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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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he forced to leave would just be all and then gains by this and that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe ups and downs but it's not a marriage part of business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. that's. one hundred billion dollars that's how much iraq says it needs to rebuild after its devastating war with i see. a lot has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. our joint
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commitment to defeat arsis is steadfast u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson begins his middle east tour with a promise to help egypt defeat armed groups. the search for answers russian investigators sweep through snow covered fields to find out why a passenger plane crashed plus. a month ago across the cloud bridge projects in costa rica where reforestation efforts could provide an important lesson for the rest of the world. when iraq's prime minister declared the war with i saw was over last year it signaled the beginning of efforts to rebuild the devastated country much of it left in ruins the price tag one hundred billion dollars now in kuwait a donor conference is underway to help finance the massive endeavor sammy dan is at that conference. big task ahead in trying to rebuild the country and securing
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the funds to do that. absolutely has him we can tell you a little bit about some numbers coming into this conference and that is that n.g.o.s have got together and they're pledging. three how over three hundred million dollars to go towards various humanitarian operations inside iraq and apparently kuwaiti n.g.o.s he said they'll cover a third of that now that's a far cry from the one hundred billion dollars that the iraqi prime minister of course has said he needs to get the country rebuilt and the focus of this conference of course is not so much just on getting humanitarian donations to cover that amount of money but to get investment some particularly from the private sector to get the country rebuilt and functioning as a proper functioning country we've been looking at some of the communities who really have everything at stake if money comes in. they have to hop
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responsibility about in ark no just to defeat but to rebuild they could not be how much money would you like to see innocent to listen bring home life if he is going to give those twenty billion dollars b. and all that our kids be happy and very kind and they will be very good attitude for well that's of course those comments off the back of some of the comments we've been hearing from u.s. officials over the last week saying that they're not really in the business anymore of the country building when you talk to some of the iraqi officials here they want to see a more generous u.s. approach when the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson comes to kuwait now there are many if you speak to u.s. officials they say we are bringing a lot of private businesses they expect some signings of use in agreements to be made but of course it comes back to the big question how much money will come in
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how will it be spent what guarantees are there to make sure that money will get to the people who need it the most and iraqi officials do have a challenge of course if they want to get the private sector interested in investing in overcoming some of the problems that have plagued investment as well as donations in iraq before transparent. c. international will tell you iraq stands at one hundred sixty six out of one hundred seventy six countries on their corruption index that needs to be addressed is the issue of political stability with elections coming up in may with more than two million people all of them from the sunni heartland still displaced across iraq it's a big question of can you rebuild a country can you say you have a stable political environment for a big chunk of your population particularly from one particular religious group might not even be able to participate in elections whatsoever and of course there's the security challenge if you look at the u.n. figures for last month the number of civilian deaths so almost double the month
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before challenges which need to be addressed has it indeed sammy and it's worth remembering as well that it isn't just the battle to defeat isis that this left iraq devastated it's. fifteen years of various conflicts that began with the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three. that's right you could say that iraq has been on this spiral since the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three we had those bitter days of fighting involving u.s. troops at the time it morphed from an operation to find weapons of mass destruction into an operation to hunt down and. fast forward and then we have the emergence of i saw and then it became a war to destroy i saw now one of the the basic problems in this is the lack of a government in the eyes of enough iraqis that would see it as a legitimate state or
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a legitimate government that represents all of their interests and we saw that iraq not only between suddenly and the predominantly shia forces supporting the government we've seen it erupt between pro-government forces and kurdish forces those are some of the issues which have just you know cask. say that since that u.s. invasion now today the situation in some areas has improved iraqi officials will tell you that there are more iraqis who have returned than are currently displaced they're hopeful they're optimistic here they've brought a lot of projects which they're presenting to the private sector to say the time is right come bring your money the security situation has improved together you can make a profit and make this country functioning again that's the message they want to get out and sammy thanks very much and as you heard sammy say there a little earlier u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is traveling to kuwait for that conference on
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tuesday right now he is in egypt where he says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with the country to defeat isis he talked about the issue with egyptian foreign minister santa shockley in cairo at the start of his middle east tortoise and will hold talks with president defect to his sisi later he says the united states and egypt share a common goal for lasting peace in the region we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures including our joint commitment to the defeat of isis in egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves and are dealing with it certainly currently in the sinai we also discussed the importance of the protection and promotion of human rights and the vital role of civil society in egypt with the presidential elections planned for the end of march the united states as it does in
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all countries supports a transparent and credible electoral process a bonus miss is in neighboring gaza for support and one of the main takeaways from that meeting. well i think the indication we got from the meeting was how challenging much of the rest of rex tillerson visit might be as well the us state department needed before tell us and left the us that there would be challenging discussions difficult discussions held across the region as to tell us and goes from cairo and on to kuwait and the rest of the gulf region he was particularly i think there was an admittance from the americans that they questioned they rose the issue they raise the issue of human rights with the egyptians but they didn't emphasize it too much which will have pleased the egyptians and it's because the americans need the egyptian egyptian support really in this part of the world they've still got damage limitation to do the americans following donald trump's
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recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and they were looking and are looking for egyptian support to help keep american involvement in any future talks that there might be between the israelis and the palestinians and indeed egypt's foreign minister there said that he supported america's continued involvement in the talks between the israelis and the palestinians until there is a final settlement so america is certainly needing it gyptian is help on that front and of course america committing to continue helping egypt in the fight against isis on major crackdown on our soil forces just over the border from garz in the sinai peninsula that started in november and ahead of march presidential elections in cairo where. of r.c.c. standing for a second term as president hasn't been and thanks for that ben a smith live for us in gaza. now u.s. president donald trump has questioned now israel's commitment to peace with the
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palestinians in a rare criticism he told an israeli newspaper that israeli settlements in the occupied west bank are complicating the peace process but trump also repeated what he's been saying about the palestinian leadership he says they're not looking to make peace and is threatening to withhold aid unless they agree to talks unless the gators in russia have found two flight recorders which could help them work out how a passenger plane crashed soon after taking off from moscow all seventy one people on board died or possible cause is being considered for sunday's crash including human error bad weather and a technical fault or a challenge live for us now from the crash site near moscow so rory they found those two flight recorders presumably we've poring over that now to try and get a closer idea of just of just what happened here. yeah exactly how when it was fairly apparent in the quite recently no immediate
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aftermath of the crash that this was a tragedy in which there were no survivors so the search and rescue operation here outside moscow is officially over and i'm just going to stand aside for the moment so i can give you an idea of kind of the terrain that this plane came down in the conditions that the emergency services are working in there's been a huge snow falls in the moscow region over the last week or so it's subzero temperatures it's made the operation pretty difficult this is now about retrieval of evidence and also collecting the human remains the. investigative committee says the two hundred and nine pieces of human remains have been found so far it's obviously pretty grueling work in the fields behind me. this basically now
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means that we're looking at russia's third major air crash in recent years and here's my report now of what went on yesterday. you know their line out with sixty five passengers and six crew on board came down four minutes after it took off in bad weather conditions wreckage was scattered across snowy fields near the village of water going over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walk to the scene. i saw an explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible. the debris of the plane is spread over radios of at least one kilometer investigators are using modern equipment taking into consideration the large territory they're using quite a couple hours to get a view from the air the short hole set a lot of airlines jets took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early sunday
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afternoon on its way to the city of war sc in the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region at the airport their family and friends of those on board the flight began to wait for news with little hope that anyone had survived. a little confusing to some who have flown degrees from an a n one for a plane and bodies of two hundred times. in some way lonely she's just the most important thing now is to organize the collection of debris and remains of the victims by ministry of emergency situations workers transport to authorities soon confirmed everyone in the plane had died russia has suffered two major air crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen a t u one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people it was blamed on pilot error in october two thousand and fifteen a russian air bus crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula killing all two hundred twenty
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four people on board i still said it placed a bomb in the aircraft. was supposed to be traveling to sochi on monday to meet with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that meeting will now take place in moscow so the president can stay in the capital and monitor the investigation various causes are being considered including pilot error bad weather conditions or perhaps something else. and of course with any crash investigation finding those black box recorders is absolutely essential and for the investigators they will be satisfied that they've managed to find both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder fairly quickly now those instruments are now being analyzed and they'll be giving the investigators a wealth of data about what might have brought this plane after the sky the early
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reports though that this plane had come down burning all those seems to be being discounted now by the investigative committee which says that this plane wasn't on fire when it came down and it came down the whole. royal challengers live for us there at the crash site that plane in moscow are still ahead. it is crunch time for south africa's ruling party as they need to decide on president jacob zuma future plus. the youngest victims of syria's war cry out for help on social media. hello no doubt you know it's still windy and yung chang the set up means that the
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wind picks up cloud well produces castro says japan and then snow falls in japan itself they've been vast amounts of snow reason is the vast amount still to come in central and northwest and holland shoots of hawkeye the turkey is probably examined ten degrees as a suggestion and further south and it's five and the temp is rising in the korean peninsula once this wind starts to die down which is a bit more obvious the following day was solid nine degrees in the wind current tour of the southwest we're looking at today of rather different conditions up in the olympic mountains at least so that means because of the cold supply for the south as well eleven degrees is the forecast in shanghai but not really a cloud in the sky could be quiet mickie morning for the morning fog and think that will fairly soon go about time we get to wednesday's positively warm shankar's eighty hong kong is it twenty actually fell assassin that running into the central more especially cells and philippines is
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a tropical cyclone circulation is in here as it's going through mindanao so a couple of days to go through a big rain risk a lesser wind risk and eventually head towards indochina come the end of the week. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allow britain to join french polish german being outraged but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw raima. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera.
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well again this is just a reminder of our top stories u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with the country to defeat eisel he's discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister in cairo at the start of his middle east tour. non-governmental organizations are pledging more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with i sold the last government is trying to secure a hundred billion dollars a donor conference in kuwait city and infrastructure been completely destroyed we are called. investigators in russia have found the two flight data recorders as they look for clues behind sunday's plane crash outside moscow all seventy one people on board were killed on the side of airlines flight plunged into
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a field shortly after takeoff. senior leaders of south africa's ruling party are hoping to finalize a deal that will see president jacob zuma leave office their meeting in less than an hour zoomers under pressure to resign over corruption allegations african national congress leader cyril ramaphosa says party leaders will decide on a swift transfer of power to the opposition says zuma should not be offered immunity in exchange for stepping down i believe that she didn't know. we. gave hungary he just can't. i can't seize it. it's really knew what this is the issue. and specifically. the issue of the position that this is a. slow. for me to middle joins us live now from
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johannesburg so for me to what are we expecting to come out of that national executive committee meeting of the a.n.c. later this afternoon. well at this point hasn't it appears as if there's any sea meeting really is the only option for the african national congress going forward of the last few days there were talks between. jacob zuma around this ex a deal that you've mentioned around looking at a way to get jacob zuma out but it appears those talks might have broken down because of demands made by zuma including. protection from prosecution if you were to go to court around corruption allegations he would then receive state funding to assist him with the legal fees also making demands for security force family and possibly even a longer time in office up to three months now we understand that those talks did break down now any c. meeting takes place and this is the opportunity for the african national congress
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to recall jacob zuma that's how they would remove him from office but even then what's important to note is that zuma doesn't have to resign constitutionally he doesn't have to step down from office and if that's the case the a.n.c. would then have to approach call them it to institute its own proceedings for a motion of no confidence now we know opposition parties had already spoken to parliament to have a similar ocean debated in the coming weeks that's due to happen on the twenty second of february but if indeed the a.n.c. takes the same route they very much in the past wanted the solution to come from within the party so to go into parliament would be of some frustration to them but if they were to take that same route we do know that that motion would certainly come earlier than the twenty second of february so as are clear at this point what will happen this afternoon as this meeting plays out they seem to be no certainties but they certainly is more talk and more speculation that this in d.c.
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meeting will certainly put its foot down and say jacob zuma has to go and for me to what implications does all of this have for south african elections which are coming up. next year next year i believe. and what this means for the ruling a.n.c. and the in the past guaranteed support the almost enjoyed in south africa. well that's of great concern to the a.n.c. we did see its support drop in the last in the last election to sixty two percent nationally and jacob zuma has come under a lot of criticism not only from opposition parties from within the a.n.c. and also traditional a.n.c. supporters many of them voting for opposition parties just because they were fed up with jacob zuma so the greater issue is for the ruling party and also unity of the party at this stage because of the issues around jacob zuma people who still support him people who don't support him and want the president out people who
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support the new president so rim of course we are seeing a divided party in terms of how it will make its way forward so the coming election in twenty nineteen is important to the a.n.c. in terms of how it resolves its the issues around jacob zuma unity within the party and where it will stand in terms of public perception and support in the coming months. the a lot of people on both sides of the political debate in south africa are awaiting that important decision from the a.n.c. and we of course bring that to you for me the mill ally first there in johannesburg . our russian government says u.s. support for diplomatic efforts to stabilize syria has been inactive inadequate it comes as turkey's foreign minister and that relations with washington are at a very critical point over its support of the kurds for u.s. defense secretary has admitted that some american backed syrian kurdish fighters are helping fellow kurds battle turkish soldiers thirty launched an operation in
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the afternoon last month to push kurdish fighters out of the border region with syrian. opposition activists in syria's eastern huta are turning to social media to highlight the suffering of around three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in the besieged area hundreds have been killed in airstrikes and shelling by government forces and their allies in recent weeks the united nations has been calling for a cease fire so aid can reach people affected by the fighting there hot i reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. now just appeals for help coming from the children of eastern. we are being killed by your silence before it is too late and can't. get the. opposition activists have
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launched a campaign on social media to highlight what they describe as the suffering of those trapped in eastern huta. the intensity of the airstrikes targeting the rebel held area has been unprecedented the bombing. syrian and russian aircraft have stepped up recent days in a military operation that began in late december. since then over four hundred people have been killed half in the first week of february alone. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least one hundred of the casualties were children since. nowhere is safe the united nations says people are under extreme danger calls for
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a ceasefire have been ignored three health facilities have been hit in the past week the u.n. has been trying to evacuate hundreds of critically ill and wounded patients for months now. eastern who has been encircled by government forces for four years as of late the siege has been tightened and no aid has entered in months the u.n. is appealing for access to provide the people with food fuel and medicine and international aid organizations say they cannot imagine the scale of the humanitarian disaster if a cease fire does not take effect the u.n. security council failed to support a proposal for a truce russia a veto wielding member of the council called it unrealistic saying it's not sure what it called terrorists are in agreement was. the people of eastern huta still have their voices they are hoping to be heard but campaigns like this one have been tried in the past they didn't stop the bloodshed
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. residential areas are being hit buildings are being flattened there is a wide scale destruction and the international community is still silent. about it you live in the civil defense volunteers have been overwhelmed since the battle for control of eastern escalated one of them discovered the body of his mother under the rubble there is desperation but little sign that scenes like this will not happen again. beirut. state of emergency has been declared. and in tone as the pacific island braces for tropical cyclone jeter evacuation centers have been set up and a cofee a curfew imposed duty is already packing wind gusts of two hundred seventy five kilometers an hour sitting off the coast of the most populous island tama topple it is expected to make a direct hit as
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a powerful category five storm. a force across the world are under growing threat of destruction that is according to the world wildlife fund which says an area equivalent to twenty seven football fields is lost every minute to logging in agriculture but in costa rica environmental activists are fighting back and he gallagher has their story. few places in the world can boast the kind of biodiversity found in costa rica's forests you'll find unique species and unique climates but deforestation is taking its toll over the last seventy years about eighty percent of costa rica's forest has been lost. the clough bridge nature reserve researches and volunteers of fighting back we've got the river that in just a few short years they've replanted and we grow large parts of this rain forest and the result a promising when we finally captured a jaguar on the camera trap he was very big cat that was
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a huge step for us when we walked through the areas that we planted in and you see the tree is large enough to make it on its own in the forest is changing and that's a huge step easy. thing then there are like biologists from around the world now come here to study what this kind of regeneration can achieve the return of species once lost to agriculture and logging is for many don't forget to billets perience i'm sure there is you know success stories in other countries and other places but having been able to experience it firsthand here for so long for sure it's going to be something that i look back on tell people about you know it works and i the cloud bridge reserve is now an example of what simple techniques patience and preservation can achieve a country wide shoot to progress is being made it's astounding to see what fifteen years of we growth can look like and according to the united nations report station is the best way to combine climate change and it's something costa rica's done very
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effectively. through various incentives and government programs they've managed to reclaim almost a quarter of what was lost. costa rica's rich natural heritage has long been a draw for students and tourists alike but this nation's reforestation if it's stand is a testament to what can be achieved at a time when the environment faces its greatest challenges and to gallacher al-jazeera at the clown bridge reserve in costa rica. our drivers near the chinese capital beijing had a lucky escape after a liquefied natural gas tanker overturned on a highway dash cam footage shows a car driving over the spilled fuel and igniting creating a wall of flames on the road one driver tried to get out of quickly jumped back inside before the flames engulfed the car. this is going to round up now of our top stories nongovernmental organizations are
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pledging more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel iraq's government is trying to secure one hundred billion dollars at a donor conference in kuwait city's an infrastructure have been completely destroyed in the three year conflict u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with the country to defeat eisel is discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister in cairo at the start of his middle east tour. we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures including our joint commitment to the defeat of isis and egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves and are dealing with it certainly currently in the sinai now the russian government says u.s. support for diplomatic efforts to stabilize syria has been inadequate it comes as
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turkey turkey's foreign minister and now it's that relations with the u.s. are at a critical point over its support of the kurds the u.s. defense secretary has made to that some american backed syrian kurdish fighters are helping battle helping fellow kurds battle turkish soldiers near the town of africa . investigators in russia have found two flight data recorders as they look for clues behind sunday's plane crash outside moscow all seventy one people on board were killed when the sabotage airlines flight plunged into a field shortly after takeoff senior leaders of south africa's ruling party are meeting to discuss president jacob zuma future they hope to finalize a deal for him to leave office before his term ends in twenty nineteen zuma is under pressure to resign of a corruption allegations african national congress leaders still run a photo says party leaders will decide on a swift transfer of power the opposition says zuma should not be offered immunity
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in exchange for stepping down those are the headlines we're back with more after inside story. a military crackdown or election campaigning egypt's president orders a massive army operation in northern sinai weeks before his reelection bid but is the cleanup of what he calls terrorist hotbeds the answer this is inside story.


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