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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teens in that something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. zero. shock here this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes it's time to go south africa's president has given forty eight hours to resign by his own party. parliament house in ruins after
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a tropical cyclone lashes the tiny this if it came down. trumps spending plans how the u.s. president wants to divvy up more than four trillion dollars plus. smaller ears. and brock obama's take on his official portrait as u.s. president. south africa is in battle the president has been delivered a deadline state media is reporting jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress it's been holding a marathon meeting on monday to discuss his fate president cyril ramaphosa is understood to have met so much and person to inform him of the party's decision am opposed ramped up the pressure on sunday saying the issue was causing disunity and
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discord suma faces a number of corruption charges but has refused to stand down because his term ends next year the minimal or joins us with more on this developing story from johannesburg so. clear this up so we're understanding they're telling him to step down from party leadership that's not necessarily the same thing is stepping down from the presidency right. well. it's not in fact party leadership zuma is no longer president of the african national congress and that since december when. i was elected president of the a.n.c. so at this point jacob zuma is just deploy of the a.n.c. and he is president of south africa and this is the difficulty the a.n.c. is facing these two centers of power we saw this previously in two thousand and eight with top one becky was president of south africa jacob zuma was president of the a in c. and that's when the record in paki and now we see this happen again and this is why
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the a.n.c. is finding it easier to recall zuma rather than in the years preceding the situation they're finding themselves in this because he's no longer president of the a.n.c. the a.n.c. is say that they want jacob zuma to reside within a day or two that's according to reports from the state broadcaster the c.b.c. the a.n.c. itself hasn't issued an official statement yet but there has been a lot of pressure on jacob zuma to step down now if he refuses to resign the a.n.c. then could go to parliament to institute proceedings for a motion of no confidence if they recall and it doesn't mean jacob zuma immediately loses his job that they need to follow certain procedures to properly get him out of office we know the opposition parties have already pushed for this.
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debate of no confidence against the president it's meant to happen next week they wanted brought forward to this week they've approached parliament and if that doesn't happen they are going to court so jacob zuma is under fire from every way he looks all eyes will be on the president to see exactly what he does we know in the last ten days or so he's resisted stepping down and that's after pleas from top leadership of the a n c and even the public sector coming forward saying resign step down or really hearing anything from jacob zuma scampers all these developments continue to move forward. jacob zuma has been extremely quiet over the last few days we know that he was in talks with the president of the a.n.c. over the weekend toward the end of last week as well around some sort of exit plan . around this what the the a.n.c. is calling a transition period and
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a change of leadership but it appears that those talks broke down the reports we understand that have come out of those talks is that there were certain demands from jacob zuma including potential amnesty from prosecution around all these corruption charges he could potentially face as well as if he does face any time in court or that in the state would cover the legal costs security for his family also staying in power staying in office for at least another three months we aren't certain about what exactly the a.n.c. might say they would go along with but the a.n.c. as the ruling party is not in a position to make promises around not charging jacob zuma this isn't up to the a.n.c. the legal process has to follow this has to go to the national prosecuting authority this is an issue for the courts so because the a.n.c. hasn't been in a position to make the promises that jacob zuma once it would appear there's been
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a stalemate and this is what's now pushed the only see the top decision making body of the a.n.c. to our stake of zuma to resign i mean all of the later some johannesburg you'll be keeping us updated thank you for media now seumas nine years in power have been marred by controversy has survived eight no confidence in parliament most recently in august last year two thousand and sixteen a court rule then summa should face charges of bribery in a nine hundred ninety nine arms deal has also been accused of accepting outside influence in government and decisions cabinet appointments by the wealthy indian born business family now living. in south africa zoom and some of his family members along with the group this are also being investigated on charges of international money laundering he was also accused of using twenty three million dollars of government funds to renovate his private home and polluting the poor and outdoor theater he later paid the money back need say is an africa policy analyst
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and joins us now from washington d.c. we appreciate your time so this this forty eight hour deadline how do you anticipate this playing out. the first thing that i'm waiting for is to see whether it will be officially confirmed so far it looks like somebody leaked it to us a.b.c. but he has has the ring of truth then as your excellent on our reporter mentioned you know the errancy would argue lying for zuma to resign and leave he's trying to reportedly trying to get some guarantees some of we did see me feel that it is not in a position to ground zero we have something of a still meet the same time the n c takes collective decisions you know they have the top six even mr r. pose as not going to be able to make certain decisions on his own saw they will make a decision as
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a party and then if they are very unhappy with mr zuma and they can say you know we recall him as the leader of our party they can and then in struggling parliamentarians and they still have the majority in parliament to vote if they're to would their gains team if there is a motion of a new no confidence the previous eight that is survived it was because the n.c. too bad decision that they were go into would to keep him there so this stalemate that you and the media have both reference the fact that it apparently jacob zuma is asking for certain things that that the party is not in a position to give him. are are those things negotiable with anybody if it really if that's what it takes to get him to leave. you know this is i think so because for me this is largely a political decision yet as the we are talking legal issues we are talking about possible whether he will be. things child gays but it is
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a political decision it is their perception south africa goes to the pools next year to elect a new leader i think the n.c.a.a. is worried about the e-mail because this story has been played so much as they lead that you read about mr zuma shows there's me and long he has this image he has denied that he has done anything wrong it hasn't been proven in court but this is a political decision and i for one thing the a.n.c. is worried that if he doesn't leave quickly and mr omar poser comes in to show that things are changing spruce up the economy also do some things that the grassroots want to include in londra form the n.c.s. worry that if they don't do that the chances in the next year's elections will be pretty bad so this is a political decision and so i say if the errancy wants to it could given the
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concessions that he he does want so having said that when you talk about the m. age and some of the damage that you're saying that jacob zuma has done to the party how much damage has been done can it can the party turn a corner if they wrap this up the way you suggest. you know it's really in their future by yes i will i will sneak stick my neck out and say they a coup do it it depends on how quickly they move and how my day clean you know i have to tell you that the coverage of this story on south africa. especially since mr zuma has been president has been largely that yes he has a lot of image problems in the n c s support he is losing but i don't think people should forget that the n.c. ford and defeated up by the very terrible even evil system so they have the good guys some of the shine is going on but i don't believe and i and i and i'm
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predicting here i don't believe that if it comes to elections most people are going to forgive the long years of apothegm and then vote for but is pretty much the opposition that we have now had the remnants of the parties that. i mean on datuk and implemented up i think so i'm say at the end of the day is done it will be done what mr i'm a poser does will be important but i just think especially rural south africans who are there my girlie too will still remember parted ended not too long ago they remembered the new the idea ensued paid a high price and fought for over a century to defeat the system so i don't espec them to be thrown out of out of power us the. corruption allegations allege. have surely calling on you again a society continues to develop thank you very much. another unfolding story this
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hour the extent of the damage to a tiny pacific kingdom hit by a tropical cyclone daylight is revealing the damage inflicted on tonga including its parliament house it's among the buildings now lying in ruins. at the capital overnight tearing roofs off buildings downing power lines and causing extensive flooding the storm caused havoc on the neighboring island of samoa over the weekend it's now heading towards fuji's southern islands and we hope to have a reporter live in tonga who's witnessed the destruction later in the news hour. let's turn our focus now to the u.s. economy president onil trying to send congress a four point four trillion dollars budget for two thousand and nineteen it proposes setting aside two hundred billion dollars as part of a ten year one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan to rebuild america's roads and highways it also includes eighteen billion dollars towards trump's promised border while with mexico spending on the military and veterans programs
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continues to go up with seven hundred sixteen billion dollars for defense expenditures to pay for the increases the budget recommends deep cuts to domestic programs that provide medical and food aid to the poor and the elderly the budget proposal lowers the deficit over ten years but does not claim to eliminate it a change from previous republican proposals and even then it presumes a level of economic growth that many experts regard as and realistic kambli how could reports on washington d.c. . for years republicans in washington promise to cut government spending if their party won the white house but for the second straight year republican president donald trump's done just the opposite we will build we will maintain and the vast majority of americans want to see us take care of our infrastructure. on monday trump presented his twenty one thousand budget proposal giving the world a hard look at his administration's spending priorities they include
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a proposal for one point five trillion to rebuild roads bridges and airports and six hundred eighty six billion for the u.s. military a thirteen percent increase from the previous year proposal also reduces the state department budget by nine billion or twenty six percent that decrease includes the elimination of a program promoting climate change we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake. as with his twenty eight team plan. trump has again proposed cuts to humanitarian and economic aid last december he threatened to link foreign assistance to support for u.s. measures that the united nations like recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital but when it comes to foreign spending congress largely ignored trump's last budget proposal and is expected to do the same for twenty nineteen last week the u.s.
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congress approved its own to your spending deal that the president signed into law . keeping the government open with boost to defense of domestic spending that congressional deal essential overrides the budgets released by the white house the president has merely when it comes to the budget the power to propose but it is congress that appropriates and decides and congress decided and appropriated last week but what is consistent about both proposals is unrestrained spending trumps budget projects a deficit of more than a trillion dollars with no plan for reducing america's spiraling debt kimberley health get al-jazeera washington. well you are head of the news hour including well all. over the world and the
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harrowing images being used on social media to highlight the plight of people under constant partner plus. undersea and human in rio de janeiro and coming up i'll explain why soaring violence is no longer restricted to the favelas or sons that you see behind me. and high winds causing havoc for snowboarders at a winter olympics find out more about that but far ahead. nongovernment organizations have pledged more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with i saw but the figure is well short of the one hundred billion dollars the iraqi government says it needs a donor conference has been held in kuwait to raise funds to help rebuild cities destroyed in that three year long conflict saying is it on kuwait this is what so-called liberation from ice a look slike to has now and he's found it's been six months since iraq's prime
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minister declared nineveh province freed house is still in ruins so is much of robbi a town. he used to work as a farmer tilling the soil now he plows the rubble of his home and reaps what others have so in his life. we've given up hope on returning home we've been displaced over three years look at how our house has been destroyed. i mean fled when i saw fighters seize the nearby city of mosul four years ago he's not alone more than two and a half million iraqis remain displaced by the rule they have no money to rebuild their lives so they live in tent camps such as hamas south of mosul and then on. the government should recall bread when i'm supporting six children my parents and a sick family member. these are the people the conference in quite this week must help if it's to succeed ejecting eisel from the third of iraq the fighters once controlled has left a wasteland human rights groups such as amnesty international blame both i saw and
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the u.s. led coalition for unnecessary destruction and civilian deaths the nineveh reconstruction committee says the conflict destroyed three quarters of muscles roads almost all its bridges and two thirds of the electrical network unicef says three quarters of a million children in mosul region lack access to health services if. the government does not get. it like a. war children will be forced to leave while girls will be forced to marry early by more young. iraqi officials come to quite looking for investments and over one hundred projects everything from the agricultural sector to the energy industry is on the table and iraq's prime minister well he says he needs one hundred billion dollars
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to get the job done. it's a huge amount of money we know our budget can't cover nor can the notion that it's almost impossible that's why we are resorting to investment iraq is counting on outside help to salvage itself into a united and functioning state but when asked what commitments they're ready to make in the quite conference our policy pastor has changed since previous administrations remember we used to be in the whole nation building in the united states government is not doing that any longer that outside interest may determine whether iraqis thirst for a normal life will ever be quenched sam is a damn al-jazeera kuwait. state rex tillerson has arrived in kuwait for the second leg of his middle east tour earlier on monday he was in egypt where he said the trump administration remains committed to working with the country to defeat i saw he discussed the issue with the gyptian foreign minister some a ship and cairo tillerson also held talks of president of tel fertile sisi that washington in cairo share the common goal of lasting peace in the region. if that
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occurs. most of the conversation was based on the bilateral relations there was a deep and genuine interest from mr tillerson with the u.s. to continue to work and support egypt and work together to achieve our common interests this is what i reiterated to him egypt is keen on maintaining this positive friendly relationship which will no doubt bring about more stability and security and push forward to achieving lasting peace in the middle east bernard smith has been monitoring tillerson visit from gaza. before the u.s. secretary of state left for the middle east his officials admitted that most of rex tillerson discussions here would be difficult in cairo he raised the issue of human rights of a free and fair election egyptians vote for a new president of the end of march an incumbent. standing for a second term most of his opponents have either been jailed or silenced but most of
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the talks between rex tillerson on his opposite number some of seem to focus on security on israel on the palestinians on security because the egyptians are involved in a major crackdown on isel forces in the sinai and the u.s. is providing significant security intelligence cooperation on that front on israel and the palestinians the u.s. needs egyptian backing for the u.s. to continue its mediation role following donald trump's decision to announce and to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel u.s. says it still believes it has a mediating role to play on the egyptians have said that they believe the u.s. should be involved until there is a final settlement between israel and palestinians the problem is the palestinians at the moment no longer see the americans as independent arbiters in negotiations with the israelis and the us defense secretary says turkey has legitimate security concerns along and southern border with syria he also admitted some american backed
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kurdish forces had moved to syria's border region about frayne or turkey on shop aeration last month to push kurds out the u.s. has supported kurdish forces in the fight against isis severely straining ties with turkey which sees them as a terrorist group. and the un says the syrian civil war has intensified some of the worst fighting since the conflict began nearly seven years ago it says hundreds of people have been killed injured or displaced in the past week activists in rebel held eastern ghouta are turning to social media to highlight the suffering of around three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in the besieged area. reports from beirut on. appeals for help coming from the children of eastern. we are being killed by your silence before it is too late mohamed says.
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opposition activists have launched a campaign on social media to highlight what they describe as the suffering of those trapped in. the intensity of the airstrikes targeting the rebel held area has been unprecedented the bombing relentless. syrian and russian aircraft have stepped up bombardment in recent days in a military operation that began in late december. since then over four hundred people have been killed half in the first week of february alone. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least one hundred of the casualties were children and. nowhere is safe the united nations
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says people are under extreme danger calls for a cease fire have been ignored three health facilities have been hit in the past week the u.n. has been trying to evacuate hundreds of critically ill and wounded patients for months now. eastern who has been encircled by government forces for four years as of late the siege has been tightened and no aid has entered in months the u.n. is appealing for access to provide the people with food fuel and medicine international aid organizations say they cannot imagine the scale of the humanitarian disaster if a ceasefire does not take. in fact the u.n. security council failed to support a proposal for a truce russia a veto wielding member of the council called it unrealistic saying it's not sure what it called terrorists are in agreement was. the people of eastern huta still have their voices they are hoping to be heard but
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campaigns like this one have been tried in the past they didn't stop the bloodshed . residential areas are being hit buildings are being flattened there is a wide scale destruction and the international community is still silent. but i've no doubt heard good video no civil defense volunteers have been overwhelmed since the battle for control of east of escalated one of them discovered the body of his mother under the rubble there is desperation but little sign that scenes like this will not happen again. beirut. and a few hours time a verdict is expected and a south korean corruption case that brought down the former president. it centers on her childhood friend who's accused of controlling the president and meddling in state affairs. of course from seoul on how the case is already impacting the country to a soon she'll is a longtime friend of former president who hate she's accused of using their forty
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year shared history to influence and control the presidency this is not a democratic special persecution i'm the first to confess to committing crimes from the president. prosecutors say choice greed ultimately disrupted the political process and shook the foundation of south korean society a total of seventeen million people protested weakly last year and became the first president in the country's history to be impeached and removed from office is fighting eighteen charges including bribery coersion and abuse of power she's been defiant telling reporters the case against her is simply political revenge is facing a twenty five year prison term which your attorney says is tantamount to a death sentence for the sixty one year old. this is so unfair i don't deserve to be treated like this. prosecutors say unapologetic stance only reaffirms their
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position that she deserves the maximum sentence they say she pressured fifty companies including samsung to donate more than seventy one million dollars to two foundations she controlled trade is just one of many it's neared in the country's biggest political corruption scandal ever. the fundamental problem is that too much power is concentrated in the presidency if we stick to this current system tragic presidents will continue appearing so tress casey with isn't just an isolated issue it's also problems stemming from the system through nation ship which runs deep she was also close to choice father when he was alive he was a cult leader who said he could communicate with her dad mother the verdict in the pot case is expected later this year natasha going to.
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morehead on al-jazeera and search for the cause of a plane crash which killed all seventy one people on board russia. and the crisis mounts for oxfam of our sexual assault allegations. deputy chief executive resigns . and i'm tatiana franchise in doha west several formal while tennis number one to prepare for the fast a may just stop after the australian open. with. the a. hello there we're seeing a lot of rain over parts of north america at the moment most of it's out of this weather system here it's ground to a whole thanks to an area of high pressure that's remained in place and just to its east image that's done is made the system stay exactly where it is we've seen a day also ferry heavy downpours across this region and we have seen some localized
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flooding that system eventually now is beginning to peter out and to the north of it we're also going to see a change to the weather here it's cold at the moment two degrees will be our maximum in new york on tuesday but by wednesday will be up to the dizzy heights of ten which is fifty in fahrenheit meanwhile towards the west we've got more in the way of snow making its way into the northwestern part of the u.s. in the southwestern parts of canada and some of that is looking very heavy for the central america's there's not a great deal showing up on the satellite picture we're told but generally what's happening are the winds are floating down from the northeast and they're bringing in little bit more in the way of cloud around some of the coast one or two hours and will see that continue as we head through the next few days some of those showers could turn out to be a little bit heavy of a further towards the south though and here is where the wetter weather is it's been incredibly wet over parts of bolivia recently but here the rains are beginning to ease now instead we're seeing some heavy rain make its way down to the eastern parts of brazil around rio.
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well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw raima. cyc speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera.
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as with every. watching al jazeera let's pick out the top stories for you right now south african media has reporting that embattled president jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress it's been holding a marathon meeting on monday to discuss jacob zuma fate he faces a number of corruption charges but it's refused to stand down before his term ends next year. tropical cyclone gaeta has caused havoc the pacific island of tonga the country's parliament house as one of many buildings that's now lying in ruins and warned yet on any casualties we'll keep you up to date on that and u.s.
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president donald trump has unveiled four point four trillion dollars in the budget for his proposed budget that is for two thousand and nineteen ever accept spending on infrastructure in the military and proposes state cuts to health care programs for the board elderly it also includes eighteen billion dollars towards trump's promise to border wall with mexico. the ailing infrastructure has long been a source of discontent for americans despite being the world's richest country scored a mere d. plus in last year's american society of civil engineers report card its average to d. since one thousand nine hundred eight report estimates that the cost the average family would pay for this is thirty four hundred dollars a year due to things like preventable traffic logs flooding and power outages trampas made its infrastructure plan one of his top legislative priorities this year the budget blueprint would reshape how the federal government funds roads bridges and highways and riedel is a senior fellow in budget tax and economics at the manhattan institute he joins us
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now from mount vernon in virginia via skype we appreciate your time very much so. one of the highlights of the budget at least it's been touted is that a significant portion of it would go to infrastructure proposed budget but in fact that two hundred billion dollar increase is actually offset by a significant cut to the department of energy in apartment transportation about a twenty percent cut so how much in this proposed budget would actually go to new infrastructure. not a huge amount we're looking at about one point five trillion dollars is the goal the president has given but he just to make one point three trillion of that would come from state and local governments or the private sector only two hundred billion would come from washington is you mentioned that number would be reduced by changes in other parts of the budget and that sort of investment in energy transportation etc you know it remains to be seen how much they'll get it could be
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one hundred billion they're going to need a lot of help from the private sector and state and local governments to make much of a difference so how about that idea of. we got you brian. so how about that idea of of shifting some of those to the private sector there's even the possibility in the speech of of selling some airports to the private industry and also as you said shifting a lot of this back to state budgets is a show is that just. can you hear us brian well that is ok real life happens that's ok if that if you heard the question though please proceed at what about that type of shift that's a difference in and policy and philosophy is that an effective way to do this. other countries have taken the lead on on shifting i think a lot on shifting towards the private sector and so i think there's something that he said that this is just kind of the direction that we have to go part of it is because the federal government is so overstretched right now social security and
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medicare and retiree benefits are growing so fast that we the federal government is kind of is required to make more creative solutions on this by going to other countries i don't canada has moved towards privatization in this area and towards more state and local government and so i think that that's that's a direction that washington is kind of being forced to go in right now as a result of being so stretched. you know president chavez and the first president to talk about infrastructure just the costs for truck infrastructure spending that is just the concept is a popular one who would be against you know as getting new bridges new roads etc etc but it's clear that that hasn't really been happening a lot over the is this just a political football that is something that's great for them to talk about but these things aren't getting done and they need to get into. there is a difference in approach is right now the republican approach is very very focused on leveraging the private sector in state and local governments democratic party is more focused on washington taking the lead on that and so you kind of see
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a philosophical approach right now we're seeing this a lot with airlines an air traffic control where the republicans want to move towards private sector control and the democrats are very nervous of that you also have the issue of funding democrats are much more interested in raising taxes raising gas taxes raising income taxes republicans are very nervous about that so until they come to an agreement on how to pay for it and how much to leverage the private sector it's really going to be gridlock on this issue and having said that as they still you know are completely different parties completely different philosophies always have been actually seem to be getting even farther apart these repairs they things are not being done how concerning is that to you i think it's concerning right now you know we're a big country we have three hundred million people and we're we have a large geography and so when you have that much land that many people you not only need the classic infrastructure highways bridges airports electrical grid but you also need the new infrastructure of things like broadband and we are falling behind
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in these areas and so but at a certain point something's got to give because what happens is you end up reducing productivity in economic unama growth and so you mentioned the american society of civil engineers they're right a d. plus is about the right grade because again we have a lot of directions we need to go highways bridges electrical grid and broadband. friedel thank you very much and you know budgets are kind of this abstract thing that everyone doesn't think budget language thank you very much thank you very much . let's return to one of our top stories now the damage caused by a tropical cyclone on the tiny pacific kingdom of tonga for more on that we're joined on the phone by a barber tree for she's pacific correspondent for television new zealand in is in tonga so tell us what it is barbara that you have experienced you were there as this storm caused all the damage what did you experience. it was are absolutely
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appalling to be on a side be silly little side calling buddies a sleazy uses things a little turn the closest i can this is my father where's the whole concrete structure os is so hard to tell with actually here you can and you can be a bit because leto and lose. a huge rational i guess you can often and given those well and he loses a call for it it was during the percent humidity you can imagine for another home and still are in the busy times wooden houses with couldn't believe i was very serious as they need a. has the island experience something of this magnitude before or recently. now if you do eat always contrary. there was a time that was delivered as a sparkling relieved they sang that was one do do is to say it in
2:39 am
fifty years maybe even to someone to give the guys who named michael even today i have never experienced anything like this and because the fact it wasn't here is the price of the say in the why while disaster management official says that he's very hard to make sure that people will see the what was coming because people couldn't really imagine and it was a beautiful day i use that i get four to five times and there was a sort of air of it'll be flying a godzilla cuff your ass and says you know pretty sad it's come as a terrible film really at the top of that we think it's a day barbara what are the resources that are there to help as as the magnitude of this aftermath becomes more clear. you know the one of the things they're actually make clear is that officials here are saying i can't leave the country. as it heads towards example because they know i did pointed at that stage
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a few injuries but nothing too significant. officials are among those coming down the line and trying to feed the damage doesn't know the form of killing. one island he hunts with exploited leave behind that we've been good boy going to call a good home school call the citizen and. impact for this country legally held onto a soft simmering and. yet clearly. into the damage continues of the like. the country pays a price relatively unscathed that is remarkable considering the pictures they were saying and the things you are describing barbara traver reporting for us from a song in the aftermath of the tropical cyclone thank you very much. that's occasions are continuing into why a passenger jet crashed moments after taking off from moscow on sunday afternoon
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all seventy one people on board lost their lives or a challenge report from the crash site south of moscow. in snow covered fields seventy kilometers southeast of moscow there's grim work going on this is where a passenger plane fell out of the sky on sunday killing all seventy one people on board it's freezing cold and the force of the crash meant people i'm playing were blown to small pieces but the investigation is making some progress. so far only the promise of lot of books was found the search for the voice recorder is underway the content of the recordings would allow the international aviation committee to restore the history of the flight in detail and to establish the cause of the crash . also early eyewitness accounts that the plane was burning as it fell and now being discounted dumbell in the still money at the moment of the crash the airplane was intact with no fire on board the explosion took place after the plane crashed
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but it's too soon for the earth or tease here to say with any confidence why the plane came down sifting through all the fragments scattered across the fields here is going to be a laborious process hampered by the deep snow hundreds of body parts have already been found and investigators say they're going to keep looking for perhaps another seven days or so is in mourning for the city of the southern tip of the euro mountains is where the answer no one for eight was flying to relatives they're giving d.n.a. samples to help identify human remains. catarina lost her mother natalia michelle rickover let's go to the very end yesterday we believe that at least someone would survive we call the airports barely managed to get through and then they published the lists and mom was second from the bottom of the list like all those who lost loved ones she'll be waiting for any information that can explain this tragedy will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow region. the co-leader of turkey's pro kurdish
2:43 am
opposition party is being investigated for a possible violation of sedition laws program bolden was elected to the h t b h t p party leadership on sunday turkish state media say she's under investigation for allegedly engaging in so-called terror propaganda in her victory speech bolden was chosen to replace the former co-leader so had teams in their tos who's been in jail since two thousand and sixteen facing terror targets. despite volatility in the price of bitcoin the farms which mind the cryptocurrency are continuing to boom in iceland raising concerns about the long term environmental impact this year so call bitcoin mining data centers are likely to use more electricity than all of iceland's homes inside the mine rows of computers are tasked with solving math problems to validate a new big one transactions allowing miners to claim a fraction of a coin not yet in circulation more and more computing power is needed to beat the competition an icelandic energy firm h.s.
2:44 am
says the small nation won't be able to keep up. crime and violence in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro has the worst levels in more than a decade particularly within the past year public safety had improved significantly ahead of the world cup and the rio olympics but it has now become so bad that residents are resorting to unprecedented methods to stay safe reports. a gun battle in a busy rio de janeiro's thoroughfare terrified motorists and pedestrians look for cover desperate not to become the next victims of stray bullets. violence is again out of control in the city where a person is shot every two hours and confrontations between rival drug gangs or with police. the intensity of confrontations in urban areas is new we're seeing younger criminals with more and better weapons last month alone there were more than six hundred and forty gun battles here in rio and not just up on the hills in
2:45 am
the slums but right here on the asphalt as people here like to refer to the main part of the city these rifles have become so common that residents are resorting more and more to technology rather than turning to the police. where are the shootouts it's a nonprofit application the tracks gun battles in real time based on eyewitnesses media and police accounts so that. trying to help. and. to avoid those areas. within a million people using the app including architect and. i have started checking to see if there is something happening on the roads i will be driving it's alerted me to make a u. turn when they're being on my route. the sharp spike in violence is due in part to brazil's acute economic crisis rio and its police department are now bankrupt. and
2:46 am
so in the absence of a. to
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move. up in time for a sport with laura thanks very much high winds have again hit the action at the winter olympics and yung chang more of them had to be postponed and some of those that did go ahead were adversely affected in the women's slopestyle snowboarding all of the riders fell on at least one run one athlete said after it was like
2:49 am
driving into a wind tunnel defending champion jamie anderson of the united states stayed on her feet long enough to win gold but many competitors were happy i feel so good i'm so happy. i for convention got another gold definitely was a struggle out there today for everyone and i'm just happy i was able to put one down our correspondent lee wellings who is in pyongyang says the decision to proceed with the slopestyle was taken by the sport's governing body and not the international olympic committee well yes you can understand the frustration and on the happiness of many of the competitors in the women folks out there for about four years for these words olympics. and to not be able to get down one of your vans or to not be able to complete all the river runs so be a medal prospect like ana gasteyer of austria at the finishing first day it's terribly disappointing for them and many of them felt that the event should not be
2:50 am
taking place should have been postponed like of the events have been but you would also say that jimmy anderson who stayed on a boat twice actually does of the gold medal those very gentle doubts about that but it was certainly spoke to an extent has of course affected all the events the men's downhill had to be postponed until thursday i think he got it would be john solomon but find until i think tank the league i went over seventy kilometers an hour like a wind tunnel many of the compressors aside but safety is paramount and this is what mark adams of the international olympic committee has said in defense of events going ahead as advised by the skating federation each federation has a wealth of experience on this sport and we really really about that of course we have to coordinate the whole show jewel it's quite a quite a headache getting all the different sports and so on to run it in a different way but obviously we would never take a decision. that would that would put in jeopardy the safety that leaves one thing
2:51 am
that will help the guys here is it is forecast to get a lot warmer it's so cold here that obviously that's been the story record breaking low temperatures but it said. there was. thrown degrees or even more are not going to prosecute him through a situation where. we hope three or four kids are broadly and hopefully the winds will die down as well six other gold medals were handed out on day three of the winter games howlingly center has more. germany's the red on lion made history in biathlon on monday adding the fish title to her sprint crown she's the first woman to complete an olympic biathlon of all. the men's but she too was won by martin for cart of france successfully defending his title from sochi elsewhere canada claimed their first golds mikhail kings were a trying thing in moguls they won team figure skating to i'm so proud of each and
2:52 am
every one for delivering such phenomenal skates and karen our national anthem on the podium tonight was something truly special in ski jumping mario lundeby got norway's second gold at the games in the women's normal final. i and more history was made as the rain based one the fifteen hundred meter speed skating title ten and then pick up a medal and now the netherlands most successful olympics of all time helen gleason is there. more medals will be up for grabs in ski jumping later this week adding richardson explains how they'll be won and lost. the first ski jumping events were held in norway back in the nineteenth century and events has been in every winter olympics but it wasn't until the sochi games in twenty fourteen that women were also allowed to compete of a lympics feature three ski jumping events the normal hill which is ninety meters
2:53 am
high the lower chill which is one hundred and twenty meters above the ground and the team large scale which is contested by fourteen members who combine their scores now from a seated starting position skiers glide down a steep hill and then hits a builtin ramp which propels them into the air at speeds of around ninety kilometers an hour the distance traveled is important but competitors also scored on how they control their flights let's have a look at what the panel of five judges are looking for each hill has a minimum distance for scoring say the lord chill where you get extra points for every meter past the one hundred and twenty five minutes and mark additionally jumpers receive style marks depending on their poise through the air and the style of their landing the jumper or team with the highest number of points gets the gold medal let's have a quick look at how the medal table looks after day three germany are top with four
2:54 am
gold so far three of those have come in by apollon the netherlands are up to second with three golds all from speed skating and it's norway who are now in third with two or mental. they month long boycott of cats are by regional neighbors has been broken by a football team all graph of cats are opened its asian champions league campaign and against al-jazeera the champions of the united arab emirates it's the first time a football team has played in the u.a.e. since they joined saudi arabia and bahrain in imposing a blockade on qatar in june last year over political differences al-jazeera went on to be. treated to. many of the world's best tennis players are in katter this week the latest stop on the women's tour could see a rematch of the australian open final when caroline simona halep to take her number one ranking tatiana sanchez reports. women's tennis is
2:55 am
enjoying a resurgence already this year and the best female tennis players in the world are in doha for their first major stop after the australian open last month tournament emphasized the face rivalry in the women's game with a succession of tightly for a lengthy much is as women's tennis becomes more competitive it helps sean certain people's view the men should be paid more. foreman men's world number one novak djokovic was criticized two years ago for saying that men should be paid more than women and for saying that men's tennis should fight for more pay because the stats show that the men's game is far more popular to watch i think we put the same effort like the men's during our practice and we try to make the quality of all the sessions of courts the same and we are going on courts to give our best many top female tennis players were appalled by djokovic his comments including
2:56 am
serena williams who said i think it's unfair to compare we've had so many great women champions and players who have brought such great vision to the sport there have been great men players too but women's tennis is the biggest sport for women period serena had dominated the game for years the twenty three time grand slam champion career came to a halt by after her twenty seventeen australian open title after announcing her pregnancy paving the way for other players to shine and take the top top it's just one or two points or can decide if you win the match or if you lose a match and you know it's just i don't know i don't think that we're looking this way that syria is not there i mean of course she is the champion she is a legend while carter insists arena isn't part of her focus this tournament in doha give several formal while number one the chance to make that mark and become the
2:57 am
new pacesetter tatyana al-jazeera doha and that's all your sport for now more later. so barack obama won in that little less of the silver fox look but the gray hairs for still there in his official portrait as former u.s. president so the pictures of obama and former first lady michelle have been unveiled at the smithsonian's national portrait gallery and washington d.c. they were painted by a wiley and amy sheryl the first african-american artist to gallery as ever commission for official portraits of a former u.s. president. i tried to negotiate was great here. it is artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked or tried to negotiate smaller ears. struck out on matters well i am a little overwhelmed to say the least have so many thoughts and feelings rolling
2:58 am
around inside of me now i am humbled i am honored i'm proud. that is all for this news hour of al-jazeera and much more to come though on the other side of the breaker michelle carey keep it or.
2:59 am
it's different from other channels because we're not just there when something happens we are there before it happens where there while it happens and we say we need to have a permanent close for this and a lot of places there's so much that this through the back ground being in love and all that is very important it's about syria it's about lebanon it's about the power struggle between iran and saudi arabia it's all there and that's the challenge. these explosions went off not to. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the
3:00 am
soviet union. to the cars that people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind silent phone news at this time a mountain scenery. that press president is given forty eight hours to resign by his own party. michel kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up talk us parliament house lies in a room.


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