like the environment on the development of the economy on expanding the country's oil and gas reserves on. various issues involving the construction of
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infrastructure and providing people more homes and redeveloping own homes in earthquake zones so his focus was that very much about domestic concerns and it was a sort of state of the union in which rouhani resoundingly celebrated a lot of the successes of his government he also spoke about some of the shortcomings and addressed people's concerns but said that iranians needed to come together and be united and a unified stance was the only stance that would ensure iran's ongoing stability and progress and he said that elections were one of the main things that keep the islamic revolution and the islamic republic of iran alive as it is today and he said the current form of government wouldn't exist if people didn't vote in parliamentarians if they didn't participate in presidential elections but in the same breath he said that people of the elite class the youth any opposition political group should respect the people's throat and when someone is voted into
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office we shouldn't try to participate in political wrangling over in demonstrations they should instead instead of chanting slogans take their voice to the ballot box and now iranians when you speak to them speak about the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution is something that is still alive today and something that needs to be propagated in the future and we met some of them and here's their story. the founder of the islamist republic of iran ayatollah ruhollah khomeini is still watching over his people and you never have to look very far to catch a glimpse of the man at the center of the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine still in exile in paris khomeini famously ordered every runyan onto the streets to help overthrow the shah reza pahlavi one of the women who answered the call was sub. born in japan is. she changed her name when she married an iranian businessman she met in tokyo they moved to iran after their first son was
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born it was the one nine hundred sixty s. and iran was a very different place. it was before the revolution society was different then in iran it wasn't like today no one cared about islam not. baba he said the shah's government tried to ban women from wearing head scarves and attempt to replace iranian culture with western values all part of a plan by foreign governments she says to control iran and iran's natural resources . message of independence she says resonated with many people. he said there shouldn't be any. he meant we should take care of poor people that should be justice everyone should be equal well many of the iranians welcomed this bubble you survived the nuclear bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki in world war two and lived through the iran iraq war that started almost immediately after the revolution when iraqi forces led by saddam hussein invaded iran.
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volunteered to fight and was killed he was nineteen years old. decades later she still struggles to talk about it but says even knowing the pain of losing him she would sacrifice him again to preserve the islamic revolution for many iranians the teachings of the country's first supreme leader are as relevant today as they were in one nine hundred seventy nine but for some islamic revolution has not fulfilled all of its promises. while they do not necessarily want to tear down their country's government most iranians we spoke to said they just want their leaders to do a little more to solve their problems as. people or important figures in history many of them died for the revolution but our demand is that current government should care about the nation all different classes of people from the rich to those who don't have a good economic situation. behind she's
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a kid the base thing that could happen in a society is the equality between a man and a woman the more we work for this the society will have when making policy iran's government often looks to the past for much of its inspiration iranian people it seems want them to look more to the future. when we come back. or oh. moving forward the irish public can partition fane begins a new era. and desperate to get. a tightening border controls more on that status. hello there the showers are generally quite subdued across the southeastern parts
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of asia at the moment you can see some of them over parts of borneo and a few more they're making their way across java but elsewhere there's a good deal of fine draw a weather to be found you can see this area of town though that's off towards the east that's galloping its way towards the philippines and it's a developing system now i don't think the winds are going to be too strong probably be around eighty kilometers per hour by the time the system makes landfall but when it does hit us it's going to give us very heavy rain and that could well cause a few problems in mindanao so lots of what weather then already building as we head through the day on monday and then the system actually making its way across us late on monday and into choose day further towards the south or for some of us in australia as being pretty warm recently ahead of this weather system here but now is that one is lowering its way across us things will turn a good deal cooler as we head through the next few days so for sydney i think twenty seven degrees will be our maximum there on monday no higher but look at the
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difference brisbane where we are five staying cold for us in melbourne twenty two degrees oh mark some temperature in towards the west we're looking at thirty two in perth so a warm day for us not quite as well as we head into tuesday. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here al-jazeera israel says it's targeting iranian positions and its biggest attack inside syria in decades the raids followed claims that an iranian drone ended its airspace on saturday and the downing of an israeli fighter jet by syrian government forces. hundreds of thousands of iranians are rallying in tehran on the thirty ninth anniversary of the islamic revolution is that a republic was created in one nine hundred seventy nine after the overthrow of the shah and his monarchy. north korea's olympic delegation has met the south korean prime minister lead back young in seoul a group includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong il on saturday she extended a rare invitation to south korean president to visit a few. pages dami says it's killed sixteen fighters during an operation and sign
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a i says it destroyed several weapons depo and hideouts as part of an offensive against armed groups in the peninsula president abdel fattah el-sisi told the army to use brute force to restore security following an attack on a mosque in november which killed more than three hundred people. turkey's pro kurdish people's democratic party is set to elect a new co-leader after teen demarcus announced he was stepping down last month to much as has been in jail since twenty sixteen a multiple charges and faces more than a hundred years in jail and cost has more on the parties and will conference in ankara. turkey is preferred this party h d p is going to be electing a new chair today and the party's current approach a is the law and scimitars has been in prison. for a year many of the kurdish m.p.'s had been detained and arrested following kurds and which took place in july two thousand and sixteen currently when we look at the
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numbers and their heart and knife and he's prepared to spark in these are arrested and to all of them are out of the country and seven of them have been stripped of the year parliamentary status and the total number of. m.p.'s in crippling this party is down to fifty two. when you look at the average of race in ongoing in northern syria you see that there is a rising nationalism in protein and h.t.t.p. is also being improved by the government for political we don't notice the white despite the so today's election in two days actually. will also be determining the future of the record this party in turkey where they have been nervous party and all of them have been set down by doing what is. votes being counted in sri
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lanka where a record number of women vying for seats and three hundred forty local governments and you know requires women to fill a quarter of those positions the president and prime minister ruled in a coalition but they have campaigned separately for their own parties. now the new native shannon fame says she's committed to pushing for a united ireland and marilou macdonald is challenging the catholic church by campaigning to legalize abortion she's taking over from the veteran leader gerry adams who's retiring after thirty four years barbara reports from dublin. taking over from a man she calls a political giant mary lou mcdonald paid tribute to gerry adams who became shin fein president when she was a teenager and he was instrumental in northern ireland's peace process that led to the good friday agreement two decades ago he has defined politics on this side and for a generation or more and when other said it was impossible gerry and mark mcinnes
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along with john hume and others bravely walked the path to peace macdonald and out of his have been involved in talks on reconvening northern islands devolved government which broke down a year ago shin fein which shared power with the unionist do you wants movement on issues such as irish language rights elite i mean really facing us as the war is not over there is no my hunger and gazing at me. we don't have to agree on the past the reason you're seeing other historical narratives. we will see how we agree that the past is never again he says other things we can agree to disagree like mcdonald the party's new deputy leader michel o'neill represents a younger generation of activists hoping to get shin fein into government on both sides of the border. this conference represents not just the handover of power but
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a move towards a more modern noised policy by sinn fein it comes at a time when there are real challenges for it's both in northern ireland and here in the irish republic how do we become the party that is seen by those people who are in full time employment and average wages those people are part of a point a poor wages and also going to provide how do we present ourselves as the champion of their needs and their interests the party's also been hit by resignations over alleged bullying and mcdonald says she's listening to complaints here in the south she's also backing a change in the law to allow abortion ahead of an irish referendum later this year but in frames long held aim of a referendum on uniting the island of ireland remains some way off but in barbara al-jazeera doubling. the charity oxfam has apologised after some of its staff members in haiti were accused of sexual misconduct the u.k. based group has had a presence in haiti ever since a major earthquake there in two thousand and ten what i'm apologizing for is that
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nine oxfam staff behaved in a way that was totally unacceptable and contrary to our values and that then led much more responsible staff to make decisions which are now seen as being by some marginal or inappropriate our job is to promote the positive values his staff don't even go there but also to be absolutely intolerant of anybody who does what we've committed in the last few months is to increase the work that we do on that behavior on that culture and to do all that we possibly can to drive out any exploitation or tolerance of it that's what we're committed to alongside making this amazing difference to literally tens of millions of people around the world every year. so africa's ruling party the african national congress is due to hold a special meeting on monday as pressure intensifies on president jacob zuma to resign before his second term ends next year many are calling for a swift transition of power after he was replaced by cyril ramaphosa as leader of
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the a.n.c. . now high production costs in nigeria are making it tough to do business there and one solution is for small businesses to pool their resources address has been to see how that works in northeastern nigeria. be sure he's one of twenty technicians helping to keep the wheels of the machinery turning of this industrial zone on the outskirts of the city he moved to small workshop here three years ago running his only independent business was just too expensive. business the stuff my former business piece i had to pay for electricity water security all along but here i am saving a lot in overheads. his business repairs used machine parts and probably kate's new ones. as businesses cluster they pooled their money to pay for the tricity security
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and other services at rates lower than stand alone factories there are more than four hundred small oil mill plants in this industrial cluster at the peak of their operations they produce one hundred thousand liters of cooking oil a day they're coming together as east operational costs for their owners as an argument business environment gets tougher other businesses i embrace in this idea that is helping to keep many small businesses afloat. as a result many have recalled workers they laid off. reabsorb three thousand workers because most of us are making a profit although not as much as you would like in fact we can expand and get more raw materials every unemployed youth in town can get a job here. many folks who are still struggle to pay bills as cost of production remain higher than the hopeful as nigeria suffers from inflation and the recession . but they said despite the tough conditions they'll keep their operations open
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even if it means their products will cost more to produce i made reese al-jazeera one b. now brazil and colombia are tightening border controls as concern mounts over the growing number of people escaping the economic and political crisis in venezuela hundreds of thousands have already fled the country as donna sama now reports. officially more than half a million venezuelans crossed into colombia in the last six months of last year but no one knows the true figures only that tens of thousands of venice wayland's now try to scrape a living across south america and not just numbers in neighboring brazil and colombia. game which i hear there are many mechanics doctors college graduates and look at us we're cleaning windows selling chargers and air conditioners sewing soda then as well as future is over but hey you have to move forward i feel really
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sad really sad because we have to migrate to look for what we used to have in our country because before in venezuela we had what colombia has abundant and a growing economy there are scaping in the economic crisis is lead to severe food and medicine shortages the international monetary fund predicts inflation this year will reach thirteen thousand percent the president of venice wailin because mcdougall blames the u.s. backed international conspiracy for his country's troubles the colombian president juan manuel santos says nicolas maduro has mismanaged the economy and that could not be i can no longer live with those consequences or you saw me decide on our starting today only venezuelans who have passports or have in their hands the migration card will enter colombia. he's awarded three thousand more soldiers and police to patrol the border with colombia and brazil said the influx of migrants is straining their social services to breaking points if they my law regarding
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immigration what the government wants and what the country wants is to achieve orderly secure and legal migration that means foreigners are legal in our country in that way we can plan for the future. but with the situation in business later on he predicted to get worse the microbes will keep coming even now now face a more formidable. county to cross the border. trundled is here. now musicians dressed in colorful costumes often in the streets of the beleaguered city of a rural as the annual cost of a begins that the four day festival leads up to the start of the christians he's never lent the two hundred year old celebration the trucks only four hundred thousand people every year. for a time for a quick recap of the headlines here not just here israel says it's targeting
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iranian positions in what it's calling its biggest attack inside syria in decades the raids followed allegations that an iranian drone entered its airspace on saturday and the downing of an israeli fighter jet by syrian government forces russia's president vladimir putin's warning israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu against raising tensions imran khan as the latest from western. a cabinet meeting is taking place right now now that's likely where they're going to formally any kind of political response to what's going on and what will the political response likely to be what is going to be a message clearly to the russians we've seen that kind of language already take place in the last twenty four hours they warn the russians that the iranian presence in the region is a threat so it's likely that that's where the political strategy will come from eleven turkish soldiers have been killed in northern syria jim an operation against kurdish fighters. two of them died when their helicopter was down near a freend saturday was the deadliest day of fighting since turkish soldiers began
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that campaign last month. iran is marking the thirty ninth anniversary of its islamic revolution thousands of people are taking part in mass rallies and president rouhani has been speaking in tehran freedom square the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution saw the overthrow bashar monarchy and the creation of the islamic republic. north korea's olympic delegation has met the south korean prime minister at least not yet in seoul the group includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong il and on saturday she extended a rare invitation to south korean president moon j. and to visit pyongyang. the president of the philippines wants to change the constitution and switch to a new form of government but regard to tatty says regions will get more power and help alleviate poverty. south africa's ruling party the african national congress is due to hold a special meeting on monday pressure is mounting on president jacob zuma to resign before his second term ends next year when you're calling for a swift transition of power after he was replaced by syria and of course as leader
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of the a.n.c. but those were the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after in effect africa that's a watching africa. swear every year. this is the innovate africa series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent that is on the rise today in its africa solar powered mobile phone charging sixty percent about crucially how the self less than fifty percent access to trees. now kenyans can run a business from. its owner. and the young woman behind a growing take industry.


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