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experiments by the soviet union. to the cause that people you lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind sign and. at this time a mountain scenery. about press president has given forty eight hours to resign by his own party. who shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up as parliament house lies in ruins after
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a psych loan last shows the tiny pacific kingdom. spending plans how the us president wants to do more than four trillion dollars plus investigators search for the cause of a plane crash in russia which killed all seventy one people on board. south africa's a battle president has been delivered a deadline state media reporting jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress it's been holding american meeting on monday to discuss his fate and see president cyril ramaphosa is understood to have met so many person to inform the parties decision and the posts are ramped up the pressure on sunday saying the issue was causing disunity and discord same of faces a number of corruption charges but has refused to stand down before his term ends and that is next year committed miller has won from johannesburg. this. the no
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official word from the african national congress as to the outcome of this meeting held by the national executive committee the top decision making body of the a.n.c. but we do understand based on reports from the national broadcaster the s e b c that as well as the secretary general of the met with jacob zuma to relay a message from the a.n.c. and according to the state broadcaster that was jacob zuma has a day all potentially to to resign as president of the country now the a.n.c. has been meeting throughout the day in fact from of course returned to the ne see so it would appear that the conversation they're having isn't entirely over yet jacob zuma is certainly under pressure all indications are given his behavior in the last ten days or so he is resistant he's resisting this resignation he doesn't
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want to step down and if that continues to be the case the a.n.c. would then have to institute proceedings for a motion of no confidence to be debated in parliament now the opposition parties in south africa have done exactly that expected to debate a motion of no confidence next week they want to put forward by parliament if the speaker of parliament doesn't agree to the demands by the opposition they say they're going to court ultimately jacob zuma is under fire from all sides what most a tremendous will to him is the position that his party the african national congress has taken in that they've said now it's time to go here's president and congress a four point four trillion dollar budget for two thousand and nineteen ever poses a huge infrastructure program in an extra seven hundred billion dollars for the pentagon along with deep cuts to domestic programs that provide medical and food
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aid to the poor and the elderly but as kimberly how can report it's really about setting out the ministrations priorities since congress is likely to ignore it. for years republicans in washington promised to cut government spending if their party won the white house but for the second straight year republican president donald trump's done just the opposite we will build we will maintain and the vast majority of americans want to see us take care of our infrastructure. on monday trump presented his twenty one thousand budget proposal giving the world a hard look at his administration's spending priorities they include a proposal for one point five trillion to rebuild roads bridges and airports and six hundred eighty six billion for the u.s. military a thirteen percent increase from the previous year proposal also reduces the state department budget by nine billion or twenty six percent that decrease includes the
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elimination of a program promoting climate change we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake. as with his twenty eight team plan trump has again proposed cuts to humanitarian and economic aid last december he threatened to link foreign assistance to support for u.s. measures that the united nations like recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital but when it comes to foreign spending congress largely ignored trump's last budget proposal and is expected to do the same for twenty nineteen. last week the u.s. congress approved its own to your spending deal that the president signed into law . keeping the government open with boost to defense of domestic spending that congressional deal essential overrides the budgets released by the white house the
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president has merely when it comes to the budget the power to propose but it is congress that appropriates and decides and congress decided and appropriated last week but what is consistent about both proposals is unrestrained spending trumps budget projects a deficit of more than a trillion dollars with no plan for reducing america's spiraling debt kimberley health kit al-jazeera washington. story we continue to follow for you the extent of the damage to a tiny pacific kingdom hit by a tropical cyclone daylight are surveilling the damage inflicted on tonga including its parliament house it's among the buildings now lying in ruins tropical cyclone hit the capital overnight tearing roofs off buildings downing power lines and causing extensive flooding as they storm caused havoc on the neighboring island and
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samoa over the weekend it's now heading towards southern allow islands earlier we spoke to television is one specific correspondent barbara traver who's in. charge current value for. resisting a reporter in the closer third hand this was by far the worst home concrete structure on one hundred houses actually here you can i mean you can be a bit because you need whole and room. and he's right there churchill care not that given that we're all in he was across the arch it would clearly be the sensibility people and mayor jim another common throughout and the reason we don't live in houses. it was very eerie is in the days investigators are continuing to search for why a passenger jet crashed moments after taking off from moscow on sunday afternoon
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all seventy one people on board lost their lives or a challenge reports from the crash site south of moscow. in snow covered fields seventy kilometers southeast of moscow there's grim work going on this is where a passenger plane fell out of the sky on sunday killing all seventy one people on board it's freezing cold and the force of the crash meant people i'm playing were blown to small pieces but the investigation is making some progress. so far only the promise of lot of books was found the search for the voice recorder is underway the content of the recordings would allow the international aviation committee to restore the history of the flight in detail and to establish the cause of the crash . also early eyewitness accounts that the plane was burning as it fell and now being discounted in the still money at the moment of the crash the airplane was intact with no fire on board the explosion took place after the plane crashed but
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it's too soon for the earth or tease here to say with any confidence why the plane came down sifting through all the fragments scattered across the fields here is going to be a laborious process hampered by the deep snow hundreds of body parts have already been found and investigators say they're going to keep looking for perhaps another seven days or so is in mourning for the city of the southern tip of the euro mountains is where the answer of one for eight was flying two relatives there giving d.n.a. samples to help identify human remains. catarina lost her mother natalya michelle rickover. to the very end yesterday we believe that at least someone would survive we call the airports barely managed to get through and then they published the lists and mom was second from the bottom of the list like all those who lost loved ones she'll be waiting for any information that can explain this tragedy will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow region. u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in kuwait for the second leg of his middle east tour earlier on monday he was in egypt or he said the champ ministration remains committed to working with the country to defeat i saw his skies the issue with egyptian foreign minister. in cairo tillerson also held talks of president al fertile say seems have washington in cairo shared a common goal a lasting peace and the region are not smith has been monitoring tiller since a visit from gaza before the us secretary of state left for the middle east his officials admitted that most of rex tillerson is discussions here would be difficult in cairo he raised the issue of human rights and of a free and fair election egyptians vote for a new president of the end of march an incumbent fattah el-sisi standing for a second term most of his opponents have either been jailed or silenced but most of the talks between rex tillerson on his opposite number some of the seem to focus on security and israel on the palestinians on security because the egyptians are
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involved in a major crackdown on isel forces in the sinai and the u.s. is providing significant security and intelligence cooperation on that front on israel and the palestinians the u.s. needs egyptian backing for the u.s. to continue its mediation role following donald trump's decision to announce and to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the u.s. says it still believes it has a mediating role to play on the egyptians have said that they believe the u.s. should be involved until there is a final settlement between israel and palestinians the problem is the palestinians at the moment no longer see the americans as independent arbiters in negotiations with the israelis. yes defense secretary says turkey has legitimate security concerns along its southern border with syria he also admitted some american backed kurdish forces had moved to syria's border region of a frame where turkey launched an operation last month to push kurds out the u.s.'s
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supported kurdish forces and the fight against isis severely straining ties with turkey which sees them as a terrorist group. donor conference is underway in kuwait aimed at rebuilding iraq after more than three years of conflict with eisel iraqi government declare the armed group defeated late last year but it's now looking for about one hundred billion dollars for the recovery effort sami said and reports from kuwait the silence after destruction that screams out for help town after town in iraq's once vibrant sunny heartland now beating with lifelessness. these are some of the places iraqi officials attending a conference in kuwait want to rebuild asking the world to help. the iraqi government is presenting this conference we're going to fish will document detailing its vision and plan for reconstruction a year but the big question is what commitments of countries and companies ready to
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make this vague talk of future announcements but specifics so far in short supply to our minister of economic development similar will be coming in he will bring with him a more precise idea there will be a major financing announcement tomorrow or in the next couple of days. iraqi officials are staying optimistic that pushing the u.s. in particular to commit more. they have to have responsibility about iraq no just to defeat but to rebuild the economy n.g.o.s on the other hand they did announce they'll commit over three hundred million dollars to various humanitarian causes in iraq and that's a far cry from the one hundred billion dollars iraq's prime minister said rebuilding his country will cost now to get that level of cash the government will have to overcome some very real challenges challenges like corruption security
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political instability and displacement the displaced like this my from ramadi it's hard to go through the rubble of your house harder still to go sifting through the memories of a shattered life a u.s. led coalition air strike in two thousand and four destroyed the smiters house and killed his wife and two of his children i saw then destroyed his house a second time in two thousand and fifteen no matter how hard he tries to put the pieces back together life seems really. no fishel zur n.g.o.s have come to ask us what we need or what's waste we're missing we're only seeking our rights we're not begging the sign of have been a camp i'm alive now live says well come but the conditions don't have an ear once attracted tourists it now hosts people who have nowhere else to go. officials in kuwait have to convince investors but they also have to convince iraqis they have
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a future other than just being tossed around like pawns in power games sami's a than al-jazeera kuwait. still ahead on al-jazeera a look ahead to tuesday's verdict in a corruption case that brought down the south korean president. i tried to go through smaller years. and barack obama staked out his official presidential portrait. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the fire smoke on a winter's day. definitely turning milder now for some of us in the eastern parts of china we've had rather cool weather over the past few days but now they're beginning to rise those temperatures so look at that eleven degrees on maximum on tuesday by wednesday will be all the way up but eighteen degrees not just thanks to
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a change in the wind direction look at all those winds firing up from the southwest there during the day generally speaking for many of us here the weather's quite quiet is for the south where it's far more active we've got this tropical storm making its way towards the philippines and it's going to bring us some very heavy downpours i don't think the winds will be too problematic but i think it will be the rains could see two hundred maybe three hundred millimeters of wet weather from the system and only slowly will it be making its way across palawan as we head through the day on wednesday towards the south well it's been quite quiet weather wise here not a great deal of sharri out to vittie seen a few showers again over parts of java but further west still quite subdued so we're only looking at one or two perhaps if you are lucky in k.l. as we head across towards india where this very active system with us at the moment but it's petering out as it marches its way towards the east so just a bit of rain a little bit of snow there in the pole behind it a lot calmer than it has been twenty six in nagpur. there with sponsored by qatar
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airways. well if we cannot have palestina my government was so. not allow britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw raima. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories right now south african
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media are reporting embattled president jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress it's been holding a marathon meeting on monday to discuss sumus fate if faces a number of corruption charges but has refused to stand down before his term ends next year. tropical cycle indeed a has caused havoc in the pacific kingdom of tonga the country's parliament houses one of the buildings that's in ruins there's no word yet on any casualties. u.s. president has unveiled four point four trillion dollars he has proposed for the two thousand and eighteen budget it aims ramps up rather spending on infrastructure and the military proposes a deep cuts to health care programs for the poor and elderly but also includes eighteen billion dollars towards trump's promised border wall with mexico. more on our top story now the a.n.c. has reported ultimatum to south african president jacob zuma seumas dein years in power have been marred with controversy and economic problems is now survived eight
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no confidence votes in parliament most recently in august of last year in two thousand and sixteen a court ruled that zuma should face charges of bribery and a one thousand nine hundred nine arms deal zuma has also been accused of accepting outside influence in government decisions and cabinet appointments by the group as it's a wealthy indian born business family now living in south africa zuma and some of his family members along with the group as are also being investigated on charges of international money laundering he was accused as well of using twenty three million. dollars of government funds to renovate his private home including a poor and an outdoor theater he later paid the money back. as a africa policy analyst he says the a.n.c. secessionists exercise and damage control had an extra selections this is largely a political decision and yes the courts have we are talking legal issues we are talking about possible whether he will be. things charge but it is
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a political decision it is their perception south africa goes to the polls next year to elect a new leader i think the a.n.c. is worried about the e-mail because this story has been played so much as the litany of that you read about mr zuma shows there's me along he has this image he has denied that he has done anything wrong it hasn't been proven in court but this is a political decision and i for one thing the a.n.c. is worried that if he doesn't leave quickly and mr omar poser comes in to show that things are changing spruce up the economy also do some things that the grassroots want to include in londra form the n.c.s. worry that if they don't do that the chances in the next year's elections will be pretty bad so this is it's a car decision and so i'm saying if the errancy wants to it could given the concessions that he he does want. the u.k.'s serious fraud office has charged
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barclays bank with providing unlawful financial assistance to qatari investors during the banking crisis a decade ago in two thousand and eight to avoid a bailout from the u.k. government barclays borrowed more than sixteen billion dollars from kataria backers and other investors under the deal barclays loaned three billion dollars back to qatar holdings the british government says that the loan was used either directly or indirectly to buy shares in barclays and it says that that amounts to unlawful financial assistance the same charges are made against the banks holding company last year for former senior executives have also been charged with fraud the bank says it intends to defend itself against the charges earlier we spoke to robert rhodes who is a barrister specializing in business crime and fraud he described why barclays had to take such action and how it may affect the bank's future. ten years ago our financial system almost went under the british government had to invest over one
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trillion pounds into banks including something like forty five billion pounds into r.p.'s and the taxpayers salut over twenty billion pounds barker's saloon of the big banks managed to avoid going to the government for assistance and it had its own fund raising methods in two thousand and eight it raised twelve billion pounds most of it through katter and little is generally in october two thousand and eight barclays lent catarrh holdings it's a three billion dollars billions of pounds worth of shares were bought and parties was to paid character holdings three hundred thirty two million pounds for advisory services more the government is saying is or there's a first say look this was unlawful financial assistance because this money was went round in a circle simply to prop up its share price which is illegal is unlikely to affect
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the future parties but not it might affect of course is the dividends that shareholders and barclays get from the company most shareholders and barclays aren't oligarchs living in mansions and nice fish the pension funds who invest money for retire policemen nurses and so on and small shareholders old age pensions and so on soapboxes is convicted and loses and is find a lot of money or if it has a big reputational hit as a result we less money available to pay dividends to the shareholders in a few hours time a verdict is expected in the south korean corruption case that brought down the former president parker and hey it centers on her childhood friend who is accused of controlling the president and meddling and state affairs in a report or so on how the case has already impacted the country. trey soon she'll is a long time friend of former president pacu behave she's accused of using their forty
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year shared history to influence and control the presidency this is not a democratic special persecution and being forced to confess to committing crimes with the president. prosecutors say choice greed ultimately disrupted the political process and shook the foundation of south korean society a total of seventeen million people protested weakly last year and became the first president in the country's history to be impeached and removed from office is fighting eighteen charges including bribery coersion and abuse of power she's been defiant telling reporters the case against her is simply political revenge is facing a twenty five year prison term which your attorney says is tantamount to a death sentence for the sixty one year old. this is so unfair i don't deserve to be treated like this. prosecutors say unapologetic stance only reaffirms their
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position that she deserves the maximum sentence they say she pressured fifty companies including samsung to donate more than seventy one million dollars to two foundations she controlled. is just one of many in snared in the country's biggest political corruption scandal ever. the fundamental problem is that too much power is concentrated in the presidency if we stick to this current system tragic presidents will continue appearing so trust casey with isn't just an isolated it's also problems stemming from the system through lation ship with the trade runs deep she was also close to choice father when he was alive he was a cult leader who said he could communicate with her dad mother the verdict in the pa case is expected later this year natasha going to.
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the british government as demanding a full account from the charity oxfam are allegations of sexual exploitation by staff in haiti organization says it did take action back then that it's deputy chief executive has resigned and maybe not enough was done oxfam staff have also been accused of hiring prostitutes in chad and they are reports. as more questions are asked about sexual exploitation by oxfam staff in haiti the international charities fighting to save its reputation ahead of a meeting with oxfam bosses in london britain's international development secretary warned they must be transparent about what happened in twenty eleven or risk losing government funding worth forty three million dollars last year if the moral leadership at the top of the organization isn't there then we cannot have you as a partner i would also just note that there are enormous numbers of people who are doing good work and they're good people working. and they have been betrayed in this as well the charities been hit by reports it's country director for haiti
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roland van however myron was alleged to have invited prostitutes to a villa rented for him by oxfam following the twenty ten earthquake the organization says it didn't vest a gate at the time and fired four people while allowing three others including mr vaughan howard myron to resign those privileges. was to betray the trust of our supporters our dorna as and to betray the thousands of hardworking staff who put themselves out risking their lives to do this work of saving people's lives children's lives on monday it emerged that back in two thousand and six when van how are myron was oxfam's country director in chat concerns were also raised about employees using sex workers there hours later deputy chief executive penny lawrence resigned saying the organization failed to adequately act on the allegations concerning both the child and haiti oxfam has announced a series of measures in response to the scandal it says it's improving its
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recruitment and vetting process and setting up a new independent helpline for people to report abuse but some industry insiders say there's a wider culture of denial warning for years predatory paedophiles have been allowed to target the aids sector and you macleod a former senior adviser to the united nations agrees. he's calling for prosecutions we've got to fix this i'd work is and the id industry needs to be full of humility now they were a very very many good i had workers out there and certainly not every aid workers are paid a far far from it but the systematic problem is the culture of the industry the chain elisa and just think of oxfam not even reporting it to the local police what was going through their head charities like they're going to be under intense scrutiny from politicians here in britain how they respond could determine not just how much government money they continue to gets but how much goodwill they continue to receive from the general public and that could be their biggest concern.
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the co-leader of turkey's pro kurdish opposition parties being investigated for a possible violation of sedition laws herman bolden was elected to the party's leadership on sunday turkish state media say she's under investigation for allegedly engaging in so-called terror propaganda during her victory speech alton was chosen to replace the former co-leader so her teen to notice who's been in jail since two thousand and sixteen facing terror target is. the official portraits of former us president barack obama and his wife michelle have gone on display in washington d.c. they run veiled at the smithsonian's national portrait gallery on monday it is a rite of passage for former u.s. presidents to have their portraits hanging in the museum portraits were done by the hand a wily and a mean sheryll they're the first african-american artists the gallery has ever commission for official portraits of a former u.s. president i tried to negotiate was great here.
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it is artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked or tried negotiate smaller irs. struck out on matters well. i am a little overwhelmed with the belief so many thoughts and feelings rolling around inside me now i am humbled i am honored i'm prone. but break out of the headlines on al jazeera right now south african media reporting that embattled president jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress follows a marathon meeting on monday to discuss the sumus fate faces a number of corruption charges but has refused to step down before his term ends
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and that's not until next year to minimal or has more from johannesburg. there's been no official word from the african national congress as to the outcome of this meeting held by the national executive committee this talk decision making body of the a.n.c. but we do understand based on reports from the national board cost of the c.b.c. that as well as the secretary general of the a.n.c. met with jacob zuma to relay a message from the a.n.c. and according to the state board cost that was the jacob zuma has a day or potentially to to resign as president of the country tropical cyclone keda has caused havoc in the pacific kingdom of tonga the country's parliament house as one of many buildings that are now lying ruins there's no word yet on any casualties the power is out there and the flooding is extensive as
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president arnold trump has unveiled a four point four trillion dollars budget for two thousand one thousand and ramps up spending on infrastructure and the military and proposes deep cuts to health care programs for the poor and elderly it also includes eighteen billion dollars towards tribes promised a broader wall with mexico. don government organizations are pledging more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel its will short of the one hundred billion dollars the iraqi government is trying to secure at a donor conference in kuwait cities and infrastructure had been destroyed in that their year conflict secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in kuwait for the second leg of his middle east tour earlier on monday he was in egypt where he said the trump administration remains committed to working with the country to defeat eisel he discussed the issue with egyptian foreign minister in cairo tillerson also held talks with president el-sisi those are the headlines
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to keep it here on al-jazeera and side story is next then more news after that keep it or. the number of child soldiers is expanding in many war zones according to the u.n. tens of thousands of children are involved in conflicts in over twenty countries around the world so what should be done to stop this practice this is inside story .


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